Simple Self Sufficient Sailboats - Ep 66 Sailing Luckyfish

Simple Self Sufficient Sailboats - Ep 66 Sailing Luckyfish

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Would be for gem sperm, and, an Anika, boo-hoo, to. Build a tiki, 72. A. Big. I. Heard, something, about that a. 72. You. Arrived at the Black Point community, we, just saw a guy crashes jetski into the JD that's the most exciting, thing that's happened. Pretty. Impressive entrance. Yeah. There was some big rise and, some medium-sized. Guy just, feeding on a fellow's got cleaning, fish they, hang around there may be tempted, to get in the water with them but as Marcel, said maybe not. At the feeding station. We. Had anchored off the small community, of Black, Point. Exactly. Half way along the Exuma, island chain. This. Was Marcel, and family's, last, full, day with us. We. Still had 50 miles to cover to get them to their flight in Georgetown. Tomorrow. After. Wandering around the, peaceful, small, community, and collecting. Some provisions. Including. Some tamarind, seeds, and coconuts. We. Returned, to the boat for the last leap to Georgetown. Just. Sign for the first time. I. Have, been feeling like, I already know, you. The. Other way around, we. Have been following your story, you're. Very comfortable, around, you. Domestic. Arguments, that we cut out. When. We start throwing sauce pans in each other. Think. Hard, what. Do you think is missing in the video from what you've experienced. In the last, you. Know. And shame my dress, because. It. They open, you. Shave your legs I change. We. Can ask you the same question, and theater did. You watch any vaporizer, wasn't any Marcela watches a video i, think, only master, and I watched one, you. Watch the boat to work yeah. Inside. And outside for. The. Two video there. Are any different man from what she was in The Bachelor yes, really. You're. Not. White. Yeah. The. Way how you are your. Personalities. Is. Exactly. Like. How I felt. When. I watched your videos I I don't feel. Any. Difference, and the. Boats. The. Orders. Don't. Like the rough stuff. What. Are your most. Favorite. Things. On. The vault or. Stops. That we made. Sorry. Cooks well. Today's. Army that. There wasn't the one glass falling over because the boat is rocking it, was just the wind because, the wine glass is empty. The. Week had been our first good test of all the renewable, energy systems, five. Crew, on board meant, more power for charging, equipment and running the water maker with. The energy coming from three, different sources, the. Benefits, of a diversified, system. Were already, obvious, it. Would be possible to do it all with solar but, we would need many more panels, and at least four, times the storage, and even. Then the system, would not be so versatile. We're. Just steaming out through galio cut i am. On the atlantic ocean side. Pass. Between cave key and big. Galley okey. They. Just made what. Beautiful. Fish and egg sandwiches, father look at that, just. Before we hit the waves. Soon. We'll be out of there by Georgetown. And, get, the sails up I think. I have a quick run we got good wind. Sandwiches. It. Had been a fantastic, week for everyone on board. Marcel. Had come to see if his family, would enjoy sailing. And to. See a finished version of the boat he'd just started, building in Belgium. Followers. Of his YouTube channel will know that shortly. After this video, Marcel. And family emigrated to Thailand, where, he began building a smaller Wharram, to, practice woodworking, skills before, resuming, his Tiki, as. Many. Wooden boat builders, would understand. Marcel, finds great, peace and pleasure when, in the workshop, building, wooden boats. We. Hope to sail with you all again one day soon. You. Honey this is Joey hi everybody Joyce. Joined, us he's come from California welcome. To lucky fish man and, still you didn't have to bring us a piece of work really. Well. Here's that here's. Something that made are. You guys oh there's. A place called booboo. Hill were. You in school where. You can either you can either keep it or throw it on a hill. So. We're gonna go and find this place yeah might be its word. Drink maybe water, wells yeah. Yeah. Don't. Be a first for all of us because we haven't visited did. Joe. Joined, us for a whole two weeks so. We'll take her much more leisurely pace this, time and explore, more, of the exhume, Asst.

Joe. Normally, sales a 27-foot. Monohulls. Solo, and has, been gaining experience. Sailing, with groups doing. Charters. And was, keen, to see firsthand, how, we did, things on lucky fish. We. Make the short crossing to Monument Bay on the chip that evening and, past this, very, interesting crisp, white Atlantic. 47. With her patented. Mast, foiled. Catch Rick I'm, always attracted to catamarans. With, two masts. They. Just make so much sense. Most. Are talking to a beach ball you know. Wilson. Wilson. The ball yeah. You're. Breaking into a conversation here. Luckily. There's no mirrors on the. Amazing. Joe. As. Luck, would have it we, anchored, next to John Michels Tiki, 36, Taguchi. One of only two or three in the world I'd, last met John Michell on, the hard stand in Grenada, we, went over to say hi while Joe, walked up to see the monument. In. Zuma. And. It's a very interesting boat, I believe it was a prototype to the Tiki 38, that we sail so. I was just checking out the cabin now which a lot of Tiki 38, people talk about would, it be possible to build. Out across, the center deck area in between the mass and the Tiki 36 does it with other quite well, Joey, in the porthole, this. Is the centum, seem, to pod what we call this mid ship's cabin. Very. Nice. Good. Sitting. Room. Hatch. Here. Many. People interested in Tiki, 36, idea, maybe. Adapting, it to the TV for. Big. Guy like me though it's a bit of a stretch. And. Then what's your head but, this, is a cozy we kevin, in. Here. It's. Nice yeah, I like in there you got the acrylic. Window there the back looks like another sliding, one that closes, the door way to make it all wet it's not. Picture. Out the window, it's. A balance. Five. To six I believe very. Nice about, 1/2 million dollars worth and. A. Considerable, amount less lucky, fish, sitting. Over there anchor as we were reminded of last night but they were pretty cool about it, we. Just offered to leave if they wanted to leave so, but they were good and. The beach is just there their monument, Barry. Sing. Baby no he went parenterally. Was his idea to go walk out. So. That was nice and then we're gonna put them up in a couple of hours let's, go and join John Michell. In. Jersey. Ours. Belong. To, a. Banker. Here's, some Jersey, yes very. Stressed. Yes. And then I vote from, him. Actually. And. Then I. Took. The boat to rest and. Prepare. For. The crossing, and. Then the next year. During. Summer, and fall. We went down to. Spain. Portugal and, then, Madeira. And then, Canary, Island, knowledgeable. In Tenerife, yes, from, Canada Yellin we went to, Cabo. Verde and. There, we stayed three days and Cabo, Verde we. We, went across to. Blood look 18, gangs. Not. Bad at all I seem, to Guadalupe, yeah well I think our Ralph Gunter was just done a similar thing with his party. 42. I think his crossing was about the same it's.

3,700. Miles, total. Matheny. Yeah. It's. Lovely yeah that's the way I shouldn't cross things should be yes. He's. Going to stay, here for two months in. The hole there and then. Go. Back to, go. Back to Jersey. Where. He was, born or who she was originally belong. So, the bite is, one. Of only two Tiki, 36, is built and are both built by a professional, builder yes and. From. The from. The Warren. Jim sweren design, metal, yard yeah, somewhere, in my stuff yes, and there's, carved. In the work there's a number the. Specific, number of the. Yeah. I say. I say so, so James Warren. Designed. The boat had, two, of them built by Andy Smith both works in the Philippines, or did when they built in England at that time I. Interesting. Could. Have been yeah, who knows but so. Andy Smith is a professional, builder and he built both of them and then worm decided. That it. Was a little bit too much for the amateur boat builders, to, to. Take on a project like, this the. Build construction. Required a professional, it's a complicated, construction so. So. He decided. Not to go ahead with producing, amateur, plans for, it it's a very simple model. Yeah. That's. Interesting. And then so were I mean what when why I had a head scratch and came up with the Tiki 30, instead, and then looked at the construction authority I reckoned. That the chicky. Katya clacks, I thought yes, it does it would. Have a tremendous success. With a pub mmm, sorry there is a number of. Sellers. You designed. And constructed, pods, for. Their Chiquita, Diego, interesting amelioration. Yeah, because. Otherwise. There. Was a French guy who built. One in New Jersey knew, jacques. Pierre a, Buddhist. Pilgrims, Pierce's bar here he. Wanted to to. Sell. How of the votes to me yeah. I. Decided, against, because, he. He. Wouldn't, want, to have, any. Challenge. In the construction, of his baby oh. And. You wanted to put in a father in like this i i i knew the boat yeah. Seven, years before, and. I had actually. Tried to buy the boat from. From. Scott. Brown yes. Sorry. Lima yes, and when, I phoned Scott. He said I, sold. The boat yesterday. There. Was a Tiki 38, was it not I. Do. It six years to Viper wow that's like a school. Girlfriend, listen together white oh she gets divorced and, then leaving parents. So. It's. A you've. Sailed, across the Atlantic weather, and cruising through the Caribbean you know the, full circuit of the Caribbean pretty much dipping down to Grenadier, and yes. I'm the dragon, clark's, Coronado. Is, where. We first met, and. Then. Came up here. From. Grenada. With another, friend. Yes, and we've, been here pretty much, since. The. Beginning, of jr. January, we. Went sailing in, restocking Island with views of French. Boats yes, and, we've. Enjoyed every day of the. Holidays. In Bahamas. Yeah. And. Your immediate plans to, spend a little bit more time here and then sell the boat back across the Atlantic. Yes. Because. To, Jersey, I. Have. Other plans in my life now okay and I have had, so, tremendous. Pleasure. With the boat it's time for someone else to have such a pleasure and, it's going to be a friend and he has already had to wear ups yes, so it's like. But. Right yeah I didn't think this part would hang around long, if you would ever sell it because I know there's a lot of interest and what is a very rare Wharram, yes yeah, and. It's but people. Who. Like modern, car cats don't like this to this type. Of design, because. It lacks the comfort. But. Then with all that comfort, comes complication. You know what would be. Nothing. Else it would be for gem sperm and and Anika, boo who. Could. Build a Tiki, 72. A. Big. I. Heard. Something, about that. 72. Feet. That, would be a, shooter, like yeah sure, but we've with one diesel engine. Because. Those Alborz I don't know about yours but they. They. Cannot run for hours and, days. Hmm. We. Try and minimize the use of hours but you know we do do long runs with them and touchwood they've been good but. We keep the maintenance up to them as well you know we've learned if you don't you know you get cutting yes.

But Thankfully we have to so, that's another good thing that's why I like to engines, if we're ever down one you know we ever know they know. That I like relying, on one at all I like having to all the time you know it redundancy. Is. This boat gaff rigged do you have the the, Wharram wing sail I have the ticket yes your property kiri right or the gaps and everything well it's really interesting because you managed to to. Fit all that and and the, and. I must get some film of how you, cheat. Your foursome. Yeah, on the dig because, this is one thing that I thought would be a hurdle if, you didn't fill in there seemed to complicate, the area on the td30 hike where would you put the sheets in, order to control the force oh yeah I imagine you've got it all just sitting on the terrace a number of. Blocks. Is, take. The rope from, you is. Out. Of the way. We. Had to say au revoir, to Java Xiaolin to gawky but happily, we meet them again later, and farewell. Them, on their, Atlantic. Crossing. Don't. Miss next week when we have a wild, ride north and, start. Exploring, the islands, with Joe. Well. Everyone we hope you enjoyed this episode we'd. Like to give a special thank, you to our patrons, it's. Because of patrons, like you that make our productions, sustainable. So please if you haven't already consider. Becoming a patron for as little as a dollar of video and become, part of the lucky fish story, feel. Free to question and comment and give us a like and sub below, until. Next time thank. You for watching.

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Post your questions and comments below. Anyone take a closer look at that Mast Foil rig? I was concerned about the windage. It looked like it gives whole new meaning to "bare poles" but there is more to the design than that. Do you think Luckyfish needs a solid pod like the Tiki 36? Sharing our videos really helps. Like, Sub, Bell.. you know the routine.

Thanks for another great vid. I was sad that Marcel decided to change direction with their project but still follow his Hitia 14 build closely. I particularly like the wedge design of the 36 (I seem to recall Neil of Gleda mentioning banging his head forward in the saloon of their standard plan). So the Two Ticks and Dragon T38 wedge mods are very appealing. I am reaching a conclusion that your pod, as is, or possibly extended a wee bit further aft over beam 4 has got to be close to the ideal. I'm keen to hear what you'd change on it. I'd like to, eventually, incorporate stretch fabric bow awnings off the sides of the pod roof to shade and protect the hull to hull crossover area from rain and sun although allow air flow. Your pod awnings give you many options that a "bridgedeck" type of pod does not. I imagine that you could do with a more solid dodger or wind/spray screen to protect the helm and instruments from time to time. Sailing Tangaroa have recently built an enclosed pod so it will be interesting to see how they comment after some time. Especially in warmer weather. Best regards Grant

+Jason A thanks for the suggestion. I think we will bundle the wee one on the settee in the pod and let him sleep in the quarter berth where we can check on him. Any situations I will be on my own and Z will be doing whatever is needed to shelter the bub. Just thinking this through a bit now! Cheers Stew

Well I think it would be a good addition as you need more protection for the little one, think of it as a play pen with walls instead of bars. would take care of your worries with a quick glance while all hands are on deck dealing with what ever situation arises, wouldn't really want the we one down below all the time or unsupervised in certain sea states. Cheers and love the videos and lucky fish

Stu, hard not to notice the slack in your back stay while just motoring with the wind gen on the top of your mast. Does that concern you?

Not a monhull in site at Georgetown. : )

Ha. Well we do tend to get pole position up against the beach virtually every time we anchor so our perspective is always in the shallow draft, cat neighborhood. There are certainly quite a few mono's there in GT, but... they are usually out the back somewhere.

There is so much room underneath the tiki 36 between the hull sides looks so elegant and the curved sides it's a pretty boat. : ) peace

Yeah, so true. Looks so right.

Congrats to both on the new crew member, sending well wishes for a happy and well birth. Cheers!

Thank you Truman. Our best to you too Stew and Zaya

On the central Pod idea, I personally think that the "too much windage" argument is overblown. Building a "very high" central cabin-pod with 6.5ft headroom that the sail can "climb over" (via some sort of "smooth upward deflector") would be a great solution for more interior space, as long as you can live with the aesthetics and the (probably very slight) upwind performance hit. The dang sail is on one side or the other the VAST majority of the time, and spends very little time "in the middle" (amidships), other than when crossing (jybing/tacking) or when dropped and tied down. Getting it smoothly and quickly over the "hump" is the important thing, and the fact that the cabin-pod slightly "shields" the sail while underway seems VERY trivial to performance. ..but then again, perhaps that's just me. :) I suppose somebody could do a dynamics study of what an altered Tiki38 with a big 'ol cabin-pod does, performance wise, but I'd take the living space over the performance hit (as long as it was basically trivial, which I suspect it would be) every time. There IS the windage at anchor thing, of course, but,... uh,.. buy a bigger anchor. Easy peezy fix! Yay...!! Aloha to the growing family, and nā mahalo (thanks/respect) for the vids and the great insights into life on the big soggy! :)

+Luckyfish Gets Away Touché on the proa reference! :) I design on the "ugly" (and "cheap") continuum, due to lack of a "good" position on the "money" continuum. The trick when designing on the "ugly" continuum is to not let any more "lazy", or "stupid", into the process than absolutely necessary. other words: no one will ever pay me to design boats, and WISELY so! :) Aloha nui!

Or just get a proa and always have the sails set on the same side :-) Sorry, couldn't resist... Don't underestimate "appearance". we humans have an in-built eye for "attractiveness" and its about seeing "balance". A tall, potentially boxy cabin simply won't "look" right or balanced and will therefore be "wrong". One of the Herreshoff 's said it first but I have heard Coutts say the same thing - if it doesn't look right, it probably isn't. They should know! As you know, Wharram always designs boats first, then fits the people in them afterwards, never the other way around. Don't mean to be a party pooper but trying to be constructive... Cheers!

Nice to see the Tiki 36. Yes, the pod is always a great source of conversation amongst Tiki 38 fans. There are a variety of ideas from what you have on LF to what Neil did on Gleda. Yes, Pilgrim had the "As designed Pod", with the watch bunk. It is quite safe and secure in a seaway but damp as shown in some of the videos of her sailing. However, it might not take much to enclose her for more protection, while still leave the original lines undisturbed. JWD does have a sketch of a canopy to do so in the builder's book, her new owner may try that approach. The one major detraction I see with the pod on the Tiki36 is the need to step on the cabin tops to go forward, this potential problem is eliminated on the Tiki 38. I personally like the large open deck space forward of the Pod on the Tiki 38. Keep sailing and sharing Thanks

Great comment. You are really well up on things man! That's a really important point you make about sail handling and safety when going forward. I take it too much for granted on the Tiki 38 but that centre/forward sunken well/cockpit we have is just perfect and a very secure place for sail handling. And, with the deck hatch its perfect for a sea-loo, fish gutting, you name it. Another one of those not so obvious gems in Wharram designs. Cheers, Stew

is the 36 lashed together?

+Luckyfish Gets Away thanks for the info

No. She is bolted on flexible joints. The cabin pod is a module also. Alot of Wharrams Classic designs use a similar hull beam attachment. cheers

Diversified power is key and so many people pass on wind generators. They overlook them because they don't put out tons of energy but the key is they can do it 24 hours a day unlike solar. I've noticed they can really help reduce your house bank size too. Also if you're running lead acid a alternate source will really extend the battery life. As far as a center pod goes, I think with the addition coming it'd really make a lot of sense. I know it might not have the headroom you need but nonetheless it'll make a safe and nice place for momma and junior ;-)

Great to hear that about the wind genny. Totally agree with you of course. We still haven't perfected our install yet but it is up, working and proving its value overnight as you say. No plans to add a center pod.. I like the security of sail handling low down in the centre cockpit area... compromises as always! Thanks for the great comment, Stew and Zaya

Great one Stewart! Yes I do see what you meant about your digging into the audio. I’m kind of proud to see/hear what you are achieving.

sublime Wharram bias! Hmmmph. I thought it was more explicit than that :-) :-) . Thanks m8eeee!

Congratulations to you both on your forthcoming family addition. I can see you are both looking forward to it's arrival, and am sure Zaya will be a wonderful mum. I am a fellow NZ'er Stewart, and have been following your sailing escapades for some time now and find them most enjoyable. I have spent most of my life associated with water activities. Mainly rowing, kayaking and small yachts. I have always been interested in catamarans. I would like to send you some photos of a Wharram named "Katipo" that is moored at the Sandspit near Cockle Bay, Howick in east Auckland. Can you advise what email address to send them to please?

Hi Terrry, thanks very much. We are glad you are enjoying the videos. My email is stew at svluckyfish dot com. Look forward to hearing from you, Stew

Love ya work guys and girls, it's a good insight for us all, keep on keeping on ;)

Thanks Kane!

How is mama and baby doing? We need updates on you two where you are and what's napping with you along with the sailing video's if not too much for you? Miss the live updates!

Hi C Lee! - so sorry about the lack of updates. It's a case of no news is good news. All lights are green with Zaya and bub, all systems are go for May and we feel very thankful! Thank you so much for your lovely email. We thought about it! Our best wishes to you, Stew and Zaya

Stuart... How much is it to join you for a week...

Hi Stuart and Maryse, Please drop us an email to stew at svluckyfish dot com. Thanks for the enquiry

I just realized that GODS favourate color is BLUE

Ha, blue, turquoise and cerulean and a thousand other shades!

Hi guys. Was that balance called kapai? Kiwi owner?

Not sure. Skipper had a proper English accent - not unheard of in NZ and she was British flagged. Nice boat btw :-)

Brilliant and very informative . Fanx for sharing your superbly put together videos with us :-)

Pleasure RJ!

Is it possible to have a look inside the Tiki 36 ?

+Olivier Bert see reply to obar65, cheers

+obar65 I can send you some photos - email me at stew at svluckyfish dot com and ask any spec q's and I will try to answer.

And a cloder look of the outside ? Thanks.

Love the jersey bit ,stressed out banker ??? Tax haven for the rich ! I'm back here after 20 years in Aussie .mate people here are stressed out , full of gin palaces in the marina ?

Chasing the dream. Not as fun as living it. Someone should tell them one day :-)

Never have an empty glass onboard, it’ll blow over.

You can tell when the bartender is filming right?

Catamarans with two masts? Here's a lil one for you

Let's get two! Love the term "can easily be built" haha

I rarely comment but feel I must,You have the most wonderful audio in you'r video's that I feel I am sitting next to you in conversation. You need to share you'r setup.

Hey Scott, thanks and we are working to improve the audio all the time. Mostly in editing. Our raw recordings aren't great. We need to improve that alot and will be. Audio can be alot of fun. Cheers

Well, the Pod would be a great Asset, I believe, and not much of a performance liability as you and Zaya aren't really Racers. Might be better for the baby, to have somewhere safer to learn to walk, and play. Well, is Zaya having any Weird Food Cravings? Lol!

Yup, Been There, Done THAT. Ain't it GREAT? LOL!+Luckyfish Gets Away

Yes to the weird food cravings. When I get sent out to find something specific I get a few other things too. I've learned that by the time I return the food craving has shifted from sweet to sour or something else!

Longer than usual video was appreciated! Really enjoy your interviews with other sailors especially Wharram owners. Are you considering reworking Luckyfish for a new pod?

Thanks Tim, glad to hear. Not really thinking of the centre pod. I really like the forward cockpit. It is safe to handle sails, gut fish, use the deck hole for anything you know. It's just safe. We have an enclosable pod, but it is not as robust to the weather and Jean-Michels thats for sure. Food for thought. Cheers

Interesting episode! Funny how cruisers gravitate to boats similar to theirs! And sadly, meeting new friends and watching eventually sail over the horizon....

Yes, I hear you on that one. We also have sneaky looks at other boats too :-) And yes, all those boat are going somewhere, all the time. Cheers, Stew

I'm just so jealous of you out there. It looks beautiful. That preview of the next video looks wild. I'm looking forward to that. Happy sailing guys.

Thanks Barry, looking forward to that one too :-).

Lucky fish video =a good day

Thank you!

Good show mates, but are u still in cold Mongolia?

Thanks Jan. All lights are green and systems normal. Feeling very fortunate. Take care

+Luckyfish Gets Away Pray all good with Zaya, and your new soon to be deck hand. Be safe Guys!

Yes Jan but touchwood, a mild winter so far

hye guys... New Mexico .

Cheers from the snowy midwest on the Mississippi River bend

Hope this will bring some tropic sun your way!

After re-stepping the masts in Florida we expected some re-tensioning would be needed. We ended up doing it twice. Once on passage to Nassau and again about a month after this video was shot. It's been good since. With the wind gen up there it is noticeable that there is more tendency for the mast to "flog" in a slop. Makes keeping the stays tight more critical for sure. Cheers

taking on “crew” from among your subscribers is a great innovation that builds the connection and sense of community..... it makes us all feel like we are a part.

great to hear, thanks

@ 10:47 , a foil mast works on the same principle as your mast top generator does. You can lay your generator with the blades on the horizontal, and it will create the same energy, with just a little tab on the blades, and never need to face the wind, or have to be prevented from over spinning. @ 14:22 , Anyone who has the money to buy a boat from a "failed" banker, is out of most peoples' leagues. Seriously? This guy is richer than the banker he bought this boat from. What kind of money can do that? You don't even like that boat. Not that it matters but Yesterday minus 60 years was the day the music died in America. It is a shame that people don't remember history, or remember it so poorly.

Okay, I have a hang-up. What is that 10 meter above the water limestone outcropping @8:32 How is that even possible? Sea level has been rising for ever (?) due to human CO2 output, but this 150,000 year old under ocean rock is 30 feet above sea level, and showing a prominent cut at the current sea level? That entire piece of rock is dead coral that has been exposed to the atmosphere to the exact level that it is today for centuries, and yet it had to be under water for millennia to be created. You are a geologist, did the water fall, or did the land rise? Why is there only ONE undercut where the sea level is today? There is evidence of fresh water erosion on the "face" of that rock, what caused that? (salt water erosion doesn't cause cavities)

Hi Terry, Yep, familiar with Katipo (email sent to you just now) and Dragon. Both well traveled Wharrams for sure, Cheers, Stew

+Luckyfish Gets Away Hi Stew, I emailed photos of Katipo to you on 29th January. Since then I have caught up with the owner of the Tiki "Dragon" moored at the Whitford Boating and Cruising Club piles in Turanga Creek. His name is Dave Vinnicombe. He built Dragon himself in South Africa and sailed it here. I think you would like the style of his cabins which compliment the style of the hulls very nicely indeed. Also can confirm that Katipo is still moored at the Mangemangeroa sandspit. I will send photos

We have plan #143 tiki 38 have yet to begin building as life keeps getting in the way, but hopefully sometime in the next year or 2 I can begin. Wife still isn't ex ites or on board so to speak. This so far is only my dream

Great to hear. You know the story: "step by step" and you get there in no time at all. Cheers and good luck!

I wonder how self sufficient they're going to be when they get lung cancer from smoking cigarettes.

What a hell of a trip that was a nice trip you did with that family

@Luckyfish Gets Away Touché on the proa reference! :) I design on the "ugly" (and "cheap") continuum, due to lack of a "good" position on the "money" continuum. The trick when designing on the "ugly" continuum is to not let any more "lazy", or "stupid", into the process than absolutely necessary. other words: no one will ever pay me to design boats, and WISELY so! :) Aloha nui!

@Luckyfish Gets Away thanks for the info

@Luckyfish Gets Away Hi Stew, I emailed photos of Katipo to you on 29th January. Since then I have caught up with the owner of the Tiki "Dragon" moored at the Whitford Boating and Cruising Club piles in Turanga Creek. His name is Dave Vinnicombe. He built Dragon himself in South Africa and sailed it here. I think you would like the style of his cabins which compliment the style of the hulls very nicely indeed. Also can confirm that Katipo is still moored at the Mangemangeroa sandspit. I will send photos

Yup, Been There, Done THAT. Ain't it GREAT? LOL!@Luckyfish Gets Away

@Luckyfish Gets Away Pray all good with Zaya, and your new soon to be deck hand. Be safe Guys!

yes mate, that was the first of 6 trips with Patriots :-) . Each one quite different but each one just superb. Being in such a special place for sailing helped too. Cheers

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