See This New Happening Before Anyone Else and Say Goodbye Too! New Craft Studio Tour Too!!

See This New Happening Before Anyone Else and Say Goodbye Too! New Craft Studio Tour Too!!

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Hi. Everyone welcome, to the headshot karo welcome, it's a very different Hedgehog. Hallo you might notice there are some different, things and, I guess that's part. Of the reason that we kind of said hello, and goodbye so you are the first to, see the, first ever video, we have shot in our new studio, so, we have not shot any videos we spent all day to day kind of finessing and finishing. Up this studio, we ready to shoot our first video, tomorrow but we wanted to do a live first, of all we're super excited to share it with you and I haven't seen you all in so long so it's so nice to see one again and. We wanted to say hello and, everything, else so we can see lots of our members joining us at, Debbie's, here lisa is here Kim Karin Dana Cynthia. Macoco, and, Juliette Beth, Greg is of course here. Desiree's. Here Georgia. Cynthia. Lots and lots of you joining us too so, um lots. And lots of things to share with you are the absolute first, people, to see it and we're, super excited you may have seen and some things on our Instagram stories, about, us setting. This up we have built this from scratch so if you watched hedgehog Hollow a very, long time ago well over probably 18 months ago now and I, used to craft down here it was like a baby orange, I don't know have brakes brave enough to like pan to a side like over there where the window, is since I'll see there's mental piece but um so. These people white count we've taken everything, out we've rebuilt, absolutely, everything so I now have a, much bigger Studios we can do all sorts of other things down, here we got some really fun projects. Coming but, that means you kind of say goodbye to the old studio you used to but that means that because, my craft room or I can experiment and do fun things and, then, we, will be filming down here pretty much all the time and, but it also means I can have other people down here we can have a special guest and, so, over the summer we'll, be having Maddie, do some videos with me, we'll. Be doing some kids. Crafts, she. Has a really fun thing we're doing filming, with her tomorrow so you'd be seeing more of the girls down here I means. Greg and I can do videos together we. Can do all sorts of other things because we just have so much more space user, don't go like this and I don't touch the edges like I used to I have so much more space yeah.

That Great cool this, is how much space there is now I can move around and. Siren. Holly's just joined us to UM. So, sandy, sees her she remembers the lives from downstairs. So. That's so cool, um so, lots of you remember, they're downstairs as well. Jenny said she lost my sweater thank you it's Macy's, and you can't still buy them I was there the other day and they still have them and. So yeah so this was our, basement studio a long long, a time, ago. But. You will still see supplies, so there are supplies in this room and it's gonna change and I'll tell you some of the things we're going to be doing as well, and. So. My old studio yes it's going to be the. Craft room as well um, if. Assignment. You are welcome if you were in Ohio and, we are just south of stumpers a lot of us if you're ever visiting, there you are welcome to come and film, with us we have tons. Of room now and they say Maddy you can, definitely could have three or four in here super, easy and we, have plans to expand this to do other fun things too as I say I'm gonna be filming taking Maddy tomorrow, so that will be coming up on the channel too and I know lots of you now have children home over the summer like me we have them home for three months so, we're gonna be doing some things where you can entertain. Them, and do the fun's fun crafts. With them and Maddy's. Come up with an amazing no, glue flying recipe, which I'm super excited about because I am fed up with finding Elmer's everywhere, so, I said we will share that on the channel too we've, got other fun collaborations. Coming, up we will have the launch of the next Hedgehog. Hollow box coming up next weekend. We've. Got Greg's parents coming, over next weekend too so it's gonna be a really busy weekend, for just we'll be doing that in between as well um, lots. And lots of fun things coming on so one says that we give me Simon Haley's parents better watch out because we're giving him ideas sorry. Lots, of things there and, someone. Asked about was turning on subtitles, we can't turn them on until after the live we, can't have them go out live there's nowhere we can get it to transfer, them live, as well me. And the old studio will don't be a craft room and if I'm doing lives from my phone and things like that I will still use the old studio so you will see it and I'm going to do a room tour because, now I, don't have to worry about it being a film studio anymore which means it goes back to being a proper craft room so I can show you all of my fun organization.

And I will set it up like a proper craft room too so I don't have to worry about my back wall. Staging. That up for a studio I can actually do it how I want to do it and so Greg has another DIY job. Yes. Because it doesn't have to be my craft room anymore. There. Was always friction between this is my craft oh no it's not it's a craft filming. Studio so we, don't have to worry about that anymore either so yes so we all have that studio tour coming up as well we now have ryan who helps us film which is how we do so many more videos for you so Ryan, me helping me film that craft. Room tour soon as Greg puts up my extra shelves and then, we'll be able to show you those things as well so. So, many cool things going. On up there as well. Lots. Of fun things as well so, let's, show you some nothing's we don't so this currently, is the old desk from the old craft room and Greg, has also, on his to-do list as I say this is not totally finished at all it's, also a ton of stuff behind Greg that is not finished but. But. We will have a new desk which I'm really looking forward to and, they still have my old drawers down there as well we'll have new drawers and but, over here this, is really fun again, this is tum free because I have, kind of a thrift store project, in mind but this is currently, out the kitchen my kitchen is now missing a Keurig stand over here but, we'll get to that I, have my cricket down here, I have some my hero Hughes card stocks because they look really pretty or staged up like this these, are the tags we made a creative, Asian and these, are the tags that we made in the Hedgehog holo happy, hour that Greg and I did together and, then. Up here we of course have hedgehogs, and some. Cars from my alcohol. Pals. Video, from. Colleen launched video and. This. Was from my altar. New what. Do they call it the altar new like certified, program. That I'm doing this was one of the cards I made and then I'm here is a picture from our wedding so. It's a really fun picture, up here and. Then this one my Marla blue markers, over here so there are still craft supplies in here as well and then down the bottom there's some fun supplies there's my American. Crafts I tried to my Gemini juniors in there some ribbon and my. Blooms storage, is down there too. Sorry. Yeah. We didn't, really plan doing the kind of Tori bit I just like, oh let's see what's here and then over here this, is a quilt that I made ages, ago. So. This quilt is a houndstooth, quilt, that I sewed ages, and ages ago but I thought it was fun to have in here and it adds a little pop of color there's, some folk art paints at the back this piece that I made a creative, Asian not, last year but the year before or, not this year last year and an. Alcohol, ink from the. Full. Release last year of lawn fawn you. May recognize, this from the old craft room, but. It's just a really fun pop of color in the background then, we have my. Hedgehog hollow box, my. Award just. Looks pretty here some. Paint paws that I did and we have a video coming all about pink paws and I, had these from. This. Is the one I made at American, crafts in Salt Lake City and then. We did some. Excuse. Me I do have a coffin a cold in a minute we. Did these as a team a while back and these, were my three I was playing around with color combinations. And so they went up here more, hedgehogs just bought those hedgehogs everywhere, of course and. Then. Maybe. We should do that or maybe I'll have a hedgehog naming, competition, I don't know and.

Then, Just kind of I've got some my artists pre markers, here paintbrushes. You know the kinds of things we always want on hand we, did thrift, this as well for face book marketplace and just repainted, it I should. Say Gregory painted, it I chose. The color and then. That's the hard bit and. Then this is just a Raskob cart which is my gift-wrapping cart. And. I do have a video coming soon because I just bought the new ala. Cart system, from American, crafts so I'll be showing you that this. Was my Christmas wreath I don't have a summer wreath yet but we will be making one on the channel really soon. But. It does add a nice little bit of glitter in the background, until. We have a summer, wreath in progress and then this will be another project we'll be showing you, currently, it's full of different cards, lots of hedgehogs mental. Bob Ross Funko. Is in here some, lights I made for, creative, Asians from other projects, we're, gonna paint it and make it into a rainbow and some really fun colors and James. Is at the top here as well and of. Course from upstairs there's lots of fun things from upstairs down, here as well we did all the wood cladding it. Was a joint project I, did make Greg Mike to every corner but I did all the cutting so, I did help -. Why. She at the beginning yeah. Yeah. Greg we didn't break you sprained it. Yeah. That, was a really fun Memorial, Day weekend. But, we did it as a joint project so we had fun but yeah lots of projects coming up and everything we do whether, it's furniture, the wreath the deck or all that stuff we're going to do as projects. For the channel so you can watch them as projects. There's I mean really good fun to show you all of those things so, that. Was kind of the goodbye and that's the hello to the, new studio, okay. So I'm going to catch up on some comments, so -. So. Lots of you loving the new studio as well. Lots. Of hellos lots of you joining us as well. Simon, hoodies loving the lighting, yes, we have all brand new lights as well. Yeah. They are absolutely. Enormous there's. That one which. Is an aperture of P 120. There. We go I. Think. It's like five foot wide or something something like that yeah, so. Yes. So. Yes so we have lots of fun new things we've. Got lots of new collaborations, coming up over the summer to say muddies gonna be doing videos with me you'll be doing more of the children's, craft we've got more cricut crafts, coming up. Totally. Forgot about that as well that happened on Friday. But. Yes we have so, many different things coming on as well. I'm, really excited to, make. My craft room into a proper craft room as well and then be able to share it with you in a craft room tour and then, we'll, be able to do more of like the craft room organization. Videos. As well and share those with you because of course my craft room before was also a filming. Studio so, that also changes. The way in which I could use my craft room so, that we call and, we're keeping all the lights in this we still will be able to shoot videos in there which will be awesome too, so. That's going on as I say we'll be releasing the new box this weekend, which, I'm super excited and know you're all going to love it because it's. Going to contain. Exclusive. For exclusive colors of WoW embossing powder that I, custom. Mixed with Wow so we've kind of got our chemist hats on and our, lab coats and we custom mix for exclusive, colors that are going to be in there plus, I know so many of you loved, Sofia, Caldwell's, and stamps, when we were looking to do just a couple of designs to accompany that, box she. Has done some extra designs for us so if you missed out on the first Sofia Cordwell, box you'll, want to be watching this weekend, because there's gonna be another extras, Sofia Caldwell sets and pasta.

Is Exclusive, for wow embossing powders, super, excited about those. They're. Coming out as well. What. Else do we have going on I say collaborations. Maddie's, coming children's. Crafts cricut, crafts. More. Some home decors we've got a collaboration, coming up with Gina Kay. Last. We got. Yeah. Because I was so-so, and I do lots of DIY anyways spending we're doing some more videos incorporating. Those. Excuse. Me you'll. Be seeing more of the girls down here because we have the space to have them down here oh we're. Doing a deck flip I've been decorating our, deck so, we've been videoing that process, so you're going to be seeing me it's, not very big it's probably. Like. I don't know probably. Like half the space of what you can see here so, it's tiny but we've, sprayed it I've repainted, the furniture, I'm, recovering. The cushions, I have made everything, myself so, we're also gonna take you on that journey as well a really, fun journey I've turned into an LA themed deck it has that bright pink and bright green and palm leaves, super-fun, so. That's coming up as well and, yes. I have been very busy and I'm going to be very busy and this, is the new studio, Carmen and so. So many different things as well. Lots. To be excited about the Sophia Caldwell, and the wild collaboration. Something. I had also missed about Wow I didn't put my previous, Wow video I didn't, know this which I and it was super cool so the Wow powders, when they come to you they are anti-static. Themselves. So. You do not um. She. Shouldn't use anything, like the plastic trays that I was using. So. I'll be showing you that in a future video and also, I don't know if any of you knew but their pots are, anti. Statically, charged, so, their pots themselves, that's why the well powders, don't stick to the plastic pots I didn't know that but Wow told me that when we were chatting about, powders. And all those kinds of things so I thought that was really cool to, thank. You for all the well wishes for, Maddy as well yes she's doing much better she had her adenoids, out last week she. Had a bit of a bumpy road she was a lot of pain over the weekend we seem to be doing a bit better this week. And. Then she's got grandma and granddad coming next week she's super excited to see them and. Spend some time with him and they take her away for a few days and they, have a no rule rule, so. It means she can pretty much do it once for that week when they take her away the, roar does not expect extent, grand granddad's, wallet but apart from that, the. Rule is pretty much an overall rule so, she's gonna have a really fun week next week. What. Else we have going on I have a whole ton, of videos. Ready for you over there some really fun products, over there. Pre. Releases, new releases, things to go in here to show you. New. Collaborations. You haven't seen us do before. New. Launches, there's an Instagram takeover, that's going to happen I can't, tell you who with yet but it we're really excited, we're really excited. That'll. Be happening in July. Today. We. Finished it at 6 o'clock it's now 9 o'clock so, it's been done for three hours. We. Were making a video in it tomorrow so the first videos will be shot tomorrow so, you'll kind of see the studio's jump back and forward just depending on the timeline of when the videos go live but. We wanted our first actual video, to be alive so that we could share, it with you and show, it to you and all. Those kinds of things so it's. Really fun are, we gonna have the two camera angles we may even go to three camera, angles, down here we're kind of playing around with different options, though. Cause me I just have so much more space so.

We Can do really fun things down here we can paint furniture we, can do big paint pause we. Can do, things. With Maddie we can have three of us or four of us down here we, can have guests down here we can do longer videos we can do all sorts of fun things down, here so we're, super excited, and you, will still see lots of craft supplies don't worry about that. Lots. Of paper crafting, videos, lots. Of ways you can also entertain, the children over the summer because you've heard anything like me when you've got them home for three months you want some crafty, ideas and things that are not necessarily, huge mess makers either or ways that they could entertain themselves in their own ways. You can craft together, all. Those kinds of fun things too. And. We've also got some more teaser videos coming up and, I'm going to be showing you a, really fun thing with our teaser to decorate inside, this mantelpiece, down there, because. At the minute it's just painted, and but. We'll be decorating, inside, that mantle so and some, fun projects with that as well. I'm. Kind of. Suffering. Slightly. No. I think I'm good. Yury Thurs I say we've got coming so. If you have any suggestions, for tutorials you'd, like to see maybe you want to see we've. Got paint pouring coming but maybe you have an idea or something you'd like to see you can own us know. If. There, is anything someone. Said you need a vacation Greg. We're. Good. So. We've got all those kinds of things um. So. It says. Do. You need my address you know and that's wetter that's funny too. Just. Wondering whether you'll be at stamp away in August. Possibly. I. Have. Some surgery in July so it just depends whether I am recovered, enough to go to stamp away or not possibly. Not. We'll. See so. We'll see how that goes but, yes. We. Will be in New York in September. You. Know we're definitely going there, we. Don't know about anything else so. Can. We come to Phoenix. We always go to Phoenix, in January for creative ation well though this is the last year, 2020. Will be the last year that's in Phoenix. So. That's there too. Can. I show a way to do lots of Disney, shapes easily, and, on. A simple, way do. You mean like Mickey Mouse's and, that kind of thing possibly. And and. What sort of you want me to cut them on paper do you want me to cut them on chipboard. Questions. So, if you let me know what you're looking for then we will trust. You those things do I ever come to Atlanta I've, a very.

I'm. Very good friends in Atlanta who keeps saying to I should come there so quite possibly I will come there as well. There. To. Tonic. Inspiration, so tonic, the new tonic kit will be launched, Wednesday, and our Wednesday live 8 p.m. Eastern, here on YouTube, and on the tonic USA Facebook, page. Toronto. I've never actually I've done I've, been to Toronto Airport but that's as far as I've ever got in Toronto, I. Never. Got any further than that as well, someone. Says can they come and live under your craft yes I'll bring my own craft stash. We. Didn't think about doing craft retreats, made me that so as well and someone. Says am i losing weight I look a lot thinner thank, you I am trying to. Know. What stone are here. 20. Pounds since January, but yes. When, am i coming to California so I was in California in Palm Springs in. April. And I, will be coming back so, watch, me if you ever want to know where I am watch my Facebook and my Instagram because, that will tell you where I am so if you follow at the Hedgehog con on Instagram, or Facebook calm, such the Hedgehog holo that's. Kind of where I post on a daily basis as to where I am where sales are, like. If I see a flash sale if I products, read you and follow, our stories follow our instagram feed follow our facebook all, those kinds of things. Yes, you can. So it is in the video description below me but if you go to. Boxes. Are shipping now so if you order one it'll, ship probably within about 48. Hours ish, they. Are now being packed by someone in California ironically. As. You just been having that conversation. Because. We used to pack them right here where I am sitting right now and. So when we were building the studio down here we had to another solution but it also meant I'm good over, because. We, were having to cap them and things like that as demented people we could melting this also used to be a stuff dumping, ground and that's where all of the mystery boxes came formulas, all clearing out this space. Right. I'm trying to get, I got as far as the boxes come in hang on. What. Was my ward behind me for it was for the boxes, so, the award was for the best online retailer in the craft industry and we want it for our subscription, boxes. Someone. Said to check out the. Subscription. The perk system yes I haven't even talked about the pouch so we do have a perks program and, you, can hit the join button below or I can post a link in the. Super, chat that we're using which, is where we're all chatting now. She. Says if she can find the link. So. I'm gonna find it when I'm talking to you so the perks program gives, you additional savings. So. You attempt to send off all the time at tonic studios it. Gives you. Money. Off it Elizabeth craft it. Gives you money off at. Ranger. It gives you money off at Ellen Hudson the whole month long it doesn't expire like some of the other codes we have you. Are posted, it. It. Gives you all sorts of, different parks, and things like that and I'll update the video description afterwards. Too, but. Yes so it gives you tons of that it also gives you early access to our content, birthday, cards, chats could, you listen emojis, great, has uploaded extra, emojis so and. We, will post a list in the discussion, because there are now 20. Extra emojis, that you can post. Things. Like, high, five and, I want that and Greg's, gonna post something else so I will, let him. Great. Stamp. There you go it stamp works.

So. Someone. Says what I do any cricket work yes by well you can see my crickets right here so. You can see my crickets right there, um. So. That's as well. He's. Going through on here, lots. Of you loving the idea of the, retreat, so I guess we probably actually should look into doing that Greg that. Was Greg's idea. You. Can organize it Greg, I. Think. We just wanted, great to organize that and. Can, I show an older subscription, box I can if, I had one down here. Oh. Yeah. They were behind Greg I forgot. Grab. The, no, up right. Up again right there you go those behind, them I'm so these are really old ones, if. You go on the channel there's unboxing, of the June one and. Wait for my June one to Rive, because. I have to wait for it to come from California, now this, was, hoping. It's actually everything this is June, last, year I do, have one. Two three four, five, of them including this one so. Every month they come with a postcard they now actually look like a postcard and whoever the illustrator, is now designs a proper postcard, for you. But. This one was the first ever stamp, set I design, stamps, and dies so. You got a pocket. And it, had three dies in this one and it also had a dad die in here. You. Had a stamp. Set which is like best guy ever have, a part, set today mr.. Magnificent, all those kinds of things this. One had a, background, stamping, like that diamond-cut you know like tool boxes and that kind of things comes in. You. Also get, this, one had a big stamp set so this much the pocket. Oh. Welcome, Katina. Welcome. Welcome you will love it someone. Also said when. I do more with the scan and cut yes so well as well, where. Are this month's perks coupons, they should be in the community, area if you have any problems let me know. So. Yeah this one had a back in it as well you, want so get card stock every, single months you get colored, card stock, and. Then you get card bases. You, also get candy, the new ones also include envelopes, as well the newer boxes. So. You get six envelope six card bases, your card stock. Candy, I'm trying to think what else is in the new one this. Month's one isn't under the sea theme it also included, a Nouveau pan it. Had over eighty dollars worth of product in the, June. 2019. Box this was the June. 2018. Box and the box looks slightly different in a minute because I'm trying to get these boxes reprinted. I'm trying to find a new printer, the. Original. Printer has gone out of business so I found a new printer and the new printer didn't do a very good job so I'm finding a new, printer but, they still come in a pretty box again, so, they are coming as well, so. Oh. Someone's, asking about Ohio, yes, we live in Ohio we, do live in America just buy a very convincing no no hi an accent. Someone. Is asking about getting stamps from the mailbox they, are not available anywhere, but I was saying that, the, what. We're in June so the July buck is going to have stamps from the same illustrator, so if you missed the May May. Box and the, July box is going to have stamps, from the same illustrator, so if you love that style watch, out for the July box because it will have those exclusive Wow embossing powders, and it. Will also have those fun stamps in it so. What's up for that you'll be launching this weekend I'm not entirely sure we'll go live because Greg's parents are visiting from England but. At some point we'll be launching it over the weekend it may slip, into Monday just depending, on the, times that we have with them joining, us, okay. So. Can. We still order June now yes you can available, the Hedgehog holo calm slash shop you can order it now they're shipping now. So. Yes, that's. Available now so. Can't. Get into the community area they're not on the Facebook page for the perks members, if. You send me a message Beth I can send them to you if you send me don't. Hedgehog hallo a Facebook message I'll send to you a messenger and. I'll have a look why they're not showing on the Facebook page Maddie. Had surgery last week so today is the first day I've been back in so I haven't had a chance to see if they've been any issues and things so I will, get caught up again I'm just a little bit behind because I've been ill and Maddie's had her surgery so, I'm. Sorry if they're not there.

All. Those kinds of things as well so. That's. Pretty much it so hello. To the new studio, goodbye. To the old one but hello to a new craft room for me and super. Excited, about all of those things. When, will Greg and I be crafty together again I don't know whenever we have five. Minutes to sit down and crafts together. We. Did we, bought a really, cool Tim Holtz, and like vignette take me when you built my new table Greg. If. I got really cool new table that he designed for me this has got to build it anyway, thank. You so much everyone for joining us, I hope you had fun this, evening I hope you're looking forward to seeing the new studio I hope you're excited for some of the new things we're doing I also want you to quickly mention we. Always add links into the description of our videos I will, do a video just about links, in the description, and things but it, is really important to creators, that you use those links. We. Do put affiliate links in which means that we get a really small Commission any time you use the, links in the description even if you don't purchase that particular product is anything that's in your cart once, you've used that link they usually value for a couple of days after you click that link so, if you're going to shop say let's scrapbook calm or, thermo. Web find, course they're in the community tab if you're not already a perhaps ember go check out all the details and we, were I don't forget to join me Wednesday 8 p.m. Eastern for the tonic life I'll be unboxing the new tonic. Craft, kit super, excited for that one because it has the new Miriam by Mary, and bright, trends. In it as well and I, will see you then happy, crafting everyone, in the mean time was to you again soon bye.

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