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Hello welcome back to the channel today I'm going to be doing something that I like to do in every country that I visit which is to make a local, recipe. Or a traditional recipe from that country and today we're doing Spanish. Sangria. Us tourists love to drink it I don't know if the locals actually, drink it that often if you're from Spain comment that below very, curious about it but it, is made from wine and I like a good drink so. Now. Right after this I'm going to be going out to Barcelona. Checking out some sights at some more Antony Gaudi sites which is a architect. From the late 18-hundreds, early nineteen hundred's here in Barcelona and I've made some sweet, modern. Style buildings, in a park and other amazing things like that just kind of checking out Barcelona in general so sit tight after this we're gonna go have some fun so, the ingredient you're gonna need is like all of wine, any wine will do really with sangria and orange, a lemon, some, cinnamon sticks and some, type of sugary, substance like, agave, syrup is what I use today but. You can use pretty much anything and then, some. Fizzy carbonated, water if you want to have a little fizz to it now that didn't come around until like later on after, sangria was invented, but I think, it's a nice addition to sangria so squeeze, out all that orange juice into a glass and then you'll, want to squeeze out all the lemon, juice into that glass as well and make, sure that you peel some pieces of the orange peel and also some of the lemon for. Some extra, added, you, know zest, to, the sangria for later then get out your sangria pitcher now if, we are at an Airbnb and, so this like, interesting. Pitcher I, think it's a picture it has a hole in its mouth and like, it, looks like one so maybe, it's not but it's, all I have so we're gonna use that to. Make. This angry and so, add all that juice to your sangria pitcher add all of your bottle, of wine add your orange peels add your lemon, peels add a little, agave syrup or sugar, of, your choice add some fizzy water if, that's how you're feeling and lastly, add the cinnamon sticks stir, it all up and refrigerate. For about, two hours. Once it's done get it out and Dorit, and. Laughs I, love, how my sangria it looks like the tiger is puking. It, really adds to the minds you, know and. There you have it guys some sangria I used like. A lighter rose a wine so it's a little on the light side but you can use darker red wine like Cabernet and, it has a darker. Red color. To it but it was delicious and we, loved it welcome, to today our first stop is Parc g├╝ell or Quay. So. This park actually was originally a residential, area so well. You, know the bourgeoisie, that Anthony Gaudi worked with all the time the rich guy basically that funded a lot of his projects, decided. To buy this area this land and build a residential. Area for 60 different houses built. Within like a beautiful landscape in a park and everything like that of. What he saw in London, actually really like the idea so he's like let's bring it to Barcelona and they took 14 years and they built what you're gonna see when I go on the tour in. That amount of time they built three houses and that's pretty much it no one to move here they said it's too expensive for what it is it was too far away from the city so no one wanted to live here all right so you went on a guided tour and I'm going to tell you all about it so this, is a viaduct. It helped drain the rainwater and he, made it to look like it was just an extension of the mountain he even used the mountain, stones, to, build it and this, is supposed to look like a cave there was only one tree in the park before they. Constructed. It and it's this tree right here this, was the entryway, where people would come in and go, up the stairs to go visit their friends, and this. Part right here is the, farmers, market, or it was supposed to be where the farmers market would have been held typical, gaudi architecture I think super. Cool super interesting, as you can see we are loving, it and look at those sweet bluetooths.

That's, How we got to here the guide, here is another viaduct, it's so cool it looks like a monster's cave or something this actually, was the palace that guell lived in but now it's an elementary school I want to go to this school here. Is the view from on top of the Farmers Market area, you can see the house, where the. Visitors used to go into and they would visit or where, they would have if it would have actually become a residence, and then, where that guard lived. And he would watch people come in. And this is the salamander, who everybody, wants to always take their picture with he, kind of like guards the entrance to, the park all right that was amazing. Now we're just walking around taking pictures for Instagram and, stuff like that you know with the famous, salamander. Which is like a mosaic piece that Gaudi, put in the, main entrance and, some. With different. Like areas of the park really cute like she's probably already seen it follow me on Instagram if you don't who, are you it's, just amazing photos here you gotta check it out I post there daily said, I waiting for these old vlog ease to come out um but. Yeah we're headed to. That. Was one of the example. Houses here, so they built a showcase house to try to get people and promote people to live in the park and this. Is one, of them that they built and Gaudi, moved in when the park failed because no one wanted to live there so he's like I guess all over there so he lived there with his dad in his meets apparently, which is not interesting, and here. Is the front of the house 1. 2. 3. 4 5 maybe says six person like couch bench, would think this one is from Casa bacio, you guys remember that one the one like the Mediterranean Sea if you haven't seen that blog yet you got to see it so apparently, he started out designing things the way they. Were traditional, and he didn't really experiment, too much in his first like few, houses and furniture and stuff in that that's. Though it's like it's a little experimental, but he kept pretty traditional but then. The, turning, point was Casa Kelvin that's when he really started kind of you know doing his like experimental. Like, Gaudi. Esque designs, and then from then on he was like I'm gonna do my own thing I think, that she with a lot of things like you gotta have to go it's like what's popular what's the norm at first even if you like have more ideas just like you're, either too nervous to like branch out or, you. Want to kind of do what people tell you to at first but then you know you kind of find your own thing like I think that's the same with like music, you know like you find your own sound and then you go with it but at first you just kind of want to copy like Martin, garrix or something I never been and. That's pretty, much how he was with his design so, it's. A tale it's time so, this is his little. Porch. Area, and check out the view that he had of. All of Barcelona, oh so. Nice this is Gary's bedroom. Simple. So. He has this little where he can kneel and pray every day and then, he doesn't need much in his room because he's a simple, man of sorts this is the altar, room that he had in his house now this is a picture of an altar that he actually created in, well. A winery chapel which is kind of interesting so want another one in gueules projects, but they wanted to show you what it would look like because this is the actual altar from it they brought to. This house here's some pictures of the construction. Of the park you. Can. See the entrance where we just were, right, here, this is the house that we're in right now these are objects that were actually, antony's, now when, this house was sold all this artifacts, were also sold but friends donated, them back to the museum which is cool so you can kind of see some of his stuff absolutely, loads being in his house I was like he lived here for 20 years I can't believe we get to be in here it's so cool there. Were only a few rooms with a few things but I enjoyed everything we got to see but now we are headed to cost of the sends, another, house that Gaudi, designed, here we are I, don't, know anything about this place so. We're gonna find out more when, we go inside so far amazing. Exterior, so I know. I know, that's. True does look like it's made out of leg it's Lucas this is the first ever, designed. House by gaudi in 1883. At 31 years old he designed it for a stockbroker a stockbroker, summer home here in barcelona now he used all. Different kinds of influences Japanese Catalan, Islamic, type of architecture as you can see it was before he really got into the modern type of you, know experimentation. Because, it's his first and and they say everyone, has a beginning and this is gaudi's, beginning I really like the colors I mean this is kind of up my alley I'm kind of into it.

I'm, Going inside, but I just can't get over how cute this color is the, teal. Wow. Are, we even I mean I guess you're supposed to, okay. There we go, so here is the original, house. This. Is what we're inside right now you can see it a little bit better this is the dining. Room and they even still have all the original paintings. You're. Actually close to one right now. Wow. And the details. Of the ceiling. Oh. I. Want this. It's. Too cool oh my gosh look at the fireplace okay I just noticed that the, ceiling, right here looked like little pink seashells, they're, actually indented, but on video, and pictures it looks like they're actually curved. Owl which, is interesting. Optical, illusion and out of those Lucas's, chillin and the porch well. Fountain right there. Look. At how cool ceiling, of epicness I mean. It's to be expected. This was the smoking-room. Kind. Of a cool. Like. View from this bedroom down, the street this, is what it looked like he wanted to make sure everything was an extension of the garden, so, he made sure put lots of flowers. Flora. And fauna on. The ceiling, and, on, the walls what do you think the room was used for. Contemplation. Let's. Contemplate. Lucas. Decided, to contemplate, on the other side of the contemplation, room. You. Guys know by now Gaudi, did the rooftops right this is his first house and it's still epic and look. Lookout, tower he said to be able to contemplate and to look out across 19th century barcelona obviously. 21st century barcelona you, don't see us far because. The buildings are taller than they used to be but, it's, a good time we made it into the contemplation, tower. You're. Contemplating I, can't. Believe it we both got contemplation, seats. Lucas is then contemplating, I contemplated. It's different it's funny because there's not as many places and ruins it's not like Scotland no Scotland, was all ruins this place is all everything restored. And done right. But. I, know but the cool part about the ruined castles, in Scotland is that like no one was there and we got to like go, through the entire dimension you, can imagine you can touch stuff but, the next one we're going to is very typical Gaudi because he was able to do it like a little bit further into his career so so tight guys we're going to Palau. Well. Or well, Palace I'm more probably saying you're honest.

This. Mansion was made for like his number one like, number. One bro so, the guy that really started all this really rich guy who employed. Gaudi to make Park well which you've heard of but this is Palace well so this is actually the house of well I think these, are all the things I think but, going in I'm probably gonna learn more and we'll update you guys on that but it's. Extremely, cool it's awesome it's. Cool, let's. Check it out like, more of a there we go. Okay. You can see the building a lot better with the model here so that's. Where we were and then this. Is what it looks like this is where the horses would, go I. Mean. Here's, the main entrance it's pretty awesome look, at these doors, what. This. Window. Lucas, is already going in. Whoa. What. Do you think of this place. It's. So cool this is my outfit of the day I'm, listening to this tarou right there this is well himself whoa. Look. At. That's. The dining room in there I'm gonna check it out later this. Is the piano room. Lucas. Likes the piano you can tell look, at how this used to look like with furniture in it it is. And. Then of course this is what it looks like now without furniture. Still. At that commit. This. House is like really well preserved here's the dining room, it. Is epic, I. Love. A good palace. You. Guys now whoa what. Here. Is the. Pool. Snooker. Table. Where they used to the, kids used to hang out and play and also have. Their painting from here you can see the. The. Piano but. They used to play during dinner time this, place is so gothic, and so cool but so modern and so crazy look. At the ceiling, look. At that ceiling it, goes all the way into here. Look. What. What. Is this. And. Then they have the stained glass windows. This. Is where the visitors would hang out before they're invited, in. All. Right we'll invite in Lucas and. Then they got to go in to. The grand. Area. Wow these are painted, doors. So. Cool. Oh. Apparently. This used to be the chapel. And. There was like a altar. Behind these doors, we. Made it to the roof and, check it out all the fireplace. Area. What, are these called at the end of a fireplace anyway, Jim, nice man there it is they're, so cool they're, so cool yeah, always. Always. The, rooftops are just so cool and Gaudi houses, I, am loving, this one I think, that one's cool yeah what is this.

Grapes, Maybe, the, roof. So. Cool. Okay. So how did you like the more Gothic. Style modern, compared, to the other ones we saw in the last long again I keep, feeling like his designs, are like Gotham City Gaudi so cool this one was. Kind of interesting because it, was like a mixture between like, what, we saw in the UK with like the wood okay yeah oh, my gosh yeah I did seem like an actual palace the other ones are just called like Casas, mansions, and this was actually called a palace and I think, you can tell the difference the money and maybe I don't know. Listen. To the birds here, they're. Going crazy, are they there in like the trees no, we're in Playa del Rey out I'm. So, butchering, that but here. Apparently. It's some lamp posts that Gaudi designed and I think you can kind of tell by the look at them. Look. At this I also took an Instagram photo right here because, come on yellow, building, palm trees about all. The elements of the best Instagram. Photo ever had. -. We. Have made it to LA Cathedral. The Cathedral of our cilona and it. Was built well started building in 1298. And finished in 1450, so it's old and I'm, gonna show you around. This. Very old but very awesome. Cathedral. Is built. In the Gothic style so it's super cool look at the ceiling. It. Is. Really. Cool in. Person it looks more gothic than on camera, actually. But. You guys can't see the details maybe as much but it's huge there are tons of these side chapels, for different Saints look, how ornate. They. Are. It's. Like whoa so, this area is from 1519, this is where the bishop would have sat right here and, then all the people in the meetings that, need. To discuss things, but. Right now it's used for the choir mm-hmm, that's. Pretty cool. Checking. Out the detail good, man the. Detail. 1519, vibes it makes you want to learn how to sing so you can sit here so, the cool part about this, cathedral is that you can go up on the roof and, it's not that scary, which is nice gonna see if it's too scary I get free scary like say it falls in London that. One scares, me but check it out we'll use Barcelona. On. The wall here are, the crypts of the counts of Barcelona, from. 1058. I don't. Know if they're still in there. But. That's. That's. Them thirteen. Geese to, remind us of the age at which their, patron, saint Yulia, and I'm probably saying that wrong was. Martyred, murdered. Both. This one with the little mohawk, they, all kind of little Mohawks actually. They're. Sleeping, this is sleep times. So. I hear Candide, we're going in here it, looks like a hole in the wall but it has great Google reviews and I think it's gonna be delicious. Welcome, to tapas, part 2 this. Time. Sangria. Potatoes. Okay. We were with the patatas, bravas, and the patatas, a holy, which. They, don't skimp on the sauce and that, is music by Lucas was favorite thing in the world is the sauce he's going in he's, going in. Alright. I forgot to take a picture of the salad but I've already started going, after it with tons of veggies and then, the just got these toast. Us toast, us little. Sandwiches, with. Brie and ham. And dates, so good. That, was like insanely, delicious Lucas, that's. Too good I can't even talk about how, I. Don't either where are we going what are we doing we just went and got, some local churros, and hot. Choc, you. Dip the churros and the choc hero pain Lucas, says he, is ready oh yeah. That's some thick chocolate, right, there mm-hmm, I know you know how to do this you just.

You. Just dip it in and then you take a bite okay. Capably. She's like only one we're like yeah, oh. Man. That looks good. Is. It everything. It's. A really hot choc yeah. It's. Pretty hot. One. Last look for you guys we're. Gonna finish your us by. In the old area of Barcelona you, have to travel down little. Tiny, like. Walkways. But apparently, still, allow, razor. Scooters. And. Cars which. Is very surprising but. They're super confusing so, we've been, getting. Slightly lost throughout some of them but there oh so, magical at the same time.

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@Sybranax OHHHHH good call! And great idea!!

@Lauren Z Ray oh wait, i'm talking about the recipe actually

@G4V That is SO true!!

@Lauren Z Ray Haha! I love Sangria too, as it reminds me of holidays/vacations chillin' by the pool

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