Solo Hill Top Bush Camp & Deer Recce Overnighter | May 2018

Solo Hill Top Bush Camp & Deer Recce Overnighter | May 2018

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Got a beautiful chair viewers 17. For my it's. What, days it's Thursday today it's. 1325. We, had a bit of rain during the week guys not a lot a little bit but, it's enough to stop the cornflakes on the foot up in the hills so, we're gonna head out in the Hills head back over the hills towards. Tommy wait, I've. Been Norfolk and we're. Gonna have a look around for, some fellow or samba. I'm, just gonna go up and Ricky this new area that I was put on to buy we. All may Robbie Alexander. Robbins. On the fishing I'll put a link up above below to. The side wherever. Here's. A good mode he's actually visiting, today I was. Hoping to catch up but maybe I can show you later in the week my boat but, anyway so we're. Gonna hit up find, a good camp I've brought. Very minimal gear just, my hunting gear and. Carry. Out bags and stuff and, we're. Expecting one, to five mill around tonight, so. I've brought up I've. Got a little basher but if it gets windy and bad I've got my. Vietnam. Australian. Defense Force cargo. Parachute, we're, talking for up in the trees if it gets real out, my. Cars in town with the missus we're getting the wheels rotated, around so, I'm, actually driving a French frightened, old, Mecca, another, Vietnam vet actually, the guy got the parachute, cargo. Cargo. Parachute from in the first place. And. He's. Actually up in Townsville. At the moment receiving, he's. Gone. For the fire. Support base by the coral. 50. Years ago. It's. Their, half-century. Celebration, up there so the boys up there Mecca, Brian. Mac another, different Mac and all the boys from first Battalion are er well. Done boys they, took a long time fifties for you to get it boys but well-deserved, citation, for, the for the battalion and the, RAF, boys as well they're involved, in the artillery guys you know all of you congratulations, did. A great job well. Overdue well. Overdue. Yeah, listen you ever be I'll ever be for you tonight and I'm. Sure well I know you are Mac oh you have plenty of beers from me up there yesterday brother, enjoy. The dinner. Today at the. Barrack and. Yeah. Pray out of it but. Anyway we're sling it on on turning around guys give you an idea what we're looking at just. Beautiful. So, there's interesting to test out they all tried. He's. A good wagon I'll give you the chip shells and got as much cuffed and go as. My. There's. My forge arrow it's. Not an injection see so, takes. A bit of getting, up, there but anyway which, is a nice rig easy to load and, there's. A crack and don't hear the to. Get. Out that off. Alright. Boys. Better watch the rides so I'll bring you back when we're up there. Scout. Some sites. Like. Berry bushes and a lot of Bracken around really, really dense think. About deer guys it's, like any large game or humans, for that matter they'll. Take the road less traveled, but it is a road they don't like firing through, dense. Bush and getting ripped to pieces by. Thistles. And thorns just, like we don't do Schumann's so, they'll always try and find the easiest way through and so far, it's been pretty dense pretty, dense bush this, area over here.

Directly. In this position, is. Where me. And Maxie boy normally hunt I know these hills very well so. Basically what I've done is I've just come over the top here down. From that's Piniella this way and. I've come all the way over the hills here just the last two hours just it's getting in little campsites, and having to look around and just get, the feel for this side of the bush. Go. For a week yeah. Scatter, Oh. Guys. This is us Moss, with a flat land. Gaali head, gali, head down. Gali. Head down. Dulli. Head down. My. Family rough here. Me. And. Paul. Think. Maxie was here, drop. One Sam, on the other side of this skully head here and like, to walk him from the top of the hill all the way over sat. Down on a log half way through. The. Bloody toga came out under me legs it. Was about this time of year as well we thought it was too. Cold for snakes but no they're up there. But. Anyway we shot a lot of deer in this area before so, it's, all good I know it like the back of my hand so good. This. This plantation. At the top of this hill is not in use at the moment they've. Given it a lot. Felling. Felling. The other side of the mountain so the. Other side of the hill so this track should be relatively, quiet it's something give the other hunters and myself. Maxie. Boy back. To where we normally go Belle did. A lot of Reiki in today and. Really. Some really awesome tracks up there but, I. Think. It's better if we do it because I'm by myself it's new it's a new area I think, it'd be better if I did it with Maxie, boy and. We're going to I radios, in the ePub and the GPS and all that I've. Got the GPS. No. Point in having a two-way radio you got no one else to talk to, so. No guys I'm. Selling the I, set. Up and caught here. I'll. Give me a better across here just, just. In case she decides P, down and then. What I'll do is I'll pack the car around, give. Me a bit of shelter and. That's, it so in the morning I will take. Off through there, and. Work my way down. If. I don't see any sign there I'll backtrack. Depending. On what way the winds blowing guys. But. Yes all good. All. Good Sun. Will be rising. And, you can see that's the Sun there it's gonna be setting in, the West in about two, hours. Bit. Of forward down there. You. Know I saw. It make me fire down there won't be a big one, but. Anyway let's. Get set up. Camps. All set up. No. Soul not even a cockatoo. Didn't. Even need a five-block, on this one, just. Some old old. Twigs and a bit of gum, tree leaves. And, my bag. Go. To retie system power cord air sort that out I was. At the bottom on a bogan. Simple. Bashes setup that's. The Vietnam ADF. Basher. The. Real deal rigid ditch. Beds. Will set up I've been inside it she's nice and stable nice and flat. And. A bit of luck we'll get this one to five mil of rain which, will calm, down all the. Broken. Bracken and leaves and twigs on the foot because she's bloody noisier than either. Hey. Guys let's lost 35. 40 minutes just pissing around getting stuff set up putting, time for beer. For. Beer. We. Got for dinner tonight we've got two types. You. Got pork pork. Chops and, on. The side of that we're gonna have pork. Chops. Jumbo. Jumbo. Coming. Radio gifted to me by old mate Mecca, this. Is got a.m. on which my Sony doesn't have my son you do be. Which. Is pretty cool. No. Sq today guys nothing like that all of my beer my six-pack and, my. Food, everything, and breakfast before than here oh. Good. Drinking, first stubby holder got. To be D p.m. of course that's, the would point pub awesome. Pop him Vic you, get to go there just past Jamison Carrington. Pub with point pub all good pubs go and visit. In. The wintertime I think we play something like 40 bucks a night oh, yeah. Joy, ice cold. Oh. :. Guns doesn't go guy so all. The tools are away till the morning I've only got a six packs which will do me. Fine. And. It's amazing you know every, time we've been up here many, many times me and Maxie boy and Bob myself and. Some. Of the other boys. Even. Have the fire on at night you can have you, can have tunes on at night and still shoot a D and the next day that's, madness.

Names, Just a bit like at the draw. Yeah. Last time we were up here. Maxin. We're at the top of the hill with mrs. moose Maxie, boy and me this is last winter and. Max. You've all got a bit carried away with the Rolling Stones and started ripping off I put, a loop that video above actually is pretty funny not and. Nitz. Waffling on the dixie. Homage. To homage. To the the dutch paris anyway. Guys on morphine let's take it. Just. To you guys just to you Mecca and the boys cluster talian congratulations. On your gong once again. That's. So good. So. Good. Who. I'm, going down Stover the bush. Just. A quick. Huge. Thank you to old my bridge. Torn. From. Bug out vehicles UK. Northern. Monkey was over, England visiting, family, in his mum I think, two weeks ago three weeks ago and. He. Stopped offered be. Rich she. Was a member of the ship Vikings up there in Yorkshire, wife and. Yeah. He. Sort of said was a beanie and a mug, I've just got the mug with me rich. Be, nice back home but, massive. Thank you might much appreciated, I'll, be drinking me morning brewery out of that and you, know what I might even have a glass of the old red stuff later out of it but, here it is down under, bug. Our vehicles UK awesome. Channel guys link, above, you. All know him anyways he's got a pretty decent sized channel and he's a funny funny bloke which is Bakke by trade and. A, little, Ektron call security, specialist and, just. A real funny bastard. So. Yeah. Boy. Charlie. Jacobi over there. From. Film sports Britain I've got my hat charlie, you've. Got the, follow field-sports, you know about the shares if you're a shareholder which I am looking. To regards if you want to invest your money into something that you're passionate about and into, a company that you're passionate about that protect. The rights of hunters fishermen. Bushmen. Over. In the UK he does help me much here in Australia, but, there's a twist for that because. About. Three, years ago three and a half years ago I saw the potential of field-sports. The. Channel was growing think it was 100, hundred, thousand there and he's gone up and up and up and I.

Bought, All the domains and the. Rights to field-sports, Australia. And. And. Promptly, contacted, Charlie and said listen mate I've got this secured, so. That's no none so you can get a hold of it and try and affiliate themselves with you, so it's. Coming like it's something as you guys know I'm passionate about the bush I'm passionate about the, bush in this country in this great great country of Australia I'm. Passionate about the bush back in England but, in the UK Scotland. Wales Island. It's. All over the world Canada, Australia Rhodesia. Sorry. Old habits Zimbabwe. South Africa. Yeah. I think, I think these rights are really really important, and that's, why book chairs kill, sports Britain and, yeah you get a hat pin in what you buy you get whatever but it's. A good investment I think it's a sound investment and it's going up and up and up got to go over and, see Charlie at field-sports Britain and who. Knows what the future brings you know. Hopefully. One day here we can build a big Lobby that just. Backs up the fishers and shooters party over here and make, sure we keep our rights as a. Country. Folk and more city folk this respect, respect, this great land putting. My Charlie got me hat mate and. If I if I slot a deer in the morning I'll be wearing this when I take the pickers might sip. In my morning fruit out, of. Rich's. Awesome, mug. This. Over, in the bush, you. Can just see the Sun go down over the rise. I. Know. Exactly how far that is that's uh that's. 22 K. That's. The rise it's just before banana. There's. A candy. Big. A where are you mate. You, got a such, a up up in Queensland and come down and come for a visit mate, I'm. Actually reckons he's, gonna put you up at his house and provide you homemade. Brew and there's many lamb, steaks as you can eat. The. Lunatic wizard. Hi. Boys and girls. I'll. Bring you back if I think of anything else - bollocks. About a, buck. On the music up here in northern big country. I'm with you. That's. Not true he's got a little bit of rock as well. Solution. Is Robbie Alexander, then you got heavy rock. Dropping. Down to one degree tonight, guys might, get below zero but well. Get. On big jobs Oh. What's. The T tonight. Punch. At. The. Scene why are you cooking on the fire mousse with, all those beautiful coals. I'm. Saying. Come. To balls. What. Are guys there's me there's, my teeth glasses, are red, red. Chest. Here. Hmm. That's, absolutely, cheap crap. Really, crackle. Awesome. What, I got, chopped. I'm chopped that's, two in the bush. Circle. Around the store heading back to the car it's. Some. 30, now. And half of you know. Still. Really bad under food. You, never know you might come across something. Through. The. The, rig in the back of the car down it down get a coffee ed han. Min-koo. Tricky though probably. Maybe. Two three weeks out Maxie boy we. Can come back up night, about. The - cornflakes. The. Only thing I've seen this morning was a wallaby pushed up by those two shots about. An hour ago. Welcome. Back to the track now. Down. The track. Back. To the camp. But. This is the first rookie, stalk. Of, the season. Doesn't. Matter if you don't see what, it's. Good to be back. And mental no don't set your alarm for zero. Zero. Five forty five because. I couldn't. See anything until. About quarter to seven pitch, black. First, time back in the hillside, is. What is. Chances. Are with watching one on the track walking back down to the car. So. Many times we've been in been, out here stalking, mooching, around, getting. The car driving. Back to town, and. You see one trotting along on the road. We. Call that the bingo. That. Means they've won a week we lost its, bingo for them, keep. Up get them next time. Anyway. It's. Really cold I'm sweaty because I've been walking up a hill. 3006. Danis chamber. I hate. The tractor head back to. The car. Boss. Last. Night. Put. My first coat back in I. Went. Down here this morning. How. To set up there and basically, I was.

Down In this gully hit here well. That's what I'll just go up there and, over the other side and. Into this down here, then. Walk back up and, then down. Many. Times have sat on the other side of this gully. Head and. Yeah. Seen a bit of quite. A bit of movement and shot one over here boss. Time northern monkey was here he walked in over the next time we're job just done and, you. Had a go at a fellow. So. Anyway, it's. Raining. It's. Five off the nine. So. Great, thing about a canopy I suppose I'll just. Matar. Player obviously my. Brush is wet and. My. Cotton swags dry the. Great thing about a canopy is you just throw the whole thing in the fact about wrapping it up, get. It home don't, even have to take the pillows or anything out just throw the whole thing in the back when. You get home drag it out and dry it out. Anyway. Guys I want to pack up the bottles, get. The stuff away and. Head. Into town I'm not hungry at, all I heard. Those pork chops quite late so, we're. Quite late about 8:30 9 o'clock so. It's like I was in bed about 10:00 I. Bet. Anyway. She's. Held up all right. Yeah. Sorry. Guys just a. Night out in the bush, thanks. For watching leave. A comment get, out the selves, let me know how your seasons growing Tony. I know you're having a really good season although, late but you're having a really good start to the season down in, New Zealand. Yeah. Let me know how you guys are going. Hildog. Up. In the Alpine, country he's doing really well, you. Just some fantastic, stalks, still. Really crunchy, and noisy underfoot here I think. It just needs a really good soaking and we. Should be alright where are my guys that's me I'm done thanks for watching leave a comment, give. Us a thumbs up thumbs down whatever, and. Yeah. That's. It.

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Its about time the Diggers and RAAF got there medals and more importantly recognition for Balmoral / Coral battle. Proud of youz. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy to be Australian. Thanks.

Morning CBBL, i could not agree more mate. Bloody shocking how long it has taken. 50 years. Unreal. Any how, the boys received their citation ribbon, green with a lime green border and star for those there on day one (macca and my mates all were) a miniature of the same and then a nice Battle of Coral coin in a purple ADF case with a cross on it. General Sir Peter Cosgrove issued the citation and gongs on Wednesday at 1 RAR B in Townsville. Good times. Cheers Moose.

Very nice!!!!

Any time pal enjoy. Ay the shit Vikings got too shit so it fell apart hahahha. Stay safe mate.

lol that's a shame mate, as a half Finn i was going to start the Aussie chapter, lol.Thanks again mate, i'm drinking a brew out of it now. Cheers Moose.

Nice Vlog Moosey! NORTHERNMONKEYDOWNUNDER missed that Fallow due to falling on his a$se Lol and it will be a good season when it gets underway ATB, NM:)

Done! ATB, NM.

Morning brother, yep, agreed. i think missing the rut due to no rain will be a positive in the long run. Keen as a beaver to get back up there brother. Let's get up there after the rains set in mate. Cheers Moose.

G'day mate, same ol story Moose, recognition for services rendered in a war zone is either late or never received, it's all wrong mate. Lovely spot for a camp and a bit of hunt, cheers for taking us on a yomp of the Oz bush, good to see you out, atb mate

G'day Paul. Too bloody right mate, sodding liberty as always. I am watching what the sodding Gov are doing to our NI boys and it shits me. All i can do is sign the petitions and donate funds to assist. If i was in Blighty i would march my boys on Whitehall and really give them something to think about. If that does not work, then the gates of Buck Palace as our allegiance is to HM after all. Bloody outrage mate. Stay Frosty brother, hard times we are in. Cheers Moose.

Looks like great stalking country shame you didn’t see any deer but still great to get out and about I’m off in a couple weeks for me first stalk of the season not sure were I’m heading as yet got a couple places in mind but will just play it by ear at this stage

Will do for sure moose best of luck with you season as well hopefully we can both share some great pics of some good deer

G'day Duane, yep mate, just great to get back up there. Too early for us as of yet, need a good amount of rain to soften up those hills. I think it will be a good season though. Looking forward to it. Cheers mate and keep me posted on your season. Cheers Moose.

Hi there Moose, We have been out trout fishing past 4 days, hard going but we got a few trout landed, yes we are still doing well as far as the hunting goes, thanks for a great trip, you take care till we see you next my brother, regards, Tony.

Be great to see you this side of the Tasman sea mate.

Morning Tony. Great to hear you are doing well mate, awesome. Ill get over and see you guys one day. Just having a career change at present and sorting life and hunting season out here. Look forward to seeing your next adventure. Cheers mate. ATB Moose.

Hay Moose ! Great outing with ya. Meal & Drinks enjoyed ! Maybe next time out the Cross-Hairs will find their mark Eh ?             Be Well, Friend !                       ATB  Ter  God Bless

Good Morning Terry. It's the nature of the beast this early in the season mate, we are roughly 5 weeks behind in annual rain fall so i expect the cold snap and rain to hit the ranges in the next two week, at present it is just cornflakes. Hey ho, them's the breaks i guess. Thanks for watching mate. ATB Moose

Nice spot I've been getting my property set up for deer season

Awesome Ruth. Please keep me posted on your season and how you go on numbers. Always interested to learn. ATB Moose.


MFJ, cheers mucker, good times out in the bush. ATB Moose.

Congratulations to the Diggers of 1 RAR and 1 ATF for their long-coming citation/recognition for their actions in Vietnam! I had the honor and privilege to learn from an Austrailian Staff Sergeant, he was an absolute professional and legend instructor on the MOUT Team of the US Army Infantry School, when I went through the Infantry Officer Basic Course in the mid '80's. Thanks for your efforts in protecting the rights of hunters. As a lifelong hunter, hunter education instructor and financial supporter hunting, fishing and field sports it is encouraging to see others doing the same to provide these activities for the future. Thanks for taking us along on the hunt/scout.

Awesome comment Gordon. That is pure gold. You are most welcome and i really appreciate the feedback. The boys received their citation from the Governor General, Major General Sir Peter Cosgrove on Wednesday. Lovely looking gong i must say. Cheers to ya mate. All the best Moose.

Cool video

MOOSEDOWNUNDER thanks lol be safe have good hunts!

Cheers JH. Just a recce mate, few weeks off yet but ill make sure to bring you back when it's time to really hit the hills. ATB Moose.

We should be so proud of our Vietnam vets, i know i am. Many Australians let them down when they came home. Well done to the Coral boys on your citation. BTW im having pork with pork

Well said BWA. Pork on pork is gooooooood!. ATB Moose.

Nice vid moose, luv your stuff! Last few days ive been hunting it's like stepping on cornflakes. Cheers bro. Nice too get out of the house anyway.

G'day Craig mate. Same here hey. I am hoping we get our normal downfall pretty soon, already Fallow rut is over so it's back to stalking them as and where we can. Ill keep you all posted as we go over winter. Let me know if you get on to them Craig. Have a good one. Cheers Moose.

Great Video

G'day William. You see the Red Bellied Black Snake grows to a large size and it's bite to humans can be fatal but more often than not you will be ok if you get help in the first few hours, where as the Tiger, if large enough will kill you pretty quickly and in known to strike hard and fast on multiple attempts. Seeing that it is illegal to kill snakes in Aussie i can see her point. Better the devil you know. lol. Cheers Moose.

Hey Moose years ago I chatted with a lady on line who lives in Australia...I was asking her about the snakes...if I understood her correctly and remember correctly there was a red bellied black snake living under her house that she and her husband lived in ...I asked can it hurt you if it bites you she said yes...I said why do you let it live there...she said because it keeps the tiger snakes ran off...she said the red bellied black one will only bite you if you step on it. Does that sound correct or do I have my wires crossed ?

Morning William. Thanks mate. Just great to be out in the bush amongst it i reckon. More to come. ATB Moose.

Nice camp you had there Moose.I think I will stick to getting my meat from the local butcher rather than stumble through bracken ect looking for the elusive deer.Sitting around the campfire with a bottle of "rotgut" hot plate over the fire with sizzling chops sausages and kebabs is my idea of pure bliss.Next morning get her going again for some bacon and eggs for brekky.Thats my perfect camp,but each to their own as we all like to do things a little different.I have gone long past the basha and swag days mate,now its a cosy quick set up tent with a camp stretcher inside as we have to keep the chill off the old bones.ATB matey and keep on camping …..cheers

G'day mate, i could not agree with you more pal. Nice fire, few beers and a feed on the hot plate is 80% of my normal state of play in the bush but hunting is different. I need a good clear nights sleep and a early push up into the hills. Not so much about he deer itself but the drive to get it done. I skipped breaky in camp this time as it was pissing down and i was not hungry to be honest lol, never been a tent lover mate, not sure why. As i get older i reckon this will change of course. Let's watch this space. Cheers mate. ATB Moose.

So far this year you gone to some really good places and haven't caught a fish now you go to a beautiful spot right for the picking and no dear moose what are we going to do with you Dr Dave have to come and have a talk with you and teach you the ways of fishing in the ways of hunting you've lost your touch laugh out loud

lol, thanks for the supporting words as always Dave. Don't worry about the deer, i always get my freezer full by end of winter, lol. As for the fish, well that's another matter. Just need the rain mate, too loud at present hey. Cheers Moose.

They call him Moose because he makes as much noise as a moose walking through the forest....

It seems we have the same parents.

lol, people in glass houses should not throw stones my Nordic amigo. :-) just need the rain bro and all will be happy days. More to come. Cheers Moose.

We got 3 fallow on the weekend and seen another 20

Bloody awesome work Brett. Nice job mate. I am guessing it's a lot wetter where you are, bloody cornflakes up here at the moment. Plenty around in the paddocks if i want to spot light but i prefer to get up after them. Keep me posted on your winter amigo. Cheers Moose.

Good try Moose well done.

Morning mate, just a recce, i had a feeling it would be noisy as hell under foot but rain was forecasted so i thought i'd get out. Ill do the same this week and see how we go. Cheers amigo. ATB Moose

Looks fun

No better place to me matey. Thanks for watching. ATB Moose.

Great work Moose. Thanks for the plug. That camp site looked great, nice and open.

Morning Robbie old mate. The camp spot is ideal as i have two gully heads to walk from the very early dawn. Trouble was sound under foot mate. That will mellow over time, just need some rain ad we should be good to go. Cheer mate. ATB Moose.

Time to head back to the hills and do a pre winter season recce for Fallow and Sambar deer sign. Very loud under foot still but good fun and nice setup under the stars. Enjoy!.

Thanks for watching mate, appreciate the feedback. Cheers Moose.

very nice and clear day moose when you travel about.. did I hear you say berries bushes...?? Thank you for sharing like #24..Ohhhhhh nice fire and music and very dark.

Morning Sandra, we have a problem with blackberry bushes in the hills, stop the deer and stalker access to chase them, just one of the issues we have to face as hunters. lol. Cheers Moose.

Good day Moose haven't caught up for a while brother, a new granddaughter has kept me occupied for a while and house renovations as well, so there is something about hunting on your own mate, I prefer it myself always have your thoughts are your own and you don't have to share them with anyone else if you know what I mean, Kudus to the Vietnam vets your mates with, thanks for your service to this great country fellas, Moose old mate where was your blaze orange brother would hate to see you mistaken for a moose that had shed its antlers and was fair game mate, thanks for sharing your thoughts on solo hunting mate and stay safe out there my friend.

G'day buddy, i was wondering where you had got too. Congrats on the new member of the family thats magic. I will confess i forgot my bloody orange hat, i cant find it now actually so ill go to town and get another one. I was spewing in the morning. Yep, hunting alone is pretty awesome, the time up the hills, be it 2 to 6 hours just alone with your thoughts is just as good as the hunt itself i reckon. Any way mate, good to see you back and have fun with the wee one. Magic. Cheers Moose.

Sorry but any claim to be ex forces on youtube needs to be verified. There are so many wankers claiming all sorts of shit on social Media. just give a number, a few links to social media sites where they know you. And you SAS guys still start of somewhere.

Morning buddy. Firstly, you are right there are a lot of Walters out there, secondly, i have never claimed to be SAS or SASR, i served in the British Army Int Corp and SRR with the regular Army for 14 years. I am still in the TA and fly over yearly to serve my allotted time. As for verification, lol, we are all Mili apart from Monkey. ADF, retired and serving, SF, regular's and reserves. Since 2010 i have been a PMC in Africa and the Gulf, check earlier videos if you are interested, outside of that, head to Shepparton and give me a buzz, i will be happy to take you to RSL Service member's group where i am on the Committee and we can even grab a beer at Somme barracks. Hope that helps bud. Cheers Moose. p.s. i see this comment was written at 2am mate, few beers?. lol :-)

Whats your history bud. basic training first regiment, first battalion.

British Army, Int Corp, i worked in two different battalions over 14 years and did a stint with SRR.

Respect bud

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