Silver Jack Campground - Our Most Requested Campground to Record

Silver Jack Campground - Our Most Requested Campground to Record

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After recording 238 Colorado campground tours, we finally visit the campground that our viewers have requested more than any other. Silver Jack Campground isn't the most remote campground we've been to but it is definitely out of the way. From Ridgway Colorado, it is about 30 miles but takes almost an hour and a half to get here. Coming in from the north, the campground is about 18 miles off of US Highway 50 with a travel time of about 45 minutes. We came in from Ridgway and the snow began to fall as we reached a dispersed campsite at the top of Owl Creek Pass.

We pushed on hoping the snow would let up with a drop in elevation but it did not. This is the fishing area Looks like the lake is way down. I can't see much today. You can barely see the water. Trail to the Campground.

Then up here's the parking area for the overlook. We're at Silver Jack Campground in the middle of a September snowstorm Silver Jack loop 1. $16. all right loop 1 is gonna be sites one through nineteen. It'll be 20 through 44 in the next loop. and then 45 to 60 in the final loop 14-day stay limit Campground host is in three.

After getting out to record this next clip, we realized that mother nature was going to defeat us for the day. Our only option was to try again the next morning. Campsite number eight Campsite number nine It's a long one. There's a look over at ten. Silver Jack Campground take two We are passing the maintenance road.

Don't go there. All right. We're in the Ouray Loop. Sites 1 through 19. Site 19 is on the left.

Let's do a pull-through on site one. Man just look at all those aspen trees! That's awesome! I believe this is going to be 18 in front of us going to the left. That's a pull-through also.

Yeah. Site two on the right just before the campground host. That should have been 17 on our left. Looks like they've got a heater in the water.

Water spigot on the right. That might've been 16. Followed by some cows here. Trash can.

Got cows over here too. 15 is the tight pull-through site. You get a sharp turn. Four on the right-hand side Trailer in the loop here on the right is five. A pull-through site.

Six is a pull-through Trash cans, restroom, water. Site seven going to our right followed by eight. Side camera looking in eight at this point. Nine also going to the right.

Site number 10. followed by site number 11 on the right. I'm gonna back into 10 for a second and see what the view looks like.

Here's the view from 10. Looking over at nine and eight There's the view to site eleven Site number 11 on the right. Site number 12.

Site number 13 coming up on the right. Trail to the reservoir and to the overlook is right here. Site 14 has the fifth wheel and the cows Followed by the trash.

All right we're coming out of the loop here. Site number four This one's occupied with some cows Hopefully, they paid their fee. 15 is the tight pull-through over here. And this one's occupied by some cows Not much in the way of trash service here.

Assuming you're expected to pack out a lot of it yourself. uh, I forget what number that was. We'll have one here.

I think that's 13. Should make that 14 if our calculations are right. Two on the left. Oh no! I was way off.

That was 17 was the last one this is 18. It's got a barbecue grill besides the fire pit. And that should be looking into the outside of site number one. and here we are pulling through 19. Alright. Two more loops to go, although the last loop yesterday I had trouble finding that in the snow.

It might have been the group site. Chipetta. Sites 20 through 44 are coming up. If you haven't heard, we recently launched a second youtube channel named Gear Recon. On that channel, we will review a variety of camping, RV, and outdoor gear. Our first video is a compact camping chair from Klymit that weighs in at 44 ounces.

I found it on Amazon when I was looking for a small chair with a high back. Our second video is coming out anytime now and will be a high-end wireless backup camera system that our friends at Haloview sent us to review. We recently picked up some cookies in the sporting goods section of the Gunnison Walmart. It's in some kind of bag and you dump in some water and there's a deal inside that cooks the cookies in the bag. So we'll check that out too.

Anyways, we get some other items on the way and we'll share discount codes for some of those we'd love to have you check out gear recon and subscribe to us over there as well I will include a link in the description and comments of this video There is the group site. You are here. So there should be a left that goes to the other loop.

I'm not seeing it There's 44. Site 20. Man, just look how thick those aspen trees are! That's crazy. That's site 43.

43 nice long one. Lots of great RV sites up here. Camp host. I believe that's gonna be 21. Trash across from him The pull-through on the left was 42.

The one on the right was 22. 23 on the right. What's that? 24 on the right was the pull through. This is 40. No, that one that was occupied was 41. I believe that was number 40 that we just came out of Here is 25.

Let's loop through it A lot of pull-through sites here 39. 26 is on the right I won't zip through all of them. They're all pretty similar in looks. We've got 38 on the left. 27 here on the right.

Let's pull through 27. And I lied on that last one. The numbers were on the post coming before or on the post afterwards So we'll just do it this way. This one is 37 that we're pulling in. and 38 was the previous one There's a look at 27 again Another little trash bin. This one's creeped out by us.

26 (28) 29. A little bit shorter We'll go through a pull through and see what the number is on it. 36. Alright. Just came out of 36.

I believe this long narrow one is going to be 35. Yep 30 is going to be the pull-through going uphill here. Right next to the bathrooms. Trash right across.

Water is also by the bathrooms. Let's pull through. uh I didn't catch the number on that one there 34 on our left that we just pulled through. 32 on the right Let me go see which one we came out of here. Alright that's 33 we just came out of and 32 is the pull-through across the road/ Really nice campground.

And that's it. I guess the third loop is a group site but it has designated uh campsites it Could you not tell on the map. I mean that's got to be where it's at. It was like right by the entrance there.

Right by the sign was the entrance to that other loop and there's no mention of the group site on the map Alright I'm going to end the recording here and we're gonna go try to get a better video from the overlook. After visiting 250 of Colorado's campgrounds, Silver Jack will be a memorable one. I don't recall another campground with anywhere near this density of aspen trees.

Besides fishing in the 250-acre lake, there are a couple dozen miles of hiking trails and many miles of dirt roads to explore. I hope to return here someday Thanks for watching! Have a blessed day!

2021-05-06 11:16

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