Solo Camping Tipi Canvas Bushcraft Hot Tent and Wood Stove in Tokyo | Japan Outdoors Guide

Solo Camping Tipi Canvas Bushcraft Hot Tent and Wood Stove in Tokyo | Japan Outdoors Guide

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Corned. Beef. Supposed. To be a corned. Beef and cabbage soup. Lettuce. Added sausage, or. Potatoes. And stuff. Before. Last week, last. Week the, other days that, I did the hot tent camping with my wife and shown. On actually. Was Odawara but we'll call it showing on I. Never. Made a soup before in my life that was the first time so now, I'm like really into soups even, though I don't know any but corned beef and cabbage seemed. Like a pretty simple one. This. Corned beef looks like frickin spam. Weird. Well. How. Bad can it be. It. Goes in to the pot. That, can't be healthy oh. Well. Do, I look like the model citizen for health. Unfortunately. New. But. New Year's resolutions, are coming up who, knows this, might be my year. You. Guys have any ideas for soups please, let me know tell, me your favorite soups down down in the comments or I. Actually. Need a full recipe because I'm not very good but uh if. You have a certain soup that you like let. Me know I will definitely, try it I'm. The soup guy even. Though this is only second, time I've ever made soup. No. Soup for you. Seinfeld. Classic. It's. Pretty cold tonight it's about I. Don't. Know maybe, about zero. Only. About zero I. Didn't. Check but. It's a it's every bit as cold as the. Other night I spent with the hairy Sun and. Here. At the same counts fight I'm. In the same camp spot it's me and Harry camped. Campsite. 11 Tama, Hills Japan. I've. Been camping here at Tama Hills for. Almost. 25, years. In. The. History of Tama Hills I'm, sure nobody, has my record, of. Camping, here. Hey. Nice. Spoon. Man. Let's. Fire this baby up. Chipotle. Today, of. Course the recipe doesn't call for that but. Oops. My. Bad. Enjoy. II. Knew, it smells. Good I. Can. Handle the cold the cold is not a problem but the wind sucks, tonight it's, really windy I hate, the way in. And. You don't want the wind to carry off a spark. From. The stovepipe although, I do have the guards on there but still. Win. Sucks, I'd rather have it raining than be windy windy, is absolute, worst, the. Year I lived in Chicago was, PI the worst year, of my life. Anywhere. Named the Windy City Chicago. Never, again. Let's. Try the soup let's try the broth. They're. Not what the chef does since I'm a chef now I'm a soup chef. That's. Actually really good it's. Really spicy I put a lot of hot peppers, on there. I'm. Sure the potatoes. And carrots. And stuff isn't done yet but. The. Taste is really good. Ready. To eat that now oh. My. Weena. Why. Not. Perfect. Smelling. Good now I think it's about done. Think. It's about done. What. You think. I'm. Serious about the soup thing tell me your soup below I really want to get some soups going oh. Yeah. See. That cabbage boy, oh, man. That's hot. The. Flavor is good the cabbage is good I guess. The main point is how about the carrots and potato I can. Find something ah there, we go. There. We go. Gosh. So hot oh my god, try it, okay. I'll try it how would I know. So. Cold out here you can just leave. It out here for like. Leave. It out here for like ten, seconds this. Should be good, there's. A good I think, it's good let's, go. Oh. Yeah. All. Right. All, right. Chef. Boy iraqi is rocking. Clearly. I made way too much. How. Do I get some soup though need that soup there. We go. Yeah. Signs. Steaming. Pot. Stephen. Pot. Let's. Go. Mmm. Mmm. Warm. Me up warm me up oh. It's. So freaking good. Maybe. Cuz it's just cold out here but dang that's good. Potatoes. Are done perfectly. Perfect.

Amount Of spice too I like spicy. All. Right. Success. Nobody. Wants to watch a fat duty so. I'll. Save you the paint. The. Boy is it good. So, yeah it's really cold really. Windy out here I'm not even sure if you can hear me to be honest but uh thanks. For coming along here on my Christmas, Eve camp got. One more one more thing to. Top it all off mmm. That, Christmas Eve cake. Strawberry. Shortcake Gus what's up. Thanks. For stopping by checking. Out my channel got, frosting on my frickin nose what. A jerk. I'm. Gonna pop. Open this. Ebisu. Oh beer. Go, back in the warm tent and finish, off the night turn, off the cameras and just sit back relax enjoy my night, maybe Santa's gonna stop by. Santa. Can you bring me a G stove and a tip mark tepee 10 that, would be so, great, Thank, You Santa I've been a good boy. All right guys it's, coming along. Oh. Yeah.

2019-12-30 15:04

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lol and a Happy new year.

Cool video. Like the setup. Looks like a very nice trip. «No soup for you»

pretty beautiful camping trip :) New friend Ruthie

Thank you so much, Ruthie!

That cabbage soup looked awesome

Ahhh it was so good

A pleasure to stop by with you as always Rockie. Hope Santa delivered! ☃️

Santa did deliver!!!


どうもありがとうございます。 クマが大好き!:)

Hi!Rockie-san It's like a completely solo camp! Nice, isn't it? In Japan, there are different types of instant soup in the pot, so all you have to do is add your favorite vegetables and ingredients.

Thank you Tomola-san. Of course I love Japanese instant soup but for camping it’s too easy. Camp cooking is so much of the fun!

Merry Christmas. Love the opening so I will pinch it for Thursday Fun. I got the man purse. Wow. it is so good my wifey tried to steal it

Lol thank you buddy. Just some good fun.

Recently found your channel. Enjoying it. Here's a recipe I use sometimes in the woods. 1 lb. Burger, 2 can mixed vegetables, 2 cans tomato soup, small onion, 2 taters, salt + pepper and hot sauce to taste. Cook burger 1st stir into everything else ( leave grease in ) you can add crackers or rice. Great job on video. Thanks for sharing

I appreciate you finding the channel and for the recipe! That sound AWESOME! Right up my alley. I'm going to try that soon. I give you credit Chef Patrick! :) Thank you so much.

PS Merry Christmas to you and yours

Cool camo gears, I'm impressed and jealous at the same time. Merry Christmas Santa Rock E.

Thank you buddy. Just basic military surplus but it does the job :) Merry Christmas!

@Japan Outdoors Guide with rockeastwood

Thank you so much, Ray. Please do! :) I need that soup! lol Merry Christmas!

Very Merry Christmas, Rockie-san! Site 11. That's a nice spot. I love there, too. The potluck looks nice. Here is my recipe for soup. I stir meat sausages or corn beef seafood whatever and root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, or onions with butter or olive oil in the billy can first. I usually use some garlic when I stir stuff. It gives me more flavor. When those are thoroughly cooked you pour water in it and boil them. When it's boiled you put leafy vegetables such as cabbage or celery and tomatoes as well. Then you add some seasoning and set the taste you want. This method is much faster to done and gives tastier soup. I like the combination of stuff of your soup. It reminds me my mom. May happy new year for you, your wife and Camper.

Thank you for the Christmas wishes Harry-san! And thank you for the recipe. Of course you have good recipe because you REALLY are a camp chef. I'm just pretending :) We will try your suggestion soon! Sounds amazing. I REALLY REALLY can't wait for our camping! Arigato.

Lovely Time Spent with Ya Rockie ! Merry Christmas To You & Yours From Us Here In Canada ! ATB T God Bless

Merry Christmas Terry! Thank you so much!

Spoonman! Classic! Sorry I don't have any ideas for soups, but it's a nice idea for winter camps. I might try some myself. Merry Christmas mate!

@Kyushu Trail Awesome. Hope you get some good hike :) Look forward to your next vid.

Japan Outdoors Guide with rockeastwood Thanks man, I’ve got time off until Jan 6 so I can fit in a few hikes :)

Thank you buddy! I hope you get a day off in Japan on Christmas. It's always weird being here during this time. I appreciate it and Merry Christmas!

Smarter than the average bear, Boo Boo!

The stove is a Kifaru stove. It folds completely flat. The pipe rolls up small It quite the genius design. Goulash! I like it :) Merry Christmas :)

Evening buddy two hours till the big comes... Have a good one to you an yours. Andy

Merry Christmas, Andy! :)

That was a nice surprise after work! Thanks for posting. Merry Christmas Rock...

Thank you so much, Doc! Merry Christmas!

You blend in pretty good with that 3 color desert. The molle 2 rucksack was the first "real" pack i used for camping and hiking. Maybe blesses to you my friend. Merry Christmas

Molle 2 is the classic! It's heavy as hell - but we aren't ultralighters anyway :) Thank you so much Malcolm! Merry Christmas to you and your family as well!

Merry Christmas Rockie. Looked like a good time. Hope Santa stopped by. Take care,Al

Thank you so much Al! Merry Christmas! :)

nice Christmas eve camp over Rockie and yes soups always taste so good on a cold night for supper (that's what canned corn beef looks like I use the Hereford brand here)

ya the canned stuff does look very different from what you get at the deli but still tastes ok

Thanks for letting me know about the Corned beef. I thought that was just a japan thing. I never ate it like that before. So weird. But Tasty! :) Thank you Craig. Merry Christmas

Thanks for taking us along

I did! Well... it was ok :) Merry Christmas buddy.

Carol of the Bells

Merry Christmas to you and yours brother! You are right about the wind in the winter. I am from NE Minnesota and we have already seen -25F but with the wind chill it was -50F. I was laughing when you touched the soup with your finger and said how hot it was then tossed it in your mouth lol I am not a very good cook either so I google the recipe for one of my favorite soups. You can add or remove any vegetables that you want (I am not sure cabbage would work well with it though). You can buy wild rice online if its not available where you are, I prefer to buy the rice harvested by the local native Americans (Anishinaabe) here. Wild rice is a bit different than other rice in look and taste, some people like it and some do not but using white rice in this recipe just isn't the same for me. Take care and Happy Holidays. Minnesota Cream of Chicken & Wild Rice Soup: INGREDIENTS 3 1⁄2 cups chicken broth, 1 cup sliced carrot, 1⁄2 cup sliced celery, 1⁄3 cup wild rice, 1⁄3 cup sliced onion, 1⁄2 teaspoon dried thyme, 2 tablespoons butter, 3 tablespoons flour, 1 cup half-and-half cream, 1 1⁄2 cups cut-up cooked chicken DIRECTIONS Mix broth, carrots, celery, uncooked rice, onions, thyme, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper. Bring to a boil; reduce heat, cover and simmer 1 hour, until the rice is tender. Melt butter, stir in the flour, then the half-half. Cook and stir 1 minute. Slowly add half-half mixture to the rice mixture, stirring constantly. Stir in the chicken and heat through.

Man! Thank you so much for taking the time to share that. Now I will certainly try! That is very kind of you. I-50? I feel like a wimp complaining about the cold now :) Damn! I hope you have a great Christmas and happy new year! Can't wait to try Minnesota Cream of Chicken & Wild Rice Soup!

Merry Christmas again forgot the crusty bread n butter gotta have that with soup Man regards Mick

Buurroooo! Yes! The butter bread :) Thank you. Merry Christmas!

Merry Xmas to you too Rock!

Merry Christmas, Braxx! :)

Soups are easy brother . What ever you have ,throw it in the pot . I make a fish soup . I use cabbage , and any vegs I have and when they get done .I will lay my fish on top and let it cook . season to taste . I use cod . Merry Christmas my friend . Nice camp you set up . And just a hint . they curve part of the saw goes faceing the blade . That way you can cut bigger logs . Peace brother .

"What ever you have ,throw it in the pot" - Grampaw Terry! Instant classic! Hell ya! :) Thanks for the tip on the saw. I honestly wasn't sure about that. Now i know! I seen people do both ways on YT so i got confused lol Appreciate that. Peace!

Thank you so much!Merry Christmas!

Good vid Rock. Merry Christmas.

Hey! Thank you buddy. Merry Christmas.

Santa gone Ruckin...LOL Ahh I would have to say my wife's recipe for potato soup.. i agree wind is the worst.. Ya need some onions in that CB&C ... ATVB to you and yours for Christmas and the new year.

Potato soup! Yes! Thank you so much Max. Merry Christmas to you and your family good sir.

Merry Christmas Rock! Looks so peaceful out there. I have been making a lot of mushroom soups lately (go figure right?LOL) My favorite seems to be ground beef and Oyster mushroom with spinach leaves tossed in at the very end. Brown the ground beef before adding to the soup pot, I use chicken broth instead of water, you can add many other ingredients if you wish. I use ground cumin to season the ground beef as you brown it. Pro tip (for me at least) Ground Cumin is that powerful 'mystery ingredient' that gives soups, stews, chili, etc... that wow factor. Keep it up Rock! I may have that new year resolution thing this year too ;)

Bro! Thank you so much. I will try! That sounds amazing. Good luck on the resolution! Lets do this! lol Merry Christmas to you and the family Randy.

Merry Christmas! Did you just get married after your recent arrival in Japan? Anyway, good luck, and glad to see you get away from that cubicle for awhile!

Msilverhammer 100% the latter.

@Japan Outdoors Guide with rockeastwood You must be a great husband, or maybe your wife is very patient! LOL Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Nope. I been married over 20 years.

Merry Christmas!

Ha! Merry Christmas!

:) Thank you buddy.

really enjoyed your video my friend, i shared it to my fb group...Polish & Hungarian Lavvu owners would be great if you would join us and share your adventures, a big thumbs up and subscribed...atb from you could try curried spam sounds disgusting but is really quite tasty with boiled or fried rice

Awesome video brother! I hope that you and camper had a great Christmas

Merry Christmas Rocky

Merry Christmas Vinnie! Your Christmas video a few years back inspired this one. Thank you.

Hey man. Merry 2 days late Christmas! Really glad I found your channel. I really want to be able to take advantage of hiking/camping in Japan while I still have the opportunity. In Japan, how do you get a spot for camping? Are there certain hiking trails that allow you to just pick a spot on the side and camp or do you have to find a designated camping grounds or something? And I REALLY want to do something like that RV camping across Hokkaido.

Hello! Thank you for your comment. It depends on your style really. Mostly Japan is designated camping sites but if you're really dedicated you can just head into the forest! I wouldn't recommend fires though as it's probably illegal to stealth camp. But Japan is 70% forest there are many spots to wild camp. If you're in the Tokyo area I can recommend you some places. The RV trip in Hokkaido was amazing. I'm going back in May to do the other side. I really cannot wait! Thank you so much. Merry Christmas.

Great beginning it made me laugh. Merry Christmas. Great camp. Icing on the nose is always funny. Looking forward to more videos.

The old icing on the nose trick for laughs :) Classic comedy. Thank you so much Suzy Q! Merry Christmas!

:) Thank you. Happy New Year.

Try cooking peeled potatoes in water with some meatbroth, put corned beef on top. when done, pour out some of the fluids, but keep some, add butter and just mash it all together.... it works very well with pickled red beets if you got it. Not soup but easy and heartily food.... potatoe, carrot, leek in broth is a grear soupbase, add sousage, or chicken, or whatever else you fancy

Yeee that sounds awesome to me :) Appreciate that, Tommy! :) I will try!

Glad to see you out! I was like at first thinking man, how’d he fit all that stuff in that pack, then I remembered you must have borrowed Santa’s giant bag. ;)

LOL believe it or not every last thing fit in the 3 day assault pack including the Kifaru folding stove, with the exception on the green box / table. That of course was on the reindeer sled! :) Thank you.

How great just found ur channel and I look forward to more from u hope you dnt mind checking out my channel maybe a sub and like n comment aswell all the best for the new year

@rockeastwood outdoors

@rockeastwood outdoors You must be a great husband, or maybe your wife is very patient! LOL Merry Christmas!

looks like you had a nice outing. Soup suggestion. I like to make a ham and bean soup. easily done if you mix a can of pinto beans and a can of white beans, powdered ham base, ham or can use spam and throw in a can of diced chiles. spice it any way you want after that....... Let me know if ya try and how it comes out.

Solo camping of awesomeness brother , the corn beef and cabbage soup man i have got to try that . I had made some tofu curry veggies soup it was the bomb . Merry Christmas brother

Thank you brother. It was delicious on a cold night! :) Appreciate it. Hope you have something planned for new years!

Have I got the soup for you bro! Cheers

That is a pretty sick tent stove! The soup looked really good and that's a good idea to learn how to make more of them. Thanks for sharing your adventure Rockie!

Thank you Eric. The stove is nice because it folds flat but it’s a little too small. Processing wood is a pain. But... I works! :) Appreciate it.

Thank you so much. Karl! I love that beans soup. Sounds amazing. 100% going on the list. Appreciate that good sir.

Chicken and noodles soup, creamy potato soup!

Iam new to your channel!!

I like the wind lol

A great meal!

Awesome look Christmas hat and beard !!

Wow, Santa sure had a big sack this year, I bet that took some carrying. Daft question - Do they celebrate Christmas in Japan? You made a good soup and given that it was only your second attempt, it looked dam tasty, just what you needed on a cold night. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas in Japan and you both enjoy a very Happy and Safe 2020, cheers Alan

Happy New Year Alan! Thank you so much for your kindness of this past year and teaching me about a place I'm not familiar with. I really appreciate you taking the time to come around always! Christmas is Japan is very strange. It's not a holiday. Just a normal work day for Japanese but the Christmas feel is everywhere for commerce reasons. And you want to know the #1 Japanese Christmas tradition? Get this... KFC. Kentucky Fried Chicken is sold out for weeks in and around Christmas. Someday I should research how the heck that started. Someone is a marketing genius! Take care.

Hello my friend! The bear stick is really cute! I want this! The camp was wonderful! Thank you! ~Happy New Year!~

Thank you so much :) Happy New Year! Maybe I'll give one of these sticks away in 2020!

Lol Ok. Maybe you like Chicago then. I like Hawaii wind though. It feels so good.

Thank you so much. Not bad for a soup rookie. Happy New Year! Rockie

... you like the little garlic I would say use garlic powder and lemon pepper it's good on everything look forward to hear from you bro by for now Ken God bless.


Good morning from Japan! Thak you so much. Can you elebertate on the telescope? I'm not sure what you mean but I'm certainly interested! :) Rockie

rockeastwood outdoors Hi Rocky, I found your channel, and Harry’s channel through yours, about a month ago and subbed to you both on the same day. It was good to find English speaking YouTubers making outdoor videos in the Kanto area. If you gents would happen to have room at the campsite

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