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People. Have always been fascinated by, outer space, curious, about the stars planets and, extraterrestrial. Life the. Centuries space has remained a great mystery, and a, source of outlandish, stories, from green Martians, too deadly meteorites. Slowly. But surely however. Science, is giving us more and more real knowledge, thanks. To satellites space. Flights and moon landings, it's, not science fiction anymore, what. We're doing absolutely will change humanity there, is not, a doubt in my mind entering. Space has become a reality with. All that it entails because. Who, owns, space. Music. Oh is that here Cowboys, cat did I do not Sevilla and our culture also for mark and almost. Lights but your political, victory over K this. Is backlight, welcome to the infinite, universe. Almost. Fifty years ago the, United States was the first country, to send a manned space, mission, to the moon, providing. His own legendary, commentary, Neil Armstrong. Became the first man to set foot on the moon. The. Man likeness and Dusty's. Today. That he up shown desire. Lepak, on the reveal the world law that. Would foresee near inside. Still. For many years, that one small step remained, the only one. But. On November the 25th, this year President. Obama signed, a new law the. U.s. commercial, space, launch competitiveness. Act also. Known as the Space Act. With. This law the next step has finally, been taken with. Far-reaching consequences. From. Now on it will be possible for American, companies to mine, raw materials. In space, the. Ink is still wet but, the space race can finally, begin so. Our company. Is involved, in. Asteroid. Exploration. And utilization so. What does that mean it's, it's, basically. Searching. For and. Capturing. And then. Utilizing, asteroids. For. The, raw materials, of asteroids, because from that raw material that you get from asteroids you can pretty much build, anything you need in space for, human expansion, in space, there's. A confluence. Of of, capability. And knowledge, that has occurred in the past ten, years that. Has moved asteroid. Mining from. Science. Fiction to something, that is very real and very possible, and, so the first one is the, cost of technology we've gotten the price down on these satellites, very, very low but. The other part of the knowledge knowing where these asteroids, are so in the past 20 years, you, know we, now know where hundreds, of thousands, of objects. Are in our solar system and so, the, technology combined. With the knowledge makes. This something, that we can actually do now. Thanks. To technological, developments. Space, travel, is increasingly, becoming cheaper and safer but. How do you prevent outer space, from becoming the new Wild, West with, the Cowboys paying no heed to, laws and regulations. This. Is France Vonda dunk the sheriff, of outer space. He. Is one of the few people on earth specialized. In space law. And. Do. You know off the top of your head where I'm going where our meeting is it's, this base, arbitration. Lost. In space is the name of the session. The. Rest of the world still, seems unaware, of the space act, France. Vonda Duke takes, us along on his journey around the world he, gets invited everywhere. To explain, what this new law entails. With. Him we go back in time two months, to. The moment when the Space Act was announced, in America, and. Finally. Our third speaker is. Professor, dr.. Franz von der Donck he. Holds, the. Harvey. And Susan pearlman alumni, and automotive space law at Lincoln, University in, Nebraska, he. Not only brings an academic, perspective but. Has his own business in space law consulting. Black holes Franz has also been advisor to national governments intergovernmental. Organizations. Relating. To space law and he's published hundreds, of works on space law but the one that I particularly, noticed, was, a list of the top 40, songs about space. So. If you don't have any questions at the end we'll be guessing what song was, number one on that list. So. Friends, we'll be speaking about the potential. For. Conflicts, arising in some new developments, in the u.s. on to this Space Act.

From. A perspective, of, a professor we should realize, that originally. Outer space was all about States it was just as, a matter of fact about a few, states over the last decades, we see many more states becoming involved so a wide. Variety of states now suddenly get into space one way or another and then, in addition of course we have now the growing, involvement of private enterprise, and this is of course in particular relevant. For issues like arbitration. We. See Virgin Galactic, and X Corps developing. Private, suborbital, flights we, see orbital, private spaceflight companies. Like SpaceX and. Boeing and orbital, sciences, and then, there is this fascinating, idea, of celestial, bodies resources, - space, mine as the common. Parlor, wants to have it. Okay. With that I'm now going to move to this famous, US, Space, Act, so the Space Act does a lot of things but. One chapter addresses. This future, element, of space, mining, which is about to, take off there are actually two companies, Planetary. Resources and, deep space which are ready to start. Investing. Or whose investors. Are starting to, invest but they want to be given, some legal certainty as, to the rights to the minerals with. The Space Act America. Is making its own space, industry, possible, the. Question, is what, the consequences will be for the rest of the world because. All the other countries are running behind as, it stands at the moment it's. The only national, act in the world right now which addresses this issue in any particular detail, I want. To leave it at that to allow some time for discussion thank, you very much. You. List the homeland in the in the ratified Meister after the barricade, I say. Cast hearts, on the only activated haven of the Internationale afford Iraq Emmett Nam and identified, to the techniques on trickling is fact, Mulligan to fish-belly vodka countless positio crowd and I. Said our time today cannot lead Helen Lauper vacant 24, dragged easy, in, the sister and save the Irene Vienna Oprah's tell the United. Nations treaties and principles, on outer space. The. Same, opposite Elton and I taught Elaine start and a half ago gorilla man how you've all start. Cooper. Meteor or. Mean that I'm defied active desire and this, is in the food rock Helmick. Awakening, home at the moral guide of knowledge, Lake Nakuru madhumatl height of parte Quirin dock in Tucson Sullivan see, the Outer Space Treaty the. One the the United States is obligated by, including, a hundred, plus other nations the, Outer Space Treaty. Doesn't. Explicitly, prohibit. Asteroid. Resource. Utilization by, commercial company, but it doesn't necessarily, I explicitly. Allow. It either. So. But the at the Outer Space Treaty does. Require. The, states. That, are part of the out-of-state treaty to create their own national legislation, regarding. Regarding. The use of outer space that's what the United States is doing right now when. The treaties were written there was a very long discussion, about mining. In space and. You. If you if, you want to go back to the time that they were writing these treaties this, was the early 60s, the, space race was on there was a race to get to the moon people. Thought that within 10 or 15 years we would be living on the moon that, we would be mining these things and so they wrote the treaties in such a way that we could pull resources off, and use. Those resources and, so those hooks were put into the treaties and now, through the u.s. legislation, that is being promoted by our members of Congress it, makes, it very explicit, that US companies can indeed do that and own that property what, you teach me goes back to I me when I when I learned space law we all learned about section. 1 of the nineteen sixty seventy one the, Space Treaty the common, heritage of mankind. How, does this unilateral, u.s.. Initiative. Cope. With that and what. Could be brought from the maritime. Industry, which, has done something on the metal mining that's. A very good question, even the Moon agreement only specifies. That you cannot appropriate. Mineral. Resources, in place which. Means that once you get them out of there they, are yours basically. Like if you go out in the high seas as a Fisher company you, cannot say this the fish in this 100 square kilometers is mine, but. As soon as you go there and you fish in accordance with international rules. Overfishing. And stuff like that as, soon as the fish is in your net it's yours and that. Argument I think applies, to outer space as well, what. The law provides is clarity, and assurance, and that. Clarity is that yes you own those resources, and assurance. To the investors, that are putting money in there that that. The, government will protect my investment, it the government is backing the fact that I can do this. We. We. Spent a significant, amount of time with legal, experts who have said yes, what you're doing is perfectly legal. You. There, could be issues of dispute though I mean especially.

In The United States you can get sued for crossing the street and what. Our investors, said is you. Know that we, don't want our money wasted. In courtrooms. We, want our money used, in space and on asteroids, and thankfully. For what our Congress, has done is made sure and, then they're working to make sure that our investors, money is spent on something. That is going to change humanity, and, is. Not going to be used and. Have you know pain for lawyers in a corporate. Zen. Starter. And Formica experi, be a little photon accountant. In. Hollister, it's hard for the two part law and uni. Not at all each hire a, lot. Actually international, career I, met, at last Bennigan's variants my actual. Character, flaw. Cynthia. Denise need her looked on with international, today. Any. Come over for Stella daughter McGann a new geography my mood each song haven't even powerful ability, daily basis, a. Non-cash. Here is almost she. Requested, source, common arbitrage, driven, our hearts, break as the as they any pertain how many cancer, now, accounts with life is a long one we can select fault and this also divert havens their absorber hoop and on. The Portage's, three Americans were having, a kanima in a moment that's. That's that's end to the sutra are you payment Acadian, what, one tried international, is can be signed out on an account from the. From, the stage lighting stuff and I'm accountable to very phenomenal. Teenager, over Innsmouth today for no more month. I also need uptight and regime, in, particular over. Who, in the rhyme to move mhmm a divider, for Mustapha leader whom we can avoid many arrival. Global. The real commands of the mayor quarter calm down, water became Antigua 3-0 the demon section of a chaotic Hakone we do move out, metals. Of all could get a reaction on the bubble a lot don't profess, to be vector of the, identity, found and this, conflicted. Of what other states culture. We're. In Jerusalem where. The annual International. Astronautical, Congress is, taking place here. All the parties interested, in the space race are getting together, governments. Companies and, universities, there. Are manufacturers, of spaceships, rockets, and satellites but. Also lawyers, students. And astronauts. Here. You can catch a glimpse of the near future of space travel asteroid. Mining and lunar. Colonization.

This. Year's theme is outer, space, as a gateway to the future of humanity. This. Conversation, about asteroid, resource. Utilization. Has. Been discussed, in the academic, circles for years for. 20 years maybe, even more 30. Years, now. It's happening because the industry is there and the, industry is pushing this forward. What. Will tomorrow look, like, our. World is at its limits, and yet. We, all want more, and why. Not why. Shouldn't the future be brighter than today but. Where will it come from. Simple. Our. Tiny planet sits, in a vast sea, of resources. Including. Millions of asteroids bathed. In the sun's free energy 24. Hours a day, the. Same rocks that could fall from our skies also contain, everything, we could ever need, both. Out there and down. Here it's. Time someone, seized, the opportunity. Deep. Space industries. So. There's three things we're looking for on asteroids, two. Of them we plan on leaving in space and one, one. Group will take back, the. First thing, we're looking for is water. Water. Seems to make no sense to most, people when you think about it why would you bring water back to earth and that's why we're not bringing water back but water in space is incredibly valuable. It, serves, a variety of functions in space. If. You're if, you're an astronaut you, sure would love something to drink it's. Also good for growing food. In space and if. I take water and I split water in half, I've got. Liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. I've, got. Rocket. Fuel the. Other thing we're better, on asteroids, are metals. So. Things like nickel, and iron again. Something we wouldn't bring back to earth because we've got iron and steel and and things like that here but, if you want to build something in space. The. Best thing to do is to use what you've got there and so we will use those resources that we find in space to build new. Structures for space stations, or habitats, whatever else the. Third one is the one that people, seem, to like the most and that's, platinum. There's, a tremendous, amount of platinum locked, up an asteroid some platinum group metals and, that's, what we would bring back to earth because platinum group metals are, extraordinarily, scarce. On earth we're. Not finding anymore, we're closing down mines here on earth because we're running out of platinum to, mine and that's, what we would bring back to earth inviting group metals. Asteroids. Have the, raw materials, that you need to develop. Two things a space. Infrastructure. The ash infrastructures, in space structures. Such. As. Free-floating. Structures, such, as, gas. Stations, in space when, humans, continue. To explore space as they move forward. They're, gonna need to refuel they're gonna need to they're gonna need water they're gonna need structures.

That Need to be developed, in space because it's, cheaper, to develop, structures. In space than. It is to lift them off the ground it's something like $11,000. Per, pound. Of mass to. Lift from Earth so, that's very expensive so that's not economically, sustainable to. Develop a space infrastructure. Into space economy, we. Have a scene in the company that. The. Most, valuable, resource, in space is people. Eventually. We will get to the point where there are people in space and that. Those people in space are going to need resources to survive and live so. We. Have a we, have a a business, plan that makes us a profitable, company right, now but. Of course our long-term dream just like you've heard from Elon Musk at SpaceX where Elon wants to create, a colony on Mars, our plan. Is we'll, let's provide, the infrastructure. And. Resources, for those colonies, and people to do exploration. The. Idea, of human beings in space has. Always inspired, the imagination. In. The future this is only likely to grow. The. European, Space Agency has, prepared a presentation. About the boundless opportunities. Of this idea, as. We look forward towards Mars if we can get resources off the moon that the oxygen. And hydrogen that can be a tremendous. Change in the way we would do Mars class missions, if those volatiles, are available to us and we can pull those off the surface so we have several investigations, as, aimed in that direction. In. The coming years we will see explorers, of the lunar poles. Exploiting. The extended sunlight, for power and performing. Research to benefit life on Earth and to, understand, our place in the universe. This. New exploration, will be achieved not in, competition, as in the past, but. Through peaceful. International. Cooperation. In the. Future the moon can become a place where the nations of the world can come together to. Understand. Our common origins, to, build a common future and to, share a common journey beyond a place. Where we can learn to move onwards, into, the solar system. Over. The years there, have been several manned, missions, resulting. In a select group of so-called space, walkers. Most. Space, walkers, are not, so well known but. Everyone, knows Neil Armstrong. And Buzz Aldrin. Good. Morning and Shalom, my. Name is so, itchy Noguchi, i'm. Japanese astronaut, I'm. A, president of Association, of the space explorers and. I, am proud, to say I'm. A space Walker. Neil. Armstrong. The first man on the moon is no longer with us but, the second moon Walker Buzz, Aldrin at 85. Is still alive and kicking he's. A star, among astronauts. In. 1969. These. Feet were standing, on the moon they. Are taking him all over the world promoting. Space, exploration. Yeah, probably and put and then turn the mask around.

The. Very first speaker, talked. About Audrey. Southern. You know her mama save of art but XP none are Vitelli and let's say the end the gamma hoping to save the hoffman factor, just, easily NIMH Mihail on all on saying and. Nayana. Means cutting resolved. Normal tinea dutiful, doctor even food to demands at this, consulate, rabbinic courtesy to ansi have an, email me rate volatility. On. The field. To. Stand to happen i was. A safe fish our cloaking looking at amount of absolute yeah I want. To leave everyone, here with one, small, message. And, it. Is. Get. Your ass to, Mars. All. Right thank you. Alright alright. Hello. One. Copy please. Thanks. Thank. You. You. Know. Because. They're filming about space lo the. I'm in space lawyer and they're. Doing a program on. Space. Law. Developments. One of the developments, is that we looking. For looking. For. These. Are ugly. Start. Of the Space Act evolved in America, dahm dahm dahm Zurich for hearty - yaja dr. door and internationality, Elohim, starts the. Air - light dots, of a public, space act full of nectar the balance or the International, average temperature. Birmingham what I'll start on it come from what a trickle, from, flag. Wear metal here in the earth, and of State Seward, the. Sweets in the rhyme the overhead pass you know that's what I was hoping you, know I. Should. Have over afraid in the realm - don't do it of energen Stockman derived. Districts. Omo by the Makai fetters hard to to bring now. We haven't trained Bob Schneider I'm dizzy near dollar whoo. Whoo whoo whoo, all over the rocks activists and. All no sites that, you need probably, at McCarran finally. To death in their arms and our daughters environment, anime you've removed all possible, to college suddenly TV, if the full of shame for for, cyber and voila and I'm a novice. At see network of communication. Network a force toward cleaner order and a lot of a filmer, states me a frontal sign from God's words network, or dot visa Covell states culture is that although he started restoring from the frayed and I need leather like antennas came up and felt contraband. Or animation, inhaler studs on her lungs. They. Trade cocoon. We can see of cracker energy, weight plot, alaikum like impact, christian, a thought leader to sustain but itís calculate, the heck, radicand. Rock died or daughter fall often hopes hardest, up compton to holla making the earth. It. Word faded into the captain. Hill on the clear. And context I stepped, over the doctor. More. And more countries, are planning, to go into space a, surprising. New player at the table is the United, Arab Emirates, in. 2020. They, want to be the first Arab country, to set foot on Mars with, a manned mission and they. Need quando dunk for that. In. The Emirates space travel, is still in its infancy but, following, the United States they still wish to play a leading role. They. Are focusing, on space tourism. Transportation. And mining, as, they. Lack all the necessary knowledge for this they, have hired a team of specialists. One. Of them is Peter Marquez an expert. On the lucrative raw materials. Market, the UAE. Leadership. Has, has. Made a very in my view, a very wise, decision to, go forward. On a variety of space, activities, and they, have created a space, agency to oversee, all this new activity and in, the process of doing that the, space agency has asked. For people. From around the world to come in and share their experience, and knowledge of how they did, space activities. In their country and so that's why I'm here to. Talk about some of the policy, issues and things, at a national, government level how you would operate, and that's, why Franz is here to talk about law, and international laws, it applies to space, these. Widely. Recognized, as a global expert on space law so he's one of the people that you seek. Out his advice on on, space, legal issues and, if you haven't sought his advice then, you have a gaping hole in your understanding of space law. And. Ana come to talk Neapolitan, main perspective.

Abu. Dhabi health for the aesthetic, of the other hand of food on door o leaders, out there a disconnect from a, concern over mine blackberries. To shake of same sex here for. Us since, yesterday. We see a lot of attainder of data here about it's, a DBS, Neelakanta season early of the all use up of water on October that the pilot plant his own heart knew, Harrison or hotels on the, for dessert about steak details don't need me Rosen alligators, in macaque that's essaouira for under the sec towards space. What resilience aim from the sector ever in actually a new even invest yet not constituents. Laura died many habit of diplomat more like. Eden are 14 or 15 year and an incapacitated, about. The. Second. Faloona economic activity at canary Veronica. Dominum, use, of Ohio lapped. The. Entire team, of specialists. Is being, convened, by the Emirates, new u AI Space. Agency, at the, exclusive, Armed, Forces Officers. Club. Here. Each, specialist. Is told what is expected of him behind. Closed, doors. Hardy. A little Adama haizua, by dieter, a Latina Elphaba, Emery. Who Vidya. Welco. A cable, okra Mohammed a. New. Joy motor to hammer cookie, book men, finally had at the Elbe, Hetty balloon al, October. While armor can. Elphaba a unity. Bismuth. A Marat. L1. Ojala me. Water. Oil, is, what has made the Emirates so rich and they're, spaced program, is funded with oil money. But. As this source of funds will dry up in the future they, plan to obtain their income from another precious material. Platinum. You're. Talking, about access. To critical resources. On a level that is I, can't. Even put my head around it. The. The. Amount of platinum that. Is on a. 100. Meter asteroid, the. Asteroid, that we know has platinum on it a one 100, meter asteroid has, more platinum, on it than has been mined in the history, of humankind, just. One and we. Know where many, of these are so. We're talking about access to scarce resources, on a scale, that that, we, have never seen in in our in. The, history of our species. There. Are a variety of ways that the, current scarcity, of platinum is holding back humankind, but. Then there are ways that you and I can't, even imagine right, now that, platinum could be used an, example. That we often discuss at the company is aluminum. Aluminum. At one time was one of the more precious metals. On the entire planet. Through. Scientific, discovery. We. Found a process, for making aluminum, and now, we use aluminum to, wrap our food, in we, fly in airplanes made, out of aluminum. You. Know it. It. Fundamentally. Changed, how we operate. As as, people. I. Shall. See yesterday. Yesterday thoughtfully, marked, non-student. Took a hill at the Disneyland, volpehart, yeah. Who's ever heard a, lot the expertise, in time divided here five. On use it. May stuff a lot of gangs ethnic, sauce his name so, where exactly he, said no spawn process for it yeah, I wanted to show four years of the show and the, boom from say the following if anything's, it they kept it for later well think, about the poker face but merely the nationality. That have in the Netherlands, two important ones and I just on to doom Brasilia. Poorer moment in your palm to do my, reach out figure back house, and. I'm look elements, yeah the bets five my. Distant, is my input with Parekh thought okay not itself make you the couch when, you been again consider okay Babu, tonight acclaim thank, you now, talking to dinner and goes out of here, and that's funny I started up to.

Like. That mother can park at the American, coast only to d-day there before, reporting, out for my birthday it, is, ignore. The other him around and fall out of. A turn, and push a, but door Alice Cavani D Edward Rosa, dietary so Pat viola. Surgeon, and kills neatly made therefore most okay. The. Lunatic. Is, on the grass. Munna, to, design. The grass. See. Deep. Space industries, has, been invited, to a technology festival. In The Hague where. Saggy, kefir, and one, of the founders, of the company are giving, a presentation, about the future, of humanity. Today. We're going to talk about what. Is happening and, is about to happen in space and. How. It relates to. Shall. We say civilization. My. Vision of the future in, space is an expanding. Civilization. I see cities. Floating. Between the worlds that, are rotating that. Have people living in them that have created environments. Where they want to live I see, lights on the moon I see, cities. On Mars. You. Know I love the idea of. Planting. A tree, on. The, moon, you. Know or, watching a butterfly land on a flower on Mars I mean, that sounds really quaint and corny but. That's the, thing for me for me you. Know a transcendental. Moment, is to walk out into a pasture in, Texas. Way. Far, away from the city and. Hearing. The the creatures, of the night and, the crickets and, the. City lights are so far away that I can look up and actually see the Milky Way you, know. Or I can see the moon and and, you. Know and just really. Get a feeling, that it's, right there, and. I like I often, sometimes I'll walk out in the middle of the night when. I'm out there like that and I'll look up when I go, we're, coming, we're. Coming man you know it's it's, like I don't come in. So. You've got, things. Like this. These. Are pretty. Big, things. These. Are. Communities. These. Are cities. In space. By. The way we are destination. Agnostic. The. Moon. Mars. Doesn't. Matter, it's. All about, a community. Of people taking, on the unknown and transforming. It into the near known, into. The place where they are going to be where they're going to live. The. Mining, of raw materials, is a prerequisite. For the next step in space, the. Building, of settlements, then. Nothing, will stand in the way of humans, colonizing. Space. It's. As if history, is repeating itself in, the, 19th century hordes. Of settlers, left Europe behind but, the distant, and promising, shores of America. When. People went to the new world where. I was, born. You. Know they went for all kinds of reasons, they. Didn't know what they were gonna find there, they. Didn't realize. They were gonna. You. Know find a, constitution. Or a Bill of Rights they didn't realize they were gonna find or. Build, a culture, that was going to do the kind of things that our, culture, has done, and. I don't mean to say that and sound like Oh God he's an American he's so full of hubris but you, know I'm kind of proud of what we've done I think we've done pretty good. But. You. Know I come from a place that was created. To. Be. Better than the place people had left behind and. Whatever. We. Create. On Mars or we create on the moon or create in space will. Be of the. Earth. But. It will evolve its own way so. For example a child that grows up on the moon under, one-sixth. Gravity, will. Be unique to the moon I call that Homo Linares. A child, that grows up on Mars will be unique to Mars homo Mars jealous, okay. Homo space cialis, you know they're, going to be their own species they're, gonna do their own thing but, and that they declare, independence and, they fight the mother country the mother planet, it's inevitable.

It. Always happens you. Know I don't care whether this all ends in war no, no they go their own way it's funny every, time I, don't care what culture you're from if you. Go somewhere, else. Eventually. You. Begin to identify as. Citizens. Of that place, and the, people that sent you there are those, people they. Don't understand, us we are now independent I don't, care if the people and this is what's kind of interesting it's kind of hopeful, whether. The people that go to the Moon and Mars are, from. Russia or China or. Connecticut. Once. They get there. They're. Basically, at some point going to say screw, you we. Are, the. People of the moon we are the people of Mars, you, don't understand, us we are independent it doesn't matter where they come from, it's. October. 2015. Vonda. Dunk has arrived in Washington, the, place is abuzz with rumors about. The Space Act will. It be passed or not he. Had been emotional. Brain stem in common, additional, - aquifers and assumed a Ponte Vedra equivariance Township, over, America. Text and, alchemy. The moment you do a, formal. Opposite, see my evoke that the opposites for our politic. Fifties. And, armed unik made at La Mora scheana and Richland, niches. Erupt in how look you really suspect the humble it is a Romero, but Armenia, suggested. Auditorium form from American imperialism. Is. For. Our low population, of a lot and I, uniform. Hope you vote on it at the Julie courage I. Think, fact materials, off of you you read here he'll fill Buble American, hammer that. Will need said that. The, dotted. Need Osmo come on sport around a tiny catheter. Home. Who did it a year the vet say we need a lot on trigger move our doctor in Villa and I, couldn't no holding old star upon except on hate I really Dominican. Stroke his first day cause international arrest three. Chico is a, nanites that here that here Cowboys, cat did I do not Sevilla and hotel also for market and almost.

Lights And it's a little garlic ranch for Langley but, you politic you conflicted, over. Caramel. On the defensive resilience, on the horizon, and the harm scheme of rush to uniform he meets a doctor sanity Chico's the achievement. We. Still think the United States has a, nuclear. Facility on, the Dark Side of the Moon as always these, conspiracy, hands, I. Didn't. Think it did you. Know. But it but in all seriousness, no. Matter what approach we, take they'll. Always be that element in the international, community that that still thinks the, United States is the boogeyman and it's all a conspiracy world, we're, here to take over the powers of up space space. Is kind, of big, there's. A little bit of room for everybody, to come get involved. Absolutely. Absolutely. We want our competitors. The, other companies, we, want other countries, we want everybody, to get involved it. Isn't a matter of the United States saying we own space, there. Are some, people that may come out and say oh my. God here they go again, it's. The Americans, you. Know of, course that will happen course, it's going to be because of those, damn Americans, you can't trust them so, that's. What they that's what, they tell you absolutely. Yeah there, are people that don't trust anything. Anybody. From the United States does. You know you're just gonna have to judge us by what we do I. Can, sit here and tell you all. Day long that our intentions, are great and if, you don't believe my intentions, are great you're gonna hold your belief and everything. I do that. Isn't absolutely clear. You're going to take us oh my god they're changing the laws so they can you. Know American, Dominion they're jingoistic. Frontier. Grabbing, bastards. Who are going to somehow you know fine. Just. Watch what we do. In. Washington, lawyers. Lobbyists. And companies, active, in the space industry are, gathering. For their annual meeting, the. Theme is what, are the risks, of the Space Act but. Actually, everyone. Is waiting anxiously, for the act to be ratified. No. One knows when this will happen, but, Peter Marquez, is well-connected. And knows, a bit more than the rest, I do have white smoke and another issue okay, yes the. Senate. Is voting tonight, under, unanimous, consent rules on the, our. Ability. Wow. Tonight. So the, bill, is essentially, done and. Then it's just the president which has to sign the president signs it and we've talked to the White House and the White House says they're on board so Wow. So then it's just a procedural, so we can have already a small party tonight, yeah. I mean we don't need to have the conference today I see we're just starting. But. We as you and I will have to take care of our audience right we don't just say okay here's why, I can discuss, then you know I'm, not discussing this in this room I'm. Not discussing it at all I think we should keep this between ourselves let. The Senate get its vote under way first right yeah I'm not one for snatching. Defeat from the jaws of victory my, background, is actually in. Government. Policy. National. Security space on. Space policy, issues so I worked for the US government for over a decade working. Space policy, there and, spent. Eight. Years in the Pentagon working, national security space programs, and then was. The space, policy director in the White House for two, presidents. Okay. You, were I was the space policy, director. At the White House for President, Bush, and President Obama. Really. Yeah. The. Same evening the, Space Act was, passed by a large majority of, Republicans. And Democrats in, the Senate. In. November. 2015. The law was signed by President Obama a. New. Era, is dawning. It. Was our firm belief and I think many in the international legal, community that there was an inferred, right, to, obtain. Property in space to to, recover, resources. And own those resources, but, none of that was explicit, so when a company like mine goes in to talk to investors. They, say okay we actually, were. Cool. With the technology, we actually believe you can go do this but. When the dog catches, the car what's, the dog gonna do you. Know are you gonna be able to protect my investment that, I'm putting into this company and, that was always a concern and we would say well you know the law allows it and they said it allows it but is it explicit, can I actually bank on this literally, bank on it this. Has given us a tremendous level of certainty that will unlock a vast, amount of investment, resources and also give us certainty in what we can do in the future. And so that's that's a tremendous, tremendous thing, and and it's a historic, thing in my opinion one little, paragraph in title.

Four Of a, commercial. Space bill is is, tremendously. Historic, and I don't think that should be lost on anybody here, in the public as to what is happening now that 50, years of discussion. And and, hand, wringing is at, least been made very very clear, here in the United States and I think that's important, to note. Good. We got, the big whale in the boat we got property rights I think. I'm. Worried about the internationals, I wouldn't even go overseas to talk about it I. Mean. These are the questions were going to be asked. Please. So lobbyists will be employed what's, that Lisa lobbyists, will be employed for the next couple of years to manage, all them. So. We're. Gonna figure it out but you know what the first enormous, step is taken. Is. Our coalition, of different clients top Bashar in Kabul met, paving, from, of our partners, the, inhaler call to stop for rights be taken, you. Know to over 3,000 gerenuk imported here you. Know those the men said there were three guys enjoy and real, artists, under a hobby thought stone the IRA, to. Create herself, in a dilemma for example, the irony, to define regrets violent word is dr.. Dom did, to Gina's and B'Elanna, Reiki stopping the process. Ah. Is. In the hole. Exhale. Do happy. Keiki. Neat nerado's. Encode, he'll Monica, Keena ladders and plank near here at all mate Lacaille all. The. Worst wording found grasp ahead from the air and from the nozzle, height for eternity. I'm dizzy Indians, see, a layman pass the table who fail. The planet. And. For she near time. I'll. See you. Sighs. Thank. You for watching, for. More on this subject take a look at the playlist you can also watch this recommended, video don't. Forget to subscribe to our Channel and we'll keep you updated on, our documentaries.

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