Silves, Portugal - Walking Tour (4K Ultra HD)

Silves, Portugal - Walking Tour (4K Ultra HD)

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Welcome to Silves, the jewel of Portugal's Algarve region and once the capital of the Kingdom of the Algarve This guided tour will show you amongst the best attraction of Silves. By turning on the captions you'll learn new facts about Silves as we guide you through this picturesque village. We will also provide interesting facts and information about the churches, local history and other insights. Just relax and enjoy this leisurely stroll with us :) As we approach Silves' most famous building, take care to notice the red sandstone that adorns the walls and buildings - an aesthetic that is found throughout the town. Thanks to extensive renovations in the 20th century, this Castle is one of the best preserved Moorish castles of the Algarve.

It has been classified as a National Monument in 1910 and is one of the finest examples of an Islamic period castle in Portugal. Behold, the iconic Castle of Silves! This Castle is believed to have been constructed between the 8th and 13th centuries by the North African Moors. With its distinctive red sandstone walls, Silves Castle was the focus of numerous battles between 1160 and 1189. Under the red banner, you will notice the statue of Dom Sancho I, King of Portugal during the late 12th century.

To your left stands the Café Inglês, a Silves institution as famous as the castle itself. Alongside great food and drink, Café Inglês is a hub of art and music. Visit on a warm Algarve evening and you may encounter poetry nights, improv jazz performances or displays of new up and coming artworks and sculptures. The bust of José Vitoriano José Vitoriano was a revered Portugaise politician and an integral figure in the fight against the nation's former fascist regime. Silves Cathedral Constructed in Gothic and Baroque styles, Silves Cathedral stands here as one of the most important landmarks in southern Portugal. A visit to Silves is worth it just to experience the tranquility of these hidden cobbled streets.

The sense of calmness you get from walking here is undeniable. Constructed on a hill, this peaceful town also has an abundance of awe-inspiring views. Watch as the picture-perfect blue sky blends perfectly with the lush green trees and the terracotta roofs.

The quiet and idyllic Silves backstreets make a welcome change from the typical tourist crowds. ... and many offer secret views and passages that make exploring on foot all the more exciting. This beautiful cafè-restaurant is called "Segredo dos Mouros" and it's a real hidden gem. It offers Portuguese products, tapas, a good range of craft beers and an amazing selection of wine. It is a nice place to enjoy a lovely atmosphere with a relaxing view over Silves. ...there is no need to rush when you are protected by cooling shade. Portas da Cidade de Silves The Portas da Cidade de Silves is a medieval turret and once the main entrance to the old town of Silves. As we pass through the gate, we now enter the old town of Silves Moorish designs, patterns and aesthetic can still be seen throughout this city, the azulejo patterns here are a fine example of this.

In medieval times, this turret with gate was part of the wall that protected the site. The Praca do Municipio This is the old town's municipality square and centre point. It a pleasant place to rest for a bit and watch the world go by. Here we see more examples of the beautiful Iberian and Moorish patterns as we pass the Municipio de Silves on our right - the district council and governmental building. Feel free to stop and admire the magnificent colors of the light-filled trees.

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Don't forget to like this video, it really helps the channel grow, thanks. Let's get back to talking about this pretty town. Silves is also home to a relaxed cafe and restaurant scene.

From cataplana to francesinha and other traditional Portuguese seafood - Algarve restaurants have it all. Perched on an elevated hillside, the iconic narrow winding streets of Silves look down on to the Arade River below. The Arade River is located in the region of the Algarve, southern Portugal. Its course flows through the municipalities of Silves, Lagoa and Portimão, and is about 75 kilometers long.

It also flows under one of Silves' most historic attractions. We will show it shortly. With so many twists and turns, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding your route. Notice the proud Portuguese flags flying above many of the Silves buildings. Ever since the reconquest of Silves in the 13th century, the town has remained a bastion of Portuguese and European pride Watch as we burst from the bustling backstreet cafes to another of Silves iconic structures.

Silves Roman bridge! Though named the Roman Bridge, it is believed that the construction we see today was more likely to have been built during the 14th century. Crafted from local stone, the 76-metre bridge crosses the River Arade and is made up of five perfectly formed arches Local historians believe a Roman road once ran through this area, giving the bridge its well-known name. In 1950 the bridge became pedestian only.

It has then been named a monument of public interest by the Portuguese government, which has finally acknowledged the cultural value of this iconic landmark. With a town full of beautiful panoramic views, we have to walk a little further out to get the best view of all. From its rich culture and nation defining history to its modern reputation as one of Portugal's most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing towns, Silves is truly an unmissable place. Thanks for watching!

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