Solo Camping Alone In The Forest | 1 stick fire + friction fire, 3 days

Solo Camping Alone In The Forest | 1 stick fire + friction fire, 3 days

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Hey. Guys, mr.. Sharpe here and. Yes, today I will. Do. A little hike and, wild. Camp here in, Holland. And these. Are the woods. Yeah. I, like, it. Camp. Spot I will stay here tonight. There is a place for tents, and. There. Is my bag, I'm. Gonna put my tent there there's. Another spot behind a bush here. Yeah. But I will take that one. I'll. Show you. Yeah. It's. A reasonable flat. And. I'm gonna put on my tent, now. Only. Use the. Rainfly, and. Footprint. Perfect. I'll. Hide. You. I'll. Take a look outside. I. Love. The helleberg. Ecto. What. Do you think guys. Why. Do you think. Yeah. And this is the inside. We'll. Put. Some ventilation, in. Here. I'm. Sorry and just have one hand. Okay. Like. This I can, have. A front and the back ventilation. You. Know yeah, I can open, the door but. You, have to give you a perspective. It's. There's, a lot of space in here here my feet. Yeah. Tonight. Ladies. And gentlemen, and. Yes. Here's. My ass bet. The. Fame is what a. Stack. Of wood. For. Making, a fire when. It gets dark. And. I'm. Here, at a camping. Spot. Without. Facilities. But. Yeah, the. Fire ring. That's. All there is and a couple of spaces one, up there one up. There one. Up. There. Yeah. And. I guess, you. Can camp here too. And. Yeah. I like this boat very, quiet. Yes. This is the aspirin. Like. A chair. Guys. If. You want to. Want. To take a hike. Go. And check out the, aspects. Of therm, arrests I. Really. Really can recommend, this at. This with me in my last three. Wild, cams six-block. Irish. -. You. Hear these guys. Is exactly, why, I want to be here. To be one. With. Nature, this. Place is only 58. Kilometers. From, my home. So. The water is boiling. Camping. Clean of. Course. Give. It a good stir, you. Know very handy, food. Bags, now. You've got to give it time to well. Every. Corner. Gate. Minutes later. And. The great thing on, these is, you can eat it out of the pack and. Your. Memory. Stays clean. Bon. Appetit. Bon, Appetit, my, friends, do. You like this video don't. Forget to subscribe and, like this video, as. Usual, this. Way you can help my channel grow I know. This, is not all about Victoria. Knox and in. Pocketknives. Yeah this is a part of me I, do. This at. Least twice a year a couple of days of trekking. And camping, I really. Really get. Recharged, by doing, this and I recommend this yeah, yeah.

Well Welcome. Yeah. I'm gonna put, on the fire today. I wanna do a freaking fire I do, have a big, liner. Mosquitoes. Are out. Very. Curious. But it's gonna be my tent I have. No bug net like a bird on, a tree. I'm. Just sitting, here I. Got. Time. It's. Clear to see. From, up here. The. World's, been small. We. Can stir it to my guru. It's. So beautiful and. Mentally. The radar. Three. I. Love. It. Like. This the sounds, of the surrounding, hear the birds. But. I did listen to music for, an hour especially. For, all the viewers like, the, reviews. Of. Pocketknives. I will do one tomorrow. Maybe. It's time for a little. Yeah. You notice that. Yeah. Crouch, powder of, two so. From now on I can't. Promise an upload. Date I will, keep on make, videos. I'm. Getting toasted. Doing. This solo. Camping. What. You have, counting. The blessings, you know. Things. Around you TV. And Internet and, your. Smartphone. Really. Helps, to. Have. Done this. Try. To. Contain, the fire of course. Boy. Can't. Believe. Joe. Put, a mr. HQ, if, you're watching I do. Think, that you, will enjoy. This. I saw. Your new tent so I. Look. Forward to your videos enough. To see some camping, adventures. Ain't. No obligations. Joe, you. Know and I appreciate. You cheers. Cheers, man, from. Up here. The. Winsome. Smile, oh, gosh. I, do like. This is why I like, so beautiful. Oh boy, you and me. Man. To be really, enjoy this. Radar. Is, my. Please. Leave, me a comment. I like, solo camps. Really. Calms me down. A lot, less stress, when I'm outside. When. I don't have reception, couple. I like. That once in a while. Take. All your garbage with you. Without. Leaves we, can, take. It down or. Take some bark, it's. Not that difficult. One rule Leave, No Trace. Hey. This is the light broth. Make a video at night. Yeah. I'm gonna wrap up for tonight, tomorrow. Day two so, stay. Tuned and I'll. Get back to you. Good. Morning I. Had. A really, bad. Sleep. I've. Woke up many. Many times, I. Had. A migraine, attack. So. Yeah. But. Hey. Can. You hear the birds sing. I. Don't. Like it. Yeah. Day. Two and, I. Want to give you a quick look, around in, this. Yeah. Unique, setup, of the, Hillenburg. Actor, without, entertained. This. Is how spacious it is this, is a white. Shot. Look. It's. My backpack, I have more space in there. There. Is the footprint. Also. On this side I have enough space to put. Some gear. Enough. Ventilation. Over. Here over there and here. And. Zero. Condense. Yeah. This is a really good setup. What. Do you think, and. Yeah. You can attach, the, footprint, like it, is now and you can pack, your tent, like, this and. Unfold. It and you win a lot of time setting, it up Gators not a bathtub. So. When. You. Have heavy, rainfall. This. Is not the best setup but if you have nice. Weather like, this. Weekend, and not, too much bugs. No, this is a, really. Good setup and I'm going, to do this more, good, morning, a cold. Morning today, it's, like, 5. To 6 degrees, Celsius. And. This is my, breakfast. Oatmeal's. Nice. Coffee a neat. Trick. And. I can recommend this if you. Want. To use this on your backpacking. Trips. Oatmeal. Express and, normally. You have to open. The package and do. It in in. A pan then, you fill the bag, until. Until. The line and, you add this water, in, in, the pan and. Then you have to then, you have to boil it for two minutes or so but. When, with this hack. Put, some. Modern and. Oatmeal. Is, starting, to well and you can eat out of the package it won't leak through and, yeah. You don't have a mess in, your pan. Three. Bucks on. Gearbest. This. Is turmeric. Zi, seat. And. It has some r-value. And. It. Is the lightest. Guess. How, much. It weighs. Well. Here it is two. Ounces or, 60, grams yeah, super lightweight it and yeah. You have a seat, a comfortable. Seat with you I'll, put a link in the description below. It. Was a little bit of a search but I found a trail, that, leads to the camping, spot. And. I. Will. Show you. Here's. The camping spot. I'll. Show you. Life. Because, I haven't seen it before. Okay. Cozy. Put. It, in there, I can't put my. Damn, there. That's. My tent. Fireplace. I. Love. This campsite, I do I, do. Advise, to come in the middle of the week if you want to do a solo camp of course because. In the weekends it's quite busy here just. Swap the battery. Yeah. This is very handy to, keep all the electronics, together. And. Safe because, it's padded. Day. 2 and. Yeah. Three. Batteries to go so I will make it. This. Is the Victorinox Forester, would. What. Are my likes. The. Size of the blade. The. Fact it's that, it's not on one hand opening, plain edge blade. I really. Like that fact is. It's, a locking blade and, line a lock. I'll. Just love, these wooden, scales. But. You already know, that I. Also. Like the size of the blades, of this knife. It's. Not the lightest, blade I. Will. Put some specs on screen because I don't have them with me. What. Are my dislikes, I. Don't. Have really. Dislikes, yeah, the behind this corkscrewed, it's, not logic. For me to, have a gap. And you, can see there and you.

Can See even between the springs. It's. A bit odd but, not. A problem and, you don't, you. Don't feel it when you use it, that's. Not the, case. Thank. You Victorinox you did a great job. Do. You like it. Now. The, one stick fire with. The. Victorinox, Forrester. Keep. On watching. Also. With the splitting and first, I, put. The knife in a deep I split, it that way first, before I, did. The other way that. Way. You don't, hurt. The. Swiss Army knife. That's. The, fire. Board. Now. The spindle. To, make, make. A stick even you. Don't. Have to handle the knife you, have to stick it into the. Trunk and. This. Way you have more control to. Get. A much, more smooth, effect. This. Is how you do it with. The. Swiss Army knife. And, this is gonna be a really, nice, spindle. The. Biggest chunks, you do with the reverse, grip. This. Way you can, do. A lot of power without. Losing, the control this. Is the spindle. Spin. Oh, and. Fireboard. Now, I have to make a bow. That, will be the bow now. We, have to make, Kindle. Of course I will use all the girls. So. I'm gonna use the pine needles to, make bird nest it will work like a charm, you will see. This. Will do. We'll. See how this works. First. I make my bird, nest. To, be honest it would be great, just to get an ember. Only. Succeeded once in, making, and making, an ember so I'll be very happy and I'll. Be in, the moon if I can do it with one, stick fire. That. Will be thrilled, but yeah this. Is just an exercise so. We'll. See how we they will end. Hey. I, can. Dream can, I, take. One. I've. Got everything with me can start, a fire. First. I'm gonna. Gonna. Do the heating cycles, I learned. This from NW. Primates. Now. Smoke. It's. A very good sign. I'm. Just coming up and that's what we need of course. Yeah. I'm. Gonna carve a notch here. Haha. Okay. Here. We go guys. Wow. Okay. After they make a new point. On the on top because. Just. Do much fiction there. Who. Said this was easy. Not. Me. Okay. Take, three. Wish. Me luck guys wish. Me luck. Fuck. Another. Number yet. Okay. These are dying sir cycles. Wow. An. Out of breath I. Will. Come back okay what I did I. Took. My, aspect. And. I did. The heating's, cycles. On. The other side and I carved a notch here stick, with me okay. Don't, give up guys. The. Pressure is building up. The. Squeaking is normal. Because. Both, ends are very hard, by the hey. Baby. Yeah. Totally. Out of breath. Do. You see that smoke guys I did. It with. A one stick, kid. I did, it I did it. Oh. Man. My second, ember, my. Second, ember, yeah. This. Was my least my kid. And. The bow. Yeah. I used, paracord. Right. 5550. And. That the next thing I'm gonna learn is how to make, rope. From natural. Fibers. Hey. I'm. So, glad man. My. First fire. Yes. My. First fire with an ember. Yes. Yes yes yes yes. My. One stick fire guys. Yeah. Yes. I can. Wow. It took me. All. Together one, and a half hour, to. Prepare to I did. At least five. Trials I kept, on trying, trying, trying. Circles. And. You. Can't believe it one. Stick fire my. Second, ember ever, hahaha. What, a challenge I like, it. If. You like this give me a thumbs up and. Yeah. Wow. I'm. Glad I can share this with you guys so. Yeah if you want to try. One. Stick, fire. What. Many pros don't tell you if you see a fallen tree, take. The top and only the top. This. The spindle. The board, all with, one. Branch. Unbelievable. And. The, fire, the. Sticks and the twigs. And other. Sticks. This. Is the kit I made I didn't extra challenge, to make it from one branch on, the spot and. That's what I did if. I can do it everybody. Can keep. On trying I tried for almost. Two hours and with. Many failures but, at, the end I got, a number four, day day 3 I had. A better night. Yeah. Yeah it's, now almost. Ten o'clock and I'm. Heading to a new spot, I'll. Keep you posted this. Is the way to my new camping, spot. Do. You hear the birds. Awesome. Isn't it. This, is, grams. Of Boston, three. Three. This. Is a. Free. Camping, spot without facilities. Except, for the fire ring, yeah. I'm, gonna choose a good. Place, to make. It count, I've, got some wraps with me and, these. Wraps are good, hot, or cold, mission. Wraps multigrain. And. Yeah. I also. Put, all my food in ziplock bags, I make. Day, packages, with, dinner. Lunch and. Yeah. And. Other. Goodies and I, had. A separate, bag with lunch. Materials. And that's in this bag. Yeah. Bon. Appetit my. Friends. A. Short. Video on. Homemade. Hobo. Stove. Works. Well isn't it. And. I want to share it with you guys. Almost. To a boil. Yes. We have a ball. I'm. Prepared, tonight I have, my work there. It's. Getting chilled now so it's time to put on the. Campfire. Yeah. What a great day today. Day. Three and I wanna do many, more but.

I Can't have. To go back. But. Yeah. I will repeat these are really. Really big. But. Okay nice, not over the. Start of a, great. Evening and follow. Me I. Guess. I know how to start a fire. Why. Do you think any feed. By guys. Hey. Guys I, want to wrap up for tonight. Yeah, I really enjoyed. Campfire. Yeah. All good thoughts it's. You. Doing. These things and. I think everyone, should really. But not here cuz, I wanna do it solo. Not. Always you know. I. Really. Recharge. My batteries. To. Do solo trips. Tomorrow. I see my wife. And kids I, miss. Him so hard. My. Son. Yeah. Can, ride a bike now in. Two days and. Yeah. Very proud dad. And. The daughter who. Understands. More. And more she seeks and. Yeah. She's. Great too. Oh. I'm. Gonna music empires. They. Gave me really really fine thoughts. Close. Isn't it. Love. You guys, fine. What's, up good morning, yeah. Yeah. I wrapped up at the camp I hiked, for an hour and now. I'm, arrived. At the car in. Alphen. Oh my. God my eyes am i oh yeah. I. Look very tired, I know. But. That's, part of the camping. Adventure. Ok. This. Is the end of, the. Fall campaign or, solo. Camping, a, video. About three days solo, camping, in the woods meant and one stick fire and this is a video for you. The great outdoors.

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just be aware with the bigfoot bro

I really enjoyed this mate. I was waiting to watch it all day. Thank you for sharing this with us and a huge congratulations on your first one-stick fire! You have inspired me to get out and do this more, as I did when I was much younger. Take care and we'll talk soon. Cheers! Jay

Thanks buddy

Congrats on passing 1000 subs, you really earned it.

*Thanks man!* Yes that feels great to reach the treshold

Nice job with the fire Bart! I could feel your excitement through the camera, so happy for you. You could've given up at anytime, you had a backup fire source. This wasn't even a true survival situation, yet you persisted. Yes Bart, you absolutely do know how to start a fire. Very impressed. Great way to close out a video by talking and thinking about family. Thanks for taking us along with you.

Thanks buddy! Persistance is key to succes with friction fires! btw it was my second ember ever, so i really was excited to get an ember

There is nothing quite like being away from everything and everyone, alone with nature where you can fully chill out and forget the world! Great Vlog Bart, looks like you had a great time! Impressive fire making skills dude!

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Well done Bart! Nice video.

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Been waiting to watch this! Gonna strap in and have me a good watch.

MrSharp i still have a lot of footage left from my trip as well. Its nice to unplug every once in a while.

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Congratulations on Fatherhood. I just became a grandfather! Great video. I really need to get outdoors again! And you are correct. Leave the place as you found it and take your trash with you. Really nice single person tent! I'd like an enclosed floor to prevent the bugs from coming in. The Z-Seat looks really interesting. Nice choice with the Forester. I'm also not crazy about the one hand openers. I prefer the slide locks or even the liner locks on the non- one hand openers. Excellent bush-crafting with the SAK. Congratulations on the fire with a bow. Who made your folding camp saw? Great video. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! i left the inner tent at home to experience more exposure.

Great camping trip Bart. It is always a pleasure to have some time on your own, and specially doing something you enjoy. Great vid buddy!!! Thumbs up!!! Cheers!!!

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Well done Mr Sharp love your videos

I like your knife videos and solo camp videos equally I think there grate keep up the good work Mr Sharp ill be looking out for your other videos.

Josh, what kind of video's do you prefer? My knife reviews or my solo camping video's? I'm curious


you need daved west there with you lol very good video thank you very much and keep the good work up thanks

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Great video! You don’t give up easily. That’s a great attitude to have. Good to see you learn and practice skills. When you said it was your first fire from ember, I got so excited for you! I remember that very satisfying feeling. Take care, keep it sharp and keep the videos coming whenever you can. Aaron

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Very nice video. I like wood scales to. Maybe you order one pair from me in future

I wil!

MrSharp look at my Facebook profile at the pictures.

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Thanks for the shout out! Looking forward to chillin by the camp fire with you next mont


Hey goed bezig met de boog, netjes ! Maare wildkamperen ? ik dacht het niet hehe beetje op paalkampeerplaatsen staan is keihard legaal hahaha als je maar lol hebt . Leuke film je kan echt zien dat je geniet en dat is leuk om te zien . Groeten Martin.

Ik bedoel dat ik je een paar keer wildcamping hoorde zeggen . Maar mijn opmerking was een grapje want het maakt niet uit waar je slaapt als je maar lol hebt. :) De Chaamse bossen vind ik te druk , je had wel geluk daar lekker alleen. Groet martin

Bedankt Martin!

Thanks Bart! That was fun to watch- only I wish it were me! Congratulations on the bow drill fire. That looked hard as hell! I thought you'd never pick up the ember and put it in the tinder! I was almost shouting at the screen, "hurry up its gonna go out!" Haha! I cheered for you when it burst into flames! Great skills you have there (including being able to film things while you do them. I think that's the hardest part!) Thanks for taking the time and effort to make this and share it. Happy trails to you!

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