SECRET CATACOMBS & The Black Church | Brasov, Romania's Dark Side

SECRET CATACOMBS & The Black Church | Brasov, Romania's Dark Side

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What. We think might be the catacombs. So. George is going in. Hey. Guys thanks for tuning in to amy's crypt I'm currently, in Brasov, Romania and, I want to take you to two locations. That have very creepy tales and very, spooky, stories about them. This, structure was constructed back, in the 14th, century but. Was originally named, the Church of st. Mary, it wasn't until, 1689. When a great fire broke out in Brasov, destroying. Much of the city but fortunately, leaving, the church standing, this fire did however blacken. A lot of the exterior, of the church which, can still be seen in a lot of its areas today that. Is what caused the church do you gain a new name and it, is still known to this day as the black church. Although. That part of the black churches history, is very interesting. It is the local, legend, of the, death of a young boy connected, to the black church that is most interesting, to me there is a statue, of, a very young boy sitting, right on the roof of this church that, young boy seems, to be peering, over the edge of the roof towards. The floor which is a very great distance it's, a large drop it's not symmetrical, or fitting, to any of the other symbols, or architecture, on the church and no one actually knows why it is there though, there are three different theories as to why, this statue of the, young boy exists. So. The first Theory tells, of this, young boy as a priest's. Son and, is told that one day the, boy was, acting, quite naughty and received, a punishment from his father which was to be locked away in the black churches attic, for, a lengthy, amount of time unfortunately. At that time coincided. With the great fire of brasov and it is fought that the statue of the boy on the but church's roof is actually. That very boy trying, to escape his death from that great fire and the, flames that were engulfing, the black church. Now. The next, theory depicts, this little boy as a construction. Worker who was assisting, the black church to be built the, story goes that, his, boss asked, him to peer over the edge of the roof to check that the wall that they were constructing, was coming up straight apparently. As he did so he, lost his balance toppled. Over the edge and fell to his death now. His, boss felt so guilty, about, the boy's death and felt. That he was responsible for causing it he supposedly, had the statue erected, in, honor, of that young boy to remember, him the third and final theory. About this young boy is the, most sinister and it is believed that he may have actually been murdered. So similar to the last story this, boy was working, as a construction assistant. On the black, church now it is told that another worker, grew insanely, jealous of, this, young boy because, he was such a hard worker he was getting a lot of recognition for, his work so this man decided to murder the young boy he asked him to peer over the edge to check that the wall was coming up okay and pushed.

Him To his death now this man was over ridden, with grief so much they, actually confessed, to murdering the young boy and, when the rest of the construction workers found, out what had happened it, was them that decided. To have the statue of the boy erected. In his memory. So, just a circling, around the bunch edge and we found a really cool, little door I. Wonder. If I can see through the keyhole. So, what's cool is they're restoring. The. Church and actually, working on it, so. I can't get in there myself but you can kind of see on the fence what, it looks like and I. Kind. Of like that because it features heavily in one, of those theories as to, why. The statue, of this little boy on the church exists, so. The little boy is way up there, he's quite hard to make out but when. You spot him he is very distinctive, because there's. Nothing else on the church like it. So. The statue of the little boy is right. Above me and if there is any truth to any of these stories, and the. Positioning, of this statue means anything, a young, boy very well could have died on the ground behind. Me and. Funnily. Enough there's. A patch of grass right there. So. Interestingly a, lot of people, have claimed to, cite the apparition, of a young boy around, the black church and within the black church so. His spirit, may still linger on here, leading many to believe that there is some truth behind these legends. I'm, just leaving the black church now hoping to find the brass of catacombs, which, actually rumored to maybe be linked to, underneath, this church which is interesting so. Hopefully we can track those down. Guys. I'm just walking down Brussels, alley behind the walls are, we walking along a fortified. Medieval structure. In the search of brasov secretive. Catacombs. I. Also. Just found the, main. Entrance, that people spoke about accessing, this place online and. It is sealed with an iron door you. Can, find up crouch. Down and, looking to get a glimpse it. Sucks I can't take you in there and I can't really show you that far. And. I really really want to go in. You. Can't see much or not mine either. So, we might keep maybe. Looking around so we can find another, entry, otherwise. I'll tell you a bit about its creepy stories anyway. All, right so other than walking for, a spiderweb I found another entry, to the catacombs. But. This one is even more, still doll. So you haven't had any luck with. The two entrances that we did find, I'm surprised that we even found those so. I'm going to keep walking and see if we can find another point of access. This. Is safe. My, friend just. Watch out cause it's not. Ya. Wanna. Look, down out there, click, on this, right. All, right since these entrances, are all sealed I'm gonna walk, through this. Little, hiking trail in this first, sort, of thing that surrounds, it those, catacombs. Apparently. Extend, pretty far so. Hopefully. We can find another access, point. So, go this way. We. Found a medieval, fortified, tower up on this hill and there's, an awesome view of the black church just, down here so. You can, kind of see if the catacombs, are in this area that is potentially, how far they stretch and, they've, got the cool brass off Hollywood, sliding ripoff up there too. We, haven't been able to find, another. We. Haven't been able to find, another. Entrance yet we're gonna keep walking around looking around but, look. Sure that we're gonna get in, so. We, just started walking and then all of a sudden we were really high, I don't know when this happened but if you look down here you can see this massive drop. And. I think. We're. Gonna keep following, this path down. So. That we stay alive, we're, probably too high up now for. How. To claim entries. I assume, they're all further, down on. The flat ground so we're gonna head down that way. So. Jared, convinced me to walk down this. Little, trail here. Just. Off the beaten track and, and. Now we're kind of stuck we, don't know which way to go. Wherever. We try to go back up which I don't know if I can cause it's so steep or. We go left or we go right or we just go down just further, steep and possibly fall in the creek. No, idea if there is another entry to the catacombs or if we'll find it but. Here, we are lost. In this stupid. Trail, so. He's sending Jared down this path to, investigate. Something that he just spotted, I don't. Think. It's anything but he seems to think it is or. I could go back that way. Or. Maybe forward. This way. We'll follow him down. I'm. Just gonna wait so, Jared just call me down this hill because he thinks he found an entry. It. Kind of looks like one but it. Doesn't look like something that we can. Go down it looks sealed, about have a look. Can. You stomp, on that it looks like it's just been buried, in with dirt. Yeah. I think it's just been buried in. That. Sucks. But. Maybe we keep walking along, I, actually.

Can't. Believe it Jarrod found. An entrance, to, what, we think might be the catacombs, it is a really. Small narrow hole in the. Base of this. Cliff. Here. It's, semi. Sealed off. By. A wooden I, don't. Know what door. Probably. Fit down there I don't know what, is beyond despair though I'm, not even sure that that would, be an entrance to the catacombs. Yeah. Should we go in. Before. We go any further I wanted to give you a bit of background info, on the, rest of catacombs, and why I am so interested in them basically, what these are is an underground, tunnel system beneath, for the floors of brasov that connect a lot of the towers, and military, strongholds there, is one rumor about them that states German. Prisoners, of war were placed in them during, World War two the, entrances, were sealed and they were encased. Down, there to die now whilst a lot of the tunnel system hasn't been discovered, or mapped out they, are thought to be quite extensive, and even rumored to stretch as far as, the black church I've seen some images of, them online and they look very creepy, and very cool and you'd think if there was a bunch of people in tombs down there to die there. Might even be a bit of paranormal, activity, that occurs down there and there's certainly, has, being mists, and orbs, captured, in photographs. Jarrod's. Take him onto the team in his white shirt and. Crawled. In the hole, what. Do you see. What. Do you see. Is. It. Blocked off. There's. Another hole you have to get through the very fire I don't think we can do it, so. Joe just going in. See. Here take the camera and see what's in there. There's. Lots of mosquitoes, in here. Looks. Like there's a ladder or steps of some kind. It's. Definitely a room. In there. It. Definitely looks too. That's. Too small to get in like my foot, you. Know like, it's. A pretty simple crow so don't think we're gonna be able to get in. The. Camera yeah. It's. Hard. Yeah. I don't think we're gonna be able to get in. Looks. Like a ladder, that's. Been broken damaged, and caved in. That. So there's a, wall. Of some kind yeah, I think it's me to tie it. To. It. Show. Up what do we do I don't think we should go in it I don't even know if it's the catacombs, and I. Just. Showed on the on, the camera the. Hole. That you have to get to you're unsure in that hole it's, smaller than my foot and I've only got a small foot okay. I don't. Think we should impress, a monavie the catacombs this could just be a whole, lot about to collapse, so. It's really cool that we actually found the entrance we are. Not gonna go any further and try and get inside the, hole that, is there is very tight partially, caved in and the ladder that descends, has been all broken up we're gonna keep walking along, this Creek and see if we can locate another. Entryway. That maybe we can get in but. That one, seemed. Just a little bit too, unsafe. So. We have just spotted another, entry, it. Is, blocked. Off but we're gonna go have a look anyway it looks like it's got a great that we can maybe you shown a little torch through. But. Psycho. Wow. It's freezing cold can, you feel that oh yeah. I can it is. That's. Pretty cool can you see much in there good, night Monsieur number. Looks, like a lot of us caved in yeah. Why, is that wind coming out of it as I know you guys can't feel, it but there's cold. Maybe. I even have frost breath there's cold winds just blowing out of this hole, hold your hair up and say food poisoning, well. You can see it I'm on these twigs. See. Ya again soup. It's. A lot of mosquitos in there so again this. Entry is sealed off when we peer inside I don't know that you can see it that well in camera but, it looks like a lot of it has been caved. In and I. Think. So that night it. Looks like a lot of it has been caved in and it's. Not really a tunnel system that. Is interconnected, and, accessible, we're, gonna keep walking and, see if we find, any. Other cool chambers like that that looks amazing. And. Right, behind me is another entry, that is sealed. This, place is stupid cute, and really cool island check out his bridges. And if streams carved, a pathway for it so fruit. Rock. So. We're back of the original, entrance, that is blocked off and unfortunately. We're not going to be going inside brussels catacombs, today I'm, really disappointed and. I'm sure you are too and I apologize, my. Adventures, don't always work out so some I just wanted to show that happens sometimes. Hopefully. You did like this video though if you did please remember to Like comment share that, really helps me out here, subscribe if you want to keep coming on haunted adventures, with me you're, looking for a little bit of spooky, reading head to Amy's crypt calm but, remember until next, time stay spooky.

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Go to the Mayor and ask him to unlock the front door. It's worth a try.

Such a good idea, I should have done that

Hi Amy yet another great video have you ever been to Whitby in Yorkshire England it's a great place for ghost hunting I think you should try out Bagdale hall that is hunted I would love to see you there take care and hope to see more soon

Thanks for the suggestion Edward, I have not been there. I will add it to my list

Another great vid ,certainly spooky place to be at night Wonder about the boy shame about catacombs keep the vids coming Amy and keep safe

Thanks David - Yeah we are both disappointed we didn't get to go into the catacombs of Brasov, but it was probably for the best - it seemed too dangerous

Definitely an interesting video n ideas behind the boy ps I noticed ur boots were cleaner n ps banna skins help re pt back oils in boots n possibly why catacombs sealed of as dangerous inside

Haha yeah the boots are cleaner cause this was filmed before we ventured into the Paris Catacombs lol. I will have videos on the Paris Catacombs coming soon.

Cool video Amy the black church all 3 storys scary about the kid.. DAME shame could not get in did have a good look well done to your fella getting down there have a look no way get in there I'm 6ft 4 climbed in some small places love it look forward to seeing next video all the best seth

Thank you so much Seth

Catacombs are always so creepy and a dark place...and haunted too...good video!!!

Thank you so much Graça

Great Video again guys. What a shame you couldn't get in there. Looked awesome.

Thank you so much Stevie. Yeah it was a shame we couldn't go in. We definitely go to some daring places on my channel, but this one was one which we both knew was way too dangerous.

jarrad is one brave trooper.

Haha! Would have been braver if he went in LOL but nah it was a bit too dangerous. I think both of us knew we weren't equipped to go in there

lol the guy with his bell, thanks for that mate

haha I know, so random

IT looks like the entrance to hell . THE best thing to do get some tucker and beer and sit next to the river lol lol NICE VID THANK YOU BOTH

Cheers Mark

Thanks Amy! Your Romania videos are my favorite ones! Happy to see another one!

Cheers Scott - Glad you enjoyed it. Have a couple more that I have scheduled for later this year which I have already filmed, though some of them I wasn't able to get as much footage so will need to sit/talk about them in more detail. Might save them for when I get home to Australia

Poor boy, burned alive or fell to his death. Both seam like a horrible way to go. When I googled these catacombes I stumbled across the Capuchin Catacombes in Palermo. They display mummified corpses of munks.....

Yeah unfortunately, none of the different stories end well for the boy - and the statue is a terrifying reminder of that

Where you're at looks so beautiful

Thanks Kimberly. Mind you it is probably covered under snow right now - I filmed this back in September

Yaaay Romania! ❤️❤️ Very happy to see a new vid from this beautiful country! I actually found your channel when searching for videos on RO and am set to go for my second visit in a couple of months (Brașov included, this time). Gorgeous looking town. Too bad you couldn’t get into the catacombs, but very glad that Jarrad didn’t try to get further into that cave! Very dangerous to do that without ropes and equipment. I suspect the breeze out of the catacomb/cave is probably not that unusual, based on some of the caving stories I’ve heard. Any spelunkers watching who can confirm? Also, I appreciate your videos where you don’t get to explore where you want. Not only because this is the reality but because I just enjoy hearing the spooky stories and seeing the lovely spaces. And, as usual, your videos are wonderfully edited so even when that happens they're enjoyable. Great work!

Looking forward to them!

Awesome!!! Yeah I had saved this one for a while now - I have more videos from my time in Romania, but gonna sprinkle them into the mix on my channel throughout the year (plus some of them I wasn't able to get as much footage, so will need to sit/talk about them a bit more in depth). More vids from across Europe coming, soon too


You're probably right, thanks Darlene

Loved and enjoyed it

So glad to hear! Thank you, red mirror!

i love your videos. your the laua croft of paranormal hunting

Excellent love these videos don't stop ever making them would love to join you both on your travels ,kids should watch these at school great way to learn about history

I really admire the architecture of those old churches. I love those medieval doors on it and all the statues. Looks very Gothic. Nope I take that back it don't look very Gothic but it still looks beautiful. Stupid? That's beautiful. Just watch out for tics. They should open up those tunnels. I'd love to see what's in there. Human remains or not.

Me too, Markus! They are stunning. I would love to get in them too. Hopefully, one day!

Welcome back in Transilvania Amy ❤❤❤ Maybe u will come in Sibiu

Thanks, Johnny! I wish I was back! This was just an old video I had saved away from a few months ago. I did make my way through Sibiu when I last visited. Loved it. Hope to be back one day!

Thank you so much, Alan! I love this description of me too! So cool!

ALWAYS like your videos. Good job guys.

Thanks, Nicole! You are too kind!

How you doin? Amy that’s really sad story

Yeah, I agree. This is a very sad one for sure!

Thank you so much, Lorraine! That means the world to me!

I'm glad you didn't try to go into that crazy small hole!!! Too dangerous for Jarrad Cam!

Haha yeah we do have our limits. I love Amy's Crypt but I wouldn't want it to be the end of me

The ones in Paris are absolutely creepy. If you go far enough in

Amy I have the morgue and pathology lab In next room I doing a restricated Facebook page would you like to see it Amy for you and jerrard. Reason why it could cause destress to people

It makes me so angry & sad to see people graffitiing historic buildings (or any vandalized property really).

Did no one see the eye while Jared was looking down the hole? Over to the right!

What! That is creepy. Thanks for sharing what you saw, Elza!

Yes! I am the same. It is so senseless and disrespectful.

Hey Amy thanks for showing us such a wonderful place. Good try though.

To bad you guys couldn't get into the Coto's nice that you gave us a tour around the area and the history. Never disappointed with channel. Stay safe

I know! I really wish we found a way in. Oh well. Maybe one day!

Thank you, Payal! Glad you enjoyed seeing the city!

I love watching your videos, way more excitement and get to learn about spooky spots.thanks so much for sharing God Bless

Thanks so much, David! This is really cool to hear!

*uh,oh shit* And this is why Amy wouldn’t survive in a horror movie


I don't know how many places are haunted in Romania, but one that surely is and you surely missed is Iulia Hasdeu castle in Campina. She was a young girl who died at almost 19 and she was a genius. She was the daughter of Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu another Romanian great mind. After she died her father built her that castle and her grave temple that which plans were given to him by her through sessions of mysticism. This castle and her grave are unique in the world. They are worth seeing. And also reading his book Sic Cogito.

+AmysCrypt OK. Nice to hear that. I wish you all the best.

Thanks so much for watching and for the suggestion, Sterian! I did some research on this one and really wanted to visit. Unfortunately, I just ran out of time. Romania has been my favorite country so far to explore and I do plan to make it back one day. Hopefully, I get the chance to investigate it!

I went there when i had 9 years, nice place, i was amazed by her structure and The organ. And by The way, you can sau BRAȘOV, AT Ș SOMENTHING like she,, și,, you know?

Thanks so much, Gabi! So awesome you have visited too!

Great film,very interesting place thank you xxx

Thanks so much, Grazia! Glad you enjoyed it!

Looks like a beautiful place

It is such a stunning place! I loved Romania so much!

I just started watching your videos and I love them ^_^

Where are you from? I thought it would be cool for to scrutinize your own hometown

I am from Adelaide, South Australia. I just got home and plan to explore and investigate my own hometown in the coming months, Cheers.

That is so awesome to hear! Thank you and welcome to the crypt, Torin!

Great video

Thank you! I really hope you get the chance to visit too! Romania is my fav country.

Amy looking quite nice in those jeans on this video..:) had to give you a compliment..been watching a LOT of your videos..Glad I found your channel. Even if you dont find a lot of crazy evidence, the story about the places and the way you talk and carry yourself is enough for me..Hope the channels keeps growing..

@AmysCrypt Thanks Amy :) and look forward to seeing where your adventure takes you.

Thank you for your information,Amy! That really helps improving my English!

@AmysCrypt OK. Nice to hear that. I wish you all the best.

@AmysCrypt just the thought of the paris catacombs gives me Clostrophobia and goosebumps. All the best and as always,be safe u guys! Cant wait to see the video!

@AmysCrypt why thank you very much you angel it's always a good feeling to get a bit of a spook once in awhile and you're just a YouTube channel to go to it u rock

@AmysCrypt I am glad to be a part of this you are like the Ghost Adventures of YouTube I love this stuff I believe in the Paranormal you rock

@AmysCrypt Thank you Amy that's a sweet thing to say your made my day xxxx

@AmysCrypt You know what that means curtains closed popcorn headphones on phone off can't wait for this going to be epic thanks Amy. xxx

@AmysCrypt :)))))

@AmysCrypt You went ghost hunting in Malaysia?? Oh cool, can't wait!

@AmysCrypt your awesome.. very easy to fall in love with your channel.

@AmysCrypt I have sciences stuff hear to do dna work I have the. The gels for and the stains I've spent lots off money on my science equipment I have all sorts I shop on amazon alot. I have laboratory centrifuge even I have 3 rooms off science's stuff

@AmysCrypt I have a mini infared drone Amy

@AmysCrypt it's 9 17 am now Amy I've never begin abroad I haven't a passport

@AmysCrypt love your video's..

@AmysCrypt o...dump truck..i see my bad..ok sorry..

Thank you so much!!

Some times there is no access yu tried thats all that matters

Thanks for understanding, Kenneth!

I would guess that the reason for the cold draft is due to it not being fully blocked off and there is an opening elsewhere creating a through draft? There might be a water course somewhere within the cavern as well. Either that or the rumours about the German prisoners is true!

Okay, one can be forgiven for pronouncing Brasov as it appears in English but it is pronounced ‘Brashov’. But no one can be forgiven for pronouncing the word ‘theory’ as ‘feerie’, unless you’re from 18th century south london.

Cheers for the info, though I’m not sure why you felt the need to turn this comment into a condescending one. I’m aware that I have a speech impediment, I’ve been given grief over it for almost my entire life. I’m not sure you can be forgiven for stooping to the level of my countless childhood bullies.

AmysCrypt oops sorry. Well i feel like a cunt don’t I. Accept my apologies.

Brasov Romania is like the cursed fire after that fire the city is never the same the fire made the saint Mary church as black church and also it has dark history with that boy who is often spotted and makes the location haunted and catacombs which you hardly made thanks to jarad and you Romania is so haunting with so much ghost stories in the past always this middle ages and old ages leave us with many clues of dark history through it the torture the executions often happened at that time if some were wrongly punished by kings there souls should be haunted the whole area this is the exact reasons I must have lived in middle age imperial industrial and world war ages at that time there was no much history with victories defeats tortures executions burning at the stake made Europe the one of the most haunted continents in the world thank you Amy for get us into that catacombs and also tell us the black history about this black church keep upload I am waiting for your return to Europe soon

Awesome video Amy & Jared even though you guys weren't able to get into the catacombs it was really cool what you were able to find and show us

Thanks for watching

Nice, you got lost on the trails I used to do mountain-biking with my 10 year old sister... No offence, but maybe next time you really try to get info about the place you are in. There are so many creepy stories in Brasov (it is spelled Brashov, not so hard, is it?). You could visit the catacombs also easily, just speak with the right people. Do some research for sake... About the "cold wind"...that is the draft from an underwater stream... Nice that you took interest in Brasov. You should try also Sighisoara, Bran, the haunted Baciu Woods, Catacombs beneath so many cities in Romania. We have tunnels 40 - 70 km long worth exploring with great horror stories. You could go from one end and emerge at the other in a totally different town. You could even use one tunnel which leads you to Bulgaria.

It is not written in English so it's silly to say that "that’s how I’m going to spell it". Yeah, I just checked your channel. I like it actually! Good job!

The sign on the hill in Brasov spells it Brasov so that’s how I’m going to spell it. I have been to all the other places you mentioned and all have featured on my channel. Perhaps you should do your research?

Great video thanks for sharing

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