SO MUCH TREASURE | Sea Of Thieves #2 w/Robin & Ethan

SO MUCH TREASURE | Sea Of Thieves #2 w/Robin & Ethan

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What. Oh. How's. It going where, where, are you Robin I'm sorry here at the table no that's, weird for some reason I don't, see your name above, you oh oh. Yeah I don't see the view now either I'm. Anonymous now. Can. You have the planet, okay. I'm a senior you know we kill, each other, no, I'm. A hoarder but you can drink you can get drunk and wobble, around how, do you get drunk first. Cute I'm cute Pressman. I think. Another, friend, wait. Robin. Man yes you are lazy I'm. Here, I think we have another friend he. Went to the ship I think I started, waiting for ha ha. I. Just. Heard you going I just heard you're going I, hope, you fall in the water. My, errand guys on the boat let's. Shoot Ethan utter cannon, when he's drunk. Hello. Maureen, caleche okay, oh. We've. Never been in this boat this is a cool one there's a big one it has a plank. Look. At the office, in here, look. At the office, this one's real, cool the boat that I had last time was a piece of shit oh I didn't even get a boat, digging. Gold after wild hog this boy is way cooler, than the ones we've had Robin, on Crescent. Uh well. Yeah, it is Oh. Touch. Me the way of the sea I'm gonna need help raising this fucking, anchor cheese. I'm. Trying. I, have. Bricky bones from the seawater. We, don't know where we're going yet I think, SuperMario, down here is just plotting, our course he said artists. What. What are you doing Mario. Marie. Oh he's, cool looking he if any of us should have been leader of the ship it should have been, Big. Bertha here, what. Bertha. What do you do anything I don't, know oh is that moving, it for everyone yeah. Look. At the map now oh wait, on this boat we can't we can't cheat. Yeah. You can't just peek, over it well you can look from down through the floor. There's. A jail cell down here yeah we can vote to put Mario in the brig if we want. Okay. Do you see if any mushrooms, help you out then all the sales are down god this ship is oh I'm not used to this it's like buying a new house and I can't forward. I'm. Gonna go up in the in the in the nest. Thing, whatever it's called Rose named clothes are you really a pirate, Mario. No you're going the wrong way wrong. Way oh. Really. Bill. Hey. Wait. Where didn't go stood out where. Are we going I don't have my mapper oh yeah Ethan if you hold II um. Your. Mom's based on the voyages, we're doing. Haha. There. Is oils, Mario. No you're missing the island you're. Going the wrong way yeah. We no, no. Hey Marinko, the Crescent, Isle is like just back there what are you doing wrong. Way alright, wait it's there it's that it's, put him into Brega. Where. We are the, hell did you do now, we're lost. Yeah he came back down to look at it come on Mario, no, written sound, right okay, I'm filling up all the cannons, there, we go all, done you're right you're. The. Big boats cool. The. Big boat has like a lot of washy wash in it I like it.

It's, So it's so rocky yeah, down downstairs, you just wobble, and all how. Close are we on the map I'm, coming. Up right here right. The. Compass, is going crazy okay. Let me know when you want me to drop anchor, okay. I I will care this time hence I can't, see shit the sails are in the way but okay. Leave, now. Okay. Why. Are we going right. Because. Robin likes to turn. I. Also, didn't want to cross and I couldn't see it I've got it, this. Is awesome, it's so atmospheric I, am, afraid I am afraid of eating good. Yeah, you can take you're good I'll shoot him the. Sharks were lame they don't do it there's, like 10 of them oh my god just. Keep going boom. We. Are there anyway. Jesus. Okay. Oh. Shit. There was so much more than I thought yeah I. Thought. There was only two of them who. The, rock pool water Plano to, the north okay well. The compass doesn't work take out your compass and look at it oh yeah where's the cup how do you open the compass Q, top mine works, yeah. Now it does just didn't for a sec so North is on the other side of the presents her Oh rocky, bean Suns, coming my trees gone, nuts. Yeah it's told you, the. Signing this. Should be over here right. Just, the other side of the island, the. Big chunky rock. Oh. My, god. Did. Your health go down yeah I've liked your teeny-tiny bit. For Jesus that was scary that's. Cool oh it's, girly boys. Marinko. Just said he is the Marauders. Ches okay. But that's not part of a quest oh and that's, something. Else that's a weird should have gotten the notification, okay he's bringing it back to the boat but the boat is way. Too far away for us to be able to do this, find. The top of the right cool waterfall. To them to, the north I, mean. The water rock pool waterfall. Water, fucking only be it like here right I think. That's this thing over. Here right I don't. Know I can't see names of your heads anymore to rock full of waterfall oh yeah, this is it the rock full waterfall okay so, from this we need to read, this map on. The top of the rock for waterfall that's like right here, I've. No idea where you guys are whoa the. Man's slowing green. We're. Up here yeah there, is no. Right. Way okay. The. Storage chamber where there is no sky just. Like a little cave between the High Rock area. Yeah. Okay, so it. Lies in wait for a like. Held high okay. Hi. I'll just guess. And just hold it up there's, a captain's, chest in here whoa. Those. Are worth a lot get, it get it yeah get it okay I got it in that cave I'm heading back to the ship with it. Okay. I got a banana. It's. Doing it. Was. It in that cave. Yeah, it. Exploded, and then I heard whispers, okay, at the, unfortunate. Unfortunate. Angler, on the North East Beach your, reward is almost found in ten paces South by Southwest break, ground by Southwest. Mariko is just thinking I'm back on the boat that's, not a help dude, what is it unfortunate. Angler, I don't. Know it's pirate, talk. Pirates. Oh wait. Is. That a. Chat. I. Send. A chat message. Don't. Know check. The button mapping in there cuz. I need to be able to talk to this guy and tell him that no, I'm.

Gonna Raise the sails and try and turn the boat towards you guys okay. Okay. Whoa. So ten states is South by South West well, we need to find a an, unfortunate. Angler, though. Okay, is there any great amazing. Right is. What. Is this is, this the unfortunate, angler. Oh this. Is it oh yes, okay, yeah. Yeah. Is he dead okay, yeah, ten, paces, so. To pace you bring out your compass and I'll click to hold it, and. Then you actually do patience walk, so you count ten paces. Yeah. Okay, hold on queue and select your shovel the down one, and, then. Dig the ground. You. Need here a punk. Keep. Digging me lads I'm, over here trying to raise Aniyah treasure. Where's. The, treasure. Robin. We've been bamboozled, yeah been. Pissing good. We. Got got it dude, it's cuz I'm not on the island cuz I'm the master treasure finder. Like. It got him. Hey. Those dozen men, okay this ship turns, way, worse, than the other ones. Jeepers. Creepers. Treasures. Where's. This goddamn treasure. Mario. He's trying to get me to go to the north like. I'm not gonna fucking leave the dudes on the island we're. Still looking for the treasure we have a map too Mario, can you. Focus. On the quest can you press T and chat to him cuz I tried no wouldn't work T. No nothing nothing is nothing is happening okay, I'm pulling the boat up to the shore do. It. Dududududu. And. They said you won't get oh i. Mighta beat sure. It's. Fine they slide back into the ocean, there might be leaks though oh, that. Was a lot lower than I thought it was, do. You have to be like super precise, with your shoveling, not. Super. Super but you have to be like within five paces let's say, Marinko. Little help fixing the hole that I just made. My. Question, is why does anybody. Solo. Queue for four man shifts. Yeah, I. Wish. You could just not have, a fourth, it, could be digging for years, to find this treasure. Taking, 30 years, did. We get - oh we, got - word word, Maps single. Where's, the unfortunate anger this guy that's. The thing I don't know. It. Seems like it I don't. Know what else it could be Oh more, skeletons. I. Get, a fucking bull shout. Only. I just count to ten paces and, got, to it and I was like I'm gonna dig here and you dug right beside me and found it. Southwest. Just go to the very middle of south and southwest, or just count the paces that's. What we did, we. Did that's so weird maybe our compasses, are broken. Even. You can carry this one since you took it up. We. Swiped that oh yeah we probably should be helping to do you, Nast. Fine now. You got it hold on yes Ethan. Has to get his sea legs he, has to do all the manual work now yeah, now, you. Have to do it all. Around you to try yeah. What. Do you call a squire, but - pirates I. Don't. Think they're Danna learn, it so that's the. What, was it you said you found a captain's, chest, yeah I think. That's the second, most valuable. Treasure, I think the Admirals, chest is that they're like the top tier one I mean, when you have pirates in different treasure skills like I do. Ha. Yeah, how, is that beach scene going. It's. Good look the boats here isn't it we need to go directly south yep here. Yep. Oh yeah. Why. Is he saying northeast, it's. Not northeast. Marine koh tao south. South. Yeah. I'm just gonna turn it on the spot okay, got it you got it when you're already and you're facing south then, sales are coming down boy. Imma, go up in the crow's nest do. It it's gonna be pitching. You. Need to be there you need to be there the. Lookout, yeah, yeah what. Is it my not cooler but with one monocular. Gun, you're the monocular, yeah. You, wanna shout like a land ho and stuff yeah. Fuck what is this called. He's. Telling you where to go my glass my glass my glass, yeah. Mermaids. Hideaway dude. No, more, talking about sales. Sale, sales. Yeah. They're. All fucking wrong Mario. Is just standing in front of me importing pointing. Northeast, with his gun yeah. Cuz he wants you to go that way even though he's not right, it's. Not where the thing. Is the map is pointing South. Sales. Is that a multi man job on this boat yeah. Oh. Yeah we're going against the wind what am i trying to do set, sail how. Easy saying like direct. If. You hold jeez. Yeah. But there's no direction, that's, your fire - can erase the sails well played, so. Z. Oh. Shit. I need to eat a banana I don't. Want to let go the wheel because Mario's, miss tourism okay, you eat a banana over the wheel why. Do I need to eat the banana and how do we find out when we need to health it's your health. We're going, south right yeah. Yeah check the map so you. Need to go a bit more east, from here if you're steering it, should be the only, thing otherwise you'll go off the map, which. We could do is. It that Island that's just down there just like a little ones who are left it's. Just a no it's, it's. The one tower left yeah yeah yeah, I'm. Pretty sure I'm gonna look at the map again oh this is much, more difficult when it's such a big yeah yeah.

Yeah. It's that if the one can our life right there, so. You went to my crew and on Marinko, it says vote lock and break so I'm just gonna say yes. Sails. We. Need to do sales and like anchors is shit soon and this is a big ship it just takes forever but, I'm, waving, you there now, yeah. Raise the sails. Okay. Okay I'll drop let me know when to drop the anchor then I. Don't. Know how to drop the sails just, to, push the sails and then up and down with the W net just. Breathe just hold W on that I. Wanted. The left of it then assail angle, you do that to catch the wind but. As long as you drop the anchor you would you dead stop even, if you have a full sales okay. Find, a scarecrow at the South abandoned, homesteads. No. Once the anchors dropped word okay. South, is just all the way across. Look. Who. Parked the boat I need, her I found. Ya got, real close without. You. Know. This. Is it yeah this is the right Island okay for, sure um. So. South, is fuck off more about. This. Is a lookout. The, South Homestead, Act laughing. We. What. Did you find a treasure I found treasure, down, in this like little nice. Down in here put it on the ship this treasure spawn more when you're a group I think. So yeah. But. If you think this might be mermaids, hideaway because there's like a big underground underwater. Tunnel, oh no. It's a more fuck, more. Mermaids. Hide away the entire island. Air. Crew at the south of that Oh Oh what do. You view from more treasure, yeah. There's, more down in that tunnel. Jesus. I fell, through the ground I. Are. You like out of the map out of the yeah. I'm. Just I'm just trapped, under, I can. See skeletons walking. Above me now oh god. No. That's. Not good, I'm starting to make muffled grunts, and noises now noises, a pain what, if you don't end up back on the ship, yeah. What if you go to the like isn't. There a different, ship that's like, then. It's a rescue mission yeah. When you die you you, end up on there flame oh it's. Like ten seconds before you can leave, I see I. See where you went through the ground there's a whole texture missing, yeah. Because I honestly like floating grass. But no actual ground. From. My point of view yeah I saw. You jump over yeah I had to jump over that. There's. Skeletons, coming I know Oh weird, and I'm. Dead, finally. Oh I could hear that. Yeah. Okay. So this this must be the South homestead. Right yeah. Hello. David oh yeah. -. Clapping textures. For. Carp skeletons, Jesus Christ how there's, so many on this island Wayne. - scarecrow at the South abandoned homesteads, do, you see a scarecrow anywhere, here. Nope. Neither. Do, I it. Seems like an abandoned homestead though right, yeah. With. This count as a scarecrow, maybe. It. Looks like a spooky pirate, scarecrow, cuz that's the thing from that, edge of the island like, anywhere. Could be south. It. Just is the South abandoned, home since it doesn't say the fire south. Yeah. Sometimes, they're they're kind of ambiguous, like, I got a map that was just saying find it and, there was like five arches on the island. Yeah well, so. As you're walking south there are a lot of abandoned homesteads and I don't know what if. This counts as a scarecrow. North. Nice your shovel yeah. Did. You explore the the tunnel under the video and yeah was. It cool hey. Fucker. Get. Away yeah. That's right Ethan found a bunch of treasure okay, we found it oh. Wow. That's. A pretty one, it was here, oh that. Is a pretty one. There's. Got a weird texture on looks like a chessboard, yes. Chapter 2 Dusty's. Chest, of a thousand, grogs oh, it. Makes me drunk as I walk with it nice. Music. Some. Sweet tunes inside. Thank. You yeah I'm going this way because I'm not risking that shit oh god. Oh. God. Oh. God. This. Is very, hard I'm literally just holding forward, normal. Ex parte just, the spot map now oh nice, yeah. Oh, Jesus. Those drugs is, making, me lose. Eman. Boise. I'm on that port side she'll decide oh wait. Is there a thing over there too I don't see any sharks okay, good I think you're good Isis. Making me feel.

Sink. Thank. You all right. Yeah. We put it downstairs but. How. Many truckers do we have now like five yeah. We should what if we should head back. North. East, look. At the sunset so pretty. Oh. It. Is pretty, sorry, already. I. Was, walking the plank the sunset, enchanted. The. Sun does, anyone steer no, let. Me know when when to hit this al saw some. Sales are up already we're gonna hit the fucking island now. Who. Didn't write it wasn't. Me it wasn't, me okay go, go downstairs, and check for leaks. Oh. No. No, how do we fix him to, get your boards blanks. There's. Just the one though I think okay. Yeah there's usually just the one unless you're bein attacked by cannonballs, I think we. Got to scoop some water get your bucket at Ethan, alright, get. Buckets, how. Do I do it oh okay all, right yeah we're good you gotta throw it overboard it's, fun. Seems. Like it yeah. That was it cool. How. Do you throw it just. Click ah that's. So cool it actually looks like it's just a big ball of water, yeah. All. The stars I've forgotten what stars, look like we don't have those in LA. Okay. Oh, shit, I'm about to hit a shipwreck, I. Can. See that we're heading north. Should. We go to the shipwreck. I, would say so but, we have so many treasures and. This. Thing is slow as balls, where. All the light is. Outposts. Okay. I need to go more north. From, here. Is that it on the left over there, yeah. Yeah. Okay. I should do it after the shipwreck though yeah and I have to somehow, get around that fucking Island thing. Yar. Those guys man they, met a dear. Friend. Look. At the moon it's so pretty, lads, it's. Like the island we were just done also, the North stairs oh yeah. Which. One is the North Star but the ones I just wanted was Bob brightest star in the sky and it's always north. So. If you take out your compass you can find a moon now oh. That's. So cool yeah. Even. Where are you I'm. Up on the on the crow's. Nest, let's play some oh it's. Easy, entertain, to entertain him here, yeah now we actually have two people being able to play yeah. So, Q, again and F and then select, you want to play the banjo. Thingy or the harmonic, or the Accord I, want. To play the banjo thing, I'll do the accordion. Oh that's. A sad one wait, stop. Start again ready. Yeah. Let. It they do they, do. Wait wait wait I'm, a dance to your music. We, found treasure, and. Plenty, of it we're going to be so rich. Good. Job lads, thank. You. This, ship is fucking impossible to see anything with yeah. Yeah. That's what I said can we like can, we pull, those sails up a bit like, half that's. A good point so you can see anything at all when you're when you're steering oh that's. Better we're almost there anyway yeah. Yeah yeah. Okay. I can't drop the anchors Lud's, she. Down boys, all right. He. Pulls. The whole ass off the show. All. Right well. We, got the treasure yeah, you got to bring the treasures to the the gold guy oh god I had to pick up the fucking drunk one again. Help. Me maze. He's. Somewhere. On the island I don't know which were where he is on this one he's, in like a little hot and he has a gold, face. Yeah. He's in a little tent like, God. He's. Right here once you come off the ship he's just right in front you almost I'm, bringing, the chest that Mario found oh.

God. I can't even stop to sell the chest. There. We go great how much money we just, have, a thousand, grog sold. Hundred. Fifty for pulling. Them for the other one. The. Other one 96. And then, for my one. Come on gold. 194. Whoa. That's. A, lot yeah. Normally. Is sweet. Normally. You get like 60, I, have, the captain's, chest so I'm curious to see how much this one sells for yeah, sure yeah, give me all that gold Oh. 67. Yeah. You. Were almost right. Give. The last one oh yeah yeah I sold it now fuck. Me, 57. Geez. Okay, hell, yeah we're rich boys wait there's one more, oh really. Yeah. It's you first five seventeen. Hundred, coins me. - yeah what, do we do with the coins you buy more missions you. Buy missions, you can buy clothes and you can buy like a better accordion, or little hanker, cool clothes. Yeah. That's what I was looking for now oh I. Could bite the level-10 shit but 112. God no I want clothes man I want, that really cool Admiral, thing Yeah. Right the Admiral one I want the rat jacketed, builds build you're at one not two shops oh no, no that I can afford I don't know which one I want now. We all look cool we're. Like varying levels of pirates yeah. Oh hell, yeah this. Is awesome. I. Gotta go I gotta make it a triangle. Okay. Right you keep dancing I'll do I'll do. Oh. Toto. We a pirate, son were cool. Dude.

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Ethan is short for ethaniel

Nice to see a younger dude playing w youtubers

Do more like if you think jacks a boss which he is


pleeeeeeaaaaase make another one of these they are hilarious.

Who else thought Jack was holding a chicken nugget in his hand on the thumbnail?

i rly want this game

*T E L E S C O P E*

The add before this was for Symphonic Bush, and jack and signe were the image for it!

JAck plzz play more

5:52 why was the sun rising in the west?

you are the best pls do more sea of thieves spppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed is key

Pirate sniffing treasure? jack be bakwards

More please


0:24 Perfect harmony.

No he's the Masterbater!

29:00 illuminati confirmed

Jacksepticeye: Can't see anything on this ship! Also jacksepticeye: *has a lantern*

An 'Angler' is a term for a fisherman.

But what happened to Mario?

the whole time you just hear Ethan or robin singing the pirates of the Carribean theme song

IDK if any one has commented this already but OH BOY jack looks like that chic from treasure planet

The banjo thingy is called the hurdy-gurdy. The hurdy-gurdy is a stringed instrument that produces sound by a hand crank-turned, rosined wheel rubbing against the strings. The wheel functions much like a violin bow, and single notes played on the instrument sound similar to those of a violin.

Wait who is Ethan, like, youtube wise

9:12 Drinking the coffees!

Or cabin boy?

Can anyone remember betty from skate 3

13:05 - CABIN BOY. They word your looking for is Cabin Boy.

Ethan sounds so childish, he's adorable!

Jeepers creepers where did you get those peepers

that poor other player

What happened to Mario?

Jack, the pirates "squire" would be a quartermaster. Study your piratolomology!

*Sees Jack sit on the front of the boat* Nice One Piece reference :3

2:52 HAH Good one, Jack! I guess Jack often thinks he's just Sean in the cabin in the woods of Ireland, with a webcam for a microphone... Not Jack with a thousand Euro microphone and millions in the bank. ;P

ethan: we don't get stars. Me: what's a star? can you touch it? can you eat it? can you kill it? *are you a star?* (from undertale c:)

North star.... That's something you learn early on Ethan. :P

At 20.46 he walked straight past it, turn around you eejit

i watched the whole video again just to find the part where Robin says "oim beeckkk" after respawning (at 20:07)

knight has squire = pirate have ships boy

Btw, that instrument that you have to wind up to play is called a Hurdy Gurdy or a wheel fiddle :)

It’s called a telescope

An 'Angler' is a term for a fisherman. The song that plays with that chest I think is "What do you do with a drunker sailor?" Had to tell under the sound of you three talking, but I think that's what it is.

Jack, don't play with Ethan

This was posted on my birthday!

"wOw stars we don’t have those in LA”…….I don’t live in the city….I don’t have that problem

Anyone notice that chest jack passed

When u put Mario in the brig it makes not want to watch u

Why so mean to the rando?

if u watched the new pirates of the Caribbean then you can pull a jack sparrow

an angler is just a fisherman.

You mist a zoro chest



this feels like a real adventureI love it,

but who is marinko

I'm sorry but this is really pissing me off The North star is the brightest star IN THE CONSTELLATION URSA MINOR. the brightest star in the night sky is Sirius A

cyberbullying lol

Wait is Mario actually speaking or is he just a guy they met that doesn't own a mic.

Chest of a thousand grogs sells for like a thousand now, they got ripped off

Meanwhile, back in the brig. Mario: ". . . Hello?"

Is Robin a Swede? He sounds Swedish.

Poor Marinko, man..

Robin sounds like iamwildcat

Btw the “banjo” is really a hurdy gurdy.

UUUUGHHH jack missed so many chests

Jack you can get a better shotgun for a 1000 coins so buy it.

Plurple 575 He left the game

Bilge rat? Junk rat.

a squirate

the pirate equivalent of a squire would be the CABIN BOY!

It’s not treasure its booty

I love this kind of pirate videos with ur friends

#pirate jack

Anyone else notice that the song that was playing when Jack grabbed the Chest of a Thousand Grogs was Drunken Sailor.

3:57 Jack: Ok, i'm filling up all the cannons UNLOADS CANNON

Julie Davison he's disgusting

I thought #1 chest was the chest of sarrows

There's a third floor

RIP Marinko

Continue that pirate sing please!! That was funny

Its been a long time sense i have whatcha a vid that has ethan in it! YAY!!!!!

I love how everyone started screaming when they saw the sharks and then mario just shot them and kept running.

You’ve been bazinga’d

Fuck mario. He’s an arse lol

I can’t watch it :( it says “this video is not available -mad word plays-

Wair till they find out they can load themselves into cannons

Some say Marinko is still in the brig to this day and beyond plotting on how to get revenge on the 3 pirates

This game would atually entertain me

Too bad Mario left or else he would be rich

after the thousand grogs chest my vision got messed up

Why is this only coming out on Xbox and PC? :(

Put Mario in the jail

Wonders why people queue to play solo on 4 man ships . . Queues in a group of 3 to play on a 4 man ship . .

Squire is to Knight as Cabin Boy is to Pirate

anglsage MSP eyo good reference

:29 o young ethen learn the way of the d runk me Boy

How do i get this game

Guys, dont be mad at him marinko could have A left or B sail alone

I like Ethan He's cool

"Im Afraid Of Getting Mauled By A Shark" Jack - "Take Your Gun Out And Shoot Them :D" *shark jumpscares* Jack- "FHEUKAFHUESGFUSBUF"

The banjo thingy is called a Hurdy-Gurdy

At the end, was Mario still in the brig?

“pirate sniffing treasure skills”? REALLY?

Get Washy wash for only 399!

Did they just completely forget about Marinkolesh? XD

They're friends- they can play if they want to.

The "rando" was at odds with the rest of the group, failed to communicate(the broken preset phrase chat didn't help), and left soon after being locked in the brig. And probably joined another crew or sailed out on their own.

The graphics are not bad at all

As strange as it seems to be, these idiots are pirates three, dancing, singing, and drinking their grog, all until the next voyage comes along.

I don't get why people are mad at them for putting Mario in the brig. From their perspective, they all wanted to do quests (not an unfair thing want to do in a video game) and he was not letting them. He just kept taking hijacking the ship and sending them the wrong direction. I know people are saying he wanted to go to a shipwreck, but: A. They had no way of knowing that due to the fact that the only information they could get from him was "north" over and over again B. He had no way of knowing what they were thinking. We know that they didn't understand what he was doing, but from his perspective, it was just as likely that they just wanted to quest and had either already seen the shipwreck or knew about it but didn't want to go there. He was being really selfish, taking control of a boat and refusing to do what literally everyone else on the boat wanted to do. Honestly if I would have done the same thing.

Hey jack I just want to know will you ever let Sam out of their tank??

Its Ethan and his CRUSTY CREW

banana.banana.banana.banana Jack. banana.banana.banana.banana.

I think "Mario" was trying to go back and turn in the treasure.

Yay I finally found ethan's channel ^-^ the cranky crew

Why not pin this ?

When u say jeepers creepers and then point at sam when u say peepers

Ethan ruins it

So, the 'banjo thing' is called a hurdy-gurdy. It's an actual thing. And it's amazing.

The North Star is called pollaris

"Pirate-sniffing treasure skills"

Alrighty Captain Jack.. I'll leave now..

I just now realized that Ethan was crankgameplays

Is it just me or is jack purple

I love how by the end they completely forgot ab Mario

What happened to Mario

I thought Ethan from H3 .

That was a dick move locking him in the brig just because you couldn't figure out how to chat and inform him where you are all going. That was fucked up and seemed like people who think they're better than others getting rid of someone else.

NUUUU on a boat when you swing right you go left And If you swing left you go right

Jack a pirate

is that a chicken nugget...?


Skeleton chest and Gold Chiken about 2000 gold...

Jack, please don't play with Ethan


Knowing that one day those pirates will find fills you with determination.

cool game

"The sharks are lame, they don't do anything."

The fun in this video is ruined for me, not cool to lock up and forget people like that...

i had a 18 foot snake named Big Bertha

I want to sponser you but I don't have enough money

I wish this would come out on ps4

To answer your question it's called a cabin boy

Only watched this because of jack and robin

Who the hell gave the crazy Irish man beer

I feel bad for marinko. He just wanted to have fun but instead he spent the entire game in the brig

Oh crap, they sold it at the wrong place

I like how every ad i see on jacks videos is jameson.

A pirate’s squire is a greenhorn?

Jeeper Creeper is my favorite movie

I think Marinko was trying to point them to a sunken ship in the distance. Since he never elaborated, I'm going to assume the game has a prefab statement style chat system, which is just annoying.

poor, poor Mario

I'm not sure what it is about this game, but I find it extremely relaxing to watch. Anyone else??

you should put a pirates hat on Sam for these videos Jack, it would look so cute



Robin: what do you call squires but for pirates? Me: SQUIRATES!!!

Hey Jack, fyi the big instrument with the crank on it is called a hurdy gurdy, and the small accordion looking instrument is called a concertina.

You should have said o ship instead o shit when you are about to crash into a ship

Ima go up into the crows nest, it’s gonna be bitchin

That Ethan is fucking annoying.

*ahem* it is called a T E L E S C O P E

Did Ethan say the n-word?

I can tell the game is getting boring now

jack is so darn hot OMG its like looking at a worthy Irish strong hot man

I love u guys especially Ethan and jack but a bit more love for Ethan

cool Ethan Jackie boy spareye red Robin

what ever happened to that other guy XD

what if this was in vr.

Eyeglass, spyglass, or telescope

Savage my dude. No one interrupts jack's game

Cabin boy is like a sqire


Fat betty

Whos Ethan?

Aurora borialis

You have to count paces with the compass out, It will automatically do the pacing.

did anyone notice when they were on the ship there was the NORTHER LIGHTS

Robin- but you can get drunk and wobble around Ethan- oooh how do u get drunk?!

No judgey

Oops didn't finish Me-...

watch out for the kraken in the seas!!!!!!!!if you hear a very loud roar............RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or should I say SAIL

apprently pirates have water resistent paper

my name is Ethan

Captain Jacksepticeye

And so Mario was locked up in the brig 'til the ends of his days, among his last words "I need help!", said over and over but never heard.

Better at parking than my family.

wow jack wooooooow

When you were heading to the island you missed a ship on the horizon to your right.

Can you Imagine if Marinko watches this video?

Poor mario ahaha

*T* *E* *L* *E* *S* *C* *O* *P* *E*

Did they forget MarinkoLesh in the brig?

Jack= Long Max Silver Ethan= Captain Blue Beard Robin= Bongo Anyone get my references?

Best game ever right

Swabbie or Deck Hand or Powder Monkey or something.

fuck the sea

isn't it ironic that jack, being the Irishman, found the chest that makes you drunk ;)

Mariko said North East because there was a wrecked ship there...

This is the most adorable collab team ever

Angle the damn sails

Does this remind anyone of Wind Waker?

Jack: "194, that's a lot" When its released, you get like 1,000. Lol

Can you feel it jacky?

It was 5 of them not 10. :-)

I treasure my pirate sniffing skills too...wait.

js the "banjo thing" is a hurdy gurdy

jeepers creepers where did you get those peepers

Play granny the horror game its like hello nahgbour but more scary

wait.. Robin, AND Ethan this time?? yeeeeesssss. the adorableness just went up by 100%!!


This games so beutiful and cool i really want it now

Arrrrr se scaly wags I’m a real pirate arrrrrrrr

That settles it, im buying this game

Apparently it was HIS ship. So I think he had every right to control where the ship went. You don’t have random people come to your house and tell you how to decorate your house and kick you out when you don’t like their ideas for your own house.

Jack this is for new episodes of a way out play more

Find the kraken

Cabin boy Ethan

who noticed that the song playing with the chest of a thousand grogs is "What do we do With the Drunken Sailor" ?

So what was the point in Marinko being there?

Sometimes jacks pirate voice sounds like walawigi or wario

I actually love this video! This game is so relaxing and so is this video!! It also looks *gorgeous*

Captain JACK Sparrow

A pirate squire is a cabin boy, Robin. I think that's what you meant.

You can have a three

the banjo thing is a hurdy gurdy


Déjà vu of wind waker

You can change the sails in different cway

Merin get the fuck out of there way.

I thoutht that what jack is holding in the thumbnail is a chiken nugget

Washy-wash is the most important thing to look for in a boat.

the admirals chest me:that doesn't exist

Eathan sounds like a little kid when he talk XD

North was a sunken ship

I'm I the only one who thought that was a chicken nugget lol

what is up my cranky crew

When you are holding different items there are different chats.

Your videos are always good



Jack my name is Ethan too but not the Ethan in this it is my comment will give my name

The monocular... YOU MEAN THE TELESCOPE?

When Jack and Robin said "No", it was harmonically synced.

jack looked past a CHEST

You mist a chest and it was right in front of your eyes

Jack: I would be a good pirate. Next thing you know he beaches the boat

Tip to Jack or anyone else who plays SoT: If you find the Chest of Sorrows, be careful. It will randomly start ‘crying’ and will fill your ship with water. When it’s crying you have to continuously scoop water from the hull of your ship or it will sink. Me and my cousin found this out the hard way, learn from our mistakes.

i really can't w8 to get this schet

Its makin me feel a lil wOOzy man

remember kids DO NOT go under the trees when its raining

Cabin boy is I think the word youn where looking for lol

Ethan's voice and commentary is SO cringey!!

Jack looks like marlyin manson

i would love to see jack battle the megalodon

But, Ethan, which way is it?There’s only two ways

Shrek is life

Mario sounds like hes using auto tune .weird

R.I.P. Mario

Jack you should keep on going whatever your doing

I love it when you play this game :)

If I was a pirate... "GIVE ME YOUR BOOTY!" "And you treasure too!"


Is the chest of a thousand grogs playing What would you do with a drunken sailor

captain jack sparrow

Cranky crew

My YouTube channel is cat man come over to my YouTube channel

i luv ur vids keep it up

Oh when Ethan said he was going in the crows nest.... and its going to be bitchin. I died.

hahaha hahaha you are the best

North star

Such noobs

to chat you press t

When Ethan asked if they can murder each other jack and robin said *sigh* no:(

“I’m loading up all the cannons” *removes every cannonball*

when you said "I found Skelly boys" my last name is Skelly

Who wanted a good chest finders??well now, GET THESE POEPLE IN YOUR GROUP FOR 100,00 BUCKS!!!They will help you ind chest and sell em’ goodies for you!! And make you r har walk ze planker rich!!GET THEM TODAY AND NOW BEFORE SOMEONE GETS THEM AND HIRES HIM!

Hires him is them I meant*

wut the fuck u were near also he was saying to go to the outpost

Ethan sounds like Marty from mafia 2

This is the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow.

I solo the gallion

Oh if you find the sharks scary, you should see the megeladon! It was a weekly challenge bit it's noe in the game and you can kill it

What did he play sea of theives on?

can you play this on playstaion4

Instantly Jack goes to shop for clothes.

I love dat Otro

Jacks character in that coat looks like the lady off of treasure planet

I just realized that I made a mistake I have the big ship with no help

Make more plz

Jack!!!,my name is Ethan!!


If you have 1-2 people you get the small ship(sloop) and if you have 3-4 people you get the big one(galleon)

I lowered accounting

Jack ur a douche for banning marinko

When they brigged Marinko

i dont have this game i really want this game :3

All the other pirates are *shook* at Jack’s master pirating skills.

I loved the first one

there was treasure right there!? in front of u at memaids hideaway!

I believe you were looking for cabinboy

The sharks scared me so bad that I almost dropped my sketchbook! XD

You can get in the cannons

Does anyone think that when Ethan yells ,he kinda sounds like Drew Monson?

What do ya do with a drunken sailor? What do ya do with a drunken sailor? What do ya do with a drunken sailor, early in the morning?

You amazing jack

Mario said well played


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