So Who Is TB Joshua?

So Who Is TB Joshua?

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TB. Joshua is a Nigerian, pastor. Televangelist. And philanthropist. He. Is the leader and founder of the synagogue, Church, of All Nations Scone, a Christian, organization, which. Runs the Emanuel, TV television station. From Lagos Nigeria. TB. Joshua was, born on the 12th of June 1963. At, our GD on those, state nigeria. Currently. He is almost, 56. Years he. Resides in Lagos, in Nigeria. TB. Joshua is a Nigerian, by, birth and, citizenship. His. Net worth is between ten, million dollars, to fifteen million dollars, according. To Forbes. 2011. TB. Joshua got, married to Eva and Joshua in 1990. And they are going strong they. Have three children his. Eldest, daughter Sarah. Joshua, is a graduate, from the London School of Economics Department. Of. Law and she was called to the bar in Nigeria. In December. 2015. His. Second, daughter, promised. Joshua, is studying, politics, and international relations. Also. At the London School of Economics. TB. Joshua is known for his popularity, across, Africa, and Latin America and, his social, media presence. With about 3.5. Million fans on Facebook, his. YouTube channel emanuelle. TV has, over 1.2, million YouTube subscribers and. Over, 4.2. Million views, and it is the world's most viewed, Christian, ministry, on the platform, Google. Ranked, one of Emanuel, TV's YouTube videos, as, the fourth most viewed, clip ever within Nigeria. Described. As the Oprah, of evangelism. And YouTube's. Most, popular, pastor, Emmanuel, TV. Is among the world's largest Christian. Television, networks. TB. Joshua has been awarded various, accolades notably. Receiving the Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic by, the Nigerian, government, in, 2008. And being, voted the Europe a man of the decade by, pan Europe a media outlet era he nod woo he. Has been called one of Africa's, 50, most influential, people, by, the pan-african magazine. The Africa, report and the new African, magazine, as, of. 2011. According. To Forbes, TB, Joshua was Nigeria's. Third richest, pastor, although, the claim was immediately, denied, in a statement by the church he. Is known to be controversial. And, was even blacklisted. By the government, of Cameroon, in, 2010. According. To tibi, Joseph's, official biography. Unusual. Circumstances. Surrounded, his birth he. Says that he spent 15 months, in his mother's womb and narrowly. Avoided, death after a quarry explosion. Near his house sent, rocks through its roof just, seven, days after, his birth it. Is also alleged that tibi, Joshua's, birth was prophesied. 100. Years earlier. TB. Joshua then, known as Varro Geun Francis, attended. St. Stephen's, Anglican, Primary, School in, our JD in, a cocoon Northwest, Nigeria. Between. 1971. And, 1977. But, failed to complete, one year of secondary school, education, in. School, he, was known as small, pasta, because, of his love for the Bible he. Worked in various, casual, jobs after, his children, had ended including. Carrying chicken, waste to the poultry farm, he. Organized Bible, studies, for local, children and attended. Evening school during, this period. TB. Joshua attempted. To join the Nigerian, military but. Was thwarted due, to a train breakdown, that left him stranded on, route to the Military Academy. TB. Joshua wrote, that, in my heavenly vision he had received divine anointing. And a covenant from God to start his ministry. Following. This TB. Joshua founded. The ministry organization. The synagogue, Church, of All Nations school. According. To the organization. More, than 15,000. Members attend, its weekly Sunday, service, visitors. From outside Nigeria. Are accommodated. In the accommodation. Blocks constructed. At the church. The. Guardian reported, that the, school attracts, more weekly, attendees, than the combined, number of visitors, to Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London, the. Scones popular, services, have also resulted in an enormous boost for local businesses, and hoteliers. Despite. TB Joshua's, popularity. The, church only has a branch, in the country, of Ghana TB. Joshua stating. That it is not yet time for him to have branches. Worldwide as it will be too much for his character. The. Scone has been described, as Nigeria's.

Biggest, Tourist, attraction. And the, most visited, destination. By religious, tourists. In West Africa, with thousands, of foreigners, flocking, to attend the church's weekly services. Figures. Released by the Nigerian, Immigration. Service, indicated. That six, out of every ten foreign, travelers, coming into Nigeria. Are bound for the scone a fact, discussed, in Zimbabwean. Parliament, when addressing the economic, potentials. Of religious, tourism. This. Day newspapers. Reported, that about. Two million local, and inbound tourists. Visit, the scone annually, the. Church's, popularity. Has led to an increase in flight, routes to Lagos from several African, countries in. 2013. TB. Joshua's, contribution. To Nigeria's, religious, tourism was, highlighted, when he hinted at the possibility of. Relocating. His ministry, to Israel, during a Sunday service, the. Announcement, proved controversial. With, several prominent Nigerians. Urging, him, remain in the country citing. The economic, setbacks, Nigeria. Would likely experience. Through his potential, relocation. Skin. Cleanse regular, occurrences, of divine, miracles. Several. Hundred, Nigerians. And international. Visitors come, to the scone each week to, register, for the prayer lines where. The visitors, are prayed over by TB Joshua, scone. Has published, numerous videos. Claiming. To document, the healing of incurable, disabilities. And the illnesses such, as HIV, AIDS blindness. And open wounds. Spiritual. Healing at the scone has been the subject of several media, reports, including. A mention, in Time magazine, an Associated. Press interview, and an article by foreign policy, detailing. The tendency, of Nigerians. To seek spiritual, helped you to insufficient, medical, facilities. The. Huge, debate, was third within Nigeria, when, the father of abducted. Schoolgirl, his whore uru stated. His intention, to take his daughter to TB Joshua for, prayers following, her release. Similarly. A leaked, report stating, the intention, of Nigeria's. Embattled, former, petroleum, minister, Dasani. Allison, matariki, to, visit TB Joshua for spiritual, support in her battle against, breast cancer, elicited. Controversy. Many. Have also claimed, to be healed through anointing, water which, has been prayed over by TB Joshua and given, to those who are unable to physically, attend, his church in Lagos, others. Claimed they were protected, from deadly incidents. Because they had the water with him in. 2013. Four, people died in a stampeding, TB Joshua scone, Ghanaian branch when, an unadvertised, service, drew huge crowds far. Beyond the church's, capacity. Bringing. Ghana's, capital city. Accra. Almost. To a standstill. Joshua also, made headlines when. He claimed that his anointing, water could cure the deadly disease Ebola. He. Subsequently, sent, four thousand, bottles of the water alongside. A cash, gift, of fifty thousand dollars, to the Ebola, stricken, nation. Of Sierra Leone, this. Came after they got state health officials, visited. TB Joshua requesting. Him to publicly discourage. Ebola, victims, from visiting, his church for prayers the.

Sierra Leonean. Politician. Later, claimed the war to help stop, the spread of the disease and cured, several, Ebola victims. Scone. Is also known for the purported, deliverance, of those allegedly, possessed, by evil spirits during, its services. Strange. Occurrences. Have been reported. During these deliverance. Prayers, including. The case of a South African girl. Who, allegedly, cried, blood and a Liberian man who, began behaving, like a dog, a young. Man allegedly delivered. From the homosexual. Demon at the scone also, attracted, widespread media, attention as, did the transformation, of a Paraguayan, transvestite. After. Deliverance. Those, involved, often confessed, the atrocities, which the evil spirit, allegedly, pushed them to engage in, such, as prostitution, armed. Robbery internet. Fraud and human, trafficking. The. Wife of a Ghanaian, goalkeeper. Richard, Kingson, was delivered, of an evil spirit which was supposedly behind, her husband's, inability. To procure, a contract. Notable. Ghanaian, human, rights lawyer equivalents. And an you claimed, that he was delivered, from a spiritual, problem for. Similarly, Ghanaian. Musician, Deniz, Williams, said, she was delivered, from a demon that had pushed her to become a drug addict, and suicidal. Veteran. Nigerian. Nollywood actress, camilan. Berry was, also said to have been delivered, at the scone. Popular. Hollywood actor, Jimmy yaki also, said he received deliverance, at the scone and the video of the event subsequently. Going, viral. A video. Of bikini an Olympic, athlete mercy. Cheer enou receiving. Deliverance, through tibi Joshua's, prayers, attracted. Widespread attention. In Kenya she. Subsequently, testified. In the company of her husband, how the evil spirit had negatively, affected, her young marriage, and career, although. TB, Joshua ready goes abroad he has traveled to Korea Singapore. Indonesia. Australia. Colombia. Mexico, Peru. And Paraguay. To hold, Crusades. He. Also visited, Israel, to, receive a humanitarian. Award from Zika and visit, biblical, sites. His. Miracle, crusade, in Cali Colombia, in, July, 2014. Was. Allegedly, attended, by, 100,000. People and held, in the Estadio olímpico Pascal, Guerrero, he. Additionally held, a meeting with carly's, police force giving, a donation of. $100,000. To support, the families, killed or injured in the course of their duties. The. Scone is involved, in extensive. Humanitarian. Projects, worldwide a, Forbes. Blogger estimated. That TB. Joshua has spent twenty million dollars, on charitable, activities. Several. Media reports, show the church has donated, large amounts, of money in, order to help orphans widows.

Elderly. Physically. Challenged, and destitute. There. Is also a rehabilitation. Program for militants, from Nigeria's. Volatile, Niger Delta region. Repentant. Armed robbers and sex, workers who came to the church for deliverance. TB. Joshua allegedly. Joins. His team in several, of the humanitarian, journeys. They undertake, two less privileged, communities. TB. Joshua has come to the aid of several communities. In distress, notably. Providing, two transformers. To a local community, after theirs was burnt beyond, repair he. Donated over 26, million naira towards, restoring, electricity. And putting. An end to over two years of power outage. For councils, in a cool area ovando, state also. He, has additionally, made, several large donations. To the police force, in Nigeria, Ghana, and Colombia. The. Scone has a scholarship program which. Caters, for the academic, needs of students, in their thousands, ranging. From primary, to tertiary, education, in. 2012. TB. Joshua sponsored. A Nigerian, student, doing, a PhD, in Oxford, University. With Nigerian. Media, reporting, she received, one hundred thousand, pounds from the church he. Also gave, a scholarship, to a young Mott Swan at a study at Harvard Law School in, America. After. The 2010. Haiti earthquake, TB. Joshua sent, a team of medical personnel, and humanitarian. Workers, to the affected, area, establishing. A field hospital called, Clinique y Emanuel. Additionally. He, sent supporter, nations such as Philippines. India. And Ghana in the wake of very natural, disasters. The. Emanuel, TV team also, assisted, victims, of the earthquake that struck the, nation of Ecuador in, April, 2016. Providing. Over five hundred thousand. Dollars worth of humanitarian aid. TB. Joshua funded. The building and running, of a school in Lahore Pakistan. Named. Emanuel, school he. Also rebuilt, a school in a rural area destroyed. By the, 2016. Ecuador earthquake, traveling. To ecuador for the opening of the school in June. 2017. Several. Groups of Nigerians. Attempting. Illegal, travel to Europe through Libya have been supported, at the scone following. Their deportation from, the north african nation with, only the clothes on their backs. Stories. Of the harsh conditions they. Encountered. And TB. Joshua's, subsequent, assistance, made, headlines, in several, local newspapers. In 2008. TB, Joshua started. A football, club my people have seen as, part of efforts to help the youth two. Members of the team played, for Nigeria's, golden, eaglets in the 2009.

FIFA Under-17 World, Cup. Sain. Emmanuel. Who, apparently, lived in the scone for several years was, Nigeria's. Top scorer, and the tournament's, Most Valuable Player. Emmanuel. And his colleague a journey, of Nazi signed, professional. Contracts. With the SS Lazio on, RC, a key player for the Nigerian senior. Team the, Super Eagles. WBO. International. Light middleweight, boxing. Champion, King, David's, alumna who said, that TB, Joshua has financially. Supported, him throughout his career and purportedly. Prophesied. That he would be a world boxing champion. TB. Joshua was, involved, in the meeting of the family of the late President, of Liberia, Samuel. Doe with, the former warlord, Prince Johnson, who, was responsible. For those death, during. This meeting the family, publicly, forgave Johnson, who said it was through TB, Joshua's, prayers that, he stopped drinking alcohol and, turned, to Christianity. In, recognition. Of his humanitarian. Activities he, was awarded a national honour by, the Nigerian, government, in 2008. As well as, receiving, a letter of appreciation from. The United, Nations he. Was further honoured as an ambassador, of peace by, the our Youth Forum a predominantly. Muslim, organization. As well, as being recognized, with an award of excellence by. Zika Israel. As primary, rescue, and recovery voluntary. Service. Scum. Claims that TB Joshua has successfully, predicted. Events, in the lives of individuals, who attend, his church services. As well, as worldwide, events, including. A purported prophecy. Of Michael, Jackson's, death and the outcome of two African, Cup of Nations final. Matches, which, were won by Zambia. And Nigeria. Respectively. He, has been voted by the public among the most famous prophets. His. Prophecy, about the impending, death, of an African president, was, widely reported in, African, Press, tibi. Joshua's, followers, believed the prophecy, concerning the, former president, of Malawi been boomer the writer who, died in 2012. Aged, 78. False. Rumors, spread using, tibi, Joshua's, name are known to have caused widespread panic, in communities, affected, sporting. Events music. Concerts, and led, people to stop using social, networks. When. Hams RAL Mustapha, the chief security officer, of, former Nigerian, President, Samuel. Bachi was, released after eleven, years of imprisonment, his, first port, of call was, to tibi Joshua's, Church in acknowledgment. Of a prophecy, TB, Joshua allegedly. Gave. Him when Abacha was still, in power. Skin', released a video claiming, that TB, Joshua predicted. The Malaysian Airlines. Mh370. Event. The. Prophecy, received, a lot of attention on, social media, and its accompanying YouTube. Video, amassed over 1 million views. Several. Terrorist, attacks, perpetrated, by Isis, al Qaeda affiliates. And al-shabaab. Militants have. Allegedly, been predicted.

By TB Joshua including. The November. 2015. Paris, attacks the, Gary say University. College, attack in Kenya the, you agog Dougal Hotel siege in Burkina, Faso and the. 2016. Brussels, bombings, it. Is also claimed, that he predicted the Boston bombing attacks in America. Tbh, Joshua's, alleged prophecy, in April. 2016. That, an impending terror, attack would befall Ghana make, national headlines in. The West African nation and, led, the National, Police to issue a statement, calling. For the general public to be calm and vigilant. 600. Foreigners, reportedly, cancel their visits to Ghana in the wake of the statement, days. Later a captured. Malian, terrorist confessed. That his group had planned to target, Ghana. TB. Joshua incorrectly. Predicted, that, Hillary Clinton, would win the, 2016. US election. After. This prophecy, failed to materialize. With, Donald Trump winning the election, TB, Joshua stated. That he was referring to Clinton's, win in the popular, vote and any. Misinterpretation. Was due to a lack of spiritual. Understanding a. Video. Of TB, Joshua predicting. The military, of an undisclosed. Southern, African, nation, embarrassing. Killing, or capturing, a president, or vice president or. The first lady of the nation surfaced, on social media. After the statement which, was made and recorded in August, 2014. Was. Interpreted. As a prophecy, of the 2017. Coup, against, President Robert. Mugabe. Notable. Visitors, to scone have included, the late Ghanaian, president, john, nevins a Tamils South, Africa's, Winnie Mandela, PFF. Leader Julius. Malema the, Zulu King goodwills. Well tini former. Malawi and President, Joyce, Banda. Zimbabwean. Prime minister Morgan. Tsvangirai and, the late Zambian, President, Frederick. Chiluba who, once stated that he watched Emmanuel, TV daily. Tanzanian. President, John, magufuli. Visited. The scone in 2011. Days. To his inauguration in, November. 2015. TB, Joshua visited, Tanzania where, he met magufuli who, received, him at the airport the outgoing president jakaya, karate. And opposition. Leader, Edward low water his. Visit caused a media storm in Tanzania, even, though he did not publicly, appear, at the inauguration. Nigeria's. Former, President, Goodluck, Jonathan. Visited. The scone in September. 2014. Following. The tragic, building collapse of a guesthouse within, the church premises. After. Jonathan, conceded, defeat the Muhammadu, Buhari in, Nigeria's. Historic. 2015. Elections, TB, Joshua, controversially. Claimed he had warned, him of his impending electoral, defeat an assertion, later, corroborated. By one of Jonathan's, aides a. BBC. Africa. Journalist, once, questioned, whether TB, Joshua was the most powerful man in Africa due, to his alleged influence, in the African, political sphere. Days. After, the late John Atta Mills became President. Of Ghana in. 2009. His, first port, of call was, TB, Joshua's, church for, a Thanksgiving service. Where he revealed the TB, Joshua had, accurately, prophesied. His ascension, to power and, specific. Details relating. To his narrow victory, over Nana a coup fado, TB. Joshua was a regular, visitor to the country, of Ghana during. At a Mills early presidency. And allegedly. Organized, prayer, warriors to be praying in the useful castle. TB. Joshua's, much publicized, prophecy, concerning, the, death of Malawi, and president, Vinko Methot Rica guard, of intense, media attention and was, subsequently, the subject, of a Malawian government, inquiry, as his successor. Joyce, Banda is a devotee, of TB, Joshua, Banda. Claim TB, Joshua's, prayers healed, her husband, after, he suffered a stroke and regularly. Visited, TB, Joshua in Nigeria, while, she was head of state. TB. Joshua played, the role of a peacemaker in the aftermath, of the Tanzanian, elections, in 2015. Visiting, the country to meet and hold, reconciliatory. Talks, with President John magufuli a member, of his church and, opposition. Leader Edward. Low water. Commentators. Acknowledged, that his visit, significantly. Reduced. Tensions in the country after the elections, which, the opposition, party, alleged were fraught with irregularities. Joshua, was a key influence, in former, Liberian warlord, senator. Prince, Johnson's, decision, to, endorse the candidacy, of George where for, president, in the, 2017. Liberian. Elections, his. Endorsement. Came days after the, two were spotted publicly, together in the scone a visit, that caused a media storm, in Liberia, where's. Main opponent, and current. Vice president, Joseph, Burke, I also, allegedly. Requested, to visit TB Joshua in lieu of the elections. The. Man who L TV the. Scone television, station. Broadcasts. 24, cents, it's. Sunday services. At broadcast, like TB. Joshua's, programs, also air weekly on a number, of local television stations. Across Africa, it. Debuted, on TS TV and go TV in November. 2015. As, where the Star Times in February. 2016. In. Its profile, on TB Joshua the, BBC, described, him as Nigeria's.

Best-known. Televangelist. A. Ghanaian. Psychiatrist. In the UK, was, controversially. Sacked from the NHS, after, recommending, Emanuel TV, to a patient, with a history of satanic, abuse, although, later cleared of any wrongdoing by, a tribunal. Emanuel. TVs motto is changing. Lives changing, nations. Changing. The world the. Station, is also known for its catchphrase. Distances. Not a barrier encouraging. Viewers to pray along with TB Joshua by touching the screen, there. Are several claims, of people receiving, miraculous. Healing, through these prayers, including. Popular, Hollywood actress, Tonto, DK who said tibi Joshua's, prayers ended, her 14, years smoking, addiction. TB. Joshua has earned the reputation for, not focusing, on the prosperity, gospel and, the manual, TV is known as one of the few Christian, channels, that does not engage in fundraising. On-air. TB. Joshua has many critics, and is, known to be controversial. He, has been publicly condemned, by several, prominent pastors. Within Nigeria, his, most vocal critic being passed to Crystal, County who described, him as the son of the devil the, Christian, Association of, Nigeria, and Pentecostal. Fellowship. Of Nigeria. Have both acknowledged, TB, Joshua is not a member of either organization. And denounced, him as an impostor. Enoch. Attaboy, David. Loy depo, a oryx Asia for poor, letter for Asian and Mathew, ashy mallalieu. Are, among, the pastors, who publicly denounced. TB Joshua as, did this graced American, mega church leader, Ted, Haggard. TB. Joshua was blacklisted. By the government, of Cameroon, in, 2010. And turned, the son of the devil, rumours, of a visit by TB Joshua to Zimbabwe. In, 2012. Led, to an intense national. Debate, culminating. With pastors, and politicians strongly. Objecting. A. Popular. Ghanaian witch doctor, said he went to the Vatican City, to, report TB. Joshua to Pope Francis, for, his false, prophecies. In. 2011. Several. Media, houses in the UK reported. That at, least three people in London with HIV, died. After, they stopped taking life-saving. Drugs on the advice of their pastors, the. HIV, prevention, Charity. African. Health policy, network believed. That the scum may be one of those involved, in such practices although.

The Free in question, have no demonstrate, will link to the scone the. BBC, quoted the scone as saying no we, do not ask people to stop taking their medication on. The. 14th, of September. 2015. It. Was reported that TB, Joshua secretly, purchased the 60 million dollars, Gulfstream. G550. Private. Jet these. Rumors, were dismissed, as fall of spy Amelia aid of TB Joshua. A self-confessed. Member. Of the Islamic sect, Boko, Haram came, to the school in March, 2014. Allegedly. With plans to bomb the church, according. To him it was TB Joshua's, prayers that prevented, the plan and later, compelled, him to confess. The. Subsequent, clip, of the confession, went viral on, YouTube, and proved, very controversial. A group. Known as that movement, for accountability, and, good governance, has, called for the investigation. Of the incident based. On the claims that were made on. The 12th of September. 2014. A guesthouse, collapsed. In the school's premises, in, Lagos killing, at least. 115. People, 84. Of them South Africans. Controversy. Has continued, to swirl around the circumstances. That led to the collapse with, the former Nigerian, Minister of Aviation, Femi, fani-kayode II. Alleging. Nigeria's. Intelligence. Agencies, blew up the building, in. March. 2016. The president, of Malawi Peter, muta Rika attacked, TB, Joshua is a false prophet, for allegedly, predicting, his impending, death, his. Comments, were condemned, by the evangelical. Association of. Malawi, especially. As there was no record of the purported prediction. Nigeria's. Premium, Times newspaper, stated. That TB. Joshua, incorporated. A company called, Shaolin, consultancy. Limited in the British Virgin Islands. In June. 2006. Based, on reports, stemming, from the Panama papers leak, TB. Joshua immediately. Denied his involvement stating. On Facebook, I am NOT a businessman, and have, no business whatsoever. What. God has given me is more than enough, a, prominent. Nigerian. Muslim cleric, Sheikh, Hasina, use of mob era threatened. To drag TB, Joshua to court for, describing, Jesus. Christ as God. Thanks. For watching, please. Comment like, share, and, subscribe.

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Januari 2019 I was asked TB. Jhosua Pray for me to Healed may Hernia that night also TB. Jhosua replied to my message and he said TB. Joshua had prayed for me. At that time I also asked for Morning water's shipment. But I did not have the money to pay for the DHL to postpone until I could raise money for it. That night I recovered. Thank you Lord Jesus for TB. Jhosua. I 'M Indonesian 72 years old.

Sir thank you so much.halaluya.i am from India.plz pray for me

God send him to free mankind from the evil that Satan planted in them.

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Senior prophet TB Joshua is really man of God so those who has ear's open your ears and your heart and listen to our prophet of our generation

Tb Joshua is the prophet of this generation


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Pastor TB Joshua is a Real prophet in this century.. The world is blessed , through him power of Almighty is moving..

I just love the Man of God, I am so glued to Emmanuel TV, I got to know the true God in a better if not the Best way. Thank you Sr Prophet T.B. Joshua for being selfless. I dont care what people say about you, I will always follow you on any channel and device, That is me. Be blessed abundantly in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

"AKEKHO ofananaye" to all the prophet one like him Jesu ngiyamuthanda AKEKHO ofananaye TB JOSHUA I salute you MAN OF GOD

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TB Joshua is an agent of Satan. TB Joshua masquerades as a Christian prophet. Read this book : The TB Joshua I know: Deception unmasked by H Johnson. Open your eyes and see how this paedophile TB Joshua is all demonic.

Long live..the prophet of our generation. Thank God !

TB Joshua is just another false prophet for pay

In order to understand the significance of the Sabbath, we have to turn to its origins. The seventh-day Sabbath is not a Jewish institution, but was established at Creation (Genesis 2:1-3). The Sabbath commandment serves as a reminder of God’s creative act (Exodus 20:11). And in Deuteronomy 5:15, the Sabbath serves as a sign of God’s redemptive act: And remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt, and the LORD your God brought you out from there by a mighty hand and by an outstretched arm; therefore the LORD your God commanded you to keep the Sabbath day (NKJV). All humans are slaves to sin, and God in Jesus Christ brought us out of sin with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm. The Bible teaches us that Christ Himself is the Creator (Ephesians 3:9, Colossians 1:16, Hebrews 1:2). The seventh-day Sabbath, therefore, is a test of obedience and an everlasting memorial of Christ’s goodness. The significance of the Sabbath as a test cannot be overestimated. God could have chosen any memorial to His creative act, but He chose a memorial set in time: a weekly day of rest. Time cannot be eliminated in the same way that a physical memorial, such as a city or holy place, could be. The knowledge of the seventh-day Sabbath has been preserved by God through the centuries since the days of Jesus and has been observed in many areas around the world. Never has there been a time in which God's people somewhere did not observe the seventh-day Sabbath. If Christ Himself instituted the Sabbath day of rest for us (Mark 2:27), would He change it? Jesus kept the Sabbath day faithfully. The disciples of Jesus likewise kept the Sabbath day (Acts 13:14, 16:13). The seventh-day Sabbath is taught throughout the Bible, while Sunday sacredness is not mentioned once. If Christ or the apostles did not change the Sabbath, who did?

The Sabbath of the Ten Commandments and the Sabbaths of the ceremonial law distinguished Israel from all other nations. The Sabbaths bound them to God as His covenant people. God called the Sabbath of the Ten Commandments a sign between Him and His people forever, because it was He who sanctified them (Exodus 31:17). The Ten Commandments are a reflection of God’s character. They show us how we can live to honor God and become more like Him in our attitudes and actions. The first four commandments pertain to our relationship with God and the last six commandments pertain to our relationship with people. Taken together they can be summed up with the words of Jesus: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets (Matthew 22:37-40). Taken individually, there is an inescapable logic to nine of the Ten Commandments. It is obvious why we should not kill, and why we should not lie to each other or steal from each other. However, the Fourth Commandment, or Sabbath Commandment, is different from the other nine. There is no implicit logic in this Commandment. There is no specific reason why we should keep the seventh-day Sabbath, other than that God specifically commanded it. More than any other Commandment, the Sabbath is a test of faith

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He's a false prophet and religious fat cat making millions out of the less fortunate with a apostate doctrine leading many to damnation.

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God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob we bless and praise you Father. We thank you for being so good to us. Bless your servant TB Joshua, all the wise men, every workers and his ministry. Father give them more grace and more grace and more grace. Thank you Father for sharing them with us. I declare and decree they shall supersedes all their previous years in Jesus Christ name amen.

Hyenas eat after the lions ! T.B. Joshua is a gift from God. He is a man of God called by God not by men

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Through the annointing of God on Prophet TB Joshua, this age ia witnessing a new Christian Renewal so strong to take humanity to another millennium. Father God Almighty may your mercy and favour continue to guide this your humble Prophet.

he is a real man of God thank father thank u Jesus thank u holy spiritfor giving us someone like propertytb Joshua in Jesus Christ nameAMEN and AMEN

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We love yuo tv joswa amen

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We thank you God for your servant

God had a reason of sending to us such prophet, praise God

I give God all the glory and honor. I met Snr. Prophet TB Joshua on YouTube in UK as a visitor. I had gone to visit my Congolese friend in her house and they were watching Scoan on TV. . And when I left her house for my daughter's house - it was Emmaniel TV on YouTube through out. That was three years ago. I visit UK frequently and back to Kenya my home. Am 58years and I have not been sleeping on any bed because of my spine which was damaged years on end even I cannot remember. Whenever I visit UK I would sleep on the carpet and this used to anger my daughter very much. Back in Kenya, I would just put a blanket on the floor and sleep on it. Then worst came in 2013 when I visited Juba - and my back became worse. After one month, I was brought back to Kenya on a mattress and went for treatment at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital but in vain. I was fitted with a belt for one and half month but nothing could help. So I was discharged and I came back to my house in Nairobi. My family has many mattresses but none was suitable for me. Then two years ago in 2017 while in Kenya, I just touched TB Joshua's hand on TV screen and I was delivered. Since then I have been sleeping on the bed. I came to UK six months ago and my daughter is forever thankful that I can sleep on the bed. Surely, distance is not a barrier - I am healed in Jesus name.


True man of God

Oh yes I love my prophet TB Joshua

Tb.joshua I. so much thanks

Praise the Lord God of Israel for JESUS name!

Prophet TB Joshua is Number ONE Prophet in the World

T. B. Joshua is the Son of Most High GOD. Is the key of my life I see him I see Jesus, I love him for ever and ever Amen

I am proud of Nigeria because they have among the best pastors in the world, God blessed Nigeria?

GLORY bee to GOD ALMIGHTY AMEN and AMEN like a Volcanic eruption Hallelujah Amen....

SHOUT Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Thanks to GOD ALMIGHTY for Giving us A Prophet like T.B. JOSHUA in OUR Time AMEN AND AMEN LIKE A THUNDER Storm PRAISE THE LORD Hallelujah Amen......

May God bless you and your family

Man of God pray for me for me to be heal

Thank you God for prophet TB Joshua him teach me about god

May God protect him and continue to anoint him in Jesus name

Thank God for prophet TB Joshua. I am totally convinced that he is God's servant. I pray to be at SCOAN one day.

TB Joshua is man of God I love him in Jesus name Amen

Am not how sure how many children he and Mama Evelyn has because he talks about his children in church and all over the world.

Many of the people who claim that Sr PROPHET TB JOSHUA is the son of the devil or false prophet have not done half of what this GREAT MOG is doing. GOD BLESS YOU SIR. EMMANUEL!!

Thank you for narrating a bit about the Prophet which i wish you could have time to narrate millions of occurrences which the Lord Jesus has used him to do through His name I bet if anyone wants to know GOD or wants to become a true Christian they should keep watching Emmanuel T V. This man is a true Prophet sent by God.

Thank God for sending us a prophet like you.

We thank you Jesus Christ! For the life of Prophet TB Joshua because you have chosen him to be the Example of the world.

With god all things are possible and its good to see a man that have such a good heart for other and also a father for them show that he care about other he want to see the best for them .I am very happy that i can watch a live service with a true Pastor that speak from his heart with the words of god.i hope one day i will be able to visit his church .There is a reason why god have give him such a gift and a blessing father that care for other and open doors along the way Amen in Jesus mighty Name Amen

God bless TB Joshua.


The following is my reply to a guy who asked me why I disavow the religionists on YouTube: @ Samuel Chern ~ Dear Samuel, During times of no outpouring of the Holy Spirit (as in today) the enemy raises up all kinds of counterfeits as he has no spiritual opposition because during times of no outpouring of the Holy Spirit the Lord keeps the prophets hidden. So what the kingdom of darkness religious spirits do is to prop up teachers as mouthpieces for them to speak through (teachers are always their mainstay substitute for the prophets). And that is what is happening now with this myriad of religionists on YouTube. The Apostle John (who was Jesus' best friend) wrote this: "These things have I written to you concerning them that seduce you. But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him." (1 John 2:26-27, King James Version). During the time of the Apostle nobody had Bibles (because the Bible wasn't written yet), so they had to rely on the Holy Spirit. But then shortly thereafter the enemy propped up the system church as a substitute for the anointing, and it has continued ever since. And whether you'd like to believe it or not, this myriad of do-gooder religionists who are obsessed to post their worthless videos on YouTube are an integral part of the system church.

You said the man of God has 3 children but you mentioned and showed only 2 daughters. Who is the third child or is it slip of the tongue? We know of Serah And Promise his two daughters. Who is the other one that we don't know of?

Thanks!!! Lord jesus he guide me to find this Awesome prayer line scoan TV......thanks to man of god phrophet tb Joshua n evangalis , for saving me n my family love u all in jesus name Amen , Hallelujah.

Much respect

Thank you JESUS for the life of my spiritual father a father of all nations love you Daddy. may GOD continue to strengthen you and increase your Anointing in JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN

The man is too much

Thank God for hearing your children carry and you send for us your property TB Joshua to server your people thank you TB Joshua to allow God to use you

How for ever be greatful to Almighty God for the life of prophet TB Joshua .

Black people ! All the black countries in Africa no one is moving forward. Why? The energy, time and money we invest in religions is more than enough to make black countries paradises. We put our hopes on these so called men of God while our infrastructures are in shambles our youths die in Mediterranean Sea yet we keeping on praying to Jesus and God through these men of God. Think for moments! We can use these churches as venues to force the politicians to reconstruct our countries. The so called Jesus Christ never existed. This dude Christ was voted in as your God by 318 Roman Catholic bishops. Make your research and think!. Where and how in this your Bible are you as black people represented? Your Jesus is white the angels are white and you? The more time and money you invest in these jack pots the more powerful the become. The mega pastors are now on jets. Think ! If Jesus ever came will the slave raiders and masters give him to you? No ! The same way they never gave you plants to produce cars etc. Why pray to a God that doesn't look like you.? The white men gave us the Bible and made away with our resources. Today we die to go to their countries. Can't we throw the Bible and Qur'an away and build our nations. The Indian God look Indiana the Chinese God look Chinese. What is the look of black people's God. A white man with long hair and blue eyes? Religions are all made by man but are more powerful than drugs. Christ Steve Biko of South Africa said " the most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor in the mind of the oppressed" Black people take your mind back from the oppressor and rebuild your homes. Thanks

Thank you Lord for the life of prophet T.B.Joshua he is a true servant of God the prophet of our generation I pray that I will step in the arena of liberty SCOAN one day.

I love to watch him may God bless him and his family in Jesus Christ name Amen

He is a true man of God


A true annointed man of God..regard from Tanzania

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. More grace to you the prophet of our time.

Well known and most powerful servant of God is T B Joshua

I give God All the glory for the life of man of God senior prophet TB Joshua.

Heaven sent Prophet....more grace more anointing our Prophet of this generation. love you and really want to visit scoan

Thank God, l was told abt Prophet,T,b Joshua,2015,by my friend from Ghana,when l was in Saud Arabia, and l started watching, from Ytube,since ,Then ,through His preaching,wisdom,love, prayers, mention All .... My life has really changed ,I Have Learnt To Worship God ,and Respect The Holy Spirit,Ooh Lord Help me,Thank u Man of God,#from Kenya,working in the gulf


I don’t know who you are to publish this clip on YouTube. But as a mere mother in Japan who know nothing about Africa found myself that this man is my hope.

+betty etinot Thank you. I have already been addicted to Emmanuel.TV and his God, Jesus Christ.

Please you can watch his channel Emmanuel TV, you will no him better but above all your life will never remain the same.

Our hope must be in Jesus Christ son of The Most High God,as long as we give our lives to Jesus Christ, He is able to do abundant above all that we are ever able to think or ask of Him. As human, we fail each, but Christ cannot and will never fail us.

Our hope Must be in Jesus Christ, son of The Most High God.

Try to pay a visit there and your life will never be the same!

Thank you for the biography of TB Joshua I do know him as a true man of God I've been watching him for a very long time I've seen the Miracles I've seen God use this man in a Almighty great wonderful way of humbleness and love the compassion he has like Jesus you feed people as the Bible says do unto others as you would do unto yourself Hallelujah ain't nobody mad but the devil.... I don't see him as a filthy lucre or a man that love money he is a man of integrity and I was grateful that you bought that out in your video because I seen him so many times give give give give give he gives to so many people The Widow's the homeless orphans so much love radiates through him and every Pastor that calls themself a pastor the Bible says how do you know them by their fruits if they have loved one for the other any brother that say they are in Christ and have not love it profits them nothing the Bible says in 1Corinthians chapter 13 actually any Pastor that will come against a man of God that's working a great work for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ but he says evil things about a man of God well something is wrong that man needs to repent because the word declares that we should love one another you are truly a disciple indeed if you have loved one for the other so this is contrary from the word of God when they are attacking and hating on a man of God Amen and if a person does such thing and bring offenses on a brother or sister the Bible said it's better than a millstone be cast about his neck and he's thrown into the sea then to offend the least of my brother in the Bible say you done enough to me Jesus spoke the Bible is right and every man is a liar and the truth is not in man but it's in God it's so sad that you have people say there's Christians but you don't see the fruits the love the Bible declares that we would know you by your fruits and God will deal with those that come against his elect his servant his people so if some died is because God took him out the truth touch not my anointed and do my Prophet no harm the Bible said so men of God I love you TB Joshua God is with us and I thank you for naming your church Emmanuel thank God for every truth church and saint of the Living God one other thing I wanted to say thank you man of God for not loving Mammon so many ministers fall to Mammon and the Lord said we cannot serve both in the Book of Matthew you will love one and hate the other which one would you hate people? You read what our lord said you won't go dead

TB Joshua is satanist.

God bless senior profect tbs Joshua

You are the real setanist go to the man of God T. B JOSHUA for deliverance

Satan does not fight satan. You probably need a delivrance. A tree is known by its fruit

He is a great man of God . God send this man on this Earth for a special purpose.

Yes,prophet of our generation! I cover u with the blood of Jesus! I love him!

Thank you lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth hallelujah glory be to god Almight hallelujah

Emmanuel let love lead

My mentor my prophet

Thank you Papa TB Joshua because you make me to forgive easily to love and to give those who is in need. We love you and may God continue use you more and more like never before because you are only one who make me to understand God.

Thank you Jesus for give us prophet T B JOSHUA a man of people

A true man of God

TB Joshua is called by God.

Go East go West TB Joshua is a servant of God You can never teach anyone we see with our own eyes.We have never seen a lier overcome truth.Jesus lives in him.

Amen God blessed Hallelujah thanks lord jesus Hallelujah all what he Got blessings Hallelujah Amen

Even when Jesus came they call him Satan your among them

click like to tell the all-world he is the man of God.


I love him he best

TB JOSHUA is the most annointed pastor in the whole wide world. Thank you Lord Jesus for our Prophet's life.

TB JOSHUA is the prophet of prophets. Our Great prophet of our most HIGH GOD. We love him.

Brother TB JOSHUA He is not joke. May our Lord allow me to come visit SCOAN. Amen.

Very good and honest report....TB JOSHUA is the real man of God.

Thank you Daddy for this Wonderful message long long life for you my father in the lord we love you

Love you Prophet T. B Joshua

Man of God

Actually he said that the prayers of christians changed the outcome he saw for Hillary God answered peoples prayers.

Honor is for whom honor decerved. Man of God T.B Joshua who cure, United many families, help many young and older People. Deliverance and a long list . God continue blessing the prophet to continued helping others.

Whatever people may want to portray this man to be, I really don't care but I thank the Almighty Living God for the life of Prophet TB Joshua. This man taught me to know what is sin and instill in the truth fear of the Lord in very humble but fervent and gracious manner. Through his teachings and broadcasting of real life deliverance I developed a sound understanding of the spiritual warfare around me and now I am better positioned in this great controversy between the dark kingdom and God's Kingdom. Almighty God thank you for the life of prophet TB Joshua; my prophet, my teacher and mentor. May You bless him with more of your presence, wisdom, looooong life and good health. I declare the anointing of Psalm 35 and 91 upon his life, household and his ministry & the partners supporting his ministry all over the world. . I LOVE YOU WITH the LOVE OF CHRIST PROPHET TBJ....

I like that man of God, long leave tb joshua in jesus's name, amen.

I will always follow his steps cos he has teached me alot about the Most High God. No matter what people say about him,he will remain my True Prophet of our time. God Bless you more and more. TB JOSHUA. Big Love from +254 (Pesapejo B N )

Dat is my lovely pepe God bless us

Prophet T.B. Joshua is a true man of GOD.He teach us to forgive, I love him, May our Lord Jesus Chris keep him true.

My daddy a true man of God

Tb Joshua is real real man of god

WHO IS TB JOSHUA?,he is an agent of Satan (antichrist).

As your own Jesus?,Sorry.

TB Joshua is NOT the Son of the Most High God. You are blaspheming. JESUS CHRIST is the Son of the Most High God. TB Joshua is a son just as I am a daughter of the Most High God, this previlege is because of what Lord Jesus has done on the cross. TB Joshua is definitely a true prophet, a humble servant of God. He has taught us much, shown us much and lead us always back to our Saviour Jesus Christ. I love and respect TB Joshua but I only worship Jesus Christ. And that is what TB Joshua has taught us to do as well.

Thank you Jesus for this men of you

Many more blessings...... to Man of God

Love you so much senior prophet J B Joshua

A true man of God. 'faith is of man's heart'. Its like i hear him saying, with a humble voice. God bless you Daddy.

He is a true prophet of God

T b. Joshua is real mam of god

A man of humility

Pliz we need you Kenya

Abba Joshua What Can I Say... " I Love You More Than Words Can Say Holy Man Of God", You Are God's Gift To An Entire End Time Generation. I Know The True Christ Because Of You. Salute Sir, I Salute You And All That You Embody. God Bless You And May You Live Long Sir.

I love this gentle lion. He reminds me of the verse: “Love one another a I have loved you.” He makes me want to be more like Jesus my Lord. Way to go man of God.

EMMANUEL indeed God is with us TB Joshua is a real man of God

Pray for USA

You’re value comes from you sacrifice, spending time with the most high God who is our Father. Thanks for ur commitment to ur mantel.God Bless you and ur family. Thanks for ur service to the body of Christ

Thank God for a man after God heart ❤️ I watch him in the

Jesus above all. Too many put men above Jesus Christ. God is a jealous God.

I thing i love about TB Joshua no matter what the world is talking about him he is still doing the work of God. God bless you more anointing more Grace long life good health bless your family your church and Emmanuel TV partner

God bless TB Jpshua

Blessed is the womb which carries him thank you Lord Jesus Christ for sending a true servant whom you are using us the Moses of today protect him protect his family members protect him children and protect his ministry in Jesus Christ name , I remember in 2011 when I was three weeks pregnant I saw him in my dream and he called me madam do u know that you are pregnant and you are carring a baby boy and I wake up behold nine months later I delivered a bousing baby boy praise the Lord

thank you God for gave us our phrophet


A Great Prophet indeed.

Thank you God for these loving man of God,we love you tb joshua no metter what me and my faimily love you

I bless the day God created TB Joshua. God I thank you for Him

A minister of fake miracles and a Pastor of a church that shows more demonic operations that power of God and they use demonic operations as a show to make baby cristians that doesn't like the word of God instead they need to see a show to worship what they see instead of worship God without seeing wich is the will of God because without faith is impossible to

God of Prophet TB Joshua.. take more of me. Give me more of you.

The way this Man of God handles family disputes, if you are a person who understands, His wisdom is directly from God. Wish to meet Him in person someday. Amen.

Capetown-since 2009 i attended the branch in Capetown,Gods supernatural encounter with Prophet TBJoshua.

Joshua is another false Profit!

mario figueroa you are so on point!!. Many are soo blinded and deceived by this demonic entity!

Chukwu Naza many have been deceived to follow him. I pray God will open their eyes before it’s too late. God cannot be mocked!

Mario Pascal Online hahahaha....such a clown! So convenient!!!

Macurata Davies yes!!! So true!!

This guy claims he can heal incurable diseases and illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, blindness and lupus. He’s also happens to be Magufuli’s spiritual advisor. It’s 2019 and people wonder what’s wrong with Africa

Amen. That's my super u dadyyyy


Sure, TB Joshua does not ask for offering right ? LIES ! Chris Tonge why are you lying and use Malachi @ out of context. Are you a Levite ? A jew ? No you are not. Nor is anyone in SCOAN. Manipulators, twisting Scriptures of the Word of God to gain personal ego that is all I can see. 2 Peter 2:3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not. Smooth words, manipulation, using words to make you feel guilty and depressed because you are made to think that God is telling you this. Nothing wrong with giving, but what is wrong is this manipulation. If God was speaking to the hearts of the crowds, there is no 34 minute preaching inculcating needed for that. Where is this money going to ? Right.... to SCOAN and they will take their portion out of it, pay for the stadium they rented and some, then the rest is given to those in "need" which they decide where it goes. Yes, Chris Tonge I have examined you in the light of the Word of God and you are still the word manipulator as you always were and will be. Chris Tonge tell me where the MH370 is ? Have you not asked TBJ who "spies" upon God as he claims ? Or where the rest of the Chibok girls that would be released IF he is not a man of God. Why is Boko Haram still operating in Nigeria, eh ? After your false lying prophet told us that it will be a thing of the past. What do we still see today after 2012 ? Kano — Boko Haram jihadists have attacked military bases in northeast Nigeria’s Borno state, overrunning three and stealing weapons, security sources said on Monday 3rd of June. Thousands have died after that as well. How can you stand there and be a bigot and a liar to uphold false prophecies and you don't care as long you have a job. Your love is fake and false and deceiving. Thank you very much. Go ask your brother Dave and Angie, how are they, have you seen them ? Do you know what they are doing today ? Why can't you fix that eh ? That is why the Bible say and teaches us from God and Jesus: Matthew @ Therefore if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, 24 leave your gift there before the altar. First go and be reconciled to your brother; then come and offer your gift. 25 Reconcile quickly with your adversary, while you are still on the way to court. Otherwise he may hand you over to the judge, and the judge may hand you over to the officer, and you may be thrown into prison.… Your preaching means nothing to me because you are just a bigger sinner than anyone else is and yet you are telling others what to do ? Really ? What a joke it is. No this is no Satan speaking to you, this is your lies that keep perpetuating of your falsehood and hypocrisy. The offering is tarnished now before God, because of your heart still full of darkness and deception using words to gain. Remember what the Word of God says: Markt @ For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and for the gospel will save it. 36 What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul? 37 Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?… There you go Chris. Unless your sins are not been covered and washed by the Blood of Jesus. Your theatrics means nothing. Nor the fact of: Matthew @ Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 By their fruit you will recognize them. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17 Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.… The fruit is giving money to your neighbour you so called "collected" with feigned words and manipulate people's hearts to run a show. You have no shame, nor TBJ has shame when all those people that have died now during the ministry of him over 25 years. There is no one preacher that has so many dead people on his consciousness than TBJ. With lies you have told to the others that lost their spouses, children and with money bribed their mouths. That disgusts me, there is no love into that. It is covering up all your sins with worldly means in the sight of men and denying of any wrongdoing. False humility and false testimony. If it was not so the money that streams in SCOAN by what it is, SCOAN would not be known anywhere, just like any small church out there. Which means, God is not your first priority but money to make all this possible. While at home in Ikotun Egbe the roads are still sand roads, corrugated roofs and business that profit from the fancy cough up your stomach content show. In letting to believe that after this no problems will be following TBJ's followers who are full of anger, evil, persecution of truth writers and the all the rest they do. Love ? My foot !!!! Deception ? Yes !

You know what I really hate in a people when you try to do a good thing that's when they want put you down and say bad thing about you I've seen that in every country

Prophet with a big HEART.

Some nigeria pastor are jealous. The don't understand that t b Joshua is a prophet not pastor. That's why evil people will be there member the won't know. Thanks god for my prophet. From UK.

He is my prophet. I love him so much. He made me to know that l must forgive any one. No matter what. Thank you Jesus for the live of my prophet.

I praise our Lord JESUS CHRIST for giving us Prophet TB Joshua. Hallelujah! This is a true man of God unlike those fake prosperity preachers in USA. Two Thumbs Up!


we have mallams,ocuities men,sangomas,juju men are in our society no one attack them but yet always people speak evils about this selfless man

Is a man of good.

Bless you man of God

TB Joshua is our father

For sure he is a true prophet of most highly God we love you and will all ways start by you no matter blessed prophet TB Joshua in Jesus Christ Amen

... and you are my sister, right?


Yes this is true anointed real man of God. . May almighty ancient God keep and bless you more sir in Jesus christ of Nazareth.nname

Thanks for sharing these truths about the Anointed Servant of God, Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua. To God be all glory

From north east India, Thank you Jesus, Amen Emmanuel hallelujah praise the lord.

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