Some of the best hiking in Europe! The E3 & E4 Trails in Bulgaria - A Walk Across Europe 8

Some of the best hiking in Europe!   The E3 & E4 Trails in Bulgaria - A Walk Across Europe 8

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Hi. My. Name's Ashley and in, 2018. I went for a walk at. 2,500. Mile walk across, Eastern, Europe from, the wild woodlands of Hungary to the warm waters, of the Mediterranean this, is my adventure. So. Far I'd walked across both Hungary, and Romania and, Bulgaria, would, be next, Miami, on during route will visit free epic mountain, ranges the, first road walk will take me from the banks of the Danube to, the foot of Balkan Mountains the, III footpath, and Bulgarian, comma Meany trail would, eventually bring me to the capital city of Sofia, where, I would turn south, rejoining. The e4 trail over Sofia is very young peak but OSHA through. The literal tourist, trail and monastery, of the rila mountains and. Finally, to the giant, alpine, peaks and knife-edged, Ridge of, the Paran. I'd. Spent days and days walking. Along busy roads in Hungary and Romania and, in. Over eight days of road walking lay, between me and the Balkan Mountains. While. There were sometimes nice, views from the roadside I was, becoming more and more tired at the long distances, on hard ground being. Baked alive by the sizzling, heat and. Having to dodge fast, every truck tour all day. A. Great. Citadel in the center, of the zeeco Tarnovo, was, once the capital of the second Bulgarian Empire a, medieval. Stage which included, parts of present-day Romania. Serbia, and, Greece. Finally. On a trail again. Been. On road since I left of rakesh in, Romania, it's probably like two or three weeks of road walking. Going, up this hill comp. Going. Up to Shipka. Pass now. And, here is the geographic. Center, of Bulgaria. Oh. The. Balkan mountain stretch, across almost the entire width of bulgaria and as. A result their passes have been important, battlefields, and war sports on the Balkan Peninsula. The. Arch of freedom, stands as memorial, to the Bulgarians, and Russians who died here who open. The Second World War on the Russian Turkish, war. It's. My last day on the e3 and, Kham, Kham and any unique trail and I'm back below. The tree line in. A great few days up, on the ridge but now got. Seven. Miles to this pass and a, long. Road walk and Sophia. I've. Got some amazing mountains, to come after that. Sophia. Was an important, Roman and Byzantine city. And the, ruins of this ancient metropolis can, be found around every street corner I. Like. That in Sofia you could find a 1950. Stalinist. Structure, wrapped, around a church built in the 4th century among, the ruins of an even older city. Soon. It was time to leave Sophia behind, and head for Vitosha. The. 2290. Meter peak on the edge of the city. I was. Now back on the e4 footpaths, having, taken my own route through Romania and northern Bulgaria. Sophia. Stars. In confetti. Us. We're headed next the real amount enemies, and. Their. Seven, lakes. Which. Had a really scary encounter and, has. Passing, some shepherds. Huts I guess, and there was some. Cows out there and the next thing I need three, dogs came at me and, one of them is black thing I was, like proper kinda going for me teeth bared and the. Bite in the end of me polled usually, there's someone around you can call the dogs off but doesn't. Seem like there's anyone there and they just let the dogs run where he wants. So. I. Don't. Know this is the only trail, up to where I need to go into the river so.

I Don't know I'm walking, back. Down this truck you, know. Because. I'm a massive wimp I spent another day walking on roads to reach betrayal, from a different direction. Not. Completely sure how to move forward wrapped. Up in the fear of losing everything and having nothing short time on this earth like. That we live will, be more than john breath taken, from the depths where we present for each step but will be elsewhere will, be to last in our minds to witness our own lies. Pieces. Of our hearts. These. Days drift away where's. My method. Phaedra, be, still, that the silence, breakers, train, deeply from life don't be afraid of. These. Days drift away you know where's, the man that does before they fade yeah be still I like the Silas, breakers. Don't, fear love. Change how, many of us wet had a job you hate how many of us wish that, we had more time to create I'm gonna rather be awake they're forced us today ourselves. Because we fear if we don't will suffocate from the pain and the egg that lets us know that we've strayed, ourselves. In our creation, by the way we, waste time, money and energy like, every, day while this moment slip away no people see. I throw myself that. If I ever got this point I would sell my possessions, so that I could avoid this Thomas trap yeah. That was really like seven. Really likes. Yeah. And. Don't. Think I've seen so many people before. Be. Still I decide this breakers, drain DB from life don't be afraid, don't. Let these, days just away you know grandpa, Mather death before they fade yeah be, still let the stylus breakers, don't, fear. Marilla. Monastery, is another tourist hotspot, in, the day you won't be able to move for all the people but if you spend the night here the, crowds will leave and you'll, get the peace the. Quiet and the, building, to yourself. Of, course, a downside, to spending the night in Rila monastery, it's. The 1,000. Meter climb back up onto the mountain ridge. This. Is where I stay last night. Scary. Lake. What. It's. About. 2400. Meters. I could. Be wrong but I think that big. Peak right, ahead is moussala. With. Jim is. Just shy, of 3,000. Meters. And. And. It's. Not. Just the highest peak in Bulgaria, that it's be the, highest peak on the, entire Balkan Peninsula. So. It's. Not on my route though which is a shame that. Maybe. We're back here one day too to, do it. Yeah. And to send them down now to the, Prix. De las and. Of. Like 1500, meters of descent in 10 miles to do. The. Fidel pass separates, marilla, range from, the, pier in range and. They've. Got lovely view of them right now Piron, they. Just look back a wall of rock, yeah. Forward, to that love their love the river beautiful. All. Right so it's, seven. O'clock in the moon which, is quite early for me you jump really. Lazy to go hence why, there's, not many shots of sunrise, in these videos I'm. On my way, climbing, up to Concetta. But, Jesus I can, really, awesome, night for a judge, about. 2800. Meters. What, I became. The girls. Leaving. The. Lung debris. Bitch. He. Finally, succeed. To, spare you name. Don't. Forget the time where, you survey like this but. It's out of my way. And. Decided. To live, for, winking through my wife the, bow arm of a goodbye, is. Not enough. It's. Uh. To, feel weird. Feel. Weird. Serving. Space. Place. Where evil. Call. Me back where I can. Serving. Space. Ever. Knew, this.

Big Monster, in front of me is a variant. And it's the second, highest mountain. In Bulgaria. Like. Two. Thousand, nine, hundred and something meters. And. The little looks like a patch of snow just below it, that's. Actually the the. Most southern, glacier. In your. Small. Glacier, but. Smart. What, I became. Spillman. Butterfly. I. Think. If. If you're a hiker. Especially. A European, hiker and Bulgaria. Isn't, on your list of hiking destinations. Then. I think it really should be because. You. Know. It's the third the, third Bulgarian, mountain range I've been through the Piron and. Wow. All. Three, ranges it has been incredible. Ah. We. Just. Come down from this, it's. Kind of a little. Like. A chip in the ridgeline and I. Came through there that was mountain. Pass. And. Now I'm in this amazing Valley, it's gorgeous. Quite. A few cows around but. I'm. Really lovable the area especially the period mountains beautiful. I. Descended. Out the Piron into the Melnick Sun pyramids, a mind-boggling. Area, which reminded, me of all Super Mario games. In. Melnik I met with a friend for a couple of days my. Plan was to use roads to warp to Thessaloniki, but. I found out it was more of a motorway way. Too dangerous, for walking, on. My. Five weeks and the Bulgarian mountains. Had made me love to walk again and the, four of spending another four days on hard ground with, heavy trucks, roaring, past and the sizzling, heat baking, me alive was, exhausting. Of course. By taking the bus my walk across Europe, would no longer be unbroken, but. That was a price I was willing to pay. But. As I crossed the border into Greece I had, no idea the hardest, weeks were just ahead and. That this wouldn't be my only journey, by bus but. I'll tell you about that in the next episode. You.

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