Sketchbook Tour - How Sketching Preserves Memories with Aaron Blaise

Sketchbook Tour - How Sketching Preserves Memories with Aaron Blaise

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Hey guys welcome, to proko I visited. Aaron Blais to film him drawing a giant, lion portrait, you, can get that demo at, slash. Blaze, while. I was there we filmed, a studio, tour and his. Studio is filled, with sketchbooks. Lots. Of sketchbooks, so. Many that we took that footage and separated. It from the studio tour and made. This, video so. Here it is Aaron blaze showing. You some of his favorite sketchbooks. This. Is a sketchbook I'm keeping now, and. This, one I've gotten, into using those brush pens the, emoji, brush pens yeah, yeah. Yeah. Those these. And. They. Look a lot like in Chinese yeah I think they think, of the same brand I'm not sure if it is or not I can't remember how I found these but. I just fell in love with them so I order like bags and bags over time. Yeah. There's 30 of them there I go through them a lot but, um but they put down it's a brush pen but they just put down really, I can get super delicate with it. This. Is a great horned owl I sketched out this. One I did as a demonstration. On the live stream is that watercolor yeah, and then just paint in watercolor right, over the top that's the other cool thing huh. Yeah the brushes are what I see where you get a lighter yep, exactly okay. Yep. And. I was just in Hawaii two, weeks ago and, I was just doing some sketching sitting on the shore in, Hawaii, we went whale watching did. Some drawings of the whales as they went. By. So. Lots, of little things like this. Then. Recently I went to last. Week I went to a birds-of-prey Center that's a really cool one and, dolled. With brush pen and just you know they pull the birds out and then I sketch, them from. Life these are peregrine, falcons. I love. Their shapes so you know from what I'm doing this kind of stuff it's just really quick and and, that's. One of the things I love about the brush pen is I can be really kind of gestural with it but. This isn't what the brush pen this is with a stead liner. So, these are barred, owls. User. Type of aisle that we have nearby right, in our area to here I have one that lives. In my backyard oh really. Yeah at, all yeah he wasn't there last night, but. Uh for. Those that don't, know we had a little barbecue. Had. A little fun Moscow, mules. His. Vodka cranberries, come up pink. This. Is a book I picked this up in China in Beijing, and, I, just love the leather and, the. Way it smelled and and. It's just got cardboard in it. Smells. Like leather. It. Really I like the tone of the paper really so these are little. Ballpoint. Pen sketches, that I do and then I have these jelly roll. White. Pens and I. Can do, these really delicate, little sketches this is weird on to my girlfriend. And. I just do little. Drawings. So. More quick somewhat. More just ridiculous, that, kind of looks like beasts kind of turning into he, looks. Like me and five years, hey. Hey. But. It's a little different than I thought actually no yeah, it's, just a rather. Yeah, exactly. There's. A I was on a little game farm up in Virginia and did these little sketches while I was there, alpacas. This. Is a really nice dog where do you say got this I got in Beijing I want them that there's a little it was like a stationery, shop but, it was all leather and. So. It was it was really cool this, is with my brush pen sketching the dog. So. Yep. So. Fun, stuff it's really cool I've, got lots of unfinished, sketchbooks, lots. And lots of those you collect sketchbook they're cool. I, think I do I can't help it do you do the same okay. Yeah I have a lot of unfinished lungs but this, one this, was my mother I saw, the video yeah this one was was, really personal and. This I'd made a video about this as my mother was, my mother died two years ago. And. I sat with her I was the only one that showed up you know we've had some falling out in the family and that sort of thing and so I didn't. Want her to die alone so I went and sat with her and plessis my mom and I, didn't know what to do I did I just sat there for hours, and hours and hours and and, we basically just had to wait and. And. I just started thinking about the gift that she had given me of you know she, and I didn't always get along but she. Did give me the ability to draw, and. So I kind of got. A little bit poetic in my mind and just I figured as she's going out she gave me this gift you, know as I came into the world and so as she left I wanted to kind. Of send her off and so I did sketches over at the drawings of her as she laid there you know her last drawings, so, that's what that is and I've got another sketchbook over here I only. Did the one drawing in that sketchbook, and then in this one I did I. Did. More and so. This is her, laying in her bed and. I just I really. In. Order to pass the time I wanted to focus I was so focused on her. Passing. And the and the sadness of that that I was trying to take my mind off of that and so, I would focus on like the sheets and I drew the sheets and it was just it, was giving me an opportunity to kind of get my head level, and get it together, someone.

Were Just quick little sketches. But. She just she basically just slept and, eventually. You. Know passed away and, but. These are the last little sketches that I did and. Then. Ironically enough this, this, is something. I was drawing afterwards. But. Ironically, enough later. On like, the next year. As. I jumped around from sketchbook to sketchbook. The. Very next year, my. Granddaughter, was born and. So. I have all these drawings of my mother as she's leaving the world and then. I did these sketches of my, granddaughter, as. She came into the world, there. She is with my having. Nursing, when. My daughter and. So, to, me this is you know this is the power of sketchbooks. It can be. You know they can be as benign as just sitting there doodling, in them or drawing people in the park or whatever or they can be as heartfelt. And emotional as, what, I've just shown you and to, me that's that's you. Know that's what it's like to be an artist that's what it's about being an artist and. You. Know something that you know these the rest of these drawings are just little sketches I was doing at the big cat habitat. You know I'm drawing them drawing them the cats there, but. Then you know you've got other things in there that are just super emotional, and super personal. And. You can you that's one of the things I love about sketchbooks, too is that you can really. Get to know somebody through their sketchbooks you can get to know an artist through their sketchbooks, and. You. Know because they are, especially. If it's a prolific artist there so, they. Get to be so personal sometimes and. That's. Pretty cool, yeah. And. What's that video called if people want to see that you, talk about that oh I. Think I think I can't remember it's a sketchbook tour it's yeah it's just basically a sketchbook tour I just, took everybody through a little tour of all my sketchbooks, and yeah I think I think it's called the importance, of sketchbooks, or something this, is one that I kept back in 2002. And. My. Wife. My. Light wife Karen, she passed away 12. Years ago. But. In 2002. We, went on a trip to Maine so. She. Went ahead and, took. The car and the kids and they were on the road for like a month and they worked there wait you know we live in Florida and they, just kind of worked their way up, the, coast and. I. Was, working on Brother Bear at the time and I was in a crunch period, so, I could only get a week off and so I took that week and then flew up to Maine and met. Them and so, while we were there for the week, you. Know in between playing with the kids and having, all that kind of fun then I would, go off and do little sketches. These, are all like fine. Like, I can't. Remember what kind of pen they are but they're really fine pens and, I would do the drawing you know first and then, lay in the watercolor, over the top, so. I just got piles of these. They. Were just it's, everywhere, you look in Maine the special this is around Bar Harbor, this is Acadia. Everywhere, you look it's a painting it's just absolutely, gorgeous and. I. Just. Couldn't I couldn't, not, find it with something to paint and. And. I really was focusing, on the water how to do it quickly and do. It convincingly, and there was a lot of fun in the rocks, you know the richness and the color of the rocks and everything was just amazing. To me and, this, is interesting because it's it we. Had this fog roll in. But. It was about 95 degrees it was really weird it was super hot out and yet, this fog came rolling in and. Did. A little drawing there. Those. All look like backgrounds. From animation. I, was. Definitely influenced, by that you know working, at Disney for so long I sat with the background, artist all the time and just tried to figure out what it was that they did you. Know because they a lot of here we are Catalina, so. Jumped jumped, from Maine to Catalina a couple years later sitting. On the beach there and then. And, then from Catalina now we go to Jackson. Wyoming, and. So, sitting on a little you know Jenny Lake and Grand Teton National Park, and. This. Is the this. Is actually the very this. Is where it gets emotional too this one I always, get a little emotional with that this is these. Paintings were the last trip I ever took with my wife she, passed away just a few months later, so. These are all super important, you know the you that's. The beauty of one of the other things too is when you sit down and you sketch. You're. Hyper aware of everything you're you're sitting there you're observing, you're looking you're soaking, it in you smell it you hear it you draw it whatever and, it records in your brain and so what's. Nice about these, is I can go back and look at them and I. Remember everything.

About That day I remember everything, surrounding that painting. I remember. You know standing there with my sister-in-law. And my wife who. My sister-in-law, who my wife's sister she passed away the next year from. The same disease and so it was just a horrible, tragic, thing that hit the family but when I read. The when I see these you. Know I can remember like we were pulled over to the side of the road we, were all there together she, was they were standing behind me watching me do this painting, and we're talking and think we're talking about dinner that we're gonna have that night and it's just you, know and yet this is you know this is 12 years ago. So. It's, really this. Is that this is why you know to me these are so, important. They're such important, things to. Do you know in the moment you really don't know a lot of times the. Importance, that they're gonna have for you later on down the road the. Last time I went to Africa. This, is when I do my trips this is a kind of way I usually keep my journals, and, so, I'll sit and I'll, write, about what we're doing that day and. You. Sit in you write about sitting, yeah, sitting in London waiting for connection, that's sitting, in the lounge waiting the board of like, having. A Tusker beer and. Yeah, it's more like what. I did that day because I want to write it down so I remember everything that I did that day and so we write, it down and, and. I'll. Go off and do tiny little sketches quick, little other like things like this and so we went to an elephant. Orphanage. And. I did some little sketches, of the elephants, in the orphanage, and. That. Is this the same time that you have that those photos of the orphanage yes showing, exactly oh that's cool, yep this is the same time and. They're. Really there. It, was awesome. This was a giraffe. Like. Refuge, place that we went to and. Then. We went back to the back. To the elephants again later on. Gray, and orange yeah it's, just so yeah it's like an ochre it's, a little bit of an ochre and a little. Bit of red and a crook and then red oh no, it's okar mixed with. Yeah. Good to get the orange because they're the. Soil there is really, orange, and. So the elephants, you know they're you end up orange and then I just I usually, just go the opposite and, and I put a put. Together ultramarine. And paint. An ultramarine and for the shadows. Over. The top just something fast to colors and they're, just quick washes, over the sketch but those, quick washes that really I don't know it just gives the sketch a little bit of life. You. Know marabou. Stork one, of the things we would do is we go out and we'd photograph. And. Sometimes. I would sketch on location, but more often than not because I wanted to get as many photographs, and as much reference as I can and if I'm just sitting there drawing a single image I'm missing the opportunity of getting, a lot of reference and so what, I would do is I would shoot piles. Of reference, while, we were out on safari and, like, I said a little bit of sketching here and there but then I'd go back to my tent at, night and I had a little writing table and everything the tents were not like they, were I had a king-size bed and everything in him, it. Was like glamour, camping but. I would, sit at the at the desk at night and pull up my images, and then go see the images and I would do the sketches from the day you know so these each day I would, do the sketch at the end of the day and then, I would write. And. So. It's. Just a fun way to put, together a journal and so. This became so when I do those big trips this. Is what I like to do and. It becomes something that I can, retain and long after I'm gone and dead.

You Know my kids will. Have these to look, back on and see the life that I had even things, like you know picking the grafts from the Serengeti, and or the Masai Mara I'm putting it in there, this. Watercolor paper yeah it's all watercolor. Paper and. I've. Just sit and do these these. Little sketches at night I, think. This one I did at the airport waiting for my next flight, we. Went from we, flew from. Kenya. Up to India and, went up into north-east. India. And. I did this little painting up, in a place near Gangtok near. Bhutan and. It. Was just this little village up in the up in the hills at the base of the just, east of the himalayas, and all these terraced, fields and, farms. And so i sat there on the side of this hill and this little sketch and uh. He. Drank a lot of Everest beer. So. I'll. Just keep random, things like beer labels or whatever you. Know this was I was in Katmandu. And. I. Just. Love the intricacy, of the the tile work and the brick in the wood carving and all this kind of stuff on this, building. And so I did a quick sketch of it before, we headed off to our next spot. You, know this is one of the elephants when we were in Nepal I would go out an elephant back every. Day and we would track rhinos, and tigers and, all kinds of cool stuff and so, I did a quick sketch of the. Lady that I rode every day. So. More. Just, more writing and we'd. See these rhinos so this is one of the rhinos that we had seen and. So. For beer labels there, you go Kingfisher. Beer, but. That's it for that one so. It's, just. They're. Really cool so I keep these on my desk every once in a while I'll pull them out and just kind of take a little walk down memory lane yeah, go through the page as well so. Here's, a couple more I just love I love these Strathmore toned grey pads, that's, like the only thing I, buy now because I like being able to go in and, you. Know this is a chick that I saw at the, airport I had the drawer and I, loved going in there with the with, the light, pen the white pen and and a. Pen. Pencil. All. Point pen and. I've just got piles and piles of, all of these I. I. Got, hired early, on. The. Netflix. Mowgli. The the, the. Jungle book movie that came out on Netflix not. The Disney version but, the. The. One that just came out on Netflix they hired me to do the character design initially, and so, the very first thing I did was sit down and I looked up you know the first, of all the bears that are in India called sloth bears they've, got these big furry moppy, ears, and, interesting. Really interesting nose and I thought these characters, these bears, are really cool-looking, and. But. It turns out they wanted a more traditional looking, bear, so he didn't survive I did all these facts there that's a really cool-looking bear I thought he would have been great and uh but. That sketch actually, the the designs, and the movie they. Ended up going really really kind of looking. Like humans, and and. So we didn't really agree with the, creative. And so I ended up leaving the project but, but. They I mean it was it. Was cool it was a fun experience I was working with Andy Serkis and, but. These are all little. Sketches done for that muscular. Looking, yeah, Bagheera. These. Are early early, early, drawings. For myself, that, is amazing, that's Justin I was watching Planet of the Apes and then. I got really inspired and, and went, back to my desk and just. Sat down and started sketching. And. Uh, it. Was cool yeah I just whip it out I, just sit down and. These. Are all these are done from life this is in Wyoming standing, on the side of the road and, sketching. Bison. And. Then this one I went back to my room later in the evening I'd photograph this raven I did some sketching of the Raven in my room a young, moose. Looks. Like you have a few styles, you, know my sketchbook, is like a I know it's like I jump, all over the place but, you keep it consistent through each sketchbook, though right yeah, that's pretty cool I like that, this. One's like very a. Lot. Of directional. Repeating, lines yeah, very. Skinny. Yeah. And then you'll see this, is a that, was a leopard, that was drawing from life. Then. You'll see something, like in. This next sketch book that you'll see this.

One These are all sketched from life these are little. Sketches of a cougar, Florida. Panther that they had at a center down near where I lived so, I went down there and just did a bunch of sketching of him. And. They also had a lot of birds, there so, I sketched them and, then. Here I am at the zoo, in Nashville. So. That, that's the other thing to use the sketches they're just all over the place this was up in Vermont sketching, a bald. Eagle when I was up in Vermont last time. Peregrine. Falcon. This. One I just sat in my hotel room and had. This image of a guy that I had photographed in, Nepal. And, so. I did, a drawing, of him, sitting. On my bed, killing. Time. Joker. Yeah. I think I think I can't remember what that was going to be for but he just started to sketch it. So. There. You go. Wait. Who, is that that looks like an actor oh it's. It's, just it's. Just my head yeah, but. It could almost be Tim Burton yeah. So. Yeah. Sometimes I just like to just. Make stuff up this one now this. One is when I started using. This. Is from a friend of mine it's, another style, the. Sketchbook yeah, it's like well kind, of look, it's like this might have had the white areas, are more solid yeah, well I had some different tools like this is a sketch I did up on top of this mountain in Colombia I was, in Bogota, and having. Lunch at this place and so I did a sketch of the scenery looking, out. This. Is a lady along the side selling, stuff and, I. Did. The sketch of her. Now. Then then we go again yeah so now we go back to but, now we're, using, this so I'm using like the brush pen. This. Is just in Colorado I was sitting on the side of the road in, Colorado, and I, just. Looked up this hillside and I just thought it was pretty so I did like a 10 minute sketch. You. Know this. One was a lot more involved, I just sat there and drew, and Drew and drew at the side of this little stream. Nice. And, then these are the, others new drawings once again all with the brush pen so I've really, gotten into using that, brush pen quite a bit. Your. Cat. That's. Your favorite zoo you've. Been my, favorite zoo that I've ever been to, obviously. San Diego is probably. The best zoo in the rule dude yeah, but um I went, to a zoo called Tama Zoo just, outside Tokyo uh-huh, and that was one of the best zoos I've ever been to. And. Then here it was good, about that one it was the though animals, are beautiful pens. It's, huge, and, there was nobody there. But. You, can see them basically, yeah yeah, but, this is at the Smithsonian I went up to Virginia, to. Visit my girlfriend, Vedanta. Who now lives with me but while, I was up there she was working so, I went into the Smithsonian and spent the day and just sketched, all the mounts all. The, mounted animals so. These are all, animals. That were sitting in cases. Mounted. And. Then they weren't alive, they weren't alive so they actually sat still for me Wow yes, and. Then, then. All the skeletons and stuff that were obviously, really cool so. I do a lot of sketching of those you. Have a lot of your own yeah, I do, go, myself. Over there we'll, work, our way over there this is going to the dog park sitting. In the great. Sitting. In the dog park with my dog that's. And while he's running around I'm out there sketching that's my dog right there he's got the curly tail, yeah, that's nasty yep yeah. Back to more cats. More. Buff bison. What. I got in here more. Bison, this is from when I was up there this. Past summer. Doing. Little sketches. Oh. Here. We go. This. Was just a meet-up kind. Of bird of prey I was sitting on the airplane and this, one to do something that would take up a lot of time so I decided to draw every feather. Coyote, and. This. Is the charcoal so I did it I did a pen drawing of, this, hangar and then, also did a charcoal, version of it that you showed earlier yeah that I showed earlier exactly. This. Is a cool this is a really cool. Practice. If you if you ever want to draw like. Exotic stuff but you can't go there chances, are there's a webcam, that's watching and, so, up, in Alaska, some, of the rivers they've got webcams, when the salmon run is happening and you can watch the Bears live and so I sit in front of my computer here. In Florida and watch these bears live and I do sketches of them while they're fishing it's. Kind of fun. So. That's what this baby's doing video, quality good, enough no yeah it's pretty good yeah, yeah. Man this is a picture, of my girlfriend on, her, phone when we were in the Philippines. She. Was jet lag in pretty bad. Quick. Sketch, in the Philippines, are one of the monuments, this is in Manila and. Then, I, did this one when I was in. Brazil. And saw Paulo, so these, check these sketchbooks, go all over the world with me I was. Down there for Wacom I mean. They have tea right yeah always, traveling.

All Over the world yeah yeah. Hey that's fun WAP op op-op put, the faxes. Now. This is this was all for inktober, this is all inktober stuff, I, don't think I got it all filled up. These. Are all really. These, are super little delicate. Little pen drawings, but. Lots of fun I love using that white pen. This. Was a little demo that I did I did. This one on. A live stream. And I did this one on the livestream as well using. The brush pen all, that, same time do, you document your sketchbooks. Like after you feel sketchbook do you photograph everything, no I mean. I hardly ever fill one because I'll get sidetracked, on to another well you have so. Many sketchbook I do yeah, this is sitting in a park in Tokyo and. I did this sketch you know just sitting there in Tokyo a. Businessman. Eating. His lunch, was. It you that said that you lost a bunch of sketchbook yes so, I, was, moving and. I. Was moving back from California to Florida and. The. Frickin truck. Driver was overloaded, when he hit Arizona, and so, he just dumped my stuff he. Dumped out a whole bunch of boxes so, that he could make weight and, so. He got his, truck down to the right weight and came and delivered my stuff without. Like. 50. Boxes in it and a lot of us my sketchbooks, were in there so I lost them like there's those, are copies, those, are color copies, of, one. Of my first sketch books that I started keeping right after I graduated, college and, that. That's one of them that that's gone how. Did you have copies of them we did a sketch, book show at Disney. A while, back and they didn't want to have the originals, up so we did copies and and. So that's what we did. Well. Yeah. It's just lots. Of cats and. Stuff. So. Piles, and piles I've, got about three. Times as many sketchbooks. In reserve. That you haven't, seen yeah, but piles of them alright, that's it if you want more Aaron blaze there's, a studio tour coming soon and be. Sure to check out his lion demo at pro catacomb slash blaze he. Uses black and white charcoal, on toned, paper to. Render a realistic. Lion this. Guy knows his stuff and, he takes you through his whole process, learned. From Aaron at, slash. Blaze. I'm, an artist for a living I mean how can you not be happy me being an artist you. Know making your living doing that and on. Top of that I draw, cartoons, and animal. Recently. I've started drawing. Really. Large, charcoal. Drawings, of animals my favorite subject, I'd, like to take you through my entire process, and show you how I do it. Do, not be a slave. To. Your reference, you, have the ability to make it anything you want and that reference is just there to, help you with Anatomy or help you with lighting but, it's up to you to really kind of take it and make. The image your own I. Have. A very unique background. To coming into animation I was trained as an illustrator, I went in not. Knowing anything, about animation, never been exposed to it all I knew was help I just do how to draw a. Lot. Of people ask me you know how do you get to know how to draw animals out of your head you, have to understand, how they're structured first, it just takes a little bit of time, well. If you're if you don't think you'll ever get professional, standards, and you're already down to do stuff you, can't you can't go out of it like that and if. It's something you want then. You just have to drive and. You.

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3:21 - Beast turning into Thanos

02:38 i found a demon o_O

As someone who loves drawing I am incredibly afraid of making it my line of work because I fear that I could lose my love for creating art by being forced to do it. Like crunching and having to deliver good quality under time pressure. I'm afraid I could lose my joy in creating art by bringing pressure into the equation. What is your experience regarding that and have you discussed that topic with people that work(ed) in that kind of environment like Aaron?

When I saw Mowgli on Netflix, Baloo absolutely reminded me of a piece Aaron did ages ago. Now I know that they were definitely inspired by his work!

The ape

8:49 a sketchbook from 2002? Jeez that’s when I was born.

Darn it. I was just planning on doing a tour myself. Still going to watch

How about that traditional lighted animation board with acme registration pegs and the history of the millions of animation drawings done on this type of circular light board that are the history of animation before digital! Such a wonderful magical space, drawings and Artist of great mastery!

This was a gift. ❤️

Love your videos, specially when Aaron Blaise is in it!!! love the chemistry and the coversation, very inspirational, thank you I'm in need of that these past months...

It is the best sketchbook I have ever seen. I loved the pages of his mother,s drawings as she passed. On the whole such a great artist. It should keep as art memories for sketching in a museum.

You should fire your cameraman

It’s like creating a timeline of yourself. Like a diary. But it brings you more into the past than a diary or even a photo when u sketch it yourself

Damn, this man is a real inspiration. Thank u for featuring him

aaron gives meaning to sketchbooks !!

Wonderful. I can’t imagine finding out that boxes of art had been dumped by the trucker to pass the weight scale. How did he find out the truth? Seems to me if the trucker is thick skulled and uncaring enough to dump the boxes, he wouldn’t be the type to openly admit this kind of stupidity. I’m super curious to hear how Aaron found out the actual details of how the boxes went missing.

Aaron's work is amazing and he's a joy to listen too. Excellent stuff

Someone in Arizona is sitting on a bunch of Aaron Blaise sketchbooks. These sketchbooks are so beautiful and emotional.

Thanks for sharing Proko! Do you have a video about how to sketch animals from live? Peace!

Drawing animals from life is one of my favorite activities, great way to stay sharp with your drawing skills!

The coolest thing about Aaron is that you can so clearly tell that he LOVES what he does. It's amazing to see someone who has been in the game this long who is still so curious and has such a good attitude about learning—no ego whatsoever. Such an inspiration!

This man’s art is so awesome. Thank you for featuring him.

welp that got real rather quickly . . . great stuff

Your work is amazing. I just love the stories behind your drawings as well. I haven't drawn in sometime but you really kick-started to get going again thank you so much.

Too many drawings from photos, not real drawing. The drawings he did from life are far better.

+ArtFilmAnimation It is Illustration, study fine art.

You use a freud as your prime example that tells me enough as well as your username

+IsraelDiegorivera Eugeniolucientesgenius what qualifies you to make such a statement, or are you merely regurgitating ideas some professor at school thought you?

+Connor i disagree, painting and drawing from photos is not fine art, takes less thought and expression. It is Illustration, and lacks the comprehension of fine art and lacks true drawing. It is a form of copying.

+IsraelDiegorivera Eugeniolucientesgenius I am not attempting to make any profound point on purpose. Illustration and Painting go hand in hand. Working from photographs is a FACT of art, especially in fine art, whether you like it or not.

+Connor ​ Connor Paula Rego, Hockney works from life, yes he has used photos in the past. That is the problem with modern painting, it is not fine art, but illustration. I don't see you making any profound point.

+IsraelDiegorivera Eugeniolucientesgenius Ooof. It shows in his work. I'm going to assume you knew that I was asking for someone alive working today. BTW is there proof he never worked from a photograph? Besides just saying that he didn't?

+Connor Lucian Freud

+IsraelDiegorivera Eugeniolucientesgenius I'd like a name of a fine artist today that hasn't ever drawn from a photograph.

+Connor Farnk is an Illustrator, i like his work , but it is not fine art.

+Connor Yes drawing and painting from photos is not real painting or drawing, it is illustration, not fine art.

+IsraelDiegorivera Eugeniolucientesgenius Dude I don't think we watched the same video. He explains every single sketch that he shows. Almost all of them are from life, with the exception of a few pages from one particular book. Also, you realize there is nothing wrong with drawing from photographs and that this is how every single artist in the world works? Do you think that Frank Frazetta didn't do "real" drawings? Frank was a photographer by hobby and drew from photos ALL THE TIME.

+Connor Yes most of his drawing are from photos. I prefer the ones he did do from life.

+IsraelDiegorivera Eugeniolucientesgenius Did you even watch the video??

+Connor real drawing comes from life and is far more complex.

+Michael H you don't even understand drawing.

I think you have a warped perception of what drawing is


Proko and Aron Blaze you both influenced me to improve in my artwork and to draw from my imagination l am so grateful thank you very much

This is what an inspirational video is to me. It was beautiful to see Aaron's life through his sketchbooks. The art and the story behind it is so magnificent that it made me want to draw today after having not touched a sketchbook in weeks. The word 'inspiring' gets thrown around a lot but this here inspired me in the true sense of the word. Thankyou Proko for giving us such amazing videos that feature the greats.

Can you provide a link or description of the brush pens Aaron was recommending?

Rafa f yes I believe so

Michele D is it the kuretake bimoji brush pen?

Never mind... Pause is a great tool ;-) Bimoji... found it

Just wow...

Inspiring and humbling.

This tour of Aaron's sketchbooks is a delight. I've been a fan of Aaron for a long time, purchased several of his courses, and think he's a great teacher. But these sketchbooks are the most enlightening and inspiring thing. The sketches of his mom were so extremely touching, and beautifully made. Thanks so much for sharing this. Also, the Maine sketches at about 9:00 are great...I love how Aaron represents the water currents. That is very instructive to me as a sketcher!

I love seeing an artist's sketchbook, it's like you get to walk right into their creative mind!

Wow beautiful

Wowww the live paintings

Aaron is such a cool guy! Always so inspiring to have him on

I hope to goodness he has scanned all of these books as well - just in case he loses them! I do that with all of mine just to be safe. Great post and thanks for sharing - such cool and down to earth guys.

4:25 I love when an artist personal life shows through her/his work♥️

I like how this shows that you don’t have to complete a sketchbook in a year. It’s a misconception for me since social media makes it seem that people pump out drawings every day, and there’s sketchbook tours of that year or month. When in actuality, you should go at your own pace. And it’s okay to jump around sketchbooks. I have 4 sketchbooks that I’m moving around from: mixed media, 2 watercolor ones, and a rough ideas one. And it’s taken me more than a year. I’m only 1/4th through all of them and sometimes feel like I’m behind. Thank you for sharing this video! @25:33 creeped me out

Agree, social media warps how much we think people actually produce IRL. Love that you have several sketchbooks you're working in, I should try that!

Aaron is god.

I absolutely love when you make videos with Aaron! You tell just work so well together as artists, teachers, and friends. It's educational and entertaining!

Thank you Proko, for this fantastic video. It not only shows the beauty of Aarons artworks but also his life and memories behind them. I'm in love with this format, thanks again for inspiring all of us. :)

Wow. When he showed the sketchbook with drawings of his Mother as she passed - only to be followed by drawings of the birth of his grandchild, that was really profound. Powerful stuff!


You two are some of my biggest inspirations. I absolutely love both your work ❤️


Very nice video

2:50 oh wow, I want a sketchbook like that! Also this art is all just next level incredible!!!

Proko thank you so much for the constant inspiration! You keep me motivated to draw and create illustrations for my channel

I don’t have time to watch it now, but definitely added into my watch later list!~

Aaron Blaise is my inspiration, He is the reason I began animation!!!

Hi bro

I love your work proko,,,awsome intelligence and perfectionism has in your works



His mother, I wish I could draw my mom too, but realism is not my strongest thing...

What a wonderful video, I loved each one of the pieces he showed... I love his work.

@ArtFilmAnimation It is Illustration, study fine art.

@IsraelDiegorivera Eugeniolucientesgenius what qualifies you to make such a statement, or are you merely regurgitating ideas some professor at school thought you?

@Connor i disagree, painting and drawing from photos is not fine art, takes less thought and expression. It is Illustration, and lacks the comprehension of fine art and lacks true drawing. It is a form of copying.

@IsraelDiegorivera Eugeniolucientesgenius I am not attempting to make any profound point on purpose. Illustration and Painting go hand in hand. Working from photographs is a FACT of art, especially in fine art, whether you like it or not.

@Connor ​ Connor Paula Rego, Hockney works from life, yes he has used photos in the past. That is the problem with modern painting, it is not fine art, but illustration. I don't see you making any profound point.

@IsraelDiegorivera Eugeniolucientesgenius Ooof. It shows in his work. I'm going to assume you knew that I was asking for someone alive working today. BTW is there proof he never worked from a photograph? Besides just saying that he didn't?

@Connor Lucian Freud

@IsraelDiegorivera Eugeniolucientesgenius I'd like a name of a fine artist today that hasn't ever drawn from a photograph.

@Connor Farnk is an Illustrator, i like his work , but it is not fine art.

@Connor Yes drawing and painting from photos is not real painting or drawing, it is illustration, not fine art.

@IsraelDiegorivera Eugeniolucientesgenius Dude I don't think we watched the same video. He explains every single sketch that he shows. Almost all of them are from life, with the exception of a few pages from one particular book. Also, you realize there is nothing wrong with drawing from photographs and that this is how every single artist in the world works? Do you think that Frank Frazetta didn't do "real" drawings? Frank was a photographer by hobby and drew from photos ALL THE TIME.

@Connor Yes most of his drawing are from photos. I prefer the ones he did do from life.

@IsraelDiegorivera Eugeniolucientesgenius Did you even watch the video??

@Connor real drawing comes from life and is far more complex.

@Michael H you don't even understand drawing.


Wow! So great to see his work and hear such personal stories. Thank you for sharing them.

Thanks so much for sharing my work with your audience! Looking forward to doing it again soon!

Artist that I Love:Proko,Aaron,Kim Jung Gi and Karl Kopinski❤❤❤❤

I always want a sketchbook but the problem is sketchbooks are very hard to find in my place so all of my drawings are in my old notebook some are in a bondpaper.

Aaron is a strong person


the sketchbook with the drawings of his mother made me cry so much..

He mentioned in the comments on his channel that they're working on publishing a sketchbook for purchase! Hope it happens

all of them

I enjoyed this so much. It was so profound to see the sketches of your dying mother. What moments you captured.

Wouldn’t a sketch book filled with illustrations be more of an ‘art book’

the way he depicts animals is so beautiful

I have a lot of unstated sketchbooks!!!

There are 16 dickheads in this world . Anyways, amaziiiing videoooo

I've never seen or even considered that a Sketchbook could have so much ... " depth " . This is the best Sketchbook tour i've even seen by far . May his Mum rest in peace :)


How come mr. Aaron went to Colombia and I didn't get to meet him, aaagggggg bad luck of mine, now I live in Texas and came from Colombia 11 years ago, I am studying concept art in first semester, trying to make it, one of these days I hope I will meet him and proko as well, it will be a pleasure.

LOL. Yes, mounted animals at the Smithsonian are totally alive.

Thank you and aaron for sharing all these sketchbooks, even the more personnal. It was sometimes very moving, sometimes funny, all very interesting and amazing works.

SMALL SKETCHES HE SAID !!!!they are master pieces !

Dammit Proko, I came here to learn, not feel! T__T

Woooooow Aaron... Thankyou Proko

The video is an amazing journey for me. Thanks!

do you sell copies of any of your sketch books by chance?

Thank u for sharing another amazing artist like yourself

Yo, Aaron when your next live stream?

I loved drawing that hyena mount at the smithsonian

I have tried to draw animals at the zoo but am having mixed success. The animals in their enclosures are (in my opinion) too far away for me to see enough detail. Also, they (of course) move a lot. What can I do to draw animals better and capture one view when they are moving around a lot?

Im from Philippines and i really love your drawing! And i love how you sketch our national hero Jose Rizal ❤

Why isn't that video popular?

i love how he keeps saying "little sketches", which to me as a beginner contain so much of what I try to get better at. Very inspiring!

You capture a second of a pose of them and use your imagination and the animal reference to do the rest.

Hi Aaron! I have tried to draw animals at the zoo but am having mixed success. The animals in their enclosures are (in my opinion) too far away for me to see enough detail. Also, they (of course) move a lot. What can I do to draw animals better and capture one view when they are moving around a lot?

Energy restored... thanks stan

What a guy...

@eve ruby Yeah, I agree with you. My mum died not long ago, and his his sketch was so odd for me looking at it, almost like a flashback. I was luckier than Aaron, as me and my mum always got along so well (ok, there was the occasional bit of friction, but only in the normal family sense. After all, none of us are saints, right!?) and she too was an artist. Unfortunately failing eyesight, caused by diabetes, meant she never fulfilled her true potential, and from the work she had already completed, she could have been one of the great artists. Seriously, I mean that truly, and not just because she was my mother. Like Aaron, my mum inspired me to take up art too, in fact only about three weeks ago following her death. I'm 52 now, and did do a bit of drawing back in my 20's, but I was so impatient to get good at it as fast as I could. Now I'm older, I'm rediscovering that the main point of art is for it to be FUN, and bring you satisfaction. So that's my message to you, eve ruby; so what if realism (or indeed whatever else) is not your strong suit? Just have fun with it! I'm never going to set the world on fire with my art, but's that not the point. If it makes YOU feel good, and you enjoy it, then it's achieved its purpose. Oh, and one other thing. I can guarantee that there is one thing out there which IS your suit, whatever that may turn out to be, and when you find it...that's when the fun REALLY starts! Hope you carry on with it and enjoy it....cheers!

I have been an artist for almost my whole life and until today. I have felt more inspired them ever. Thank you all. Thank you so much for inspiring me to try try and try.

This video was surprisingly inspirational

Susan O'Reilly-Loose he mentioned bimoji brush pens, gelly roll white pens, and staedtler fineliners I believe :)

What is that brown journal you draw on? Cardboard? What’s the name?

How do you draw or photograf strangers without them feeling awkward.

Mother and grand daugther for sure my favourite as I recently lost my father and just finished nursing my daugther. Circle of life

i wish my family valued taking photos, writing memoirs, and sketching get togethers and such but when i stop to do any of these and take a photo no one wants to and just think its stupid

Kevin Stockard like he says... before he draws an animal, he studies the animals, looking for shapes first. And he also studies the skeletal anatomy which helps him also. But before you draw, study the animal first and look for shapes in the animal.

Hi proko, i loved this settle of wall desk he has with all this organizers to work in his studio. Would you share with me were can i get one ? Or if he had this made up for him. I have a lot of supplies and i have no idea how to organize them and have a desk all in placr. I have a tiny room.

Love your sketchbook drawings Aaron. Fill me with ideas.

Very inspiring... now I am going to pull out my sketchbook and draw twig.

“Small drawing...”Ha! An absolute humble .His artwork speaks by itself,so true and vibrant,no need to convince anybody about its excellence...Art at its best.

The black circle on the drawing board at the beginning of the video, what is it? There is a brand, a model?

Those sketches of his mother deserve some sort of award. Amazing

Friendly reminder that the goal of sketches is not to be pretty, it's to practice. I'd argue they SHOULD be ugly. This is really not a good example of what most people's sketchbooks look like, even if they're wonderful drawings.

Marcin Prusinski i luv that quote :)

So beautiful. Aaron seems to be a great hearted person. Wonderful drawings. Inspirational

Looks like a light box. They are used for traditional hand drawn animation.

geniales los dibujos buenos saludos desde ATENAS GRECIA.

They are Kuretake Bimoji Brush Pens you can get them on Amazon and CheapJoes has them.

Amazing! Thank you so much for doing this video.

Ahh its so hard to choose!!

so somebody out there has a couple boxes of his sketchbooks they found on the side of the road??

12:01 should be tusker time

This is probably the most intimate, deep, profesional and personal sketchbook tour and not the cliche instagram/pinterest girl i am used to. Im really glad i discover the channel

MC Escher did sketches of his dad on his deathbed. Very emotional sketches.

Love from Nepal

Anyone else see this pop up in suggested videos and then sat here spellbound? What an amazing talent

Amazing stuff!

This video and its insights are priceless mate. Thanks for getting this out !

hats off

didnt know grandpa max from ben 10 is so talented

I am very impress with your Animals drawing very natural and well experienced in sketching and drawing and color matching also highlight the subject shadows and light very well composing So I am very interested with this type of drawing and painting. So thanks so much for sharing your album.

Is this supposed to be impressive ?... Kim Jung Ji you must watch this for a bit of laughing.

I find his style and ability inspiring... I want to draw more now and push my own abilities along. I was in a bad mood when I started watching this. I was even going to make jokes in my comments, but I can't be anything but inspired by this guy. Thanks for putting this video/interview together.

aaron u are such a wonderful person .. how much i respect u guys... very emotional

now i get the choice of the scene of that lipsynch video u did a while ago..

Absolutely brilliant video, brilliant.


His mother's page and sketches of the big cats

That´s beautiful!

incredible! i'm just blown away!

Totally adored this video!!!! Aaron is amazing and I LOVE BROTHER BEARRRRR

24:25 Does anyone know the link to this Alaskan channel? I want to see as well.

20:36 looks like the mad hatter

Beautiful, could not choose just one

I immediately though Rick Sanchez, but Mad Hatter seems more likely.


Not sure whats its called. And yes,its cardboard. He got it from China in Beiging. It was apperantly in a thrift store,but everything was made of leather.

Hearing about the thing that truck driver did is absolutely disgusting. Absolutely zero care for their client's stuff. Hope they got fired. Other than that, the dude's absolutely inspiring with how he talked about his experiences and his skill. Yeah screw that Mowgli Netflix thing cause god damn those were the most hideous CGI animals I've seen in a long time.

What a cool dude!

amazing..Mr. Blaise likes to sketch about cats..


Casually flexing all his badass drawings.

Oh shit he's a Floridian too.

Thanks for posting this, Proko. The Art of Aaron Blaise is one of my favourite YouTube channels now. You helped me discover it.

I love the bimoji hahaha

Who knew a simple sketchbook tour would be one of the most genuinely emotional youtube vids I have ever seen. Lost Mom AND a wife? Good lord, bless this man (and I'm atheist!)

@Jesus Swag yeah when you know whats inside it would be much easier

God bless the artist, I could thoroughly enjoy looking at his works

Abso bloomin fabulous...x

@Kevin Stockard hi I will tell you the secret I guess, the moulding process is what gets used when you have a fleeting personality drawing. If you observed any artist's sketch initially you will see it's just lines lines that has tried to capture the form of their object, it later gets refined. Draw your onjects many times so you have the general shape of it on your mind. Well that is how it can be done, your success would depend on how closely those fast sketches represent the motion or anything you wanted to capture so take that step most seriously

Shouldn't have watched this while I was working on a deadline... was actually painful, to not be able to go grab my sketchbook and draw for fun, when you issued the challenge.

бля сделай русские субтитры, а то интересно же о чем вы там))

Those books are a treasure

Thanks I was hoping someone would mention them

I want a brush pen now-

Wow the way the water flows in his sketches is so lively and real its unbelievable I can almost hear the sounds....Crazy good

His "just little sketches" are my master pieces.

Anyone care about the skin hanging in the back at the start?

25:33 Do you wanna kill me?

Nope. Could be roadkill, or died in captivity it even fake. It is noy important .

What a brilliant artist, Aaron Blaise. Amazing!


They disagreed with Blaise on ANIMAL DESIGN? Jesus of all the dumb moves you could make no wonder their project tanked so hard.

I am an apprentice tattoo artist. Watching this made me think of how one day I will have my art on people for the rest of their lives. I might do some art on a kid when I’m old and he will have work of a man who has passed away on him forever. Crazy to think about. Really great. (:

That’s so nice he have been in São Paulo I’m from there

Beautiful work. I love the sketches of his mom and granddaughter.

Is that Uncle Ben from Ben 10?

Nice video!! Good job. ^^

@Proko The gentleman you interviewed said he used watercolor in his journal. Was that watercolor paint? I am very new to drawing, sketching, and painting. This is all new to me. I have an XL mixed media journal and when I watercolor in it, the pages bend up. Any suggestions? What the paper to cheap? I see the gentleman's journal paper in this video was flat. I put Gesso on first. Wad that wrong?

The brown paper with the white ink ... that's really a great light trick.

i would've been furious like how do you just dump a huge amount of someones things especially an artists because thats their job thats their work and just think thats ok no way i wouldve made him go back or pay

6:12 his grand daughter being born, in the same sketchbook as his mother's passing. That hit home.

The cougar at 24:12 is amazing!

Amazing human being...

I love this guy and I love the 2 of you guys together, sort of like how I like you & Marshall but quite different, too. Fav page was the sandpiper birds on the beach, I think.

I did a similar drawing of my grandpa the day before he passed away in 2016.

My sketches are nothing, but I have heaps of sketchbooks in totes. I feel such a kinship. My mother is in her last days, altzheimers. The sketches of his mother as she was dying really touched me. My mother, and her mother are who i got my art from. Thank you so much.

Aarons interpretation of Baloo is exactly how I pictured him when I was reading the book. I saw the movie on Netflix it wasn't even good could've used better animal models. Wonder why they didn't pick his design...

12:08 the sketch of a Tusker, its priceless.

Someday I wanna be able to draw every bit of my journey so that I can look back someday... He even came to my country... Nepal(Kathmandu)

I can easily tell that Blaise was in Kenya for his trip to Africa just by his drawing of a tusker. Sketching is much better than digital photography because so much thought and attention goes into a sketch.

casually says "uhh i was working with andy serkis" me: WAT?

does anyone know what kind of sketchbook he uses for the great horned owl watercolor?

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