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Somewhere Street - Bayonne, France

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Ah. Look. The. Pyrenees, Mountains. I'm, in French bus country. Located, in southern France. The. Area is inhabited, by the Basque people. One. Of the oldest, ethnic, groups in Europe they. Are known for their rich heritage, and unique, culture. I am on my way to the city of Bayonne, and commercially, flourishing, city in the area I'm. Looking forward to meeting the people here it's so exciting. Good, morning. She's. Very nice-looking. And so, is her companion. That, must, be bayon, oh, look. At those elegant, church, spires. Getting. Our friend, ready to start walking. Good. Morning. I, wasn't. Expecting, any PDA, at this time in the morning. It's. Ten o'clock in the morning, and the sky, is so. Blue. Let. Me pull up my map, here's. The train station, I have, to cross the adora river, to get to the old part of the city the. Neva. River splits the city into the gone beyond, and the PTB oh those. People are studying there now. The church spies. I, guess, I'll head in that direction for. This. The. Old cities across the bridge. There. They are the, spires. Good. Morning. Strong. It's. Perfect, weather for one. Ah, this. Is the 'deal river, the. Motive, except name. What, do they do, ah, they're. Fishing here. Hmm. Good. Morning. Getting. Any bites. The fish can be catching, this river. To. Finish. The, Atlantic, Ocean I see is. That horse not cool. I know, me to fish. Yeah. What good, luck. Fish, swim, up the Adu river, from the atlantic ocean more. Interesting. I've. Crossed, the bridge and I'm, now in the old city. More. Bordered. By the Neve River the, far side is petit Bayonne and this, side is grown Bale. It's. Like this shipping. A. Marketplace, along the river it. Seems to be drawing a good crowd everyone. Is so focused must. Be looking for bargains. Here's, a grocer. And. Here's. A flower shop. Next. To that. Achish. So. How many different, kinds. They. All look so good we. Do. They all taste different. That's. Amazing. Are. They all locally, made dua, which, one's the most popular. What. Bread. Cheese. Gonna, last, devotion see. Cheap. It. Looks delicious. You. Can eat that much in a week. Cheese. With John, Coffey. Totally, the way with Jimmy, John is. That the best. Externally. Okay. Mira sorry. I see. Saltines. Which, I get it I have to try it someday. But. Really. Thank. You bye. Cheese. With Jam I, wonder. If there are other types of cheese that they complement, with Jam oh. It. Looks like they're enjoying a break. This. Market, place is a lot of fun to walk around. So. This is grown, by on, the. Walkways are so broad. And. The building designs are quite distinctive. With that red grid framing. He. Seems to be waiting for someone. Good. Morning. Cheese. Shop I get. It I bet he's waiting for his wife. These. People, would talk tourists. Good. Morning. I. Grounded. People on the street. Today. Please. Tell me more about the Basques. Oh. This. Is the Basque flag doggies, only hot, breath support. Rare. Horizontal. Navaja, basque, people, solid, bass. See. You. Olivia. Pope. A santa, lucia. Na na. We're, actually eating. So. The Basque people who live in Spain and France are united, under this flag. We. Reverse, the census be. De patatas, near, the. Basket, we. Wear a Newman joke deportiva, Oscar, the better shows. Sharing. Food you man. It. Symbolizes. Fire. People. Are coming. Everybody's. Welcome it seems. Ah and. They're the cathedral, spires I'm, almost there. The, buildings, are also red, and green.

Red. Stands, for the Basque people and green stands, for strength the. Buildings. Are close together it, is as though they are supporting. Each other. I need. To check the guidebook, in. Ancient times, Bayern was a Roman, stronghold. On the main highway during. The Middle Ages it developed as a trading port and flourished, with an abundance, of goods and people. The. Cathedral, of Saint Marie an elegant, gothic, structure, was built at that time. The. Twin spires 85. Metres tall rise, over, the city neighborhoods, and can be glimpsed from afar. I, could. See them from very far, away. They. Are so majestic. As they reach toward, the sky. This, alleyway, is getting, narrower and. There are stone arches, on both sides. Oh. No. This. Door is very red. Interesting. Place. The. Store next door is also red. This. One is a. Chocolatier. They, look delicious. This, arcade, goes on for a long, way. Oh. What's. He carrying. Excuse. Me may. I ask you a question what. Is that. Mouki, the shakoora a bank. Gave chocolate flowers, wow. That's. Very chic. Super. Is. It a present. For. Your wife what, a nice thing to do isn't, it the people, I, bet. She'll love it second. Do you support, thank. You for your time thank. You. Are. There a lot of chocolate, ears in beyond oh. Then. They are up, on the wall I. Think. I'll go in. Not, a great idea. Yeah. Excuse. Me. Is. Something about to happen iw. Do my family kidney failure shockula, avid. Meat puppets is a party, uncle. Uncle moans passionately did, man, hey. The, practices. Are they, neighborhood, children's. Some. Of you lose it yeah shakoora. Young. Boys helping, make chocolate. See. This. Very. Doctor relax sugar acid Bangkok homage to the Mets right now is. The jumpers temperature, are you. Sure. She's. A good teacher. Haha, I saw. Yeah. He's. Doing, it too. The. Kids must love doing. This getting, to eat delicious chocolate. While learning. Karate. Don Miyano you don't have a second. Successful Kazmir, the defuser, your version of it huh, since. The early days a. Great. Way to preserve the traditions, and flavor. Duffy. How. Far back does the tradition, go. Yanira, community. Russia Katya how fast do, distance. Say. Tested, on is a Shiva - yah yah. Yah. Shion kiba near d'espagne. The, recommit if gravity chassis, a key. Area of occurred. In. Fact Okakura confidence. - Luke America. Conquers. The. Boy's. Face, I. Bet. They're all chocolate. Fans. And. Here. Is, traditional, Bayon chocolate. It's. A blend of different colors, and shapes uniquely. We. Don't have Jimmy. D shabiha, Colorado. City, multiply, Z ha the. Martian see more Sun sky - oh crap. What. Breaking. It out. It's. Part of the tradition to. This, part. Thank. You for letting me watch. Look. A lots of customers, today. I. Wonder, if those boys will give their wives chocolate. Flower bouquets, when they grow up. They. Were having such a great time. Well. Time. To make my appearance I hope. What I have to say will be understood, by all.

Welcome. To Bayonne, I'm Francoise the promotion, ambassador, for Bayonne ham today. I'll explain why, cured ham is an integral part of this city's history. Our. Basque, ancestors. Began living, in this area during, the time of the Roman, Empire. At these days the, Basque Country straddles. The border of France and, Spain. Beyond. Ham has always, bonded us it, has supported, us and protected. Us it. Is our treasurer. The. Rich flavor that fills your mouth as you chew can, be equated to our rich history. Hmm. This is perfectly, aged. Continuing. For over five hundred fifty-five, years our, annual, Bayonne, ham Fair, is an important, event, people. From all corners of Basque Country come, to socialize, and taste the ham. The. Life of the Basques, is recorded. In the stones of our old churches, the. Production, of ham began, during the 12th century in this region. During. That time the farmers, devised a method for preserving the meat of boars hunted, in the mountains. What. Was it that enabled, the farmers, to discover, this method, of meat preservation. Access. To salt a, special. Kind of salt available. Only in, this region. What. Makes it special. It's source is in the Pyrenees, Mountains, when. They were formed, during prehistoric, times, there, was an uplift, of the ocean floor and sea, water came up and was trapped inside the mountains. The. People, of Bayon which. Is near Bayon made. The discovery. They drew water from 200 meters underground, and, used it for the production, of salt. The. Salt sourced, in the Pyrenees contains. 26. Different minerals, in. Those early days salt, was considered, as precious as jewels and cured, ham was a special, food known only in this region. The. British forces who, were in charge of this region at one time were, the first to take note of this. Later. It is said king louis xi, who led the unification. Of france as, well as King Henry the fourth, served, it during, political, negotiation. Banquets. And. This. Is how the exquisite. Cured ham made by the masks, became, famous throughout, Europe, because. It was exported, from the. It's, going to be known as Bayon Han. Whether. The occasion, is festive, or not, Bayonne. Ham is, always. A part, of our dinner fare all. We needs to smile is cured ham it bonds. Our hearts. It's. Now 1 p.m., there. Are so many people out on the streets. Let. Me check the map. After. I left the train station, I crossed over the long bridge to the marketplace, in, grande on then. I've looked over to the Cathedral, with the spires, walks, along some streets and this is where I am now. Now. How I've come to an intersection let's. See, which, way should I go. It's, from over. There I, think. It. Looks like you're all having fun. And. Is that your wedding dress. Morning. Then. Quite, a colorful morning, you're having. Traditional. Episode. Mr. mafia. Yeah to success key to fear Allah don't ever video show no fear. Don't. I see sometimes. Can only be done when you're single. The. Shop woman is chiming in, does. The whole town participate. In this. Is. It the tradition. 70. Thank you. I. See. A. Farewell. To the single life before, diving into married, life no, going back. No. We get water with us up I wish, you happiness. Sharing. Their delight with, everyone. Bayon. Is a great town a. Lot. Of these places are empty. Ah this. One has a sign a. Picture. Of a chair, and. What's the other one. Ah a. Sewing, machine it. Looks old I wonder. If this is a tailor, shop. What's. That sound where, is it coming from. That's. A strange-looking, sign. A. Broken. Stick. Ah. I. See. An instrument. Store and someone's. Playing something, in the back. Excuse. Me may. I ask a question. Sorry. To interrupt you but I heard some music. Was. It coming from that instrument. A. Contrabass. Bow. Then. The stick on the sign is a bow. The. Bow on the sign is broken what, does that mean. No. You, will repair, instruments. That's. Why the bow is broken. I. Get. It wobbly, these. Objects, a bow. Craftsman. Goodie, touch it. Marcelino. Double-click, on for us yeah. I see, you know if I like the they'll, be a HIPAA electronic. So. You each have your specialty, and will, work here repairing, old instruments. Danke. Prigioni. Vehicle. Now I'm, ji ki, functional. Preview remember. Keep ask. They. Treat water voila. You give new life to old instruments. What a fabulous job. You. Know during, whole, see. See. That typically, the, mid said song. Cat. With an officer, already don't kill a. 1788. Review you. Know in an average a vulnerable. Use of horses don't, you you, don't have you dishes that, violin, has experienced. A lot. Poverty. Depth you know clay about you me and fool, them for, having bad fascinating. Come. Yard what's wrong. So. It will have life for 300. More years like. The Basque people. Please. Don't come Gregor, is up today who, don t care isn't she just Asuka, shut up your mobile, be, careful, tap.

Video. Found it so, there used to be a lot of craftsmen. In the empty shops on the street and. The. Three of you got together to preserve the tradition, of the street. C-calm, please continue equal. Well-built. Impossible. Tasks. Accattone saw a pillar, key. So keep others and scream out oh yeah. Indeed. Yes. Thank, you very much. Good. Bye. In. This rapidly, changing world, those craftsmen. Are working, together in the spirit of preserving. A tradition, that's. So, nice to see. Okay. Here, we go. Hello. Everyone. We're. The Paoli women's rugby team, we're. The French second, league champions, a way to enjoy hot training, is to, eat delicious food. What. Are we having first, there's. No question, about it. This. Is our third-place, selection. Bayonne. Burger. All. The, best Basque food czar sandwiched. We. Use our own special, buns the. Cross is created, using sesame, seeds and Bayonne. Ham goes, in between the buns it's. Topped with Ruby cheese it's. A treasure, chest for sure. These. Are for you our town stars. I'm. Ready to eat. They. Really, fill you up I, could. Eat one more. But. Why, next. Is something that requires good, manners, you, know what I'm talking about, let. Us proceed in our best manners style let's, go, don't stop wait, for us here. In. Second, place is a bayon specialty. Chocolate. And the soul it's. A chocolate drink topped exquisitely. With fluffy, cacao mousse. Delightful. The, taste is so smooth. Excellent. Don't. Be rude. This. Is too good, now. Let's, decide what should be in first place I know what it should be it. Has to be that one no question, I can't. Wait. You. Girls come here every day. Proudly. In first place is gateau, Basque the. Appearance is quite plain but the taste is amazing, it's. A traditional, cake we've had in this region, since the 17th, century. Your. Compliments. Make us work even, harder great, I'll, do my best, first. We make the dough adding. Almonds. Roll, it out nice and thick volume. Is the key here next. Goes, the custard, cream. Use. Plenty, of it that's our specialty. Cover. It with dough and bake, it okay. It's going into the oven it. Needs to be nicely, browned and crispy. Bacon. I, put, a lot of my love in this. Here. You go girls enjoy. What. About me here. This, is for you thank. You this size is perfect for me, here. I go. Crispy. And creamy. It's. Now 4 p.m. the sky is so, blue and the Sun is still so bright. Let's. See let, me check my map I wandered. The streets of. Grom Bay on and, then found the craftsman, Street where the instrument, repair shop is and now I'm here, at, the edge, just. Outside the old city is a residential, area I think I'll head over there. Is. That the old city gate, you. Must have an interesting, history. I. Imagine. That during the old days people passed, through here on horses, clip-clopping. Along. The. Arches so tall, bayon. Seems to have been a prominent, city in its day. This. Bridge takes, us out of the city so. Quiet, with, all the tall trees, and. No. Traffic, on the streets, so. The children can, play on, the streets. Let's. Be a dead end. She's. Calling them is. It time to eat. Oh. Table. Outside under. The trees slaw. With. Birds singing. Overhead. Family. Dinner outside. But. A great way to enjoy life oh. Pardon. Me, for disturbing your dinner. No. I see, aperitif, time a. Bit. Of sharing, I see you. May. Want. To intrude but ah. Thank. You so much. Aperitif. In the morning, and in the afternoon, ah the. Spirit of sharing. Giddy. You new please. Excuse, my impromptu, visit. Including. Bayonne ham I, bet very, poor Tina oh. These. Are the usual appetizers. Pitkin. My. Family it is fine you know. Upon, the town. Did. You move here from Spain. Did. You work in here. Kelly. TV, of it on. The Tea Party. City Stadium, for affair. Is it used for, good. I felt. Like you to to TT la partida mom caught. On a union. City. Prefer I like, on visa to share or it is not fall upon the person put. Only the other sweets or portion bill this time. Did. Everyone move here from a different City, mushy. I own a machine. Here. Indian ship. But we found a female, ratio. Vanilla, pecan song of among up to realistic. You. Left, may, I ask, what, made you come back here. Let's. Go summer monkey, yourself. Along ah. Love. Her life in beyond, similar. Function. Deep in understood, you know, what's. Your name. Jessica. Please. Scott Meister. What. Does it mean Oh. Oh great, name. Then. How, do you think a daily in Basque. On. This cassette agreement, ah a, goon. Another. One then how.

Do You say it's good in Basque. Oh. It's. Totally different. Do. You plan to stay in beyond. To. The beyond, it. Is if a yellow. Your. Daughter has become a native, of Bayon. Thanks. For letting me join you. There. Must be a great place to live, the. People who seem so open, and friendly I. Guess. That little girl will grow up here and learn the basque ways. And. Now. For a change of pace I'm, going to take a Mountain Railway on a side trip to the Pyrenees Mountains, oh. I'm. Right on time for the bus do, it I guess. I'll get on. Hello. Well. It's pretty full. Let's. See, my destination, is Loveland, one, of the mountains, in the Pyrenees. The. Border, between France and Spain runs, across the peak, it's. About a two-hour bus, ride from Bayonne. I. Think. I see it is. That Lauren. And, is. It that pointy, part. Now. Where's the train station, here. I. Guess. I'll ask. Hello. Excuse, me. I'm. Looking for the mountain railway station. So. This is the right place thank you. It. Seems the Train isn't here yet I. Hear. The border runs across the peak of the mountain. Vanya. Half and half the MP, on this valley EMP, Alfonzo, the, new, submissive, for 13 years, I'm. Kira. That. Sounds, exciting. Straddling. The border this. Will be a first for me. Here's, the Train. The. Design looks old-fashioned. Oh. Thank. You aren't. You getting off oh thank. You. What. A gracious lady. Right. Here we, go. It's. Nice that there are no glass windows. What, does my guidebook, say. The. Altitude. Of volume is. 905. Meters, a, 35. Minute ride on a 100-year. Old railway, takes, you to the peak are. Those people, they're. Walking right alongside the track, huh. That, man on the right is with his dog that's, dangerous. These. People too wow. What. A spectacular view. Mountains. As far as the eye can see. The. View this way is just as nice, wall, people, are they climbing, huh. Climbing. The mountain. The. Atlantic, Ocean is very blue, I see. A lot of people climbing, I wonder. Why they don't take the train. I guess, they enjoy the exercise No, so be it. Look. Climb already close to the top. Whoa. There's so many people here. All. Right. I've, arrived, at the peak of maroon. Wow, the, city looks so small. Let's. See. This. Side facing, the ocean is Basque Country in France, and the. Other mountainous. Side is Basque, Country, in Spain. Right. That. Town over there is in Spain, with. All the mountains, and valleys and rivers the, Basques, are surrounded, by an incredibly. Rich natural, environment. Then oh yeah. I need to look for the border. Excuse. Me do you know where the border, is. You're. Not sure. The. Border, between France and, Spain. Oh. You, gonna ask for me thank. You. Ha. Loves on this pannier what. Is. This. Stone. What. Up this, is very different from what I had imagined.

Thank. You for your help. How. Am I supposed to straddle the border there's. No sign or anything I. Guess. It doesn't draw much interest nobody's, trying to straddle it or anything it's, a bit of a letdown no, one is interested in the buff bye bye, are they going back already. After coming all the way up here why don't they spend more time here oh. Yeah. I, should check the return train schedule, all. Hello. I want, to ask you about the train schedule, today, there are 10 dollars already keep, you in the bus t the, last train, are, they stuck in the update. Well. Seriously. Then, how do I get down the mountain, Longman. School, whoof FS Sakura I have to walk we're gonna sell this on copy. All. The way down. Do. I go down this path. It's. Really. Rocky. Which. Way. Here's. An arrow. This. Is a bit scary. I'm. So tired. Or. Worse it is quite. A few of them. Wow. Their manes are long and beautiful, and. They're in excellent condition. I'm. So, tired if only had to ride a horse. How. Long am I going to have to walk. I've. Even missed the last horse, down. It's, 7:00 p.m. now the, sky is still, so blue and. The. Sun is still so strong. Get. The map out and. Walk through the old gate of, Grom Bay on water and residential. Area and I've now come to pity, Bay on oh. What's. That honking, sound. Something's. Coming this way. Ah another. Bride-to-be. Congratulations. And. Mourning the end of singlehood. This. Is such a festive. Town. This. Store is painted red as well. What's. That woman doing. She. Seems very focused. This. Is a. Bookstore. Oh. She's. Looking at the books. Excuse. Me. Hello. An. Interesting, response. Did. You find the book you were looking for no. Did, you find a good book. Your. Books. Just. Used a, secondhand. Bookstore. Probably, when you. Early. Just. Firm, in it then. Oh, yeah. These, books are all look old, Oh. Customers. Pardon. Me. Wow. So. Many works. Do. You stock only old books. Task. Is demo, let's kiss yo new Philip asked. Most. Up, ask books when, Tania, Cal come on. Why. Do you have so many bass books.

Millions. Of Kissimmee laundry basket, my lover, i spaniel. Avala. Cantonese. Cantonese. Do. Blocking to see, Josh. On sex or sex therapist to turn to talk hola. Curiosity. Is. A triple slash actual, a shock to a book. Could only live. Among. You three roots, what made you focus, on the Basques. Pasco. Kentucky, led Adam, Kentucky. Later on. Do. You look for your identity in, the best perks. And. Did you find it. We'll. Be back Center worked. The person-centered acai. Is yannick, a lily, lasagna. Donnie, story, P busted to repeated buku. Buku de pasar, they. Embrace, and, intermingle. A genie peshwas alone on the lollipop HIPAA, has non, free scholarly. Material, sapelo, contra posh, I see. What's, the poem about a, super. Emma led in. Sandra's or George Eastman, GDP, Basque Kahala. Can consider, jicama hey hey ad, napalm. To the Pali Basque napalm, to the deliver lizard, bahá'u'lláh, philosophy, on philosophy philosophy on. Page. That's a nice poem. So. You surround, yourself with, the gems that gave you your answer. I. Watch. A dog from Hawaii, Ezra Bosco country capsule that disastrous, jungle Humvee just racy. You. Tend to stay in this city. Thank. You for telling me so much. Please. Take care. That. Red-colored, secondhand, bookstore, must be a treasure, chest for the Basque people they. All looked so happy there. There. Are the spires. Look. At all these people. Is. It after-dinner, drinks, now. Sharing. Good food and, talking over drinks, the. People have bail and honor their treasured, routines. You, can those happy, smiles. The. Town is brimming, over with joy. You.

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The person narrating sounds like she is having an orgasm every time she speaks.

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