Special Planning & Development meeting of October 1, 2018, 7 p.m.

Special Planning & Development meeting of October 1, 2018, 7 p.m.

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Good. Evening ladies and gentlemen in the, immortal words slightly. Modified of the, Alan Jackson song it's seven o'clock somewhere and I'm calling to order this, special meeting of the Planning and Development Council. Of the town of Oklahoma we. Have regrets from councillor, Gittings, are, there any declarations, of pecuniary interest. Madam. Clerk I see none. It. Sounds like feedback is going to be constantly, right. At the edge of the range here counsel, we need a mover, and seconder to resolve in a committee of the whole councillor, elgar councillors chinna all in favor and. Council, has now resolved, into committee the whole where my, rules are somewhat relaxed, to permit more discussion, and accommodate. The public. There. Are no consent or confidential, consent items, tonight. The. First public hearing item. Is. The public meeting and recommendation, report on the zoning bylaw amendment, for the Ontario Zoroastrian. Community foundation. At, 1187, Burnham, Thorpe Road East and. This. Is a matter that's been before us before, first. I'd like to know if there are any members of the public with. Information on, this file for council. Any. Members, of the public with comment, on this file. Seeing. None council do you need a refresher presentation. Councillor. Adams it's in your ward, thank. You very much I'm quite. Familiar with the application I've been working, with both, staff and the applicant on it and I don't, require the a the. Presentation, unless there's some additional information that needs to be brought forward and. With that I'd be happy to move the in addition of staff other, members of council is everyone in agreement with that approach, shall. I put the vote all. In favor opposed. If any that's carried congratulations. To everyone involved in that the. Second item is the public meeting and recommendation, report for, the temporary use amendment, from Marta Lac estates at 1359. Dundas, Street West and. We. Have a presentation. From Charlie McConnell, and. No. Are. There members of the public with information for, Council on this matter. Anyone. From, the public with comment, on this matter. Mr.. McConnell. We're. Ready for your presentation. Yes. Sir unless somebody, needs the presentation, I don't need the presentation, and neither is my counterpart to accounts. Or lungo, this. Isn't a matter, that's familiar to counsel is any member of Council wishing. To have a refresher, presentation. Mr.. McConnell this is your your. Night. Councillor, elgar does that mean you're about to move something be, pleased to move this Thank, You discussion. Shall I call the vote all those in favor opposed. If any none and that is carried, as well congratulations. To everyone on that matter. We. Now have a discussion item item number three which is the recommendation, report and zoning bylaw amendment, for. 103 Dundas, corporation, and, for. This one I'm. Certain. We have a delegation and I, believe, that it would be useful to have a presentation, from our. Planner our senior planner Robert Thawne mr. Sun we're all ears, with. The proviso that this, is really for the benefit of public councils very familiar with the file. Okay. Thank you worship if I can just get this cursor. To start working. There. We go. Thank, you mayor Burton and members of council, this is the recommendation meeting, for a zoning bylaw amendment application submitted, by 103 Dundas. For. A development, at 103 Dundas, Street West of, an. Eight story building. 155. Units, residential, in nature the. Report can be found on page 121, of tonight's agenda and. Just for. Councils. Information, since the statutory public, meeting back in, October. Of 2015, the, applicant, has acquired a little. Bit of extra land approximately, 390, square metres from, the easterly, neighboring property, which was owned by madam e in, your staff report it, is referenced as block six and that.

Block Six is strictly for servicing. And pedestrian, access only no, vehicular, access, no built form on it. Staff, are presenting, the recommendation. Tonight. For this application. The. Air photo identifies. The application area and its contacts, with the surrounding, area, and the photo below it reflects, a view from Dundas, Street West. Looking. North through, the subject. Property towards. Canning trail, and. As you can see from the air photo and the photo itself. Dundas. Street is to the south and there, are detached dwellings, to the south to, the west there is existing, Bell. Canada facility. To. The north are detached, dwellings, on the north side of Kaeding trail and newly. Built townhouses, on the south side of Keating. Trail and, to, the east is vacant, land owned by madami, development, which is also. Designated. Dundas, urban core. Block. Six that, I previously, referred to is a small, little, I'll. Call it finger in this, location right here for. Councils information, that. Is a portion of the property that they picked up from Mattamy. From. The secondary, plan and Zoning perspective, and I'm going to give you a little bit of background before, we get. Into the secondary, plan back. On June 2nd, 1999. Regional. Council adopted, rope at 8 regional, official plan amendment number 8 there are some councillors that still remember rope, 8 and in. Doing so it designated, North old fellows in urban area it. Also set population. Employment, targets. That. Urban area designation, still remains today in the region's Official Plan, Dundas. Street has designated as a major arterial. And. Is also a higher order transit, corridor, and. From. The, application. Perspective we did receive comments, from regional staff on August 28 they had no objection, to the zoning bylaw amendment, subject. To the three holding provisions, and those are captured in the zoning. Bylaw amendment before council, from. A local perspective many. Of the councillors, are aware. That the subject property is governed by the policies, of the North Oakland East secondary, plan that. Secondary, plan was approved in, 2008. January, 11th 2008. By. The Ontario Municipal Board that. Plan. Set out the community vision its structure. Sustainable. Development strategy, a community, design strategy. The land uses, and Community, Services framework and, also a growth management, strategy. So. In, short the, site is designated Dundas. Urban core. Consistent. With everything. That had preceded, it through the planning process. Specifically. Section, seven six five two outlines, of the permitted uses and it, does include medium. And high density residential. In. Addition, section. Seven, six five three does. Stipulate, that the maximum height for, Dundas. Urban core development is eight stories. The. Site is owned existing, development, and D, u C which is Dundas urban core special, provision number two, that latter special, provision related to the land they picked up from Mattamy. Specifically. The development concept. Prior. To that the statutory public, meeting was held on October 7th 2015. I had meant as I would mention since. That time. The concept, has evolved to what is before council tonight, which. Reflects, an eight-story residential, building containing, a hundred and fifty five units, so, the t sheep t-shaped, building in gray right here is. Eight stories and 155. Units. 190. Surface, and below grade tent parking, spaces are accommodated. And 34. Visitors, parking spaces are accommodated, on the site and that, parking reflects, the maximum, rated, number of parking spaces as per the north all flows owning bylaw, so, they've maxed out on their parking.

Vehicular. Access will be from Dundas Street West via, a shared. Driveway in the bottom left-hand. Or right-hand corner. Here. Consent, applications. On behalf of madam e and the landowner are already that, have already been submitted and circulated. Pedestrian. Access and servicing, infrastructure, to Keating trail in within, block six so in this location, right here and as mentioned there's no structural development house. Wise that, is proposed to bill there there's strictly for the services, and for pedestrian, movements. Sanitary. Infrastructure, will be connected, to Dundas, Street so it'll go south. The. Water and, storm. Will go to the north. Creating, the water loop and from, a stormwater management perspective, the water going north to Katy Trail goes to the pond to the on the west side of Preserve drive. Bylaw. 2018. A team was, created to reflect this development, and can be found on page 187. Of tonight's agenda in. That the matter is being dealt with in a zoning bylaw relate to the. Westerly, side yard setbacks, the rear yard setbacks. Accessible. Parking, we've included three, additional, parking, spots for that, permissions. For rooftop, terrace and tandem parking and, also the holding provisions, that were requested, by the region of Halton. From. An elevation perspective, the slide before counts right now is the conceptual, plan you'll see that as 8 stories. It. Terraces, back or steps back on the north side in this, location here from the, residential. Development on Kading trail and Dundas, Street is to the south. Staff. Will continue to work with the applicant through the site plan process to further. Address. Matters through the site plan process. Matters. That have been addressed in the report both. Comments, verbal, and written from. The public were, received through the process in, the last three years and, also there was a recent, email that should be on councils table, from. A resident south of Dundas Street. The. Email basically. Raises. Several points I have captured most, of those within the staff. Report already with regards, to height. Access. Noise. When. It comes to the Sun, shadow study that. Was undertaken and, the property. In question from, this resident, is not affected by it. We've. Also looked at the various, technical and agency review, process, matters, those are captured within a zoning bylaw it. Is consistent, with and conforms, with the PPS the growth plan the Regents Official Plan as I'd mentioned previously and, also, from an urban design perspective, urban design staff did a look at this and it's, satisfactory, and there, is a condition. Being. Put forward for recommendation, related to the urban design brief.

So. In conclusion your worship staff reporting forward the recommendation. With regards to the application. As. You see before you there also included in the urban design brief recommendation. And. Several. Other recommendations. For councils consideration, so. Your worship and members of council that concludes my presentation and, available. For questions if there are any Thank, You mr. stone first council I misspoke, we don't have a delegation I was thinking of the email, that's on your desk and. Concern. All I wonder if I could beg, permission. To go first I have, a question for mr. thong going. Back to the 1999. Origin, of this I. Happen. To have been an appellant. Of. OPA. 198. At, the Ontario Municipal Board. Not. Of ropa, a. And. I. Believe that staff were involved, in the OPA, 198. Appeals. And. I, wonder I just, want to recall for everybody that. In. The OPA, 198. OMB. Case which was about saving the green space north of Dundas. Early. In the hearing the, lawyers for the developers, got a motion, before. The member. Of the board who was deciding, things asking. The member to, declare. This. Little, slogan. Which was then used almost. Every other day and they're proceeding in the Proceedings ropa. 8 rules. And, the. The idea of the motion was to get off the table any, ability. To argue against, regional, official plan 8 and, and. And, restrict, everybody, to only talking about OPA 198. And ropa. 8 was, the decision, to expand, growth. North of the highway, 5 so. When you said. Which. Is the preamble, for this question so when you said. That. In 99 the residential, and job targets, and other matters, were, set by the region in ropa 8 & quot I heard you say and it is still in effect, you. Mean that ropa 8 still rules don't, you. The. Urban area designation, in the population, of employment targets established, in. 1999. Are. Still. In place and are being used as. Part of the 2009. Official. Plan for, the region it. Was the basis of further. Official plan amendments and not to put too fine a point on it the. Region, is. The boss of the town when it comes to land-use planning matters. We. Don't get to. Ignore. The region's plan. We. Cannot ignore the region's plan, thank, you very much councillor, Knoll. Thank. You worship that whole conversation was giving me PTSD, frankly, but I. Have a couple of practical questions about the actual site, I've been involved on this file for a while with respect to the. Traffic. And. Access, to the site so I just want to clarify what I'm hearing so the axis, this property, is strictly right in right out off of Dunn does, that. Is correct and its location and, that that additional finger, is you refer to it at the top is is and, how is that going to be see because that provides the emergency. And service, access correct, it'll, all no emergency, and service access will be from Dundas Street really yes. So. As a pedestrian servicing. Component, there so what is what, is the finger for then. It. Is for stormwater management the, pipes it is for the, water. Services and, also a pedestrian, access. Okay. So no every if, I'm, a councillor from, a stormwater management perspective. The. Grades are being bucked so that the storm flows are, captured, on the site and pumped, to cating trail yeah so by gravity, fee they will go down to the pond a preserve Drive okay absolute. Confidence in the stormwater management piece, of this I am concerned about the access, so we were never able to reconcile. Any kind of secondary. Access, off the internal roads for service. Vehicles or emergency vehicle, No. Wow. Okay. Is this do we have any other properties like this along done des that are in the same kind, of configuration, where their only access is right in right out. Properties. For, me. You. Have property, that's owned by Anatomy in this location right here right you, have a property, that's owned by the previous, landowner, was grandi I'm not sure who the new landowner is right here to the south of the stormwater management pond, that'll. Be an interesting situation how, that gets it and it, will be from Dundas Street only. And. There. Were there's, no issues with emergency.

Service Providers everything is I didn't see any comments for anybody in the you know what will happen what will happen along. Dundas Street there will be knockdown medians, the, railroad. For. Access okay okay, but that's strictly for emergency access that wreck there, will not be pedestrian, right, or left in going, eastbound, so. For clarity if somebody is going westbound they can pull into their driveway if somebody's going eastbound they have to basically go, all the way around a couple kilometers to get to their unit yep. Staff. If you recall counselor, we tried work I know on a street, and different. Versions of that and the, information that was provided to, regional. Staff that. Was not supportive, so they said, right in right out why wouldn't support full, moves on that access, either because I think that's that it goes against the plan, for done des is. There any opportunity, for additional access, when the adjacent, properties are built. Does, anything as, does a neighboring property, on the, west, side have, access. To key is a cating trail there's. Property, this. Property right here yeah that is belt that's, about oh that's the Bell building and there are townhouses built as you can see from the air photo there's townhouses built on the north side already. So there's no opportunity, for additional Wow. Okay, thank. You, oh one, more thing just just for absolute clarity because I know we have the email and one of the concerns the resident, had and we had this down, the street when we were approving the other. High-density. Building so just, for clarity, the 8 stories is as of right based on the, negotiated. Settlement of the North Oakville secondary, plan age stories is as further north ophélie secondary, plan right so that's really not in question tonight whatsoever, and it, does, the same goal for the density on the site the density is as of right the. Density that they proposes, as of right okay thank you very much mr. fun. I have. Requests, to speak from councillor Elgar and councillor, grant councillor, elgar. Councillor. Grant courtesy. To the ward thank you very much I'm actually going to dovetail on these. Safety. Concerns, I'm assuming, at this point most, of this information has been circulated, for a site. Plan application. They. Are waiting for the site plan circulation, to be pre-con. To. Has. Anything come back yet from the. Fire department or any of the services as we. Were working through this process right here their concern was basically, to make sure that the Dundas Street ability, to go east, into. The site was. Available there and that, has been conveyed to the regional staff already through their design, okay. Well I guess we'll see that it's a claim then thanks very much thank you, councillor. Elgar. Thank. You very much first, question was asked by councillor Knoll the second question is I've, heard a couple times tonight bandied, around the word targets, instead of the word forecast. Should. You did you mean it was, a forecast, as per schedule three, their forecasts, and not targets. The. Word employment, in and residential, targets came from 1999. The regional official plan amendment number eight they. Were targets, as to, what the region as a whole were. Required to do. So. Which. Takes precedence then going forward is it the forecast, that's in our places. To grow act or is it ropa. 8ro. Pain is 1999. Correct, that's dated, that's dated so it is forecast, now. Well. You, can use the word forecast in 1999. Right. Now we have our targets, through the livable Oakville plan that we are through the North Oakville East secondary plan that we have to achieve, you've. Got places to grow the, 72, units per factor, yeah. Those are targets, that I've dealt with in this in the staff report so. That it achieves so the tart you see HIV it's the ratio between. Densities. And employment. Versus residential, but, the for size nothing this has nothing to do with employment their, residential nature is Jack the residential, that, is correct so, it's not a forecast, it is a target, I. Like. Well there's quite a there is a total, difference one for targets, or minimums. Forecasts. Are exactly, that they're forecast as per the growth growth plan Jane. Through. You mr. Merrick the. Language. Has changed in 1999. The region did refer to them as targets. But, at this point in time it's the growth plan language, that we're using and it, considers future, forecasts. Of population. So, that is in the current planning, terms the, correct term that we would use would be forecasts. There are only targets, relative, to density for specific, areas that is applicable in the growth plan and now in our plan so, it's just a change in language from, 1999. To the current current, languages forecasts, I thank, you very much for that thank you. Thank. You counselors. Any, other questions, is.

There A motion. Councillor. Knoll is moving their staff recommendation. Shall I put the question all in favor opposed. If any and that's carried. That. Brings us to recommendation. Report number, for the Official Plan Amendment, and zoning bylaw amendment for the impressed Capital Group North, Service Road West and. We. Have a presentation, from, Charlie, McConnell all. Right and we, have a registered. Delegation, from Bruce hall representing. The proponent, and I, will I will. Ask. If. There's any members of the public with information for, Council on this matter who, would also like to provide, comment. Anyone. At all, thank. You mr. McConnell we're all ears all, right thank you mayor Burton and members of council this. Presentation, will provide an overview of the recommendation, report which can be found on page 145. Of tonight's agenda. The. Subject lands are located, on the south side of north service road, west west, of Kerr Street qe off-ramp, the, lands are triangular, in shape with, an area of approximately point. Six. Eight hectare, and are, currently vacant. The. Applicant proposes a site-specific official. Plan amendment and zoning bylaw amendment to permit the development of a 7-story. 114. Room, hotel the. Subject lands are designated, and zoned core commercial by the livable, Oakville plan and, zoning, bylaw number. 2014. - Oh 14, the. Core commercial designation, and corresponding. Zone do not allow, a hotel as a permitted use the. Purpose of the Official Plan amendment, therefore is to create a site-specific exception. To allow a hotel, as a permitted use on the subject lands. Similarly. The, purpose of the zoning, bylaw amendment is to create a site specific. Provision. To permit the proposed hotel as they, use in to allow site-specific performance. Standards, to implement, the proposed site layout. The. Proposed hotel would contain, again 114. Hotel. Rooms amenities.

For Guests including a lobby fitness, center breakfast, area outdoor, patio, indoor. Swimming pool and. Meeting. Facilities, vehicle. Access is provided through the proposed, new, right, in right out driveway, along North Service Road west and the, majority, of the 95 surface, parking spaces are provided, at the rear of the site in. Addition a secondary, access has been proposed, that would link the subject lands, with the adjacent commercial, development, known as doorbell, crossing. So. These are just some, elevation, views of the proposed, to the hotel. So. A public information meeting was held on May 29th. 2018. And a statutory, public meeting was held at. The Planning development council meeting of July 9th, 2018. No. Members of the public attended, either of those meetings, members. Of the Planning development council, approved a resolution that. An analysis, and response, to the range of matters shown on this slide be included, as part of the recommendation, report a detailed. Response have, been included in the staff report beginning, on page 18. Revised. Supporting, information was submitted by the applicant on August 1st 2018. And an September, 12. 2018. So. The introduction of a hotel into the core commercial zone does not undermine the principle land use objectives, of the core commercial, land use designation, which, promotes the concentration. Of commercial, facilities, serving a broader regional, community, along. Major arterial, along. Major arterial. Roads with, proximity to major highway access, the. Site's frontage, on north service road immediately, adjacent, to the QE off-ramp, and the, hotel's traditional, draw from a broader traveling, public satisfies. Many of the functional, characteristics of the core commercial, land use designation. Further. The triangular, shape of the subject lands has posed past challenges for, its development for. Traditional, core commercial types. Of uses the. Introduction, of a hotel on the site in close proximity to the north service road actually. Promotes many of the greater, or. Promotes. To a greater degree many of the urban design principles. Espoused. Within, the core commercial, area, the. Core commercial designation also. Permits additional, uses that are complementary, to the principle permitted uses including. Office buildings, and motor vehicle, repair facilities, the. Proposed hotel is not a dissimilar, youth in that it is a large scale single, used building whose users are drawn from a more broad regional. Base. The. Zoning bylaw amendment proposes, a site-specific, special. Provision, to permit, the development in terms of its use and to allow site-specific, performance. Standards, to implement, the proposed site layout. Including. Reduced, required. Parking minimum. Lot area minimum. Landscape, area and to increase than, the maximum, height of therapist with. Respect to the landscape, strip along the front lot line the, majority, of the landscape strip is three metres in the width aware. And it's reduced to 0.65. Metres. To accommodate, a relatively, small area containing, a patio area this. Reduction for the small portion of the overall frontage, is considered, acceptable, as. Part of the revised submission. From. The applicant, a parking, study to substantiate, the requested. Parking reduction was, submitted and reviewed by, staff, the. Study took into account parking, utilization. Studies of proxy, sites with a no fill average. Hotel occupancy across. Ontario, and future, parking demand and, concluded. That the bait. The the, based on the proposed 114. Room Hotel, anticipated. Peak parking, demand for the site to be 88. Parking, spaces the town's engineering, department, is satisfied, with the level of parking, proposed for the site. Given. The size of the proposed, hotel the. Modifications. Being sought to the zoning bylaw are minor in nature and continues, to allow for the achievement, of the town's Official Plan and urban design principles, and did, not collectively, represent over. Development of the site. From. The perspective of urban, design the, urban design brief requires, further, modification. To address such matters, as the method of enhancing the design, elements, of the corner of the property the. Building facade and the materials, to. Enhance the site as, well as opportunities to enhance the canopy coverage. These. Issues can be dealt with through the requisite site plan approval process.

Which. Would include the need for an updated urban design brief to submit it to be approved by planning staff. With. Respect to the protection, of the QE off-ramp. Corridor. This, falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transportation, of, Ontario, and they, require a fourteen, meter, swath, adjacent, to the existing QE, off-ramp, be protected, from, development to allow for future intersection. Of grades along, the off-ramp, and nor service, road itself this. Issue has been addressed through the existing setback, requirements, in the draft zoning, bylaw and, holding, provision, would, be attached to the implementing. Zoning bylaw to ensure that MTO. Approval, is obtained prior to construction. With. Respect to the shared access, the. Applicant is actively pursuing the securement, of a shared, driveway with the adjacent landowner, to the west and, similarly. A holding, provision, is to be attached to the implementing, zoning bylaw to be lifted upon the successful securement, of the shared access or, unless, not deemed necessary by, the town for. The functional design of the site. So. In conclusion the. The. Conclusion as. Illustrated. On the slide a full circulation. And assessment of the application, has been undertaken. And all, the technical, and financial matters, have been addressed, the. Official, Plan amendment, and zoning bylaw amendment does not conflict provincial, plans or the regional. Plan. And has, regards, of provincial. Interests and does represent a good planning the. Application, is consistent, with the town's approved. Urban structure, and the prune principles, and overall, policy direction of the livable Oakville plan. As. Such a staff put forward the recommendation, has shown for councils, consideration if. You have any questions I'd be pleased to answer them. Thank. You very much mr. MacConnell councillor, hutchins I believe has a question for you. Yes. Thank you very much, I'm. Versus little confuses. This hotel, has 114. Rooms, but, only 95. Surface, parking areas, there, they're trying to connect. Up with the parking, lot next, door so they can then use those as well not. From a shared, parking. Spot perspective. No so. They did undertake, parking. Justification. Study that, substantiated, that. Number of parking spaces would be adequate to accommodate. A hotel, providing. 114. Rooms they looked at additional, sites throughout. Oakville, and and beyond looked, at the peak demand, capacity. For, hotels, of a similar size and stature, and felt, the number, of parking spaces being proposed as adequate for its size. So. We feel that it's sufficient, to have only 95, that's, correct through you your worship it that that. Parking, study has been reviewed. And vetted by our engineering. Department and they're, satisfied, with the technical findings of that study. Any. Other questions. We. Have a registered, delegation, counsel from, the proponent, mr., McConnell for, now I'll just ask it, seems. To me that, 95. Is 83 percent of 114. And and. I'm, familiar with the hotel industry enough, to know that 83, percent occupancy. Is considered, pretty good. So. I'm. Left to conclude that, staff. Agree, that the proponent. Is assuming. That, they'll never fill the hotel and. They'll always operate at 83 percent capacity, and, so the the, question that, begs is why. Not build a, 95. Room, hotel instead, of a hundred and fourteen, room.

Hotel And just avoid. The, incongruity, of, asking. For less parking than it seems. Latent. Ly obvious they need do. Did you discuss. This with the applicant. I. Think. The best way to respond to that your worship is based, on so staff, evaluated. The proposal, as it came, forward, they were seeking a reduction, in the supply, of parking, on the site and that, was substantiated with, the submission of the of the technical study so based, on engineering. Staffs review. Of that study they felt that was an appropriate response. The number of parking spaces that was being, provided, based. On the analysis, of many, hotel sites across all field and beyond, that. Would suppose supply, the appropriate number, of parking spaces, those. It's fast view that it will never. Be full or. Is, it staffs view that'll be hardly, ever full and the problem will be. Infrequent. What. Is snaps take on that so, I can't speak for the engineering, staff that reviewed, the application so, would. It be fair to say that it would never ever be at 100% occupancy I don't think that would be a fair statement just. As it would say that, many. Parking lots are are. 90s, let's, say 90%. Never, fully, occupied at peak. Pier at rare, peak periods, of time throughout the year say you know during the Christmas season. There's, not enough parking spaces to provide so but, those parking spaces aren't there for expanded. To accommodate for, that maximum. Rare. Circumstances. Where there's an. Under supply of parking in those situations, if, council was of a mind to approve, the, project but, only. At 95, rooms, instead of 114. What, motion, would staff recommend, for council. What. Motion would staff, recommend. The. Proposal. Would have to be modified. So. The resolution adopted, by council would have to reflect that. Maximum, number of Hotel. Spaces. But. Staff have evaluated, the application, have submitted and based on the traffic study and are putting forward this recommendation for, consideration, I understand we have a recognition from staff I'm just asking, if. Council, were of a mind to. Approve. 95, and not 114. Would staff be able to assist Council, at the proper motion, staff. Could assist with the drafting, of Authority. Yes thank. You very much I've appreciate. Your answers and I, hope the proponent, is.

Prepared, For the same questions. Thank. You. Oh sorry. Councillor grant. If. If memory serves just a dovetail on that through you mr. chair the, last time we had this in front of us parking, was a major concern and part of that was what. About staff weirwood. Staff Park it. Certainly does look like having that little, pathway. Between the two parking structures, are between the two theirs, and the mall looks, as if they're saying okay well maybe we'll just borrow some of these parking spots, almost. As if they. Hadn't planned this out properly so, they're just going to try and sneak over. I'm. Very, concerned about the lack of parking, for who might, be staying there but, especially for the people who would be working there and that. Doesn't look like this is resolved at all now, that we've seen this again thank. You Thank. You councillor grant thank, you mister McConnel Madame, clerk would you call the. Delegation. The. Delegation, is Bruce hall representing. The Planning partnership, welcome. Mr. Hall council looks forward to your information and. I, look forward to a discussion with you about parking, thank you. Thank. You mr. mayor and members of council my. Name is Bruce hall I'm a partner with the planning partnership mr., Hall I think I can help you with your comfort if you I think you can stand naturally, and the microphone, will pick you up let's, give that a try my back thanks, you pardon, my back thanks, you. Like. Try, standing up and just give the system a try I will. Give. Some very very brief remarks. Try. To keep this to two or three minutes with respect, to, what. We've been doing since we were before council, last time but since, there's been a fair amount of discussion that's, come up about the parking issue I will also address that at the, end and give you my perspective on that. So. Since our public meeting. Before. Council on July the 9th we've, continued, to work collaboratively with. All. Parties. Concerned and. They. Seem to recognize that development presents. A number of Community. Planning, and economic benefits, and in, pursuit of that. We've. Been having ongoing, coordination and, discussion, with the, town staff. MTO. And our. Transportation consultants. And the plaza owned. By Sun Life and Bentall and their transportation consultants. Be a group and, it. Has involved, a fairly. Significant, number of meetings. And conversations.

And. Emails and. Working. In a very collaborative. Means. To try and. Resolve. These transportation issues, that were identified and. Specifically. The access. Through. The, plaza as, well as satisfying. MTO that. What's being developed here will not prejudice, the future operation, of whatever, solution. Has arrived at for. The. Off-ramp and. We've. Largely become, come, to an agreement with MTO, there are two concerns related, to the site plan and. We've removed all, issues, all, amenities. All facilities, from. That. 14, meter right-of-way. So. That if that becomes, somewhere. That they want to have, an expansion, widening. Of the off-ramp, in the future then it's not going to preclude that as, well. As after our meeting with, them. We provided, updated, information. Updated, plans and updated, transportation. Impact study and they are satisfied in. That regard. Your, planning staff has been very vigilant, and diligent, in challenging, us to achieve a development. Which. With has a stronger. Building. And urban design. Enhancing. Landscape, and design improving. The site access, arrangements. And maintaining. A future off-ramp, options. For. MTO. Obviously. The building. Design. Itself, as mr., mcconnell indicated, is going to be subject to further, refinements. Through site plan control. How. Do I move this forward just, okay. Sorry. So, in terms of the context. When you see this view it really begins, to make sense in terms of completing. This picture and there's. A number of planning benefits, which we've outlined previously, and, I'll just briefly. Reiterate. Again I mean this is a last. Vacant, parcel, in this important, commercial area and, this. Hotel will fill the gap in that urban fabric and contribute to a greater mix of uses within that quadrant, and it. Establishes, a strong urban built form at the edge of the street with the parking largely to the rear. We. Discussed landscaping, last time and mr. McConnell indicated. About the changes to the landscape, being. Very very minor in terms of lessening, of that frontage, and as, well along the back it, has the benefit of there, being sort of a. Veneer. Of the landscape along the plaza and, when you take those two together it actually provides, a greater amount of landscape, edge along. That edge we. Have about 41% of the site which is landscaped, in. Terms of the building it will animate the streetscape, in an increase pedestrian, activity and active uses and it, does all this at a reasonable, scale there were some comments previously. Made. By counsel about concern, about over development. Staff. Has addressed that concern I believe, but just, in terms of some statistics, this, building covers of 11 percent of the site which. Is modest in my mind it's. FSI, is a modest. 0.75. And in, our opinion this does not contribute to. Constitute. Over development. All. Access, and transportation related concerns will be resolved, prior, to the lifting of the holding, provision. In. Terms of, its. Economic and, community benefits there. Are obviously, certain synergies, between Dorval, Crossing and the, commercial, uses in having. A hotel here and this, will generate additional, customers, for nearby restaurants. And services, the. Hotel will create approximately, 25, full-time. Positions. As well as probably an equal number of part-time. As. Well as the construction, related employment investment. And then spin-offs job which support. The hotel going. Forward and then. The additional to tourism and job creation will be supportive, of and. Supported, by this surrounding. Areas. Particularly the, employment. Areas to the south. So. In, conclusion you, know staff has done a very thorough job, of reviewing, this application, in terms of the planning policy, and design framework I'm not going to repeat it we, agree with a conclusion, that it conforms to her is consistent, with the growth plan the. PPS, the regional and local Opie's, we. Concur with their analysis, and assessment, that it will, complete, this community, and represents, good planning we respectfully, ask that. You. Adopt, the recommendations. And pass the amendments to both the Official Plan and zoning bylaw with. Respect to parking. The. Parking study did consider all elements, of staff and, guests. And, in. Response, to, the. Comments about. Occupancy. The. It's not just about the occupancy, as a percentage, it's about how people come to this hotel and how, that is really changing and I believe I touched upon this last. Time. Not. Everybody comes to the hotel in their own car there's groups of people. Conducting. Business within the community that come together that travel together there's people that come will, stay at the hotel. The. Business that they're visiting. Will come and pick them up not, everybody runs a car and goes to the hotel some people will take taxis. And ubers and then do that as you. Know to visit their clients, there's.

On The weekend, there's tournaments. That come and you know several, people will travel together in a van with a bunch of kids and go play hockey and soccer and baseball so. It's not as if every. Room we're. Seeing in hotels and this is done by on the basis of the examination, of the proxy sites were, not seeing a one-to-one ratio of, guests. To. To. Took, the rooms, in. Every instance and as, well you. Know there's the option for, staff. In, certain, circumstances, that will travel to site with. The surrounding community by transit. By. Drop-offs, so there again they're not you're not going to see that same level, of utilization necessarily. From a staff perspective so. Again we have to rely on our transportation consultants. But there are a number of other factors to consider thank. You very much. Thank. You very much for the information Council, are there questions councillor. O'Meara. Thank. You your worship, thank. You very much for the presentation I just have a question about the amenities. On page 148, you've stated. There'll. Be amenities, for guests including the law of you fitness center breakfast area patio, indoor pool meeting, facilities, etc. Will. There be some, sort of a lounge for, guests, in the main lobby area. Through. You mr. mayor. What. We're seeing in a lot of these hotels these days is there's spaces that sort of serve double. Duty you know you come. In there's a lounge and then it sort of converts over in the morning to the breakfast area so you're, seeing these sort of I'll call them great rooms or great halls that serve. Many. Different functions so you'll see that but it'll be a multi-purpose, area. So. My question is will there be an area though for, guests, of the hotel at, any point in the evening to go and have a beverage or have something to eat in a, public, area in the hotel that is not their rooms. No, the only, meal. Service, is is. Intended. To be breakfast, and, that's sort of that's the level of service that you're seeing with, these types. Of hotels these days dinners. Drinks are usually done off-site and that's the, you. Know we view, the amenity the. Benefit of being close to a commercial. Node and they can go over they can frequent those that are available to them and it will serve both, interests. Well okay, then meals aside, there, will be no area for patrons, to go and have a beverage, in. The lobby done that's not the plan at this point in time. So. If, it did become the plan at a point in time would you restrict, that area solely to guests of the hotel and not allow the public to go in. I'm. Not sure how that be restricted, but really. What it would be subject to if. It was outside, the hotel then the. Town would have to look at, applying. A different parking, standard because it it's, it's, a different use that's not ancillary, to the hotel itself when it starts to be coming on something. Accommodates, off-site. Business. I. Appreciate, that I think, that's my point that I'm trying to just see what sort of amenities are going to be offering and whether there's going to be other people who. Beyond, your control might come but I thank you for the clarification on that thank, you Thank. You councillor O'Meara councillor, elgar. Thanks. Very much for, coming and talking to us tonight I think you were here last time when I raised the question about parking. And, you. Know you got 114. Rooms you got 25 full-time, staff you got a number of part-time staff and also.

You're Going to have meeting facilities. And. You. Don't think that. You'll have problems with parking. At. This location, at all I, have. To rely upon our transportation. Consultants, to provide, us with that sort of analysis, and and you know they've been, given every bit of information they've, looked at other sites that have a very similar makeup and you. Know I have to rely upon their, professional. Expertise, as well as the the. The, the. Fact that staff has been through it in they're satisfied, as well, we've. Got another location. In the wardeness at the water for seniors residence and the, parking there is an absolute disaster, yet, it met all of the parking requirements at the time and everybody's parking on the street and they have to vote within every three hours to move their car a foot so the chalk isn't at the bottom it's. A disaster, and. I. Really. Feel it. Would be good to cut down the number of rooms so then naturally you can make it fit and that's why we have bylaws, like, and and we, say how many you should have think about it 130, for parking spaces you should have and you're, cutting it by 29%, down, to a total of 95 correct, I gotsta, that's not a minor deviation that's, a 29%, deviation. From what our what. We say you should have for this location. What, your what do you say to that again. I have to rely upon you. Know our consultant, who you, know has provided a professional, opinion I I'm, a land use planner and you know I have, to rely upon someone, who's obviously, studied it and looked at similar instances, and you, know they can they can't just out. Of thin air say that it's gonna work they you know do, you think they should study it a little bit more I believe. They've studied it I mean everybody's, satisfied, with what they've presented they've they've, they've. Done three different. Evaluations. Of different hotels. And done it at different times and come, up with these numbers and I mean do, we know the hotels they used. As they they, were within the within. The parking component, of the traffic study ice arts are you I didn't hear sorry they were, indicated.

The Proxy sites were indicated, within the. The. Parking component, of the T is I, can't, tell you what they are off the top of my head but but there were they there specific, hotels they would have used to show that not very few people drive cars I guess a like thirty percent the people arrive by a foot or something they were specific, hotels located, in, I believe. Oakville, and Mississauga, located. Along the QEW which, would be a similar, context. I. Appreciate. That thank you okay all. Right. I. Don't. Recall if it was you that I asked this question of last time or not but I specifically. Asked the question when this became to us during the public hearing phase, about meeting, spaces and I was told there are no rentable. Meeting spaces in the building yet in the staff report it reference references, meeting facilities. Are. Those rentable. Meeting facilities, where you would be potentially, holding, large-scale. Meetings versus. Are, they internal, meeting, facilities, I'm confused, now because I I would. Be I'd be very concerned if you're actually utilizing, those facilities and renting them as function space I. Do. Recall the question and our architect. Was here last time and gave me some advice so if it's okay with kept. With. The chair I can just consult with our architects, in, get. Back to you on that. I understand. There's one, what. He characterizes, as a small meeting space that's available for, rental. Likely. To, be used by guests, of the hotel primarily. What's, the capacity of that meeting space. About. 20 people. Okay. Thank you all right thank. You very much just to add further I mean I think those, are the types of facilities if, they happen during the day then. Depending. On who the user is there, may be some, sort. Of synergies, with the. Hotel. Not being at full capacity if. They're people that are coming off-site to use them well I've been to meetings at hotels before in often cases the guests of the hotel convenes. The meeting and invites, a number, of people locally and we all bring cars so I'm concerned, you save this, capacity is 20 you. Know the one guest or two guests and then 18 potentially, people coming in their own cars it's going to exacerbate the situation.

Mr.. Hall thank you very much for being so generous with your information thank. You are. There other members of the public with information for. Counsel on this file madam. Clerk I see none. Counsel. As, you could tell I'm troubled, by. I. Was. At the last meeting and I remain troubled, by parking, access and. Landscaping. And the. Acting, mayor is councillor. Ralph Robinson, and. I would like to pass the chair to. The acting mayor so that I might bring, a motion on this matter. Worship. Thank you your honor you have the floor, thank. You very much. Mr.. Chair. First. On parking, I'm concerned, that we, haven't had the, actual, parking study to examine and I. Would. Like to take the time to consider, that more, carefully and, it. Appears to me that there, is a. An. Assumption. Running through this that. This. Hotel will never be over, about, 76%, capacity. Once. You allow, you. Know 25 might be eight people per shift I'm calculating, roughly, and and so. I wind. Up with around 76%, is, all that the you. Know we. Could, there's a contingency, that. All. These people arriving by buses and vans might, one day, all. Arrived by car and we would have a a. Crunch. So. If. The Transportation Study upon, examination, turns, out to be a forecast. Then. I, believe, that it. Might need to be. Treated. That way as a forecast, rather than a finding, or some kind of absolutely. Reliable, statement. And. And. So. Basically. I'm saying I don't think this cake is fully baked. They. Do. Not have the access, agreement, that they need, with. The neighboring land owner which is. We're. Told going to be achieved by consent, a. Contingency. Allowance. For parking, with. The neighboring, land owner who's going to get all the benefit, from these visitors, seems. To me to be a feasible, thing to imagine that could be done and then, most. Of my issues would fall away I do believe, that there's. Much to be appreciated, here about this application.

And And the, project, would be an asset to the town but, we've, had a. Master. Class this summer and. What. Happens when there isn't enough parking, and people. Start getting towed and the, inflamed. Feelings. That are aroused and, and. So it seems like, it, would be a really good use of the precautionary, principle to take, a breath and examine, this parkings, assumption. Ourselves. So. The. Motion I'm offering. Is that this item be deferred so. That the applicant, can in. Addition to the requirements, set out in the planning staff report. Secure. A shared parking, and access agreement, with the westerly abutting property owner, and, demonstrate. That the minimum landscaping, regulations, of the applicable zoning, bylaw can be a here'd - and, so. That and, that's the motion but you know as a as an aside I I, think, it would behoove us all to actually, read this transportation. Study to, try to satisfy ourselves around, this parking issue because, we, we're, getting second. And third-hand information here, so. Madam. Clerk on the point of order I, need, some clarity here is a motion, to defer debatable. Can. It be spoken to, I. Believe. It can't but you have no it cannot be spoken, to and cannot be spoken to I'll. Shut up. Okay. Thanks, very much for that clarity, and. Thank. You your worship and. The. Motion is not debatable and therefore. I will call, the question all those in favor signify in the usual manner, opposed. If any the, motion is carried, thank you your worship. Thank. You mr. chair councillor. Duddeck. Vote. Please you. Certainly May, one. Is always free to ask for that even after another, vote so. To. Be recorded, in favor of deferral please rise to be named. Back, in the chair, won't, let you have it back all those in favor of the motion to, defer signify. By standing, up. That's. Absolutely, everybody that's sufficient, explanation your worship. Counselor. Senior, counselor, Adams, counsel, grant Chancellor. No. Counselor. Councillor, elgar, is, worship. Mirabeau, mobile. Boycott. You. Can see it's been quite a while since I've done this your worship yeah. Yeah. Except. That's not what we, really wanted to talk about I'm sorry councillor. Hutchins. Counselor. Counselor. Danny. And myself. That. Motion is carried with.

Unanimity. Thank. You mr. chair I assume, you've now passed the chair back. Thank. You everybody. Well. You know every, every meeting. Needs a little bit of levity. On, a happier note we have the item, number five the, Kerr Street underpass, project. And the selection of streetscape, elements and, we. Have a presentation, from Christina, Tizard. Who. Worship. Just. A request do we need, to have a presentation, I'm fine with it I think. The public would like to see what has, been chosen and it would be I, think, it's a good news story and, I'd be happy to have it and. I'd be happy to speak to it after the presentation thank, you. Thank. You. So. Bring it forward so it's item number five and it's found in pages 173. To 186, in tonight's, agenda it's. A joint report coming forward from planning, and engineering and construction and, so. While it's the broader project is the Kerr Street underpass, project. This evening I'm really going to focus on the, selection of the streetscape elements. For. This joint, capital, project. So. Just to provide a bit of a brief background the, project, area extends. Along Kerr, Street from. Y Croft Road at the north/south, to Spears Road and again. The focus in in this project is creating a grade separation. And it's, based on an, environmental assessment that, was completed, in 2009. So. He fast forward to 2017. There. Was a partner's to a partnership struck, between, Metrolinx. And the town of Oakville a joint. Undertaking it's, also a cost sharing venture, to. Build the underpass, along with the necessary, infrastructure. New. Infrastructure, as well as infrastructure, improvements, and really. The goal here is to improve, traffic flow and traffic, is everything from vehicles, cyclists. Pedestrians as, well, as to. Assist in the expansion, of the NGO service, on the lakeshore West line. So, in terms of the reconstruction. It will entail a new, roadway, that, will align, or realign, Kerr. Street it will shift a little westerly, from, its current, location, it. Will also entail. Retaining, walls and. The. Roadway will go under the railway. Bridge a new bridge that's being constructed, the. Works are intended, to start in 2019. And those are just some advanced works related, to utilities, and, the. Roadway and bridge works will commence in 2020. And it's, anticipated it will be a three year project, finalizing. Into 2:23. So. While this is predominately an engineering project there, certainly was an opportunity, for planning, and urban design to get involved, we certainly have we have a streetscape strategy, that, was adopted by council back in 2014. For such projects. It's, an opportunity for us to to. Enhance whether, it's the appearance in character, or the, functionality, of, the. Project, area, we've. Also designated. Three. Areas in close proximity to the project, area as. Gateway, locations, and those were designated or identified, through. Our official. Plan review, our. New official plan back in 2009. It was reconfirmed. As we, went through the, official. Plan review for the district, over. The last two years and it. Also will, implement the. Direction. From the design documents, the design guidelines, coming forward so it's really that opportunity, for us to to start implementing the official plan specific.

To The gateways. It's. I, also wanted to make note that while the. Focus is the project, areas in, terms of implementing the enhanced streetscape, from the, rail bridge essentially. South to two, Spears Road along, the kirk corridor. Through. Future capital projects, as well as. Significant. Redevelopment. Projects along the corridor. We anticipate that the, streetscape, elements that I'll be sharing with you this evening will, also be used in that those projects, so the intent is to bring those. Streetscape, elements down, through, the, Kerr district all the way to Lakeshore, Road so, that they'll be that unifying, characteristic. Or. Context, through the streetscape elements. So. We looked at a selection, of streetscape. Elements from. Their general appearance and. The typical ones are our benches. Pavers. Luminaires. And. Some. Unique elements as well to this project area because it is a great separation. So. We started off with the typical elements, and, this is an example, from our. Consultation. Out with the public where we were asking them to provide us with some feedback on, which, of the the, three options, per element, they, prefer. And. So they the typical ones that we would see in most streetscape, projects. As I indicated benches, litter bins bollards. Bicycle, racks light fixtures. Decorative. Pavers but. Some unique elements, to this particular, project include, fall. Prevention barriers. Or railings, that would align the streetscape, the boulevard so for the pedestrians, and cyclists, should they be traveling, along there there's a fall protection barrier from the roadway as well, as at the top of the retaining wall there's also additional railing. That would be required, so, that's definitely unique to this project, and I. Can't anticipate a another. Instance when we might have to include that south of Spears Road as part, of the rest of the streetscape project, in. The future as well, we're looking. At a decorative, pattern. Or treatment, for the retaining walls so. As we dig, them down to go underneath the railway bridge, so. The retaining walls will have a decorative element because it's very it's a very urban area as well. As a. Gateway, into. Kerr village. So. When we were sourcing different, elements. And town, staff were, working with the. Consultants, WSP, on this we were looking at some considerations. And so we were guided by we. Wanted to ensure that elements, would be well designed and, cost effective, to replace, durable. And easy to maintain, compatible. With the other elements that we would be including, in a streetscape improvement. And as, well be, complimentary. And enhance the, project area context. So. Based on on those, considerations, staff. And the consultant, generated. A long, list of about, five to six elements, or options, per different, streetscape, element, we, vetted it then through, town.

Staff And some of our other departments, to make sure that it, didn't conflict, with some of their objectives. And that they could easily move. These elements around and service them and, based. On that input we took. Created a shortlist so, for each of these streetscape, elements we. Brought forward three, options, and, released. It out to the public so, that they could identify their, preferences, and. So. In terms of consultation. Back. In May of this year we, had a public information center, which was really an opportunity, for us to discuss. With, the local residents, property. Owners businesses, in the area that, this project, is now back on they. Had been involved some had been involved in the 2009, EA but. It was not between for us to share with them what. Was happening next on, June 26th. We had our first open house related, to streetscape, elements and so the panel that I just showed you I'll just go up we, had a series of panels and we asked, the. Participants or the attendees at the meeting to cast, their selection, on on which. Bench which bike rack which bollard, they preferred. We. Then launched. An. Online. Opportunity. So. We had. Sort. Of a voting, session. I guess online. We, had 771. People, taking, part in. That and making their selections, and we, also got a lot of. Communication. And and feedback. Through, our social media channels so, through Facebook, and Twitter and my colleagues and communications, were fielding a lot of those questions and really gearing, people back to the survey, then. On September 13th, we, had our second open house and that was really an opportunity for, us to reveal, to, those who had participated and those, coming to the to, the program for the first time, a, showcase, of the elements that had been selected and we had about 57, attendees, and, the. Feedback was was good, in. Those instances and. So, this is the reveal this is these are the selected streetscape elements so. In terms of benches, with. 51 percent of the votes it's a maglin bench, and that's, the one that's actually right, now used in Westwood Park on. Kerr Street so, we we have a local contender, in, there in. Terms of the litter, bin. Forty percent was, Echo Park so, we've seen we have some of those I think in the community as well and. To the to. The right of that at the top of the screen so the the luminaire that's the the lighting head, was. Selected it was forty five percent of, the. Votes were. Selections. Were cast for that element just, below that is the base of the.

Lighting. Pole which. Garnered forty seven percent of the votes or the Preferences of the three options. Moving. Left. Where. There's an A and a B there was a tie. So 40 percent and thirty nine percent for the bollard. So in. That instance we indicated that where we would use the bollard we would look at what. Characteristics. Or the context, of that and staff would would make the decision, maybe. It's a flip of the coin but well probably more technical, than that and then, there at the bottom at the the bottom left the, bike. Racks bike. Rings that were voted. Upon and came in at a sixty four percent for that particular, model. Or, option. And, moving on in, the top left. Hand corner those, are the two railing, options and I indicated earlier one, is the. One on the. Right. Hand side would, be adjacent directly, adjacent to the pedestrian path, and the one on the left hand side would, be at the higher level, so there wouldn't be it would be more for workers fall protection from the bridge above. And so. That, railing came in at fifty nine percent of the, votes the. Unit pavers in the top right with. Forty five percent of the vote and, the. Retaining, wall at. The bottom so we, weren't, specifying, this particular, pattern but, we were ranking. It according to a subtle, pattern a more, randomized, pattern, and a very detailed pattern, so this represents, the randomized, pattern, of coming. In at 50 percent of the preference, cast, for this one and certainly, through the open, house as well as some, comments that came in through the online, survey. A lot, of people were really gravitating, towards, the the leaves and the floral elements they so certainly, when we look to. Designing. Or coming up with a finalized design we'll be looking for those types, of elements I think, one of the great things too through. The online survey, that we had a. Comment, section as we usually do and I was I was. Reassured, you know as I started going through the results on it on a daily basis, that. There were a lot of people that commented. Back that they were really excited for the project and really excited to see the road works, you. Know getting done whether it was from. A an, aesthetics, point of view or just driving. Over the bumpy tracks, there. Were a lot of people that were thankful to be invited to participate in, this process which was you, know certainly you, know good feedback from, our standpoint, but.

Also There, were some comments related, to staff. And council being mindful of the project, and individual element costs so, to. Have that in consideration, and, if. Being a joint project as well with, Metrolinx, we, also, got. Feedback that they were looking to ensure that the elements, that are selected are durable and easy, to maintain and there were some concerns about graffiti proofing, especially. The the wall. They, were also looking or, made comments about some interim, improvements, to. The tracks, while. It's still being. Operational. And that's a lot of these comments we've also passed along to Metrolinx, and finally. Requesting, separated. Bicycle, lanes and since. The initial consultation. We, know that that's back on the table in terms of consideration. I'm. Also, at the, second. Open house the, consultant, had pulled together this board now it's a it's a cropping of two images. But, it was it was really an opportunity for us to display where. And how these different elements would be incorporated, into the final design so, it's still a concept. Plan but, it helps to kind of put all of the pieces together and to show. The. Transformation, of this corridor. So. In terms of next steps, specifically. For the streetscape, elements. We. Have informed and. After, this evenings meeting. Will. Also inform them of what has been decided, upon in terms of the selected element's, staff. Will be working with the, consultant, and Metrolinx, to, finalize. The design of the texturing, and patterning, for the retaining wall of the underpass as I mentioned, we. Will staff will also be very involved with the review and verification. Of the final streetscape, design and, that's the installation. Locations, of the elements, as well, as the construction details we want to make sure that they're going in there. Appropriately. And staff. Will also then document, the selected elements and create a, conceptual. Streetscape, master, plan for the remainder of Kerr. Street through, the curve village so that when there's future capital, or redevelopment projects, coming forward we'll be able to inform those when. It comes to boulevard remediation. From. A broader project perspectiv

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