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Mr.. La libertad could you please play an accordion no. I'm not playing accordion, easy crazy out doesn't work these. Guys want me to play a quarter for the past two three months but, it's not I don't know I like, I have. You have to find my accordion this is third this is but it's a beautiful one Oh Maxim. But Russian. Russian. In school. This. Is the spacecraft, Soyuz TMA, 16, crew, cosmonauts. Are getting ready for the flight to the International, Space Station for. The first time ever there, was a professional, clown among the crew members gala liberté a. 14. He ran away from home then, he was just roaming around the, world for 11, years at, 25, he founded his own circus, nowadays. He's the owner of a circus empire and a billionaire, key is the seventh earthling who bought a trip to the orbit. Observing. The parachute descent. In standard mode brake. Engines, are worked in standard mode ground. Contact is on landing, is completed. The. First one to be pulled out of the spacecraft is traditionally the crew commander later, on the flight engineer and, only, then the space tourists. Yolanda. Burgess steps onto the scene already wearing, a clown nose he. Seems to be taken above victory. The. Most challenging, Circus number of his whole lifetime is now over Elizabeth. In front, of the camera. Your. Consumers, prepare, I would like be Laliberte, to save you words in Russian he. Promised, to learn several Russian words during. A couple of days. He'll. Between these two the Linnet, known. Others perform there you. Better try harder, otherwise. We shall consider whether, to send him back to earth or, not. But. A first half an hour right, after the landing he keeps silent ten days loved in space must be definitely, strike an emotional experience even, for the world-famous clown, now, one needs to regain consciousness and realize that you are back on earth the weightlessness, is finally over and that body has required, its normal weight bear, in mind that spaceflight, managers, jokes are nothing, more than jokes, what, a pity though. Several, hours later the first aerospace, clown would say I'm still, soaring, in clouds and a little later he would admit the, most amazing, sensation is the smell of fresh grass once the hatch was opened. A. Burst. Of applause mascara. The improvisation. Has paid off well first. And foremost due, to haven't been thoroughly planned in advance. Emergency. Fire onboard the ISS as, a, result of a short circuit collected wiring is set on fire inflammation. Is spreading instantly. Emergency. Situation, mode is on the, fire signal went off smoke all around luckily. It's a fire drill Canadian, billionaire, Gil le baquette faces a rather challenging task, in, less than four months has, to master a new profession, since the clown's should become a proper spaceman. The. Crew to set about the station abandoned, procedure. This, wok with gas masks, on may seem odd only, to a random spectator, as a, matter of fact is been absolutely strictly.

Calculated, Working. For one particular training, zone to another precisely. Corresponds in its energy expenses, to the efforts, to be acquired by cosmonauts, for an immediate evacuation in, the orbit reach, the rescue module put all the space suits undock, from the station, and fly away back. To earth moreover. It's a supplementary, endurance, test working. For three hours in this mode cosmonauts, usually lose up to 5 kilos it's hard even for top professionals. Gila. Liberty has to feel double pressure due, to the fact that it's his first joint, training, with a crew furthermore. Flight engineer, jeffrey williams an American astronaut, was initially, a guest space tourism itself, and he, is perfectly, aware of that. NASA. Astronauts, discontent. Echoes an international, scandal that happened to take place in the United States during, the first space tourist flight, preparation. It. Would start unraveling in Houston on. March 19th 2001. The, Russian space ship crew was, conveyed, there to work on the ISS, American, segment simulator, at, the u.s. Mission Control Center as well as an American Court filming, is strictly prohibited the reason why everything, that took place then reached, us by means of submitted, drawings and witnesses, recollections, exclusively. On, March 19 2001, it was announced to the Russian cosmonauts, that NASA Administrator, Daniel, Goldin, at ordered, to replace the third crew member instead. Of an American citizen and millionaire. But above, all the first ever space, tourists dannis Tito they must step aboard a professional. Astronaut. Breslow. Oh geez he does there was a great hitch, everyone, lapsed into silence at, last I asked if it was NASA leaders final, decision. Afterwards. Conversations. Who were both in English, and Russian but, a compromise, would never be found, the. NASA management, was deeply opposed to an amateur's, flight thus, decision, on the crew complement, alteration. Would be made notwithstanding Moscow's, preferences, and without, a single endorsement, in, those circumstances, the Russian space team commander proposed. The only correct solution. I keep. Watch Stud crew stand up and leave the room after me. Legit. Although Dennis Tito hardly, understood a word of Russian he, so must rise and walk out that so he jumped up and ran away past us purely, instinctively, it. Was the very start of the enormous, international confrontation. Between NASA and cross cosmos. Initial. Americans, did not mind space tourism, in. The mid seventies, President, Reagan even invented, a marvelous, show supposing. To send a schoolteacher into the orbit so that she could give a lesson from space a rather. Fine idea ended in a real tragedy. January. 26. 1986. Is a dark date in the u.s. space exploration. Chronicles, the. Space Shuttle challengers. Liftoff, six. Astronauts, and primary school teacher Christa McAuliffe aboard, for. The first time in history she. Was meant to give two lessons from the orbit addressing, entire, human. Christa's. Whole class would be present at the launch pad on that day to see their beloved teacher fly, up into space. But, on the 73rd, second of the flight somewhere, there the observation point, would scream in horror oh my, goodness what's wrong was Challenger. The Space Shuttle exploded, and, tumbled into several fragments, all. The crew members died. After, this accident the US Congress resolved, not to let unqualified, subjects, participate, in spaceflights due, to the high incidence, of risk and wide public implications. Arising in such cases. This. Is the reason why the Russian parts intention, to send Dennis Tito to the ISS, bumped, into such an active contraction, of NASA, besides. The USA, was not going to yield the Pioneers palm to russia coca. Was the last opinion Wallisch the NASA management, was conscious, that they, are missing another chance to be the first step. Pyramid, a new post early did everything what it took to prevent, our space line misses tails. Consequently. It was the continuation of an all time space race but. In case of Dennis, Tito Americans. Could hardly complain about the rushes, the. Flight was supposed to be carried out by the Russian spacecraft, say, use spaceships. Cruise appointed, in Russia on, the ISS Russia, is as an equal partner as, the USA.

Besides. Space. Speaks Russian after all. Mr., la liberté could you please read this text and what is it a Russian, song I guess yes, that's the Russian space chanson. Zemlya. Zhenya. Huh. C'est. La vie. Vini. Whoa in, ill, Wow. He'll. You, mean. Night tour. Illuminate. Oh yeah. Yeah. Elementary. Anatole. Welcome, to the Russian cosmonauts, group. Russian. Language seems to be the hardest subject in space tourist preparatory, program, but, Canadian billionaire, Guy Laliberte, is twice, puzzled, thereby at, 14, he abandoned, school and later on navitat, old any studies, say, bah a. Logic. Amasya, question frankly I find it difficult to write even in French my native language I'd rather swallow fire, instead. Gila. Liberty still, plays with fire. The. School of life was that of a street artist plane. And a rough street loss every. Day one had to earn his living, so did geek by entertaining, passers-by, with, his accordion, stilts. Tricks and fire swallowing. It. Said the only thing that I've been missing. May. Be. Compared. To the time that was a street performer, is that sense, of Liberty, that. Permit. You the morning when you wake up to decide to go east west, side. You know north up left. Right. Nowadays. Gila Liberty, is one of the most famous modern artists, it, has a big family he. Was twice married and most times happily, he, became the father of six, children altogether as for, the wives history, is silent but he adores, his heirs. But. Most important, I made. A point in my life that every day I wake. Up I, have one goal, in my day it's. To make laughs my kid at least once every day, of my life and. How do you usually succeed, in it any. Type of thing I just thought he is just like in the breakfast, I would. Put. The head on my head and trash it and. These. Days either free that's how one could translate his French surname, celebrates. His 50th birthday but. He's not going to rest in content, with what's been already achieved before, AJ you know morozova, sand cup in in. Families. Tell. Me a mule, astatically. I've, got to fall in love with the Russian girls then it would be easier to learn Russian geese, as. By. The way a few words about girlfriends. Thanks. To a space flight another, space tourist Charles, simony succeeded. In marrying a millionaire's, daughter famous. Swedish model elisa paris daughter. Charles. Simoni is almost a Soviet, man it, was born and grew up in socialist, Hungary and was dreaming about space since he was a kid, this. Was in the in the sixties and when I was still, going to school and and I, was. Very. Interested in space like kids, are and I've I've learned, everything, about space, I've learned the names of all the dogs. From. From Lika, Hungarian. School boy Charles Simoni was a real champ at space related, subjects, at 13, he won a school astronomy, contest, and was awarded a trip to the Soviet Union as the main prize. Moscoe, amazed charles, simony he got on a rocket, shaped bus that conveyed him throughout the city streets, he was even allowed to touch the first spacesuit with his own hands but later something, almost impossible, happened a children's. Concert, at a TV studio in Trumbull of Kadena cater to the cosmonautics, day. That. Is a film miraculously, remained, intact which displays, young Charles simony among other pupils. After. That the main thing took place Charles.

Met One of the most legendary people, at a time one, of the first Soviet. Cosmonauts, Fidel Popovich, I. Was. Telling my brother that. That. I always wanted, to touch something that was in space and at, that time you, can go into museums, or, to, to see anything connected, with space and really Pavel Popovich, was when I shook hands with him. In. Several years Charles Simonyi would had overseas, to the USA, panelists. With nothing by the students, within his pocket, in, 1981, together, with another poor student, named Bill Gates he, would create a computer, company Microsoft. It's. Under his guidance that, would be developed the software Word, and Excel presently. Known to all PC, users around, the world. On. April 7 2007. Simony, became the fifth space tourist and the second peg Aryan who reached the orbit. When. This computer genius was taken out of the descent module he, would decided any weight to find that very Russian cosmonaut, whose appearance in Charles's, early use had changed, his life forever. They. Would meet again half, a century later bio Popovich could hardly recognized, in adult Charles, the Hungarian, pupil he saw only once there. Were thousands of similar encounters, in a renowned cosmonauts, life to, say the least but still pyro Popovich, was very glad I think, that they would share a 30-minute, conversation and, then part having, a wished each other good luck. Later. Charles would fly to space again whereas, Pavel Popovich, on September, 29 2009. Would, depart this world just a few hours before the Soyuz spacecraft was, launched carrying, the space tourists, aboard. Russian. Arrived in Texas Russian. Cosmonauts, are committing sabotage, against, the program of international space, cooperation in. Spring 2001, NASA was trying the darndest to prevent Dennis Tito spaceflight, when. The Russian cosmonauts crew slammed out of the American Space Center a real hysterics. Broke out spreading. Gradually, throughout the American media. The. Russian cosmonaut strike in Houston, became a breaking, news topic, of world-leading TV channels, Tolga.

From Sabbath and Yoruba Turin, came to know it at the restaurant that. Italy. It is the Italy. Visit there were TV scents all around broadcasting. Something like breaking, news the, Russian crew refused, to fulfill NASA demands, and went on a hunger strike. Meanwhile. We're sitting there and stuffing, our stomachs, III, is guilty on. The one hand that particular, news the Russian crew had heard that dinner was beyond any criticism, Russian, cosmonauts, are not able to strike as they have nothing to do with the NASA personnel, nevertheless. The, broadcast, words turned into a real threat to Dennis Tito and American. Some ship and the NASA engineer, and the pants. Chica. Refugees. Pedestrian, with my salsa Teeter rather suspiciously, treated, not only NASA. Representatives, but. US officials in, general I seen, you undoubtedly that NASA was surely, against him music. Duh there was always a bodyguard, by his side it, was constantly, awaiting, some provocation, as. Far as I can remember he, had dreaded some assault and even expected, his arm to be broken on purpose, piece, of cake and the question would stand no longer at all. In. Fact someone on the phone in a hotel room did really promise to toe to crash his bones down in the dark side street in case he didn't leave that stupid idea, of a spaceflight, then it's took it as seriously as to, when there are huge sounds and the reputation of the world's two main space powers, at stake a single, individual's life no longer enjoys such a significant, value was. That then isn't it the Priya. Who was a full escort, of limousines and Lincoln's accompanying. Tito kale. In cool enough it. Will give Limu Zenith with a whole bunch of heavily, armed security guards. On the lookout. Meanwhile. NASA Administrator, Daniel, Goldin gave Moscow, an ultimatum, the. Og Herschel pointed momentum across building I remember it perfectly at. That time we were in the United States on training with controllers, video when the scandal flared up mr., golden the NASA Administrator, said. That either Dennis doesn't fly up or we, abandon. The program, she's. Preggers. It was formulated with that tough. The. Americans, insisted, that a tourist aboard, the ISS would, distract, the crew from the implementation of difficult, operations, and in, case of emergency, is presence with the adesso defiance, ranch thus it would imperil, the whole international, space project, in general the, crew commander expressed an essentially, different opinion, on the matter less. Boyo I'm telling you now and I did, the same thing then that our crew was so well prepared and so accurately, coordinated. That it's all the same to us if there is a space tourist or suitcase onboard a ship. The, whole world expected, the final scene of the scandal, wondering, if the Russians would send the truest into space or step back, though. Moscow, was not empowered, to make arrangements, at American, Space Center the reason, why Russian cosmonauts, were ordered to proceed to trainings, in Houston without Dennis. The. Dream of teachers whole life was collapsing, it, sounded those sentenced, to death experience. Their lifetime flashback, something, of that kind occurred to Dennis on, October, 4th 1957, in, Queens and New York City district inhabited, by immigrants, a 16-year. Waiter of an ice cream parlor was listening, spellbound, to the radio and charm dropped, the tray was plates. Broken. Dishes cost was equal to his daily wages the. Young man was thrifty and tried, to save up some money for studies but he was almost indifferent, to what had happened it, was nothing he was entirely grasped, with the news transmitted.

By The radio the, USSR, placed in orbit the first artificial, satellite of Earth the. Guy's name was Dennis Tito. Later. On would call the force of October the birthday of his dream. No. In. 2001. An offspring of Italian immigrants, a sweet toffee saleswoman. From Queens, and the printers employee bought, a space trip for 20 million dollars, suddenly. There, emerges, massive an insurmountable. Obstacle, which, bars the way of fulfilling his dream. The. First space tourist was forced to defeat an external. Adversary, the. Sabbath one guy laliberté, has to push his own limits. In. This particular situation gila, Liberty is developing, his endurance, which. Ki boasts, in abundance, 25. Years ago he started from the ground up and managed, to build his own circus empire brick by brick just, starting, since Olay was a big. Mountain to climb. We're. A bunch of kids in the, early 20s. The. Only experience we had was the experience of life we had, we. Had no management. Or, big, business, expertise. Sometimes. He had to face some bitter truth for, instance, that it's hard to match a fine dream about circus, with hungry children. Many. Times we thought that we will not survive the. Next day business, wise. One. Day give waivered and turned off the trace road fed-up. Was fighting against the need he lived in and searching, for regular earnings he, got a job on a hydropower, plant it, was dull enough but, he was sure from now on his kids would not go to bed hungry, foscar counted, on the spy try the sums of money had, to quit due, to a strike. Looking at game making grimaces, his lively facial expressions, it may seem that he's not able to be serious at all in. Fact, it. Is nothing but a disguise behind which there is hidden an iron wheel personality. And a true toiler. The. Story of hard living with certain, variations, included, can, be told about any of the 7 space tourists, but. Perhaps the most peculiar, fate was granted to the sixth one. Richard. Gary American. Astronaut, Owen, Garrett's son did, not manage to step into his father's shoes since, he was forbidden to become an astronaut, by doctors, ability. To get into space myself, for almost 30 years ever. Since I was very young and my father was an astronaut, but. NASA told me as a child that because, of my poor eyesight, I would never be selected, as an astronaut. Richard's. Family used to live in the NASA cottage, settlement, where virtually every, second man was an astronaut, space. Was the common subject, of home chats at night. The boy had eaten his heart out not to burst into tears he. Knew he'd never be as much of a hero as that at his mates. We should want it to lift off from the ground so badly and he was ready to give his life for that dream. Since. I was a young child I have, commonly. Said that. If the. Director of NASA were to come knock on my door and say, there is a ship leaving, Earth today it, will never return and you. Do not get to say goodbye to, anyone you know you, have to leave right now I would. Go. Luckily. He didn't have to sacrifice his life one. Day Garrett jr. was stricken with a brilliant, idea, if. It can't have to the real space then, he can invent a toy like one then. We should get it a million of like-minded dreamers. And they went together into, a virtual space journey.

In. This game this is referred, to as a massively, multiplayer online, game, and what that means is that everyone, who buys and plays this game plays. Together at. The same time in a vast virtual, world that we have created. Computer. Games with a space plot brought, Richard a fortune, and made, a strong lead road unfold, before his eyes. The. In. Fact it does relate to my father a bit in that I sent, this actual, necklace one, of the few times I've ever had it off of my neck was he send it up on Space, Lab the, 9th launch of the shuttle. For. A month in space and so even though this will be my first time into space my, father already, took this for me into space back, in 1984. On October, 12 2008. One, of the most successful computer, designers, and game's creators, the, 6th space tourist Richard Garrett fulfill, his infantile, of. Guerry, the father worried, about his son more than anybody, else, actually. His hair did step into his shoes and became, the first American, astronaut, in second, generation. Finally. With Sant module patched the ground landing was a success, along the way that encounter. Well. Done son, said Owen Garriott the astronaut, to his son Richard Gary the cosmonaut. I'm. Proud. Thank. You. Eyes. Closed. A. Physical. Health isn't important, but still not the sufficient, prerequisite, for a space flight by tourists voucher one. Has to dispose of an incontestable, reputation. Criminals. Drug addicts inversions, and perversions, inclined persons, and those, leading and the immoral lifestyle, don't, lad that bug you but, it's still not enough a tourist, should be cool cat as well. Stress. Is the stress stands, for the constant, mental picture and. Various. Troubles imagined. How. Can one get rid of it NASA, said that yeah our, task, is to convince, all spaceflight, participants, that, they work with reliable, equipment and top-class, specialists. Like your snake if Nikkei is Resaca professional, in the middle that's what I'm always telling them, guys. You're, heading to space for pleasure into the world stria. Unilever. Chair needs no long explanations. Entertaining. People first in the streets and then on the circus arena it became a nice shrink, himself long ago it's, a piece of cake for him to find a correct approach to another person even to his teacher. In. The cosmonauts training center each tourist, is examined, not only by psychologists. The, rest of instructors, need to make sure that they deal with an absolutely, normal person, before, the final decision concerning, spaceflight, admission, is made, what. Okay is appointed. Please. Remember the plow is no need to twitch. Yes. Smooth. Moves that's what counts, no. Swinging to and fro let. Your thoughts shake while. Actions, should, be to the point and accurate. There. You will. It's. Necessary, to provide a psychological. Compatibility. Of all crew members once. Cosmos training center experts, had to reject a candidate, for a space tour due, to his psychology. Related, issues. Just. Sit, in, particular, this happened when we were forced to remove the Japanese, spaceflight participant. Jessica. Smithy Kyoto it, wasn't, me and he was substituted with gorgeous, and divine Anousheh a new, shell as we used to call her the way you, read, it launched four, units. Anusha. Is a Russian nickname of Anousheh, Ansari, this. Flight turned out to be a great surprise for her she, was initially a member of the backup crew the. Decision on her participation, was made less than a month before the plant life God how.

The First liberated, woman of East Anousheh Ansari was let off in space by her husband still remains a mystery to the whole Islamic, community. September. 18 2006. These, are the quotes from unshin, series, diary the. First female space tourists and the first declaration, of love out of space. Five. Four. Three, I'm. Really, fly -. I love, you honey one. A soft lift and I felt an incredible overwhelming. Joy the, last stage of separation, was like an abrupt, movement. Zero. Gravity this. Magical, feeling of freedom makes, everyone, smile giggling. I floated slowly over, my lodgement. Her. Sphere sacks, population, was literal absorbed, with his diary, 30. Million readers or even more regularly. Reviewed online those orbital, notes, Anusha. Managed to miss out words so simple and sincere that. Her letters excited, a lively, genuine, interest. Whereas, the main reader who unshare really dedicated, her space notes to was, anxiously, waiting for her on earth. He had a knack to talk to her and see how happy she is it was. Much. Better. So. What, the question is definitely mister and. Based. On what she's been describing, I'm very curious to go up there myself now yes. The. Most amazing, what I saw there is the way the universe looks, on the night side of Earth. Stars. Here are just indescribable, beautiful. It, seems as though someone had scattered diamond, dust or the black velvet cloth. Final. Words indeed. Yet, common, people would hardly have to the orbit and tell us how strikingly, our planet, looks like from the spacecraft window. If it had not been for the Russian president were, personally, interfered, in the Nasser and Roscosmos, antagonism. In 2001. From, April 12th 2001, Vladimir, Putin arrived in the Star City the. Visits purpose is to congratulate cosmonauts. Upon the 40th anniversary of, the first human spaceflight but. There was also another goal, the, president is expected to support the international, space crew which, was involved in the Houston scandal, the, president, wished to commander, Moussa by flight, engineer, veteran, and space tourist Tito to, carry out a successful, flight, the. Spacecraft's, launch where the first two as the board was scheduled, for April 28th. On, April 17th, the crew was already, in Baikonur, ooh here, it is the historic, moment. Yes, I, believe it's an honor to have a space tourists aboard as it happens for the first time in history media. Cosmic, Scott arista but one wouldn't let Dennis enjoy, the moments historicity to, full extent. NASA. Would force him to sign a humiliating, paper, thereby. He was obliged to indemnify. The state for any possible losses in case if a, tiny piece of equipment, would be broken down through his fault. Meanwhile. From the high Tribune of the Congress the very NASA Administrator, Daniel, Goldin with a guilty of not being quiet a patriot, and not loving America. Patito. Would not yield to these provocations, simply, ignoring mr. Golden's angry paroxysms. We're, getting close for only about 11, days daily. He. Had never approached his dream that close before. But. NASA would, make another attempt, to delay the spacecraft's, launch with, the first space to his the boy. In. Space even, most common, things require, a proper training and are, code named in a special, way for. Example the WC.

According. To the onboard technical, documents, it's successful, cleaning and sanitation, device. Besides. All actions, of the form in strict accordance with, instructions. The. First part when we do number one we. Use it the same way as we did the whole operation, and the. Second part when we do number two. Wala. Bhutta had, to learn the sequence of operations, by heart, repetition. Repetition another, one just, like in circus until you perform a number you, are forbidden to leave the arena it, turned out to be easy enough till the final the, lavatory, pan works, like a vacuum cleaner in some the lesson is learned well l is up. Yeah. Close. The door. It. Might sound strange but, it's the WC, matter that will play a significant, part in the confrontation of the two main space powers, in spring 2001. It. Happened several days before the first space tourists, left off. Never. Or according. To the program the Russian spacecraft that, started, from Baikonur, cosmodrome was. The substitute in orbit the SS, joined Americans shuttle shuttle. Endeavour was thought to vacate, the mortgage for sale spaceship, and head, back to earth NASA. Suddenly, corrected, the program leaving endeavour docked to the ISS. Afterwards. NASA explained, it on account of computer, system malfunctions, and asked. Moscow to postpone the Russian spacecrafts. Liftoff, for, a day later even. Though it was clearly impossible. Loki's. Beliefs the garage to go as do many experts, claim that it was done deliberately, our, co-hosts Olas the NASA management ordered, not to undock, the shuttle from the station which meant that another spacecraft, was not able to link up with the, room to, put it bluntly they, didn't let us fly up. Another. Solution for docking suppose that say use would pass to the second, docking unit all the six meters aside, the endeavours, tail in. That case a single inaccurate. Movement was enough to turn the ISS, the shuttle and the spaceship itself, into, a giant mass grave. Under, the given circumstances the, Russian chief suggested, that say use would spend supplementary. 24, hours in automated, flight mode although. If endeavour did not end up with in a mansion time-lapse, the, spacecraft, would have to be removed from the orbit and land, of nominally. When. Out of the blue as they say they, came a blessing, in disguise, suddenly, a WC. Broke down aboard the shuttle, ready. To go needed, is their God is all-seeing an omni signed a lavatory, pan breakage, on the shuttle one, can't fly that long without this device working, properly especially. With six seven, people aboard but all, in all that team has to undock. SIU's. Was launched in precisely calculated. Time on April 28, 2001. Gagarin. Traditional, by Akali rang at 11:37. A.m. Moscow. Time. As, soon as a spacecraft, laughs the ground then is Tito's girlfriend, beautiful, Don Abraham, fell, on her knees and burst into tears, was. Like a presentiment, the, first space tourists troubles were only about to, begin. In. General, it's worth being pointed out that the space tourists, are likely to have special, women by their side for example Charles Simon is beloved one American, anchorwoman Martha, Stewart in an, original adventurous. The, author of books and filmmaker, and an addition and millionaire, she, accompanied, cemani to Baikonur, then, visited, the Mission Control Center to. See her fiance in, the orbit and even, declared her love for him via space communication. Before a great number of people. Pioneers, and above, all just let your, out of this world. It's. Rihanna to, be here. For. Shortly after the spaceflight 58th, year at Simoni did become engaged although. Not to master but, the 28 year Swedish, model lays a PEZ daughter his, granddaughter. Every. Single day after I wanted to meet me and I said no no no, but, so. We actually don't move you know we've been friends and he's been kind of a mentor for me during these years but, it's during the last year that if. An ordinary billionaire, Simoni never managed to win the beauty's heart seemingly. The cosmonaut, succeeded. In it quite easily according. To one version laser, charmed, by all the tales about sunrises. And sunsets seen. From the orbit ask jokingly. For a star as a present. Shortly. After that see money play the trick here, washed back to Moscow and literally, snatched, a space strip from the hands of another tourist, Australian. Multi-millionaire. Nick Alec by, paying five million dollars, more the. Australian, had a rough time and went, home with nothing. Whereas. Charles, grabbing, the wedding ring and the cuddly toy a seal, made, his fiance a present, and headed for the assassin.

He's. Happy that, makes me happy. Seemingly. Became the first space tourist in the cosmonautics, chronicles, who reached the orbit twice the, landing site Lisa the most beautiful, girl of Sweden was waiting for her twice space, tourists. She. Fell in love was Charles a man twice her age not, because of his fortune lisa, is not a poor girl herself since, her own father is a millionaire, honestly. Charles simony would hardly ever fly to space again, judo Liza's objection, this, ban is a formal condition of their marriage contract, which is not surprising because no, wife would stand her husband spending thirty five million dollars, on a pure entertainment. Perhaps. That's why millionaire, guy laliberté, doesn't, make haste to stamp his Canadian, passport, with a marriage mark meanwhile. His beloved, claudia, has presently, a rather strange marital, status either, a married woman or girlfriend, however. It didn't prevent her from baring her freaky, two children there, are five kids altogether so. While the father clown is planning to make it for the orbit Claudia, is busy, with a whole kindergarten, in her hand although, the beauty doesn't mind arriving, space into only eight minutes is. Something, else and to know that you know. The father of my children is in there it's. Quite exciting. The. La liberté is a happy man, as he's finally lucky to have such a devoted life's companion he's. Never told that story before but, now out of the blue he decided, to share it on the eve of his space flight but. Well that trigger that moment, was the. Separation, with. The mother of my first three kids so that was a difficult moment it was emotional, you know, he. Just couldn't go on like that he, was ready to do the worst thing. When, suddenly he, recalled the custom of Highlanders, and, a. Little bit like in, the Pacific, Island native. People, there's. A you. Know the, cartoon, and south and they. Associate, the two in your body as as changing. Skin like, a snake change. Snake and skin, in, order to regenerate his. Healthy. Skin only. Emotion. Of the first forty years only my life I asked her to do a. Painting. And then I, went and see my. Friend tattoo artists, and showed him the painting and said I want you to paint I'm on my back. I've. It become a literal another person, and it was then that I realized that I desperately needed, a new challenge I'd love to experience on my own they'd latch that only six Earthlings happen to live through I've got to perform the best stunt of my life.

Seema's Troubles would cease the first space tourists Dennis Tito on the 45th second of the flight, overflowed. With intense, impressions, tato, started, turning his head to and fro simply, ignoring all the given instructions, and got, an unrestrained, vomit, outburst luckily. An American, medicine that most survived had spared in his pocket came to the rescue. After. The docking and him working aboard the station, Tito failed to overcome his exceeding, curiosity, and despite, all the necessary precautions, started. Rambling, around the modules at random, observing. Those childish, rushes of delighted Tito accompanied. By Musa by flying after him in different directions the, American crew members at once nicknamed. The ladder the first space, babysitter. Then, we'll survive drew away from his duties. The. Prostate, mule, okay all of a sudden I felt somewhat subconsciously, that something, was wrong I turned, around and saw Tito's figure just like in binoculars because, the station takes after a huge pipe so, I saw a little man spinning, around. This. The curse could also is that that's one here that Dan is trying to fly over to the communicating, module. Due. To still disturbed coordination, when attempting to pass through it then, it happened to scratch his head badly, against the spring sticking, up for just a millimeter. Yeah. You got any video Julia I've never seen a board a human being with a huge blood bubble on the head both. Way of almost equal size, and then, his blood started, to fly chaotically, about, the station, you, know it's zero, gravity and liquids, never poured down on the floor my, eyes popped, out in terror then. Is himself was as bewildered, by shock so, he was screaming he'll, he'll. Pledge it well of course we. Rushed Apollo. This. Time the whole crew hastened to save then stated, moreover. The Americans, had to thereby violate, their special, view deregulation. It was, forbidden to them to enter in any conversation. With a space tourists it, goes without saying no, aid assistance was supposed in there however. The wound mass never stopped there in 40, minutes the ISS, was to carry out a communication, session, with earth it, was clear to everyone that if NASA, had seen Dennis Tito his, head bandaged, they would make a scene, and demand, his immediate removal, from, orbit. Yes. Certainly. They wouldn't fail to use an excuse, in order to if deported mildly, roll out the very possibility of, future space tourists, fly participation. Making, illusions like remember what happened to Dennis the pioneer. Consequently. The first space tourists, crash had turned, into a political issue besides, no one knew how to sort, things out on the one hand it was stupid enough to sent it out like that on the other hiding, him could also excite suspicion among, the ground-based, authorities, a general. Solution was found a baseball, cap to cover the bandage and the plaster but, Tito refused, to wear it at the session as a pedal label Pizza Hut he's, not a pizza deliveryman he's a billionaire. Will. No wooden key hitter yeah. Well necessity, is the mother of invention so, I said you refined me an insulating, tape instantly. He. Brought it red coloured and scissors then, we take the label so it looked like Red Guards cap band and thank, God Tito, agreed to put it on. Later. On there was a descent from the orbit an emergency. Trajectories, alteration, which caused an enormous overshot, of the initial, landing point then.

Another Trajectory alteration. Applied in order to compensate the, above-mentioned Erich Sevenfold. Overloads, were literally, flattening, out the cosmonauts. Vibration. Turned the dashboard, into a solid, black field one. Could make sure that the first space true is survived, only on the ground. That's me Danny that was your fine. Best. Of all where. I was, in paradise Tito. Was exclaiming, after, landing he was alive and felt like the happiest, a slain. Oh. That's. A no big deal where's mother, the. Next day Tito became a national, hero of two countries, the United States and Russia. Eight. Years later after the first space tourists Dennis Tito's flight NASA, Administrator, Charles Bolden would, arrive at Baikonur, for. The first time in the history of NASA and Roscosmos bilateral. Relations, the. Newly appointed chief manager, the first foreign, trip and right, away to Russia. Charles. Bolden came to the present at the spacecraft's, launch with the crew and the seven space Joyce the board. That. Would mean that there are no more disagreements. Between the two leading space powers. Thank. You thank. You over easy, though. There will no longer be the space tourism in the form it existed, for the past eight years which. Doesn't mean it's the final, chord. The. Poor her charisma. Is a quenching, the age of space tourism is not over. On. The contrary it. Will develop further I'm sure, there. Were a lot of offers to Roscosmos, concerning, different, flight options and space to his variations. Mr.. Policeman, yes pollution. Someone. Would like to buy spacecraft, hiring, a crew commander. Others. Consider, a possibility. Of linking up with the ISS, Roberta. Whereas, the rest plan, to work in the Earth's orbit without docking. Miss, mr. Cook. This, is a prototype of a tourist spaceship, initially. Developed for the military and, named almaas, Dimond in english it's perceived, presently, as the most promising, machine, intended, to carry to the orbit cruise with, already two space tourists aboard. What. The plasma just works right now you can see a shuttlecraft, which, has been tested in space altogether.

There, Were implemented. Nine space flights one. Capsule carried out three, landings successfully, it means that this system is reusable. In. 2015. Such a spacecraft, is to be carried to the launch pad and placed in orbit. De. La liberté, the, salmon space choice has. Symbolically, turned over the dividing, page of space tourism, chronicles, it's, hard time humankind's, started, afresh. What's. The single dangling, in front of you. Sir. It's a weightlessness, indicator, a toy lion my. Kids used to sleep with it so that it could keep home scent during a six-month mission. Liars. And clowns for the first time in the orbit toys. Here come alive and can fly while. Common water turns into magic, balls that, look like tiny transparent, copies, of Earth a brief. Circus, number unexpected, even for the clown who self only, once in season in the orbit exclusively, clowns. Look at the world not your pinky glasses, but waterless, eleiza. Time. Shall pass and people, will be flying into space on trade union chores life. Has slightly amended these words of city acre a loaf in, fact Earthlings, did undertake orbital, voyages but a space tourists, meanwhile. Absorbed, by our daily routine will, never mention that in the beginning of the third millennium, they had come a new era on earth. Madame. Barilla could you imagine your husband clown being an equal terms with professional. Cosmonauts, in space. You. Know you could have had two cosmonaut. That didn't want you. Know a clown to, accompany them, but, they have he brought something new. Something fresh, moving. Ciao, bye bye everybody. I. Get. You're about the only person I'm it doesn't have TV coverage of, the season. They, got the flag up now and you can see the Sun in the flesh someone may come down, are. You getting a TV picture now yep. Neal yes we are getting a TV, picture. At, one of them. On. Fire. Please.

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