Sketchbook tour #1 (PART TWO)

Sketchbook tour #1 (PART TWO)

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Let's just continue. So. Here are some more time now so I don't think, you need to see these because they're, nothing important. And here. I again, did the same thing as I did on the lady. Parts page, but. I didn't try to look for any shapes I just left. This page like this and. There's. My boyfriend and. I. Random, thing, I guess. I was putting down. Watercolors. And tried, to try. Them. With a hairdryer. But. I. Don't. I don't remember honestly. This. Is again a super empty page. This. Is what I'm using as, my profile. Picture right now I mean YouTube at least. I've. Been trying to change it up but, I. Can't. Really make I. Can't. Seem to make anything that I'm proud. Enough to make. It a profile, picture here's. A. Lady. And. It looks like she is grabbing, her boob but. That, was not my intention. If. A. Girl. This. Is when I started. To get bored of this sketchbook I guess. Is. It in my. Drawers. In. Real life study, that, I tried, to do with gouache. Paint I. Think. That this bottle. Actually looks, quite, nice. But. The rest of. It's. Alright I painted, worse, bottles. And. There's, a penguin. I. Don't. Know what this is upside, down I guess. I was. Know. But I don't. Remember, which. Good. This. Is super good. Some. Hands holding, flowers I, saw. A lot of. People. Posting similar, pictures. On Instagram, and Pinterest, so I guess. That's where I draw my inspiration from. What I didn't. I didn't really end. Up liking this. Yeah. And. Here's a. Portrait. Of a girl. That. I drew with a ballpoint. Pen and. I. Actually think it looks. Super. Cool and. I. Haven't really done anything else with a, ballpoint. Pen and. So. I. Should. Do more of these I. Did. Use a reference, picture for this also. I'll, try to link it below if I can find it. Using. A candy, wrapper or. Candy paper and, I, have no idea what, I've done here so, let's just skip, ahead. Okay. These. Are some random doodles, with, graph things. You're. A girl. Just. Chillin. There's. I. Don't. Really know what to say. Okay. Video. Of, from. A youtuber. And. All, the. Video will pop up here. Try. To link it if it's still available but. She. Drew. A bunch, of. Portraits. Using. Reference pictures, and you, know looking at the paper and you, know putting, effort into the portraits, and then. She. Used. The same reference. Pictures, but. Didn't. Allow herself to, look down at. The paper and. You. Know it's fun, to. See. The difference, between. Between. The drawings. I'll. Link her video here. Or, in the description, so. You can go watch that. It's. Good. Practice to you know. Do. These kind of things. I. Don't know she explains, it a lot better than I did. Here's. Again some random, doodles these. Are not with questions, this is with acrylic. Paint. And. There's. An owl. These. Pages are so. Empty. For some reason. -. Oh you don't. Oh. Yeah. I. Didn't. Do marry me last year. But. I tried to draw a mermaid, and she looks so so, terrible. I don't even want to show you this but I'm going to because, why. Not, yeah. Judge me, she looks so ugly. I'm sorry. And. Then, here are some. Children. Wait. Crowd. School. Hits, these. Are so cool, I think I really, like how these ended up I. Saw. Some. Pictures on, Pinterest, where there. Were there, were children with. These. Cardboard crow. Heads and I thought. The idea was supercool, so that's why I drew these. I. There's, a. Girl. Or. A cream. We crown and, apparently. A bullet, hole in her head. So. That's that. These. Pages are so empty I'm getting annoyed I don't have, anything to tell you about this. But. I guess this is like an a thumbnail that, I wanted. To use for a painting, and I, did, start. This, painting. But. I only. Have, painted, in her face. Yeah. So. I don't know if I'm going to continue with that or make it something else. And. Here's. A. Portrait. Of a woman just. You know. Something. To practice and. Here's, a. Girl. With. A month, on her head and. Two. Deer with three. Eyes by. Her side I think. I did. Paint. Her in her. Color her, digitally. And then post. It on Instagram, so I. Guess. You can go to my Instagram, look. At that if I haven't deleted it because I, remember. That it didn't look, that, good. What. Do we have here. So. Here's just um I'm so bad at throwing houses, and I know that, I should draw more of those because that's, good practice but.

Yeah. Just, look at these terrible, houses, I used. Ben'll underneath. And. Then here are some portraits. That's, the girl from Riverdale. I think, her name is something Madeleine, something. Portrait. I, think. This is. A funny one because I think it looks I think, it looks quite, alright this way, but. Then when I turn it this way I don't, like it at all so. That's weird, and then there's. A bumblebee. That's. Small. Potions, in the corner. Then. Here's, a. Painting. Were portraits, I. Really. Like this one I. Oh. Yeah. I really like this one. Oh. This. Is one of my favorite pages because, it just, looks. This. Is a. Hard. I. Don't know what that is it's just I. Haven't. Drawn this and this is. Instructions. For something, but, my. Dad didn't need it anymore so I just. Took. It you. Know glued it into my sketchbook. And then here's a cow and. I hand and some, oranges. And. I. Went. Drifting. With my friends. Here. It says. Be. Kind to the planet or. To the earth and by. Recycled. Fashion, or. Use. I. Just. Wrote, a bunch of. Ideas. For, drawings, because. I wanted to draw a bunch of trolls. And. Dwarves. So. That's why I wrote. Here, and here's a gnome. And he's, male, friend. And. Now we're. 2018. I. Just. Painted. A, piece. Of rope, off, nitro. You. Know the thinner. In. Orden rope I can't come up with it was it's cold. And. Then, I put. Here. You. Know it's not cold girl but I can't come up with what's the terrain for it. I. Closed. My sketchbook, and you, know dragged, it out and that's why it has these marks. You've, probably seen videos on, Instagram where, people do that so. That's where I got the inspiration also. Here. Are just some random doodles. There's. A mood. A. Mushroom. And. Some plants, and an eye and, fitters. Our. Then. Here's a. Girl. I. Don't. Really like how this ended up I. Don't. Think I chose to write the colors and I. Remember. That I liked this sketch a lot better than I like, this.

Yeah. That, happens sometimes. So. That's that, and then. Do. It again. There's. A lot of not, so important. Stuff in this sketchbook it's, just. Random. Drawings. And do videos. And. Then here's a witch. This. Is when I started, to. Try. To develop. A. More. Of a. Heel. Destructive. Painting. Style or drawing style because this. Far I had only very. Realistic. People. So, I. Started. This, exploring. With a bit, more of an illustrative. Style I, mean, I also did, that with, these. Girls. And the. Flowers. So. Yeah. These. Thumbnails look, super pretty so I can show you this usually. I just draw. A super, quick not. Important, lines. In, these but these are kind, of pretty so. There. And. I usually write. Things. That I. Want. To include in the paintings, here, but. They're in Swedish, I. Found. Some calligraphy, pens, and I just tried to write, my name with it, I'm. Not I, can't do calligraphy so. They're. Kind of cute these. Are. I, tried. To make some stamps, out. Of. Clay. But it, didn't, work out. And. Here. I tried, to make some stamps out of. Sponges. You know kitchen sponges, but. That didn't, work out either so. And. Here's a giraffe. There. She is. And. Here's again a portrait, of harmony, nice I. Don't. Know why I have drawn her twice, in this sketchbook and no. Other youtuber. It's. Weird. And. Here's a bunch of thumbnails I. Should. Do more of these pages where I just. Draw. A bunch of thumbnails instead, of doing it here and there and then leaving a. You. Know a lot of empty, space in. In. My sketchbook. Yeah. And, then here's a doodle. Oh, hey. Girl, there's. Um tea and, tea bags and leaves, and she's. Reading a book and drinking, some tea or coffee and there's. Plants. And, potion. Yeah. There's. Bambi, and. Some. Mortem I have no idea where, I tried, to go with this one and. A. Girl. With. Plants, coming out of her eyes and, a bug. And. Again. I tried to make a stamp. Out. Of. Clay. I guess or, know this wasn't almost weight potatoes. You. Know I was really desperate to make a stamp, right. At this you. Know during, these patches and I. Still haven't done. That I mean I should. Just buy, you. Know those. Rubber. Things, that are meant to carve. Stamps, into. A. Pencil. It's. Cute. In. A king. Then. Another. Napkin that was drawn into your coffee. And. Some. Doodles. Here's, a dude with a and. Some. Beard, beard. Beard. Yeah, and. Another bumble bee and some, potion. You know jar and. Then. Here, I actually. Have a wit, video. On. My channel where I paint this I'm. Really, proud of this actually. And it's one of my favorite pages in this sketchbook. But. This was done with watercolors, and it's a. Forest. Which I guess, see. She has some sage, in, a jar. No. Crystal. Necklace and, some what's, flying. Around her and there's a little, tiny Mouse. And. Yeah. I think she she's very pretty.

A. Museum. In. Helsinki. A. Couple. Of museums, I was, in chaos ma and. Helsinki. Art museum I guess. Here. I tried to design a logo for myself. Then. Here's a moon, it's. Quite cute, actually I for. Some reason just, can't. Draw, a new. Moon, I never. I always, messed. Them, up and I. Can. Never manage, to get that. Right. Look for, it this. Is quite cute and then, here's a which. I, guess. Yeah. I was, I think I was doing a. Promptly. Promptly. Following, following some prompts for. Witches. And. I. Have the other ones on separate, pieces of paper. She. Has a succulent, head and you. Know cacti. Growing, on her shoulders. Oh. Yeah. Here's another witch, but I think I ended. Up drowning her because I think she's super ugly. Here. Are some thumbnails, for, poses. And. Here's. The next which. She. Has bunny ears. And. Yeah. I think. These are on my Instagram, too so you can go and check. Them out there if you want to know the. Prompts. She's. Proving, something. This. Is not important, so I don't need to show you. And. Here's, um I, did, some real-life drawing, I. Was. Sitting outside. At. A place, and drew, what. I was seeing with. Watercolours, I didn't roll out arresting that I used. Watercolours for this and here's a small. Cabin. Where you do some reading, and. I, guess this was another. Witch. There's. Again a deal with many. Eyes. This. Girl. No. She's. Just an, explorer. Let. Me show you there. She is. She's. Kind of cute though, I don't really like the colors that I chose for her but, yeah. And there's some more, thumbnails. Oh. My. God I have no idea what I've been drawing. So. I can't even tell what I've been trying, to. Put. Down here anyway. Here's a woman, from. The. 50s I guess I have, no idea which time period but yeah. And, then, there's a parrot. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. I want, to see. The. Second, one with, my mum, and I, cried. But I really, liked it I actually, loved. It, and I. Feel like going, to the, cinema to, or, to the movies to watch a. Musical. Really. Gets. That. Gives me the feels for, some reason I get. Super emotional I guess. It's because you. Know the music is so loud and. Yeah. And. Here's Luna, from. Harry. Potter. She's. A cutie. They're. Getting some thumbnails and. A. Bunny. Already, rabbit, and. Some. More thumbnails, I. Should. Go through these thumbnails because there, are a, lot that, I haven't used, for, anything and I. Guess this was a draw. This in your style that I did. This. Is just an, ugly page I'm not going to. And. This is. A. Raven. You. Can't tell the difference and. You. Know scissors. And, keys and yarn. And. I. Really. Like this to actually. Make prints of this. For. A fear. I guess that I was selling some, prints at and I. Still have a lot of them left so, you. Know I'm looking into. Opening. An online shop, but I'm waiting. Yeah. I use did this, for. The fear. Here. Within a cabin, in the, woods but it's kind, of ugly so, I'm not gonna show me well I, guess. I should. There. I. Gave. Up midst. Of this in the midst of this painting drawing because I was. Not happy with how this ended up. And. Then, here's a. Lady. I. Don't really like how this ended up so. This. Is going to be a long video I'm really sorry about that but. Can't. Really help it. Here. Are some random, random. Dude I guess I was again trying to draw myself but, that, doesn't, look like me yet also, some. More time now so these are actually, cool I should be using this for something. I. Can't. Remember what this was but, I did color, it is digitally. And put. It on my Instagram so, you can find it there I guess. That's. Me it's, supposed to be me. Here. We, need, to put him in Rhapsody. That. I apparently, haven't, taped down I just left it here loosely. And, there's. Nothing. We. Can just skip. This. Is kind of a. Aesthetic. Page I guess. So. There's a doodoo and then just a bunch of stuff that I. Take. So. I.

Don't. Know if I'm going to explain this to you but in. Finland. When. You're. In. Your last year of high school, we. Have this thing where. Where. We. Just, we. Have finished, like all of our courses, and are done with school, but, we are not graduating, yet because that happens in like. Separately. And we. Still have some exams, to write but. We're. Like, saying. Goodbye to the school and you know throwing. On a show, and then when we're finished with, the show, this. Is a super brief explanation. So. When everything is finished, with the show we. Put on these. Overalls. That we have drawn, on. The. Thing that. Is. Behind, the truck where, you. But. Do you have anything behind, the truck where you. You. Know have all the stuff that you want to drive. Around so, you, we the students, go and stand there and throw. Candy at, everyone. That we drive past and, this, was kind of my. My. Planning, for my overall. Sorry. That was like the worst, explanation. Ever hopefully. You understood. Something. Probably. Not, anyway. I. Guess. This was yeah, this is this, is the last no okay never, mind. Here's. Sabrina, from. Chilling. Adventure, so it's the brain or, something. Like that I really, like to show so I drew, her I tried. To draw her I. Did. Try to color this digitally, but, I'm so rusty. And, I can't. Be better with digital, painting anymore so I, kind. Of table. Here's. A bunch of thumbnails. Here. What. Do we have here oh yeah. So. Here. Are just ideas for. And. Here's something, that I would like to draw again. You, know a bit of a better way, so I. Drew some menstrual. Cups and, tampons. And, reusable. Pads. And, panties. Yeah. And that. Was kind of the end, because. Here's. Again just something else and here's just a bunch of stuff, from. When I went to Paris. I, haven't. Get this, down anywhere. So. I guess, that, that, is all for, this. Just. Empty, pages I. Don't. Think that I will be filling up these pages, honestly, because I. Feel. Like this sketchbook is, you. Know in my past and I have another stage victor, will. Want. To work in and. Who. Knows maybe I will, find it. In me to start working in this again probably. Not and. I, mean it's fine. Yeah. I'm. Sorry that this video was, a bit longer I. Mean. I couldn't. I can't really speed up anything, because you. Know I'm talking as I'm going and there's, a lot to talk about, well not a lot because there's, a lot of empty space but, I did. Have something to say so. I. Hope. That you've enjoyed this video and. Thank. You for watching. You. Can leave a like and/or subscribe if, you feel like it and I, would love to read your thoughts in the comment. Section and. You. Will see you in my next video, bye.

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