Somewhere Street - Haarlem, The Netherlands

Somewhere Street - Haarlem, The Netherlands

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Oh how. Beautiful. The sky is so, blue and the pasture, so green. Are. Those cows or. Horses I. Mean. The Netherlands, on my way to Harlem, a city, with a rich history dating, back to medieval times. It's. Said to be an enchanting, city of canals, and greenery. I'm. Here at, Harlan railway station. There. Sure are a lot of people getting on and off the train. I. Bet. This building, has an interesting history. The. First railway built in the Netherlands, ran between Amsterdam and, Harlem. The. Station is a national, heritage site of the Netherlands. In order to get out of the station it seems I need to go underground. That. Looks like a bicycle shop am i right. It's. Now 8:30, in the morning. The. People coming the other way are probably commuters, on their way to work. Wow. There sure are a lot of bicycles, here oh. It's. A parking, lot for, bikes I wonder. How many are here, 4,000. 10,000. I've. Heard that the Netherlands is a bicycle, country but this is quite amazing. Most. Of them seem to be standard, bikes not, mountain bikes or racing bikes practical. Bikes. And the, entrance is sloped which makes it easy access, for the bikes those. People are really screening, in. Groups. For the young. Finally. Made it outside. This. Part of the city doesn't feel like a downtown, area the. Streets and buildings seem to be color-coordinated. Creating, a calming, effect. Let's. See I'll check the map. Harlem. Is bordered, by rivers, and canals I just. Slipped the station so I'm here. Due. South is the center of the city and the Cathedral, of st. boffo I think. I'll head that way. And. Here's. A canal, how. Fabulous, a. Lot. Of bicycles, are parked here too. Oh the. Street separates. Hmm. Which way is the Cathedral, of st. boffo I think, I'll go this way. Sounds. Like church bells. Certainly. Fits with the atmosphere, of the city. Ah, I. Can see a steeple, I bet it's the Cathedral, of st. bothell. What. A magnificent. Building I'm. Sure it has a remarkable. History let, me check the guidebook. A. Masterpiece. And Gothic architecture, constructed. Between 13, 90 and 1530. The. Pipe organ installed here has been played by Honda Mozart, and Mendelssohn, that's, pretty awesome. And there's, a Plaza right beside, it look. At that little girl standing in the middle she's, so cute. All. The surrounding, buildings look, significant, as well oh. Are. They taking a souvenir photo I wonder, if it's some special occasion, there's, something orange, in front. Good. Morning may, I ask what this orange, thing is a. Vision. From. Myself. On silk madam Harley this is whole year maybe about, Burma Burma may. Be found on the shell eco-marathon in London and darvany, who lives out near it. There's. Only one, seat. The. Chassis, is lightweight, for efficiency. Is. He going to drive it. Did. You design and build the car all by yourselves. What. Powers it. Open. Batteries. A, special. Type, home. Within the, superconductor. 40. Louder. And. Mericanomad. 18. Litre, buzina deep. Into under attack it may turn off left that's, amazing. What. Are you holding. Is it the door it. Looks like it was stuck on with duct tape. Father. Needs, me loose 800 women are hate my boy into Santa, this. Making. A notable thing I see. Thanks. For showing me your eco, car and, keep up the good work. High-school, students, building, eco cars I. Guess. It comes from their concern, for the environment. A. Shopping, area, everyone's, on bicycles, here too come. To think of it bicycles, are also eco-friendly. Wow, there's. So many trees, and bushes along this path. There. Are plants in front of all the buildings, it, looks like a park. Wait. Oh I, thought it was a birdhouse but, it seems to be a bookcase. Is. It some kind of book exchange. I. See. A man relaxing, over there. Good. Morning. You, look very comfortable. Ganesha. Yeah. How, nice and, book. Speaking. Of books why is that bookshelf over there. That. Is for, distract, Austin. A book out ever of medieval, era and set the strain and, the, can. On the book main severe in book Parker and future. Fashion is good. Google, ad funnel pad start. - I have like the inch take the phone yeah look, sure. So. It's a tiny, library. Yeah, yeah. Elekid, aha Lord.

Did. The residents, of this alley plant, all of this. Obviously. Basil. Often tulip and. The. Other duties designer or, developer multi-character. The tulip smell that. Is all collector oh me meatiness dr. Warner and two hundred strata, not. Looking holders you. Just. Like that, yes. It's really nice. Thanks. For your time, sayonara. Oh. The. Pleasure was mine thank you. Good. Morning. This. Is so refreshing. The. Alley continues. For quite a while oh. I. Hear bells again. Good. Morning. Good. Morning. How, are you welcome. Aboard my canal cruise boat my name is your own huffin I'll take you on a tour of the historical, city of Haarlem. The. Canal cruise will whoa watch. Your head. Now. The cruise will take you around the historic city of Haarlem. Did. You know that most of the land here in the northern part of the Netherlands is below sea level. From, here you can see how the inside, of the city is different, from the outside on, your. Left is the old city you can see that the left bank is higher than the right bank the, original. City was built on a hill. That's. Due to the rivers barnum which flows through the city sand. Deposited. By the river created. The hill. This. Topographical. Advantage made, harlem a northern, urban hub of the netherlands during the Middle Ages the. City, prospered due, to the trade brought, by boats navigating, the, river. Though. The river enabled, the city to flourish economically, it. Also proved, to be a constant, threat. To, the east of the city there, was a large body of water called Harlem Lake, this. Lake often flooded eroding, the hill on which Harlem, sat. The. City was in danger of being submerged, in. Order. To prevent this a network. Of canals was constructed, and the water was drained from the lake creating, dry land. Utilizing. Natural wind, windmills. Helped drain the water from the land at, the peak of this project, as many as 10,000. Windmills were operating, across the country. This. Is how it was done. The. Harlem Lake land reclamation project. Was completed about a hundred and seventy years, ago almost, entirely, removing, the threat of flooding. However. The. Struggle with water still continues, to this day. These. Days there, are more than 2,000. Large-scale, pumps, rather than windmills, pumping. Out water from the land. Thank, you for joining me today whenever. You visit Harlem, please take a canal cruise of the city. It's. Now 11:30. Hello. I think, I'll check my map beginning. At the railway station I, walked up to the Cathedral, of st. boffo and then down the path of all the plants, now. I'm on the bank of the river spar, named. There's. Some pretty big boats docked here. That. Lady was in quite a rush I wonder. Where she's headed. Ah. She. Made a turn. She's. Gotten off on the bridge. And. She's. Parking, her bike. Hmm. What's up there a. White. Box. She. Opened it what, is she doing. Ah. She's. Raising, the bridge. It's. A drawbridge. It, keeps going up. Environment. Oh she's I. Wonder. Who she's talking to. Oh. Sailboats. If. The bridge wasn't raised the masts, would have hit it. Now. That the bridge has been lowered, all the people who are waiting can cross it. This. Woman seems busy I hope, she won't mind if I talk with her. Hello. Hello. Would. You spare me a minute yeah. Hello. Is. This bridge drawn at scheduled, times. Nick. May, I'm, learned up to self stacked over a fluke veneer escape artist, Ahmadinejad. You look. Are. You in charge of raising and, lowering the bridge, yourself. Coming to Harlem the. Diva, here the DeLuca and not working to go out to set my own little part alia the fixture. By he'll fill him a beer from the anal smile on there I mean. Imitates a communicati. No provide escape shame and let's, just look yeah we're gonna wear fur. I guess. It's a relief when the boats have gone by. And. Now are you going back to your office. New, night a long, enough but just meet the focal of rosemary burger diner and, the, emoticon pedina for the sheliak city of new Nettie order any plaza you're, really, busy okay. You. Too Thanks. Now. She has to beat those boats to the next bridge no, time to spare. Good. Luck with your work. Ah the. Birch doesn't need to be raised for flatboats like that one. Look, at all the flowers lining. This path the. White and yellow blossoms, look beautiful, against the blue sky. Look. Down there I see. Something, like wings extending. Up toward the sky, oh. Is. That what, the Netherlands, is famous, for a windmill. Oh. Yes. It must be. But. It's right in the middle of a residential, area I thought. I would only see them in the countryside. It, really is quite a high building I'd, say it's about four or five stories.

There's, Someone, on one of the windmill blades I wonder. What he's doing is. That safe. Excuse. Me hello. Hello. May. I ask what you're doing up there. Sale. What. Do you mean sales. Huh. May. I. Which. Way. The, door ah. There. It is. So. I, can, climb up through, here. I'm. Going in then. Stairway. Is steep here. I, go. Sure. This, must be the way out. Whoa, what. A great, view. Wow. These, windmill, blades are really, big. Hello. What. Do you mean by fixing, the sails. He. Kept their self esteem act, both. A profit arcane sell notice, Phaneuf, wind from, the motor to die just. Give yourself Oscar max inoperable de you. Say between of hand high as long as L I. See. The cloth that's put on the blades are called sails just like on a boat. Marker. A, stopper. Ah the. Blades have started, turning wow, this is awesome. What's, the mechanism like, inside, a doodle. Oh my mate oh, thank. You. This. Is exciting. We. Have to go further up here. I go, I. Hear. A creaking, sound oh. It's. Turning. This. Must be the shaft. That. Really, reveals, the power of the wind. What's. The purpose of this mill it. Is I click on this, a molar from, bazookas. On father the pissant. Ad in Harlem coma and, it, is museum over have a pizza for him a super, song Clyde and the mole at the scene Eggman, said of the Molina he. The molar, in. Concept, and. For the final height module that one's life dr. Farr like a machine up, the. Mill keeper, so, there is such a job. Now. In the to do about the color mode and ask for medical my. Father's Molina, and the coach Pharaohs northerner, in the overcoat, man that was Molina. In. A marina, in. My. Booth yeah. In. Your blood. Cape. Moline house pollutant oh I, see. I can see that windmills, are important. To the people of Harlem. We're. The flower girls, the idols, of Harlem, we're going to introduce you to harlem's cuisine. The. First dish is this. Try. It with syrup or powdered sugar the taste will knock you out. It's. Pancake in english but it's more like a crepe even. Girls can keep going forever. The. Standard, Pannekoek starts with bacon. Batter. Is poured over it. Then. Apple, slices are added, surprising. Isn't it. This. Is the best combination, the. Bacon saltiness, and the apple sweetness, make for a perfect harmony of flavor. The, thin dough brims with flavor having. This is sheer euphoria. Now. We'll race through the streets of Harlem toward, our next recommendation. It's. Salted, herring. We. Eat this in the traditional, way. Delicious. At. The start of the season pairing, our offer tour royalty, and they. Love receiving, it. It, was a favorite, of our former Queen Juliana, unknown. Devotee, of our common culture, this. Is our current king willem-alexander, receiving. A barrel full. And. Our. Final dish is truly, special. It's. Cheese, fondue, made, of only Dutch Gouda, cheese the. Flavour is mesmerizing. Gouda. Cheese has a strong, but appealing, flavor. White. Wine is added to the cheese producing. A rich taste and aroma. For. Best results, add wine and stir it slowly without. Bringing the cheese to a boil. The, cheese becomes more flavorful, than if it is eaten straight oh. This. Is irresistible, get, a thick coat of it on the bread. Make. Sure to enjoy the cuisine when you visit Harlem here's, to you from the flower girls. Okay. I cross. The drawbridge met. The windmill keeper and now, I've come to a spot near a canal a bit away from the city center. Whoo kayaking, in the middle of the city. It's, now 3:00 p.m. such. A quiet afternoon. Hmm. This structure between the buildings looks very old, is it, a gate of some kind. The. Sign looks impressive, but it's, in Dutch. I think, I'll go inside. Walking. Between the brick walls is a strange, sort of feeling. Here's. Another date. I wonder. What's behind it, this. Is getting exciting. An. Open space. It's. A garden. Birds. Are singing this. Garden, is beautiful. There. Are people over there. Hello. Is. It all right that I entered the garden yeah. Yes. The, entrance appeared to have some history and the garden is so beautiful so. What. Exactly is this place, it. Isn't hopeful there for. Foul for bogit of a disaster, believe, our. Conscience. What. Is a hobbyist. What, is involved Adamas, what. Disposition wolf you. All. That of the forest. Understand. Also. Face understand, almost, lyric. From darkness, and coats the clothes hot here. In the starts and safe rowdy was the. Animate. Or the. Him. After the book here's. How, she's near. To set for. No. Drifter flower so hated I don't know no drifter, from give, out of they. Do a corner of paintball, of an income stir and, he come to here down universe, boner. So. You live here. Darn, keeper. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What's. The best thing about living in a Xavier.

Yeah. It, looks that that. Lurks is like he annoy. Blame. I don't so you can. Always. Proud. Yes. Praise even. Open. Up item and. And. The. Residents, take care of the garden. They're, to me on the. Cellphone, to see. My. Other dear oppa do ya and it takes all the talk that is fantastic. Yes. It is, it's well-tended. The. Pool is really nice. This. Looks like a very comfortable. Place to live. Thanks. For your time ah. More. Visitors. Anyone. Can come and enjoy the garden freely. There. Barely noticeable, from the street outside. But. There are such nice green, spaces tucked away behind the brick. More. Bicycles. The. Afternoon sunlight, is so soothing, a. Bridge. It's. Another canal boats. Are coming and going. What. A great view. That. One's a motorboat. Oh they're. Waving hi. There are. You having fun on the boat I. Think. They're stopping, for me let's. See if they'll talk with me. Hello. Huh. All, young girls are. You school mates. So, you're a group of old friends, how. Old are you. You're, in middle school then. Who. Owns the boat. He. Bought it together. How. Much was it. Did. You use your own money. Do. You need licenses. For. Decimator. You mop retarded, I'll save you my career. So, when did you buy the boat. Enough. Ah you. Just bought it. How. Do you like it. Everywhere. What. Do you mean. Approval. Passing on the best for young ever more powerful. Philosophy. There. That's, great, I'm. A bit envious oh. It's. Time to go. Thanks. For stopping by. Be. Careful. It's. Time for a refreshing side trip our, destination, is Gouda a city, with a cheese market tradition, that's been around since the Middle Ages, the. Train appears to be very comfortable. Windmills. Are coming into view. Gouda, is one hour by train from Harlem I'm hoping to buy some amazing. Cheese there. Ooh we. Arrived. Aha. A canal, across. This. Canal is the town of Gouda here. Comes the bicycles. This. Must be the cheese market. Look. At all the round discs they, must be Gouda cheese. These. Women seem to be dressed in traditional attire. Oh. I. See, this, is a reproduction, of the old price, bidding, style. Is. The price per kilogram. Such. Small. The. Deal is closed with a handshake, is. This, a scale. Yes. The, old procedure, is being faithfully. Reenacted. Everyone. Here is preserving, the tradition, I. Got. Carried away with bidding, well, since I'm here I'd like to buy some of the amazing cheese only available, here I. Wonder. Where I can find it where's, the cheese. I'm. Going on a quest searching, for fantastic. Gouda cheese. Oh. Geez. Is. This van here to sell cheese. These. Two. What, is he doing, he's, sticking something in the cheese. What's. Going on oh. He. Ate it. Food. -. Okey-doke, ah. What. A deal is done. Look. There. Are so many different, kinds they look like giant macaroons. Is. This a cheese specialty. Store. The. Store is stacked, with cheese. I'm. Sure I can find great tasting cheese here. Is. This the same good at cheese that's being treated at the cheese market. Hey. Hey. Hey. This, is extra Buddha gosh and did. The same for these casters yester. Home. For maximal attachment and I'll melt. Quantizers. So. It's authentic, farm cheese. What. Do you recommend. And. The hammer hiding in my mouth would eat. In. There. Then I'm making a pishy idiot. Specs. It's. Time to make him crew she stays alone and the cart don't be shy she's next. Effect on the cosplay.

Protein. Crystals, have, never even seen these before. See. My family turn your. Smile shows, it, pillow. A. Morale. Booster would, you fell asleep in it. So. You run the store with your husband. How. Does the cheese taste. Please. Introduce me to your wife. The. Shambhala is mine my. Lift all of the throu cars a Samba if new. Fish. Farmer this is all the day there and. You have talked in the cars whole. Picnic. In there's coconut DK she goes to bike guys okay. What. Does cheese mean, to you, yeah. I know this Haley mild doctors hate him out for the even the. Kindest, I may open essence, to the short for your kinky. /. And, you. Have too many vet to start a meal and the stasi huggers Rockefeller from heaven he like a diet. Like she's. It's all. Tied, in root ah. You, grow it with love yeah. Thank, you for your time. Thank. You. They, were such a loving, couple. The, flavor is produced, by protein. Crystals, they said. I've, learned something by coming to Gouda I, can. Hardly wait to brag about this. Cheese. I, forgot, to buy the cheese. It's. Now 5:00 in the evening the. Sun is still high in, the sky the. Potted, plants by the window get great Sun. It's. Like they're on display for passers-by. And the. Windows, are also large. Ah here's. An open gate. Is. That a sign for vegetables, or fruit is this, a grocer. A lot. Of bicycles, are here. Maybe, it's. A park. I, see. Fences. Is. This a farm. Let. Me ask this boy, hello. What, are you doing. It. Better on sciencing, see me ass Oh, from. The motor design, I should know from you around my then. Hometown, scene, yesterday just, the bank now I'm doing. Lamaze. It kept four degrees this, is over for now are. Your parents planting, something to. Humans. Fairy boom fo4 here. Uh-huh. Thank. You. Hmm. So. This is a rental, farm. All. Kinds, of different plants, are being grown in each lot. He's. Singing. Are. You picking fresh vegetables, for your dinner tonight. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, this new vellum base you might. Say young chinese angel thicker softer though. I'm. Sure they taste better when you grown them yourself. Peas. In a pod. And. Did you show a tunic. This is of. Course nothing. You. Stop so exactly, in the front. Hilla. Plums and exactly, sandy do her dosha, pro-slavery, oh sure, mm-hmm. And when he amended a, mouth. Died of an op are no, drawbacks at all then. They. Only take a break together. May. I talk to you for a minute, do. You ever get more than you need. Yeah. And the safe of the vasana. Mentor. The, nito. Nito, collector. Of rooms is gonna go. Yeah I. See. Thank. You all for your time. Thank. You ah. They. Were such a nice farming, group relaxed. And friendly. It's. 8:30, in the evening now, and the Sun still hasn't, gone down. The. Buildings on the other side of the canal look like they're floating oh. I. See people there. Is. It a restaurant, or something I think, I'll go take a look. Hmm. Not, a restaurant. These. Look like regular houses. There's. Someone outside. Good. Evening. Do. You live here. Yeah. Boyet. Nice. Is this your yard. Yep. Ain't down amazing, boat. Houseboats. So, they are floating, on water, you.

Have A lot of potted, plants thank, you, I. See. That many residents here enjoy gardening. Yeah. Make, you about the faith it's a show but emplaced who's. Is. That your husband sitting over there that, this man wins. May. I say hello to him do you like. Good. Evening. How. Long have you lived here. Dia. 10. Years. Your. House floats, on water right, what. Is that like. Sabrina, oh man, uh-huh is it all right oh. Thank. You so much. Then, I'll come in for just a minute. You. Have dogs too. Wow. A really, nice living room this. Is no different from a house on land with a TV and everything ah. But just, outside the window is water I. Guess. If you see this view every day you get used to it. You. Didn't to do it Sam. Don't. Say anything even bolan, don't say never Eve okay a little more a. Terrace. On the water. Enjoying. The Rays of the Setting Sun. The. Sun is still strong. How, is life in Harlem. Now. How should the stop man oh yeah. Oh she bought rapid oops it, kept village donated famous claims held, for the perky m8 and it's not Iman t-shirt. Really. And you've been born again as you, know felt I to peptone, case you don't even even the anacondrai, demands, the same best of him I think. So you do so your booty, of, course. So. You enjoy a relaxed. Lifestyle, here, yeah. Dope huh home. Let's a lot of a home the toilet. That. Sounds nice I. Hope. You both keep well yeah. Thanks. For having me goodbye. Konishi. See. You. That, houseboat, was wonderful, and its. Residents were wonderful, too. It's, still, light outside. It's. Getting late but I'll take another walk by the water. Good. Evening. May. I have a minute. What. Are you doing. Did. They'd super. Sun. Do. You mean stand, up paddleboarding, yeah. When, we took over Dhaka, destroyed, our clash atmospheric, 80 volts and although that's also up she committed more years that's. Nice. Gennosuke. Lamentable, fire to the methylene immensity, commerce remedy, from ad hoc to explain but the Caro fathers do lawyers and, oak states mere supers look at. The. Canals, are great. I'll. Let you go now thank, you. I'd like to try stand-up, paddleboarding, too someday, oh. She's. Going to hit the bridge with her head ah she. Had to duck. There's, still some sunlight left. The, reflection, is so bright on the water, and. The. Resonance here all have bright smiles, too. Harlem, seems to be a city of kind people who share with their neighbors and enjoy. Life as much as they can. Those. Middle school girls who bought their own boat I wonder. What they are planning to go tomorrow. You.

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I love to live in a houseboat. Nice houseboat. Nice people.

What a charming town. They seem to enjoy a good lifestile, at a leisurely pace. Lovely episode.

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