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Somewhere Street - Ayutthaya, Thailand

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Oh. The. Blue sky lush. Green landscape and. A, river. I am. Definitely, in the tropics, I. Am. In ayuthaya a city, that flourished as the royal capital of Thailand from the mid 14th, century, for about 400, years the. Ruins of the splendor that. Are collectively, designated. As a UNESCO World, Heritage the. City. Is about two hours by train from Bangkok ah. Pointed, red roofs a temple. Perhaps. I. Finally. Arrived in the city and. There are a lot of tourists, from overseas. Okay. Time. To start walking. Good. Morning, oh. Thank. You. The. Weather is so nice. Hmm. The, seats are in the back. What. A cute little car. Good, morning Bob. I, guess. These are taxis. Let, me check the map. The. Historic, section of Ayutthaya is an island with a circumference, of about 12, kilometers, that, is bordered, by rivers, and right. Now I'm here. First. I'll take a boat across the river and head, for the group of historic, remains near City Hall. Mmm. Are those rental motorcycles. Good. Morning a. Great. Smile. That's, why Thailand, is known as the Land of Smiles. What's. The time it's. 9:00 in the morning ah, there's. The river and. Right across it is the historic, section of the city. People. Getting off the boat, it. Must have just arrived, good. Timing. Good. Morning. I imagine. That many different, kinds of vessels must've, traveled along this river during its glory, days. Yeah, I climb aboard. Ah a. Young priest it. Seems that many time ales enter the priesthood at least once in their lives good. Morning. The. Pilot, is a woman. Good. Morning how long to get to the other side. Two. To three minutes how's, the river this morning. That's, good. Whoa. It's. Already. Full. Well, we're moving on. Board, our city residents, foreign tourists and priests, in training, it. Seems as it all of itea is packed into this small boat. He's, piloting. Like a bus driver very. Cool. This, feels nice. The. River is about a hundred meters wide we'll. Get across in no time. She's, steering the prow of the boat towards, the pier. We've. Landed. I, can. Hear the sounds, of the bustling city. So, this is the old section, of Ayodhya. I don't, see any tall buildings. But there sure are a lot of cars. Here's. My chance to cross the street. Here's. A row of stores, maybe. It's a marketplace I. Think. I'll take a look. On. My right is a fruit, shop Oh apples. Do. Apples grow in the tropics of Thailand. Hmm. And. Here's some fish, deep-fried, seems, to be popular. Everything. Is here, from food to, household, supplies. Was. That man just praying. It's. Bad a Buddha, up ahead for, some kind of deity.

And. What's. Over here. Wow, a lot, of numbers, lottery. Tickets perhaps a. Mixture. Of the sacred, and profane. A teapot. That's, about two and a half US, dollars that, seems a bit expensive. This, man is serious. He's, looking, for his favorite, numbers. He. Doesn't really have a choice, good. Morning. Did, you buy your tickets. Do. You buy lottery tickets often. I. Guess. You like them what, numbers did you choose, when. You go meet the high. What. Are the popular numbers. Cornell. Or didn't lay off call me your former king, uh-huh. Gotten, some. Poker. In. The Buddhist calendar I see. That. Sold it I did and, what's. One three, what's, a wonderful, the. Day he died ah. So. You're former King brings you luck. Open, for day but I don't look like. Martita. I, understand. Thank. You very much. The former, king was beloved, by his people. Even. After his death he, lives on in their hearts and dreams. That. Building with the stately red roof is a you tuyas City Hall a marketplace. In the City Hall this, must be the center of the city oh. Good. Morning. The. Sun is stronger, now it's. Really, hot a, lot. Of greenery here is, this, a park. She's. Watering, the plants. Hello. Sorry, to disturb your work is. This a public park. Car. May. I come in for a look. Thank. You. So. This is a garden, center. Excuse. Me. Lots, here from, small plants, to large trees. It's. Nice, to be in the shade. Do. The residents of IU taya like gardening. Taha. Put, a table, top topic of my ha. I got Milan. I'm, gonna topple the mic I'm a loon I see. Shade, trees. There. Are lots of different types of trees here which are the most popular. Tim. Thank. You Heidi. So there are some. Cows and, out. Lulu Tanya ah. This. Is a can cows swim. Under. Vironment, of hair de Lomo Duncan. Cow. I see. Yes. The branches, spread horizontally and. The, leaves are large. It's. Perfect, as a shade tree. Good. Talk that's a mean one. The. Meter to. God, who. Taught by AHA mataman, moo milk, Wow, bye, bye, Maya I'm gonna make one phone, call a one-on-one level. Monica. She's. Right. Police. Do look like, beckoning, hands. Londo. Me in a hostel nine o'clock, Jelani. Hands. Open to accept money. Thank. You. Thank. You see, you. People. Here seek luck from tree leaves and entrust their hopes to their former king a lot. Of dreams are in the air in a Utah. Seeing. The historic, ruins along, the river creates, the feeling of timelessness. Hello. I'm paying the, University student, and I new tire I'll, be showing you I you tires tourist, spots and, introduce, you to the history of the city that, was the capital of, a new tire kingdom from, the middle of the 14th, century to the 18th century. Please. Look over there. Those. Are replicas, of the foreign trade boats that came here during that time. Vessels. From all over the world crowded, the river. When. The Age of Exploration came. In the 15th century the, iitai Kingdom utilized his topographical. Advantage of. Being surrounded by rivers to, flourish of the trade hub connecting, Europe, with Asia. Here's. One of the world heritage sites. It's. A top tourist attraction, in are you tired. It's. What pricey some pet, it. Was built as a guardian temple for the royal family in the mid 15th, century, the. Three stupas, symbolize IU taya, three. Kings are buried here. A stupa. Is built primarily for enshrining, the relics of Buddha, the. Kings of Ayodhya, thus deified, themselves, to wield absolute authority. The. Next site will see is blocked out maha, top, this. Temple, houses a Buddha that foreshadows. The kingdom's. Later. Course. The, long years have entangled, the Buddha's head in tree roots. The, IOT, a kingdom, eventually, faced difficult, times. Feuds. Occurred repeatedly for. The royal throne and this, led to an invasion by the neighboring, dynasty, of man Mar in the 18th, century. The. City was completely, destroyed, and. In 1767. The. Iitai, a kingdom, 400, years of rain came, to an end. Well. How did you like it, the. City of iut is packed with history you. Can tour many of the sites in one day we. Welcome you and, invite you to visit us bye.

Bob. There's. A monument, over there across the street. Let. Me look at the map. I started. At the train station across. The river toward. The marketplace, talked, to a gardener, and now. I'm here, oh the. Monument, is called wat wat somber honor. It's. A world heritage site. Let's. See what the guidebook says. This. Temple, was built in the 15th century by the 8th King it. Was dedicated to his two brothers who lost their lives in a feud for the right to the throne a UT. As glory days can be felt in its basement where, many relics made of gold have been found. Oh, on. The right is a residence, or is, it a store. People. Live right next to historic, monuments. It's. Noon. Roosters. It's. Noon why, are they growing now and. Why, are they in cages, in the, middle of the street Oh. What. Is that man doing. Hello. Your. Roosters, are pretty lively why. Are there so many of them. Gamecocks. I see. Why. Do you put them out on the street. Look. I'm. A new man, body fat. And. What. Are you doing with this one, so. Now I'm a total Pig no I'll stop that no up Valon on. My. See. He's. Shivering is, that. Alright. Enjoying. It but. When he goes out in the Sun won't he get hot. Well. Done that the woman, may. Now are. Either. Way is fine for, it, it's. Cockfighting popular, in IU taya. Ha. Little. Guy that um I ate, company. Allah. Mmm. It's, an entertainment, with a long history then. After. Getting wet it's time for some bathing. Lose. Your body fat and become a good fighter okay. Thank. You for your time. Don't. Need your, lady idol in half, thank you. The. Legacy of the kingdom is not only in the monuments you. Can find it in the alleyways, as well. The. Sky, is so, blue. What, are those people holding. Chickens. Or, fighting. They. Have flowers around, their necks. Excuse. Me. Hello. What. Are you carrying, there. That's. What I thought, what, are they for. Offerings. May, I tag along with you. Thank. You. Offering. Ornamental, roosters, what's. This about, are. They for someone's grave. That's. Structure, up ahead looks like some ruin a. Ruin. Of some sort a shrine. Where. Is this family going. This, place is amazing. Look. At all those roosters at various sizes, facing, this way they. Look very formidable, with their chests, puffed out they're. Fighting roosters, ah. The. Offerings, are to that figure sitting in the back, is he. A deity. They. Offer up the roosters and pray. Oh. This. Little boy too. Can. You Douglas oh. They. Took their shoes off shoes. Have. To be taken off to go up this. Must be a sacred place. It, seems like you're finished. What.

Did You pray for. When. You call young huh. Little. Table in her work. And health I guess. That's what we all usually pray for, may. I ask why. Do you offer up roosters. Haunt. Y'all call our house, hello Sona. Hanim hi hello, God how. I hate Hanwha, panda has home died. So. You came to express your thanks, that. Means this figure surrounded, by all the roosters is king, naresuan. Ty. Haha. Hmm. What. Kind of King was he. Handsome. And conditionally. Oh golly, ain't I yeah holla pour this one home analyse what a hard hand goes up in front human god oh and, he's like but. My. God. Ah they've. Had one down, I was, probably. Anti-porn. Cut that how I died, he. Must have been a great king. Hey. Thanks. For letting me join you. See. You. Time, to check the guidebook. King. Naresuan was. A hero who freed, ayutthaya, from subjugation, by neighboring myanmar, in the 16th century. He. Is known to have been a devotee, of cockfighting, and he is said to have utilized, cockfighting, to predict the outcome of pending. Battles. Fighting, are deeply connected to a Utah's history. What. Else. The. Temple, where Nara Swan was trained in Buddhism, is currently, a favorite, site for people who come to praise his great deeds ah. More. Roosters. Excuse. Me a. Refreshing. Breeze. I've come back to the street. Ah there's. A rooster on top of the blue lamppost, Oh. An. Elephant. That. Surprised, me. It's. Carrying, tourists. I guess, elephants, are allowed to walk the streets like this. Look. Out deftly, he circumvents. The tree keeping, the passengers, clear of the branches, very clever. When. I UTA was the capital, of the kingdom I imagined. Elephants, were a key mode of transportation, not, just for people but, also for cargo. What. Are you doing. Throwing. Garbage beside, the road. Watermelon. Rinds I. Was. Watching you is that okay see. I did. Met do you think yeah huh. What, do you mean. Elephants. Oh. I. Get it its food for the elephants. Ones. Coming right now. Oh. He. Ate it. Look. How skillful, he is with his trunk. But passengers patiently. Wait while he eats. It. Seems that elephants, wag their tails too when they're happy. Oh it's. Digging along a watermelon, Ryder. So. You're a food vendor. Do. You always feed the elephants. Or. Talcott, but, you're. Taking good care of them. Thank. You very much. There's that elephant. Oh. Was. That a gesture, of thanks, to the fruit vendor for, the food. Sawadee, cop my name is gate I was, born and raised in my you taya count, on me to introduce you to some the great tasting, food and, I you try out and, now here, are my best three. The. First dish I want to introduce you to is a noodle, dish made, in the kitchen shaped, like a boat in the old days it really was sold in boats on the river.

By. Third place dish and boat needs the. Rich soup is irresistibly good. The, soup is made by stewing, pork bones with spices like cinnamon, and, star anise for 12 hours. The, noodles can be thinner thick according, to your preference, it's, fun to try different types each time. Lastly. Add sweet, bass this, provides, a refreshing, touch. Hmm. Mix. The noodles well with the soup. Mmm. Okay. Hello. Look. Here this is my next dish, it's a popular, eye you tie a snack. In. Second. Place of roti saimai roti. Means crepe and sideline means, silk thread. First. Sugar, is boiled and then cooled to, make sugar syrup. Then, it is spread out and mixed with a mixture, of wheat flour and oil. This, process, turns the syrup into thin silk like thread strands that are breakable. The, roadie is made from wheat flour dome, the. One here is mixed with pandanus, leaves which adds a refreshing, aroma. The taste when freshly, made is exquisite. Thank. You well. Here I go. The. Thin bread like strands just melted my mouth amazing. There, you go thank. You now. Now. Here's my final choice of entire, physique, in. First place is chargrilled, freshwater, prawn a popular, dish since the days of Ayodhya Kingdom. Freshwater. Prawns hatch in the sea near the mouth of the river they, travel up the river as they grow. By. The time they've traveled a hundred kilometers to Ayodhya, they're, fully grown with. Rich meat as you can see. Cover, and roast for five minutes this, allows moisture to be retained in the meat providing, a chewy texture. The, entrails are left inside now. That really, looks delicious. Dip. It in a blended sauce of garlic coriander and pineapple, and enjoy. Mmm. The. Zesty sauce enhances. The sweetness of the meat when, you come to Ayodhya be sure to try all, these dishes because. They're all really, delicious, well. By now. Mmm. So good. It's. 2, p.m. now the. Wind has died and it's gotten a bit muggy. Time. For the map I, talked. To a man raising. Fighting roosters near, a world heritage room, then. I learned about the brave king NAR Swan and then, I met an elephant, that eats watermelon. Rinds and, now. I'm, right, here. Who's, that scary-looking man, holding, a hair clipper it's. Like a horror, movie poster. It. Must be a barbershop. Look. At all the posters. And, only one seat it's. One-on-one service oh. Hello. I'm. Not a customer. May. I come in Thanks. What's. That large drawing, on your outside, wall. You. Write. A hair clipper in hand. Just. Like the drawing, black. Cap white glasses tattooed. Arms a scary, first impression, but he's quite friendly have. You been in business long. You. Just opened, in recently. What. Were you doing before this. A TV, producer, ah. Then. You're an entertainment, professional. Are, these posters, of your favorite films. Tie. Happen. He. Chopped, on the king ah one. Even been, found, some time to my dick take while at the. Mm-hmm. Why. Did you become a barber. Whatever. How much is a coupon fact I. 100. Me pen. Convenient. At home what. Was I thinking Narnia. When. Put hide atop :. Why. Is that. Oh I like, the pen tool are T sub. I. Keep. Alive Toby. Non-celiac, oh he sang protected.

By. The. Entirety, Cosette. La deploy, if, I'm super ah, that's. Why you became a barber. You, give massages, to. The. Demon back bend without hit our horny thing, I'm. Sure there was something behind his, change of profession, but. I guess he wanted to return to his hometown and, do work that would make everyone feel happy. Thanks. For talking to me. I. Hope. His second career goes well. Well, now if, a barbershop, is here it must mean there are residences. Nearby. There. Are some people over there neighbors. Perhaps. Oh. You're. Feeding a baby giving. Him milk. Mm-hmm. What a cute baby. Good. Day how, old is the baby. Six. Months, boy. Or girl ha. Ha. Ha everyone, answers together may, I ask his name, she not bleedin. Trig. Does. It have a meaning. It. Does sound good Oh doll, ah ah. Mom's. Favorite actor which, one of you is his mother. Working. Then. You're her neighbors. So. Neighbors, take care of each other's babies. Could. Happen. Fontana. Ha ha, so, Martha tell you so I do can later come eager to tell me like a tell earth look and when. Gap in oh yeah. Allah, Almighty can, a lady can you, all grew up together. Little. Turin looks happy. I'm. Sure he'll grow up be cared for by all his neighbors. Thank. You for your time. By train. Families. And neighbors all growing up together hmm. That's, so nice. It's. Time for a refreshing, side trip my. Destination, is a karate a village, that's famous for its drum making I heard, there's a bus around here that'll take me there good. Morning. I'm. Looking for the bus to eka right oh. Great. Huh. This. Is a bus, it. Looks more like a truck with a hood over the bed. Thanks, for your help. Anybody. Who, bottom by July. Thank. You. And up I go oh. These. People are all preoccupied, with their smartphones. Excuse. Me please. Off. We go. This. Is a scheduled, route bus. Echo. Rock is 30 kilometers, northwest of ru taya I get. Up at the last bus stop and walk about two kilometers, more. I've. Gotten off the bus and walked for about thirty minutes now oh. It. Says drum making village, this, must be it. So. Where, are the drum shops oh. Those. Things lined up in there I think their drums. Wow. Wow. There's so many of them oh, these. Look like Japanese drums. And. The ones over here have. Narrower bodies, oh there. Are all different kinds. What. I hear is that drum making began, here 100, years ago when, drums were made to accompany traditional. Dancing. Though. The population here, is only about 1400, there, are 26, drum making shops oh. Here's. Another drum, shop I hear. The drums here are even being exported to China and, Japan now, I guess, they have a good sound. Oh is. She a shopkeeper here um. Excuse. Me hello. You. Have many different kinds of drums. You, make drums for export too right, sighs. I'll call, me junior right. The, ones over there look familiar. They're, larger papa show me - you can't I'm falling apart, is. That Alright. Thank, you so much. Wow. The. Drums are made in the back of the shop. This. Work area is really huge. She's. A drum maker herself, I see ah. This. Is how the skin is attached. I. Need. Between God and i-94. Right. All the steps are by hand. Um. The. Drum making here is famous all over Thailand, right. Then. Are there skilled drummers here too Oh mija. Don't bite he what a glide path for her to pick on pain at. The temple I'll, go there then she. Gave. Me directions to the temple and, here. It is, it. Looks so magnificent. Sorry, to bother you for a minute, I. Heard. That drums are played here. Drum. Announced the hour. You when it's up and down what they have to do that. May. I go take a look. Great. Thank, you sorry. For the travel. Oh. There. They are, I see, two drums. They. Look a lot like Japanese, drums I. See. They're well used oh. Is. This the man who plays the drums. He's. Got a clock in his hand it's just a few minutes before 11:00. Excuse. Me well, the drums be played at exactly, 11 o'clock oh wow. Well thank you man do I got, no, what and repete, that life without my Oh, to.

The Villagers. Oh it's. 11 o'clock oh. He's. Starting, I. Remember. Hearing that priests, in Thailand, get their meals through collecting, alms. So. The drumming signals indicate, that from now food is going to be received with gratitude. He's. Finished. The. Drumming links the villagers, with the temple I. Hear. More drumming, and. Children's. Voices. They're. Coming from here I. Wonder. If I can enter, excuse. Me. This. Seems to be a primary school. Sorry. To surprise you would. It be okay if I watched. Thank. You. Playing. Drum but. I wonder what this lively parade, is about. Excuse. Me are you rehearsing for, something all I've, been playing the notes on I love God. Ceremonial. Celebrations. Ooh, celebrations. Are for all ages. I. Walked. From the residential, area, to this busy, street oh. Pardon. Me oh, it's. Already four o'clock, let. Me look at the map again I. Visited. A friendly barber, talked. To a group of neighborhood people babysitting. And I, walked, here oh. There's. A river nearby. Boom. A fish. Hanging outside a store is. It a restaurant. Another. Fish, this. Looks like a menu. And look, at all the fish mobiles oh. And. There, are even more inside. This. Doesn't, look like a restaurant. Excuse. Me. May. I ask you something. What, do you sell here. Flattop in mobiles. They're. So fun and colorful, what, are they for. The. Water Mobile's. For babies, ah. So this store specializes. In platypi, and mobiles. Is. There really a flattop in fish. To. Buy let, me buy the peony thing. I. See. And is, this a specialty, craft, of I you tell. Me. Man I left, then. It's a traditional, craft. So. This is where you make them. Excuse. Me for interrupting. Thank, you I'm, very interested to see how you make them. Is that, paper, or. Is it bamboo. Look. How he's weaving it together, he's. So skillful. I. Am. So impressed, it's a fish. What. Material, is that, and. Even went, on without bail and got palm leaves Milan, Melania, he, thought the knife would take it but I bid over. Keep. Her tongue, Casey. When. We came alive in the room belong oh. Thank. You. Depending. Upon a time. So. You use precious. Material, once used for scriptures. Open. Up here near my pen send, a lot of the bullets all laugh I see. Congrat. When a banya, but a mummy banana. Lo. O :. Well. Uh call me me choke me laughs, wanted. Me perfectly when our band megaton, mm-hmm. So. It's a good luck ornament. But. Why is the fish but a peon. My. Food mean I have culture, make bad food how. Are you become the gone and, you can form you. Know, your map at or near my friend way okay. Tall. Out here me Bolivar, dvd-r, my. See. And. You. Are husband, and wife right. Do, you always make plebeian. Together. I'm cool with a long leg up there, for my time Koko metal movie get. Thank. You Love My dear time vinegar. How. Nice I guess. Your clothes this is also blessing, from the plot appeal. Thank, you for your hospitality. Hmm. They even wave together what, a great couple. The Goodluck fish are swimming in the breeze. She, must be on her way back from school. Ah a. Village, glow as evening, falls. And this is a deli, store. Oh yes. I'd. Like to take the last look at the river it. Should be down this way. That, family is probably shopping, for dinner. There's. The river. Authorities, just coming in. There are so many docs around here. The. Passengers, must be on their way back from school or work. Hello. Take care. Who even, room for bicycles. On board. Apps, can be kept repairs. He, must be irregular. Thanks. But I don't need to. Crossing. Back and forth must, be tedious. What's. The fair. That's. About 10 cents us pretty. Cheap oh. Why. Is one passenger, giving money to another. Collecting. The fares and then passing, the money on to the pilot, oh, my. I hope, you all had a good day. Wow. The. Reflection, of the sunlight in the river is so bright. The, ancient, city of Ayutthaya the. Townscape, the, daily life and the people's warm hospitality. Probably. Hasn't changed, that much since it was the capital of a kingdom. It's, getting, dark now I. Guess. I'll go on an evening tour. You.

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