Spain Travel Guide | Tips & Local Hacks for Visiting Spain

Spain Travel Guide | Tips & Local Hacks for Visiting Spain

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When I came to Spain and I saw people partying, I said, to myself what. Whether. You come to Spain for the Fiesta in Ibiza SES on the Costa Brava or a fruity tour of San Sebastian this video will, help you avoid tourist traps understand. Spanish cultural do's and don'ts and learn everything you know to make your trip to Spain truly, unforgettable, I'm Alex, I'm Marko and you are watching vagabrothers your, go-to guide for Travel Tips vlogs and inspiration, here, on YouTube now we lived, in Spain for three, years and in this video we're gonna share all the tips hacks and insider information that, we learned while living there so if you haven't already hit the subscribe button and turn on notifications so, you don't miss any videos share, this video with your travel buddies and, get ready to have some fun because. Hello. Again bond whiskey Thank You M so. Holiday, in Spain how, original where are we off to this time magaluf, man authority. Comedy Oh visa. A bit too posh for my liking bah, salona, no it's more subtle than that well. Right. Spain. Is the second, largest country in Western, Europe occupying. Approximately, 80 percent of the Iberian, Peninsula modern. Spain is a product of thousands. Of years of migration, and conquests most notably the Phoenicians, the Romans and more. Recently. The Moors who in the eighth century invade, from Morocco, to turn Spain, into, one of the leading centers of learning in. All of the world a mosaic, of conscience, if you will in precisely, modern. Spain is best described as a nation of nations a legacy of the Reconquista, when the Catholic kings of castile united. All of the different kingdoms to, push out the moss in 1492. 1492. The Year Columbus, sailed the ocean, blue spot-on, in just a number of decades Spain went from being a conquered, occupied, country, into, one of the most powerful kingdoms, in, all of history okay, let's talk where to go the, three most popular cities, are Madrid, the capital which, brings together the best of Spain beachside, Barcelona. Which fuses, the medieval quarter with, the modernist, architecture, of Catalan, born, Antoni, gaudí, and sultry. Sevilla in the south the birthplace of flamenco, Spain is full of distinct, regions, like Catalonia, with the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees the Basque Country a foodie, paradise with, great waves and a unique culture, and. Andalusia. Where, Moorish influence blends. With iconic, Spanish, tradition and of course there's beaches not just the Costa del Sol or the Costa Brava, but the Balearic Islands Majorca. Minorca Ibiza. And Formentera and, the, tropical, Canary Islands, which are actually off the west coast of Africa and unlike, any part, of Spain, if you want more information on where to go and what to do in Spain make sure that you subscribe to our Channel and turn on notifications so. You don't miss the video that we're making about that subject very, soon also, if you haven't seen our eight part series on the basque country or our top, ten things to do in barcelona, check, out those videos as, well moving, on to climate although some of Spain's most popular, destinations, are on the Mediterranean, most. Of the country is on what's called the Meseta an elevated, plateau that's, cold in the winter hot, in the summer and makes Madrid Europe's, highest, capital, the, north of Spain is green because it rains all the time especially in the Basque Country where locals have a specific. Name for their type of rain called, shitty MIDI therefore. When packing, it's best to bring layers especially. If you're journeying away, from the Mediterranean if. You're visiting in the winter make sure you have a warm waterproof, jacket. Although, it doesn't really snow unless you're in the mountains also. Pack a dressy, outfit for going out or just head to a Saeta if you find yourself underdressed. In summer Spain, gets slammed with foreign, tourists, known as Giddy's, while, domestic tourism surges, around Christmas, and Easter, known, as semana, santa which is most, big, in Sevilla, over, tourism, is a serious, problem in parts of Spain specifically.

Barcelona. So. We, recommend traveling, during, the shoulder seasons, September. To November or. March, to May when, the weather is still warm but prices for flights and hotels are much lower than in summer, language, is a tricky. Issue in, Spain you might assume that everyone speaks Spanish, but many regions. Have their own languages. Like, the Latin based languages, of Catalan. And Galician, or, buscetta. The Basque language. The only non indo-european. Language, in Europe, and one, of the oldest, living languages, in the world, Spanish. As we know it actually comes, from the region of Castilla, so people in Spain call it Castellanos. Cassiano, became the lingua franca, of Spain, during the Reconquista, which was led by the king and queen of Castilla. Ferdinand, at Nyssa velvet so calling, Cassiano Spanish. Is kind of like calling English, British if that makes sense because England's, only one part of Britain, these regional. Languages, are central, to many people's, identities. Especially. In the Basque Country in, Catalonia. Where many people, are pushing for independence, from Spain if you try to learn some local words like Kai show hello, and Basque or bone, dia it will be much appreciated by. The locals, now that we've covered the basics let's, debunk, some popular, myths starting, with the one thing that we all seem to associate, with Spain bullfighting. The truth is that not all Spaniards love bullfighting, in fact many, hate it and it's banned in regions, like Catalonia, however it remains popular in more, traditional parts, of Spain and it's probably not going anywhere anytime, soon. Nor. Do all spaniards, dance flamenco, like many things associated with Spain it actually, comes from Andalusia. Specifically. From the Roma people who, originally. Migrated, from India, almost 1500. Years ago and who, despite persecution, have. Added, much to, Spanish culture, especially in, the south Spaniards. Do know how to enjoy life so, many foreigners, assume that life has been easy but the truth is Spain, has faced some serious challenges especially, in the last century, most, notably, the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s. In which the democratically. Elected Republic. Was, overthrown, by the fascist, dictator Francisco, Franco, who ruled Spain with an iron fist until, his death in 1975. Since, then Spain has returned to democracy, had a liberal Renaissance, known as la Movida Madalena, and joined, the European Union, but, the wounds, of the Spanish Civil War that, turned brother against, brother are, still very. Very real, be. Respectful, more, recently, challenges. Include, the 2008. Financial crisis. Known as the, crisis, which, left one out of two, young Spaniards, without, a job which, is why over 80%, of, young Spaniards, under 30, still, live with their parents the, economy, has started to recover but unemployment, and low wages continues. To make life difficult for, young Spanish, people not, all Spaniards take siestas and the tradition actually originated, in southern Portugal, where, was a way for day laborers, to get a rest from the midday Sun typically. You have lunch at home have. A short nap maybe. Take a Paseo a walk around town and then return to work from 5 to 8 p.m. that being said most, small businesses, do shutdown between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. every day, and on Sundays, so plan your shopping importantly, Spain, has to be one of the most fervently, Catholic, countries, in the world it's the birthplace of the Inquisition, the Jesuits, and Opus, Dei and even, though over three-quarters. Of modern Spaniards, identify, as Catholics. Very, few, of them actually, practiced. Religion furthermore, Spain was deeply influenced, by Sephardic, Jews who arrived during Roman times and spoke hybrid of Spanish, and Hebrew, known as Ladino, as, well as the Islamic Moors, who turned Cordoba. Sevilla and Granada into, some of the most advanced, centers of science and learning in all of the world at that time during. The Inquisition these two religions were forced to either convert, to Christianity, leave Spain or die but their legacy has, survived, in many ways Jewish, influence on, Spanish cooking for the, Arabic impact, on the Spanish language a tsukada, a safe fake alcohol any word that starts with a el probably, comes from arabic some.

People Assume that spanish culture is similar, to latin america and while, spain did conquer the vast majority of the americas, the cultures, in places, like Mexico Peru, or Argentina are actually. Blends of Spanish culture with, indigenous and immigrant. Traditions, of course, there are many things that flowed, back to Spain from the Americas, most, notably, looted, gold and, silver, which still, to this day adorn, many of the cathedrals, across the country most, notably, in the little holy. Toledo, not. To mention a love of hot chocolate and the potato which, form a cornerstone, of the Spanish diet, speaking, of diet let's talk about one of the best parts of Spain food, and drink with over a hundred and seventy-one michelin-starred. Restaurants, in Spain and good food at any price point Spain is easily, one, of the best foodie. Destinations, in the entire world before, we talk about where and what to eat let's talk about how to eat specifically, why Spaniards, eat later than other European countries breakfast. Or guest:i you know is a minimal, affair in Spain it's usually just a sweet pastry, and a cafe con leche which is kind of like a latte, or a Cortado, which, is a shot of espresso with, just a little bit of milk lunch known, as la comida, is the, main meal of the day it's served during, the siesta from about 1:00 in the afternoon, until, 4:00 p.m. save money with a menu Dalia a three-course. Meal with, wine coffee, and dessert included. For, around 10 to 15 euros it's, the best deal in the country and, if you're on a budget, timing. The menu that Leah Wright could, carry you through, the full day Spain, is famous for its culture of tapas, which means covers, because supposedly. They, were designed to cover, the glass, of wine for travellers in roadside ends, so they didn't get too drunk before they had to ride their horse to the next village a lot of different explanations no, one really knows where they came from but they're excellent and usually cheap, if not free, at least in Granada where you get a free top-up, with every drink order which is pretty epic, you can eat them for lunch but, it's more common, to have them with a glass of wine at dinner in, the Basque Country they, serve pinchos, similar. To tapas, but a bit more elaborate, and a little bit more expensive however. The best pincha bars in San Sebastian will. Allow you to taste, high-level. Basque cuisine without. Having. To spend the money for a michelin-starred, meal the highest concentration. Of Michelin, star restaurants. In the world are found in Catalonia, and the Basque Country with, more Michelin stars per capita, than anywhere, else on earth, these, restaurants are not cheap they range between a hundred to 300 euros for a 12-course. Tasting menu. Wine, not, included. If you can afford it it's a bucket-list dining, experience, that you will never forget alright, now let's talk about what to eat the essential, dishes to try on your trip to Spain perhaps, the most classic, Spanish dish is the tortilla de patata, a tortilla, in Spain is different than tortilla, in Mexico, it's an egg and potato omelette. That sometimes, serve with onion or chorizo, but best served if it's gooey in the middle you start to see them around ten o'clock in the morning where you can have it with a coffee from a late breakfast, or late. At night they're generally, the tastiest, and cheapest way to keep yourself full throughout, your trip my Yaya is Spain's most internationally. Known dish, but, locals, don't eat it often outside of, Valencia. So if you see it advertised, at a restaurant, in. Or Barcelona, then, chances, are it's probably a tourist, trap, pescetarians. Beware. Traditional. Pas usually, include, quail, and ham, if you want a more traditional seafood. Plate, try, cod, fish known locally, as bacalao, best, served PPG style in bilbao in the Basque Country also. Anchovies. And bonito, tuna, are very, common, especially in, tapas, jamon, is Spanish, for ham cured, ham to be specific, comes, in all different types of qualities pata, Negra is the highest quality and jamon, serrano is, generally, a good quality that's still affordable, locals.

Buy Come on serrano buy the pot that literally a cured, leg, of ham is probably, more economical, and easy to carry if you just get a couple slices of the deli put some jamon on a baguette with some Manchego cheese and, you're golden, even better before you put down the ham and the cheese rub. The bread with garlic, and tomato, and you have Punta Makkah a typical. Catalan, breakfast, that's good any time of day anywhere, in Spain, lastly. An essential, dish is at best Bravo's brave, but they bus crispy. Potatoes, with spicy, mayonnaise now, it's nothing special, but it, is a great way to line, your stomach before. Getting, more expensive. And less filling, tapas, trust. Me there's nothing worse than going out for pinchos or top us spending, 50 euros and coming, home hungry so, do, as the pros do get, de patatas, bravas primero, and then, you, should be good to go with all this good food you'll need something to wash it down now you're probably thinking about sangria, but this is really something that's mostly, served tourists, a smarter, choice is, to try Spain's, many wines which, are high, quality and, low price. On average. About one euro and 25 cents per litre to be exact, here's, an overview of Spain's main, wine, regions, and varietals. The most common grapes are Tempranillo, a medium, bodied red that's, grown largely in the La Rioja, region, in northern, and its name comes from being picked somewhat, early in the season also popular, is God nacho or Grenache which is typically a mixing, grape but can be great on its own cava is a sparkling. White wine similar. To champagne, and it's mostly grown in Catalonia, sherry is very, popular, worldwide but in Spain is called Harris after its town of origin, in Andalusia, other popular, whites are albariño. Which is minerally, because it's grown on the fjords, of the coastal region of Galicia and the naturally, effervescent, chacoly. Which comes from the Basque Country and both chuckle, II and albariño. Go great with seafood most, Spanish beers are crisp lagers, like San Miguel but, craft, beer is making, inroads in major cities hard. Ciders, are popular, in the basque country and a studious, and, students. All over spain love, to pre-party, with a mixture, of coca cola and boxed. Red wine known, as Chi Li mo Chou lastly. Let's talk about one of the most important, things to know before you go social, etiquette do's. And don'ts, do, greet, people both friends, and total strangers, with two kisses on the cheek there's. Nothing romantic about this it's done between everybody but, usually not between gods you're. Not actually kissing, people on the cheek you're kissing like right next, to the cheek you go left side first then. Right side you, make the noise you don't actually do a slobbery, kiss on cheek because that would be weird don't, expect, things to get done at the snap of a finger this is especially important, for people from the United States of America, who expect the customer, to come first in, Spain the customer does not come first and you, will not get anywhere by demanding, things to happen right away remember. If a store or restaurant is, closed it's.

Closed Do, linger. After, the meal is finished, in Spanish, this is called the sobre Meza and it's one of the best parts, about dining, with friends so. Have a coffee or a leek or like a nice or watch out on and enjoy, the conversation. Don't, tip. Too much one, of the reasons you can enjoy the sobre Mesa is because, waiters, aren't trying to turn your table, over to get more tips so, sit, down and enjoy. Food, ladies, do, feel free to go topless at the beach it's legal across Spain and totally normal guys try, not to make a big deal about girls, being topless at the beach it might not be normal in your country, but, you know it's really implied to stare so if you really can't hook it together I guess just put on a pair of sunglasses and try not to be a weirdo for both guys and girls do, expect. To be out late. Spaniards. Usually, dine at around 10:00 or sometimes, even 11:00, p.m. and stay, out all night dancing. Be. From a CSV. File. Unlike the, Spaniards. Drink for a long, time, but they do it little by little so, nobody ever gets too wasted, if you get drunk quickly, or early, you're gonna make a fool out of yourself do, expect, to see a lot of PDA, public, displays of affection, this. Is because young, people typically. Live with their parents and they don't really have a place to go hook up with their boyfriend or girlfriend so. After, the club's close you typically see a lot of people especially in parks making. Out, sometimes. More. Than making out sometimes a lot more than making out last but not least if you want to dive into Spanish, culture, here, are some further resources, the, classic, Spanish, book, is Don, Quixote de, la Mancha consumed, agita, Sanja. Which was the first novel. Ever if that's too dense for you you could read shadow, of the wind by carlos ruiz. Visaphone. A fictional. Story set, in barcelona, during, the Spanish Civil War many. Of the most powerful, stories, from Spain come, from the period of the Spanish Civil War a lot, of them were written by foreigners, like Hamish Catalunya, by George Orwell or, farewell to arms by Ernest Hemingway who, said many of his novels in Spain including. The Sun Also Rises for. Those of you who want a really deep dive into Spanish culture I recommend, the new Spaniards, by John Cooper. It's thin concise, and will tell you everything about Spain Spain. Has a great film, industry, most notably, the films of director, Adam Moldova. Including. Volver, and woman. On the verge of a nervous breakdown also. Great is Pan's Labyrinth, and otro, Apogee dos Vasco's, known, as the Spanish affair, in English, which is available, on Netflix and, documents. The hilarious, story, of a Basque, woman, falling in love with an Andalusian. Man lastly. Check out our Spotify playlist about Spain we have a link in the info box we got tunes from ojos a Brujo facto, de la fille las Flores azules, and Manu. Chao who is actually French, but his parents came from Spain okay, that must be caballos ladies. And gentlemen those are the, things that you need to know before you go to Spain if you have any tips of your own make, sure you add them down there in the comment section, if you enjoyed this video please give it a big thumbs up hit, that subscribe button and, enable. Notifications. So you never miss any of our videos so this is the first video that we've done in this format, so let us know what you think is, there any other information that you want to hear from us are there other destinations. That you really want us to cover let, us know in the comments section and we'll be sure to incorporate it into future videos, alright in the meantime remember stay. Curious keep, exploring, and, we will see you on the road us, yeah more.

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Awesome video. But just one thing “la siesta” is Spanish not Portuguese, in south of Portugal, most exactly in Alentejo people wake up very very very soon or work at night, because its too hot during the day so they work during the morning and after the lunch they usually rest, and the people who do that is normally people that work in agriculture, as I said because is too hot especial in the middle of a field with nothing just cows or a vineyard, the rest of things like shops, bars, cafes or other things have a normal timetable. And nothing closes in Portugal to have a “siesta” that’s not our tradition no one do that here.

I am spanish and I learnt some facts with your video, thank you. Although I wanted to say that we eat paella everywhere in Spain. I live in Madrid and I have had some nice paellas here. We cook paella every sunday in my house and other houses do it too. Some people do kisses in the actual cheek but we don't consider it weird. Everyone does it different haha. Men don't do 2 kisses, we shake hands. It's true that you'll see PDA and when we talk we are quite loud (sorry). Have a nice trip!


this was excellent! love

Glad you found it helpful Courtney! Where would you like us to do next?

I lived in Spain (Madrid) last year from January till the end of July and it was the best experience of my life. I cannot wait to go back...

Can you guys admit you record most of your videos at 4:20 already? Loving the latest two btw.

Nope :)

Gracias Majos, en mi opinion vosotros sois unos de los nuestros.

Mil gracias Joshua!!! Tenemos demasiado amor por España

we(ok l) want more Galicia guys affection and appreciation of Spain is so appealing...nicely done... i would love to see a video about Spanish natural areas and flora and to table agriculture and paradores ....but as always thanks for sharing

I need Galicia in my life again ❤️ - Alex

love the format....learned new things for my trip to Barcelona in October

Thanks for watching Tommy! Couldn’t do it without your continued support. Hope you help spread the word about our channel to your travel buddies! Stay Curious & Keep Exploring!

I your videos on places...lets me learn about where i am going before i go....thanks for all you do

Cheers Tommy!!! Have you seen our Top 10 Barcelona Guide??

Lived in San Sebastián for 6 months!! Great vid, lays it out perfectly.

Nice!!! Living in San Sebastián is such a treat

Awesome! Love d way u talk abt d history of every place u describe! Thanks guys!!

"SUBSCRIBE" through the whole video, you guys are better than that! ..kidding, love your videos & planning to make use this very subject matter next spring actually.

Figuring this video will be seen by lots of new people who aren’t subscribed yet ;) - you will love Spain and spring is a great time to visit, just bring warm clothes and good rain gear

Would love more videos like this dedicated to each different area in spain.

vagabrothers Sounds good. Maybe Portugal next? Going there in a few weeks!

Hahaha so much more history when you get down to a regional level! Almost too much to grasp. We are going to start this series by focusing on countries first then maybe in the future regions. What other countries would you like to see?

It's crazy, im from Spain and they did an amazing job, I even learned something

Jajaja que guay!!

Love the new format so much more informative thank you!!

Awesome that makes us super happy! Which countries would you like next?

I'm actually studying abroad in Seville this fall and this was super helpful!

You are going to LOVE It!! Make sure you check out Córdoba, Granada and Extremadura too!!

If you come to the Basque Country, come to Bilbao not San Sebastian, far prettier

Hombreeeee que no jaja - Bilbao mola pero Donostia es la hostia!!

I loved Grenada! They give you free tapas with your first drink and if you get another drink some places would give you other types of food. One of my favorite places I visited when I went to Europe

Granada has such a cool vibe going on! Love that place!

Holy informative! This is awesome and exactly what I needed before planning my trip! It's great to see the spots you guys check out but this is super helpful too! Love it

Awesome to hear you found this video helpful Leah! Which countries would you like us to make next?


You’re very welcome!!

Did anyone find the Spotify playlist?

This was Vaga Brothers on fire ! Flawless ! Fast paced yet engaging, super informative, fun and creative. Thanks so much guys !

vagabrothers don't think you've been to Vancouver or Vancouver Island yet. That'd be cool ! (I loved my visit there in 2016)

Hahah cheers Alex!!! Many more on the way! Any countries in particular you’d like us to make next?

Aupa Donositia!!

Great tips !! Im form Brazil and living in Dublin and I Loved spain and the ideas and tips was great , could you guys doing one from Brazil . thanks

I'm looking forward to a travel video on Japan.

das Thumbnail is so schön

first 5 seconds was cringe...great vid though

I am genuinely quite curious about the sort of mind-altering chemical, or chemicals, which was, or were, inhaled, snorted, smoked or injected in the minutes previous to the recording of this video. I'm positively mystified. P.S.: The Uralic languages, which are also spoken in Europe, aren't Indo-European either. They are, well, Uralic. P.P.S.: The new format is informative as well as terribly enjoyable.

7:55 Guys, amazing video again, though I would be proud if the SIESTA was originated in Portugal, my country, it´s actually the first time I hear about it! Would love to know where you found this! Please continue producing outstanding content!!

Come to morocco

We have both been but haven’t made any films there yet! Hopefully this December :)

Spanish here lmao

Great video, love the format and learned a lot! Thank you, and congrats on the new gig!

Thank you very much Terri!

pretty please cover Portugal

As a Spaniard I have to say: Great job! really... a lot of youtubers (and people) don't understand all the things you guys perfectly explain... thank you!!


If you want to get into the Alhambra, particularly the palaces, purchase the tickets way in advance. However, if they sell out, you can always look for a hotel nearby. Ours helped us acquire tickets and the room was nice and not unreasonable. And try some Tinto de Verano!

I am Spanish and thanks to this video I will not have to explain again and again the same things about my country. I think you have covered pretty much of it and I appreciate it. I will share this with my English speaking friends. Thanks guys good job!

Muy bien!!!! Loved this video!!! So much great information

i'd love to see one of these videos of Portugal, you guys should come here :D. Love your videos

wow guys !

Come to Braziil

It's awesome Keep traveling and blogging Especially if you can about Ireland

Great content! Thnx

Canarias isn't tropical but subtropical. More like a San Francisco and California than anywhere else.

Yo! My gf is a Spaniard, so August we're going to take a trip and do el camino de santiago so I can learn about her culture! I've been doing a bit of research so I don't embarrass her, and this really helped, especially since you cover the different regions! Love and appreciate you guys, Chris

Very informative!!

Also it help in you look or are white. They are very raices.

CAN you please do Peru in this format? Loved the culture and book insight

I love how well educated you are on this and how clearly respectful you are to the land and people. I would be very proud if someone talked about my country that way!

Hi guys, I had a stomach virus but I am ready to learn about Spain. Love you guys and be safe!!!

Hey just wanted to say love what you guys do and you've inspired/helped me to want to travel and experience new adventures of my own.

Excellent! I wanted to give this more than 1 thumbs up. I’ve hosted lovely students from Malaga for years but haven’t been to Spain...yet.

I am from spain and this video is so good!! Congrats

Que guay! Muchas gracias Maria!!

que bien lo hacéis siempre

Muchas gracias!

Great format and video! Heading to Madrid, Segovia, and Sevilla in 2 weeks. Just imbed the links for the other videos you mentioned next time :)

zafon !!!! love his new book

It was Awesome. Switzerland would be great and more of Italy, love love Italy

Loved the video, more from central/eastern europe would be great

Portugal next please! Even though we are neighbours our countries are quite different. You guys certainly went there when you lived in Spain no? Oh and amazing video as usual!

vagabrothers oh wow, you guys replied! This is truly one of the best channels on YouTube for folk who love to travel and learn about other cultures! Your video about Montreal was what convinced me and my gf to come live here. You guys really changed our lives. A big thank you for that.

We did but haven’t filmed anything there yet - we are gonna wait until we shoot a vlog series there

Thank you so much. I am so happy you made this video and you should totally do more of these types of "complete travel guide" videos for other countries

Many more on the way - which countries would you like us to cover first?

Great Info Guys

Thank you Nick!

You guys, I’m from Spain and this is SO GOOD! So well described (haha the two kisses “they don’t actually kiss”) I wouldn’t said it better! Also very respectful. Thank you for this, I wish every tourist saw this country as you do

Gracias Marta!!

“If you really can’t hold your sh*t together, I guess put on some sunglasses and try not to be a weirdo”

Alex and Marko, your intro was hilarious! Born to entertain and inform! We're planning to visit Spain in 2020 and found your tips and insights super helpful. Thanks also for sharing your literature, film and music recommendations!

I'm surprised Galicia was hardly mentioned in this video especially because one of you lived in Pontevedra!

Whoops, not Don Hemingway’s A Farewell To Arms (set in Italy) but For Whom The Bell Tolls. Informative and fun video as always Vagabrothers.

I'm a Spaniard and I couldn't have described Spain better. Good job guys! Paz y amor!

Spain loves vagabrothers!! Guys, this is your home forever!!

do a travel guide on italy

haaaaaahahaha loved the moment of "Don Quijote de la Mancha y su amiguito Sancho" xD Congrats, a pretty accurate guide, guys. And remember, DON'T EVER EAT PAELLA (or any other rice specialty) OUT OF VALENCIA OR ALICANTE!

cola and wine...eeewww

Loved this style of video!!! Your channel would be the first one I would visit when planning a trip!

vagabrothers If I was to travel to my top two locations it would be Italy and Thailand! It would be amazing to see a similar video on those places!

Aww thank you Shauna. Where would you like us to cover next?

Love this video! Would love this kind of video for south and Central America and especially a bit more in depth about different countries and regions but still good for backpacking around a bit

Sounds like you want a general guide to Latin America? Any countries in specific?

Sorry, where's the Spotify spanish playlist link? Ta.

Love it! More videos like this please.

vagabrothers I would love to see you guys cover anywhere in Southeast Asia.

Where would you like us to cover next?

There's nothing stranger than Basque scenery with flamenco music in the background...

I'm Spanish and find this video quite good and accurate! Well done!

Siesta originally comes from italy. not portugal.


Pretty awesome format, especially for someone who wants to travel soon, I would love to see this video for a destination like the Maldives or bora bora

vagabrothers Thanks for the reply! I would love to share and spread my love for Brazil with this kind of in depth video. But also backpacking through say Mexico through to Panama would be very helpful especially with safety and cultural etiquette etc. So many places to go, so little time! Thanks for great videos and inspiration!

Come to Portugal

Hope to come do a Portugal series spring 2019

man this guide is super helpful! love the cool facts and stuff about spain!

this could not have come at a better time thanks guys

Really cool format, loving the book music & movie recommendation at the end!

love the video! I will be landing in BCN mid august but undecided on how many days to stay! and where else to go, ideally staying 4-5 days in Spain before heading out to Belgium, any suggestions, Thank You!!

What a GREAT video, guys! As a Spaniard, I'm more than glad to finally watch a video about Spain that tells the truth about how we are. Not all Spanish are religious, certainly not all of us take siestas everyday (ojalá) and not all of us love flamenco and bullfighting. I loved every single word you guys said. Gracias por hablar tan bien de España, con sus pros y sus contras. ¡Un abrazo, vagabrothers! :)

Eschucando eso nos hace sentir súper feliz. Muchísimas gracias!!

this was so awesome, I loved it. Spain is one of my favorite countries, and having Spanish roots, I learned a lot as well. thanks for this! Please do one for France and one for Germany. Thanks in advanced!

Well done guys! I'm Spanish myself and I really enjoyed this video, very accurate!! great for showing to my 'giri' friends

The history of Spain learned from the left, jeez. Those who conquered Spain in the 8th century were not the Moors, but the Syrians and Arabs of the Damascus caliphate, from which they soon separated. The North Africans, (because Moor means both Muslim and North African in Spanish) added southern Spain to their empire in the 12th century (the Cid, Charlton Heston?) When the Spanish Muslims requested their intervention, but their power lasted no more than a century in Spain. And what civilization would nomadic tribes from North Africa bring to Spain?, pair of brutes. All this hoax that the Moors built the most cultured civilization in Europe (Constantinople, hello?) Is based on a romantization of the 20th century, pure fable. It was a wealthy civilization because it phagocytized the Roman and Gothic legacy, because it dominated some of the most fertile and rich lands in all of Europe, and also by the slave trade, Christians from the north of Spain and Slavs. The Islamization of Spain was carried out by blood and fire, it is not a part of history that should be romanticized at all.

La historia de España aprendida desde la izquierda, madre mía. Los que conquistaron España en el siglo 8 no fueron los moros, sino los sirios y arabes del califato de Damasco, de cual pronto se separaron. Los norteafricanos, (porque moro significa tanto musulman como norteafricano en español) añadieron el sur de España a su imperio en el siglo 12 (el cid, Charlton Heston?) cuando los musulmanes españoles solicitaron su intervención, pero su poder no duró más de un siglo en España. Y qué cojones de civilización iban a traer tribus nómadas del norte de África, par de brutos. Toda esta patraña de que los moros construyeron la civilización más culta de Europa (Constantinopla, hola?) está basada en una romantización del siglo 20, pura fábula. Fue una civilización pudiente porque fagocitó el legado romano y godo, porque dominó algunas de las tierras más fértiles y ricas de toda Europa, y también por el comercio de esclavos, cristianos del norte de España y eslavos. La islamización de España fue llevada a cabo a sangre y fuego, no es para nada una parte de la historia que debiera ser romantizada.

Do you have any recommendations for getting a Spanish SIM card?

Quite nice, would you be interested in using my music for free? Good work!

Hey, constructive criticism: Stop jumping at the camera with your head that's just scary mate. Hope this was helpful.

Amazing video guys. It came in clutch because I’m visiting madrid in September. Suggestion. Could you do a video of Rio de Janeiro ? Thnx

Good call!! Definitely can as we have been to Rio three times now.

Hi I'm from Spain Thank you, this is a good video that shows my country quite good Anyone in a budget travel group?:)

Amazing video

I love the massive SUBSCRIBE sign at the background on the TV. Is that meant to be subliminal messaging :D?

it is a great video but it misses tips like where best to stay when you visit Spain according to different seasons.


Just went to South America for the first time, and Spain is on the top of my list for places to go next! Especially intrigued by the Basque region. Loved the format of this video!

Awesome format! Had me reminiscing over my own time in Catalunya + Spain. Would love to see a Germany or Scandinavian guide. :)

Many more of these on the way Jordan!

So happy to hear this! You'll be so welcomed in Portugal! Love this vídeo and can't wait for te onde in Portugal :-)

I'm 16 and I just returned from my 6 weeks of solotraveling. These guys inspired me on traveling and I'm really proud of myself. Everything that he says is totally true. At such a young age I understand such stuff and totally agree with him. I'm creating YouTube channel in order to inspire people on traveling. Unfortunately, people are afraid of it but that's one of the best things in the world. I want to ruin this myth and this is my goal for the nearest future. Wish me good luck, brothers :)

On our travels in Spain the northern Castille region had towns where PDA was VERY frowned upon. We saw more than one incident where they were being loudly reprimanded by older town folk(especially Leon). Modesty seemed to rule in those areas. Is this correct?

I’m West Indian so the kissing on the cheek is normal to me. I can’t wait to go to Spain!

Hi Gentlemen, Love all the videos. They've been very helpful in my own travel research! Just out of curiosity, when are you going to make/publish the video about your time teaching in Spain? I'd love to hear your about your experience with the program! Thanks, B

vagabrothers yasss Portugal 2019


You both are talking at two different volumes. I was turning up and down the volume. Please, level volume as you two talk separately. Good vid.

My dad used to drink san Miguel beer in the Philippines then he went a longgggggg time not drinking it when he left the Philippines but many years later he drank it again but he said he doesn't like it much anymore . that's mostly what he drank in the Philippines BC that was his FAV beer

Gracias por enseñar otra parte de España que no es sólo fiesta!


Subscribed! Thanks for the informative video. I’ll be visiting Spain in January.

More videos like this one please!

Are sneakers/streetwear frowned upon in spain? I’ve heard a lot of people say that locals look weirdly upon tourists who wear white sneakers in general. Any tips?

Tell me why they look like the characters from Road to El Dorado

La tortilla de patatas no se toma con cafe, la tortilla de patatas no es un desayuno. Algo típico español es tomar para desayunar cafe, solo, con leche o cortado es el chocolate con CHURROS, es mas típico tomarlo en domingo. Si quieres algo salado para desayunar es mas común tomar tostadas. La tortilla de patatas se toma para comer o cenar, no va acompañada de cafe. Cada uno es libre de comer lo que quiera y acompañarlo con la bebida que prefiera, no hay problema, pero no es algo típico. Yo recomendaria tomar la tortilla de patatas con cerveza o vino tinto, si no bebes alcohol mejor opción agua.

Very creative and imformative. This is my first time seeing your channel and I have enjoyed it, thank you.

Good job guapos!!

Spain is amazing! The new format is amazing!! Vagabros continue to be amazing!!! Thanks, guys.

Thank you Donald!!

Let's get it straight, San Miguel is a Filipino beer. Facts.

One correction. Young Spaniards have always live with their parents till they were about 30, doesn't really have anything to do with La Crisis. Love you guys!:-)

false...absolutely FALSE spanish is spanish because is ONLY 1 country basque country NEVER was a independet country,obviously ctalonia NEVER was a country(in catholic king and queen era catalonia played a minor role in a TRUE important kingdom,the fernando's kingdom named reino de ARAGON)wales was an independent country,ireland is an idndependent country,scottland please give more accurate info...anglo people are so analphabet about spain..and the like this alternative false history because they hate spain form centuries...if not i can't explain myself...

spanish is not from actual region of castilla it is from a territory named cantabria in the north...again stranger people giving wrong info...valenciano is not catalan despite if origin or roots are the same..spanish and italian share same roots and are different lenguages...

I love Spain

Catheria Serapio I found Galicia totally overrated. The architecture is incredibly ugly

Where would you recommend that I move to in Spain to teach? I have $1,500 a month income but I would like to get a residency elsewhere out of the USA.

what are the transportation methods for international tourists?

wrong topic..Spain is not the birthplace of Inquisition ( it was created in Italy and developed in England,France,etc,centuries befour than in Spain) ,neither ( are you preppared for this?) the place where Inquisition was bloodest ( protestant countries were bloodiest so far) should get really surprised if you read their historic documents ( they made account on everything)..get informed about it cause it,s a stigma that we,ve been suffering trough centuries,.INFORM PLEASE

well done,amazing job guys! thank you from Galicia


Most ungrateful, "ALL AROUND Spanish HATING" regions of the nation are always put as "AIM TO" palces for tourists, this is really insulting for both sides, for them, as they deeply HATE anything that has to do with Spain, don't even mention be CALLED Spain....., and for us, as there are so much real SPAIN to promote to always give the best to these ungrateful bunch of evil shameless people that only want to take more and more political advantage of their social breaking extremism. Screw cataluña social discordia creators, screw basq country MURDERERS, VIVA ESPAÑA LA DE VERDAD!

Entonces no te importará q nos piremos de tu mierda de país no???

Very informative! Thank you so much! I'm going next year in August and this summed up a lot of what I should know.

Guys this was a good video but I think you should travel more, 90% of what you said on this video was Basque country, Cataluña and Andalucia

Where is the link to the spanish spotify list?

Hey Guys, if you want to find the best places to visit in Spain be sure to check out this blog. I guarantee you that it'll be a great help to sort a manageable list.

Dudes, thank you so much for this video! My wife and I are headed to Spain this week for a little over a month, starting in Madrid and focusing south, any Youtubers or food folks we should connect with?

You’re very welcome! Spain is great and you will love the south! We don’t know any YouTubers in that area but I am sure there are quite a few in Madrid!

Always say 'castellano' instead of 'español' in Spain... it is the correct way of saying it, but also more respectful. Franco worked towards a unified Spain and neglected the cultural diversities of each region, so saying 'castellano' acknowledges that there are other types of Spanish that are just as important. Also I lived in Valencia for a bit and even over there there are plenty of paella tourist traps - traditional paella does not have seafood or chorizo, it has veggies, chicken, rice and stock. I'd recommend getting out of the city of Valencia and making friends with the locals to taste good authentic food, the restaurants in the city weren't amazing... or join an Erasmus group to learn how to make paella and fideuà.

It is very useful video

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Really nice video , ok one thing, Catholic Kings the Queen was from Castille but the King was from Aragon which included the Mediterranean coast.

vagabrothers Itália!!!

I am basque and i loooove this!

All people in spain know how to speak Spanish

I'm Arabian but that was interesting

The Meseta is much bigger than marked on the map. It occupies a surface area of 400.000 km² which is over 650 m above sea level in average, not to mention the mountain ranges, often over 3.000 m. All of this makes the Iberian Peninsula quite extreme in terms of climate, being pretty cold (and yes, snowy) during winter time and warm during summer. Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts are a different story.

Hi guys, it is funny that you encourage tourists to greet in euskera and in Catalan to the locals, but however not in Galician, when more people in Galicia know to speak Galician than euskera in the Basque region. It’s funnier bearing in mind that, in the big Basque cities, most people speak Castilian. Likewise, that is also the reality in the preeminent tourist destination in the country: Barcelona, not surprisingly for a cosmopolitan, metropolitan city. In fact, it is not Madrid but Barcelona which is the world capital of publishing in the Castilian/Spanish language. Another story is that the nationalist wanna impose Catalan as an tool of their overall strategy for political aims , and by now anyone who knows how to tie up their own shoes knows perfectly well which is that political aim.

La paella si que se encuentra en Madrid y Barcelona pero no es tan buena como la de valencia

espania muy hermoso muy

Simply amazing!

Come check out CUENCA!

This is pure gold, guys! Greetings from Spain :)

The kissing explanation was hilarious

Spain is simply amazing ...nice travel video guide

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