SH*T! A TSUNAMI IS COMING IN OUR DIRECTION and we have 15 min to get ready. Unforgettable Sailing

SH*T! A TSUNAMI IS COMING IN OUR DIRECTION and we have 15 min to get ready.  Unforgettable Sailing

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and she said there's a... i'm so nervous sorry she  said there's a Tsunami here in   in where we are it's gonna hit us in 15 minutes  we should talk to your neighbors to see what   they're going to do turn on the radio on the 16th  being pregnant carries an extra weight to this   we are georgia and diego and  this is our home unforgettable   for the past five years we've been  sailing the planet our challenge now   is to continue the adventure as our family  grows subscribe and join our life at sea   this used to be your job yeah you  did thanks say i'm multitasking now   hello guys anchors up and we are moving  we are leaving one of our favorite anchors   to get to the next bay we haven't been there yet  but it seems to be a beautiful beautiful anchorage so this next anchorage we are going it's nice  because it's closer to the supermarket and   we are starting to run low of food so it's  going to be good to just do some groceries   and we have good friends that live they live on  land there and they offer the washing machine   so that's another reason we're going there  it'd be nice to wash some wash some clothes   and yeah just to change the landscape  also i i like it fun fact about cook's bay   uh cooks bay is named uh as a tribute to the  captain james cook but he ever he never actually   dropped anchor on that bay he dropped anchor  on the way we were on open oh whenever he come   yeah i think he come every now and then oh he  come quite a few times he came here a few times   he had to polynesia no but you said whenever he  comes i was making a joke of it so when he came   all the the the time he had been in moriah he  actually stayed here in okinohu bay but that's   cook's bay in tributes to the famous british  campaign since we got back to the boat we   are back on our into eating routine eating  healthy lots of good stuff not buying junkies   no no sweets very very few sweets so i'm feeling  pretty good and i think this is very important for   the baby too so we are taking good care of of  our eating these days and i feel good but when   things start to run low we just need to run to a  shop because i feel like i feel i don't have any   cravings i didn't have any cravings so far but i  really feel like eating fruit and healthy stuff   juicy stuff so yeah and the pineapples at  this time of the year here are just so good   i really wish i can find a bunch  of them on this new anchorage how beautiful are these mountains amazing we are  going to anchor inside that bay between those   mountains you can go all the way to the end of  the day i said we've been eating very healthy guys   but as our stocks are low diego is just eating  cream crackers great best lunch ever great lunch   no i'm sure it's not but as soon as we  arrive we're gonna cook something better how about here same thing how many 17. 70 meters it's very deep it's very deep everywhere here  just trying too far to find a little bit shallower   patch maybe 10 meters something like that we don't  really want to anchor in two deep waters like 70   meters because we need to give too much chain and  then the scope is much bigger so it's easier if   we find a patch like 10 meters deep or something  like that you can drop how deep how deep is here i dropped 40 do you want to 45  or do you think it's good 45 35. okay that's good good job babe thank you we ended  up dropping the chain on about 15 meters deep   because we couldn't find anywhere  shallower but i think it's fine   we just dropped a lot of chain so i wonder if  the winds change to east we won't be too close   to shore i don't think so how should we find there  is no forecast of strong winds on the coming days   we won't stay here long and also this is  the bottom here is mud so holds really   good the anchor so we should be fine but  uh i'm guessing that this place will be hot as promised risotto vegetable  risotto with some falafel   wow where's the food this looks way better  than cream crackers i bet it tastes better too what do you think bon appetit i'm super hungry thank you good morning cook's bay it's so beautiful  this anchorage is so nice to wake up   in this place so pretty it reminds me a bit of  uh brazil yeah maybe a little bit in uh la grange   and that feels good the marquis is a little  bit chewed for the marquesas yeah as we said   earlier we are running out of food so we're  just gonna grab breakfast on land try to find   bread and maybe some coconut water provision a  little bit so that's the first task of the day i don't know what i can't care if you  like me now never been on the honor one way there is even cold showers are not working anymore i  feel so tired with this heat there's no breeze   in the last days so i just don't feel like  doing much thanks for taking up lunch baby   yeah i'll just lay down put my legs  up and yeah put the fan over your face   probably try to get some energies back to do  some editing too hot i'm not the only one no   today it's unbearable it's really hot the heat  is unbearable there's no wind inside the boat i'm   trying to add it but it's just so warm that i give  up we're gonna try to do something we'll install   an old fan we have it's working good but it's  quite noisy we changed the our room fan and since   this one is sitting here we will try to install  in the saloon and i think this is going to help oh by your look i think we really need that it better work because now i have set so  much so i really need something to cool off   all right yeah we're not finished yet we need  two more connectors and then we'll be done   george is trying to perform a beyonce style like  with flying hair for the cameras but it's not   strong enough babe sorry we need a bigger fan  so you can you can play the the queen bee crazy   okay it's better than nothing just the weirdest thing today we saw a lot  of sirens really loud and we thought this   is weird it's not just like ambulance and  stuff like that now some helicopters flying   and i just talked to a friend on the phone and  she said there's a i'm so nervous sorry she said   there's a tisonam at suna morning here in taimore  where we are and uh she was on land she lives on   board but she was on land and the police thought  they can't even go back to their boats they should   start going up the mountains and she said there's  lots and lots of people going up the mountains   and wow that that's crazy i think it as far  as we've seen it's not something really big   but we're really scared we need to find out what  to do now if we stay on the boat or if we leave   we are in a very protected bay luckily so i think  we are quite fine here but anyway it's a lot of   fuss sirens and yeah we just i even look at the  forecast yet i'll have a look now see what's going   on and try to talk to the authorities turn on the  radio maybe the vjf of course wow crazy man we've   never gone through this we thought we were done  with cyclone season this year but now this happens   oh i'm nervous guys i shouldn't be this  nervous but yeah now i just god i need to   find what you do sorry now i look at the  website it's gonna hit us in 15 minutes   oh [ __ ] but at least it's not too big i  think well between one and one point five   meters so it comes 1.5 meters it's gonna  be bumpy and it's right on the day we are   the next one and this one we are yeah well i never  been in a tsunami before and i just want to be   ready so let's make sure that there's nothing  to follow and probably see some tidal variation   and i think i'll put a longer snowbird and  drop some more chain yeah sure let's do it do you think we should talk to our neighbors to  see what you're going to do uh turn on the radio   on the 16th see if there's any others yeah  and uh well let's see let's see what other   boaters are doing it can be very smooth but  it can be bad and then we'll be shaking for hours okay being pregnant carries an extra weight  to this shall we we tied a longer rope to the   dinghy yeah that was a very good idea yeah it's  better to have it on the water in case we need it   but just a long line and uh again if i lift  it i would lift on the deck and uh you don't   have the time to do that so just leave  a very long line it's ready for anything   let's wait outside sound better yeah at  least you can see it when it's coming   it looks so calm outside the past outside the  bay we cannot see much from here right now we're just waiting for it yeah there's another  box on the bay nobody moved i think everybody's   pretty much aware now so we're just gonna stay  here and hope for the best hopefully it'll be   nothing at all and you look silly wearing  life jackets but better better like that can you see anything from there oh normal  nothing unusual the tsunami was supposed   to arrive at 106 here in the bay where we  are in moriah it's past half an hour more   than half an hour maybe 40 minutes nothing yet  everything good i hope to you stay like that but that's nature you cannot have the exactly  time something's gonna happen exactly scheduling   i'm relieved apparently the tsunami has is gone  i don't know what happened but the alert is off   they know they set up would be still five feet and  five feet you know can be bad can be really bad   like many houses here are very close to the water  the bungalows the hotels so if uh it had really   came it would be bad but now the alert is off i  can see some cars going back back to the street   and we can relax but it was a good drill good  drew for us we kept calm we we made a plan   and yeah now carry on with our day and  well done babe you kept cool i like that   can we keep with our tasks for today i  don't know if i'll be able to concentrate   our task will be eat and probably  watch the movie we had enough for today   yeah uh i'm calling after the calling of  the day tsunami alert it's enough all right go yeah we dodged this one absolutely  nothing happened or we felt nothing   luckily yes but uh yeah now that the scare is  gone we were discussing like uh if we had more   time what would have we would have done in this  situation what would be the safest and because we   just found out like 15 minutes before the the time  to hit so we didn't actually have time to do much   but i think the best option would be to go outside  of the bay yeah to sail out of the past of course   not during the tsunami but if we had time just  go out and then uh face it on the open ocean yeah   because it's uh like to face a five feet wave on  the ocean's normal that's like a normal wave but   the problem is a wave like that comes inside  the bay that doesn't have so happen so often   then can provoke some uh because uh in the middle  of the ocean it would it wouldn't break it doesn't   break yeah it's deep so it's just like the the  swell but then if it comes to shore it can break   and uh then this would be a mess probably i never  been to a tsunami before and i hope i i'm never in   a tsunami alert again but we had very little time  to prepare as georgia said so just like we went   full on on preparations the life vests the two  is numbers extra chain engine on i don't know i i   just everything i could think that could give  us some advantage if a wave a breaking wave come   i put in a in operation because if you think like  a five feet wave it's not that big but maybe but   if you are in a if it breaks or if it comes  in uh some direction or it can hit because we   were not far from uh from land so it could beat  and then uh come back like other boats around   so it's a complicated scenario if this wave  really came in it was straight uh straight   in the direction in the right direction to the  bay we were so that's why the helicopter came they   were looking at the boats and if we weren't sure  they wouldn't allow us to come back to the boat   so it was a serious alert people running to  the mountains that was crazy and of course   it scared us a bit maybe more than  it should maybe people here are more   you know use it to eat and it's standard  thing but for us was yes everything's new   especially with a pregnant woman on board yeah  i think like if we had time to prepare probably   go uh go offshore and i would stay on land and  just go up the mountains like everybody else did   but just because i'm pregnant otherwise i would  go with thiego because i would be so worried to   don't know what's going on what's happening here  on fire and it was a it was a thursday morning   and uh this is the day that we release the videos  and then after that we just go offline it's like   okay job is done and we go offline for just like  uh half a day just to do other stuff and relax and   yeah actually we were a little bit because we  heard some sirens like an hour before yeah but   we thought it was a view or something we didn't  really check on the internet but nobody everything   seems seemed normal like uh cars and stuff on  the town and then we thought okay maybe that's   a drill for something or i don't know what's  going on but it didn't worry much and then   15 minutes the helicopter bring it alert  yeah when we saw the helicopter like okay   i think something is wrong and right after we saw  the helicopter i talked to a friend she said yes   it's a tsunami coming so we were a bit cut short  we just look at silly on life jackets on our   coffee just waiting for it but better  safer better safe than sorry so yeah   but everything good yeah thank you so much for  watching this video guys i hope you enjoyed to   see a preparation for a tsunami that didn't happen  it's not so spectacular as it were happened but   i'm glad and the whole polynesian community is  glad that nothing happened yeah not here not   even the other islands i know there was some other  islands also with the alerts but no major damage   and that's fantastic yes so that's it i think  that's it for today too much too much emotions and   we see you guys next thursday bye bye bye bye oops  just came back to remind you to subscribe to our   channel if you're new new here give your thumbs up  share this video with someone that's gonna like it   and yeah now that's it become a patron and  buy the t-shirts anything else no that's it you

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