SCP-2845 THE DEER | Threat Level - Black | containment class: Keter | animal / Extraterrestial scp

SCP-2845 THE DEER | Threat Level - Black | containment class: Keter | animal / Extraterrestial scp

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Item. Number SCP. 2845. Threat. Level black, containment. Class Keter special containment. Procedures. Use. Of outsource containment, resources, and consultants, has, been authorized, for the containment, of SCP, 2845. Consultants. Are to be considered level 2 personnel, and aren't. No time for minute to leave site 100. If. At any time an outside consultant, must be removed from containment, of SCP 2845. Class-a. Amnestics are to be applied before release, a. Minimum. Of 30 trained individuals, and unhindered, supply, of untrained subjects, is required, for, proper containment, SCP, 28:45. 48. Trained personnel, are currently assigned to active, containment, SCP 28:45. Split. Into eight teams of six with, a further 24, individuals, available, as replacements, an allowance. Of 5 d class per week has, been authorized, for the containment, of SCP 28:45. Site. 100, have been constructed to the following specifications. Site. 100. Consists of 9 concentric, circular bands, designated. Ring a through ring i with. A gap located, between ring, c and ring d designated. As gap 1, 6. Circular chambers, are located, at 0 60. 120. 180. 240. And 300, degrees with an each ring and gap the. Chamber, is located at, 0 degrees, are aligned, with geographic, North, to. Additional, circular, chambers, are located, outside of ring I located. At 120. And 240, degrees. The. Floor of each circular chamber contains. An unobstructed lead, hexagram. The. Central chamber containing. SCP, 28 45, and, 216. Instances of scp-2059. Contain. An atmosphere, of 96 point three degrees hydrogen. 3.25. Percent helium. And, point. 45 percent ammonia maintained. At negative 110, degrees Celsius and, a, pressure a 2.3, bar. The. Following, procedures, are all to be carried out in a repeating, cycle of 63, hours 50, four minutes each procedure, is the last 39 minutes with, ten hours between each procedure each. Procedure, must be carried out by six individuals, the. Location, of each procedure is denoted in parentheses, at. The beginning of each new cycle. Containment. Procedures, will be carried out in the next ring closest to the containment chamber.

Ceremonial. Recitations. Were all procedures, and descriptions, of all burying costumes, may be found in document, 28 45 - see - exp. Procedure. 4/10, constantan, 60, degrees, containment. Specialists, are presented with masks, joy, sadness, anger, apathy. Fear, and full assist and act, out ceremony, constantan. A. Ceremony. Constantan a is a farcical, comedy of, errors an exchange, of insults, between the six individuals. Culminating. In foolishness outwitting, the group in a game of riddles and declaring. Himself King the. Conclusion, of ceremony, come statin a it's, followed, by a game of dice the. Winner of the game is irrelevant to the procedure. Procedure. 420 Perrin aldo, 120. Degrees, performance. Of a musical piece for flute oboe, clarinet. French. Horn timpani. And bass, drum. The. Piece is accompanied, by specific, somatic, and vocal components, carried out by the players throughout the performance, designated. Ceremony, Perrin Aldo a the. Performance, must be live recordings. Of the piece have no effect. Procedure. For 30, Epimetheus. 180. Degrees gifts. Are exchanged, among containment, specialists, content. Of gift is a relative, receipt, but each gift must not exceed, 4.28. U.s. dollars and worth each. Gift, of the company by recitation. A ceremony. Epimetheus. A in, its entirety and a, scattering, of grain around a containment chamber. Procedure. 440 Cassiel. 240. Degrees, ceremony. Cassiel a is, recited, as containment, specialist, bind their feet with wool and consume point 5 liters of olive oil they. Did will break apart a rock weighing at least 200, kilogramme with hammers, ceremony. Casio B is recited throughout. Procedure. 450, Cairo 300. Degrees a, d-class. Subject, is prepared by painting, a symbol, ring, surrounding, a dot with an arrow pointing upwards of the 90-degree point on the stomach with a platinum based solution, and presented. With a blue cloak crown. And scepter. D-class. Subject, is in restraint, in a chair and ceremony. Cairo a is recited, after. Recitation. Of the ceremony, Cairo a the, d-class subject, is to be castrated by, use of a hand sickle, by a containment, specialist, the. Testes, are then to be disposed, of in a bowl of salt water as ceremony. Cairo B is recited. Procedure. 460 um full us C. Row degrees. Ceremony. Eiffel us a is, to be recited before roasting of a child of no, more than three months of age ceremony. Our philosophy, is to be recited before consumption. After. Consumption of the child ceremony. A fallacy, is to be recited over the gastroliths, which, are then swallowed.

Vomiting. Is then induced and ceremony, alpha loss D is recited, signaling. The beginning of a new cycle in, the. Case of containment, breach site, 100. Nuclear devices to be detonated, followed. By lockdown, of all foundation, facilities an activation. Of protocol, 2845. - XK one strike. Down the moon a message. For containment consultant. -. Site director, del, January. 31st 2012. Towering. Kadath my home I have, been approached several times already in regards, to the containment procedures, and their complexity, I have, been asked if all the procedures, are truly necessary as they, could not be cut down or edited for simplicity, and at, least one claim that they were patently. Ridiculous. This. Is my response, and I expect that it will be seen by all the foundation, staff working on this project I will, not repeat myself and I find it sickening, that after all the struggle to contain this creature pencil-pushing. Bureaucrats are. Still seeking to cut corners. Or they cannot be afford to be cut the. Answer is no the. Ritual will remain as it is and will, not be changed, in any way, it. Cannot, be cut down further nor, can it be added to it. Has been set in place and now that has begun any deviation, at all could very easily be, catastrophic. Rituals. Do not work because of some underlying laws, such. As those that science operates on rituals. Work because they are rituals, they. Work because the arbitrary, set of criteria has, been met with exacting, care, believed. That meeting these arbitrary, criteria achieved. A certain in a science power to the ritual, the. Actions that were once meaningless, now have been assigned meaning, through the repetition, and application. This. Is how one seals away at God and this, is a God I know, that the foundation does not approve of using the term but, it is still the case the. Stag is a God is, not a pretty local, God it, is not one the mild gods of Earth or some weaker, spirit, that is bound by the strength of man's belief we. Have for the time being fooled, into thinking that we have overpowered, it it does not understand.

That We do so falsely, it is, a God for. God's words, have power ritual. And belief hold greater power over a god than all the laws of science, however. It must be kept in mind that the stag could escape right now if it so chose with. The thought this entire facility could, turn to a puff of hydrogen, if, at any point to stack not to escape it would and we would be powerless to stop it. However. It, will not think to escape or even the change of strategy the. Idea would not even pass through its mind it cannot comprehend, a concept, it, does not think in the way we think truth, be told I, would, not say that it thinks at all this, is an old God it, does not dabble in decisions, decisions. Are for the creatures who may act erratically variably. Are out of line my, god of this trend simply is it isn't, absolute, it, acts as a force in. Building. This ritual we, have shifted its being the slightest bit and now, it is locked into a pattern of behavior it. Struggles, against us we struggle, against it and we, are locked together in a Arnold dance, so long as the ritual mains intact. If, one thing goes awry, the entirety, is lost and the deadlock is broken, unstoppable. Forced, without an immovable object. The. Rituals, might seem to be nonsense but, they are what I define to be the best course of action, those. Are powerful symbols there, and whether, or not you or I think they, are appropriate, to the situation is irrelevant I have, listened to the converted, and I have listened to the echoes of the stag in our songs they. Are not suffering, but, they are no longer human they. Are changed, utterly, the, ritual, remains as it is. Description. SCP. 28 45 of the quadruped an entity measuring. 2.9, meters in height at the shoulder and weighing, 815. Kilograms, a sinuous. Neck, generally. Held in an upright position extends. A further point five meters terminating. In a head with humanoid facial features. SCP. 28:45. Possesses, antlers measuring. Four point eight meters across, antlers. Are white with black marbling, and coloration, and have, not been observed as said SCP. 2845. Is covered in hair with. An average length of ten centimeters with. The exception, of the face which, is hairless. SCP. 28:45. Coloration. Is primarily. A pastel, green with. A stripe of cream on the underside, of the neck and belly a, ring.

Of Ice particles, is suspended, 15 centimeters, behind SCP, 2845, skull measuring. 1.7. Meters in diameter with, a ring thickness, of 35, centimeters, this. Ring is interrupted, at regular intervals, by seven spheres consisting. Of metallic, hydrogen and metallic. Helium each, measuring, 15 centimeters, in diameter, the. Ring spheres rotate, clockwise at. A speed of 1.6. Rpm. The. Force maintaining, the movement of the ring the, physical state of the spheres and the, means by which SCP, 2845. Is, capable, of supporting its head under the weight of its antlers are unknown. SCP. 2845. Is capable, of instantaneous, transportation, and, reconstruction. Of matter no. Matter is created or destroyed during this process this. Properties, manifested, that will with, an observed range extending, of targets within eyesight, maximum. Range of disabilities unknown. Transmuted. Matter will remain stable despite, the lack of other factors, for, example, metallic. Hydrogen and helium are common, results, which will remain either solid or liquid form. Despite, the surrounding temperature. Altered. Atmosphere, will not mix with unaltered, regions maintaining. Chemical, consistency. The, most common transmutation, results, are to solid or liquid forms, of hydrogen and helium the, conversion, of atmosphere, into a hydrogen, helium ammonia, mix and the. Transmutation, of plant life in the metalloids based, organisms. SCP. 2845. Will, typically surround, itself with a transmuted, area with a radius, of approximately 5, meters at all times. SCP. 28:45. Has, proven itself completely resistant, to physical damage. The. Most common forms of offensive, transmutation. Used, by SCP, 28:45. Our, column, measuring 5 to 7 meters in diameter and 60. To 80 metres in height or a horizontal, cone, measuring, between 100. And 150. Metres in length and 10. To 30 meters and width at the furthest end however. SCP. 2845. Has, been observed to attack single targets, at distances, of up to 10 kilometers. Early. Observation. Of SCP 2845. During recovery. Indicated. It will generally ignore non-combatants. Focusing. On retaliation, against attackers. However. SCP. 2845. Was, not seen to make any attempts, to spare non-combatants. Within, the area of effectiveness, transmutations. And later, recovery, accounts, indicate pre-emptive. Attacks against both military, and civilian, targets. SCP. 2845. - 1 designates. Human beings, that have been modified by a CP 28:45. Instances. SCP 2845, - 1 are hexagonal, columns measuring. 2.4, meters in height where. Every yellow green skinned. SCP. 28:45, - one instances, do not have any outward sense organs an autopsy. Has shown that, internal, organs, are likewise, absent, save, the brain, which now takes up the entirety of the column and contains, the reconstitute, of mass of the other organs, and some additional outside materials. It. Is unknown how SCP, 28:45, - want instances, derive, nutrients, or any nutrition, required, neuro. Imaging of, SCP 2845, - once specimens, has revealed, - brains in a constant, state of high activity. Analysis. Of multiple specimens. Indicates. Patterns of call and response so. Some form of remote communication, between SCP, 2045. - once specimens, is presumed. Motile. Variants, of SCP 28:45, - 1 have been reported, but have evaded capture and, study. Addendum. 0 1 and abridge timeline, of SCP 28:45, from initial discovery, to, containment, is as follows. November. 27, 2011, initial. Sighting a comet c 2011, w 3. December. 1st 2011. Comet. C 2011, w 3 confirmed by Mount John University Observatory. December. 2nd, 2011. Comet. C 2011, w, 3 confirmed and named, by the Minor Planet Center. December. 16, 2011. Comet. C 2011, w 3 reaches perihelion, Solar. Dynamics Observatory record. Images of a fragment, breaking off from the main body of the comet, maintaining. A speed of point 0 0 1 HC. December. 17, 2011. Fragment. Trajectory, confirmed, 2n, and collision with earth was, estimated, impact of December 21st. Thoth. Station, deterrence procedures fails the changing fragments, course public. Announcement, made by the United Nations. Evacuations. Begin. December. 21st, 2011. Fragment.

Impacts In the Pacific Ocean. 124. Km/h. 24. 2011. SCP. 2845. Believed to reach shore on this day. December. 25th, 2011. First. Observation. Of SCP 2845, through, civilian, video footage, drone. Contact, made. CP 2845, confirmed, with hostile. Foundation. Assets for the United States military begin. Direction of recovery, and containment procedures, with, a system of global occult coalition representatives. Foundation. Containment sites in the region enter lockdown. December. 26th, to 29th, 2011. Our. Tillery bombardment. SCP, 28:45, commences, along, with initial battery of tests. Contact. With outside containment consultants, mantas time upon. Observation of, SCP 28 45 s properties. December. 30th 2011. SCP. 28 45 is unimpeded, for 16 hours. December. 31st, 2011. Bombardment. Recommences. January. 1st to 14, 2012. SCP. 28:45. Has led across the Sierra Nevada mountains while remaining under heavy bombardment. Develops. Initial contained procedures. January. 15, 2012. SCP. 28:45. Rich's, predetermine, containment, area initial. Contain procedures, enacted. January. 18, 2012. Initial. Contain procedures, in and success. January. 28 2012, construction. Of, site 100, begins. February. 3rd 2012. Refinements. That contain procedures, implemented. February. 19, 2012. SCP. 28:45. Declared, contained. October. 15, 2012. In the, wake of SCP, 2845, on. A, clear orange, and blue day in october when, the air was not chilly enough to be uncomfortable, city. Segal took stock of what was led to her world, there. Wasn't a whole lot to be seen she, had found more and more time to herself as the months went on time. Filled with empty slow spaces, dotted. With moments of smothering acute awareness at, how, little she belonged of how, alien, the world felt around her of how, disconnected, she was floating. It alone without, an anchor without. A purpose a leftover. Crust, of bread floating. Under water waiting. For the fish. There. Were not even bones led to her world bones. Were too solid, too real now. There was only that chillin pocket emptiness that crept up the spine gently. Silencing. Words in the throat not. Violent, no, it, would have been better had that been the case rather, than a Dan double silence out. There passed, the vast empty space that surrounded, her city, segal saw the world passing, from her hands, it. Could never go back and, what lay ahead was obscured, for, so, long the, future had been two things the city segal a continuation. Of the present or death, there, was no branches, from the path no, variations, no, choices to make the, path was solid it was real it, was normal there. Was nothing to doubt nothing. That would break the comforting, cocoon that formed around her nothing. To assault to believe that, she was doing the right thing that. She was serving a purpose and now, it, was gone gone. With the chill October air the. People demanded security, they, demanded comforting, words they, demanded, blood and city, segal could give them none of that the. Name card on her yoke of 26, years was, smeared with mud and there, was no comfort to be had in it only doubt city. Segal carried, with her a blackened, name the, people who did nothing her, people did not kill monsters they, do not share miracles, they, do not create they, merely hoarded, in immaculate. Order, all was labeled and tagged and placed in a box they, put the world in many boxes, and, then they did nothing.

She. Could not blame the public who shunned her people her, people could not say I have slain Grendel, her. People could not open their arms and say I have walked them unto gods and written down the words her. People could not say we, shaped the future by our own hands, they, could only say we, were there, being. There was not good enough slander, was thrown demands, were made turns were set City, Segal's yoke was chipped down slowly, slowly. Until it felt weak on her shoulders, monsters. Were killed miracles. Were shared men. Women and children looked, up into the Sun for the first time in years the, world. Did though, did not do so smoothly or quietly a blessing. To, be rough and loud and honoree chip. By chip the yoke was broken down and the, hoard was emptied until, until. There was nothing left. Overseer. 7 City, Segal sat, on a bench in the park by. The lakeside, and was alone.

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Hey awesome read! Also this SCP sounds alot like the one from Site-13, Or at least the one close to the end of the reading of Site 13 (What happened at Site-13) Where all the remaining scientists and MTF guys were trying to escape the facility

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Eastside Show SCP this one was in the site that failed, wasn't it? I've been curious about it since the appearance in that reading.

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SCP-3301 was featured as a Supreme being / Supreme Divine card in SCP-3301 'The Foundation" Board game which you can see here (1 hour and a half video) and I believe is one of the powerful entities engaged in battle during the end part of SCP-1730 "What Happened to Site-13?"

Call me delusional but Did you give us an eye reveal in your PFP?

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Demi-God yet still keter? Tf

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alternative containment method: Ask 343 to have a word with it. Actually, that might be a bad idea. Don't want another mass memory altering.

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You're welcome! Everything came together nicely

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What does the threat level mean? Is it color base or does it has other titles

9:40. end of containment

Ok, can someone explain what threat level black is?

"The means under which it can support its head under its antlers are unknown". Uhhhh it's a God, that's how!!

Hey, Vsauce. Interdimensional space deer here.

this SCP needs some 682 treatment

Oh yeah. This one was a summon in the SCP game wasn't it. *the foundation board game, not the video game

yes it was a supreme being card that was drawn in SCP-3301 during one of the games.

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Princess Mononoke

Wait so hold up wouldn't SCP 179 have warned us about THE STAG or is going to serve a greater purpose?

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+That Which Smashes Dr Bright is not aloud to saddle SCP-2845 and ride it. He is also not silent to do it, so even when he takes the sleighbells off the reins, the Foundation _still_ tells him he's not allowed....

Adding one more thing Dr Bright isnt aloud to do.

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Many times i'm sure

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So this one was the one that fought the gate guardian and the sarkic entity at Site 13.

What if the ritual works only because The Stag finds them amusing?

Must find it funny all the ridiculous and awful things the puny humans are doing in an attempt to contain it.

If Kadath was not mentioned, this entity could have been the Deer God from Princess Mononoke xD

I didn't under stand that last bit of a story, but good reading


So the serpentine deer god is described at last. A creature so powerful it can engage an enraged archangel and hold its own, all while some pesky leech creature kept attacking them both. Again, I have to wonder just how this other reality's Foundation contained these things. They clearly didn't need rituals anymore.

Eating breakfast while listening to this was a poor decision...

Awesome... But all these readings have me a bit parched... Perhaps a Diet Ghost™? #RemasterDietGhost

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Pretty sure this is a reference to the Jotnar creature shown in the film The Ritual...pretty sure it's on Netflix. The cultist says it's "a bastard offspring of Loki". It appears as a long necked stag with a fleshy face, in the film. The mention of "my people are not monster slayers" and especially Grendel. This reeks of Norse mythology.

Black Spruce I mean the mythological creature...the Prose, and Poetic Edda both preexist that film, and the SCP universe/multiverse. My asertation was just that both are addressing the same subject.

This came before that film.

Does this SCP have the longest containment procedures you have ever read?

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no there is a recent video of mine that has a 16 minute special containment procedures. SCP-2470 "The Void Singularity has is about 16 minutes before you get to a description. Here's the video

Shyneus Sounds that way. It's extremely precise for a reason. The slightest mistake could set it free.


Great read! Thanks!

Not a Pokemon, but Gravity! The insanely low pressure (interstellar space), the atmosphere (low density elements hydrogen + nitrogen) the low temp (space in general) , metallic hydrogen/helium (the immense pressures at the heart of a star). The "arbitrary set of criteria" are the forces that govern our universe. This is a being that births stars, it makes most elements possible, it is the great attracting force, it is fundamental and and as old as our universe. It is a force of Physics, fundamental and inescapable, if not a god, then surely at least a Titian

Someone wanna explain the ending part to me, a dingus?

Adaept Zulander Thank you, O wise Adaept

I don't fully get it but, the ending is from the SCP site and titled "SCP-2845 declared contained", which takes place 8 months after they started the rituals to contain the Deer. The reading seems to be the final thoughts of one of the SCP O5 leaders, Overseer Siddhi Sehgal, as she sits in a park and is contemplating the devastation that the Deer created. Apparently, the Deer was so powerful that there was no way that even SCP could fully hide its effects. The Overseer is thinking about life and death and all she did over years with SCP and how in the end, she still failed.

Love it. I can see why you're so proud of this one!

Can you make a video on threat levels and cognitive hazard levels and stuff like that Also Humans are super gods BECAUSE WE CONTAIN GODS

Kamden Vera Something like that. It knows a ritual is being done and it assumes it's some form of binding ritual. The fact it thinks that makes it so. It's basically binding itself. Sometimes the only way the Foundation can contain something is to trick it into containing itself. Kind of like the witch girl before they decided to simply induce a coma. She isn't a witch, she's an incredibly poweful reality bender the likes of which they have never seen before.

TheBlues32 you're correct. Most "gods" could leave at will. The stag is not capable of higher brain functions because of the complexity that the rituals hold. If anything it's trying to figure out wtf is going on.

O.M.G.A corporation We can't contain gods. 343 can leave at any time and this thing is trapped by its own belief that it is trapped.

Ooh! A new video! POPCORN TIME!

Oh deer

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Deer Diary, Today I received a notification regarding a new Eastside video, and it's about a Deer God. Oh deer, I don't know what to think about this! Deer Lord, the whole thing sounds interesting as hell! ( May 343 pardon my French )

i wonder what would happen if this entity came into contact with SCP:343....

Bri Don Dr. Bright would get the popcorn

Black Spruce It's more like an avatar for God. Something to be seen, heard, and spoken to.

Black Spruce Yeah, that's what I ment. If SCP-343 is really Biblical god, he won't do anything, not because he can't, but because it: a) is outside of human conprehention b) could take away human's free will

Jesus and God are one in the same. If God created all that is and ever will be, then He created the law of non-contradiction. God is not constrained by His own creations, and could make 2+2=5, make a square circle, create scenarios that defy all known scientific and logical laws, and completely restructure all of reality on a whim. It's not a matter of can or can't, it's a matter of will or won't.

Black Spruce Well, actually, it was his son that got killed. But it was him all the time. Well, believing in stories presented in Bible enforces doublethink. One must believe 2 contradictory statements. But since doublethink is just, well... think, and two contradictory things can't happen (although according to the Bible almighty God would be able to do this). So SCP-343 is sitting on it's aas, doing nothing, because if it really is God, doing anything could cause a serious paradox, with rather unpredictable consequences

The inconsistency I was referring to was a hint during an interview that 343 was in fact not omnipotent. 343 is consistent with God in most other ways, but it strikes me as odd that an omniscient, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent God would once again become physically present in the world just for observation when He is easily able to do that and more from anywhere at any time. God has already walked among man and was tortured and killed in one of the worst ways possible for it before returning to Heaven. Or I could just be overthinking it like I do all the time.

Black Spruce Didn't SCP-343 state, that it is only there to observe? It would make perfect sense, for other skips not to obey him, since in the Bible god refused to control anybody and gave all creatures free will. So while SCP-343 could control everything, it does not do it

If SCP-343 was actually God, then I'm sure SCP-2845 would either submit or be destroyed. But given the fact that 343 has inconsistencies with the actual Biblical YHWH God, I don't think he actually is.

The consistent hiss is much better than the intermittent hiss. Nice

Nice one.

I love this one it's the one from what happened to site 13 right? love your work eastside never stop being awesome


quite a fascinating scp indeed but for it to have the title "god" however, is something I don't exactly agree with. I rather say it's a Demi-god rather than calling it The god of all things. I could go on and express my opinion about the subject a bit further but the last thing I need is provoking/pissing people off about religion since this time and age we live in are quick to be offended and will jump to accusations. besides that, the video was good and I hope everyone has a nice day/night.

Yeah, that titles reserved for Doctor Bright.

A God is a being that can create something from nothing. This thing can. A God is not the whole christian thing of OH HE IS THE ALMIGHTY, no, even in the SCP Universe the abrahamic God is not the strongest being in existence.

That Which Smashes I can only agree to that

Jacob Freeman. Interesting topic, I've always said that if the Christian God were real, it would be the greatest villain humanity has ever encountered.

zen the dying I think it's more like a mythological god or outer god

Coltyn Hill tell that to the people at site 13, before shit hit the fan in light speed that would obliterated the fan and break through the wall. they manage to contain it along with a few others.

theMatt2610 my good sir you have said it better than I could do. if I tried to type my opinion on here, it'll look more like a mess and butchered. I prefer talking over typing it all in.

Nameless I see what you did there, very amusing.

I believe that they use "god" to describe powerful and almost impossible to stop entities.

Black Spruce "power" is a relative term. Some see power as destructive power. Some see it as what breadth of capability. It depends on the person what power means. As to having a large pantheon of horrible things...wouldn't gods be horrible from our perspective? They would have to be alien to our sensibilities. So putting eyes on a god or a true servant of such would be a horrifying experience even if it happened to be benevolent. You could even say, from a human perspective, all gods are evil since they will act with different priorities then humanity. It could be said that humanity should kill all gods as a real god would be an incredible threat to us and we could not count on it being our ally even if it ultimately acted with compassion towards us. Of course that line of thought likely formed the basis for the infamous incident at site 13 but the point still stands. Nothing is a greater threat to humanity then a real god.

It's A god, not THE god. It's a primal god, not God with a capital G. There's been several gods in a multitude of cultures, but in christianity there's only one god, and that's God, Jahveh or Allah, (depending on which Abrahamic version you belong to)

zen the dying It's a god. It is as far beyond mankind as man is beyond amoeba.

A god? I bet it's not even at Krillin's level.

Shit, dude. Foundation's already got the literal God in containment, 343. If it's a god, whoop-de-doo. ...For reference, I'm a southern Baptist, so as far as it goes, you're good, brother.

I don't like calling it a "god" either. Under what criteria do they measure whether something is a "god" or not? Power? Obviously not, because it they did, there would be a massive pantheon of horrid creatures. I personally find it to be heresy.

Dank... I wonder if there is a "rainbow" threat level... LOL I loved this

Says "Your Mom Gay" to the deer, deer doesn't know how to say 'no u', so it gets fucking pissed and becomes rainbow threat level. Simply even worse.

Black Spruce I also noticed they were cheap on the gifts... Pft it's all freaking comical but my previous color code would express this scp... Colourful.

They'd have to give that one to Mr. Fabulous.

Jesus it's 2:25 am Eastside. Learn to sleep

Eastside Show SCP I'm sure there's some SCP that nullifies the need for sleep. Whether or not you're using it is off the record.

John Hasben Marshall Carter & Dark might have something available for bid that can help with that.

sleep is for the weak

threat level WHAT ?

The super Doge demi-god in GOC definition.

I'm a bit confused, and the entire time, I'm just imagining all of these cruel things happening while a deer just sits there, with a face like "Whelp, this is happening."

Think of it as a wizard's duel. Two beings piercing each other's minds and analyzing exactly what they're going to do before they do it, setting up attacks, defenses, counter attacks, counter counter attacks, and if one of them makes a mistake: they lose. The Deer believes that this ritual is capable of containing it and is analyzing their behavior for one mistake so it believes it can be free.

How dangerous is a Black Threat Level?

Apollyon means that, keter just means it is very hard to contain.

Keter means it's impossible to contain too...

Black threats Matter.

Keter just means hard to contain or frequently breaches containment. Threat levels accurately describe the danger of an object.

Sassy Picardia so why not use the other classes higher them keter?

According to the SCP wiki: “The object possesses the capacity for destruction on a global scale. Moreover, containment breaches by such objects are to be considered synonymous with an XK-Class scenario and its recontainment and/or neutralization is to be considered top priority. It is chiefly assigned to Keter class objects.” The commenter above is wrong in the fact that the Foundation uses threat levels as well “Some newer Foundation reports include an indicator dubbed "Threat Level". This allows one to estimate the level of danger a specific SCP object poses should that object breach containment.”

Mister Tterevel Black level is GOC definition of demi-god supernatural entity. Yeah, black level SCPs are gods.

Special containment procedures: master ball

Nah, you gotta cut it's head off.

who let a Pokemon in here? I love it

Bro, it's like 0104 in the morning lmao. It's like the ass-crack of dawn. Love your stuff though.

Threat level black? Give em over to California Police so they can shoot this scp down

ninjajustin2000 I shouldn't have laughed at that. But I did. God damn.

ninjajustin2000 ooof

Was joke about "police brutality" against blacks in US

U.S. Army Artillery divisions suffered heavy losses in aiding with the containment of THE STAG, and you think the popo is gonna stop its divinity.

mrbadguysan lol I completely agree, it's called joking around ya cuck lmao And Northern California

Thule Sonnenrad you think cops in California only shoot black people if they do "dumb stuff", despite over 70 years worth of state, municipal, and literary evidence to the contrary? That's adorable! Pray tell, what fly-over state do you live in?

nah, the deer is not rioting stealing and doing dumb stuff

I thought this one to have been one of the three Entities from “What happened to Site - 1730” as at the ending when the Gate Guardian and this entity engage in an SCP name unknown to me composed of darkness and leeches, as the site collapses between dimensional barriers, but I could be incorrect as I’ve been told that entity was a sarkic god

Ron Barx Oh, it is definitely one and the same. Sarkic gods tend to be...messier. A lot more flesh and fluid lying about, you know?

Ron Barx I agree with Black Spruce. This SCP and the one in 1730 are one and the same.

It's exactly the same one. The one in 1730 was turning things to pillars and sending element rods crashing through walls. This one does, too.

I was just thinking the same thing! I like to think it is the very same one.

I thought of that, too. Because the massive thing is specifically described as deer-like. (Or was it horse-like?)

Thanks for this one, man! The channel felt incomplete having 1730, 3301, and 001 Gate Guardian without this lovely lady (if it's a lady).

I wanted to show off some of the arts I saw on there, but never got the chance to ask the artists directly. Thankfully Sunnyclockwork answered my requests and let me use his artwork for the background art.

Castration of a D-class as part of it's containment could lean towards a female entity.

There's some good artwork out there that portrays it as feminine. Unfortunate that Steve didn't put those ones in. They look amazing.

Black Spruce best to leave that to the internet my good sir and also best not to go looking for it either.

love your vids keep up the good work!

Wow cant beleive i am one of the first few comments by the way i am a big fan of your videos as your channel was the one that introduced me to the scp foundation so keep up the good work

So do you believe this entity to be a Elder God (From Cthulu Mythos) or some other god entirely? Its definitely a strange being for sure. Reason why I say this is because Kadath is mentioned.

Yeah, but the ending tho really?

As more spelling errors escape me on this terminal, and i cringe re reading what i typed.

Eastside Show SCP Code names are given based on relevance to the object. Kadath could mean that this being is of those origins, or shares relevancy to the beings Kadath refers to. We could just as easily mentioned 'The ritual of Chud', though it may not be accurate. Many objects however do not have many references to culture, and hence remain assigned no other meaning. But the being in question may need a small ritual, in the form of mentioning another deity as if calling for protection, to allow communications to be recieved without interception. I'm not going through the files, but that is generally how the basics work time to time. Its best to not qurstion, but our species is always curious. And so to that end we kill as to not be killed. D-class, after all, is there for good reason.

It may be a child or it IS Yhoundeh, the Outer God Stag Goddess.

siddahi segahl was an over god to a planet that was destroyed...her punnishment was to be captured by the foundation

this deer is week shit compared to some of the other scps lol.

Isn't this the Saturnite Stag? I think he was around when Mekhane broke himself to contain Yaldabaoth. Pretty much a "god".

Its clearly the Forest god from the anime movie Princess Mononoke, which could itself be perceived as a Lovecraftian horror.

This entity seems to have some eldritchian influences but is likely its own being or something completely new. I mean we have a pantheon of God’s within the SCPverse, you have the gods of the old world such as the Greek gods however according to Calypso from SCP 2846 they have fled Earth or that plane of existence due to SCP 035 destroying the greek empire, you have some of the Hindu/Buddhist gods as well SCP 3000 "Anantashesha" which is one of the great nagas that would wrap around and offer a seat of sorts for Vishnu, you also have the so called fire and brimstone god SCP 343 which could also be YHWH the true creator of the universe and god of the Abrahamic religions along with the "devil" of the SCPverse SCP 231 or the Scarlet King, then you have the gods of flesh and metal such and the Mekhane which has its own sects of followers: the Church of The Broken God. However I believe the Mekhane is connected to Hephaestus because if you read fiction surrounding the Greek gods and look into some of the COTBG entries Hephaestus was a machine maker, then you have Yalblea-whatever the Sarkic deity which is likely connected to SCP 3007, 610, and 049 I do think the Fifthist church and offshoots of it are connected to Sarkism as well. Then we start getting into the whole cosmic thing which includes entities such as 2845 and the Daleport entities. This is why I love SCP it just mixes science, and religion in a nice blend.

Regardless of what this thing is I really like the skip. The tale that gets tied into the end however I thought kind of sucked.

It's says "towering kadath my home" It appears it is an old one from the dream world,whether or not it is a child of azithoth directly(we are all children of the idiot gods eternal dream) and a star spawn is something i doubt. I bet it is a construct of the dream world it's self,if I had to guess,an apect of the dream world made form(ritual,or belief the aspect thereof)

OMG the unknown dream world of kadath is my favorite!


ADIT ADDICTS Yeah, because the Elder Gods were kinda (really) powerful. Like Apocolothoth, Cthulhu's alleged father. (Note: Apocolothoth is kinda mysterious, and not much is known about what he has done, but he's generally referred to as powerful from what I gather)

Eastside Show SCP Would have to be a lower level Elder if it was yes?

Black Spruce Lot's wife was the one transformed into the pillar of salt I believe. Then him and his two daughters when to the incest cave and had an orgy.

I don't know but I find this one to be fascinating because of the fact that it is contained not with science but rituals and belief.

I always call heresy whenever a powerful SCP or SCP Universe entity is referred to as a God. What qualifies such a massive classification? I'd imagine I would be quite mouthy at people regarding such things if I was assigned to containment of this beauty. I just thought of this while writing the comment. The fact that it is able to transmute people into pillars reminds me of the Biblical destruction of Sodom and Gammorah, where one of the few who were allowed to escape turned back to look upon her city with sorrow and longing, only to be transmuted into a pillar of salt... Deer are a symbol of spiritual authority in Christianity, so I have no doubt that 2845 drew some heavy inspiration from Christianity.

Oh shit! It’s ducking Saturn Deer, probably the best SCP of ALL TIME!

Site-42: SCP Foundation Fanworks How dare you use such language as *ducking?*

Fuck you, autocorrect, I have never ONCE meant ducking.

So since kadath was mentioned I'm guessing this deer is supposed to be one of the ancient elder gods, way beyond the frail God's of Earth or whatever. I'm not an old enough dreamer to confirm. Lmao

i have never heard of threat class black

Wow catching up again, but your audio quality sounds better than ever. Been listening for a few years now. Love the comm static in the background and the subtle background tone music. Keep up the good work man! Really sets the mood and atmosphere and adds a definite tone of seriousness to it. VERY good listen.

Also the uiu

Always liked the way the goc does reports

SCP-2845 should be a Apollyon SCP No, Keter is better.

Simon Belmont I just wish I didn't get it done but if other people want it that's fine with me

Simon Belmont no. I know what it is. I live here after all

Yup, this is the Deer thing from the Apollyon Vault

something strange bout this vid is that i was playing osu mania at the same time and got only 1 miss on an expert level... THIS IS MY LUCKY SCP VIDEO HOLY SHAT

Dear God... It’s the frickin’ DEER god!!!!

Very interesting scp

Eastside Show SCP Maybe this is supposed to be Yhoundeh?

who else thinks about Xerneas from pokemon?

sounds like every furry-kink ever Scp: Shitting their pants over a stag, whilst conversing with god in a cantina. Couldn´t "god" neutralize the "stag"?

madscientistshusta The dream is just a fan theory not a canon lol so that's invalid

It really is sad, when you think about it. GoC is the destroyer, their misson is to fight the unknown and kill it. Serpents hands is the liberator, they wish to free the unknown. People like Anderson and even Marshall, Carter and Dark use the unknown to further their own goals, but they do create something. Foundation on the other hands...Gathers and locks things up, but they neither creat, destroy or even change. They just are.

Eastside Show SCP

VoidWalker374 it means it is a god

xernias get your ass back in the ball

It'd be nice for this to be expanded on so we could find out how it was moved to site 13. I just want more site 13 stories lmao

There is a threat level? Can someone explain the different levels?

It's Arceus!

What is threat level?

Kazekage1822 Or maybe an SCP resembling the Toxic Jungle from Nausicaä of The Valley of The Wind. We haven't had an SCP like that at all. Imagine the exploration logs of MTFs and drones into that type of forest. Hell, it could also be twisted a little bit and be tied to Sarkicism ( I mean, making it both a toxic and fleshy jungle at the same time ). It'd be great!

yah i think there should be it would be interesting seeing a scp that was something akin to castle in the sky (a superweapon AI or something but a few other scp's already do stuff like that XD

Kazekage1822 I think Able is just weeabooness personified, whereas the Deer is inspired by the Deer God and made into its own thing. It's as mysterious of the so-called God of Life and Death. I wish there was something akin to the Deer turning into an Eldritch Abomination like in Princess Mononoke as a tribute during a securing log event or something. Also, do you think there should be more old-school anime inspired SCPs?

to me it defiantly is better than able Able was cool and everything but he just doesn't really have any mystery to him. this Deer does even more so when you think about the ending along with the fact that it believed it was trapped so it was....what if it was made to believe it was human? would it become human???

+Kazekage1822 Ikr?? Princess Mononoke could have been the inspiration for this SCP. And dare I say it's even better than Able!

i was looking through the comments for someone to bring up the forest god XD that was actually my first thought seeing the thumbnail

i think it is saying the Deer thing was given a new "purpose" via the rituals it was placed inside a cocoon of "safety" from the reality that its world was gone and eventually "forgot" it was a god it believed it was one of the after so long it became human maybe??? maybe that is why it believed it was trapped it was?

princess mononoke reference ?????

Kadath? Direct tie in to Lovecrafts dreamquest? Amazing

So stoked to finally get some clarification on this from the site 13 story. Amazing Job. Thanks much Eastside

mrbadguysan was just banter, go back to blacked dot com you retard.

Black Spruce yeah or from Judaism.

**neat human sacraficeses**

I don’t want to talk about it....

This cant be canon it's too religion based

This vs scp 001?

Which one?

That would be an amazing fight

100% bike steal

what the hell was that last bit? can someone explain, please?

Taylor Pope Gate guardian.

What's threat level black..

God left me unfinished That would be an amazing battle

Have you

No... you are wrong...

+Kazekage1822 Or maybe an SCP resembling the Toxic Jungle from Nausicaä of The Valley of The Wind. We haven't had an SCP like that at all. Imagine the exploration logs of MTFs and drones into that type of forest. Hell, it could also be twisted a little bit and be tied to Sarkicism ( I mean, making it both a toxic and fleshy jungle at the same time ). It'd be great!

The Poet Of Fall No dude,

WeaponXSigma Very true.

Taylor Pope 2845 vs 682 fighting is something that should not happen. The collateral damage would be insane.

johnmburt1960 He attempted to ride it? I bet that resulted in one hell of a containment breach

Threat Levels is a classification system belonging to the French site and for members of the French site, Apollyon is nothing (even if you see some French youtuber who consider this class, but they are not really members of the French site)... Keter-Class SCPs are the "boss SCPs"

PHTM Dragon If it wasn't for the fact that they somehow managed to seal that thing, it would easily be Apollyon.

Threat Level: Midnight

I had read SCP-2317 and several tales about Scarlet King, so... you're right... not only is SCP-2845 fucked, but we're fucked...

SCP-2805 would be great

Ok who pissed of Bambi?

charles 8 There are tons of religion based scps lol

Could 2845 take out 682?

Ok who pissed off Bambi?

This is one of your best.

thank you I enjoyed learning about this SCP creature myself

Can you guys tell me what this symbol is. Because when I was younger in the Oregon Forest my uncle is very abusive towards men and he made me shit in the woods. At one point I looked up and saw a deer with a very long neck and a human's face with no mouth very pale skin very large and lives and he looked at me kind of like did I just see a human shiting I was so scared I couldn't move in he walked on everybody else tells me I'm crazy you can ask my husband I've been talking about it for years

Honestly I just looked it up a deer with a humanoid face to see if anybody else had been talking about it and it brought me here so

TheBlues32 yes but can it die all gods are immortal as far as I know Demi gods can die but they have amazing strength,knowledge,etc. So I personally don't think it is a god but you may have a different opinion

When did you start doing threat levels?

I think the sealing ritual itself freaked out that SCP that made it chose to stay inside the cell. Ohh god that child eating part

retarded ass shit. do better..

Object Class: Fucking impossible.

This sounds bit to edgy. Even for scps.

I wonder what would happen if this thing came in contact with the indestructible reptile

Please try putting emphasis in your voice or change something wtf

That Which Smashes Allowed

I think I must have missed the point here. They somehow contained this creature at first, but now have to contain it by torturing and murdering several humans and at least one child, every day? I think they need to come up with a better plan.

The Deer God.

What does threat level black mean?

Deer god

So they have to kill a baby every ten hours?

For some reason I am imagining one of the rituals in the cycle to look like this:

omg i wouldn't even wish castration without painkillers to someone who murdered my best friend that's just horrible!

I like this SCP defines the term “god” so eloquently and interestingly in a both concrete and highly abstract manner. The term “god” in this context, and with SCPs in general, can be viewed as technical term rather than by its abilities or role in the creation of things. The term “god” in this context simply refers to an unchanging entity that manifests its existence in terms of arbitrary objects and categories of human creation (very roughly spoken). In that sense, it can almost be treated as a class of SCP and not just anything that happens to have essentially unlimited reality altering abilities.

Damn you’re fast lol

yeah and omg they literally have to castrate som1 without painkillers!!

and the castration that is presumably without painkillers!!


that is literally so horrible it shouldn't be an scp

Isn’t this Scp similar to the deer creature in site-13?

didn't Kondraki only ride 682 shortly before they all died?

This entry reminded me that an SCP entry actually CAN be given a very 'by the numbers' feel.

Hey that’s my cousin

clearly some kind of warp entity....

this is a ritual i thought it was a deer that was a black level threat

#4 of my binge watch sesh

Can you make a video about able and the horseman war

Ummm castration is the removal of the testes. It's basically cutting off your nuts. I'm no genius but my nuts are intact still and I have been circumcised...

oh deer

The dude who shot her mother.

It can also be the removal of the shaft or both.

MrSpiceBoi or arceus

Mike Emmons all the times

Just lead it to 001, problem solved

what the hell is protocol 2845-Xk1. the name strike down the moon does not sound good.

Your the only youtuber who i rewatchs your uploads,these storys are perfect for playing games like subnautica

The Deer Popped Out Of MY Trash Can...

This scp was killed when the nuke in scp 1730-site 13 went off

Send other “gods” after it!

Just send the lizard and Cain in there... hell if it’s “unstoppable” then send something else considered “unstoppable”

If the ritual is arbitrary why did it involve the death of an infant and castration?

the Philosopher Deer!! get Ed and Al now!

Keter? No. Apollyon.

Pretty sure it can

Oh Deer

Как сделать субтитры ?

What does keter mean?/translate to


Nah it's not dead probably still fighting scp 001, 1730

It was fighting it at site 13 with scp 001, 1730

That is this scp

so what you're saying is GoC is Shiva, the destroyer. carter and dark/ wondertainment are Braham, the creator. The Foundation is Vishnu, the Preserver... not really sure where the serpents hand could fit into this now that i think about it

Yeah, Xernias is a threat level Black Pokémon.

Son of a bitch

termination attempt trow 682 at it or trow 2845 at 682.

+Reis Tiongson it could die since scp 001 went with it

It ain't dead. It can't be dead. Its active transmutation aura effective 5m from it prevents any damage to it. The reality warping in site 13 teleported the whole site and everything inside it in another dimension. There was no nuke detonation that happened.

+Reis Tiongson it could die since scp 001 went with it when they got teleported

WAIT IS THIS A PUN? i was just reading the title again while watching the video and thought 'the deer god...' Then i was like wait... Deer god... Dear god... And i wrote this comment also all i can think of is the legendary pokemon from pokemon x/y

+THE BIG BAD WARRIOR yeah, it could get killed by SCP 001 but that's debatable on another discussion and my point is that there was no nuke explosion that could kill SCP 2845 as stated in the original comment.

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