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Yes. This. Is a story about Saudi, people not. Saudi politics. These. Are my first steps out of the hotel got a set feel a little out of place, it's. Hot, it's. A, different, world and I'm super, pumped. It didn't necessarily fit, in but wouldn't be the first time it's. A, car, city I'm gathering first, impressions. Taxi. Guys are honking. There's. No way to cross this street I'm trying to get over this thing to the shady side. And. That's he cross the street in reality. I was, just walking by one of these shops and I asked these, guys to. Use the bathroom, and they dropped me and I used the bathroom and then they sat. Me down for tea and dates. Super. Nice guys very hospitable, but I'm not at the point yet to. Just, run. The camera on that stuff and so what. I'm feeling so far and it's just a feeling that, putting. The camera on things is a little more difficult. Then. Say some other places have been the, first 24, hours in, a. Radically. Different culture. Are. Interesting, because your mind is. Your. Mind is just processing. All this new information, things. Are laid out different, they look different, they taste different and so. I, love. That that little window that first 24 hours because after that things. Start to normalize, and. You. Know you're somewhat used to it but, right now I'm in that mode of yeah. I don't know what the hell is going on and, it's. Pretty cool it's. The unknown for, sure. I. Will. Say the other way I take a salary money there. We go good. Money I are. Good, son, be good and, not bad no better, than Dubai I better, than the wise idea okay. Better. Money here okay. Sir. Can you open the door Thanks. First. Solo right yeah okay. Yeah five times a day. Cool. Thanks very much I return. Super-interesting. Starbucks experience, so. He. Locked the door they did that five times a day at 4:00 salats which is the prayer time behind. Me to, the to the on the other side was the womans, at Starbucks, and they, were completely, separated. I don't, know who this guy is but he's. Fired up. Whatever. Salamualikum'. Wonderful. USA. Oh I. Shall Riyadh yeah this is first time first. Time man first, day, Thursday, yes when. You come. Do. I want to ride with you yeah yeah, bro let's. Do it be very very interesting, so far. What's, your name. Mohammed, Peter. Oh I'm. Going to put this here vomit, yes okay. Nice, car nice car Mohammed. Man, I'm on a different planet right now but I like it, what's, it learning no planet, it's, only a hundred degrees so what's that forty what is it 40 Celsius. Yeah. No, 59. Dude, your country, is. Really. Grow it yeah, it, feels like beautiful. Oh. That's, Kingdom tower, do. You think it's a dangerous, city at all no not, at all. It's, like very little crime. 15. You would see now the police car if you win right, woman, are driving that started a year ago right, maybe. Okay. Everything's. Changed. Alfonso, dream is to me how. Do people feel about that. Depend, to obviously. Really. They. Won't. So. It's exciting, time. - besotted, young, Saudi inserting. Time. That's, cool you guys are all about Starbucks, man because we need his tongue Jesus. You have another soda. Cool so, called astir bucks I feel like it's Southern. California. Meets the Islamic, world. Something. Like that and. You will see that. The tendon, comes. And show you the knowledge, that's, trending. Yeah. Yeah, show, me the trending mail let's go. Okay. This, is South. Park. So, what I'm sitting in my vault, now. At two hours of being out in the streets what I'm seeing here in the. Ton. Of development. Right a lot of new development. A lot of new businesses, and. So. Here's a crazy stat I think I'm right on this one but it's. 50%. Of the Saudi population. Is under the age which, is 25, and, younger. Yeah. Where are we going. Okay. - surprise, cool. Mohamed's, a true, class. Guy. It's. Got a lot of class. So, feel first ever. Wow. So, tell me about this still Mohammed what's, the what's the story with cinemas.

That, She about how long ago where cinemas. Allowed here. So. In the last two years this, is something new people can go to the movie theater. Have. No no we are making food, sources. Its, men. Go or just met. Many. Woman. Do you sit in separate sites that right now. So. This is the completed, version right, and, what. Is this what, is this neighborhood called. King. Abdullah what business, owner. Young. Buck. Riyadh, park mom yeah you. Guys love your malls yeah, taking, video like this is okay right. No. Headscarf, the. Woman has no know when. Did when did that start. Two. Years. But. Some woman it's it's it's, legal, for them to walk around with aids. What. Muhammad was telling me is it's all about the malls here. When. Saudis have time off you, want to hang out a lot. Of them hang out and malls. And I'm not a mall guy but I gotta say this one's pretty nice it, was given strict, instructions from. Mohammed, not to video. Any of the woman, so. Sorry. We don't have any close-ups, let's say. Usually. That's always a touchy thing anyways putting a camera so it's face I don't enjoy it, but, when there's a moment, and there you, sort of get that nonverbal, go, ahead well. That's what makes the videos interesting so. It's. Touch and go every, culture is different so in Saudi right now a little bit like. Feeling. My. Feeling. My ground let's say, hey. So long, hello. Good, brother. Salaam. I don't, know anything. Then. Here limited, time but from my first impressions. It's one of these places that's, definitely. Arising. At. Least. In Riyadh at least in the capital city. Mohamad. You just moved back from the. Yeah yeah, like. A month ago no two. Weeks ago and. You're saying you have like a bunch of tats, on your arms in two years ago you would have been in prison for that yes, and, now now, I'm, do. Whatever I want and, it, changes. And. This is this is your wife my. Girlfriend, here you go family how, about one. Month. Okay. Two years ago could you do this I can't I can't, chill out of my girl so. That's. Why I'm here they. Still same I would be a new king I wouldn't come back but, now, you like, it much better than yeah now I like my country I feel. Like. We. Are staying. You. Guys stay in a hotel and no problem with the hotel owner okay. This is just in Riyadh right, like in the countryside is different, yeah good we open dude lets me and freedom the freedom yes. And. This is. Peace. Is. My, treatment piece that's. What they want of my life, love and peace yeah. And. Poppi's. -, three years ago did. They, force you to go to the mosque if, you don't they, take you to the police department, and.

They They cut your hair, really. Yeah I feel, like I was living, with Isis, here, Isis. Rules but. Now now as. You like it already if you'll be Christian, if you want to be Biskind they, don't care but, how does that change in two years two. Years a change that occurred because of the boa, Mohammed. Bin Salman really. He's, really boy, and. Most, people are cool with this these changes yeah, the, majority of them they accepted. Religious. People who never gonna change so. Five times a day the Sharks they get five fans a baby goes for, a lot for hello twenty minutes fifteen minutes okay. Even. And. Most of them they don't rate I don't know why they close my, head is spinning, I think, there's so much information, yeah, because you're gonna surprise, me so I'm, going to yeah I have. For four hours. No. We can do this now like. Two years ago we can't I'm. Hold each other in the world and my girlfriend, if. You see in style, yeah in, public, I walk with my girlfriend. Very. Classy mo here gentlemen, true gentleman, and you're. Styling. In a nice car. Just. In the mall. So. You. Gonna so. In, the mall. And. I met mo and. Princess, back here. And. I. Was. Like yeah let me take you downtown. So. Here I am again. Welcome. My new friend. Billy, Mohamed, I met, a mohammed this morning who also picked me up in a very nice car seems, to be the theme here mo you were seen you have six of these cars yes, and. You have drivers, out there like this is worth. Other, people, in attendance yeah if you have a shop yeah just a 5% but, not 5% that's. It. Okay. I'm. Your. Legend, brother thank. You. Good. Times, bless you god, bless here. Take. Care out. And that, that's. That. Two locals, both, named Mohammed, both. Drove me around for the day. Showed. Me the city quite. Spectacular. First day and. Now I'm at. Hope. You know if this is this, is a center. Square of sorts, and. Let's. Check it out. Slow. As. Friendly. Security. Get, in the feel that everything sort, of happens here at night. Like. Sun the. Three pedestrians today, on the streets it, was, nobody. Walking. So. I think it's a nighttime. Environment. Thank. You we'll confirm it. This, behind, me is mass Mach fort, and. There. Was a huge battle I believe in 1902, and, it was the start of the unification, of. The, kingdom this, part of the city has started dead I'm going to say so we're gonna go across the street to. What. Mohammed said was the place where there are no Saudis. We're. In old Riyadh. And this is the first time I think. I've seen anyone on the sidewalk today, so. We're coming into a more of a. Densely. Populated zone. As. Moe is saying a lot of foreigners, living. Here. Pakistanis. Bengalis. Indians, it seems. To be the working class here. Maybe. I'm sure I'm missing some nationalities, but people. From Asia other parts of Asia are coming over and really building this place out. That's. How hot it is today. It's. The prayer five times a day. Jameela. Jamil. It's, sort, of an industrial, zone. Interesting. Door. So. First. Guy on a bike. And. We, got some street life. Hello. Cool. Shook. It up have. Fun. Have. Fun. On. The quest for some food here. Just. Can this through. Side. Streets and, looking. For a restaurant god. It's. An Egyptian place. Everyone's. Egyptian, here, fish. Yeah. Very. Delicious. Looking, meal. But. This place is Egyptian, it's not sorry. This prawn dish the. Five monster. Prawns. Read egyptian-style. Yeah this seems to be a very popular. Local. Favorite, shook it off. So. This city is. 740. Square. Miles it's about. 1900. Square. Kilometers, it's, just one massive. Sprawl. That grid and I'm walking, as you. Can see and. Just. You know that's a guy you see someone like every. Ten, minutes or so. Whole. Cities in their cars for the most part except for that old section. Where I just ate well, guys that, is the end of my first day here in Saudi Arabia it's, just like information overload after, a day like today you're, just taking in all these new. Stimuli. And it's gonna be a very interesting journey in this country for two weeks so many, more videos to come okay, good, night peace.

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Advice from a lover of goodness The truth is, Our Lord and Lord of all human beings sent many apostles to earth and in every civilization comes a messenger prophesying people the way of truth and the way that is directed to heaven and escape from hell. And A safe lifestyle that is compatible with all human behaviors and that makes them at peace. And every messenger has a miracle. During the reign of Moses, sorcery and magic spread, and the Lord gave Moses more powerful miracles than magic And it is a stick that throws it, and it shall be a snake by the command of the Lord, and shall overcome all magic During the reign of Jesus, medicine spread and the Lord gave a miracle to Jesus and gave him the ability to revive the dead and anoint on the blind and see. And every time there comes from corrupting religion and governing without the rule of our Lord and change in the law of the Lord, or abound intellectual misguidance and abound lusts and others and then  Spoil religion. Then our Lord sends a messenger renewing the religion that spoiled During the reign of Muhammad, rhetoric, eloquence, poetry and Arabic literature abounded.  Ignorance in religion and disobedience of the Lord increased in people. The Lord sent the eloquent Koran by Jibril to Muhammad, the clearest book on earth that guides people to the last religion. Did you know that his message is compatible with what is happening now I will give you what Muhammad said 1400 years ago (إن من أعلام الساعة وأشراطها أن يكتفي الرجال بالرجال والنساء بالنساء .) This means that one of the signs of Judgment Day is that it becomes males with males and females with females "homosexuality" Read the Koran Try and you will not regret and discover the new

It’s great to have you in the gulf and looking forward to see you in Qatar

he's name is Muhammad and he's got girlfriend ADULTERY he should be reported

نتمنى القبض على هذا الوقح اللي ظهر معه لانه يقدم معلومات مغلوطه ولا يمثل حتى ١% من الشعب السعودي الأصيل

Subhanallah you can clearly see this guy putting negative connotations around Islamic things and also his whole purpose of going around was to show how Saudi would look without Islam however that’s not going to happen so stop trying to force your filthy norms to Saudi

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To the second Mohammed...You are full of BS

If you from Pakistan and Bangladesh to don't even talk to you

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إنت وسخ جدا ولا تشرفنا وخسارة اسمك محمد استر ع نفسك يافاجر يقول لك هذي زوجتك ترد تقول صديقتي يقرد عليك يقول منذ متى تقول من شهر يعني تبغى تثبت إنك منسلخ تماما أطالب بسجنك ومحاكمتك لأنك مجاهر بالمعصية وتشوه صورة السعوديين والله أعلم لما يطلبك صديقة إيش بتسوي للي مايعرف مصطلح صديقتي في الغرب تعني كل شي يخطر ع بالك من الحرية بين الاثنين وكأنهم أزواج اسأل الله هدابتك أو أخذك في حفرتين من حفر الدنيا والآخرة عاجلا يامن تسمى زورا ب محمد

الله لايبلانا يتفاخر بالمعصية الدقيقه 11 مايدري ان الدنيا فانيه

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Don't be under the illusion that this is development this is western monopoly... American businesses dominating middle East and Saudis provide income stream for the west and Israel. Equal rights etc also has its pros and cons depending on its environment. Secularism Western culture is creating divide amongst nations... Saudi only has heritage to our ancestors which draw us there otherwise if never want to go there.

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The guy who was with u in the mall sooo stupid, it doesn’t mean if you meet a visitors u become like kids and show off

I am sorry my English is not good but I hope you can understand me . the man who appeared on minute 10 said A lot of lies, and made every one think that Saudi Arabia was a Hell before two years, just because he couldn't go out with his girl friend , WHAT KIND OF THINKING IS THIS ?!! , so the life just going out with girl or go to ceimna? Why he doesn't talk about great thing like Free treatment for every one saudi or not saudi ? Why he didn't talk about the great and free education? The education is not just free also the government give every student about 270 Dollars every month ? And also send them for the best universities in the world to learn to come back and build Saudi Arabia. Why He didn't about the High safety ? Why He didn't about low prices and taxes? Why He didn't talk about good salaries? He didn't talk about the great electronic services in Saudi Arabia , you can use this services to get or renew your national ID , Passport , Bank Cards, and any thing you want and while staying home . Why he didn't talk about these things ? Or he see the life just (going out with girl friend) ? I apologize again for my bad language but I wanna say one last thing to non Saudies: Saudi Arabia is a great country and Saudies are good people and they love you and welcome you to their country. The only things changed are some of bad customs and traditions and conflict with Islam first . Saudi Vision 2030 is huge project and the Saudi government and public are working to make it successful and make Saudi Arabia greater and better .

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Probably the second Muhammad has a personal problem with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia was good and it will be better. The morals and manners are brought from the old Saudi. He is safe because people are well together as Muslims we don't like to see a human being getting robbed or insulted. We would intervene quickly to help. Other materialistic countries will not have this kind of helping society.

The first Muhammad you met was behaving and saying things to impress you, thats not how the average Saudi youth behaves like or thinks like. More importantly, I also didn't like the fact that you chose to focus on certain aspects that you don't agree with coming from a western liberal background. For example you highlighted segregation (Starbucks), kept emphasising shops close 5 times (as if its a bad thing), issues of freedom (according you your definitions) etc. You could have maybe tried to explore traditional Saudi Culture, or maybe Saudi history or Saudi mannerisms and etiquettes, Saudi architecture in the historic district etc. Your manner and attitude hints of an innate arrogance as in, American/western culture and way of life is superior ( you didn't say that) and the standard to be judged against. Well it isn't, you should appreciate Saudi culture/religion and traditions and accept them for what they are and respect them. Not come over to our country and begin to judge us upon your chosen criteria and value systems. Yes Islam as practiced in Saudi Arabia and it encourages segregation of the sexes, if you don't like it or don't agree with it then thats fine, but please don't come to our beautiful country and start viewing it as a negative thing. You also chose to record a clip of Muhammad (in Popeyes) with his girlfriend and that somehow this is a positive thing. Peter, let me tell you that there are approximately 2 billion muslims in the world, and I can comfortably say that the vast majority (Shia & Sunni) of them do not agree with having relations with the opposite gender other than within the institution of marriage. Now in Saudi Arabia, ( a sunni religious state) I can also comfortably say that the overwhelming majority of Saudis wouldn't approve of girlfriend/boyfriend type of relationships, SO WHY HIGHLIGHT THIS CASE? As if it is something positive? ( well yes according you YOUR value system, not ours) This is why I don't appreciate your video because it appears that you have come here to not only judge us but to approve what fits with your value system and deem whatever doesn't match your criteria as backward and negative. One last point, the second Muhammad (the one with a girlfriend). He said a few untruths, no one forced anyone to pray in the mosques and definitely didn't cut anyone's hair??? Where did he get that from?? He said he felt like living with ISIS, wtf is he on? I'm sorry but I haven't heard so much BS from a Saudi like him before. Peter, I sincerely do hope you do have a nice stay here in Saudi Arabia and that please don't judge us based on your value system, learn to appreciate that humans are different and that we all do not follow the same values, please respect this. Thanks

فرحان تمشي مع صديقتك في الشارع على بالك انجاز هذا انحدار خاف الله و اتق الله ان عذاب الله شديد

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2nd guy is a liar; saudi is still a very conservative country/society and he can also be arrested for being in this video; if the girl's family find out who he is; plus tattoos are not approved of; funny how he tries to make it seem open when in reality its still a conservative society

I’m sorry for u u met a Wrong guys Big liars ‏ specially the second one

Day before mohammad :( after :)

west always living in their bubble.. they think they r v nice and loving and free.. reality is that they destroyed the middle east for their gains and always interfere in their living style and religious matters.. muslims r always friendly and caring and helping at huge extents.. however its the opposite with the west and we can see how the US and European people misbehave with muslims coming to their country

i read all of comments to see some comments, witch makes sense. finally i found it. yes your comment is only and only comment that have nice view. you see with your open eyes the reality. this western people have not only no respect for humanity but also they are destroying our civilization. they goal is to divide and conquer us. to steal our wealth and culture to make us slaves of themselves. never ever believe a western specially an American. god bless you and your people. hope your people throw out this American evil people from your country.

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I've been working here since 2007 and I'm still having a great time

What!!! You're in Riyadh and you ended up in Gad?!?!? Why didn't you go to Mama Nourah at least man Or the Najdi Village if you want the Saudi traditional experience Or Al Makki maybe And you must to try our traditional breakfast with Fawal Al Afrah in Al Sahafa district or Ba Bseil in exit 5

**** all of you

It looks very hot and dry like Nevada,

خساره كان نفسي اشوف القيرل فرند حقته ولا مسوي جنتل يفتح لها الباب هذا بس قدام الكاميرا ولا الخافي اعظم

In reality u cant just ride stranger's car. Not all saudi r good, only few, very very few. If u happen to get in with bad guys, they will drop u in the desert.

محمد الثاني حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل فيك حسافة عليك أسم محمد الله يهديك غصبن عنك يارب و يعفو عنك ولا يبلانا

Bad and good everywhere but most people are narrow minded towards saudi


منزل دايوا هي مجموعة إجرامية دولية دفعت ثمن السرقة الصينية

U meet the wrong guy (the 2nd one) he gave you a bad impression about us as a saudi’s people, my grandfather has a tattoo and he never went to the jail , I am a 27 year old and I have never forced to go to the mosque , in Saudi Arabia ISIS is consider a criminals I hop U met a good people to tell you the truth about us , visit us again my brother ❤️

Well done Incredible inside picture stuff

وضع امريكا والغرب بشكل عام مع السعودية مثل ودت الزانية لو زنت نساء الأرض اجمعين الكلب العلج جاء يتفقد كيف ربعه افسدوا البلد بس ما اسوء منه إلا اللذي يجاهر بالحرام وينافق Girlfriend قال يا نشامى أرض الحرمين تداركوا الوضع وحاربوا المفسدين اني لكن ناصح مشفق

ترا مايحتاج تكذب عليه عشان تلمع صورتك قدامه!! امثالك هم اللي يشوهون ثقافتنا

Saudi Arabia is very safe and people are hospitable.

If I was there would have kicked you out of the country With all all this arrogance. You obviously have an axe to grind

First of all, Welcome to Saudi arabia we are so happy to have you here in Riyadh I would like to make things clear about what Mohammed mentioned about the life style he's living. we are conservative people and we go by Islam rules as well as the tattoo is not allowed for some reasons religious. Mohammed just an example of a Saudi who came back from western culture and got a bad influence. Hope you having a nice staying.

The 2nd guy is a liar and should be ashamed of himself , he thinks he has done a marvellous job again and again saying im free i have girl friend , be ashamed of haram things and be proud of your islamic values. Totally messed up guy.

Thank you so much for coming to Saudi Arabia and I wish I am with you to show you everything good about Saudi Arabia but the black and the next time you come back to Saudi Arabia

the second guy didn't even live in Saudi Arabia he is Laying


طاح في واحد سربوت ولا كان الفديو مميز

التافه الثاني اللي اسمه محمد ينقل صورة سيئة جدا عن بلدنا وهو في الأساس ليس سعودي

Well...I’ve lived here for over a year now. As a female, the story is a tad different. I’m American, and African American. Definitely an interesting story to tell. I’m glad you were able to see some of The Magic Kingdom. If you ever return, ensure that you see many of the beautiful cities surrounding Riyadh.

Really nice and great and well made video. Im a saudi myself and i just wanna say welcome to our country and enjoy ur stay❤️❤️❤️ And don't mind some of the still uneducated people in the comments below disagreeing with some of what the second guy in the video said about having a girlfriend, they just never experienced it ever with there lives and culture and people who r open minded did and its nothing, it's changing to a be a better country and for the economy.

No more muslim country

Peter can you go to mecca?

@Peter Santenello wow! But what if you where to say I'd like to learn about Islam for educational purposes....I think you can have a shot at visiting you'd be a pretty good on documenting it.

Unfortunately, non-muslims aren't allowed.

I didn’t like the guy with yellow shirt !! 1- Look we don’t mind freedom but with limits. like why would you have a girlfriend when you can make her your fiance and see if she’s the right one for you or not. that’s also better for her so she knows that you’re serious ,want to get married soon and that you’re not playing games! 2- about the hijab it’s not MBS who changed that! The females who didn’t want the hijab were stopped by the hai’a ( men who are strictly muslims which was given the right by the government to advice women to wear her hijab until she gets shy and ashamed then she wears her hijab. there is no force at all !!) who were gone 6 years ago and her parents so their daughter is respected. then women started to wear colorful abaya then shorten the sleeves of the abaya then take their hijab off, if that’s her decision then it’s fine but islam put the hijab for a reason and that is so the women wouldn’t caught eyes and stays save and untouchable except from her husband .

God assisted our country became secular

I respect what you wrote on 10:14

واضح ان المقطع مخطط له ليظهرونا بهذا الشكل

Tha guy with a girl, if ya follow up, they are engaged and tha family is aware,..... I learnt aloooot in that country

I've been there in Saudia for almost 4 years and I enjoy my life so so much! I miss u Saudi Arabia

Covering ya head is a must as long as ya foreigner even if other women are not covering, ya just have to

Before I finish watching thiz, lemme give ya ma experience,... 1st of all I'm black, so landed at tha airport and thz ladies covers thea noses bcz they think I stink.....I HATE SAUDI AND EVERYONE LIVING THEA

الرخمه اللي يتفاخر بخويته مايمثل السعودين ... وعطى السائح معلومات غلط ونظره سيئه

البدايه واضح انه الشغله كلها مفبركه و مو محض صدف و هذا الديوث اللي طالع مع الشرموطه و يقول هي حريه كلها بيحصلها بعد موته و في دنياه الحريه مو انسلاخ من الدين و الادب الحريه رقي و الدين حفظ حقوق الناس و ليس كما يبغون ذولي الفسده حريه شهوه و دشره حسبنا الله و نعم الوكيل

wazzzuppp bro im also vlogger here in Riyadh i use GOpro too,, but welcome here godbless

Muhammad at the mall is lying l have never saw or heard anything from what he is talking about

2nd guy must be behind bars bloody moron

the second Mohammed is soo sooo sooooo wrong bro like u can do whatever u want he is wrong but ppl hate tattoos but its okay walking around with it

The women who are non muslims or muslims are free not to wear headscarves since very long. The religious police only requests for praying during prayer time which has been stopped now but sometimes they use to visit within the malls or outside. They never shave or remove hairs for not praying. They do remove hairs if the guy had long hairs which are ponied which looks like women to them. I in my life time had grown hairs till my shoulders visited Makkah, Madina & Taif while living in Jeddah never faced any problem with religious police regarding hair matter.

ما حصل غير هالمنفتح

What an absloute disgrace and misinformation that was given by the second mohammed . All what he said is based on lies and hypocrisy . He said what he said just to look cool and ruin our image before and even the changes of MBS . I could’t tolerate the lies coming out of his mouth . Yes we have changed over the past two years , so does any country in the world . But we as muslims & Saudis still have and proud of our identity and princples . Next time please show educated people that represent us . Dont just show this spoiled wealthy uneducated hypocrite and liar .

I am not okay with these changes at all!!! I am German with Arab roots (Moroccan), even tho I am accustomed to the modern life in Germany, I think Saudi Arabia should stay as it always was! This is the country our Prophet (peace be upon him) is from and it shouldn't be ruined by these changes!!! It's a sign of the HOUR! :(

2 Muhammad he is a liar

I am a filipino but i lov saudi arabia..the 2nd mohammad is a liar coz saudi arabia although yes they are very strict when it comes to rules n regulations but most of them are hospitables..

الله يهدي محمد الثاني ويصبر امه عليه

The second person is a Munafique

thanks man, brings back a lot of great memories. I was there about a year ago and met so many wonderful people. There is I think now a Camel Festival, it's about 1/2h away from the capital, you would learn a lot of other things if you get to go, especially if you can access the races and competitions. Enjoy your stay and thank you for sharing!

Saudis are very friendly to white people.

استفزني اول شخص قابله مبسوط بخويته وجاي يتفاخر فيها ععنده وانا وياها ننام بالفندق !! ومبسوط بالوشم الي مسويه وحريه ومدري ايش ! حريتك بس ععلى هالاشياء التافه !! للاسف انك م تمثلنا كـ مسلمين ولا تمثلنا كـ شعب سعودي .

الشخص الثاني **

Make another video second guy just ruined your video.

In islam tatto is big sin, and what he talking about there is many lies, so plz be aware of thiz kind of people and your welcome to saudi arabia, i would love to see you in jeddah

كل المقطع سيناريو مكتوب لا يوجد شيء مصادفة. خصوصا الشخص الثاني في المول

يا عيال أعطوا الرجال على جوه‍ وعادي لو أعطاه‍ من الثقيل عادي جداً سلكوووو

Hey peter, Nice video man, and I really liked how you met random people and had chats with them. But just to be clear, “Muhammed” No.2 said some WEIRD STUff like that you will go to jail if you put tattoos, and that the Police cuts your hair if you dont PRAY!! Thats all MADE UP and NON-TRUE. So please try to make it clear in your upcoming videos. And enjoy Saudi Arabia man keep up with the videos.

Mr. Peter, Being open and free comes with responsibility and having adherent morals to Islam and arabic culture. So do not misinterpret both concepts, they both go hand in hand Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was, is and will remain growing and vibrant. Successful with unique culture and heritage and a solid nation rising among all nations. God save the King His Majesty King Salman bin AbdelAziz Al Saud and his Crown Prince His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the best of their nation for prosperity and everlasting excellence and development. Thanks for the video, wishing you and the American people prosperity and lovely future

I don't think it's safe to show the guy's registration plate number. I'm talking about the guy with his gf. People could go hunt for him, they are extreme and crazy there. Censor it please.

شكرا جزيلا لكل الإخوة و الأخوات المشاركين رايتكم بيضاء و يكفيكم فخرا أنكم سعوديون عرب أصيلون و أنكم مسلمون حفظكم الله و رزقكم و بارك لكم و عليكم و حقق كل أمانيكم المستقبل للمملكة العربية السعودية إن شاء الله مزهر واعد مميز أتمنى الخير و السداد لكم سادتي و سيداتي الفاضلون الأعزاء

Peace be upon you

بالنسبة لي كانت و ما زالت و ستبقى المملكة العربية السعية منارة العرب و المسلمين و العالم ... عريقة بتاريخها و شعبها الأصيل و تراثها الحاضر و المتأصل... و بنخوة شعبها الطيب المضياف الأصيل الذي لم أعهده إلا نعم الرجال و فضلهم منذ فجر التاريخ عاشت المملكة العربية السعودية و دام عزها و مجدها و ظل ساميا مرفرفا علمها خفاقا للأبد في ظل حضرة صاحب الجلالة الملك سلمان بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود و ولي عهده سمو الأمير محمد بن سلمان حفظهما الله و رعاهما و سدد خطاهما. لي الفخر و الشرف و العزة أني أردني و لكن دوما أشعر بحب و انتماء لبلد طيب مميز ... أما عن الشخص الذي يتحدث عنه الإخوة و الأحبة فأقول الله يهديه و كلي ثقة بأن المملكة مليئة بل سوادها الأعظم رجالا طيبين نشامى و نعم الرجال. حفظكم الله و سدد خطاك لما فيه خيركم ... بالنسبة للسيد بيتر رأيك ممكن انطباع و لكنه أولي و انصحك أيضا بمزيد من القراءة الانفتاح و الحرية هي ضمن ضوابط الأخلاق و قيم الإسلام السمحة و الإنسانية شكرا على هذا الفيديو

That second Mohammed u met is lying u wouldnt go to prison second ppl would think its ur wife or going out with a girl that's not ur wife would get u in trouble but I think it's okay for tourists

يلعن ام التمثيل و الفبركة ياا شيخ هههههههههه this video is a big lie, it's fake that it's kinda funny lol

Go to Abha very beautiful

All comments in Arabic say that he is a liar

Please please please don’t believe him oh my god why he do that

The guy with you is laying he didn’t say anything true

صارت الحرية مجاهرة بالمعاصي ....الله لا يبلانا . ماني سعودي بس كنت مقيم فيها .. والشخص هذا ما يمثل لا السعودية ولا اهله .

ليش اي اجنبي يجي يزور السعودية يجي للرياض؟ فااضيه تفشل مساكين صراحه تنسد نفسهم من الحفريات

الحين يجي محمد بن سلمان يقول ممنوع العبايه اوكي في قرارات زينه سواها بس حتى ان موسيقى خير اوكي تخلي الاجانب يسوون الي يبونه بس تربون الاطفال على المحرمات متى يوقف

وش وضع البقرة الي معه رفععععع ضغطي ليته ما سوه نفسه سنافي وفزع جعله الزقققققق وين الفخر بالدين وي العادات ألعربيه الاصيله فيه أشياء لا تعد ولا تحصى من جمال الإسلام وكيف يطبق صح في السعوديه

The second Mohammad he laying about everything he said.


تابعوا قناتي، احتاج دعمكم

The second Mohammed have been totly wrong , he lived in UK that's why he's information it's depend in the media stuff , he gift you a wrong information about Saudi Arabia .

Watch this miss world 2019 representative from Nepal

I would love to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! Thanks for exploring the Kingdom for those of us who are not familiar with this nation. I like the way you have an open mind on all of your travels, Peter. You are a great role-model for travellers who don’t believe the many distortions and outright lies told in much of the mainstream western media. I visited Iran after seeing your series on Iran. It was one of the best travel experiences I have had in four decades of travel. I would now like to see the other side of the Gulf !

Also the starbucks and fast food thing is different so if u had a woman or a kid with u u would got to the other side if ur a male or with ur guy friends u would go to the same section

First of all, the second Mohamed is absolutely lying in so many thing , especially when he said we were like ISIS, we were and we still normal there are people who are really religious , and there are others who are not, just like anywhere on the planet. By the way ISIS doesn’t represent ISLAM in any way , so plz try to talk to someone who at least knows how to speak wisely especially in front a camera! About the TATTOO in Islam it’s actually forbidden to have a tattoo, and we are following what we believe in . Honestly speaking no one would take u to the jail or even punish u for that ! WTF I don’t know what els he told U, but as you said we are growing really fast and things are changing, and it need to be done if not now it will happen later. However we all as a saudi citizens happy with what we have, and very excited to welcome everyone in our wonderful country to see and explore new adventures and cultures . I hope U enjoy the rest of your stay :)

Go in jeddah too..

I like my country except a lot of ppl litter I'm talking like theres a bin next to u but ppl still throw on the ground there is no pavements and a really really small amount of zebra crossings or basically any way of crossing a road

كلام الشخص الثاني معضمه تشويه لسمعة السعودية يقول كان عايش مع داعش يقصد المواطنين ويروج للحرية الشخصية مع صديقته هذا لازم يحاسب

فضحتنا البلديه بالحفريات

لا وكل شويه تعرف على واحد في الشارع وهذاك فاضي يفرفر في بالشوارع والثاني كذاب أشر اتحدى ان كان سعودي والأول أشك فيه كلها متفق عليها وكذب في كذب بس صراحه إخراج ركيك وفي محاولات للاساءه بطرق مباشره وغير مباشره لا ومايصور الا عند الحفريات كان البلد مافيها الا هذا المكان. وهذول اللي طلعوا معاه شحاذين مدفوع لهم الأجر.

november 14 2019... not hot at all sir..

البلديات لازم يهتمون بطرق المشاه ،ضروري

Yuor such as big loser and both of you are liars

10:00 that guy is a true as*hole and that girl is a bit*h.. they are misleading people who want to reflect a bad picture of real Saudis.

ابو يمن ههههههه

What do you think yourself

nice! over 120k views in just 3 days....when will you upload part 2?

Saudis are so mad lol. Soon there’s going to be bastard children all over Riyad

Yes there is some change but not as dramatic as Mohammed trying to show. Actually what he did is against our culture and not accepted by his family and her family as she said.

Yes there are so many Muhammads there lol... Oh i remember.... Nostalgia....

Wow, Riyadh changed alot, I grew up here.. :3

مدري ولكن ماارتحت له ذا الامريكي احس انه يدور الشر احس كذا

the comment who insult second guy tatto guy they hate mbs because he destroy religion police and islam whabi group

Muhammad 2nd :- Mostly People not going to perform sa'lah (prayer) , but unnecessary closed shops & these religious people never changed , Hahahahaha.. By the way that's why you idiots Arabs killed to 1,24,000 prophets before prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) . And now opened all haraam (Islam prohibited) things And you Arabs feels like halal . And present no country is pure Islamic followers country in the world . And overall Muslims own responsible for early inviting to Mahdi (AS) . That's it ...... !!!

Power + MBS = Good life

You are s piece of shit for taking money to make it look like everything is fine in that country. Be honest asshole and tell your viewers who paid you.

Muhammad is represent him self only and few of saudies .. don’t take what he said as TRUE .. our deep culture does NOT prefer women and men together .. except IF they are related to each other .. most of our young men .. things that when you have a GF you reached to something that even Scientest didnt reached to .. or if girls went out to streets without Hijab ... DONT BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAY they represents 1% of our nation !!! THANK YOU !

الاخ الاول ما شاء الله عليه وربنا يوفقه ... اما الثاني فلا يمثل الا نفسه المريضة ويعتقد بإنتقاده لمجتمعه انه راح يعجب الامريكي والله لن يزدك الا احتقار منا نحن اولا ومنه ثانيا

Omg ... my friend muhammad took you to regular places .. there are places that are better than this and he said everything change ofc not ! And he said people are very happy about changes , no.. ofc not ! Some changes we are satisfied of and some are not ... he says yes for everything , Come on .. thats not how we are ... i will be happy if i take u through a journy in riyadh ... + he said people when they are off , they go to malls .. ofc not all of em ... actually most of the women yes , but men goes to differet places .. its not easy to believe anyone and dont take info from them they just say yea

i’m an american, but i lived most of my life in saudi arabia and i’ll tell you this.. 2 years ago you were allowed to do most of the things you do now, that other muhammed was lying. i just wanted to make that clear

Cinema was allowed since the 60s but it wasn’t for the past 15 years except last 2

I'm Saudi Born Indian Born & Raised In Jeddah & That Mohammad Guy Is Super Duper Liar The Things He Said Before MBS Are Not True From My Childhood To My Youth No One Forced Me To Pray Or Cut My Hair

Muhammad in the video is a liar.. Saudi Arabia isn't like that

واضح مدفوع الفديو بكم الف للأجنبي وللخنزير اللي يقول مع خويته بعد ومنسق الحديث بينهم ، تطلعون البلد كذا كذبتم والله هذا للمنحلين لم ولن تكون جزيرة محمد هكذا

I make video about the brightside of Saudi. . for the humans knows the Saudi is Safe Country.

man walking in riyadh with his gf MBS is all about dat halal shit huh

I hope you delete the second part of the passage in which the second person appeared this thing does not honor us nor honor our religion I hope you delete it

Hey hey did you come to Bahrain ??? Please give Bahrain a visit :3

What has Saudi Arabia come to

ما شاء الله .. الرياض تبني وتعمر..

السعودي جميل . أقسم على ذلك

Muhhamad is very brave to express what he want to say about hes country

هذا الفيديو مرتب له بعنايه وكل شي مصور باتفاق ضمن النص من واقع معرفتي بالامريكان مستحيل يثقون بالاغراب هذا في بلدهم كيف لما يكون في بلد اجنبي

I feel it scripted

This is what Iran would look like today if it weren’t for the islamic pigs

I can see the little fear in his Muhammad's eyes if talks anything bad about the city and Saudi Arabia so he carefully saying good words about his city

I am in saudi Arabia madinah

We improve more not change, but our culture and beliefs is the same

the second man with his "girl friend" actually wrong because here in Saudi Arabia we are muslims and don't have girl or boy friend our culture is different with what this man belief all saudis don't agree with him ,I hope you meet the real saudis and enjoy with us


الكلب اللي اسمه محمد دعشن الحكومة سابقا وكانها كانت مصدر داعش !! رقم لوحة سيارته موجود وشكله وكل شي الكل يبلغ عليه على شان يتأدب المنسلخ

Ur welcom in algeria mate

الثاني كذاب بس انه شخصية صراحة

broo i can't wait to see part 2 of this video,

Welcome to Saudi. Try to visit the southern area of Saudi if you have time and u wish to experience one of the best landscape in the middle east. Visit Abha, Soudah, Jazan, Baha, Taif. Those are all non-desert places with breathtaking weather. You would also want to visit Jeddah as you will definitely love it. Eastern province is a good choice too. Visit it if you wish to experience the charming beaches of Saudi & the industrial part of it. Have a wonderful time in Saudi !!

وينننن كلام محمد الثاني كله كلام فاضي وكذب ، الحريه مب انك تطلع مع حبيبتك بالشارع قدام الناس وتسوي اللي تبي غلط كذا ، اذا جيت لمكان عام غصب عنك تحترم مشاعر الناس وغيرتها على دينها واهلها وتمشي على الدين لكن اذا طلعت برا سو اللي تبي وجعلك ماترجع

second Muhammad need a boyfriend not a girlfriend

Welcome to Saudi Arabia bro

نحن قوم أعزنا الله بالإسلام فمهما ابتغينا العزة من دونه أذلنا الله

احد يبلغ على الفحل عند كلنا امن

Muhammad is a dumbass fuck he can't even answer one question

كل من ظهر في الفيديو إمعة لا هوية لا دين ولا اصل ولا ثقافة ، لن يحترمك الغربي في داخل أعماقه لان ليس لديك شيء لُيحترم

Come to jeddah

الغربيون اذا جو لبلد مسلم يريدون فرض عاداتهم القذره عليه وينتقدون كل شي يتعلق بالاسلام الي قاهرني ان بعضهم يهتم لهم حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

I only see show offs and wannabes, always trying to impress the Americans .

This is the start of the downfall

saudi don't walk to places they drive there lol

Wow i miss this beautiful place

Muhammad #2 is gonna be in big trouble. What a fucking idiot

You should have come to Jeddah

For everyone saying the dude with the girlfriend and tattoos is "lying" that's not true, I lived here my whole life, I know people with tattoos who don't get in trouble and I hang out alot with the opposite gender and no one says anything, am sorry but just because it's not that common or your don't see it alot, doesn't mean it doesn't happen or he is lying lol.

Go the women, we will reign, one day very soon. watch out.

Guys lets keep it real the religious police “الهيئة"did that kind of stuff. He’s right they do shave your hair if it’s too long for them and they do force you to go pray in the mosque or you’ll be jailed. If you wear chains, shorts or have a tattoo you’ll be jailed “not for a long time but still” and they will definitely stop you if they say you with a female and ask you to prove that’s she’s your family or you’re going to prison. We came along way. especial thanks to my prince Mohhammed bin Salman for making this possible is such a short time.

6:54 its a Saudi tradition to let guest go first as in honor of the guest. I wish if u went to Jeddah its more open minded and also the new airport was just launched two months ago

2nd Mehamed is lied you


Both guys were cool. The second one even has tattoos. Hopefully the changes are for real. God bless Saudi Arabia.

يالله ياللي توك عرفتهم

the second guy tells lies , they never ever do that , he's stupid

The second Mohammad is full of shit. No one forces anyone to pray.

As a Saudi Teen , I think R.I.P to this guy 11:45 .

ابو وشم ذا لو اشوفه حطيت رجلي بفمه

Omg the second mohamad was a big lair .. you really meet the wrong guy

Love Saudi Arabia

هذا الشخص لا يمثلنا إطلاقًا

Really boring country though

shout out to the 1st Mohammed for being a true Saudi citizen, as for the 2nd Mohammed what he said was all wrong! that we are forced to go to the mousq, nobody forces anyone to do anything in our country or in our religion and the fact that he was being disrespectful about what he said "these rules" is unforgivable and I would take a wild guess and say he's not Saudi nor Muslim, because no Saudi would say what he said about us and I'm really sad you met someone like him and hope you meet people who would truly represents and love our country.

This seconed mohammed is full of bullshit

Is the second guy still living there or he ran away after so much of things he said

دس لايك

Love from Tamil Nadu

11:12 صديقتي؟؟ ترا ذا شي عيب حتا لو الدولة سمحت فيه وعيب تطلع مع بنت مو محرم لك ثاني شي المسجد يقول يودونا الشرطه ؟؟ اول مره اشوف واحد يمسكونه الشرطه عشانه مايصلي صح فيه هيئه تمسكه وتنصحه بس مو لدرجه يسجنونه ،الدين يسر وليس عسر ربنا لا تؤاخذنا بما فعل السفهاء منا

12:04 على كيف أمك مايصلون اذا انت ماتصلي لا تحكم على غيرك وع مدري منين يجيبون لنا هالعهات

thanks for doing this, and kudos to you for doing it by yourself! these glimpses into every-day lifes in KSA give the rest of the world an authentic impression of what people are really like. the comment of that one guy who recently returned from UK, "I just want peace and freedom" touched me deeply. cuz that is what the majority of humanity wants. the rest is dirty politicians and manipulating mass media.

No way. Don't wanna get my head cut off.

مولات وناس عينها ع جوالاتها

He didn't tell you the truth ...

money talks... if you don't have money you can see the real world any corner.

Hi man You are very welcome to my country.. I am saudi guy and I would tell you met the wrong guy who said a lot of lies about saudis.. I am talking about the second guy... we were normal people (not like ISIS) before Mohammed bin Salman and we are still normal people.. the only big changes after MBS are women can drive cars and one will force you to go to Masjid.. no one will go to prison because of tatto.. I think you should cut off the part of the second guy and upload the video again if you are honest and seek the truth and if you dont do it ,, IT IS BIG SHAME ON YOU

Welcome to saudi

Is that Aladeen - the supreme leader @9:28

Saudi Arabia is a super safe country to the point where people don’t even lock their doors where I live. I moved here from America and it’s so relaxing and laidback lol.

اللي طالع مع حبيبته هاذا شفيه بس يكذب كثيير زائد ليش كذا هو صغير عقل طالع مع حبيبته و واشم هاذا ما اتوقع مسلم اصلا

long live MBS

Girlfriend thing ? He is lying

هههههه الله وكبر

All of them have said the truth I was in Saudi Arabia

the second Mohammed is a liar ... he is not a gentleman he's just acting and telling lies in front of the camera

This is Saudi if you are lost just stop anyone to help you and you might end up invited over a lunch or dinner

Welcome to Saudi Arabia

The guy with girlfriend stays hotel room hes happy he got freedom. What a generation coming, this ignorant might be brainwashed.

nice i hope to have a beautiful lover one day


Fake propaganda to hide wahabi terrorism.

انتا مالك داعي في المجتمع واصلن ايش بو تعرف ايش هو الحرام والحلال اقلب مسيحي احسن لك وبتلاقي جهنم قدامك bitch

ترا متفقين مع بعض اخر همنا رضى الغرب

Yeey It is not just me who sees pink clouds,tattos and minecrafted girls in the video

what the f he is talking about isis rules omg he is so wrong no one gets forced to do anything even 2 years ago

Good to see KSA letting in tourists. How do you get a Visa for KSA. What is there to see in KSA.

Saudi Arabia is going bankrupt. The oil money is not flowing in as it did before. They realize the only way to get investors is to open up to the world



Wow there arabian people's hospitality is another

This 09:53 son of the b**** and his b**** representing themselves and their filthy families not the majority of Saudi people as he said. Take one huge "dislike" for hosting someone like him! But cuz you're our guest I'll change it to "like" . . . for this time! Message to that freak: We are 'Muslim' Sosiety NOT 'Isis' you mother f*****! Muslim gentleman 'never' has a girlfriend and 'never' draw tattoo on his body!!

wtf? so bad country

Where is video #2? I hope you keep it raw and unscripted like video #1

seen any chop chops yet?

2nd person is the biggest lier and he's not considered a Muslim cause he has a tattoo and he's saying like (why do shops close at prayer time no one prays) you mean your the only one who doesn't pray.... He pissed me off

The infrastructure is awsome.. i miss my jeddah city I worked there for 3 years

First time I’ve watched your video and I’m impressed!

I thought andre iniesta plays in japan didn't know he trnfrd to saudi recently with shaved head.

The 2nd person is a disgrace and does represent any one in the kingdom but him self. He lives like a thug and regarded as a waste of breath. Even in the western world they treat people with tattoos differently.

The second guy with a girl was totally lying and has never seen Saudi Arabia! No one forces here to go to Mosque! Islam is a peaceful religion which never forces anyone! I wanna catch that second Mohammed and explain him what the truth is.

The second mohammed is a seroius victim of political agenda against his own country.

For all ppl who watch this video not all saudian are agree with this. .. what is against our religion we don’t follow it .. n who do things which is not allowed in our Islam he is irregular.. we respect ppl and treatment them with a good way but we dont allow to distortion our religion and traditions .. moreover the second mohammad can’t wallk with her friend in public.. no one know that she is her friend .. maybe we thought that she is her sister or wife what ever ..n most of ppl who show saudia Arabia for the others maybe they r not saudian by away ... Shameless

The second Mohammed is Christan now ...He said God Bless You..All glory to Yahua & Yashua...

Especially the second guy Bull Shi**

Dude this is Bull Sh*** alll lies what the f**

الله لا يحييك

I am a Saudi citizen against conveying a false image of change in Saudi Arabia

Hello there. 1st time am watching your content. love them. Hope to see you in Mauritius ^^

Saudi Arabia is a bad country that violates human rights

The second guy is harrami

The second guy talks like hypocrite

As a Muslim we are forbidden to be alone with women who are not related or have not been married by us because it is an act of sin and contempt in the teachings of Islam..

Imagine a Saudi travelling in America for the first, I don't think people would be as hospitable to him then they are to you

Why bald's and bankrupt's video so funny and yours so sad? ( I'm sorry for my bad English again)

Sir speak of your mind.

Second Muhammed makes me sad. He spoke like munafik. ( I'm sorry for my bad English)

Now it’s Riyadh season.. I hope you download the application and see what you want to visit .. and I hope you go to Riyadh Boulevard it’s Amazing place and also Riyadh winter wonderland

What Mohammed said to you, who with his girlfriend is not the truth and never represent us, I hope you do not believe him

What Mohammed said to you, who with his girlfriend is a lie and does not represent the Saudis because he does not belong to us originally.

المشكلة ان الناس اللي تمثل السعودية الاغلب ما عندهم لغة .. بعكس اللي يعكس الصور اللي م تمثل السعودين.

الفيديو مرتب ومحبوك وتمثيل .. الاجانب ما يحبون يركبون سياره شخص غريب مهما كان ..ناس متعودين على الخوف الدائم وخصوصا لما قال بانه اول مره يسافر للسعوديه .. الله على التغير يعني البنت ما خافت على نفسها من التصوير .. بنات السعوديه اشرف من الزباله الي معاك والشعب السعودي مو متخلف يترك دينه بسهوله .. والي يصدق الفيديو التمثيلي عفوا فهو غبي

Any malayalees here

Second guy!!!! We don’t like that and we can’t hangout with any guy and tattoo!!! That’s bad things in our religion it’s not about evolution or something, but we have religion and principles.

الوضع بالسعودية لوز صاير رح اجيب صديقتي واجي الرياض

Best land Ever

رخمه سطل درج واضح من شخصيته المهزوزه ! يع يع يعععععع

Welcome to Saudi Arabia❤️

Love in our country requires fulfillment and honesty so that if you love a girl you must marry her to complement your life with her We did not prevent love but prevent lying and betrayal so as not to be underestimated the feelings of others

Muhammad 2 did not tell you the right habits and you as a tourist want to know cultures, not problems, etc. I hope that I or someone else has explained our culture to you properly + info We are a Muslim people and we pray with love and there is no one who wants to pray only a little and another teacher tattoos are not suitable for the Muslim individual so as not to accept his prayers is a tattoo, I wish you a fun visit✨


I'm saudi .. welcome in Saudi Arabia

من خلال التعليقات حسستوني ان السعوديين كلهم ملائكة وانه مافي الصالح والسيئ والكل اجمع ان محمد الثاني لايمثل السعوديين مع العلم اني مختلف معاه تماما في ماقاله بس في كل مكان بالعالم وبكل دولة تجد المتمسكين بدينهم والفالتين الداشرين والله اني سعودي واعشق تراب الوطن بس مو كلنا ملائكه فيه شياطين بيننا الله يزيلهم

99% of comments: The second Mohamed is a bad guy he don't represent us.

ياجماعه يشابه iniesta ولا يتهيأ لي؟

Nura noor

Saudi arabia is improving

Boy with tattoo is big layer i dont know how he speack like that with this confidence he Literally destroying himself and destroyed the girl with whom, there is something wrong I can not believed

The atmosphere varies in the regions of Saudi Arabia

ive been to saudia 4 times for hajj and umrah , saudis want to feed you everytime, so kind. i love those guys.

We are honored your presence in Saudi Arabia

liiiiarr liiiiiaaar the second guy

محمد الثاني حالف انه يورينا لاي درجة هو غبي، ليتك في بريطانيا ما رجعت فشلتنا.


The first mohammed is a nice guy and gentle too, we're proud of him not like the second mohammed.

Staying in hotel as couple? How much you will make worse MBS? Astagfirullah

This video is full of lies what the heck is this like for real !!!! What those guys are trying to tell him about us !!!! I’m SO MAD

before everything welcome to Saudi Arabia im happy to see u in my country and i welcome u in jeddah if u decide to come here again just message me in my snapchat: hmood.a now into my comment apwt the video: the first guy showed u how will the city gonna be and showed u the kingdom tower and was a gentleman but the second guy was such an embersment showed u his tattoos that he got from uk and no Muslim Saudis has he showed u his girlfriend that he shouldn't have bc our religion and if he was really happy apwt the tattoos why he wearing long sleeve in 40 degrees C he just want to hide it and the girl to its not apwt she want to be in camera but dad not allowing her she couldn't bc its wrong what she do and she dont want anybody knows bc that what bitchs do

That second guy is a terrible liar. Sorry for that lie brother. Nobody force you to go to the mosque (and he got a tattoo?). Are u kidding?

السعودي الي معك داشر يالحبيب

Hi im new here welcome to saudi arabia

الثاني اللي طالع مع خويته مررررريضضض نفسسسسسي

This dude the one with tattoos is saying some shit and lies from where he brought u should’ve ask some intelligent people to get better information

الصلاه بينك وبين ربك يامتخلف لا تحسسهم انا نصلي لربي ونؤمن به خوف من قانون او شرطه تفف على اشكالك اخ لو اعرفك اتبرى منك على تخلفك وعقليتك مع تفله بعد .

welcome to in saudi arabia Peter

The second mohammed is SO disgusting

The second mohammed is a big lair, "I can walk with my girlfriend" that's bullshit man.

محمد الثاني داشر و سربوت ولا يمثل السعوديين لاننا مانتشرف بالاشكال القذره هاذي

Muhammad2 is a liar. A man is not allowed to live with a woman if she is not his wife

3:02 that look, Indian!

الثاني ليتك قاعد ببريطانيا ابرك حمدلله والشكر الرجال جاء يتمشى ويستانس وشعليه منك انت وصديقتك؟؟؟؟؟؟مريض من متى يغصبون الناس تصلي ويحلقون روسهم صليت ولا ماصليت لربك مو للناس (قل خيرا اواصمت) السياح مو جايين عشان يسمعون مشاكلنا وقضايانا ياليت تكبر عقلك

With all the respect for the second mohammed and his girlfriend but having a girlfriend and tattoos or not praying is not what is freedom is about sorry that he thinks of freedom this way. What he said about if you do not pray they take u to the police and shave ur hair!!! WTH I mean saudi few years ago where too conservative but not like that bro so chill .

Welcome to saudi arabia bro, have a nice trip

The second guy absolutely not presenting himself only he doesn’t present any saudis guy and all of his talking was about how we have been before 2 years until now and he is saying there is a changing the right thing is the only thing is changing that how to make saudi arabia wonderful city to visit and the people who live in it enjoy it the second guy he said that he have been forced before 2 years to pray and now he is not. I think nothing change and no one forced as to pray our family just advice us to pray because the wish all the best for us ( advice not force ) I think actually the second guy is trying to Tarnish our reputation. If anyone want to see the real life and real saudis come to saudi arabia and you will see a white hearts.

Present himself only *

The second guy was an absoloute piece of filth, it was embarrasing listning to him

Wow beautiful country

دا كلب فاسق محمد الثاني

i gotta be honest. second guy he was talking to (the one with his gIrL) HE PISSED ME OFF. hes for one, not even trying to be a muslim and two, spreading absolute bullshit for no reason. the mosque thing was a LIE. my dad and brother always pray at home cuz they’re unable to go to the mosques and only go on fridays and last time i checked both my dad and brother are alive smh. and also the tattoo shit thingy, there were many tattooed guys and shit long before two years ago i think. so honestly this guy should literally shut the fuck up cuz spreading LIES aint cute

حلال من جاه المول وداس على حلقه ولعن والدينه وصلبه فنص المول 10:19

Embarrassing time for the prophet did for these people brining them out of jahalat but seems its going back to the same point and it was prophesied by the prophet, demolishing the homes of sahabas and making way to malls n hotels such a shame, organizing wwe events when men's r fighting half naked and women are enjoying

هذا الوقح لازم يتحاسب

The second guy is doing something saudis don’t do because its a shame when you do that in public but in private is not a shame because you don’t show people in public what ever I think many guys do that in privately

هو وحبيبته بفندق ومسوي انه عادي يستهبل ذَا

The second guy all her talk was a bag lie

In middle estern rich country Arab people can eat with a jew in same plate but not with a muslim from a poor country

عذرا ، محمد الثاني لا يمثلنا كسعوديين احنا أفضل من كذا !! كمسلمين لا يجوز للرجال التجول مع فتاه ولا وضع الوشوم ولا ترك الصلاه الا اذا كان مرتد عن الإسلام فهذا شي أخر ! كان مقطع جميل لكن ظهور محمد الثاني في هذي الطريقة فاشل

Mohamed 2 ‏اوفر

Mohammed is laying

عطوه دسلايك .. وبلاغ لانه كذب في كذب

الرمه طالع مع خويته و شغال سب في السعوديه

The second guy doesn't represent Saudis he's a lie.

الشخص الثانييي قهرني ..متنازل عن دينه وتقااليده ..

How much they paid you the Saudi government ؟

Dear Peter, Thank you for sharing Saudi haven't been there yet. I am American revert. BUT.......I just want to interject something .....It makes me very sad to see the Western influences in a negative way, I know there is a positive side as well. But the negative side of the Western culture bothers me but maybe you can not understand, or maybe you do. Do not like fast food chains, do not like the habit of consumerism, do not like the fact that the youth are being affected by utter garbage that is churned out of that disgusting place of Hollywood. the city of devils that promotes lude , violent, uneducated movies. I believe in education, being kind, helping people, and having strong families. Having respect for each other and having strong conviction to what is good for society. By following GOD's Laws as best as I can. All the best GOD BLess, May GOd guide you to the straight path, Ameen.

Heavensgate well said!!!! Totally agree!

does anybody agree with me the problem with sex slaving forcefully in saudi i bet ITS TRUE

الثاني مسويله وشم ويقول يجبرونه على الذهاب للمسجد وهذا كذب مافي احد يجبرك تروح المسجد و يقصون شعركك و طالع مع حبيبتك وكل الناس تشوفها هذا التطور الي تبيه اركببب علييهه بسس..

ولكم تو سعودي اربيا

I lived in Saudi for three years. I miss the kabsa, it was great. The kunafa from LaRomansia is the best man. I still dream about it :) . Yalla habibi!

seeing this and like seeing people film and experience the places i pass by literally every single day for the first time is so insane i still cant process it

One thing about Arabs and Saudis in particular are they are a most generous ethnic group whatever other shortcomings they may or may not have.

Bad video

For everyone who thought Saudi Arabia is oppressed please reply to this I would love to see other people's opinion Ps. Am saudi Arabian

U have to come to jeddah

From all the people in riyadh you meet the second guy OMG he’s laying about everything

Muhammad II is not a Muslim and understood evolution as a mistake

11:16 الله لايوفقه كذاب يعطي انطباع سيئ للاجانب

فيديو ممنهج وتمثيل واضح

“Most of them don’t pray” !??!???? Talk about yourself jerk , ew he thinks he’s cool but he looks like a rat seeking for attention

what camera did you use. nice 4K

محمد الثاني فاهم التطور خطا؟!

The second guy was saying the truth, even tho most comments here are saying otherwise. that must be a pain in the ass for Saudis

حسستونا اننا كنا عايشين في جحيم من قبل هالسنتين؟؟؟ ما هي الا إكمال للمسيرة اللي اقرها عبدالعزيز بن عبدالرحمن وأوصى بها ابناءه ولله الحمد عايشين التطور والأمن والأمان من ١٠٠ سنه ولا تغير شي ،،، التطور في الصناعة والطب والتكلونوجيا والمعرفة ،،،، ليش ما تكلمتوا عن الطبيب والطبيبه السعوديه والمهندس والمهندسة السعوديه والعلماء السعوديين ،،، هذا هو التطور والتي دعمته الدوله ،،،،، ما دعمت امثالك يا ابو وشم عشان تستنكر ما كنت عليه قبل فلا زلت منبوذ وفعلك انت وصديقتك لا يدعو للفخر بل شي شاذ ،،، والتعمد السخيف من صاحب الفيديو ما هي الا دس السم في العسل ومقابله أشخاص لا يمثلون المواطن السعودي الصحيح

He’s paid to do this vlog I mean these incidences the way he talks about evolution and business this is not he’s style of vloging very disappointed of how the people of my country would do everything thing for the sake of our reputation in the western countries I mean fuck them we are who we are we don’t need to be another country or another people to have better reputation cause this principle is illogical and for the guys in the video don’t blame them guys they are paid and maybe forced to act like that.

SSJG B52 are you serious? He always talks about that. And if you really watched Peter’s videos, you’d know, that he has his own business in the US and makes those videos straight from his heart. They are about PEOPLE around the world from the countries, that are presented in the media from political side only. Face the truth: he met hospitable people during the first day in KSA, asked them questions to understand, how does it work really, behind the news abroad. If you don’t agree with what that local guy said, well, all people have different opinions. It’s disappointing to see, how judgmental people are

Saudi is starting to change for the better. ❤

You did a really bad job representing the people

Beautiful city! I want to go to Saudi Arabia! However, Saudi Arabia is strict about foreigners entering.

محمد الثاني النسخة الاسوأ من الانحراف واعطاه معلومات مغلوطه كثير منها اذا ودك تصير نصراني او يهودي عادي ويقول ان اللي ما يصلي ياخذونه قسم الشرطه ويحلقوا شعر راسه ، تمتع بحياتك كيفما تريد لكن عفواً اظهر الجانب الطيب من بلدك . كل سنه ينزلوا في جده الالاف وملايين الحجاج والمعتمرين وما شفت جداوي قدح في مجتمعنا بهذي الطريقه او النظرة السوداويه .

i dont know what to feel . but i assure its safer here than other countries. The changes it KSA is just Bravo! im loving it.

مقصود في هذا فديو تشويه صورة سعوديه

It’s great era in the kingdom prince mohammed bin salman start that move toward the normalize this great nation with other world and everyone feels the change with love to him

Hello sir. I hope to meet you up here in saudi arabia. I inivite you to visit al hasa we have al qarah mountain which is very nice travel vlogg you can contact me on my number 0545298578 so that we can collaborate here . Thanks please reply and notify me .

Welcome to Saudi Arabia

محمد هذا ودك تمسك وتدعس على راسه وتخليه عبره ، كيف كذا تتكلم عن بلدك !!!!!

فشلونا بالحفريات

you need to visit Jeddah its have a beautiful beach

Wow look at the car they must be really rich

The second boy he soo lair and such a bad maann don't believe hem

Sadly these people are ruled by Arab Zionist.


مين يحس زيي ان الي جابهم معاه مو صدفه؟

Thoughts of Mohammed II is PARIAH! and He is a rare and hated person in society

Come to Palestine next

سود الله وجهك يا محمد هاذي الأشكال الي لازم تقومون عليها حملة و تسجنونها لانه لايمثل الرجل السعودي و كل الي قاله غلط ✋

Well some women don't even wear abayas

I just want to let u know that the second Mohammed lied about many things

الي يشوف ان محمد الاول شخص مضياف وابتسامته حلوه ويعرف كيف يوريك التطور // الثاني زق والي ازق منه القحبه الي معاه يخرب بيت الرخص بشهر واحد منقزها

محمد الثاني لايمثلنا واقطع هو والجاريه الي معاه

Wow very interesting and eye opening video.. I wanna visit Saudi one day

محمد الثاني سامج مررررررررره وكذاب

The second Mohamed probably a mounafiq ... i even doubt he is called Mohamed ... I feel more is like a plot ... he appear from nothing we don’t even know how they meet ... American willing to impose their imperialism on Saudi ...

What that Arabic guy said its not true at all... he is f***king lier what he done said its never happened before to cut your hair or what ever he said

But i’ve been too Saudi and he’s right the shops close bt the employees don’t pray lol not all of them anyways.

Mo is a cool guy.


الي قهرني السبك ألي يقول في العاميه مع حبيبتي ؟؟؟

The second guy was being a little selfish. He has a westernized mentality. That does not represent saudi arabia,neither our Religion. His girlfriend should be ashamed for going with a guy against her father's will.Also before marriage. Pre marital relationship is very rare there and considered to be disgusting Liked the first guy though.The country that gave so many foreign workers a stable life once.Even though many tradition are fading away because of the current king but still it is the country that still is closest to Islamic ethics. I have been there when I was young.Then I came back to bangladesh. I wish to visit there again Inn Shaa Allah. Saudi arabia was my childhood

The first Mohammed is soooooo kind. That moment when he offered him a ride was very touching..... knowing that they dont know each other. True Saudis are kind and accommodating.

It's my dream to visit SUADI ARABIA insha Allah

في الثانيه 18:09 حسبتو يصبع هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

Looking forward to see the third mohammed you are going to meet

الزاحف الي يمشي مع خويته بياكل زق

The Second men he is lier.

tge second Mohammed is fake. these things don't happen whatsoever, everything he said is untrue, about the prayer and that they would cut his hair and all thay stuff. also for thr girlfriend situation is a lie, if they find out they're dating the police will take them, it's bc it's against our Islamic culture and that's the right thing to to. and the fact that he stays with his girlfriend in a hotel and if they did something inappropriate they will kill him and her

Ksa is under control and slave of USA

The other mohamed is crack

Fuck this Saudi guys! Disgusting bustard fuck your self dude such a big liar

ههههههه علطول شاف الطرق كيف والحفريات

The second guy that has got the tattoos is lien to much mean I hate him damn

C'est bien, rester comme vous êtes !

اول شفته حسبته زيدان


2nd one is hypocrite

Second guy doesn’t represent Saudi Arabia as it should be just saying

9:50 This is not even a typical Saudi. Looks like a retarded version of ""Saudi"" that lives outside of Saudi Arabia his whole life. I'm a foreigner, not a Saudi myself but I worked with Saudi for 5 years back then in their kingdom. Seeing they're very dedicated to their religion and at the same time highly intelligent and hardworking to a certain degree. With that, I'm not saying they're absolutely perfect but most of them are likeable and kind once you know them better. I think I prefer the Saudi back then, at least they have their own unique identity that they're distinguishable from others, unlike this recent change that I feel like it's more kind of rebellious youth power, which often a sign of uncontrollable degeneracy like we have here in the West. It is sad that I am watching the fall of a kingdom just to be acknowledged by toxic "progress".

Saudi Arabia has lowest crime records . I find peace here for sure

That's what happen when you talk about controversial subject in Saudi Arabia you Go Viral :)

I love arab saudi country from

According to the comments in this video: 2nd Mohammed is a liar and every saudi is the exact opposite of what he said. -No Freedom -Can’t or dont want to go out with your Girl -Never miss prayers Why y’all so proud to hate on him for loving his country

They never forced us to go to the mosk

I have visited Saudi Arabia couple of times, I must say it's a very beautiful country with a unique culture, their people are very friendly despite how people have "bad" perceptions about them, they really respect women. I once got lost, took a taxi and the taxi driver refused to take a cent from me because of the situation I was in, In many countries people will take advantage of a tourist and exploit them. One thing I can tell you for a FACT, the 2nd Mohammed was trying to portray a negative side of Saudi Arabia which is quite sad. He should speak about himself, a lot of people leave close the shop to show Obedience to the one who provides rizq, btw it's very admirable country and people are beautiful and I would highly recommend people to visit the country

the second mohammed is such a liiaaaarrrr

Mohammed 2 is not siude

That second Mohammed is a big liar.

I dont see anything wrong about the second muhammad, everything he said is just fine, at least his not being hypocrite, his just being honest.

يا اخي مدري ماحبيت كل بعد شوي تغيير وتغيير ومن هالكلام تحسسوني انه كنا في ظلال بالعكس احنا ما تغيرنا على مستوى الشعب اللي تغيرت التنمية محاربة التطرف والفساد واشياء إيجابية مدري حسيت فيه تقزيم وفيه معلومات مغلوطة كثير

Mohamed 's other words are not true. We have developed, but our religion forbids this thing and everything, but religion is not a red line

Salman abdulaziz is leading Saudi to the hell

This whole thing needs to be viewed with a pinch of salt, maybe a bit more..A bucket? There are various players here..The Saudi govt plants peole to say cool stuff to appear modern/open. Then there is their huge IT cell which monitors all content about SA and comments on YouTube videos like its an actual individual etc etc. It gets a lot murkier. And by the way there are lots of atheists and people who don't believe in the concept of Islam itself living inside SA but prefer to not say so publically to avoid harsh punishment. A lot of muslims are shocked by the very thought but i say..Grow up!! There are many in your midst who have abandoned your faith..

Maybe you wanna trun the comments off lol

الي كان ماشي مع خويته هذاالحقيرمايمثل الانفسه الشاب السعودي غيور ورجل..ومحافظ على صلاته ودينه..

A gay who has tattoos is liar all what he said is wrong

Came to hail city we have Ancient civilization. Call me 0548447031

Go to albaik

Second muhammed is right. We were living under isis rules forever. Isis take their rules from the same books they used to teach us at schools !

The second guy is trying so hard to show the American guy that Saudies are very open about everything but in real life not all saudies are like what he claims

that is not true

i wish we stared some new tech things not this things

odont want chnages i miss 2015 2016

Go to your country , Saudi Arabia is Islamic country and will stay

can someone explain why yall dont like the second mohammed? he seemed like a pretty nice guy, just having quality time with his gf and being all about freedom and peace. shouldnt this be interpreted as something everybody really wants?

I hate the second Mohammed he is such liar

The second Mohammed.. it really baffles me the lengths he would go to prove that he’s such an asshole! I mean he’s out here spitting false facts to show how cool and open to other cultures he is, yet he never catches on to the fact that he’s a total loser. Why does this douchebag think that spreading rumors about Saudi (which exactly fits to the Saudi stereotype) would make him smart? I mean the only good thing he did on this video is to give you a free ride and that’s it!! How can someone reach this level of inflated sense of self worth?

Mohmd is a lair

I love how brave second muhammed was lol. I'm genuinly worried about him. Riyadh is an anti freedom city and most of the terrorists are from riyadh.


ترا السعوديين ماهم كذا،الله يفشل محمد

دولة العهر السعودية.

شبااب طلعت لوحة محمد الثاني د ط ق | ٨٨٩٤ خن نبلغ عليه

If you wanna see an entire different world. Don’t go to capital cities. In case if you’re a nature guy, there are lots of places with diverse climates such as lakes, seas, deserts, valleys, mountains and many oasis in Saudi Arabia

Yo you look like disrespectful person man just the way u do your video is shit

the other Mohammed is a liar

Very nice country

The second Mohammed he’s a fucking liar in the past they didn’t cut your hair we was freedom country and we still freedom country

طيب هذا الصدق يعني كثير ما يصلون اساسا مفروض ما يسكرون بالاخير هالش راجع له هو يعرف الصح والغلط سو...

Hellow sir Im wathing from riyadh

فالسعودية التنميه لا تتوقف،، فخور ببلدي

The second guy represents himself only

What the heck!! That 2nd Muhammad is really putting bad image to Muslims especially to girls. I'm not an Arab nationals nor Saudis but the 2nd guys really disappointing me so much. What he said are all false.. grrrr he should just stay in UK where he came from and don't call himself as a Muslim coz obviously his not. Such a kuffar..

Believe you me, I stopped watching the video after saw the comments about the second guy..I just don't to feel bad "cause he said bad things about Saudi Arabia

i like the second guy Muhammad, he wasn't afraid to speak whats in his mind, I guess hes right they have more freedom now, even my cousin attested that , shes a nurse there and she said they can roam around the mall without covering their head, they can color their hair, and they surprised that very short shorts were being sold in mall and many saudia women buy it,

Ive been there 2years back march 2017- march 2019

محمد بن سلمان متبري منك بالزبالي

حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل ،،،،،الغرب حقق أهدافه وقضي علي التزام واحترام السعوديه بيفخر انه ماشي في الشارع مع صديقته عادي ،،بدايه النهايه يابلد الحرمين،،،اللهم قها شر حكامها بما شئت،،،،،،ماضيع اوطاننا الا الفساد الأخلاقي وانحلال الدين ارجوكم تمسكوا بقيمكم

There is no way you will figure saudis in such short time. It will take years to do so not only that but you need to read in between the lines. Haha asking 2 Mohammeds about saudi will get you no where. Nice try though

Welcome to Saudi, hope you enjoy and please visit the eastern coast you will definitely like it

My advice to all USA and European citizens DO NOT GO to Saudi Arabia.there is too much I could tell you a bout that since my language is Arabic and raised as a muslim and spent years on Gulf and get to know Arabs very deeply you will be trapped in unexpected fines to rip you off your money you will cry for help and know one will help you police there is nonsense controlled by tribes and rich Arab small issue may destroy your life.. believe me they did not open Saudi Arabia until their pockets are empty they are hypocrites they did not open it for Muslims from Bangladesh . NEVER GO THERE

Muhammad the other said extra information !! It’s not okay to go with a woman out without her ( Mhram) “ one of her brothers of her father “ . Also must of them don’t pray !! Who’s says that ?? If he doesn’t pray that doesn’t mean others are not!! Tattoo is hram “ forbidden by Islam law”. In conclusion, we change and ‏ ‏develop our country and thought not our religion “ these things what he said doesnt make him cool .. asshole

The second guy is an awful example of a Saudi man and he’s been saying a lot of false shit about us!

17:47 ..that Azaan touches my soul.....

Very cool, would love to go see saudi arabia now. Only ''arabic'' country iv been to is Morroco

محمد 2 مسلم مزيف اسلام بس بالشكل افكاره سموم يقدمها للمجتمع تقليد للغرب بغباء شديد وصف الهيئه انهم داعش عشان الفرصة متاحه الان قدامه للانتقام ماينفع واحد او اثنين اشخاص يقدمو حقيقة الحياة والمجتمع السعودي

You don't even see roaches during the day it's soo hot over there. It's when the sun goes down people come out.

ولا ذاك حقير ملعون الخير كيف يقول عن ديننا كذا ؟؟؟؟؟؟

The second person, a liar and a hypocrite and spoiled the video and I will report it, deserves to be punished according to the law, and must know that the Saudi people and his religion and customs must be respected, and open relationship with others does not mean the destruction of culture, religion and ethics

Machallah the first mohammed his nice.

Second guy is lying. He’s trying to ruin mbs’s reputation

99% Saudies commenting saying the second guy is a liar i believe you he's a dickhead

Welcome To saudi arabia My friend

الحقيقه مُره دائما انا لم أسيء لكم شخصيا لدينا قانون لايقمع الحريات وانا لم اخالف القوانين ولذلك تم التصوير بمكان عام وشكرا

ما يمثل السعوديه

What????? You can go to the mosque whenever you want No one forces you And you can do a tattoo No one tells you not But in Islam it is haram And that is something between you and God Women can not wear the hijab but must wear the abaya But in Islam for a certain age You must wear it I'm talking about Mohammed II He's the dumbest man in the universe Ahh I can't believe How to say things that do not exist ????? DON'T believe him plz

Hey man your so welcome to Saudi Arabia

What i first Heard The Azaan !!! Mashallah ♥️

Comments full of bitterness for the second guy. His only mistake was wearing socks inside his sandals. Apart from that he seemed like a pretty chilled lad and you guys are all butthurt because he's enjoying life now.


The 2nd man is such a lier We are working in ksa since 2014 but nothing happened like that with us But many things is against Islam its not allowed in ksa and we respect there rules We love ksa as a Pakistani

In my whole life I lived in Saudi Arabia not one person came to me and tried to force me to pray in the mosque and to cut my hair for not doing so, we have been free in this subject since we were born in this world, and we did not have to become Muslims by force to live in Saudi Arabia , we respect All the different religions that’s what our state has grown up to , From before until now we respect everyone The 2nd mohammed suck a fucking liar he lived in the uk most of his life how could he know what our country was doing at that time . And also in regards to your girlfriend that was never a hindrance, but our religion has forbidden illegal relations because there is a lack of literature and disrespect for our religious principles, also the reason that there are exaggerated in these things it’s because some people show off these acts to the general public, but if you want to have a girlfriend , you can. but don't do anything against morality so that you won't be arrested because that doesn't state what our religion has set for us , because we respect our religion the most So don’t believe this liar please such a prick of guy

الله يلعن محمد الثاني وبعدين من متى صار اذا تبغا تصير مسيحي عادي وأنه كان عايش في داعش معنا كرييييهه

The second guy is a dickhead, do not believe him.

محمد الثاني انت والسلقه اللي معك فاهممين التطور والحريه غلطططط

Welcome to Saudi

Yeah they’re nice if you’re Caucasian or western-looking. But if you’re from third world countries expats thats another story. Everything you see and experience in Riyadh take it with a grain of salt.

يوم كنا متمسكين بالدين والعادات والتقاليد كانت جميع الدول العربيه والاسلاميه تحترمنا وتقدرنا وكنا قدوه لهم ، والان اصبحنا مثال للانحلال والتغريب والانسلاخ من الهويه

Why do such liar people tollarate in Saudi. Now cut his tongue because he is lying. There is no rules that if you don't pry they will cut your head or something this is big lie. Along with the cutting his hand please somebody cut SAUDI KING SALMAN SON Head. He is main sourse of this consuconces.

الوسخ الثاني لا يمثلنا ابدددد

انا ماغثن غير الي حاط وشم

I think the second "Mohammad" is giving you false information. Seriously, that dude is spreading wrong information about Saudi Arabia, but nevertheless, Saudi Arabia is a safer country than the WEST or any other country, in my opinion ,since I used to live in Jeddah for 17 great years.

شكراً لانكم شوهتو صورتنا بقذارتكم وانحلالكم عند دول العالم ، الاسلام والعادات كانت قوتنا والان نحن بالنسبه لهم اضعف من قبل

محمد هذا اغبا مخلوق شفته في حياتي... يقول كل شي تغير قبل عامين

محمد لايمثل شعبنا المسلم

The second guy all what he said is a lie he doesn’t know anything about Saudi Arabia also there is better and beautiful places you didn’t go to it , iam so sad that you didn’t see the new and real Riyadh :(

the second guy is a big Liar .....

حسبي الله عليك انت وحبيبتك خربت الانطباعات الاولى .

Second Mohammed he's not right maybe crazy

لاا يجماععه وش هاذا من متى صار الواحد يحب وحده ويطلع معها عادي ؟؟ مملكتنا مسلمه وماتسمح بهاذي الاشياء صراحتن مادري وش اقول صراحتن

I don’t get why everyone is bashing the second guy.... for walking with his girlfriend? What if he’s not a muslim anymore? Regardless it’s his freedom

i think some people are riled up because the second fella is not very representative of the majority and more so of the monied western educated liberal minority who prefer to adopt wester culture and associate positivity to the outside and negative perceptions to that which is culturally saudi. The 'American dreamers' as i like to think of them i could be wrong though.But I love that you spoke to the migrant workers

الله ينكبك ي محمد كان وديته لي مواسم الرياض

What’s Muhammad said is no true by the way it’s not okay to have a boyfriend or girlfriend and we do prayers everything he said not true don’t believe anything ppl say everyone has different ideas

Iam a muslim .and I pray five times a day . Despite of that I like the city of my prophet , I will not travel there. Because they fucked the other muslim countries by ammunating the terrorist and made a calm life for thier self. They are abusing from islam. Other muslim have nothing but they ride the best cars.

Second Mohammed ugly

I lived there for two years while teaching.....It is nothing like what people in the west think....Most people are very welcoming to outsiders.

I'm not saudi but I've lived in Saudi for the past 3 years and the second mohammed is chatting shit.

Second person is a liar dude!!

Very interesting video. Saudi Arabia is for me a mystery and an "unknown planet". These "amatorial" videos,very often are very useful for trying to "discover"a nation and people who live there and that I will never be able to visit. Did you eat all that food you ordered at the Egyptian restaurant? ahahaha I suppose you were very hungry :p.

واضح نية الوسخ كنه يقول شوفو تراه عادي وان السعودية خربت

American logic: first day in Saudi, rides a car with a complete stranger

انا يقهرني الي يظهر للدول الاجنبيه ان بلاده كلهم او اغلبهم زي سلوكياته! طيب اذا انت تحب الانفتاح و الاشياء الي ما ترضي الله لا تعمم ، قول ( انا احب ذا الشي بس اغلب الشعب ما يحبون ذا الشي ولا حتى يسوون مثل هذي الاشياء)


Riyadh looks such a nice place..but I would definitely not live there.. it doesn't feel rigid culture...

Just wow You’re so handsome bruh I’m from Saudi Arabia to here

اللي طالع مع خويته وحاط وشم بجسمه وش يحس فيه هههههههههههه يولد ذا مب صاحي غلط يبوي وش اللي مسموح اطلع مع خويتي ويين


محمد الثاني واضح يبي الانفتاح و تقليد سلوكيات الغرب وكلامه كله خطأ الله يهديه

Omg you are so lucky man, im half indonesia half saudi arabia, im so so dificlut to go there, and very dificlut to get visa there, my fathers is a saudia nationality and my mon indonesia but she pased away when i 4 years old, soon i hope can go saudia and see gravier my mom in saudia

انا من سوريا و عايش ب السعودية 8 سنين ماشفت اي شي من الحكومه ماكنت اصلي ولا واحد قالي شي

The second Mohammed is a professional rich liar. Anyways, even if the culture may seem a bit harsh because of the old bedouin lifestyle, you shouldn’t get it confused with Islam in itself.

The second Mohammed is a professional rich liar. Anyways, even if the culture may seem a bit harsh because of the old bedouin lifestyle, you shouldn’t get it confused with Islam in itself. People should differentiate between the bedouin culture and Islam.

The dude walking around with a girlfriend. No one knows who she is so he can get away with it.

تابعوا قناتي

the second guy is such a liar.

Ho brother . Most welcome to safe, beautiful & respectable kingdom (saudi arbia) and i hope u enjoyed your trip. Wish you to see you around main big cities such as jeddah and dammam. As you noticed that from some comments not all you heard specially from second mohammed reflected our traditional and cultural ethics. Shukran brother for your visit hope to see u at jeddah.

الشخص الثاني ليتك بالع زق

The second guy is a phony, liar. If he enjoys sinning and committing haram, and wants to be like a kaafir and having tattoos, then he should have stayed back in the UK. Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country. Don't try to represent it as a disbelieving country. That guy really upset me!!!! I feel like punching him..

Bro i think some people laugh at you cause you look loke johnny sins. Thata why heheh.

Lol he is big liar

لماذا هذا الفديو يظهر جانب شخصي من فرد اسمه محمد ، والشعب والدولة جميعهم لا يتفقون معه؟ دعنا نقول الحقائق ياصديق

I’m Saudi girl and Muhammad is not good guy he doesn’t till the truth no one force you to pray from long time you have to go with someone proud of his country he even has a tattoo on his buddy that’s mean he is not a good Muslim

Well, yes everything has changed and developed, but the changes to people like the 2nd Muhammad who desire freedom only means literally taking your pants off and slutting around or hanging out with your so called significant other instead of the evolutionary change

Dubai Mall Water Dance


قبل خمس سنوات انا كنت اسكن في السعوديه معقوله السعودية تغيرت لذي الدرجة مثل ما يقول محمد الثاني!!!!!؟؟؟

Wallah iam swearing that the second mohammed is the biggest lier in the world when i was in saudi arabia iwas not praying astaghfur allah for that but no one was doing any thing for us and they only cutting the hair for who is doing a bad and harram hair cuts and only if u cross 18yo

They would treat westerners differently than asians.

The second mohammed tell many lies things, so shame on him, and welcome mr. Peter here in Riyadh, wish you learn more about culture and moral of Saudi people,

احمد ربك جيت ف الشتاء

The second guy doesn’t represent us in anything. He should talk about himself and not generalizes his filthy ideas on all of our people. We don’t see adultery as normal , and not most of us don’t pry , he should talk about himself. Everyone are welcome in saudi , but respect our culture and religion, we don’t want to change, and we don’t want to adopt western lifestyle just to appeal to westerners!

ليش احس اماكنا تفشل بعدين العمالة بكل مكان مافيه تنظيم

I am obliged to put a dislike of the passage because of the misconception of evolution

Hello peter I'm sara Normal Saudi women , keep in your mind not all that information it's true 99% from Saudi Arabia have Clear believe we are Central Muslims understanding of other religions, but with conditions everyone doing everything wants but not the bad things

Evolution is not rebellion against religion and Islamic customs Evolution by punctuality, education, hard work, acceptance of the other, law enforcement, respect for the queue and many other types of development

Can you go to the Boulevard and Winter Wonderland?

بما انتي عايش في السعوديه اكتر من ثلاثين سنه اقول ان الشعب السعودي من أكثر الشعوب الطيبه و الودوده و تتقبل جيمع الاطياف و الأجناس لكن مع إحترامي لهم الشخص السعودي الثاني راحي التاتو لا يمثل اي صفه من تلك الصفات و كلامه كذب و بهتان حفظ الله أهل الجزيرة و اعزهم بالإسلام و الموده في القلب دائم يا نبض الجزيرة السعوديه همه حتى القمة

الفديو الي مع البنت والله سيناريو حسبي الله إذا ما تبي يجي شي على الطبيعة لا تفبرك عشان الأجانب

Many says second Muhammad was a lier but reality is he is telling the truth in Saudi u must b careful or the police(moral)will gonna kick ur ass ,every day they sounding horns five times to close the shop nd things ,i can say if there is no oil money not even a fly ill go to that country except sunnies

طب لكم بواحد كلب .. وعلى م يقولون الطيور ع اشكالها تقع 11:20 //

Welcome petar we are developing

11:15 على كيف ابوك هو

He is a ‏ liar 11:31

Muhammad number two did not say the true customs and traditions for you, and I was saddened that he conveyed the customs and traditions of Britain

All the comments about the second guy being a bad presentation of saudi guys, y’all are delusional guys like him are everywhere and that’s ok they present the new generation of Saudi and ppl who have problems with him or guys like need to take a chill pill. He just gave y’all a reality check!

The second guy with cap is a liar, im filipina and living here in saudi since 1995, they dont force anyone to go to masjid and cut their hair or whatever lie he said. He is real lier.

11:25 living with ISIS here Lmao

I’m a women in Saudi Arabia and the second Mohamed is absolutely dose not know the country well they don’t put him in jail only if he did something bad like kissing his girl in public or something

مستانس مع خويتك اذلف

Hey If your still in Saudi and want someone to show you around in Jeddah, I'd be glad to help :D

ما اقول غير الله فوق كل واحد يشوه سمعت بلاد الحرمين احنا في بلد مسلم من المفترض نغرس القيم الاسلاميه في الاجانب ((تعرفو قد ايش اجر الي يدخل احد للإسلام )) ياليت كل واحد يشوه سمعت السعوديه يتحاسب اتمنى

And the girl she is lying because she can everything she wants not her father

فرق بين محمد الأول ومحمد الثاني حسبي الله عليك يا بعيد أخلاق وتصرفات لا تمت للشعب السعودي الأصيل الحرية شي والوقاحة والتمرد ع الدين شي آخر

18:15 I first thought the kid on the right did the Bird to the camera xdd

The boy with her girl friend he is lying

how long until Westerners wear out their welcome?

the second guy is a liar!

They lie if it benefits islam. Safe if you're a guy Must try and find a video of a girl on her own and see how far she gets

the second person is such a liar !!!!!!!!!

اجل girlfriend

Peter did you get paid to travel there? Your answer as YES or NO will tell A LOT

“Freedom and peace” that’s what I want in my live.... that was so cute!!

Staying in the hotel with his girlfriend? Dude that's a lie and you know that

come to Pakistan bro

Please do not believe Mohammed Please do not believe Mohammed Please do not believe Mohammed

Not sure why everyone in the comment attacking the second guy as a lair...he wasn't saying anything wrong he was saying how things WERE few years ago, not now. He says things have changed.


ياهو ايش الدنيا سهلت صحيح كذا؟

سبحان الله عشانه اغتنا نسا ربه ونسا دينه وحط وشم ياليته علئ الجاريه الي معه علئ الوشم الله يلعن تطور الي يحثك علئ الحرام

شوفو شوراعنا كيف طالعه ع حقيقتها

not every saudi people like change

The one with tattoos isn't saying the truth

سائح مافي مشكلة! المشكلة ليه يتجول في الشوارع لوحده؟! لماذا لا يوجد مراقبين وموجهين

The second guy is liar oommmg he’s liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The second guy is a liar and every thing he says was lies except the women driving.

يوه شذا الشخص الي التقا فيه كل الكلام الي قاله يفشل ولا يمثلنا

I wish you like our country it’s really completely different than before every things are changed,

مين شاف المرور السري الشرطه 2:19 ههه يا حبيبي صارو يطلعون ليه حتى في الحلم

awesome people! big love for the saudis from Israel. good video peter!

Muhammad II is a liar and speaks for himself just not knowing what the meaning of freedom showed Saudi Arabia inappropriately!!!!!!

The second guy is more accurate.

المقطع مدبر و لا و الله ادشر سعودي داخل المملكة ما يتجرء يطلع بمقطع فديوي و يقول انا مع صديقتي و الحين رايح ازني معها بالفندق على مين يا هو و الله ان المقطع في احد ثقيل وراه

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اللهم أرنا الحق حقا وأرزقنا اتباعه الشخص الثاني شي يوجع القلب الحين اول مثل داعش مو مفروض شخص مثله يتحاسب ؟!!!

Where is the womans in this country!


Welcom to our kingdom bro

محمد الثاني كاذب مدلس يتكلم بما يريد وليس بواقع المجتمع السعودي

رجال ثاني ماخذ امها فله ههههه

I lived there when Saudi was still very very strict. Happy for the changes.


13:12 اقسم بالله حسيت اني فغربه ماني فالسعوديه الي اعرفها لعنت الله على الي اسمه محمد الثاني والعبده الي معه عطوني كم لو ماكانو منحاشين من اهلهم لا وساكنين بفندق بعد يلعن ابو معتقد التطور الي بمخك يازباله

اتمنى ظاهرة العماله الاجنبيه تنقطع عندنا وتتبدل بالعماله الوطنيه والمحليه منظر جدا راقي

This is not what do think about saudi arabia , we are muslims and the person that you talked to him , he didn’t say the truth by the way and you shouldn’t publish this video

شخصيا ما اشوف ان التقرير عفوي ابدا ، كل شي متفق عليه ، وكل شخص يقول كلام غريب وكانه ملقن تلقين ، معليش هذا شي يسيء لنا كسعوديين انا ارفضه تماما .

واو التاتو والقيرل فرند بنظرة تطور صراحة فاجئني

بأي دقيقة القيرل فريند ؟

تزوج رجل من امرأة جميله جدا جدا وأحبها جدا .. ثم أصيبت الزوجة بمرض جلدي خطير إذ أن جلدها يتساقط وهنا شعرت الزوجة الجميله بأنها فقدت جمالها لكن زوجها كان مسافرا .. وفي طريقه للعودة أصيب بحادث أدى لفقد بصره وأصبح أعمى وأكمل الزوجان حياتهما الزوجية يوما وراء يوم الزوجة تفقد جمالها وتتشوه اكثر واكثر والزوج أعمى لايعلم بالتشوه شئ واكملو حياتهم بنفس درجة الحب والوئام الرجل يحبها بجنون ويعاملها باحترامهم السابق وزوجته كذلك الى أن جاء يوم توفت فيه زوجته (رحمها الله) وحزن الزوج حزنا شديدا لفراق حبيبته وبعد الدفن قام الزوج وخرج من المكان وحده فناداه رجل يا أبو فلان .. كيف ستمشي وحدك وهي كانت من تقودك طيله الفترة السابقة فقال الزوج: لست أعمى !! انما تظاهرت بالعمى حتى لااجرح زوجتي عندما علمت باصابتها بالمرض، لقد كانت نعم الزوجة وخشيت أن أكون سببا بنكستها فتظاهرت بالعمى طوال الفترة السابقة وتعاملت معها بنفس حبي لها قبل مرضها هل جميعنا محتاجون للتظاهر بالعمى كى لا نرى عيوب الاخرين ….للعقول الراقيه….(عن الوفاء نتحدث)........!لايك واشتراك حبايب قلبي

الشخص الثاني شاذ ولايمثل السعوديين

الله يهديهم للإسلام الإسلام دين السلام والمحبة ومرحبا بكم بالسعودية

Bomb saudie corrupt regime and peodos

Don't download anything bro that's not Saudi Arabia and the tattoo man lied about everything

اكتشفت انه كنا شريرين و فجأه تغيرنا ههههه

WTF this tattoed Arab really dumb like hell. Hes a freethinker with a bulls hit lifestyles

محمد الثاني مسكين يعاني من عقد غير سوي

bowerful xD

ذيبان صريح جاي مع خويتي

محمد التاني الحمدلله الذي عافانا وفضلنا ع كثيرا من خلقه وش وضع الي معه يلعن اوم الرخص

محمد الثاني لا يمثل الشعب السعودي

محمد الثاني .. لا يمثل المملكة !!

هو منو محمد الثاني

Person number 2 even at my father days no one went to jail for not praying.

محمد الثاني ممسوخ وأيضا كاذب، باقي شوي ويلهث زي الكلب أنا مثلك أنا مثلك، لاشيء أجمل من اعتزاز المرء بثقافته ودينه وليس مجرد نسخة مشوهه متأمركة يشمئز منها الغربي والعربي على حد سواء

@Marya شفت دقيقتين من المقطع الي افتهمته انه ينقل صورة غير صحيحة عن السعودية صح ولا انا مشتبه ؟

@Hussein Jawad الاثنين اللي في المقطع اسمهم محمد، أقصد الثاني

منو محمد الثاني ؟

The second person is a liar and his information is all wrong and he is not a good person you should visit Riyadh season and meet real Saudi people

I’m saudis saudis are good people but the government is terrible for the Muslims

السبك ذا يسوقها يسوي فيها انه معه خويته ومدري ايش الله يخلف عليه

i dont really agree with the second guy, yes you are free to do what ever you want like have tattoos i wouldnt care nobody would but culturally its disrespectful. and being with your girlfriend is also somewhat ok every body does it but again culturally its disrespectful. also the thing with the isis rules thats fucked up of course they didnt take us to jail because we didnt pray nobody went to jail for that, his statements are wrong. also its extremly fucked up to get a hotel room with your girlfriend thats him literally disrespecting the girls family

كان ودي يسأل محمد الثاني وهل اختك تقضي وقتها نفس ما انت تسوي تتطلع مع صديقها وتروح معه الفندق

و فوق هذا عاملين بهارات و انه التقى به صدفة مع انه واضح انهم منسقين عشان يعملوا هذا الفيديو السخيف

11:11 يعيال ذا يكذب والله كذاب بحياتي محد سحبني وقالي صلي وبالنسبة للوشم هو مسموح من زمااااان والمشكلة انه حاط رمز الاسلام وهو م يدري انه يعتبر كافر وبالنسبة للجيرل فريند على قولته الا الان يعتبر غير مسموح

يعني بالسعودية يصير تمشي مع الگيرل فريند ولا لا ؟

What the second man told you to wipe from your head that he is a man who does not represent the Saudi man and does not represent our customs and traditions that he is a young man bad prayer is obligatory for every man and go out with his girlfriend this is forbidden because Islam has forbidden that and beware of people who say so but the first man that he is good and sincere

saudis are actually racist to east asian people,.the very fact that they were expecting european and american to visit their country.

الناس تدعي ربها بستر وناس تفضح نفسها يستاهل

هذا الحمار الذي اسمه محمد مفتخر بالأوشام على جسده و مفتخر ان معه صديقة و انه يتمشى معاها و مفتخر بالسينماء و مفتخر ان بعض النساء أبعدن الحجاب و مستهتر بقوله يغلقوا خمس مرات لصلاة و ما يصلوا هذا المعتوه فاهم الحرية خطاء و جالس يقنعنا ان السعوديين كانوا عايشين في ظلام حتى اتى وقت الترفيه و التفسخ

الشخص الثاني اوفر ايش يعني محد يصلي والمساجد مليانه واضح انه هو اللي مايصلي

اتوقع انه جا يشوف ثقافتنا مهو يشوف ثقافته الي في بلده ولا كان قعد في بلاده احسن له هو جا يشوف ثقافتنا مهو وشمك الي في ايدك ولا الي في د..ك

This is a lie to people. First, the Saudis don't put tattoos. The Saudis don't have girl friends and go with them. If he came from Britain two weeks ago, how is his girlfriend a month ago? Everything in the video is pre-planned.

I don't know why the second person and the little people like him think that the improvement mean that you have a tattoo and girlfriend. Actually he didn't say the truth about Saudi Arabia

Andreas Iniesta ?

The second person is a lair nothing from what he says is true!!!!

The second person is a big liar

The person that you have met is an awful man there is nothing like this shit here he is a bad influence for us don’t take information from any body just like that.

The second man ????????????????????????? WTF is wrong with him

Bin Salman buy Manchester United

Hi my friend, thanks for visiting our country Saudi Arabia

The second guy is a big lier , Middle East and saudi arabia Specifically is The peace City and we love all the people in the earth , And welcome brother any day and any time ❤️❤️

Saudi Arabia is now open for tourists. The end is near

The second man liar and not represent us because we want development beased on our value and principle and religion not to be copy of other

Muhammad, who has a tattoo, does not represent Saudi Arabia, we have the Islamic religion, and prevents us from these actions, we mean we grow and progress, but not in this way through and through this person and this woman with whom, we love our country and our religion and do not allow this to convey the wrong image of Our religion.

What's shocking ??

2nd person was a real fuckface

The second guy is such a big lair !!

Have a girl in public:arrested tattos: they dont give a fuck drinking beer or alcohol: arrested for a short term (not sure cuz i never tried) not praying: they dont give a fuck also adultery: YOU FINNA DIE BABY

The second guy wouldn't marry a girl that is not a virgin everyone also he would not let his sister have date

الله يلعنكك يالعبد

محمد الثاني جابلي حرقان في معدتي الاشكال ذي قسم بالله تخلي الواحد يتمسك بدينه اكثر والحمد لله اشكاله بالمملكه واحد بالميه لا اكثر

The second guy is a boomer and that’s it!!!

11:09 he is saying bullshit

غبني ذاك يوم قال اغلبهم ما يصلون

The dumb person who was wearing a cap is laying about taking you to the police department if you didn’t pray. Praying is a main thing in our life as Muslims and as people who believe in GOD the creator of this world Im telling the cap man if you don’t wanna pray then it’s your choice but don’t talk badly about it. We respect and welcome all people from all the world to visit us to learn about our culture and have a good time .

محمد الأول الله يبيض وجهة محمد الثاني الله يسود وجهك هههههه


2nd guy is full of shit

You need a better guide. What a misrepresentation of Saudi and Islam, I'm so sorry for you.

0:12 is that what you r proud of?

بالنسبة للحريه اللي يتكلم عنها اللي شفناها بالمقطع السابق حق الرجال اللي كان مع حرمه مايعرفها بخصوص هذا الموضوع المفروض يوصل للجهات المعنية لان هذا الشي لا دينا ولا المجتمع يقبله والمفروض يتحاسب هذاك الشخص اللي اسمه محمد على هذا الشي

- what is that 40? - oh noo, it's 39

Second guy

بصراحه فخوره في الولد اللي ركبه سيارته ورحب فيه عندنا عيال كفو

Muhammad says "I felt I was living in ISIS rules...

There I was thinking hey the second guy is cool, maybe Saudi is making more progress then I thought. Everyone in the comments: THE 2ND GUY IS A LIAR HE DOESN'T REPRESENT SAUDI ARABIA!!

The sacand Mohammed is liyer all the thing he said it's pullshit

الي يسمع الشابين يقول كنا نعاني ونعيش اكره عيشه مالت على الشباب امثالكم وخاصة الثاني الي مايشرفنا ولا يشرف السعوديه ...تف عليكم

not going to talk about the second guy okay; you’re video was really good and it shows how kind and nice people in saudi is, they’re really excited about new people coming to visit and getting to know the country, i’ve been living here for 3 months now and i can tell you they’re really good (the majority at least) and things are really changing! very nice keep doing it!

وشم ومو عاجبه بلده .. لا تعليق !

يشبه الممثل جسيون ستاثام

Abu jahal state.. Wahabi

كلام غريب جدا من الاخ المدعو محمد الذي نقل صورة غير جيدة عن الاسلام وعن النظام السعودي يجب الارتقاء في المعاملة

محمد الثاني فشلتنا فشلتنا الله يصلحك

خسارة ان الي عزمك ديوث ويعطيك أفكار وثقافات من الخارج للأسف ليتة قال الحق والسياح يجون على الثقافات مو يسألونك عن خويتك ولا غيرة حسبي الله عليك

Funny thing is that Saudi Arabia is the most serious & radical Islamic country... Just one year ago women got the right to drive. Iranian women are driving from the first-day car entered the country! Then just because they pay a good amount of money to the USA, Iran is called radical and Islamic! You have been to Iran and you were not wondered like you are on a different planet bro, were you? Iran is more modernized, open and tolerant however media says any shit they have benefit in. Though 11 out of 16 attackers on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia, nowadays, the US government trying to link it to Iran after initially putting finger on Afghanistan and destroying that country. One reason only! As you Americans always believe and say; Money talks, bullshit walks. God shows you, people, the way.

Delete this sh***

ROFL the second Mohammed is lying xD wth! Non sense.

Woahhh why didn’t we meet I would’ve shown you aroundddd ahhhhh

2nd muhammed sound like FRENCH

انا لست عري لكن احس الأسف ان اري بعض الشباب العربي كيف يفكرون ويحبون الملاهي وتضيع الوقت وتقليد الاعمي اذي يسمونه الحريه

عليهم أن يفتخروا تقاليدهم السليمه والبلدهم الطيب المبارك وان يحمدوا الله وان يعلموا ان العزة والكرامة هي أن يتمسك المرء بدينه وعقيدته ومعني الحريه هي أن تكون حرا من التقاليد المستورده والعيب ان محمد سماه والديه باسم الحبيب المصطفى صلى الله عليه وسلم لا تكن متبعا ذليلا وعبيدا لغيرك والصلاة مفتاح النجاه وتمنعك الحرام اتق الله والله يهديك

He accused the saudi government by calling them ISIS ! Dammmm

The Saudi guy’s accent like a shit: bace = pace - bower = power

ياولد وش قلت الحياة ذي يقول انا الحين اطلع معا خويتي عادي

second Mohammed he is a big liar

I am impressed. I want to visit S.A.

هدا يدل على عدم الثقه بالنفس

هذا محمد الي مسوي متفتح و خويتي ومدري ايش وان المتدينين مايتغيرون اذا كان صادق يخلي اخته تطلع مع الشباب ولا مع بنات الناس عادي

الثاني ذا الي طلع ..من متى كانو يجرونك للمسجد اذا ماتصلي ..الله ياخذك وياخذ من رباك .. ريته ظل مع محمد الاول ولا قابل هالكلب الاجرب

First, you should learn to spell Riyadh before posting a video with the graphic Riyhad. Secondly, what's the point of pixelating the image of a woman who's dressed from head to toe in a black potato sack

no body agrees with the second mohammed he is a big liar!!!

مجاهره عيني عينك

No he is not Muslim that’s why he can walk around with a girlfriend it’s so bad

Muhammad: What’s your name? - Peter Muhammad: Awww

Other than religious fundamentalists, Saudi youngsters really like to live a normal life as westerners. Prince Mohammad bin Salman should do more for women's freedom.

افتخروا بعادتكم وتقاليدكم واجعلوا الاخرين يرون ما لدينا ..نحن متميزون باخلاقنا وعادتنا وثقافتنا المحافظة.

حياكم الله في السعودية، نتشرف بوجودكم لكن الشاب صاحب الوشم لايمثلنا نهائياً ولانفتخر به...

Muhammad the second man he didn't lie that’s the truth and no one want to accept it, I really enjoy your vlog

Most of comments say the 2'nd guy is a liar.....i doubt it because no one will take such a risk to appear in a YouTube video and lie about their own country.

It's really fun and I loved your vlog about my country

This man does not show his islamic culture and coustoms to a foreigner and I am doubtful he is a saudi arabian.

انا سعودي و كل ما قاله محمد الثاني غير صحيح و عقليته عقلية مراهق

محمد الثاني فيه كميه تخلف واصاً مو عارف التطور صح متى صار يحلقون الشعر علشان تروح المسجد؟؟!

قمة التخلف استطيع اطلع مع حبيبتي سخافة لأبعد حدود

مين المريض الي مع خويتو وعععع متخلف مايمثلنا ابدا

the second one is fake.

No one ever force u to go pray , cut the bullshit

Arab and Indonesia is Islam county I likes. They're different than another.

واضح الفلم ترا مو ماشي علينا وان شاء الله كيدكم في نحركم

The second guy ,I swear if I see him I will kick his ass bitch هذا مو عندنا عدلت ولا تقاليد

does anyone know what kind of trees @ 2:12 are?

Man, I thought visa tourists were not allowed yet, how did you enter the country administratively ? I Want to visit too

i suggest to delete this video because it’s big lie and you humiliate yourself with it. and please respect our rules because we respect yours even thoug we don’t find it respectful to human beings .

Sir please visit in Pakistan

Nice video. I m bangladeshi from riyadh.

الله يأخذه قاعد مع حبيبته بفندق و موشم و يجذب

بلد مقدس وشعب همجي وغير محترم

باختصار خلاصة المقطع ان السعودية كانت دولة إسلامية والآن أصبحت كسائر الدول دولة فاسدة حتى النخاع مبروك عليكم التغيير أتمشوا مع صديقاتكم واذهبوا إلى السينما واشربوا الخمور واحصلوا على الوشوم مثل جديكم ابو جهل وأبو لهب والله لو رائكم الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم لتبراء منكم

Seems like saudis don't like the second mohammad cuz he is hanging out with his girlfriend. Either they want to control his life or they are jealous

انا ف امريكا واتمنى اني ارجع السعوديه وذا يتكلم ب شي م قد سمعناه الزق ذا والله دمعت عيني يوم سمعت الاذان

Saudi is better than most middle east countries. But they should help other arabian countries to peace and stablization. Also peace is with iran is highly important

it is changing but not as much as you telling about most of the peaple still think same but young youth are very positive of change but dating a grilfriend in saudi arab is too much lol

Alslam Alaikum Peter We are so happy that you have visited our country. It was a very nice video done by you and I was stunned you have visited very poor places which is nice. I want to tell you that the Second Mohammed gave misleading information. We can simply proof that because he asked to hide his girlfriend's face. If the whole country is fine with that, and it is legal, why would he do that? I will be proud to take you if you visit us again especially in Jeddah. You can reach me at Looking forward to hearing from you.

وش سالفه الرجال بدايه الفيديو يعرفه ولا كانو متفين أحد يعرف

انا متأكده ان هالشخص متعاون مع اللي تكلم عن حبيبته شي غريب انه فجاءة يلتقي بشخص ويطلع هالشخص صايع ومفلوت لا وكمان مبين هويته الموضوع لعبه واضحه

How did you get inside Saudi Arabia? It is almoust impossible. I would love to visit Saudi Arabia. Are the people friendly towards tourist? They seem nice. As a European I would never go in a car with a person I dont know in Europe. I red that Saudis (talking about the people not politics) are in general really open and love to help others.

I've stopped watching the video at 10:00

The second mohammed is so ugly and doesn’t represent us saudis his a liar and if the police find out about this he will be stopped.

Lol, jesus the Saudis in the comments are hilariously backward

Hello, Im going to Riyadh for a week next week. I was wondering if yiuh had the chance to go to the Red Sand Dunes, and Edge of the World? Im going to KSA alone, and not sure how to arrange to go to those 2 places. I see that there are tour operators but they are expensive since they handle all aspects from flights and hotel.. But

Nice your videos

Hi dear friend

Its riyadh not riyhad

Benefits of having oil

The second Muhammad does not representing Islam.....

The second guy spoke lies ,he is not a Muslim.Don’t spread wrong information of Saudi Arabia without verifying for the sake of " video "and "views".I disliked the video because of that.

ليش تكذبون على انفسكم كل اللي قاله الرجال الثاني صح ويصير ولا بنسوي نفسنا اغبياء وننكر اتركوا العبط كل اللي قاله صح وقاعد يصير من زماااان

My husband is saudi and I’m not. Even for a foreigner, this is unacceptable the girlfriend thingy sleeping with him in a hotel and the tattoos. It doesn’t represent Saudi Arabia at all. However, and I’m saying this with so much love for Saudi Arabia, just probably 1% saudis is like this.

صراحة انا م همني ان الاجانب يصدقون كلام محمد الثاني ولالا لكن الاهم سمعتنا قدام الدول الاسلاميه الباقيه بكره يجيني ماليزي يقول انتم تطلعون مع بنات وتنكحونهم بالفنادق !! بالله ايش اقول


بعض الناس محترف للإنبطاح للأجنبي يفتح مكوته له - الان امشي عادي مع صديقتي - ليتهم يمشون مع خواتك وانت تشوف ولا تقدر تسوي شي يا خنث، وبعدين مصدق ان محمد اللي ركبه معه اول المقطع معجبه كل شيء ويمدح ماهو مرتب؟؟؟؟؟ يا صبر الارض على الغباء المستفحل من بعض الربع

Thats a big lieee.. it wasn't like that in KSA .. what he mentioned about police dept. And cutting hairs.. he is just an ass****

تقرير مدفوع الأجر هدفه الدعوه للانحلال من جانب السعودي الذي يفاخر بصديقه َونزع الحجاب

محمد الثاني لو انه على صح هو والامه اللي معه كان طلعها بدون تشويش المشكله يناقض نفسه ويعطي معلومات غلط عن شعب كامل

دخلنا ٢٠٢٠ والحفريات كما هي... إلى متى ؟

محمد الثاني لا يمثلنا

I did not like this man's way of talking no one can talk about his country like this !! We are free we have white hearts we give everything until love is free “ love the system before “ “ love the system now “ we are the sons of the old kingdom the same blood but open minds more.. - dear peter welcome to the real kingdom ( Saudi Arabia )

the second mohammad is big liar

١١:٠٠ منرفزززز ليته ماقابله قلة حيا


6:41 بلش يدور اماكن يمشيه فيها هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

The fuck is the second Muhammad saying?”they force you to go to mosque and if you don’t you go to the police department and cut your hair” What the fuck dude none of that is fucking true he really triggered me saying he felt like he was among ppl from isis . NO one forces no one to go fucking pray here never have anyone forced anyone to go to the mosque. And people didn’t care about tattoos they just stayed away from ppl with tats or just talked shit about them,not take them to PRISON.

Second Mohammed is biggg lier

Second person is big lier

مو كلنا م نخاف ربنا زيك مريض قهرني والله

يخي ليه يكذببببب سؤاللل ؟؟؟؟؟

Saudi is way better than the west because of modesty. I hate the change going on there because it will make people doing sex with their pets (Like some Americans using dogs for this purpose), same-gender marriages will start and women will start taking off their clothes because it is open-mindedness and their choice. Please, guys, save your country from becoming that kind of open.

Kaloka tumira dyan

بيض الله وجه محمد الاول ابو ثوب وسود الله وجه محمد الثاني يقاله راعي تطور مع صديقتي اجل

Yeah it tastes different it’s real

second person: "most people don't pray" many people who watch this maybe said: "it is himself who doesn't pray"

والله ضاق صدري منه

He only represent himself and by the way if you think getting tattoos is cool and wow you have never read a book in your life and you American boy if you wanna know about Saudi ask the right one not anybody who wakes in the streets you don’t go to the doctor to get some milk do you ? Wanna know Saudi ask real one cause you just asked fake one

كل مافي الفيديو هو متفق عليه رجل مخادع وجميع الباقي تمثيلات فقط

The second guy was just talking shit because literally everything he said was just lies. He represents him self only

استغفر الله شوهوا صورة الإسلام والمسلمين

محمد الثاني هذا خذوه وركبوه اقرب طياره لليو كي حقته هو وحبيبته. هذا الشخص مستحيل يمثلنا

اللي اسمه محمد الثاني زق جالس يشوه صورة السعودية المفروض يلعنون جدفه

المرشد فشلنا معلوماته غلط

if You think Evolution of society means to have a girlfriend then your stupid af

Your girlfriend yeah right its obvious you payed for him nobody is that stupid

‼(ياااااخساااارة)‼ والله عيب عليك انت ماتمثلنا هذا ماهو تطور تصادق بنت الناس وتمشي معها بالحرام اخساك الله انت وهي ياسفهاء اذا بتتطور كن على خلق دين نبيك المصطفى صل الله علية وسلم . ياحسافه على تطور هذا الجيل المفلس الفقير المعدوم من الرجولة والخلق الحسن


الرجال الثاني واضح مرة منفتح اللحين طلعت من السعودية و رحت بريطانيا بس عشان يعطوك حرية و تحط تاتو وهو شي اصلا حرام صراحة مادري ايش مفهوم الحرية عند البعض غريب والله.. السعودية تسمحلك بكل شي بس لا تتعدى القوانين والأشياء المحرمة وانت بكذا عايش حياتك بحرية تماما بس اللي يحب الطرق الملتوية هذا يبغى حرية بمفهوم ثاني ومايلاقيه الا بالدول الأجنبية..

الشخص الثاني مخنث < use google translate

Is everybody rich there?

صراحه نصدمت بكمية التطور في السعوديه اتمنه العراق هم يتطور

Laughing at the first minute, you thought you could walk on Riyad’s streets how funny, they forgot about the pedestrian roads when they designed the city lmao

Lol the second guy speaks the truth and everyone goes crazy lol

الهيئه الغو صلاحياتها من ٢٠١٤ كيف قبل ٣ سنين يحلقون شعرك يسوق امها ذا

Ok it's time to send all the Muslim immigrants and refugees from the West back to Saudi Arabia

وين عايشين ذول قسم انهم ممثلين واجادو الدور

ولد الحرام جالس يعطي فكرة سيئه عن السعوديه هو والقحبه الي معهم

I honestly stopped watching when the second guy came on... Can't stand lairs.

In public I walk with my girlfriend Girlfriend covered with black clothes cannot even the see the face lol

The second guys is pull shitting nothing he said is true.

الي حاط وشهم فاهم الحياة غلط وخلا السعوديه القديمه شينه وهي كانت حلوه هاديه

This is a very very sad video!! People openly parading and being happy at they they are allowed to disobey Allah. Tatoos? Girl friends? What an insult to Nabi Salillahu Alaihe Wasalam and the noble Sahabah Radiallahu Anhum that gave everything to spread Islam

I belive this vedio is very bad for some reasons: first of all the tuber make himself does not know these people before. Secondly these two men do not brief community in some laying words. The community in Saudi Arabia are muslims and do not accept which they said about freedom to select your religion or accept to let their daughters or sisters go with any man as boyfriend. And last I would like to tell u that the second guy is not saudi anymore.

whats this camera plz

Oh wow we met here in Jeddah lol... Thats cool

So the majority says second guy is a complete certified A S S H O L E.... I agree

The Second man is a liar

9:52 that guy doesn’t know what he talking about

اشوف الامريكي ذا كأنه يسوي تقصي في كثير من المواضيع

Welcome my friend

The Second Mohammed said it NOT in good way and mentioned "ISIS" that's why he's information become invalid for many local saudis here. BUT SOME OF HIS INFORMATION IS TRUE. I know someone get in prisoned because of tattoo, I know someone forced to cut his hair because it's long and I SAW someone get in troubled with the police because he is sitting outside the store near in the mosque during salah and not praying. I lived here in Saudi Arabia for 6 years. I visited few cities such as Tabuk, Abha, Dammam, Khobar, Jubail, Hail, Yanbu, Taif, And Jeddah. I love this country. I have bad expereiences here and the worst was with the police. BUT I love this country, I have met a lot of GOOD PEOPLE here than bad people. I support everything this country has in my own little way. Much love to all of you.

Most of the information Mohammed said is not true about Saudi Arabia

كفو محمد الاول اما محمد الثاني من فين جاء هههههههههه خيييير

الجاهل اللي سمع عن الحرية فتخلى عن مبادئه والجاهلة اللي سمعت عن الحرية رمت ملابسها

هاد تعريف البني آدم الحمار

Peter Mohammed is the man who has this tattoo of freedom. He is a rebel and not our people.

Mr. Peter, Welcome in our country. In fact, the second Muhammed is a big hater to the KSA and its legals. We absolutely knew from what he said that he’s not originally from KSA. Please MR. Peter do not take wrong information from people like this guy he’s absolutely representing himself, no one agrees with him at all as you can see in the comments below. All what he said is ******** .

قهرني الثاني تكفى الله ينصرنا عليه


Man just be careful while filming cos of Arabs mentality kinda sh*t

Welcome to ur second country

والله افضل شي شفته هوه محمد الثاني

everything is nice

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