Small Town Series Kent Narrows Pt 2

Small Town Series  Kent Narrows Pt  2

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what may initially look like a stretch of highway  on your way to the beach or to cross the bay   bridge is so much more you look around the scenery  the water the boats the bridges the seafood the   excellent places to go and visit and although a  highway runs through it it's the waterway that   draws those who know to one of the peninsula's  most scenic and captivating spots whether you stay   a few hours it's not unusual to come to the kent  narrows to have a meal to have a gathering to have   a wedding to have a celebration or a few days we  took an old pontoon but it was and we had stripped   it down completely to the base and then we built  it exactly like a house from the bottom up you'll   have a hard time finding a spot that doesn't  give you a window looking out into paradise   and whether you're looking for the vibe of the  islands we like to say when you're at the big out   you can be anywhere you want to be or you want to  cast a line to catch the big one well we tend to   to use the local manufacturers in the local  tackle that we use here on the bay this 2.6   square mile tiny town separating kent island  from mainland delmarva is packed with big fun   so what are you waiting for hop on board we have  a full hour of this maryland treasure kent narrows welcome to delmarva live small  town series kitten arrows   so lisa i'm feeling uh a little deja vuish  yeah we've been here before right we sure have   jimmy it was earlier this summer when you me and  kate wait a minute where's katie katie katie katie   katie here i am guys yeah it's great to see you  guys i was just i was just you know you know me   i love to go for a nice boat ride with captain  jody here i know that last time i kind of just   let him keep on taking me so i will stop for you  guys though i'll get out i'll do a little uh more   heavy lifting with the show here so jody just pull  right up oh you are just perfect all right guys   you ready for me here she comes she always  has to make an entrance yeah she's good at it jody was just giving me a  lovely tour of the narrows but   i wasn't going to miss out well i'm glad  i'm glad you're glad you could be here   with us yeah yeah well let me let me ask  you you have been all over the narrows as   the locals oh yeah you've seen all kinds of  things here yeah all kinds of fun and here's   the deal i really there's so much to it uh as far  as the best parts i can't exactly narrow it down so here's a deal come on over here i'm gonna  leave you guys for just a second so we can   chat with gigi winley and gigi is the executive  director of the ken narrows development foundation   great to see you here gigi so happy you're here  katie so you chose canton arrows as a place to   call home yes tell me a little bit about why well  it's very evident when you look around the scenery   the water the boats the bridges the seafood the  excellent places to go and visit and also the   fact that we're right like a meeting place between  the eastern shore and the western shore so if you   have friends relatives that live on the western  shore it's not unusual to come to the kent narrows   if you live on the eastern shore to have a meal  to have a gathering to have a wedding to have   a celebration meet up and just have a great  weekend or even spend the week here cool so   what's something that you would only know about  cat narrows if you lived here what did the locals   know that weeda wouldn't know did you know  that there is a walkway under the kenton era's   bridge no way and you can walk from the  north side of the narrows to the south   side of the narrows and how long would it take  you you think to like to walk from one end to   the other oh it's about a minute just a quick  minute you don't even have to cross the street   that is incredible so it's it's a walkway  and we think that that's going to really uh   just join things together when the new hotels  and the restaurants start to flourish here even   more so we have a pedestrian wayfinding system  that is starting to be put in place and so we're   trying to make canaras more pedestrian friendly  you guys are busy you guys are doing a lot yes   yeah and we have all types of things going on we  promote the area i'd like to just say that this is   the our newest project this is the kenton era's  waterfront official travel guide and it has all of   the information that you would ever want to know  about kenton arrows it has the fishing the boating   the marinas the the restaurants the dock and dines  everything you need to know hotels all right there   well do you mind if i snag that from you and uh  this is going to be useful for us today so thank   you so much gigi and uh this is gonna be great all  right let's let's head over back to uh jimmy elise   and now what do you guys think about this yeah  everything we need to know right here and i love   this picture on the front it's just nice i gotta  admit she had me at the walkway under the bridge i   know that was kind of cool i do love that right  incredible okay so yeah as we learned the last   time we were here canton arrows is rooted in the  seafood industry the industry started setting up   shop at kent and arrows in the early 1900s at  one point there were up to 14 seafood packing   houses along this stretch of water oyster houses  dominated the narrows back then after world war ii   clamming was popular when the bay bridge was  built in 1952 restaurants started popping up   in the narrows fisherman's inn was one of the  first restaurants here dating back into the 30s   so we're going to learn about some of the other  kent narrows restaurants a little bit later on and   maybe you would like to get out on the water and  catch the big one yourself i know you would jebby   the community has wonderful fishing charters for  everything from youth summer fishing camps to to   trophy fishing outings you can even explore kent  island for some of the best kept fishing spots   in the state fishing seasons on the chesapeake  bay are spring summer and fall expert charter   captains are ready for any of these seasons to  help you get on the waves and find the best fish   in the area yeah hook them up yeah well i think  hopefully we have these people hooked right and   if you are watching from home it's not hot it does  not going to take you long just to hop in the car   less than a few hours and you will be here  and you'll be able to enjoy everything this   beautiful waterway has to offer yep and we are  getting ready to show you some of that ton of fun   yeah starting with a place where you can feel  that island vibe doesn't that sound like fun   steel drum music fresh seafood and sweet fruity  drinks you'll find that and more at the big   al tiki bar where the sunsets are legendary  we'll even show you how you can get water few   accommodations just a few steps away oh but those  are not the only delicious eats and beach vibes   you'll find in cantonero's we're also making a  stop at the jetty it's award-winning for the food   the signature cocktails and the atmosphere and  as lisa has already mentioned for those of us   who had enjoyed nothing more than today with the  line in the water they're short tackling custom   rods built for fishermen by fishermen this place  might be small but it has everything you need   to reel in the big one and family traditions are  strong here in kitten arrows that's the foundation   for the nero's restaurant we get to hang out in  the kitchen with the executive chef to see how   they put together one of their signature dishes  guys that is a lot of fun to pack into one hour   do you think we can actually pull this off i  think we can but we have to get started right   after the break delmarvalife small town series  kent narrows we'll be right back delmarvalife is   brought to you by tidal health better together  less duplication more collaboration the law   offices of tunnel and razor spicer brothers  construction gateway subaru and a a companies   the following segments in today's delmarvalife  small town series are brought to you by the   kent narrows development foundation airbnbs are  pretty popular these days for vacationers you can   stay in the country in the mountains at the beach  or in a city and in kitten areas you can stay   right on the water this is the castleway  it's in the heart of the narrows i'm actually   on the rooftop which is gorgeous as you can see  down below you'll find accommodations that are   spectacular kirby schultz and his fiancee took  their life savings and put it into a houseboat we   took an old pontoon but it was and we had stripped  it down completely to the base and then we built   it exactly like a house from the bottom up a  whole new meaning to house flipping complete with   shiplap on the walls vinyl flooring and a kitchen  that checks all the home trend boxes the layout of   this thing we spent many a days many nights in  the cold you know november trying to figure out   what the best way to work with this is and the  one thing that i was very adamant on was two   queen beds in here those queen beds are in each  of the bedrooms the living and kitchen rooms look   directly out onto the water and because a boat  is on a lift it's not rocking with the waves   and if you get hungry there's a big house  he's within a hundred feet away from us the big al tiki bar is a dockside spot that  has a tropical vibe some people compared to   the caribbean some people compared to the florida  keys we like to say when you're at the big owl you   could be anywhere you want to be al waisong and  his family took over the big owl 15 years ago   the local watermen tell me this used to be a fuel  dock and a bait and tackle shop each year we've   added a little bit a little bit on until it comes  at us and 15 seasons later we have the big out   the latest addition to the big al tiki bar is the  stage it's a pontoon boat and the food all right   al what do we have here it looks like some shrimp  what we have here is our old bay steamed shrimp   with sweet vidalia onions this is a  recipe i borrowed from a friend of mine   bobby shock she taught me how to do this years  ago and everyone loves the onions as well as   they love the shrimp oh that's amazing  all right oh crab cake another good one   tell us me about that this is a homemade crab  cake a recipe uh made by my mom and passed down   only to my son the only person she would give  it to is my son not even you not even me she's   no longer with us but she passed it down to my  son oh okay well i got you jumbo lump crab meat oh my oh my i'm gonna have to  hit your son up for that recipe   good luck with that all right i almost hate to  move this over but now we have thank you maddie fish tacos this is what many people think are our   best item on the menu and it's fish taco  that's a grouper filet and the recipe has been   perfected by my son ross and he's very proud  of his fish tacos enjoy your grouper fillet ow yeah right two thumbs up and now  i hope you saved room for dessert   for dessert we have from key west our key lime  pie ow i always have room for dessert i'm going in you know what that is the best key lime i've  ever had that is delicious the big al tiki bar   is also famous for its crushes we've got a list  of crushes the orange crust being the favorite   but the watermelon crush and a grapefruit  crust there they're very popular as well and the atmosphere is awesome we like the tiki  torches when the sun sets we blow a conch shelf   that we got down in key west we have  music and five evenings out of the   week and it's a it's a laid-back  atmosphere it's very comfortable   here in the evening and then everyone's  out of here by 11 we're not late night and al says another favorite of his customers  is to watch these work boats come in off the   water with their catches of the day they  even like sitting up here on the deck   with a drink and some food watching them clean  their fish delmarvalife small town series kent   narrows continues after the break modern vibes and  majestic views and that's only the beginning of a   stay here at the hilton garden inn on the narrows  this hotel continues to charm folks from all over   so they keep coming back let's step inside  now and see some of that magic for ourselves   comfort meets chic at the hilton garden inn  on kent narrows impressive on the inside but   it's the outside that's outstanding it's the view  that pretty much sells the hotel look to the back   find the bay look to the side see the slips do  you ever get tired of looking at the view no   my office overlooks the view so i get to see the  boats come and go i like to jump on a couple of   them a couple times and go but you know jackie  collins has been the hotel's general manager   for two years she's been with hilton for  almost 20. this particular hotel stood out   to me because it was a little smaller than what  i'm used to but it was quaint and comfortable   and the people around here make it a pleasant  place to work at as well as to come and visit   in fact jackie says the people who work here stand  out to those who stay we get a lot of comments   about my staff how warm welcoming they were  how their hospitality just made them feel good   we always try to go above and beyond if we  know it's your anniversary we're going to do   something for your anniversary or your birthday  or we've even done a few wedding vow renewal   ceremonies here so that's probably our number  one comment is that our staff is great mike   wuerl is one of those greats he's the food and  beverage director for the garden grill and bar   he's the kind of guy you could sit down with  for a second and suddenly you've been talking   for an hour fell backwards into everything in  my life this is just my third career that's all   i enjoy it i like working with people i really  like it to me a lot of interesting people   we get to talk and then just pass the  time it's a nice way to make a living   the garden grill and bar serves both breakfast  and dinner and the drink menu stands out and we   have a very well appointed bar with a wonderful  selection of bourbons and single malts which our   guests have requested so we probably have one of  the better bourbon bars on the eastern shore we   carry over 45 bourbons the bartender is a pretty  nice guy sometimes yeah so yeah he's okay it's me   when it comes to food mike says for the most  part they serve a lighter fare this right here   is fried avocado i can honestly say i've never  had this before in my life so i'm pretty excited   to try it number one it smells insanely amazing  nice and crispy looking we got some sauce going it's got a little kick oh i like the crunch combined  with the creamy avocado   that's delicious nobody counts me double dipping that is a insanely good appetizer divine dishes  that can be enjoyed inside or out we're starting   to get into cooler nights so we have space  heaters and everything will keep everybody   warm and happy and the lights really make it  pleasant out here so it's a nice dining experience   and you're looking out over the water so you can't  beat it look out over the water from the rooms too   this hotel has 90 rooms 30 of which are bay front  suites and the inside is sweet too we have four   what we call king whirlpool rooms which have the  whirlpool in the room those are quite popular now   oftentimes these rooms get booked up for the  many weddings that happen here on the narrows   or for different meetings or events we're  pretty famous for the wedding blocks   since we have so many weddings and venues nearby  they always refer the wedding blocks to us and   also for corporate events do that all in the  area we have a golf course nearby also we have   the marinas as you see over here we have a  marina over here so it's great for fishing   trips team building events and so on danette  cappo is the director of sales and marketing   she adds that it's also walking distance from just  about everything she says because of the hotel's   size she and the rest of the staff are really  able to connect with those who come for a stay   you get to know each client and their needs and  and even their stories is more personal than being   in in the city and no lie they take care of every  need even the seemingly silly ones at midnight   and you get hungry you can come downstairs and we  have everything from pizzas to ice cream to candy   we also have a pretty full service wine selection  that we can serve up to two o'clock in the morning   so you don't have to physically go to the bar you  can just come down and grab a bottle we give you   glasses you can go back up to your room they'll  give guests a sense of belonging even just for   a night because those who work at the hilton  garden inn know this hotel belongs right here   and i'll speak from experience and say when  you're inside this hotel you can tell that   the staff is a group of professionals  who care about what they do and who they   serve and if you want to book your stay all  you have to do is head to   we gotta get moving right now though we are off to  one of the state's top venues for live music and   they've got great grub there too we are jetting  off to the jetty on this delmarvalife small town   series kenton arrows stay with us before the break  we were over there at the hilton garden inn and   it didn't take me long to get here at all this is  the jetty restaurant and dock bar the locals know   it and they love it not only is it a relaxing spot  to get delicious dishes and drinks it's also a top   venue for live music year round laid back leisure  at lofty levels i think it's just relaxing to hear   the water you know just to hear the water and  you know see the the seagulls and the ducks and   you know and hear the white sand and just to relax  i think it's just a nice relaxing atmosphere food   filled with flavor that's never not fresh  anything with crab you know crab cakes   cayman's catch is another popular item boom  boom shrimp maybe do a california dip with a   homemade guacamole with extra-large shrimp and  jumbo lump crab meat steamed crabs we get maryland   steam crabs and they're a hit as well satisfying  sips to sit back and savor orange crush is our   number one drink we do about 60 000 a summer that  with the grapefruit crush and we have a signature   menu a drink menu with some local beers that are  made just that you can get here as well as any   kind of pina coladas and frozen rum runners and  all that fun stuff named after the wall connecting   land to water the jetty restaurant and dock bar  has been a constant in the kent narrows community   for almost 20 years mr kiersten and his wife pam  had purchased it in 2002 and we've been a team   ever since and you know every year just try to  get better and i have like you said the family   atmosphere a family atmosphere with a caribbean  feel palm trees check white sand check chill vibes   check we have the the beach area here that we're  sitting at we have the the inside restaurant we   have the dock out there uh that uh and the bar as  well so there's definitely a place you can forget   about your problems for a while enjoy some some  great adult beverages and some great food as well   justin kiernan is the general manager at the jetty  he's been working here since the beginning if you   can call it work we have the best surrounding of  the office view this you know this thing called   the chesapeake bay that uh you know separates  from a lot of other office jobs so we i mean we   have a great team too our staff's awesome a lot of  the staff's been here for you know 10 plus years   so they're just great and they make the jetty what  it is what it is is also a top spot on the east   coast for entertainment justin says they offer  live music wednesday through sunday and the crowds   come we call it controlled chaos it's  just it's a fun time and you know either   this love and mr honda as well we just love  seeing the people dancing and smiling and the   wait staff and bar staff just having a great  time you know serving these customers and   enjoying what the cutting arrows has to offer  justin's called kent narrows home for 38 years   he says it's the people that really make this  place everyone's just like family around here   i mean everyone really knows everyone and uh and  just it's just a beautiful area and those people   are taken care of at the jetty mr ron always said  you know you produce great food and you do a great   business and the customer is always the key to  that component their menu is composed carefully   and designed to delight we sample sample sample  and we just make sure that we you know put the   best product that we can put out there we you know  like i was saying earlier we sample year-round   and make sure we're using great products and  make sure that we're doing it the right way and   and you have good results all right we got a  rocking table here to check out some of the bar   favorites we'll go with the boom boom shrimp  first this looks insanely good nice and saucy little spice in that boom boom it's nice and breaded but not too much bread  that is absolutely delicious filled with flavor how about one of these bright beverages to wash  it down and that's not the only popular plate   cayman's catch named after ron the owner and  it's got one of our five ounce jetty crab cakes   it's got some salmon shrimp boiled scallops  and mashed potatoes and vegetable of the day   this is the california dip all right i'm gonna  squeeze a little lemon on there all right   there is shrimp there's crab there's avocado  so i'm just gonna try to get all three things   with my chip here all right this could this  could get wild oop i'm dropping avocado   trying to get this here all right here we go  here we go nobody worry we're going for a big one oh wow i love the little hint of lemon that they add on  there i added on there the shrimp is very fresh   the crab is delicious and the chips are great  avocado great this is a perfect little appetizer   get you fired up and then get a nice meal and rock  the jetty is open every day year round they'll   bring folks to and fro on the party bus and they  offer a weekend breakfast the pandemic wasn't   easy for them but they learned resilience long  ago when hurricane isabel tore through in 2003.   really just knocked us out of business we're  closed from september to june the following year   but i remember like it was yesterday meeting with  ron and pam and i said you know what we'll rebuild   we'll make the jetty better than ever was and make  it a destination and sure enough here we are today   and we're our destination one that both customers  and the crew completely adore the jetties my life   have been here for 20 years and i look forward to  a lot more and i'll tell you just being here and   watching people you can tell they're enjoying  themselves and they don't want to leave   and neither do i so i'm going to have jimmy take  it from here jimmy katie that really sounds good   but i got something that sounds pretty good too  how about catching your own here in a minute i   want to introduce you to somebody here at shore  tackling custom rods who will make sure you have   everything you need to do just that delmarvalife  small town series kent narrows be back in just   a second you've probably heard me say on  the show i love fishing i'm just no good   at catching well you know what when it comes to  kenton arrows you don't want it to be that way   i would like to introduce you to somebody this  is bill o'brien the owner and founder of shore   tackle and customers how are you bill i'm doing  fine thank you thank you for talking to us today   you have got a fascinating shop that we could just  spend hours looking through you were telling me   about some of the tackle that you have here why  is it so special well we tend to to use the local   manufacturers in the local tackle that we use  here on the bay and and down in ocean city as   well for some of the tournaments um you know  we focus on the small guys the the independents   you know we tend to focus on that tackle as  well we have some of the bigger manufacturers   also because we kind of have to but we focus on  a lot of local stuff so i get the funny feeling   that when it comes to your rod the last thing you  want to do is stop at a big box store and take   something off the shelf you actually do custom  work that's correct we custom you know that's our   core business is building custom rods for a lot  of the gentlemen around here as well as throughout   the united states and the international community  as well yeah so and you're really easy to find   you're here in the middle middle of everything in  canton arrows yeah it's a great big parking lot so   tell me about about the man in the back that you  got working so hard right now that's mark lasso   he's a charter captain that works in here with  me when he's not running charges so he wants to   know the tight charges but i have some part-time  people that work with me they kind of help out   with just a small you know small local right and  and i guess that's the thing it's a small shop you   know everything that's in here and if i don't know  what i'm doing which between us girls bill i don't   i can come to you and say look i'm wanting to  go out and fish tuna what can you do for me   correct we do a lot of the boat setups for  different um different individuals and some of   the boat um manufacturers around here local on the  island when you purchase a boat from them they put   you with me or i get with you and kind of go over  what type of fishing you're going to be doing it   kind of get the boat set up the way that you  would like it to to be so so you're telling me   about custom rods and you're saying these are some  custom rods that you've done correct all these   rods that's pretty much what we carry here is just  just our customs we don't carry a whole lot of   the big box manufacturers so let me ask you this  question because you mentioned something earlier   and it got my my brain cranking when i was a kid  my dad used to take me fishing and i can still   see the rod that he used when he took me fishing  you do repairs if i bring you an old rod can you   help me out with it sure we do them i do a bunch  of restorations on like the old bamboo rides um   as i was showing you have one in back from back  in early 1910 1920 that's mean something to um to   this individual so i'm restoring it back the way  it was but we do a lot of you know rod repair real   repair for for the different people so if i've  got questions you've got answers i do and if i   can't answer them i have a whole network of rod  builders up and down the east coast and some of   the west coast also that we kind of bounce stuff  off each other if we need some help you've got the   connections to make it happen we do bill o'brien  owner and founder of shore tackle and custom rods   thank you for talking to us this afternoon so you  can't beat a deal like this if you're looking for   a custom rod if you need rod repairs if you're  looking for tackle from the local people this is   the place you'll find it stick around small town  series canton arrows coming back in just a minute   check out this view this is what you'll see from  the fourth floor of the best western here on the   narrows and if you think that looks nice just wait  until sunset this tops the list of reasons why a   stay here is a special one we've become a nice  affordable place for people to come and stay for   the weekend to get away it was the first hotel  ever constructed on kent narrows back in 1990   certainly designed with this view in mind general  manager mark lacoste says the exterior corridor   has always been a hit they can sit outside their  room instead of just looking out a window they can   they can enjoy the beautiful sunset the boats  going by and just enjoy the nightlife see the   traffic and it gives a different uh ambiance than  being in a closed interior hotel inside the rooms   it's just as invigorating especially those  that are equipped with jacuzzis for ultimate   relaxation i think that just gave it an extra  touch with the hotels and something extra to sell   with the weddings coming into town it we can  upsell that to the bride and groom we can do it   for honeymoons we can do it for anniversaries it  just gives a little extra touch and because kent   narrows is known for being a wedding wonderland  this hotel is more than prepared to accommodate   groups of all kinds we offer the wedding blocks  we offer the group discounts we offer we do a   lot of fishing charters in the summer time so  we work a lot with the marinas in the winter   time we do a lot of hunting rates so we've got the  people that are going goose hunting deer hunting   so there's there's people think ken island just  falls off the map after labor day but that's used   to be the case but not anymore there's still a lot  to do here mark's been working here for the last   21 years he remembers driving past it on the way  to ocean city as a kid and he kind of predicted   the future yeah we would joke the family would  be in the car and we'd be coming across here and   i would joke and say one day i'm going to work at  that hotel and here i am certainly not a bad place   to have an office i like the water being by the  water i can't can't take it i can't look at just   buildings around me and skyscrapers i need the  water he's got a need for water and most hotel   guests have a need for food first thing in  the morning the best western kent narrows in   comes through with that eye-opening mouth-watering  continental breakfast a fan favorite every time i   think it's just that you get to have a lot of  different variety that you don't have at home   you get yogurt you got oatmeal you've got the make  your own some hotels have pancakes we have waffles   you've got everything just there for you and you  just come down in the morning and grab your plate   fill it up they're constantly renovating  and upgrading the hotel to give guests   a more than memorable experience just recently  they added 49-inch flat screens how's that for   a late night movie we like to differentiate  ourselves with that we say oh where can you   get you know we got the biggest tv on kent island  you know they've also got a sauna a hot tub and   an indoor pool for year-round chill vibes that  helps in the winter time when everybody else is   shut down with their pools our pool is still open  and there's ample green acreage around the hotel   and mark's got dreams for that i always  want to put a volleyball court out there   that would be awesome that would be awesome i'll  get that on tv so that maybe it'll have to happen   that's it mark adds they also have adjoining  rooms which are a great option for families   stick around delmarvalife's small town series  kenton arrows we'll be right back it's a   scene that can calm the soul the work boats  plying the waters of canton arrows among the   flocks of shorebirds and listen when these guys  bring in their catch and call it it's not too far   away from your plate yeah absolutely and you know  there are plenty of contemporary and traditional   restaurants that line the narrows each with a  view second to none and you can actually see one   of them over our shoulder here for nearly 40 years  the narrows restaurant has brought fresh seafood   and time-tested dishes to tables that boast those  majestic views like many spots along the water in   kenton arrows the narrows restaurant site is  living a second life my dad opened it in 1983   his name's beau hardesty he was a restaurant  tour in downtown annapolis in the late 60s   kelly phipps says her father built the restaurant  on the land that was once home to an old chucking   house he decided that this was the perfect place  for a restaurant with the view and he built it   and we opened in november of 83. and since then  the neros has served up consistently good food  

that kelly describes as their own take on  eastern shore fair and i'm in the kitchen   here with matt cohen he is the chef and one of  your signature dishes you're going to make for   us right here it is the seafood chipino oh that  sounds wonderful let's get started oh you got   to make sure you have a nice hot pan yup and  uh we're going to start off with a few mussels some shrimp lots of seafood and some fresh fish pieces so right  now we have plenty of fresh salmon   swordfish and halibut okay um so we're going  to start off with uh let's run that in there gonna hit it with a little bit of white wine what you got there a little bit of a  clam sauce ah it smells good already   and some diced tomatoes now this is obviously  something that cooks up pretty quickly   uh it takes a few minutes to cook down you have  to make sure all the seafood's cooked properly and   everything's heated all the way through and  and the mussels will open up muscles will   open up that'll give you an inkling that  they're approaching being finished uh-huh   there's a little bit of a cajun  blend plate that we use cajun herbs and then some green there  throwing some julienne peppers now how many of these do you make a night about   uh it all depends on the uh on the on the  clientele to come in uh it could be three   or four on a saturday night i think we had 12 of  these going at one time oh my goodness it takes up   pretty much the entire uh saute station like that  and it looks like they're cooking up real nice and then you got a little what is that a lobster  and with the with the dinner portion you get a   about a seven to eight ounce whole lobster  tail oh my goodness in there that is amazing   i'm gonna put a lid on that and let that uh  kind of steep a little bit matt added seasonings   peppers and a lobster tail and let everything cook  down we're gonna add a little bit of spinach to it   a little extra green pop it's  it's smells good it looks good   and you have some angel hair pasta there all  ready to go i'm gonna pull the lobsters to the   side while we plate this up i can't imagine  trying to have 12 of these going on at once   it can be a little hectic yeah and then we'll  come over here and plate off some of the mussels oh look at that and top it off   finish it off with a couple of shrimp of  the shrimp that you cook down in there and lobster lobster teal and that is the seafood  this is our seafood chipino so i guess all that's left is what taste gary  i had my dessert yep so now i'm going to help   yourself it is very hot it is very hot that's  okay let's go in get me a piece of this fish here um hot and delicious and for dessert the nero's  serves up a delicious moose in a bag the bag   is made of chocolate and it all tastes so good oh my goodness that's heaven in a bag   and get this you can have their famous crab cakes  shipped anywhere in the united states overnight   and as for the future kelly says their next  big project is outdoor dining wow that's going   to be great stick around delmarvalife small  town series kent narrows we'll be right back   you know guys i could get kind of kind of used  to this hanging out in kent narrows no kid i   learned so much about a custom rod and how if you  have the right rod you're gonna have to catch the   right fish exactly and i ate a lot of things and  i learned that i liked all the things that i ate if you want to find out more about all the  things that you've seen on today's show   go to or you can just hop on  route 50 and drive to kent narrow stop at the   visitor center and get you a copy of this  book right here kent narrows waterfront all   the information you need is right there  that's right she mentioned the drive   here's how you get here okay you get on  route 50 west you keep going and then if   you hit the bay bridge you went too far turn  around come back we're right here turn around   we want to say thank you to jodie  schultz for being our chauffeur today   captain jody you are the man okay so you guys  ready i am so ready captain you ready let's go

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