Smiling In Your Toyota Is Way Better Than Crying In Your Ferrari | “Perfectly Mentored” Podcast

Smiling In Your Toyota Is Way Better Than Crying In Your Ferrari | “Perfectly Mentored” Podcast

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You're. Delusional let's start there. You. Got your perspective. Welcome, to another episode of perfectly mentored I'm your host Jason Portnoy, my guest today is uh actually. If you don't know who this man is an introduction, I'm not gonna do anything you've been living under a rock you don't know who this guy is something's, wrong because he's everywhere. The man the myth the legend, Gary Vaynerchuk welcome, to the show thanks for having me brother he's also the reason by the way that we're here right now and doing this today he was a man that told me start a podcast and if I do a certain amount of episodes he'd be on so true to his word, so, happy to have you on thank you so much proud Ebro you always get the same questions, your answers are usually the same which is a good thing it means you're staying consistent yep but I'm wondering how many of these questions are just, self validation questions. Where they already know the answer to it a lot is that does that trouble you at all no I'm I don't think when you're trying to provide value, that you get to decide what. The value is that's. Actually giving, see, people don't get it like Gary. Vee you're fooling yourself, mmm. Look, a little bit deeper like like, I have no, ambition. To, dictate. The value that I provide, I have ambition of providing the value the person wants so if somebody wants to roll up and they need four minutes of my time well I'm running to my next meeting and I'm busy, but because, nothing, gets me more hyped and like bringing humans value. That. They need validation even, though I know 92 percent of time that's literally what's gonna happen in this micro moment I'm, thrilled to do it because then if they go fucking do it they start a podcast and get an interview with me awesome, but then it goes to a next level - right yeah you go to all these conferences I was just had a conference where people are talking about game-changing. Life-changing, conference, and then people come home and I question how many people three months later have their lives changed it goes back to the feeling of people like listen to your content and consume it they like the feeling of being motivated, but, then there's work that has to be done after it and I don't think people like that feeling yeah and I think that's why I talk about trying to find things you like not, making money the variable. Of happiness, like you, know I genuinely, believe, I really do that long-term I will be far more. Validated, because I just really really know that what I'm speaking about is just tried-and-true human behavior with, an understanding of modern-day contextual, technology. Advancements, right so things are exaggerated, right Lincoln things of that nature and so I yeah. I mean yes, I mean you know this like I make content that's literally says stop watching me go do it and then they go and watch somebody else that charges them for the information so, like yeah, I mean like people what people like consuming. Motivational. Content, because they think they're actually doing something I think, it's like watching somebody else work out, good. Point and so I'm hoping, that but. This is why I like to talk my truth it's the 97. Times somebody saw like the amount of people that have hit this is why reading every comment matters, you know motivating, it is when you read a comment that says Gary Vee I watched, you for four months, I loved you then I thought you were dick face I didn't, watch you but, now I'm back and now I've, been watching it for a year and a half and just yesterday that. Post with. You and the barn is the, reason now I did it and I'm like fuck the thing I did in the barn I've done, 874, times just, not in the barn and not with that word and not, with that meme title, and it was this time after 17, months four, months of which they thought it was a douchebag that it was the piece of content that actually got them to actually go to the gym and workout I'm.

Into It so is it flattering if someone's like oh yeah listen I can't listen to Kay I can't, listen to Gary, anymore he just says the same thing over and over he's repetitive, yeah, why in the world would I make up shit to like entertain you on fucking an Instagram, I will. Never be historically, incorrect at, the moment I said it I'll, never say anything I don't believe in I will never say it I don't need the likes I don't want the money I don't need the admiration which, is what I really like I don't, need any of that to say something I don't believe in got. It so and another, thing that you are very clear on is is hustling. Working, hard hard. Work ethic I think hard work matters, I agree. With you but there's this whole wave I don't, know if you've seen of people coming in now he's kidding of saying one who's fucking what no work-life, balance course. That you shouldn't work work hard it's picked on for that because the manifestation. Of me believing in hard work has been you know I say. That I sleep six seven eight hours and that, nobody should do, anything that make them happy and that making $47,000. A year and being happy is amazing, and yet, people want to make me the poster child of overworking. And burning yourself out I get. It I understand, what happens once you hit a certain tier, I also understand, that maybe I could have done a better job earlier. In the process of my career in creating clarification, thus, I'm okay, with getting Linc baited into some of these conversations. But. Listen. I believe in work-life balance I just, think my work-life balance is, different than yours I also, think that happiness needs, to be thought, about and like, when you love what you'd like this is my hobby you, also have to know what you want right if. You want to be a billionaire, you're not gonna do it by, the way let, me say one more time cuz I've got to clarify it all the fucking time I'll, say for the nine thousand fucking time the, pursuit, of trying, to buy the New York Jets is my, passion cuz. It allows me to play the game that I love I love, being, a businessman, the, way a lot of you love playing, football the. Way a lot of you love to ski the, way a lot of you love to read by. The way a lot of you love to cook watch. Netflix, hang out with your friends if given. The option besides. Garage. Saleing and watching, the Jets professionally. Forget about family that's on a pedestal that nothing can touch outside, of spending time with my inner family. And closest. Friends and outside of garage selling and watching the Jets there's, nothing, I'd rather do then work a 15 hour day you're self aware you know you and I always have this. Why I shoveled snow and did lemonade and I washed fucking, cars as a seven-year-old all, day, long on August, 9th because it's what I like and I'm, not gonna judge somebody who wants to work 9:00 to 5:00 beyond 13 fucking. Softball teams and play, fucking, video games all day and make 42k, year if she, and he are pumped, as fuck they're equal, to me because, I know a bunch of miserable fucking billionaires, and I know a lot, of fucking happy 55 ka years and everything. In between so, here's. My thing if you listen carefully I'm only, spitting. Two core things you'll. Be self aware and you. Make yourself, happy and don't let anything, other variables. You, are just two macro variables and, -. This is what makes me happy a lot of people are spitting their ideology. On other people especially after they've already accomplished, something so. You talk patience, to write that, people should be patient in in the pursuit of their goals at what point does patient just become delusion, a lot. Of times oh. So. What. Are the hacks, or the tips that you for them to be self-aware to know when to just when, when is patience just right, we're having, the same thing for seven years and nothing good has happened you're delusional, let's start there that's. A test I believe in that if there's been no progress in, your rap career or in, your art or your. Video blog and you've been doing it every day for seven years as hard as you can and nothing, has happened, the market, has spoken that's. One way now, is that four years is that two years do people jump off like you need to see some level of progress to. Keep you having. Blood in the water to get you going but. Sometimes, there is a breakthrough because if the machine, is in between you and the market well, then you got to be discovered, but, the reason now I think it's more pure is, because SoundCloud and Spotify, and YouTube. And Shopify, and Amazon, now, you get the feedback loop so fast and it isn't the arbitrary, subjective, call the, reason that took some of the greatest stars, of all time 11, years to breakthrough is because, other people had say people.

Didn't See Gaga's, talent they, shook thought she was weird somebody, thought she wasn't weird she, breaks out but, Lady Gaga today she. Goes on fucking YouTube and fucking, Spotify direct and the market speaks quicker people, are more famous quicker, now if they have the talent because nobody's in the middle this, is why I talk in, general, terms on content, of course because I don't have the context, but if somebody sat here and I listened for 40 minutes I would tell them if they're delusional or just, impatient and most, people are impatient, and delusional, there. I mean that's just a reality of it you, speak to a lot of young. Startup, entrepreneurs, that you get approached all the time for advice but, here at Vayner you work with a lot of big companies what. Can some of the young entrepreneurs, learn from the big companies and what could be companies, learn from the young entrepreneurs, that's a great question and honestly. I would argue that that is a core strength of mine that I play in both worlds, and so I'm able to like see the common themes. I think, big, companies can learn that, process for the sake of process, is the worst thing of all time and that's all they've become and that long-term marathon, running and building a business is better than every 90 days but. They're stuck because they pander, to Wall Street I think. Startups, are. Impatient. Underestimates. Scale pan, or to visa you know big companies pander, to Wall Street startup, spanner to be seized neither, panders, to the end consumer I genuinely. Believe that because, I pander to the end consumer the, audience that, I am Who I am Wine Library was, what Wine Library was vaynermedia. Is everybody, panders two things in the middle that mean nothing how, important, is attention, when you're doing all this getting, the most so. If I'm if this interview, is not, heard, by anybody it's not a great, use of time other than sharpening. Your craft. Right, yeah which is not horrible but, like it's better if it gets heard and the, reason I film everything is Dustin's. Gonna watch this and he's gonna take a clip and if one of them achieves. 1.5, million and views on Instagram, at the moment of scale that's, a good day because we've created more than again that's number two that's, right okay, if attention matters what yes what's going on in this in the marketing industry right now there's, a lot of pollution a lot of bottom feeders coming out you.

Know I do paid media for a lot of clients and they're, preaching that whole get. Spend a dollar make ten dollars and clients, are starting to think that they need to see, attention, so as yeah, all. Clients are now sitting there saying a dollar. Should make ten dollars but they're easy but it's crazy for me when I run ads like for myself one. X is great because if I'm getting my, money back and my marketing content is still out there and I'm still building a brand that's amazing how do we clean up the, market industry and and reset, the expectations, that clients have. Letting. The market do what it always does, do you know that everybody who picks on me for telling people that you don't need to make a lot there are literally people now pushing back on my thesis that, you can be happy without making a lot of money this is literally now happening like watching it I'm like this is remarkable let, me explain how I plan on addressing that by not addressing it until, the economy collapses, and then, making some, comments. On how, historically. That was so, the market will course correct and take away all the, bottom feeders and your, control, in this scenario, is when a client says to you know bro I need $10, row as you're like thank you very much I'm not the guy for you yeah that's why I said right me, too and when the guys post that they could get 10x I offer to hire them and then they disappear funny how that works yeah if you could if you could speak to every, entrepreneur, in the world you're on you're on I'm, planning on it you're hater well with this podcast yeah if. You're standing on top of a mountain you should have the attention of every single entrepreneur in the world what would you tell them real. Entrepreneurs, or people that are claiming. To be entrepreneurs, during this era real, hardworking entrepreneurs. How lucky, did we get that we didn't end up being athletes, why, is that because they have to retire at 36, I mean, you just brought up something really really good you work with a lot of athletes, I'm just curious from your mindset I asked Brandon signed of the same question what, are some of the common characteristics between the most successful, athletes and most successful. Business people you've met preparation. Competitiveness. Deep passion, for the fucking game I mean that's a real entrepreneur, she.

Or He loves it so much they couldn't be I mean my, actions have spoken long before entrepreneurship, was cool I could, I was not capable of, being a student because, of my deep passion, for entrepreneurship it was baseball cards, it was baseball cards, that didn't allow me to be a good student I was incapable, of sitting. In class and not, dreaming, about selling, bo Jackson, cards it, took me over but for some reason when, you're an athlete and you're. Missing, a bunch of school for because you're a great athlete or, when, you're Beyonce being. Home school right that makes sense but. Not for entrepreneurs, right, doesn't, seem like you're allowed to miss a ton, of school if you're an unbelievable, actor. Actress, singer. Athlete. Missing. Normal school is something that all of us in this room and listening right now understand. You're, like oh yeah that's what happens like you're the best quarterback in the world again you got a throw, with the quarterback you miss first class. You know but, not for entrepreneurs, but that's who I was used to do baseball card shows baseball, card shows in Jersey, in the 90s, were, Thursday, to, Sunday so, you pay for a table for Thursday to Sunday but I have I had a start Friday, afternoon, after school I, have to overpay, for my tables and try to make back my nut on, Friday afternoon Saturday, and Sunday I'm. Curious I was gonna fuckin miss school on Thursday I'm, curious to hear what your answer would have been let's say you were standing on top of the mountain to talking to fake wannabe entrepreneurs I would, say hey, gals and guys you're. About to deal with a very difficult Scarlet. Letter you live as an entrepreneur, wannabe in 2019. Which means you're propaganda, on your Instagram account is painting a life sooner. Than later the economy, will collapse you. Will then have to go work at Chase, Bank or, at you, know somewhere else and you're. Going to have to stop, showing the facade of being a successful entrepreneur and, so, the sooner, you could start telling the truth of actually. Being an entrepreneur. Into the process, of trying to win, versus. What, entrepreneurship. Got cool super. Fun for me rappers. Sneakers. It's been amazing I'm, super, happy I'm also unbelievably prepared. For, it to be demonized, the way big banks were in 2008, when the shit hits the fan and prepared. For all the comments that you, Gary you, fucked me up you, told me entrepreneurship. Now on this really. Cuz you didn't listen well you make it look easy right I don't watch LeBron, play and sit there and say oh I could be the basketball player right I, watch, business people and you're like but you're watching LeBron, you actually see it and you don't actually see it because you just see the byproduct, at night we're, not LeBron's fucking in the weight room right now LeBron's. And cart like real Bronx eating healthiest, fuck LeBron's, watching film on Ben, Simmons right now you, don't see that I'm in fucking meeting 17 hours a day and my, attempt to vlog everything, really. Doesn't work because there's so much sensitive, information but lately, I've had a couple of these mega blogs write, blogs where, people are seeing my whole day and these are fucking four to seven hour videos, on YouTube and people, are fucking going crazy why, I'm realizing, like who the fuck wants to watch seven I mean I'm humbled, but, what I realize is mmm. Now they're actually starting to see certain things like oh, that's. How he treats people fuck. If he's.

Doing That and he's nice to everybody and, I, think I'm somebody cuz I have 4,000, followers on Instagram, maybe, I'm doing this wrong and so yeah. Man when it really gets to the Truman Show and people are really wide somebody a little bit braver than me shows every single thing like, if I was just if I'd have a company with clients employees I'd show everyone just not but. I kind of sometimes dream of it because that's, what's been great about these mega vlogs so, you're. Gonna and you would really see it and then it wouldn't seem so easy you, go read the client comments on the four episodes, I put up that are long they're, like fuck that looks exhausting. How. The fuck, does he have energy, to say what's up and answer the same fucking thing have you watched one of them no have, you so. What's your take on it. And. The. Patience, and the attention. And the sheer, energy it takes when you have attention. Yeah, but I mean so. You've probably get this pushback a lot easy for Gary to say right, he's, made it he's he's there easy. For Gary to say I'll do that to move on pain I painted, on your way worse I hear fake. Manipulations. Of my story just one more time because we're having an on-the-record, day I walked. Into my dad's business, doing three point eight million dollars in sales grew it to a sixty million dollar business so you weren't handed it like some other people say of, course not, I left it 34 years guys if I was handed, a 60 million dollar business why would I start vaynermedia, in the conference, room of Buddy Media cuz I didn't have enough money for rent know what, I did unlike all you fuckers was I gave the 12 best years of my life to my parents who I loved the most built, them a 60, million dollar business and walked, at 34 with no fucking money now what now. What dick now. What so, yes. People, say easy for you to say that and by the way it's, what everybody does and by the way cool, fine easy. Because I have talent that I'll respect, but. I put in the work, like. You, know what else is easy being. Attractive. You. Know eat you know amazing it is if you're born beautiful boy, or girl it's, let, me save people time we're on white privilege right now we're, on rich it's, good to come to beautiful because. People are starting to get deep unlike their thinking one, of the great things to happen in your life is to be a fucking smoke. Show a fucking, male fucking, model gorgeous. As I always let me tell you you know I always like this I always said if if I could come back in life as a hot, woman, yes I think I'm knowing the marketing skills I like, just so anybody understands, so they're not confused if you were highly, I'm talking like a 10 yeah, male or female your, life is much better doors. Open, that never could have opened. It's. Like something doesn't you get it you getting invited to go to Ibiza. For a week all-expense-paid. Everything. Taken care of shopping sprees you invite it to the fire festival yeah, exactly, so like there's, a ton of yeah, here's. My thing I'm just not judging anybody you know what I think is a better advantage than, fucking being born into something being, born into nothing I'm on the record remember.

I Said it can't wait to watch it in 20 years the Internet the way it is today I'd, rather have zero than a hundred million people. That have zero like this fucking guy's an idiot that's, cuz you don't talk to trust fund babies I do I talk. To trust fund babies they, DM me I meet them in real life because in my business career they're, fucking sad do, you know what you know what it's like to talk to a human being that looks at you at 22 years old and says no matter what I do. No. Matter what I do for the next 80 years it. Will never be my own accomplishment. Everybody, will always say I was handed it and I'm done do. You know what kind of level of depression, cocaine, and partying, until you die that leads to a lot both. Sides are always e to come the other side and. By the way nor, do I expect anybody, that grew up the way I did in a studio apartment in Queens to have sadness, for, Richard Thompson the third they, will say what I always hear which is cool, I'll cry in my Ferrari that's, cuz you don't know what crying is dick, because. Smiling, and your fucking Toyota is way better than crying in your Ferrari but you can stay confused, and when you get there why don't you call good, old Gary, and tell me how it actually feels crying. Is never acceptable not. Interesting, aka being, sad and depressed, and not happy, people fucking confused, if you think a fucking Ferrari or, some fucking hot Supremes, or, fucking pretty girl or boy or a yacht is gonna make you happy you're, just not smart about life you, go do you everybody, should do whatever the fuck they want I'm one person I do not put on the record I'm on the on the record today, I genuinely. Did, not believe that my points of view are more valuable than anybody, else's I've ever met I genuinely. Feel, that way I genuinely, do do I subconsciously. Understand. That my thoughts on business probably, since I've been doing it every day of my life for the last fuckin 37. Years carries, some weight more, than somebody who's drawn every, day for 37 probably, but, maybe they're just a natural talent they see it differently like I don't get high on my supply I enjoy, sharing I enjoy, admiration, I enjoy, content, I enjoy, humans, tremendously. But. I'm. Gonna die and nobody's gonna like I'm gonna have a day I feel like at this point like I'm feeling confident I'm gonna have a good like I definitely feel like people who have liked to share their favorite memories I, feel like I'll have a little bit of a bad day half, half a day like, I'll trend for can be a tough speaking gig at your funeral yeah. You. Know but like I genuinely, think, like and then what right Prince. Died, fucking. You know like Michael. Jackson died he's. People make global fucking impact you know what I mean so like. But. I'm but but I'm what, I don't care what anybody thinks, and nor do I think my value on anybody said my opinion anybody matters, I do, have, a yearning to communicate, and so, I'll do that. Welcome. To listen or not I. Want. To let you end with just a pitch talk about empathy wines and white I'm sorry I'm good and going to that appreciate, that it's very kind uh I, grew. Up in the wine business I'm very, fascinated by direct-to-consumer why brands. I knew, I had a ton of leverage with farmers. I. Just. Knew that I could make a forty to sixty dollar wine for twenty bucks and I. Was curious of what. Kind of side house so that would look like and most, importantly, John, Troutman and Nate Schroeder. Have, been with me for a decade had mins interns, came all the way up the system and, I felt like it was time to take, a swing with them as my partner's so, I get to put kids on that.

The Dustin's and the Seth's who were sitting here right now it could be like I mean I assume I'm I don't want to speak for them but like it's probably cool, to be like knowing, you're coming in on the ground floor you, a sling cry name working we work hard but then when you get to look at those guys and be like they own a winery I, can't. Like like it's always good to sit so why it's so pow to see something right it's powerful to see for me I'm sure as a kid I don't remember seeing, immigrants, from the old country make it it's powerful to see somebody from the hood make, it's powerful, to see a woman, like it's why I love amplifying, stories, of like all different shapes and sizes cuz, all, you need to do is see one right so, it's, great it makes me happy it feels like all that you know I ask of my people that are in my most inner circle to work hard to. Not you know you can work at vaynermedia and get paid more you're more than welcome but, there's something really rad if you're willing to I'm, asking them to do what I did I was 34, years old not a lot of people on earth that I've ever built something as quickly, as I did on earth there's plenty there built way bigger but, if you take them seven point seven billion fucking people the amount that have taken something and grown it in seven years the way I did for, somebody else gets. Real small real fast look one out of all the things you've accomplished, and there's, a lot that people admire you for I think being. This is my second. Time at vaynermedia the one thing that I could tell you as a business owner that's, more that's the most impressive out of it all is the, culture, you built here of the people that will go all-in for you and that's. Just incredibly. Comes in one way there, is no fucking drinking, kool-aid you don't trick humans you could trick them for a few minutes but, not sustained, at, scale, like. I keep people. At kool-aid. Oil, salesmen I'd read these comics are like. How. Do you not understand, what 20, fucking years of, sustained, growth, means. Like, a 20 at 21, there's, very, few people I would stay till 8:00 p.m. 9:00, p.m. to go work for it the fact that you have an entire, office, of people that's just willing to just give, you their nights give you their weekends. Impressive. And the fucking hundreds and hundreds of thousands, behind it that are trying to get in Yeah right like you're like oh you worked, so hard I'm like doesn't, fucking Soviet, Russia and they you know you know what the best part is in Seth probably knows better than us about distance have been a quick learn like I also put them on when they don't want to be here anymore like, to me it's not like you, know it'd be oh it'd be one thing if like sets like you know what I'm gonna work at audible, and I might go fuck yourself, I would, literally email the fucking CEO of audible first, I'd be like dick why don't you talk to me I would've got you a better I would, money inaudible that.

Would Have been the first reaction second I would have fucking liked the next thing I do like. There's. A way to live life I understand, what it looks like and it's very basic people, have made shit real complicated, when. You're fulfilled, you, can start giving, so. I'm fulfilled. Emotionally. Right. The, end so I'm capable to give and there, are people out there that are that way and I'm thankful that I'm one of them one thing I'm concerned about is as I get bigger, people. Using, me to make themselves bigger. The. Counter, to my message, is money makes you happy and. People, gonna fall for it look I use you as fuel went when I first met you and I said how would you build an agency cuz I'm building an agency and Gary. Seriously looked me in the eyes and said I wouldn't I wouldn't, build an agency I'm like hmm, okay well there goes that that's the play - yeah and then I went home and I'm like and it took me like a couple of days like my wife my friends are all like what's wrong I'm like I'm like wow, that was deflating. And they're like you're letting one guy dictate, what you're gonna do like it's. Not that out of it he. Doesn't know you he duck he doesn't, know the context, behind what you want to do just, love that I mean up out of it and go do that's exactly right and the, point I was trying to make to you is like oh and I got bigger and better since then yes, and and, the point is like and also look at why I said, that because, I'm self-aware of what would make me happy I Jenni, dude, if I buy the New York Jets people. Gonna shit their pants. Like. It's gonna be fucking Lydia, outfit like people are gonna lose like do, you know me people. Will. Go on to like, if I buy, the New York Jets the amount of people that will go on to do incredible, things will be extraordinary, cuz I'm one of the first humans because of technology now cuz I'm special this, is what made Muhammad Ali's special, right he was calling his shots and he. Used television I will. Be one like when I buy, the Jets in 27, years there, won't be 35. Years of propaganda at, scale, that I told you I was going to it'll. Just be overwhelming. And you know what spill, people will shit on you and sit there and say yeah but for every person that called that they were gonna do it I mean everyone goes on social media calls their shots yeah listen I feel bad for those people like like if you live a life of sinesses shit's there's, there's, almost nothing that the two things that are most unattractive to, me or hypocrisy, and cynicism, hmm they're just not attractive, not that everybody has a little. I'm. Still trying to figure out how to stay cynical, to Tom Brady in the face of data yeah, so. I get it you know what I mean yeah I'm just emotion but I'm willing to do that in sports not real life does that make sense yeah, like, like.

In Sports your escapism you don't want to go anything all Pierce but do I really yeah. Tommy. Any money Tom Brady wants the Vayner talent to reprimand. By. The way like, I and, this is why I say that yeah when Steve Ross bought a piece of vaynermedia he, offered me a percentage, of dolphins I could, walk around earth right now and people don't you know how that is people don't know full percentages, and like, I'm loud if people think it's bigger than it was right like three, points it's in one point like you know what I mean. Six. Fucking years ago I could be walking around the last seven years being like. On. The Jets I mean, I could've cuz, the owner of the Browns I think owned a piece of the Steelers I could, have I just, hate the fucking Dolphins, bro but Jets fan well, it's gonna be a sad day for all of us when you actually do buy the Jets I mean, this all this whole thing ends Gary thank you so much really appreciate it good job finally, a place where you don't have to hear. And. As. Many of you know if you're watching this I've, got a Jersey, potty mouth I grew up in Jersey in the 80s and it's the way I communicate when. I first started making content, the business world I cursed, at a mid-2000s. And it, was stunningly. Unacceptable. And it, probably bothered a lot of people as, time moved on and our culture moved on like a bigger percentage of people became okay with some, of the colorful language however. A big percentage, is not everyone, and more, importantly deploying, empathy and caring about the Adhan audience is ultimately, the only thing, I truly believe in I don't, want to change who I am and nor, will I ever because. At the end of day I want to put my head on my pillow and I want to be happy however, I also, don't. Expect people to conform into me I have to conform into them because, ultimately they're the audience for, that reason I'm super, excited about having, a curse-free channel so, many of you understand, that my themes actually can help so, many people that, maybe don't like the colorful language but I don't want that to be part, of the reason that they can't consume, the, macro message the real meaning and I surely don't want anybody, to fold, or conform into me this, is an incredibly, important, chapter. In my career an unbelievably, exciting, channel, for me and I hope you enjoy it for the rationale, behind its creation. You.

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I really believe in that

Yooooo I swear I just got off the phone with a business partner of mine, discussing the same exact things. I wrote on an older video but I just thought of a podcast idea for my podcast “Talk Ya Ish” and wanted to know what you think. Do you think everyone following the same “procedure” from someone else, and expecting to stand out is insanity? Do you think that’s why the “fake it til you make it” thing is kind of falling off and now “the real” is something to aspire for or to and if you aren’t being you it shows dramatically. Especially in front of a camera. Do you think it starts with your parents being real with you first before you’re real with yourself?

Team GaryVee please read my comment. I’d love to hear what you think.

"Homeless & Happy" our new 'Truman Show' 0.o ..wait for it...! lol

Future need some credit, lol.

Considering the exponential growth & movement of tech' from 5,10, 15 years to 3,6,9.. in both directions. I'd say "Electric Golf Cart "would be more timelessly punchy! lol 1=D #ClimateAction [You will not be able to giveaway a toyota in a couple of years, especially if aren't landlocked to big car manufactures and have any kind of standard air pollution tax]

+aaron mpower amazing bro, which model you have ?

And btw I do

I think I’d rather smile in my Ferrari

+Max profit im laughing in subway at the moment

I Dont agree with the title

Ath Leb what are you driving right now ?

I would rather commit suicide in a Ferrari than drive a Toyota

Team GaryVee Definitely this is going to be great quote . I was born in communism and I grew up there as well and trust me I’m laughing in my Toyota and I’m happy as hell because I live in country with true freedom. People don’t understand what is true happiness and true freedom if they never go through real hell . I created my channel because I want to show people how easy it is to make money how everything is possible even if you do not have a friends or even if you were born somewhere else even if your English is not the best. All what it takes is hard hard work real hard work.

What about crying in your Toyota?? Then what??

"Genuine" and "mindfulness" is real success in GaryVee the legendary man....

"If you've been doing the same thing for 7 years and nothing good has happened, you're delusional" - Gary Vaynerchuck. Well I guess Vincent Van Gogh was delusional.

Gary, I live in a Toyota mini van. I'm happy

Man, I hear you re: Cynicsm. Australia has a collective mentality that we've dubbed 'Tall Poppy Syndrome' - people who strive and rise (the tallest poppies) are cut down by jealous, conservative types. It's easy to be cynical and sarcastic and to break people down. It takes integrity, fortitude, dedication and compassion to strive to constantly build yourself and others up. Great content again Gary. Your advice is helping my brother and I harness socials like Youtube to build better futures for ourselves. Love your work my man.


Loud and clear, it is heard. Roger that

Love how you are using sound and image like NETFLIX in the beginning of your videos to get us SET on the GV personal brand!

i love that colleges run ads on your videos

I love your content ! it inspired me to make my own youtube channel about traveling! i love creating content!

I love this video

"That's cause you don't know what cryig is, dick" That was DEEEEEEP

Born into nothing & making something of myself! #facts

maybe one day i will have a toyota, ill work hard for it!

I think you know if patience has turned to denial When it no longer is what’s pushing you forward. No longer pumping you, maybe your interest has changed and so all you can see Is failure in the one subject. Which is just a learning opportunity, you may know now you don’t like it and you can take your failures and apply it elsewhere having the advantage of having those failures

I can’t tell you how much you’re inspiring my life right now brother. I’m 18 days sober now and finally thinking clearly for the first time in my life. Your videos are helping me shape my future along with my sobriety. I’m buried in a Lincoln that I can’t afford and I’m going to walk away from it and buy a beater. I’m tracking my journey of self growth and realization with my YouTube channel and I finally feel alive. Thank you so much for all your words and inspiration! One love

21 fake entrepreneur had dislike the video...

ok what if i can't get to that level of high speed/high volume content making to make a difference on my platform . I'm a bit frustrated . i have full time job and i only have time once a week to make videos .

Joe Carrier What Up Gary Vee? It's Joe Carrier I know I said if you didn't reply then fuck it cuz that you actually replied was enough...but I also said I do what I gotta do when I gotta do it....I personally know the owner of Trademark along with personally motivations your getting into the Cannabis industry along with a entrepreneur so I feel that there's something that needs to be done between us three You Me and the actually owner.....lastly before thinking fuck Joe I will just direct contact the actually owner. To that I would say fair enough but since I was the one that contracted and presented the business opportunity only a dick would do that.haha thanks for reading.


I have been following for a bit. Thank you.

Taking your advice and it’s working for growing my channel and Instagram!

Gary vee is the real walter white

Always legendary content. Helps us run our magazine. Thx Gary

still better to cry in a sports coupe and commute in an econo-sedan though

I don't mind the cursing, but now it will be easier to have you in the background when my kids are about :)

6:18 Iove it Iove it!



I was feeling really depressed about my life today. The worst part about it was I didn’t know why I was so upset! I got A’s on all my tests, had money in my pocket and everyone was just proud of me. But I felt so isolated and depressed and worthless. It just didn’t fucking add up. Until this video. Especially when Gary said “smiling in your Toyota is better than crying in your Ferrari” And “you make yourself happy” and something about not chasing things that you THINK will make you happy. But chase the thing that do.

You are the man GaryVee thumbs up who think like me .....!!!!!

Jesus Christ I quoted a meme it wasnt my actual outlook.

Gary vee. The over rated crack head. Talks shit

best content I've seen from you yet, Gary. keep on giving!!!!

This episode is gold

I will miss the colors in the language...

i hate paul pierce too gary

Seems Fousey got the message. :)

I'm not sure if i want to be entrepreneurial because of the opportunist in me or because of people like Gary vee... *goes to watch 8 hour vlog*

Gary I'm starting social media agency. And I was wondering how you would go about getting ur first couple of clients

Who tf was crying in a Ferrari?

A curse free channel!!!! YESSS! Thank you GARY! I've been wanting to share you and the genius you are with so many people for so long, but I just couldn't because of the "jersey potty-mouth." So thank you for this :)

Amazing video! Thanks gary

Stop watching VIDEOS AND MAKE THEM!! Watching someone live their dreams will not make yours come true you have to put in work! I love having my own business and making money on autopilot. I did that by taking actions after I figured out that watching videos didn’t put money in my pocket ✊

What about masturbating in your Ferrari while crying ?

It's just small things in life that matter ... A generous success... Straight talk... Can I kindly get subscribers here... Am new and leaving it without subscribers embarrases thank you

am i the only that noticed that gary looks swole as shit rn damn that trainer theory worked didnt it

Love this guy's content, getting on my grind for real

Gary I have been Delusional and setting false standards and goals for myself bc I have been received watching all the others Entrepreneur but your the O.G. open the eyes to us blind kids

Wish I could afford at least a used toxota

Michael Schumacher son "Mick" ! lol ..changed his name to his mother maiden name 'Mick Betsch' won a tonne of races, & only then told peeps! So no excuses ...and there is even an injection to turn skin black if you are prop-erly ambitious, it's like the new face tattoo fad! Trump/Trump's sons should do it for the street $cred$ $$$$o$$o$$$$!!!

Same age as you Gary V. Give me a task to do for free. I promise I will blow it out of the water regardless of what it is.

i dont think so

I drive a 96 Nissan Sentra, absolute beater of a car, paid like $1300 for it but love it to death

Gary—I’m a garage/flea market flipper who is happier than a proverbial ‘fat boy in a pie factory’ and the ROI is thru the clouds. Tomorrow is Saturday and it’s #trashtalk time. I watched the First MEGA BLOG and it was life changing when you hit me up on chat !

I validate you! The content you create is amazing!

But Prince and MJ were entertainers, they didn't try to change the world like you do. Martin Luther King did, Gandhi did,... and they had way more than "half a day" of celebration once they died. Like we have a "Martin luther king memorial day" every year.

The title is.. meh. What if I'm crying in my Toyota?

Still, although money can't buy happiness, money solves some problem that makes people unhappy so.... you know it is only relatable when you reach a point in life where money isn't a problem for examples bill, food, accomodation, etc. Then you have the right to decide. Before that, it is absolute nonsense in my opinion. But you know, I get the point. Just not applicable for everybod6

when you've heard ''I'd rather cry in a ferrari'' already, but now you have a totally twisted perspective.

"I'd rather be floating on a boat than sinking on a yacht" -Will Henn (Fillmore)

Damn Gary! First you started to transcribe all your videos in all kinds of different languages, now you start a curse free channel... you’re really taking over the globe! Brilliant to witness you do all of this!


We are all different, balance is not the same across the board. See you guys at the finish line.

Gary vee is the man. He has inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and my friends and produce some YouTube videos, I would love for people to check some of my stuff out and even subscribe. thanks

I think Gary means, like you can get the Ferrari if you can afford and it won’t hurt you. So afford what you this case a toyota. I don’t agree with the people in the comments, saying “oh this won’t make you happy...” I’m like why can’t someone get something they like, does it have to be a boring car. I just think everyone is different and should do what’s best for you.

One of the best conversations that I have listened to over the years, thanks! Surround yourself with winners and you will win.

Like the Apostle Paul says, I am everything to everyone.

Fuck garage sales, flea markets yield me the most profit! But i do like garage sales too lol

Please get someone dedicated to audio editing if the video guys dont have time or idea. Its easier than you think.

Its better to kill 15 enemies and get 3rd position instead hiding and getting Chicken Dinner

Can I send you a picture of me smiling while driving my Toyota? This title just made my day!!!!!!!!! Thanks, dude.

Wow. Good job Jason, you absolutely crushed it.

Bro your jot gonna get people not to expect 10 back for 1. The next generation is coming and it just going to get more and more competitive.

HOW can i get scened up with garyvee in the rap game

you have a first appearance Deadpool issue!?

As a 19 year old from the uk I think that Brexit will contribute to the market crash. How do I best prepare for it?. I finished college last year and took a gap year this year and seeking alternative options because i did not want to get student debt, currently working at warehouse/retail shop. I am applying to degree apprenticeship which allow you to go to university a 1 day a week and go work at the company for 4 days. You get all your tuition fees paid for and get a salary from working at the company and a BSc degree qualification. If I don't get a degree apprenticeship I will most likely go to university as ( I live in a Pakistani house hold parents are immigrants, so yeh) #FirstInLine #Entreprenuar #Ask GaryVee

The only way to make it is hustle 24/7 and do it your way.

Man this is gold, Gary i love you ❤✌


Amazing interview amazing conversation. It's nice to see Gary bounce around the same themes but with a different perspective you just got a devoted listener

GARY VEE IS THE MANNN!!! I have taken all of Gary's advice, I have jumped out of my comfort zone and now I am on target to make 6 figures this year and i’m only 17. I have even created a YouTube channel to follow my progress, my first video is due to drop in 45 minutes!!! I would LOVE some support and feedback! Please hit subscribe and check it out. Have a GREAT day!

Dude forreal this podcast was

24:35 "When you are fullfilled, you can start giving." Probably the best quote I've heard yet. The hits just keep on comin'..

Title is on point. You inspired me to start my own channel Gary, you're a legend!!!!

6:26 -6:39 “Heres the thing, if you listen carefully, I’m only spitting two core things: ‘YOU be self-aware and YOU make yourself happy...YOU adjust to macro-variables’ And 2. ‘This is what makes me happy’”

Sounds like fouseytube

Love your work Gary. So few people get this simple truth! Nice one!

Always value from Gary V ...

So much

Woah ! BIG FAX. I just uploaded video on Gary vee, I feel like its something nobody talks about when it comes to him. #TheTRUTHRevealed

"Tried and true human behavior with an understanding of modern day contextual technology advancements" BARS! -G Veezy

​+Gesi Gesterkamp as a Master of Ceremony I'd say he's already and MC. lol Making $250k a show with no management or janky promotor!? #RapLife Touring the world catching a bag$ at every stop!

Moody Goudy

i feel like i heard this in 1 million different places lmao

@GaryVee when you buy the NY Jets I want to be at the Ribbon Cutting... Just because I want to see the emotion you have after that fucking victory.

gary dropped gemmssssss. another classic. im gonna ask my ceo about some of this stuff

Cynicism is a philosophy, I don't believe is totally wrong, blesses Gary

Red Sox!!

No swearing! Bloody fairies!

All of you who agree with gary, drive toyota :) hahahah fact. :)

i know u stole this headline from jake paul or logan paul when they said crying in a ferrari (or whatever nice car it was) is better then crying in a toyota in one of there vlogs


Lmfao your delusional. Let's start there

I'd rather smile in my ferrari

I F ing love this guy

Still not sure what Gary does or what his business does.

Another good one Gary, couldn't agree more.

Beyond inspiring!

majd én tudom mit akarok venni a pénzembol sem ,te , sem egy szoftver nem fog nekem dirigélni:)) ne sirj AI egy cenetet sem engedek 150 milliárd euro / csatonánkét/havonta 12év /és 170 csatorna számolási alap+késedelmi kamat 10x + eddigi összes bevétel 80 % :)))) még mindig alkudozol?:))))))))))

I'm 16 and I just finished watching this podcast, I'm a culprit of what Gary said of wannabe entrepreneurs just enjoying the idea of motivation because it makes them feel like they're doing something so it made me think. How do i move from being a fake entrepreneur to a REAL entrepreneur and what actually makes someone an entrepreneur? I don't really know what to do to get past it, do I "trust my process" and put in the work and make money and do the things I might not like in order to enjoy and be happy at the end? Will that then make me a real entrepreneur or just someone who has/makes a lot of money?

You're a fucking stud, thanks for always being a real one you are appreciated


Thats why i talk about finding things you like instead of just focusing on chasing the money. Stop watching and execute.

Thank you! MUch Love. PlayLovePlay.

If you’re more concerned on the language used in a message then the actual message itself then you aren’t going anywhere. Shout out to uncle G!

Garryyyyyy Vaynerchuuuuuuuuuuk ....

Watched this video twice and I would still rather cry in the Ferrari.

He gives interviews to ass clown and ass kissers never a Real G I would have his ass looking like a baby

I would out clown this ass bag on life any day

Smiling In Your Toyota Is Way Better Than Crying In Your Ferrari... loved it

The more money I made the more unhappy I became. Now I'd rather make less money and focus more on things that I'm really into doing.

+The Common Advisor That's awesome! Good for you man. Best of luck with it. You are gonna do great.

Nick I’m in the social media marketing business. I have a company that will be launched in a few weeks running marketing for local businesses. I also do life coaching. ✊

What type of business are you in?

100 percent....

Bootstrapping ideas

If you BUY ANY CAR, you’re losing. Lol. Write-offs, my friends. Lease, my friends.

Love it Gary!

Minute 8:35 , BEAUTIFUL fucking question , may very well be the game changing question for many industries and upcoming companies.

Gary, what is your process for loving the process? Do you set daily process goals?

Easy for you to say Gary. You’re a fucking sexy male model! Must be nice.


is that lil yachty in the background?

hey Gary i been listening to u for a while and I'm 21 getting paid 13 bucks an hour and I have all my money going to my Moms account in every check i don't take any I'm not worried but thank for making this videos cause shit is not easy is not supposed too be easy were from Cuba we got out late 2015 again thank u for everything I hope one day I get to meet you

I'd rather drive in a Volkswagen Beetle and have garnered such a reputation as a successful entrepreneur than a wannabe who conveys they're successful with their material gains. Flashy cars are a liability, not an asset, once you start running the numbers for your business you'll soon realise how foolish it was to buy that Lambo or Bentley.

This is like an artist having the censored version of their music available to reach twice the audience...... Brilliant move.

#cursefreegaryvee......Brilliant.....just brilliant......

Great title, so true. I have no problem rocking my iPhone SE when my broke friends rock their iPhone X’s

Man I smile every time I look at my self in the rear view of my Toyota Sequoia

"Success without fulfillment is failure." Tony Robbins

Hey dig your mindset. I'm new to youtube still. Would love to hear any feed back you have about my channel and or videos thanks.

for sure


nitpick: please don't use jumpcuts so frequently, it's jarring and distracting

I wish I could figure out what makes me happy for a career. I'm so scared of the unknown it's hard to push myself to actually try and make something happen. I truly believe you should be happy no matter your job and that's all I want, to be happy and excited to go to work.

there is so much on this video

This was one of the best interviews! He asked great questions, love it!

I actually clicked on this video from the thumbnail. The quote is good though

Life is a long game. Better to find self awareness instead of being self conscious. Know who your audience is, and pander to them. Take care of your customers and clients

it's good but this one hit me harder - "When you're fulfilled, you can start giving."

*Gary, would you say you are a minimalist fundamentally?*

How did Gary not say something about the Boston hat? Haha amazing video!


People like being motivated but don't like working HARD. The effort is what separates us.

The curse free Gary channel is a great idea. I don't personally mind the language, but that's a super smart move! Much love Team Gary Vee ✌️

Gotta agree the title is awesome. Been making my own business and building a team with Gary's ideas he mentioned here within the framework. Provide value through content that we are passionate about.

Love how Gary points out that better-looking people have it better. It's true. xD

Bruh had a fire point, maybe 100 years from now it’ll finally not be about skin color or gender. it’ll be about if you were born beautiful or not. That’s some stuff people don’t think about but he might be onto something. Cus fr looking good you do live different.

@aaron mpower amazing bro, which model you have ?

@Max profit im laughing in subway at the moment

@The Common Advisor That's awesome! Good for you man. Best of luck with it. You are gonna do great.

Real Energy! Thank you Gary!

I love it Truth don’t change !!! I feel you have way more to offer than 99% ... Your story and advice is what makes me know you will see my name soon, I would have died wanting a dream now through your content big things are manifesting in my eyes and only through hard work!!! Very intentional .. Lots of love

On point

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