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Good. Morning you guys I just. Dropped the girls off at school and Grayson. And I just pulled up to target, because there's a few things that I need to get here, one, being googan I'm just gonna get goo, gone for those stickers on our, patio, door I'm so sick of looking at that so I want that done today so, I need to get goo gone and a few other things and, then we really need to get groceries, so I'll do a grocery haul once we get home. Didn't. Care about the rules cut on the weekends. I'll. Be imposed ripped in the deep space. So. Cravings are stupid, just. Like the movies. I was, gonna say in the fight with, you. Just think it. We. Couldn't, do it, each and every. With, you, you. Will be so clueless. We're. Toodee. Sweep. Away not. Happy. Oh, mister. That's all. Haha. Okay. Grace and I just got home from Target. We're letting Chloe out right now to go potty, hi, sweet boy he's, ready for it now though but we're, just hanging outside it's, really, humid. Right now it was raining earlier and, it's, like 74. But it feels like 90 because the air is so thick you want to say hi. Yeah. It's the other happy, boy now that I'm out of the car seat, yeah. I. Love. You. Okay. I'm watching Alexandra. Peters video right, now she just had her baby and I'm so excited for this this is her first vlog so I was watching it while. I was taking all the groceries out of the car and, taking him out of the bag so I can do a grocery haul for you guys so. I'm gonna start over here I got. Some organic grapes, some, watermelon. Spears, pineapple. Mango apples. Apples. Strawberries. Raspberries. Blueberries, I, got some zucchini for. My sheet pan meals, that I make all the time, same. Thing with these I get cherry tomatoes, and put them on, the pan as well I, got, some Tomatoes because we're gonna do hamburgers, I think tomorrow. Night I got. Some apples a red onion some, green beans for my sheet pan meal, I got some ground beef for hamburgers. And, then I, like to pick up these pastas. For the girls just. For a quick and easy dinner they really like these and then. I got some Parmesan cheese to go on top of it I also picked up this pulled chicken by Jack, Daniels we love these for, like another quick and easy dinner this, is really easy to make in the crock pot - I just was feeling lazy so I decided to get that - the. Girls love, this I love it Adam loves it too but, another. Really quick and easy dinner that I know the kids will eat I always, have at least one bag of this in the freezer on-hand, and then. These. Looked really interesting. I've tried this brand of yogurt before and it's really good, but, I think they came out with a new flavor pumpkin, caramel. I think this is seasonal, so I got two of these to try I'll let you guys know if they're any good and, then. Well. He's just hanging out with me these, are, my, obsession right, now if you guys follow me on Instagram I'm always snacking, on these while I'm editing my vlogs they, are so, good and I told Hilary about them too and she went out and bought them and she hates them so, if you guys end up trying them let me know if you like them because I think they're so good I don't like some to sort, of the girls but. Anyways I got some alfredo. Sauce for. The pasta I got I, got, some crescent, rolls because, I'm gonna make some, mummy, hot dogs for the girls I think tonight, for dinner since Adams going to be, school really late on Tuesdays, I usually just do something really quick for, myself and the girls because Adam doesn't get home to like 8 o'clock I picked up some of these chocolate, chip dynamite, bars for the girls for lunches, I'm Annie's fruit snacks these were two for five I picked up some more orange, juice and. Then this is Adam and i's favorite, wine we really like Rosie and this stuff is like I think like seven dollars a bottle which is super cheap for wine but, it's really good we really like it and Adam, loves that there's an American flag on it. So, we've got another bottle of that I got some of these toasted, Ritz, chips and the sour cream and onion flavor, and I. Think I'm gonna dip them in this Hemisphere Oh. Stick garlic I also got these everything. Pretzel. Crisps to, dip in that as well and then, I picked up four of these yogurt. Covered. Raisins, the girls love these and we ran out of them I put them in their lunches as well and I. Also put these in their lunches too, their little cheese bites I got. Some string cheese I, also got two things of, egg white but I wasn't sure which one sounded, better so I just got both of them I'm pretty sure we've tried these ones from Costco before. But I'm not positive if, they, are the same ones from Costco these, are really good but, I also got these hold, on girl movie it, would really just let her out and she's whining to go outside again.

I Picked, up these for, after my workout too just for some more protein you guys know I'm obsessed with chocolate chip cookies so these, were taunting. Me I was always walking by them so I just decided to pick those up I got, some raisin bran I got some little. Bites muffins, for the girls for a quick breakfast, I got, some of these belVita, bites I think these are new because, I used to buy these all the time but, I think the bites are new. So I picked those up for myself or for the girls I got, these for the girls little, yogurt drinks for the morning for a quick breakfast, I picked. These up for the girls as well we, can make those this week and then. These are something, that I put in the girls lunches. Recently. I got this idea from Vanessa she told me that this is what she does for her kids and, I thought it was genius and the girls love them so, just. To switch it up from, like the usual sandwich. I'll put these with, some Ritz crackers, and some cheese like. These and the girls lunches and they really, have been enjoying them and then I also picked up some funds for hamburgers, and for, the pulled chicken that I got and then. I picked up some more powder, so this is the powder that I wear every single day I've, worn this same, powder since high school I'm, in the color translucent. Medium. And. Then I got some, nail. Polish remover because, apparently. They don't sell Google at Target I asked one of the employees that works there and they said they only sell it online that. They don't sell it in store which is super. Weird I don't know why they don't sell it in store but I got. Nail polish remover to try and take the stuff off of the patio, door so hopefully that works and then I got some candy. Eyes for. The mummy hot dogs that I'm gonna make for the girls for dinner tonight but that is everything that I picked up from Target today so now, I need to put all this stuff away and hopefully, I will have enough time before. Grayson wakes up from his nap. I've. Seen those, faces. I've. Heard all. The lies. But. You ain't. Gazing. On, someone. In, denial. Cuz. You want down feels, right. But, you got a, real, hard, I, know, you want. Easy. To. Let your guard, down. You, had great. Patience. But. Something, knocked, you, out. You. Felt your. Limitations. And. Filled your mind, without, you. Wanna, stay. Enjoy. Let your eyes are, the, price I, know you wanted. You. Can. Okay. I was able to get everything put away and Grayson's still sleeping so now I'm going to take this and yell polish remover that I just got out of target and a, cotton ball and hopefully, I get all, this. Stuff off of our door. Okay. It's really working. Coming. Up really easily with this I just put a little bit on a cotton ball and. Coming. Right off okay I, finally got all the stickers off it looks so much better now that took like two minutes the nail polish remover took it right.

Off And then I just Windex the, door so now it looks brand new again until. Chloe gets her paws up there this, door does not stay clean for very long at all I'm constantly, having to Windex it I just let my new. Favorite, candle, this is on our wall, trees right here like our little makeshift, mudroom. I put one, of these candles up here too this is from my, friend Sarah she did a collaboration with the antique candle company on, a candle. And it smells like heaven you guys it's warm caramel crumble, and I, wish you guys could smell this through. This video because it. Smells like heaven I have one in our kitchen. As well that I just lit but. I want our entire house to smell like this because it smells so good Grayson, is still, napping he, I thought it was waking up but he went back to sleep so I'm going. To hold, a load of laundry because. It's, never-ending did. You guys know I constantly. Complain about laundry I have another basket right here. So. I'm gonna do that and I'll probably only. Be able to do one. Of these but at least I'll, get somewhat caught up before he wakes up I got my little laundry, buddy. She's. Always right here next to me when, I fold my tree, I wish. You could help me. Least. You're cute too Sarah. Nephew. She's. Getting so big you guys like I feel, like she grows like an inch every single day, and. I just don't have the heart to tell her to get off the couch to help she's. A couch dog. Shooting. Me with words but. Okay, well I was actually able to get all of the laundry that I needed to get done folded, so I'm really happy about that now I just have to put it all away look, who just woke up. Good. Morning, how. Is your nap oh. These. Look so good. Oh I. Know it's, rough we kidnap, did. You see good I. Missed. You. Oh I, did, I missed, you. We. Get you changed and fed and. Then we can hang out before, your sisters get home from school okay I just finished feeding Grayson, and Adam, text me and asked if I could get the kids from school because, he has one more test to take so I think we're gonna head out here in just a minute to go get them he, said he got a 97, on his exam that which i think is honestly his worst score he always gets straight.

A's On, every single thing he does when he puts his mind to something he, just, excels, and does so well in it so yeah I'm just I'm so proud of him he's doing really well at school okay well grace and just spit up all over him so. Oh. Yeah. We have like 30 minutes until we have to leave so I'm gonna give him a bath really quick because you're stinky. I. Got. A towel here another change, of clothes. We're, gonna stay in comfy clothes time. Yeah. You. Love your comfy clothes got. A diaper. I'm. Still, using this. Stuff, from so luxury. To. Keep your skin nice and clear okay, I have his bath all ready to go for him and I'm, still using me so luxury, coconut, and oat milk bath this is all I use in his bath with a little washcloths but, today since he spit up a ton and I want to make sure under, his neck is nice and clean I'm gonna use this just under his neck though so, you, ready you. Take it back. Yeah. Where you get nice and clean. I. Will look at you and. Like, a che. Okay. He is all clean and ready to go we're, gonna head out here in just a minute but I'm so glad that I gave him a bath now instead of later tonight because Adams. Not gonna be home till super late tonight so it's just me with. The bedtime routine huh. And. Now you're all clean you, don't have to worry about a bath. Trying. To talk under the air I. Love. You. See. I'm a clean boy. Chloe. You just went out. You. May need to go get your sisters, I just. Went to go put him in his car seat and he spit up all over, himself again, Oh. Ed. He's. Not getting zantac anymore because of the recall on it so I think that's, why he's spitting up so much. Poor. Thing. Hmm. That probably doesn't feel very good we, got to change you again we. Don't have time for another bath I brought the babes down here from his room because I think we're officially in that, stage with all of the drool and spit up and stuff he. Never used to spit up a ton until. We, stopped his, antics so okay it looks like he just aged like six. Months by, putting this bib on him you. Look like a big boy oh. Oh. Okay. You ready to go. Shade. You have a good day at school today. Yeah. You having a snack we. Just got home and I'm giving the girl some apples and a bar, what's, this Bailey. Very. Matter this at school. It. Broke we could tape it. You. Want to tape it, okay. While the girls are situated I'm going to empty out the girls lunchboxes, wash, those and, then sign, Bailey's. Homework. Folder and, then I need to throw Shea's nap, mat in the wash and, wash, that so it's good to go for, tomorrow, so I'm gonna do that right now. Wow. Shay that is beautiful. Let me see your hands. Wow. What. Is this. Looks. Like a galaxy. What'd, it say it's. Beautiful. That's. A galaxy, and these are the stars. Okay. You, want to use scissors you gonna use scissors for you're gonna cut this up yeah, why, it looks beautiful like this Oh what. Color is this. Purple. Okay. We got to get the, kid. Scissors out okay I'm gonna start making these mummy, hot dogs for the girls for dinner tonight they look super easy to make I just preheated, the oven to 375. Degrees and. Then, this is everything that you're gonna need so obviously some hot dogs some crescent rolls some. Sliced. Cheese, and, then I, got these candy, eyeballs from, Target. What was. She following you in there Chloe, come here. Billy's, trying to go potty but Chloe, is like obsessed with following everyone into the bathroom aren't, you did. You get one of the girls socks. That's. Yours yeah. Okay. Go potty. I. Wanna. Dance with you. Okay. So I took one, of these crescent. Rolls and I, formed, it together to make a rectangle, so instead of peeling it apart into triangles. You, just form it together, to. Make one. Long rectangle, and then I'll cut it into strips, to make the mummy part. Fine. Semi. Wheels in motion. I'm. Going crazy.

Okay. That was super easy it took me like two seconds to make these and now I'm gonna put them in the oven at 375. Degrees for. Like 15, minutes it says and then, I'll put the cheese right there where I left a little bit of space for the eyes after. This. Is done cooking, and. I think we're gonna do. Broccoli. And watermelon. As a side, with, the mummy hot dogs, that's, all good you guys. Broccoli. And watermelon. Okay. I wanted to give you guys an update on this yogurt it's absolutely, disgusting. It, tastes like pure, pumpkin. Puree, it's not good at all I just put the cheese on for the eyes and now I'm gonna stick these back in the oven for like two, minutes maybe, even less and. Let the cheese melt so I can put the eyeballs on. You. Wanna see. Yet. See here. Oh. You. Think I thank, my mummy, yeah, wait. Till I put the eyes on and then we'll look more like a mummy. All, change, want. You, I wanna. Kiss you before, the, Sun. You. Guys ready yeah. Yeah. Okay, ready. Open. Your eyes. What, do you think. What. Do you think Shane what's, the black stuff. That's. The eyeball. There, candy eyeballs. Did. You eat the eyeball off already. Failure. To Z. Doesn't gone, oh. You, know it's, just for fine honey, want. Me to cut it up so you guys can eat it you guys want some ketchup. I'm. Kind of mad I didn't make myself one these look really good. With. The, phone like. How'd. It go out into the bright night. I'm. Going to pick it up and take off I, use. Your fork humming all right use your fork. That. Snowflakes. Little, cool. But. I just don't want to get the blacklist no I'm. Gonna. Go see what Khloe's doing. Properly. Digging holes. Chloe. Oh yeah, you bar are. You doing I. Don't. Think she did. She's. Being a good pup. I. Think. That's been there yeah that one's been there honey. That. One, let's. See how many hole she's dug one one. Two. Three. Yep. There's one over there four. And. Then I think, there's one, back. There against the fence and I pretty, sure I just walked through a spiderweb okay. Okay. Okay. Okay, oh. Gosh. I. Just. Walked through a spiderweb, the girls are outside playing right now wow, I clean. Up dinner. Grayson's. Hanging out with me right here. Rison. Have been waking, up like right when bath time starts, so I brought his little rocker. Thing up here so you can hang out with us while, I give the girls a bath, beginning. Our day. Okay. I thought, you would want to look at us so. She's. Out like me I'm, gonna eat you I'm, gonna eat you. Munch. Egg time to get your PJs on. Come. On baby. I heard. You want to leave this place but we grow apart there's so times put, it, all behind. You. Would. Always find, somewhere, it's fine Bieber.

Cake So we could see. The water crime, livers. Kanaka on your car. Okay. I just put the girls to bed and in case you were wondering on what Chloe was doing. She's. So weird as sweeper Adam, just said that he had dreams. Last night he just got home by the way in a multiple. Choice question, I was. So. Stressed, out like. Ten. Minutes before doing here anyway yeah. He. Was so stressed out last night about these what, three. Tests, that you had and you've, got a them on don't say that what, you, did, you. Got a 97, or two for the one I. Already. Told the long but you've got a 97, on your exam which, is probably like your worst score. Would, you start a school I. Don't. Know why you get so stressed out I knew you it's stressful. Yeah. But you do so well what if I don't do well yeah, but. You always do, well. You stress out for no reason I stress out so that I do well I work well under pressure right. Stress. Stress to, the max got, a dream, in ABCDE, of geez. Didn't. Sleep at all just, set, there rolling around and, ABC. Everywhere, every time I close my eyes there's multiple. Choice every, word cuz that's the last thing I looked at before I'll just sleep and, then. You. Know, woke. Up ten. Minutes before no. Shower no teeth, brushed, I guess, dude I, don't, even think I changed my underwear. Typical. Of rivers. Gonna crap on you. It's gonna cry. Called, god. Never started cry.

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Love the vlog! I've been watching since your first video and can I just say that you've transformed my life. I'm a mommy of 2 beautiful girls and I deal with severe depression which is exacerbated by financial issues, family stress, etc., but your videos give me so much inspiration to be the best mom I can be. If it wasnt for your videos I know I'd be spiraling again. I just wanted to thank you,+Tara Henderson for sharing your story and being so brutally honest with us ❤

@Ashley Wicker thank you ❤ this has easily been the hardest year of my life. I almost lost myself entirely. I found solace in Tara's videos, the consistency and happiness she exudes made me want to do and be better. I love knowing I'm not the only struggling mama, so thank you Ashley ❤

Evelyn Raley Keep looking forward. I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety since childhood, it hit me like a ton of bricks after have my first daughter. I suffered from terrible postpartum depression. It didn’t help I was only 18. I didn’t know how or if I would ever be myself again. I am here to tell you that it gets better. Reach out for help wherever you can. Never forget to take time for yourself. I can not tell you how much self car makes a difference. Even if it’s just a bubble bath after putting the girls to bed. You are in my thoughts and prayers! Tara is so right, we are all in this together. Just know you are enough. Sending much love

Evelyn Raley praying for you and yours.

@Tara Henderson Thank you ❤ ❤ ❤ I pray for neverending happiness and success for you and your beautiful family.

Evelyn Raley wow this almost brought me to tears. THIS is why I do what I do- to help motivate and inspire moms just like you and I. We’re all in this together. It gives me so much fulfillment knowing that I’ve made an impact during some of the hardest times in your life. I promise to never stop making videos for women like you. Keep your head up mama.

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Ständig hat sie haufenweise Plastiktüten für ihre Einkäufe.Ich verstehe nicht,weshalb sie sich nicht für's Klima interessiert obwohl sie es sich sicher leisten könnte.Fair Trade statt Fast Fashion wäre auch besser,wo sie doch so oft neue Kleidung kauft.Schließlich werden ihre Kinder das ausbaden müssen.Leider ist mein Englisch nicht gut genug um sie persönlich anzuschreiben.

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Starry Bogdo yes whenever we leave the house she goes in her crate. She is still a puppy (4.5 months old) most people crate train their puppies until they are trustworthy enough to let roam the house when no one is home. When we do the bath time routine and everyone is upstairs; same thing- she’s in her crate for all of 20 min or so until Adam and I come back downstairs.

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الله خالقني الجلب اللي عدكم ولا هالعيشة استغفر الله يا ربي. ناس هايصة وناس لايصة

We switched from Zantac to Prevacid and man it’s been a game changer.

I’m a little late I have been behind on watching vlogs n I don’t even know if u will see this but I had to comment on those snap’d cheese it’s I also am so hook on them it’s not funny I have to buy 2 bags when ever I get them I love them soooooo much n so does my family!! I also buy those yogurt covered raisins for my hubby’s lunch see we have a lot in common at least with food!!! I also love ur taste in decorating for sure!!! Just thought I would share that with u! Thanks for sharing love u guys so much!! Greyson is so precious he looks exactly like Baylee!! See u next time xxoo

Chloe is digging holes because she is a high-energy breed that needs a lot of exercise. Consider hiring a dog walker if you guys are unable to give her at least a daily walk - labs are so crazy high-energy. She won't slow down till she's at least three so it's good to get a plan in place now.

شكراا احبك

Your house is beautiful and we add and the kids are loved and god bless them I am from Iraq and my name is Hisham and thank you and i will have a nice flotilla

Just love your family :)

Arabic plise à love you

Shay going up the stairs with her little diaper and what is it about 2 yr olds turning 3 and there baby fat on there legs slowly disappearing that is so so saddening!!! Shay is so tall but looks like such a LO still:)

Too many ads on this one...

But Shay puts a sticker on Grays head i love her

Your house is so clean.all thing so managed.

Thanks for traduction in Arabic

Grayson is so cute

Omg it’s crazy how I’m munching on those curvy cheez it

My best friend's son has the same thing and they switched him over to Prilosec. He's doing great! Ask your doctor

ماعندي ترجمها ايش اسوي

اهلا تارا الجميلة كيف حالك بالنسبة لغسيل الملابس الأفضل هو الغسل اليومي حيث لايستغرق اكثر من عشر دقائق أفعل ذلك يومياً عندما ينام الصغار

Love watching your videos, Tara, just a bit of advice though, I really think Chloe needs a bigger cage now, she looks so small for it :) x

Love you. Me. Happy. Ah ah

Love your all videos fabulous

Great video!!!

Hi everyone, welcome to my channel.

TMolefe I’m obsessed with my dog

Tara Henderson Awesome! Glad to hear that! I have a lab mix at home that needs so much attention and exercise we considered rehoming her when my son was born. We ended up not having to rehome her thankfully. I didn’t mean to sound snotty I just always look out for fellow lab owners because they can be a challenging breed at times ❤️

AlyssaJaneVolta we do walk her and take her out on outings with us all the time!

Hi tara handerson... Hope u r fine .. As i watch ur vlogs... U r so many lucky to have a dreamy life...stay blessed dear... I

Greyson gives me major baby fever

Pantry goals

Whenever your kids start having friends over, you are going to the house that has all the gooood snacks!

Coucou tara ça fait un moment que je n est pas regarder tes vlogs et Greyson à grandi trop trop mignon

Lovely vlog ♥️

U reading a book to all three of them was so precious

The puppy is sooo cute!

Lowes or home depot have goo gone

ليش ماعندي ترجمة

أنالااوجيداللغه الانجليزيه ولكني معجبه بكل ماتنشريه


Uēgfrsi hfro

جميل جدا


Greyson is Adam’s mini! Wow lol

Omg Adam. You think you didn’t change your underwear

Lol mix match Sox I thing Lol Tara

Update for me, we tried the mummy hot dogs and my kids loved them!!

Nice vlog.. ur kids r so lovely.. n ur videos r so motivational. Is Grayson still on breastfeed only.. or did u start any substitute... all the luv from q8

You got me hooked on the cheezit snaps ughhhhh they are sooo good ❤️

Do u Americans not hang your washing out on the line x

شكرا على الترجمه اني من العراق واحب بتج الكبيره⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩ هيه تاره من يا دوله من امريكا

ماهو نظامك الغذائي؟ لقد خسرتي الكثير من الوزن

Not sure if someone has already said this, but baby oil works the same way as goo-gone!!

Where is the art supplies organizer from? With the girls’ markers, colored pencils etc

seus filhos são parecidos com o pai

Just a thought, but do you realize how much more expensive your fruit is when you buy it already sliced? I used to buy the pre-sliced packages, but then I just couldn’t justify paying $3.99 for a very small bowl of watermelon, when I can buy the whole watermelon for the same price, if not cheaper. It really does add up. It’ll cut your grocery bill in half if you buy whole fruits.

زوج أحلى منج وأزغر


والله الثلاجة تشهي تكفي لشهر كامل

عسوله ياتارا وبناتك قمورين

What job are u working? Tara

Rubbing alcohol will take it off too!

اني عربيه

عاشت ايدك احلى قناة

Ilove you sow match tara

هل زوجك طالب جامعي

حتى مشترياتهم غير عن العرب

Hey Evelyn dont worry everything will be fine.... I am married but not a mom because I cant conceive due to my health issues. I am suffering from AVN...I cant tell how I feel but let me tell you one thing be positive. There is so many people out there who is in worse condition. You can do it just be strong and positive. Hey Tara! Thank you so so much for motivating me and changing my life drastically. Since I have started watching your video, it has motivated me so much. How you can do it all this? Hats off to you.. You are so polite and amazing I cant explain in my words, you have taught me so much.. Love you thank you.❤❤

Love you Tara. You are the most amazing person I have see on YouTube. You guys are the best.

Grayson is so big he was small when the girl went to there first day of school baylee is so big and shay is so cute

Same I which you video all the way throw from you first baby

YOUR SOLO DITL VLOGS ARE THE BEST. the ones i have always waited for xxoo

If you are doing the mummy crescent rolls, you should also try doing cheese crescent rolls! We make them a lot. You get string cheese, and cut them in half roll and roll a half up in the crescent roll and bake like normal! They come out so gooey and good

I wish I was your kid

Is your puppy a Labrador

You have a lot money not like US

You are amazing❤️

You are hardworking lady,do you have a job?

U are so clean U'r so organisation u are a realy perfect mom i hope to you and your familly all the save and peace

Muito lindo este bebê beijos

إنتي أم راعه وكلش مرتبه

So much processed food!


Hi, tara

والله شاطره عود هاي اجنبيه وحتى ماعدها خدامه واحنى عرك على شغل بالبيت

Greyson is handsome! Good baby don't cry when you are busy good luck

الخبز ما يسمعوش بيه

كفاش زعما انت ماشي عربية ودايرة عنوان بالعربية عارفة العرب حليقية خاصهم غا فين يحلوا فمهم ذكية برافو عليك الإنسان خاصو يغير طريقة التفكير

You are a great mom

How come the apple slices don’t turn brown?

I love your little family

أسرة سعيدة

أنا حبيتك كتير وأنا بحضر كل شي بتنزلي


I love you Tara your a special mom l always like all the videos l watch live you

Evelyn Raley your a good mom, i feel it. Im 18 actually and my mom through the same things, she is my idol. Getting through all the hard things in the past... im really sure that your childs will think same as me

والله حلوه حياتكم اتمنه تتكون حياتي هيج

عائلة جميلة ❤

Hi Tara. I love how organised you are

Chimicale si dulciurii apoi ne intrebăm de ce se înbolnăvesc copiii.Găteste mîncare sănatoasă

Dai copîilor doar chimicale

Invață fetele să.fie mai ordonate

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