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Hi, guys for pastors, Tim and Barbara Rigden of the well at new covenant we're, so excited that you decided to, tune in with us and we sure hope that you will be blessed by we. Want you to realize that God has something for you to receive today yes and we believe that dollar heart or we wouldn't be streaming so we're believing God for you we're praying for you needs to be touched whether it be a song or through the word and as, we say around here watch, as you are you, want me to sing. God. Just started dealing me about this word and, I, see it in the natural you know first Corinthians 15 46, says I must first me that which is natural then that which is spiritual, that, manifest, and we've been seeing earthquakes. Around about and lots. Of things but. I believe, right now that there's a shaking, going on. There's. A shaking, going but, people don't understand, the fullness of the shaking I believe. That the Lord revealed, to me where it's coming from you know like I'm not talking about earthquakes, just in themselves but I believe the foundations. Of this, world I believe, some of the things, that we've leaned upon for. A long time or being shaken right now because, it's being sifted as though the wheat so, that we can see the truth come out and only, the unshakable. Things will remain the Word of God says and that's. How we inherit, a unshakable. Kingdom, of God amen. But if you would Hebrews. Chapter 12, verse 25, this is New Living Translation. Note. That let that scare you but anyway he. Says be, careful, they. Might say careful. That. You do not refuse, to listen to the one is speaking now when, it's saying that it ain't talking about pastor Tim right here that's. A capital o, and, one is talking about the Lord said. For the people, of Israel did not escape when they refused to listen to Moses, the earthly. Messenger, we, will certainly not escape, if we reject the, one who. Speaks to us from heaven he meant, alright, now, look here when, God spoke, to Mount Sinai his. Voice, shook. The, earth you. Hear me his, voice, shift, the earth but. Now he he makes another promise, once. Again, anybody said once again once. Again I will shake not only the earth but the, heavens, also Lord, of God hallelujah. And. This, means that all of creation everything, it's been created, every, person. Place, of thing everything, has been created, will, be, shaken. And removed. So that only if I say only. Only. The unshakable. Will remain. Hallelujah. And gosh, our Dylan movie about things, being shaken but it's the unshakable. Things of God that's, what we've got to learn to lean upon see, in this hour, we're raining and people are turning, their minds and they're getting all upset they're watching the news here and watching news here and focusing, on this government or this, government. Program or putting, their trust in this and putting their trust in that I'm here to tell you it's the unshakable. Things that's going to see us through it his last day there's, a shake it where's the shaking come from, hallelujah, look at it right there he said it right there before it wouldn't, know God, spoke, and his, voice. His. Voice shook. The, earth I, believe, there's a word from God is shaking, the earth right now that, is shaking, the religious, establishments. Come. On, and. He said the norm of, church, will no longer be okay, for I'm taking, you to a place hallelu. Says the Lord that, you would not be satisfied, with just normal, church services, but you won't want to experience, and see my, glory hallelujah, says, the Lord and I, believe the voice of the Lord is speaking clearer, than ever before, holy.

And He's shouting out to people, and he said hallelujah. I'm gonna shake some things. Now. When we say that we don't like it but I'm here to tea there's, some shaking going on to people's lives. There's. Some shaking we look at it as bad sometimes, left but I believe the Lord send us some shaking right here you know I felt like what's it old soul, shaking. Going on, thank, you very much but it, there's. A shaking, taking place I don't know how can shout this out to the root of God's, voice, is, shaking the earth is shaking, creation, didn't, shake him anything, he's shaking financial, institution, it's shaking, the government, it's shaking all these things why because, what's been going on ain't okay with God. God's. Voice, is, speaking out his last days and he's shaking, why so, that only. Only. Only only. Unshakable. Things will remain. Unshakeable. Things the things you can put your trust in unshakable. Things his way you know Jesus before he died it, was buried and rose from a grave he said a poem, he, said in three days I'm, gonna tear down this temple, and then I'm going to rebuild it he's gonna rebuild it Jesus Christ being the chief Cornerstone I believe that we're lively stones Ephesians, chapter, 2 talks about that we're lively stones fitly. Framed together, fitly. Framed highly. You ever watch The Rock Smith. Somebody. Later, up it's. An arch it's. Incredible, up in the mountains run from there's a lot of rocks and a lot of rock lingo and on a lot of chimneys. And foundations, are built out of rock they've even got a style of rock laying, up there there's nowhere else in the United States it's, called it's called Smoky, Mountain dry stack it's, a style of stacking, rocks and they put the mortar in behind it where you can't see what's holding it together. See. Sometimes you got to realize God. Put some things together and. You. Don't necessarily see what's putting it together and what's holding it together but. God's hand. Is in behind things you say why is this thing to go how am I even sticking around how is this all happening, and I believe that will begin to lean upon the unchanging, arm of God the unshakable. Things of the Lord the unshakable, Word of God that, those things that want it may look like a dry stack to you but glory to God there's something inside there this cementing, it together that's, solidifying. Things and I believe that that's why it's, an unremovable, moveable, thing because. See I started thinking about this I said what, can remove me from, something.

What. Can remove me from church. Hello. Because. If my faith that's, where it needs to be its. Unshakable. It. Will remain so. What can remove me from God and I found that there are things that we, can all talk big like, Peter did when Jesus. Said you're going to deny me before the, crows and he said I won't deny him get squawk the crowed he denied him three times. Because we, all want to believe that we're in shakable we all want to believe there's nothing this world that can come down our path that we can have to face our life that we'll get to draw away from the church to get to draw away from God and draw away from the presence, of God but. I'm here to tell you there are things that the enemy is planted, in your lives to try to shake your lives right now and the whole purpose and plan the whole thing is is to try to remove you or bring you to draw back from, the presence of God Amen. I'm. Here to tell you this shaking, God's allowing, the shaking to come with his voice speaking, out because he's not trying to get you to draw back he's trying to get you to shake off that stuff, that so easily beseech, you that's been hanging on you and so you can step over into this presence, of where he's wanting to take you because. See way, we've been doing things, it can't always bring. Us to the place that God wants us we, can get an amine I know people say well we've been growing around here and churches being moved we've been having good services, yes we have thank God for it but we can't get satisfy that we got to realize that God says I am holy be holy and, he's trying to make us holy sometimes, he shakes some things I know he's come to me and said to him and I said why'd he go see you then just shoot me yeah. I'm. Like what was that for word he goes you got stuff hanging on you, things. The world you. Get your mind gets clouded up you, know, you. Ever seen somebody got, hit from the head real hard I mean, you just got smacked. When. I play football man. I'll tell you what I'd run. In there I I, was a little. Bitty guy but. Even it's a little bit of guy I want an award for the entire conference's it's called mister of guts award, that's. Because they put smelling, salts down in the front of my uniform, because, I would hit somebody so hard it knocked me out and, it didn't take me out of the game so the other players needed that. There completed my mother and, when they do it when I got hit so hard in the head, some. Of you realize that that's, what's wrong okay but anyway. When. I got hit so hard in the head you, know what I do when I kind of come to myself. You. Know what I'm talking about you ever got banged own head you. Had, to shake things back into order it there. You. Know what I'm saying, I believe.

That Who some of y'all been going through some things your life and the, devil is just popped. You upside the head maybe more than once he's, through this at you he's through that at you he's through finances, he's through health he's through relationship. Problems it's to all, these different things oh I. Mean the, gamut we keep making a list long enough but he's been pounding, on your head and, I believe the voice of God sounding, so strong it we're going wait, shake it. There's. Something, about to happen here I, got. To get a focus. Again I see. Jesus yeah it looks bad all around me now I've seen it's what the devil's been doing and what the enemy's been doing but now. I see Jesus cuz. The voice of God sounding, out louder, than the voice of the world and there's a lot of voices in your head and there's a lot of voices going around but it's the voice of the Lord it's shaking, things because he's bringing, things into order. Hallelujah. Wow so, only the unshakable. Things will remain faith. In God trusting. His word loving. God, loving man. Loving, those run about that's, the, unshakable. Things how it look, here since, we're receiving, a kingdom. That, is. Unshakable. That's. What, we're doing and we're, trying to build the, kingdom of God he said let thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven listen I say we're to build the kingdom of God we're not to build the kingdom of New Covenant the kingdom of the whale we're not to build the kingdom of this ministry of that ministry we're to build the kingdom of God, so therefore, not. No kingdom of any denomination, it's the kingdom of God because why because, that kingdom, is. Unshakable. So, since we're receiving a kingdom that's unshakable, let, us be thankful and, please, God look you please, God by. Doing what. Worshiping. Him with. Holy fear. And all. And. All. See. And I think of all I get a couple of different things jumping. My brain you, know it kind of jumps in there ah. You, know I was like well, my wife sees, our, grandbaby. It's. So much love and adoration comes, out of a oh, you. Know what I'm saying, you. Know how to say I love you laying, or I have to go into all this she can just go, should. Have, a picture oh. Yeah. So. There when. We're worshipping God with holy fear and I. Just love you God. But. Then there's another type, of awe that, when you stand in front of a holy God that you just thought. You. Understand. There's. An old song years ago I wish I targeted. A stand. Not. Stand, in. All, of, you. Lord, I stand I. Stand, in. All, of, you. Now. What's. The next part I forgot it. Holy. Yeah holy God to, whom all praise, is due. A. Standing. No of. You. But. We need to realize it, pleases. God. To. Worship him with. Holy, fear, the, word fear that are speaking of a holy reverence it's, not like it we're like Oh God, holy. Fear, is a holy reverence to God that. Guess, what when, the Spirit of God got, to move in a while ago you, know. Holy. Fear, holy, reverence comes. You, can't go running around and you know you don't talk to, somebody. Else, during. Holy fear you, know I'm saying either. That or you don't know what worse it's really about when. I see people they're, going and. The Spirit of God is just strong, in here I'm thinking you, ain't got a clue what's going right now Oh. Pastor. Thanks it yes he does sometimes I, look yes. Or somebody the Spirit of God will be so strong and it's all I can do is stand at first piano and I'll see somebody there foaming out. Hallelujah. You know what I do I'll.

Make Sure I don't look your way because. I don't want to see it I want to see him. And. I want to see people worship, Him the holy fear at all but you know what tonight I didn't see that. I. Seen. I know. They had a lot of people in here I know to send, you more than just packed up we've had to set an extra chair but, just something about Saturday, night for well, that. We can get into his presence, because, see if we. Only worship, Him when the house is full what. Are we worshiping, we're. Moving, off of emotions, rather than off of the spirit hello. Now, I love full house much their bike but, I'm telling it's going, beyond the emotions it's going into our worship but it's true unadulterated. And, I think some of y'all doing some warfare tonight, too you. Didn't really and I mean you were releasing something, and God. Is honoring, that why, it's, unshakeable. True. Unadulterated, worship. Is, unshakable. Just, like your faith in God you're, trusting, God the, Word of God, worship. Should. Be unshakable. Now. I said it should be unshakable how, does worship not becomes, you because. If there's something, that can happen in your life that causes you not to worship God. Then. Your worships, not truly. Unshakable. Yet and, you. Say well there's nothing out there gonna, make me not worship God brother, yeah. There is it's called sin. And. When. You get into sin you. Get guilt, and you, get shame on you and you come in and you ain't jumping, as high as you was jumping, you. Ain't lifting your hands up as high as you were lifting, in fact you kind of just looking around everywhere if anybody knows what I've been doing. Let's. Be honest and. It. Causes your, worship. To, become shakable. Now. It's, because the enemy's playing with you when guilt and shame. Enough. Forgiveness all these things that's why we need to please, God by worshiping, with holy fear and, awe for. Our God is a devouring. Fire, a, devouring. Fire see, we cried out and we, have prayer lines and ties and we say fire Lord let the fire of God come and we're saying Lord send down your Fire Lord and everybody's like woo.

God's. Fire, would do one of two things to, you y'all. Listen to me I learned. This the hard way, God. Had to reveal, it to me God's, fire way to purify you or. It'll destroy you, because. It's a devouring, power it'll, either burn up self, that's inside of you or we to purify, self they, meant, now. I've, told this story many a time but there. Was a silversmith, and he's these, ladies, from, a Sunday School class they're, all saints of God they, wanted to go and get a better visual about. The, silversmith. And about, the, fire of God and so they went to see this man and, he's, there and he had the peace he was working on the silver and he had the flame coming up there and he would stick it in the flame he. Would stick it in that fire. And. It would and they, knew that it was in there to pure fight to. Get any of the dross or any of the things that weren't supposed. To be in there they, were getting that out of there so, when it was stuck in the fire they'd, begin to bring purified, purification. See that's like we're gold and different things when he's sticking the fire and it's purified it, ups, the value because there's no impurities, there so, it's value, is worth more when it's been through the fire somebody. Needs to get that it's, value is worth more when it's been through the fire but. These little ladies and sit there and they watched him he'd fit in there didn't he pull it out and he put it and. They said and they they knew if he left it in there just gonna burn it up, so. They said how. Long. Do. You keep it in the fire and, I, believe this is a word for us as a church how. Long does. God keep you in that fire I'm talking about that purifying, divine. Fire. And the. Silversmiths, says I keep it in there until I can see my reflection. God. Is. Going to allow you to go through because, his voice is shaking, some things some, fires and trials, in your life why because, he's letting you stay in the fire long enough that he wasn't gonna pull you out - he can see his reflection, that. You become like him this. Is the Bible I say that it does not yet appear what we shall be but when Jesus returns we shall be like him that's not gonna come unless you go through some fire, Howley but, it's those that strong been brought through the fire that's, worse. You. See the worth has, been up to you, God has done something great in your last Amen. So, anyway. The voice of God is. Shaking, and only. Unshakable, things that's going to remain but. Look here what I start, feeling about the voice that says the voice of the Lord this is Psalms 29, 8 the, voice of the Lord makes, barren. Wilderness. Quake. Now. See, if. Y'all knew where I was going down to them been shouting okay. This. Is what the spear Lord showed me in the scripture. The. Voice of the Lord when God speaks. The. Barren, wilderness is, that you've been living in experiencing. And walking, around in they, begin to quake why, because. The unshakable. Is always going to remain he's going to shake off everything, it's not of him and the. Lord shakes. The, wilderness, of Kadesh, and Kundera, looking at men sacred.

The. Sacred, wilderness. What, would be a sacred wilderness. It's that wilderness that God is allowing you to go through why it's just like talking about bringing you through the fire there, are wildernesses, that God allows you to go through so that he can shape you mold you and make you into what he wants you to be why so his voice when it comes for you ain't going to be shaken, when this has been a when the when this is falling to your left 10,000 will fall to my right and 10,000, to my left Lord I understand, and now I hear your voice hallelujah. They, him they have the ears let him hear what the Spirit of Lord saying and I believe that God is trying to get us to a place if we run shake them off we're. Steadfast. We're. Not flaky, we're, not coming and going and, not. Sure if they're gonna be there not sure if we're going to bit there's a steadfastness. That God is bringing to the body of Christ not, just a new covenant I'm talking about through the body of Christ why, because. He's needs an, unshakable. Army, to rise up and stand, in their place there, needs to be the Watchmen, on the wall that ain't going to back down when it looks like they see something bad coming come on. We're. Going to be those that are going to Satan as isaiah said said, staying there says cry loud and spare not show, my people their transgressions. To speak out what the lord is saying in our hearts to say God, loves you but listen you, can't live in sin you keep being seen because Jesus, is about to return and. We. Got to get to that place and the voice of Lord it's making, barren wilderness what does it mean to be bearing me. There's no fruit coming forth there's. Nothing being birthed and I. Believe there's people that get into bearing wildernesses, in their lives will, it be spiritually, physically. Financially, all. These different ways they enter in these barren wilderness that it's just a dry spot in their life and it don't seem like they can produce anything. They try to do this and it don't work try to do that it don't work try to do this well I'll start going to church so that and it seems like it everything's, filling, around about you you're in a barren wilderness what, do you need the, voice of the Lord the. Voice of the Lord go, to God when the voice of the Lord speaks. Wilderness. Is the barren, wilderness of, shape and even, this. Sacred wilderness.

Is That God's allow me to go through things now, when I say sacred, wilderness is that. Just puts. Our. Spiritual. Minds on tilt that's. Like a holy cow getting tipped over right now you, know but. You've got to realize let me say we're all not sure about no sacred, will nurses, and God allowed me to go through it well, what do you think about when. Jesus was baptized, as soon as his baptized it says the sphere of the Lord. Led. Him. To. The wilderness he. Was led by. It's a capital ask go back look at Matthew chapter 4 verse 22. Okay the, Spirit, of God led. Him, said. Okay Jesus it's time to come back to here let. Him to the wilderness to, be why to, be tempted, good. Boy you know these temptations come, on me why is all this happening guys why is this why is that where's, the god of this where's the god of that you, better watch your mouth. Because. When you bound all you know the bound and you lose so you know the loose and you've agreed with everybody, coming and going and you say and you cast down this and cast out that and community, all, this and it's, still going on you better check and see if it's a sacred wilderness. Then. You better realize the, only thing gonna get me out of this is the voice of God. You. Don't believe it the, voice right there that. Word voice, means. Proclamation. The. Proclamation. Of the Lord makes. The barren wilderness quaint, the proclamation. Of the Lord makes, the sacred. Wilderness, shake the. Proclamation, of the Lord how did Jesus when he was in the wilderness how did he come back and he said turn, these stones into, bread you, know he. Said, what. Huh. What. Yeah. But he first he said said, dust that the Lord does. Since the Lord three. Different times every time he come he come back with thus saith the Lord the, sick he. Spoke out the word what he made a proclamation, of. The word. See. Some, of you need to learn to realize this when you're in a barren wilderness when you're in an even a sacred winter sense something God's allowing you go through you need to realize it's the word of the Lord it's going to get you out of that it's the proclamation. And guess what God needs you to begin to proclaim, make. A proclamation of, the word of the Lord over your own lives don't wait to pastor, Tim or pastor barber pastor whoever says, the proclamation, over your life you proclaim, the glory, to God when I'm going through I'll say I am to bless the Lord I'm you. Know we got to get past just naming it claiming and blabbing grab it we got to begin to believe it and we, begin to proclaim it and proclaim the Word of God we got to proclaim the Oh God over all knives i proclaim, the word of god over my children and over my grandchildren. Glory to god we're making, a proclamation over. Them why because it will bring them through the wilderness and the bareness is in their life it will bring them even through the sacredness, barren sacred Berenice a sacred, wilderness that the, Lord is allowing them to go through. See. I don't want nobody dying in the wilderness. And. I. Got to tell you you, need to voice, the Lord to shake your wilderness, shake. That wilderness experience, because some of you got too comfortable. In the wilderness, hello. You've. Assumed, this is just the way life is, by. Mere tape God ain't done. God's. Waiting on you he's. Waiting on you to, understand, I need to starting to make a proclamation. For. I being caught up in this thing for too long I've, been caught up in this cares, of the world and, what the enemy's tried to put up on my life for too long and this has been going on for too long my life it may have been a week, it may have been a month it may have been a year it may have been ten years it may have been since you was born but glory to God you got to make a proclamation begin. To say what does God say about me, what is the word of the Lord say about me what does the word of the Lord said about this situation because, I need the voice of God I don't need every Tom ever naysayer, coming to me says all you're, going through that oh I.

Had A cousin had that one time, you. Know what I'm talking about doom, and gloom we'll go find em and gloom how leave misery likes company ain't. Talking about nothing if you want to take to your problems, take them to the Lord and say God why do you say about my circumstance. In my life hallelujah, and that's what I'm going to proclaim hallelujah. You know we've went around for a long time we say you say how are you doing well I'm hi I'm blessed and highly favored to the Lord but we didn't believe it. It. Just became a little. Christian, ease that we spoke and, would blab it out, but. When we get to the place where realize, I am, blessed, of the Lord hallelujah. And highly, favored you know what it means to be blessed. Let. Me tell you. When. You read in Matthew in this the Beatitudes, it says blessed are you in the city blessed are you in the field and you start realizing on the black blessed salvation, when they say things. Falsely, against you. So. You want to be blessed. Hallelujah. Let. Me tell you what that word blessed is look it up in the amplified, version read, that and amplified it'll mess you up in a good way how look read, it you guys blessed, to, the point of being indeed. Blessed. To the point of being in me I don't tell you something folks I've, been making that Proclamation, for a long time guess what the manifestation. Of that's coming true because there's people's envious. Yeah. There. They. Want what we got. They. What we, got people come around trying to recreate. Our. Barbecue, recreate. Our, pork chop recreate a barbecue, nachos how low that's in our business in their personalized there's people out of time look at says well you and Barb got such an awesome marriage I just don't like it yeah I wish I hear that. People say stuff like that they're, not happy for you. Guess. What there's people there's. Pastors. There's church leadership that's envious of, what God is doing in this church. To. All your preachers out there we. Doing nothing, it's, him. All. We're doing is hanging out with Jesus and staying out of his way okay. Just. Stay out of his way, because. Do you really, want to move of God. Because. That means you're out of control and it's out of control sometimes because, you can't, keep. Your hand. It's. Like when the ark was coming they're trying to bring it back to the city because they like the blessing that was happening at a bit of dad's hat house and so I said bring it on down here put that on a new cart and bring it on and it got down through there and member it got a little off kilter and remember, he stuck his hand, up. Why. Cuz it didn't look like it was imbalance. They. Didn't look like it was in order, so, therefore the religious, says I got to put my hand on it and straighten some things. God. Killed, him right there. Let. Me let you in a secret when the spirit of God's movement and the, power of God's flowing, you, just stay out of the way and if God wants you to tip over here guess what it's. Like a weeble. You. May want. Falling down glory to God because the Spirit of God is keep it it's in a flow that, you know not of God, has a rhythm to that cart glory to God there's a rhythm to his spirit, there's a rhythm to his anointing, and how, it like, I don't know who was here last Saturday night but. We just start praying the glory of God now why. In the world would. All, these people lined up across here and even some of them falling over top of them sister Jessica glory, to God. Because. Somebody, said glory, glory. Fall. I'm. Saying it right now and nothing's happening. Let. The glory fall let the glory fall let the glory fall, because. You, can't recreate. The. Move of the Spirit I. Love. That stuff man. I was so wasted in the Holy Ghost man zOC dude standing I would just I would I look at people wouldn't even see who they were something it was just the murk but I knew the Spirit of God was strong in this place and that's what he told us to do at that point because, it comes back as Luke spoke out for the word at Barr's forget obedience, some of the simple, things.

One. Word. From. The voice of God, can. Change your life forever. There's. People right now you're. Never going to be the same, I'm, here to taste it young lady you're, never gonna be the same from last night, and it alone what God is about to do this there that there, was a touch of God went upon your life just the voice of the Lord saying glory upon. You and the glory of God come upon you hallelujah that God started lifting burdens, that have been carrying around for a long time and I hear the Lord saying I'm gonna replace what was burdens, for peace you're changing over your ashes for beauty hallelujah. And if there's an exchange process. In the heavens going place right now and God said I'm changing, some things for you've looked around and all you see is your circumstance, and what you don't have but God said I'm about to show you what you do have and he said I've just shook. Some things so, the unshakable, things would fall to the wayside and you're going to see what's been left there and what's been left there's what counts and what matters the most, I don't, it's, just shaken now. Did I say it's fun. That. Never came out of my mouth okay. You, ever had somebody just shaky. You. Know I know, people get. Hysterical. Sometimes, they. Get overboard. You know hyperventilating. And stuff you know because they get a situation rough then. You just guys. Take. Out of it. There's. A shaking, takes place and. I, believe sometimes, God just has to get a hold of say hey. He's. Still God he's. Still on the throne yeah, this is happening over here and yeah this I'm not making light of circumstances. Or problems, but. Sometimes, he just got to get a hold of us and shake us and say hey hey hey hey hey. Thank. You. You, know how people finish the census she finishes my message I got this the Lord said. Hallelujah. See. It's a thing but, you say oh I don't know about that you know and the voice of God and stuff like that but you got to realize you know in John 10 he says this my sheep hear my voice and. I. Know them and they follow me. He. Goes on say and they will not listen to a stranger a strange voice, there. There's so much I'll talk to you young man this week on the phone Barbara and I did sitting in the park trying to set up and, Hancock, groceries, and this, young man was on phone we've told us and he said I've had all these voices in my head and stuff I can't and I stopped him I said but you know the, voice of God. Forget. The voices, you. Know the, voice of God, your. Word, of God says, enough, speaking make a proclamation over. Your life and I'd do it over everyone and the sound of my voice tonight, and those are watching, you know the sound of his voice and, you will not listen to a stranger for my sheep hear, my voice says, the Lord and I know them, and they follow me. They're. Not being led off to the slaughter. We're, not heard the story that the, train had to come to screeching halt all, these sheep was across the road. This. Young man was sitting by an old man he's up at the window looking out. And. He sees this guy, and. He had a big stick and he was just driving, them sheep across the railroad, track well. It looked like you know is it shepherds Rob had. A little curl in it like we see in the Christmas. Time in the place and, he sitting there he's yeah yeah y'all get and he's driving, him across, and.

The, Young man turned around into the older man he said you, know I, thought, Shepherds, led their. Flocks. And. The old man turned Terence has sent us no Shepherd that's the butcher. When. We realized if we're being driven into something. That. Ain't God that ain't the Holy Spirit, that's not the Shepherd, when. We're being led into something. That's. A whole nother story. And you'll. Only be led when, you begin to harken, your, ear to hear the voice of God but as you begin to hear that, voice and begin to shake some things your life. Because. He. Well. When, his voice comes, and, clarity, comes and his voice speaking your life it's going to shake some things it's. Going to rock your world and I know some people day says well how do you hear if God, let. Me share with you I've. Never heard, the Lord and see ya. Number. One he knows that. Freak me out. Number. Two he. Knows I'm. Like David, when, he said David, says the Lord knows my fruit my framing, knows, it's bit of dust he, knows I made of the dust of the earth and, he. Knows what I can handle, and, what, I can't handle but. That's still small voice of, God, when. It begins to speak I found. Out something I got. To block out every other voice and, I, got to just stop what I'm doing sometimes, I say okay Lord what. You. Know the sad thing about my life I don't know about your life but. The sad thing is that sometimes God has to get me up three o'clock the morning because that's the only time my mouth shut. Think. About it, that's. The only time no other voices are going on in my world, and. Sometimes I won't be able to sleep at night on a Friday night or a Saturday night getting ready for the word of the Lord and. God will starting doing downloads, into my spirit and, it's because I get, so busy in life just like you, that. God has to stop me for saying say hey I got. Something for you, you. Know. I've. Seen he come up on Facebook, last night I get, on a very often but had. A memory, of this, church from. A year ago and I side just shared onto my side. And. It was sister Kelly cotton, a. Year. Ago giving. Her testimony of, no, cancer. You. Know and we've, seen so many people healed, touch. The cat and I. Remember. Being in the ha filled up. With. Her and I said you know. And then just you, know everybody's, there when you're me. And Barb Dyer we got to do what we're supposed to do pray for people to, and for it and, I heard. Just my. Spirit, the Lord sent something and it, it. Took, me out of my comfort zone, and. I. Prophesied. Probably. Meant a proclamation or life I said, they, ain't gonna find nothing in there you're, gonna be cancer-free but. God's. Just been doing this because you've been so busy he, had to lay, you down for, awhile so he could talk to you andr strengthen your spirit man, and. She received it I felt like my faith press set but. Then when they came in. And. She was there and she was came into coming out from under them the anesthesia. Glory. To God and, barb, you were in the room. And. They said it's not cancer. And. So. Barb. Cuz, Gilley was still and. She. Had some good drugs you know it's just she. Was out there it's, a but she started coming in we, should come in barb. Got to tell her the news, they. Didn't find nothing sweetheart. You, can't you're free he. Meant God. Took care of this. She. Was laying iron to bed them, arms, went up in little bitty RVs and she just scarred cried out thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus thinking. And I look over her nerves Big Mike sitting in a chair with his arms, up look, like it still touch the ceiling even in his chair yeah, thank. You Jesus, thank you Jesus why. Cause, their worship and, their adoration or. Trust for God yeah, their world was getting with, a bad report from, the enemy but glory to God we need got shook and they still trusted, God hallelujah, they came out the other side door, guy with the testimony. Of God's faithfulness, hallelujah. Wow. My sheep hear, my voice and I. Know them and they will follow me, glory, to God, quickly. I gotta get to Isaiah. 11, for says. You will give justice. Justice. When. The word justice, comes up what, do you think about I. Think. About making things right. Here. We give justice, to the, poor. Justice. He'll make things right with the poor and make, fair, decisions. For. The exploited. I. Believe. There's been a lot of the body of Christ that's been exploited, for a long time, I think, even people in their faith they've. Been exploited. By, men with hidden agendas and. They've. Been exploited, by men who wanted to build their kingdoms, rather than the kingdom of God and, therefore they, led astray. Or they drove them a straight.

Falling. After this oh you give this so you give that you, give this much or you give that much and you God go you know and if they, start trying to manipulate. The. Word of God to. Fit into their process of, prosperity. Or whatever it may be I'm here to tell you he's going to give justice, to the poor and make fair decisions, for the exploiting the, earth will, shake, at the, force of what his. Word. His. Word that's. What we're talking about his word and one. Breath, from his mouth will do what. Destroy. The, wicked I'm. Here to tell you there's some people you're facing some wickedness, in your life there's, some circumstances. There's people that man they're right there just, yipping, at you like a little chihuahua you know just nipping, at your heels all, the time look. At you some, of people are judging you but some people are just. Running after you all the time saying, saying well look at you who do you think you are being, a Christian, who do you think you are going to church, oh you think you're all that and I know you I know the real you and they're all about this and that but I'm here to tell you one breath from the mouth of gods about to destroy the wicked mouth silent and God's about to shut the mouthpieces, of Satan that a spoke all. These doubt and fear and unbelief upon, some people's lives because, I believe it's time that God's people rise, up hallelujah, and yeah we've got to pass today everybody, here's got a story everybody, here's got a failure. Buddy here's got a shortcoming. But glory, to God everybody. Hear that sound the sound of my voice, this accepted, Jesus Christ your personal Savior we got a future we got a message we've got a forgiveness, and we've got a waltz, have we got a wall color Lear. And. My, God with. His voice that, his word he, shakes, the earth will, shake at the force, of. His work see. There's. Some power in the word because. It even speaks of its being a force I believe. It's a force to be reckoned with by the enemy that. The word of the Lord and just one, breath, of his man see when I think one breath of his mouth I, think. You know I believe that there's some circumstances. Going on right now in, the world and in churches, and people's. Lives that. We're waiting for God to Thunder, down from the heavens god, you're just going to send lightning bolts and thunder just I'm, God, and. I'm, right. Here you don't take that. One. Breath. One. Brent. From. His mouth. Destroys. Wickedness. Destroys. With folks, were living in a wicked age in a wicked day than. Our were living in and it's a difficult time, but. I believe when. We trust God and His Word and, we trust what, his voice is speaking out to God's people to, his prophets, and to those around about that we're gonna hear, from the Lord and I believe the wickedness is surrounded madison's about to be destroyed but here's the thing we're trying to destroy it with regulations. Gun. Control we're, trying to we're. Trying to we're. Trying to destroy. Wickedness, by. Politics. We're. Trying to destroy wickedness, by, our force, or making. This or making people that telling. People you've, got to be this you got to be that tell the people which bathroom, to go - come, on - trying. To train our children to think, this way or that way that ain't the way we defeat, weakness, we defeat wickedness, by listening to hear the, breath of the mouth of the word of the Lord say peace. Or. Be, put. Away, whatever, the breath of God wants to speak my meager teeth wickedness, is destroyed by the breath of his voice of his, mouth. See. I've realized something God, don't need my help to. Bring justice, hello. There's. A lot of injustice in this world there's a lot of injustice to the poor there's a lot of not good, decisions, and people. Been exported, with things but God doesn't, need my help to fix it, see. We try to fix it and we'll, jump up on our soap boxes and thank God for those that, have. A voice and praise God but, glory to God I realized, something I don't care how loud I shout, and I spit nice, and I say, all these things it's, not going to happen until God speaks into your life and you begin to receive the word of the Lord and that breath, of God from the mouth of God that you say you know what God I'm trusting you to destroy this weakness, this. Wickedness has come against me this injustice, this, this injustice the poor this.

Injustice In my life this. Is export, explosion. That took, place in my life I trust, you God. Because. You got to remember the. Earth's going to shake at, the force of his word the, Earth's go to shake and wickedness. Is going to be destroyed by his breath, hallelujah. Praise, God it's, the voice of the Lord it's. The voice of the Lord I believe. God wants to sound forth his voice louder than ever before. But. I believe that, he's already doing, it, what. Some say well you know I just don't hear God I just I haven't, heard you, know used to you'd hear about the prophets saying they heard they say I believe, the church is quit listening to God because we've become professional, Christians. We've. Quit listening to God because we feel like it we've done figured out well God said this way back in so this is what he's saying now I'm, here to tell you behold the Lord is doing a new thing. Let. Me tell you about the river of God in, that. Sea. The, river of God start flowing deep in. Late 90s, and we. Experienced the measure we've, seen it in all these other places. This powerful River God will flow through and it would just wreck the place knowing, of God be, all place like we've been seeing here recently, but. I don't tell you something what we're experiencing, the river of God right now is not the river of God we experienced in the 90s, neither we trying to make it that way okay. Because, I learn something I grew up off near the river and I'm. Not talking about big rivers like oh hi I'm talking about the headwaters, all the headwaters, for the Tennessee River and all the waters. In the county and I grew up in in Haywood County North Carolina every. Bit of every spring, give a Creek every River it originated. In that, County no, water flows through that County, all the water flows out of that County Holly, which I believe is prophetic. And that God flowed me out of there to Kentucky, and he's float others, out of there young man was spoken his life that I pray for him just March the new church and, that. Vermont. Or New Hampshire. Brother, Todd and. So. I believe. It was a flowing out but, the thing I learned about a river and the creek or. Show you something, okay. If I'm standing that phone to back the creek and my wife loves to go front plan to Creek when. We get there but, it it, can be pretty fast at times because they've got whitewater rafting stuff I can't if I, look right there at that water flowing, I'm, not talking about up here like you know hi where, it looks like it's just a big lake and it's doing this I'm, talking, about it. River. Headwaters. And, I look down at that water and, then I turn around here and I look at the the, cross now. I turn around and I looked at water again guess what the water I'm looking at now is not the water I saw before. Quit. Looking, to see what you experienced, last Sunday, or last Saturday, night or, last year or 90s. Or in the 80s or whatever, when you look at God and you jump in the river glory to God that River is rushing and you can flow with it glory God or you can fight against, if I'm here to tell you the Holy Ghost is moving he never stopped, Louie we got out of the river because hey, we wasn't been there we've had a river experience, now. God. Didn't stop flowing. Men. Quit. Allowed him to flow I. Preached. This message a long time ago about, 20-some, years ago, Marvin, hi Terry even wrote about this message is one chapter in his book and. It got me in trouble. Hallelujah. But. I've got to speak it out because it speaks it up. Kirstin, carrying. Notes where I'm going I done heard her say that but. The problem we've had over the last 20 years is we've, had too many damn Christians. They. Want to dam up the. Flow of God because. We had too many damn churches. Churches. That want to dam, up the flow of God. Because. We had too many damn preachers.

They. Wanted to, dam up the. Flow of God in, other words they wanted to control because when you go down here I've been at the lake on week their, camper working down there and so. You. Go to Eric and take your damn what. Does it do it controls, the, flood levels, he. Controls, what goes in he controls, what goes out come, on and. The problem, is is we got churches. And Christians. And leadership. And pastures. And. Denominations. That they say only, this can come in and only this can go out. This. Time, and it's day and hour we're living in and I didn't even realize how prophetic it was 20, years ago when I first spoke it out but it's time that we bust loose these Devas flow them and let, the river flow let. The Spirit of God flow, let God do what God wants to do if we can't no longer hold back because we're not going to hear the voice of God as long as we're holding, back and trying to control what God is doing. Plenty. Keith has quoted him so many times in this but he, says when the Spirit of God gets the flow and it makes us holy goes on amateurs. We. Need to realize the, rivers, coming boss and the river of God is flowing, powerfully, and the more power there is and the more flow of God Ria's going to God the more of freedom, there is the, more Liberty, there is the more salvation, tourism. Deliverance, and all these things manifests and healings, knowledge they're all in the river of God because it's life hallelujah, and life more abundantly but, when you get down in the river and you're trying to recreate the water that was there 20 years ago or 20. Minutes ago even. You're. Missing it. It's. Time that God's people realizes, hey. I'm. Just gonna be in the river oh. You're. Kind of some cool, water. But. I found when I jump in the river up in the. Mountains of North Carolina. And. I try, to step out there if, I get in for the power the. Most. Powerful. It. Sweeps, me off my feet. See. When the power of God begins, to flow. You. Just gotta sweeps me off my feet. Last. Week a lot, of people were getting swept off their feet. Some. Of you for the first time so. Many many people. Say why, do people follow, because. They can't stand up huh. They're. Swept off their feet I mean I can't explain it I don't know why I just know that God you, said but see everybody, that wants to look at the manifestation. You're. Looking at the manifestation, of someone falling out the spirit, you. Say well where's that scripture okay I'm glad you asked it's in when.

They Come to get Jesus in the garden and the. Soldiers come apart says they fell as though dead, did. Say they were dead to, the fellows though that there's many times when others come into the presence of God they, fell as though dead oh yeah that's King James that's the King Jimmy version but anyway. When. You look, it up there's. All kinds of times why because. When. The holiness, of God. And man. Comes into contact. When. That power has come together. Something. Got to give. God. Ain't backing up holu, he's moving forward and. Sometimes God has to just plow us over and plow us down there, like. A young man said last week he said he stood over here he, said said, I was scared to death, then, there you were coming down that line and. I said I'm not moved he said I even braced. Myself got. My legs. And. I said son you're missing, it's. Not about falling, it's, about what God is trying to do in your life, it's. Trying to be that you, gotta realize I ain't gonna push you. Gods. Don't want to touch it and most, time you wonder why is he doing that because sometimes he has to lay out to realize that, you realized hey he's still God he, can do what he wants to like. Luke told me I think it's his first time last week he felt, hunger he said I got up squeaks I could. He. Said cuz I wanted like what's. Going on god this, is cool but, not. In a bad day in a good way. But. Listen to me when. The power of God is released, even. With one word or the. Breath. He's. Giving, you rest he's. Giving you peace, but. We're getting into, a place that's more powerful in the river and it's. Sweeping us off our feet. Now. Here's, the thing when I get out there in that River I've, been around the river a long time I'm. A river rat howling and so, therefore when. I get in the river and I, get swept off my feet I don't freak out, because. I know all I gotta do is get. A little out of the flow of it and I can stand back up again, wanted. You do it again okay here we go we're going down the river I. Got. Out up again. That's. What you call being a functional, drunk and the Holy Ghost. You. Got to learn to flow into it, open. Yourself up and receive it hallelujah. And then there's times where you've got to step back out again so you can function and do the things of life but. Then you got to go get you another little drink. Maryann. Vez that, in front of our barky booth and Sturgis, I know she remember, saying this to me this has been a couple, couple. Weeks ago she goes I'm gonna get downer saronite services, here soon I said great we'd love to have his ghost yeah, I just need to get me another dose. See. I remember I, told that the barber day she loved it she she. Coming out to get her a dose I. Don't. Know about y'all but I'm with her I come to give me a dose of the ghost. Amen. Holly, listen. To me God's, shaking, some things with his voice. But. He's bringing healing with his voice look. I'll see his, voice his. Word is. A two-edged, sword, it's, cutting. Both. Ways sometimes. It cuts to destroy him take things out of your life but, at other side of it's like a surgeon's. Scalpel it's, there to direct. And, bring healing to your life, see. Some of you need some words so, you can get over your childhood. You. Hear me. Some. Of you've dealt with things in your childhood. Whether. It be parents. Mother or father. Disappointment. Or, whatever and you've, lived in that disappointment.

You've Lived in that thing and cured that for so long that you need a word from God who hears the Word of God he's, your father. He's. A good good daddy a good, good father and he, loves you tonight and he wants to bring healing to ya that work cuts into you but yet it wants to bring healing to your body healing. To your spirit healing, to your emotion healing to your emotions, tonight, tonight. Receive. From the Lord Amen folks. We want to thank you for tuning in with us today we, hope that something has been said or, here today that has touched you and we, just pray for you right now we, want to lead a prayer right now as we close this service out, hey, man so. Just right there, if something's, touched your heart that. Something's. Dell, dealing, with your heart whether it be to, come to know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior or, if you've known him you've drawn away from you and you're wanting to draw back if you need healing your body if, you need a touch whatever it may be deliverance. If you need to be set free from drugs alcohol, addictions, right God is a mountain. Moving, yes God he's still in the saving business he's doing the delivering, business yeah and so we want to pray with you Susan just join with us as we join our faith is huge Lord, Jesus we ask you right now that whoever is watching out there or, whatever their need may be got it you meet them right now Lord, that you send your Holy Spirit to, go down there wherever. They're at whether they're watching on their phone or on their computer or a Roku, the, Lord that you just touch them right there and just embrace, them with your Holy Spirit Lord. We ask for the convicting, power of the Holy Spirit to change their, life but, we ask for the encouragement of the Holy Ghost Lord just, to begin to reach down and lift, them, up and reel them realize that there's a purpose in their life there's a purpose in the situation. They're going through there's even a purpose in your pain and God for those that need healing in their body where we pray that the bond touch of the Holy Spirit Lord you touch them at the wherever, they are whatever, the pain is whatever the sickness or disease Lord, you said that bind your stress they, are healed hello, we believe you and your word and we trust you and your with your word and Lord I speak to addictions. I think, against those that, are struggling with addictions, in their life lord, I ask you to break off that yoke of bonds you since you sent the anointing to break annihilate, and destroy every, yoke of, bondage and, lo we speak for them to be touched right now and God we give you glory for what you're doing in people's life ahead of time and we thank you for it in Jesus name we pray, amen. Amen, if you've been touched today if you've accepted. Jesus Christ your personal Savior or you rededicate, your life if you were healed if whatever, the case may be if you were set free won't you drop us a line on. Our website, or on our apps and let us know, give us a praise report or, waters went onto your life or if you have a prayer request send. In your prayer requests there we pray over every prayer, quiz we have a team that believes, God with you and will continue to believe so, there again we thank you for watching remember tune in the next time watch. As you are here you won't be the same.

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