Special Report: Trump meets North Korea's Kim Jong Un in the DMZ

Special Report: Trump meets North Korea's Kim Jong Un in the DMZ

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Meeting with North Korea dictator, kim jeong-hoon at, the military, militarized, zone that, separates, North and South Korea you're looking at live pictures right, now from. The pool this. Is just moments. Away just, feet away from where the actual line of demarcation is, at he, will be the first American president, to meet with a North Korean leader at the DMZ the, meeting comes just days after President, Trump first, tweeted, he would like to meet him on his trip to the Demilitarized. Zone for, a handshake, and again we expect the, President and President Trump any, moment, to come, out and then if, goes to plan as. Described. By President Trump we do expect kim, jeong-hoon also. To. Arrive, and then they would have at least a handshake, we seem. To be getting some. Sort of indication, that it's about to happen as, we do wait for this let's go to Richard Engel who's at the Demilitarized Zone reporting. For us and Richard as we watch some of these live pictures it looks like it's ready to happen right now we see President Trump actually coming, out and let's, listen in. I've. Never expected to meet you at this place. Excellent. I think aim to step forward you'll be the first u.s. president across, the bow. Here. Moment. Trump. Has just, walked, across the demarcation line that, made in the first u.s. president to, visit earth, Kingdom. Shame on pasta Margot. E4, channel news for words from her. We, expect, it through in Japan for the g20 we came over and I said hey. I'm over here I want to call up some Chairman Kim and. We got to meet and stepping. Across that line was a great on a lot of progress has been made a lot of friendships have been made and this has been in particular a great friendship so I just, want to thank you that was very quick notice. So. We're gonna do a little. While about different things and a, lot. Of really positive things, are happening I'm. Glad you could be here to say it but tremendous. Positivity. Really. Great things are happening and, in a lot of places but. We. Met and we liked each other from day one and, that was very important. Great. Conflicts, in this area great Greek conflicts, and now. We have just the opposite. All. Of us. And. History, was made as you can see there president, Trump meeting with kim jeong-hoon as, well, as moon. Jae-in the president of South Korea and, Kim. Jong Un's saying that this was a moment in history that a u.s. president, had, crossed over and was in North Korea for the first time and after they had that short walk they're, now on the South Korean side in. The, building adjacent to these three, u blue UN, buildings, we. Are not sure what they will be discussing but, during, this, entire. Meeting which would seem to have been put together last. Minute according, to what the president, says it.

Turned Out to be a historic, moment and our, chief foreign correspondent who. Has been at the DMZ, has. Been there watching, all the comings and goings in, the lead-up to this richard, engel as. You saw this, that. You could not help but think of the historic, moment certainly, of a, US president. Walking. Across that demarcation. Line, that you have so. Well described to us throughout your reporting. This. Has never happened before technically. The United States and North Korea are at war this. Demilitarized. Zone has been in place since the, end of the Korean War or since the two sides stopped, fighting and it. Was built for this purpose it was built for international. Diplomacy, it was built as a safe, space where hostile. Parties could come together many. U.s. presidents have visited, the DMZ. But, no US president until just a short, while ago has. Actually, crossed over into, North, Korean territory so, we saw was, president Trump arriving. The South Korean, side walking. Up to the, physical. Demarcation. Line between North, and South Korea a small. Cement, barrier, it's just a few inches high about a foot wide waiting. There for Kim jong-un to arrive once. He did the two leaders as. President Trump crossed into, North Korea took about 20, steps exchanged. A few words with Kim, Jong and then, Kim joven as if to repay. The, the. The diplomatic, gesture turned. With the president and the two leaders came, back to that demarcation, line crossed, over it entered. Into South, Korean, territory and, then went, and met, with the South Korean president all of this a symbol, of diplomatic. Progress all of this to show that these three, parties, who fought one, of the most horrific wars, of the of this century, are now getting, together in, the Demilitarized Zone, in a place that was built exactly. For this purpose then, it, didn't end they. Spoke. To some. Reporters, the pool reporters, who were brought in it was a bit chaotic it was a bit messy real. Time events real time history often are, messy, events and then, the, three of them went into. The. Into. Freedom house on the, North Korean, on the South Korean side and are. Continuing. Their discussions. There. Had been rumors that this would happen, but we didn't get a confirmation that this kind, of meeting was going to take place until a few hours before it did and we didn't know until right. Until you saw it on live television that, President Trump was actually going to take that one, footstep but, a very important, one footstep and become the first u.s. president to, cross into North Korean territory yet, many of our pictures that were able to show were from the pool reporters, there that were scrambling. As you were describing to. Get every last moment there and and, that in the mix of also, having North, Korean, media as well and this is video that we're getting and I believe it's live in. The very. Room where, they will sit down and talk now President. Trump and Kim. Jong-un in fact let's just see if we can listen in for a little bit to see there's any audio that we can pick up. This. Was a special moment this. Is I think really. Prisoner. Mr.. Moments. Fact that we're meeting and I. Want to thank chairman. Kim for something else when I put out the social. Media, notification. If. He didn't show up the press was going to make me look very bad so, you made, us both look good and I appreciate it but we've, developed a great relationship I, really. Think that if you go back two and a half years and you look at what was going on prior. To my becoming, president, it was a very very bad situation, a very dangerous situation, for, South. Korea for North Korea for the world and I. Think the relationship. That. We've developed has, has, meant so much to so many people and. It's. Just an honor to be with you or there was an honor that you would ask me to step over that line that I was proud to step over the line I thought you might do that I wasn't sure but, I was ready to do it and I, want to thank you it's been great good. During historic, they were just saying one. Of the folks, from the media was saying this could be a very historic, moment that, I guess that's what.

Straight. Up back. Straight. Back out guys Thank You. President. From Kim. Jong moon short comments, with the press now being asked to leave as you can probably see about the trunk Jared Kushner with. The president during his g20 trip you can see Mike Pompeo there Secretary, of State as well as others that were the president very, short remarks as they now undertake, what appears to be a meeting this, is the details have not been put, out necessarily, of what they will be talking about or for how long at this moment but, we have as you've seen these very, pictures, of this historic, moment of President, Trump walking. Across as he said he stepped over the. Line and, stepping. Over the line here. Richard. Angle still with us at the moment stepping. Over the line this time meaning. A lot certainly, for, at least a photo-op and certainly for the history books here, but, then the the tough stuff remains, here Richard Engel and and what will be next when it comes to North, Korean, US. Relations. Well. I think this is absolutely, designed. To be in the history books and president, Trump kept, referring, to that the, question is is he, rewriting. History right, now and, there are certain aspects, of his visit in which he does absolutely appear. To be rewriting, history, he, talked repeatedly how, before. He came became, president, the relations. Between North and South Korea. Were incredibly, tense that they were on the brink of war but. That it was only through his election his arrival and his special. Bond and friendship that he delivered a bond of friendship which was clearly on display, today. With the the, chairman, of North Korea Kim Jong on that. President stop saying without that bond, and friendship things, would have been worse potentially. Even have led to war the, reality, is the. Tensions, between North and South Korea, dramatically. Spiked, after president, Trump got elected, there was tremendous, rhetoric. And insults, with President Trump calling the North, Korean leader the same person he is embracing, right, now as a friend before, he was calling him little rocket man North. Korea was exploding. Nuclear, weapons, inside. Of its mountains people in South Korea thought that the two countries were on the brink of war so, there, is an aspect where President Trump is now, congratulating. Himself for. Easing tensions, that he also helped. Create but, it, is still a historic. Moment it had not been done before and it, will be he will go down in history as the first u.s.. President to. Cross into North Korea but what is still being written is the.

Why Why, did he do it did he do it in order to rewrite history and paint himself as a, as a deal maker as a peace maker is he trying to distract. Or. Is, he trying, to restart. Negotiations this. Is the third summit. The third meeting that, the two leaders have. Had president. Trump initially said it's just going to be a handshake, it is turned out to be more, than a handshake with, the two of them going into that conference, hall a conference, hall that was set up you saw you, American. And North Korean flags so, not all of this was as spontaneous as, it's as, it seems so, now they are entering into meetings, and, what. It would appears to be a could. Be a brief but, I third a third summit. Richard, engel our chief foreign correspondent they're, there to dmz the breaking news president, Trump meeting, Kim jong-un, at the DMZ and being the first u.s. president to cross into North Korea. This. Has been an NBC, News special report our merger louis for more continuing. Coverage you, can go to MSNBC. You. You.

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I think Trump thinks this is THE ONE THING that can leave his mark on history. What he does not realize is that the DPRK has read all his cheesy books and studied him from 360 degrees and they are playing his massive ego. They plan on giving up NOTHING. EVER. They just want publicity stunts and Trump just played into this ploy AGAIN. This whole scham is going nowhere. Just you wait and see. This whole Shitshow will produce nothing new. He wants to get re-elected and KIM...Well he'll just keep murdering what he views as "failures". Nice...Way to go Donald. You just legitimized a dictatorship buddy. Our Korea vets and their families really appreciate that. They died for nothing at that EXACT moment.

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I am Korean. Most Koreans oppose unification. The reason is because we have lived far away from North Korea

Trump:let’s go kim i will spend you KFC you want it? Kim:huhhh okay

Obama would have done better

What would do if Hillary do if she’s the president? Would I be the same like this?

These annoying photographers trying to start WW3

Trump doesn't want to find another way to fix the drug trafficking and immigration problem, but wants to take a picture with one of the worst dictators alive today

How weird is it that they will block american media but allow north korean media

7:47 BACK UP!


Liberal medias Hate him but, this orange man sure gives the world a sense of peace with this historic action. I think he deserves a Nobel peace prize. Just an observation as an outsider. I don't know why he gets so much hate from the media.?

Bruh moment

4:58 NBC fake news cut the audio.

забавно смотреть как охранники Трампа, Кима и Муна стоят рядом и не понимают как такой пи***ц вообще может происходить х))

why he noneed passport to go north korea

He studied in Switzerland & still not able handle English??

The LAST thing I want to see is NBC FAKE NEWS on my search results. Go back to the far left grave where you belong.

This well fed turkey is probably not such a bad guy at the end of the day.

KCTV version is much better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDR9I9KYtTY

Trump was probably scared that a bullet would come flying in his direction .

you oppose it because you are afraid that south will become like the north and not the other way around, it cant happen suddenly only step by step. First them must make the conditions better for the people inside and start better education 5 years then open the boarders for crossing of certain individuals journalists teachers scientists 5 years and after that the military must unify into one that will take more or less 20 years of long work if we put it all together. If we open the boarders now there will be chaos this people are not vaccinated they could spread diseases to china and south Korea they could become criminals etc etc you must not be afraid when you see slow progress

상준이 you’re South Korean?

I’m an Obama person but can’t ignore that this is a great achievement.

NBC. Get a stick with a gimbal on the end and a proper mic. This is embarrassingly bad coverage of such a historic event.

wow he crossed the line too...... that is an amazing historical event.

TheBigDon and RocketMan

watch from 4:30, piggy the third hyperventilating in front of the world literally, with trump, who later said to the piggy to be very well and healthy, exchanging some looks with his crew as the piggy catches his breath

Many Koreans feel they are being punished, there are two ways to change it: the first option is to end the sanctions against North Korea  - The second possibility is the reduction of US troops in South Korea - An alternative would be a mix of both possibilities

Shouldn't Kim be slapping Trump in the face?

Oh good gawd he haz prevent WW3

Two dictators at work Jesuit 209 papacy at Large coming soon persecution stubble

Kim put on a female voice for Mr. Trump lol

Wonder why they cut the audio sevral times in the video..."wonder".

Spongebob and Patrick Star as real life human figurea

All hail supreme leader

Everybody gangsta till the American invades your land

In Switzerland you can only learn Swiss German, French and Italian!



Erin Burnett could head the CNN studio in Pyongyang! But this great journalist will not want it, it would be such an important task.

when trump crossed the border sounded like a bunch of cicadas was released

Imagine Hillary trying this stunt. HAHAHAHAHA

People Don't want to understand that what Trump is doing is not "rewriting history" he is just shaking a bad leaders hand. Rewriting history means stopping that man from killing innocent people!

Two devil in the form of human I should say

Look at this dude

Kims boys in the back: "The script! The script! Follow the script!

BBC: today we have Donald Trump visit North Korean dictator kim North Korea: today kim visit USA dictator Donald Trump

So that's the King in the North huh?

I'm just here for them memes


quite thicc i must say

Become " Trump person " bro .

You should be generous not mean.

Two demons getting together

Y’all think they took enough pictures?

5:25 is the meme

Já apertou demais a mão desse homem. Che Guevara já disse que "não sem deve confiar no imperialismo nem um pouco, nada!"

ouch LOL

I give it to Trump I dislike a lot of things he says but the man making history with a lot of events

Much respect for Kim Jong Un

The sea of reporters yelling at each other is hilarious

Love him or hate him. He broke a major boundary.

and this is how america ended

3:25 when your teacher makes you stand in the corner with the kid you got in a fight with

DEMONCRATS Not Democrats

Arrest the president, arrest the president, arrest the president, you got the evidence./ Ice Cube "Arrest the president".

Why dont we invite him to the U.S

It's sad that it has to be trump

They're BFF lol

Trump: *casually walks in* Media: *dramatic gasp*

the meme

next time on NBC NEWS : Trump became a k-pop idol

Democrats : War is not the answer we need peace. (Trump befriends Kim Jong). Omg how dare trump be friends with a dictator we need to destroy this man not befriend him!

Now I know what do politician usually do, and that’s the reason we don’t need them fundamentally.

I can imagine stealth planes in the air on trump's side incase anything happens

That guy KIM, very Genius. Pretends not to understand English but infact he gets the whole vocabulary.

Ara Ara ~

1:53 JoJo reference ゴゴゴゴ

Can either if them smile plz it’s so uncomfortable

I wonder what would’ve happened if they’d just assassinated the big baby korean with its own nation that kills and murders people, when it visited America. Would the nukes happen? This was a good step though, Trump being the first to do this before any other president.

Truly comical the hoops the media jumps through to paint this in a bad light. The whole Korean Peninsula and the US should be proud of this moment.

and that's how the meme was born

Kim looks so uncomfortable standing beside Trump LMAO

I feel like the press could have started World War 3

This is how ww3 was prevented.

1:34 Minecraft Grass Sound

Meme moments: 1. First scene #4:47 2. Second scene at #5:24

I prefer to assume that Kim is going soft instead of believing in those theories that he is actually manipulating Trump. Let’s be positive, people.

The total pictures that all the cameras took is probably 1TB

Nothing is going to be accomplished with negotiations with this disgusting psychotic dictator.

Dumb and Dumber.

...इस माधरचोद का दादा रशियन सेना के साथ जापानीयों से लड़ा था, तो रशियन्स ने UNO के बजाय नॉर्थ कोरिया की मासूम जनता को इस राक्षस के हाँथ सौंप दिया, तब से इन बेचारे लोगों को सनकी दादा,बाप,पोते द्वारा चूतिया बनाया जा रहा है, की उनके पास आलौकिक शक्तियाँ, है लडकीयों को बताया जाता है की वो किसी का भी दिमाग पढ सकते हैं इसलिये कानाफूसी भी करना खतरनाक है... इस देश में लोग अपने मन का काम, रहना,खाना,पीना तो क्या यहाँ तक की पसंद का हेयरस्टाइल भी नहीं रख सकते, अगर कोई आदमी सरकार के खिलाफ कुछ जरा सा भी बोल दे तो उसकी तीन पीढीयों को सजा भुगतना पढता है जेल यानी उस आदमी के बेटे और पोते को पैदा होते ही जेल हो जायेगी.... लडकीयाँ मेकअप नहीं कर सकती अगर मेकअप किया तो महिलाओं को निर्वस्त्र कर के पीटा जाता है, एक औरत को सरे आम उसकी 7 साल की बेटी के सामने काट दिया गया, जानते हैं उसका अपराध क्या था ? "वो हॉलीवुड फिल्म देख रही थी "और कुछ लोग कहते हैं भारत में असहिष्णुता बढ गई है यहाँ हमारा दम घुटता है" "जरा नार्थ कोरिया के भुखमरी से मरते लोगों को और मुटल्ले तानाशाह राजा को देखो आपको अपनी आजादी की कीमत का अहसास होगा..." "जय हिंद"

The Pinky and The Brain.

That sonbitch stole my idea

American president: enters north korean North korean citizens and propagandists: wait what

Pls delet trump and kim

"He (Kim Jung-Un) speaks and his people sit up in attention. I want my people to do the same." Donald J Trump He really DOES want to be a Dictator.

They sound like close friends lmao.

5:55 watch Kim’s face

You know Warden got his glasses on

2:00 Kim = yo wassup homie. Donald = gudd, how bout you? Kim = gudd too

They look so awkward

North Korea-will be in nato till 2025...


Trump is Secretly Tfue

Since North Korea have Nuclear power, the perfect and safe solution is for North Korea and South Korea to unite under a Quasi democratic government. North Koreans in the union will be happy with having nuclear power, South Koreans will be safe and will introduce stability in handling nuclear weapons. The world will have another stable economic and military power. Trump should deliver on this, its a possible solution.

Who’s here 4 the memes

Wow... beautiful. Despite my misgivings about Trump's character, a Nobel Peace Prize would definitely suit him... and put a smile on my face :)

I was proud of myself

Jesus Christ these photographers are a bunch of rabid wild vultures! Cool moment though, keep you doing you God Emperor Trump!

Everyone gangsta when Gangnam style plays

Thank you sir

1:43 ..."My God you've gotten fat." -Edna Mode

Trumps got balls. You cant deny that.

Yep... 3 leaders... glad to see this

They both have the same dreams: destroying the world

The memes make this so funny

I wonder what's gona happen on the moment president Trump step on north korea and they immidiately snatch him and took him for hostage. Must be a blood bath there

That’s good that they are improving relations

This is a title, that Trump might like

4:47 explaining to my dad about a video game 5:24 dad:”Why are you a girl?”

Turmp: Teri ma ki chut king Jon King Kong: please translate it .

This is diplomacy HAHAHAHAAHA!!!!

If i was there i would be afraid af that he would just take out a bomb out of his fat jacket

Two of the worlds greatest pimp’s.

*gets out of bunker* did world War 3 happen?

Obama what??

King jung un is a best leader of the world i like him god will give long life for him

I want to see Kim Jong Un's cat.

North Korean photographers are like those kids at school that are really smart and quiet then the American photographers are the naughty kids

all fakers

They need only one pic wtf

At least trump had the BALLS to cross the DMZ. I didn't see Obama, Clinton, Bush do this !

wtf is this border between north and south? how tf they cross the border if they like wtf???

@周蘇課金錠 As a matter of fact, here in Florida we call him GEOTUS (God Emperor Of The United States).

@shadowy shadow lol

Because Trump is the lord and savior of the universe and thus he does what he pleases

I dont think Agent Smith needed all that help to keep the press away tho

You should've asked him if he liked Katy Perry

Idk why but when donald walk to Kim i see that like Donald being Captain America Walking alone see Lot of Thanos enemy in Endgame which is in here Thanos enemy is Kim and their Ministor

Reporters are the most toxic people when you don't need toxicity around

Dennis Rodman made this all possible

Camera and journalist very disrespectful. Body guards step back step back. How class do you have to be to take a picture!

They both love maccy d’s so it’s a match made in heaven tbh

Great. Trump 2020


I'd like to know why journalists hate filming a video instead of clicking pictures that make annoying sounds

Secret service on both sides mixed with media. Hollywood culture meets a culture with limited contact with hollywood

Kim please change your hair style

Trump's vile racist supporters have given us a president manipulated by other leaders across the world stage. But as long as they have a keader championing thier hatred of people of color they couldn't care less.

How North Korean Camera person shoot

How many come on in this clip?

13:51 This lady shall be in jail for once

3:25 me and my younger brother when Mom asks about the poop wallet

The problem is this kim can understand eng but why he need translator??

As much as trump has many flaws, it must be super stressful to be the president of the united states man... it’s not a easy job, I would never sign up for a job where I have to meet Kim Jong un

News reporters running around like children while two grown men walk back and forth over a stone line.

Kim jong un seem to love donald trump too much At this case , with south korea now have been surround by north korea, china and russia Seem moon jae jin only choice to escape to japan

Kim jong un love his country - north korea too much

What if trump hugged Kim jung and kissed him on the cheeks ?

03:17 Huh? What did you say to me?


To stupid people, this is a great moment if you like them or not, its better to talk than start a war.

An exchange of fire today across the Korean DMZ for the first time in 70 years, camera shutters exchanging an incessant torrent of clicks while two guys struggle to find cover amidst the firefight

Kim sucked Trump in again this isn't even a challenge for him anymore.

what a good thing North Korean and US security working together to push back the press

Making peace, i bet hillary wouldn't of done it.

@YukiZakura DreamMoe As a matter of fact, here in Florida we call him GEOTUS (God Emperor Of The United States).

Trump body language shows he is afraid

They have beautiful chins

My Idles

Why did the audio cut at 4:47

Little rocket man.... lol

North Korea : a sacrifice country America : a obese country

Memes time

Remember when Hillary was asking how Donald would handle the 'dangers of the world' like N. Korea. She hinted at his 'finger on the nuke button'. We (The American Public) aren't stupid anymore. MSM needs to wake up and realize we all know when you're full of it because the internet has given rise to many Alternative Media outlets without Donors or Corporations to worry about

if you don't care about human rights Trump is your friend

Gosh the camera sounds just define the history of this moment!

Dumb and even dumber!

A waist of time and money.

Trump said:

And my contact name on Donald’s phone is rocket mam, we like to have fun here

The hate that I see and here is very funny. Me and Donald are very good friends, he is what you Americans call my BFF.

*Balls Of Steel*

Best president since Lincoln

You show me another president who will walk into an actual active war zone in front of everyone.

Kim and Trump sound like YouTubers that are friends that live in different countries ready for a collab.

I don't speak korean, but Kim jong in speaks well

I thought Dump was a good friend of Kim baby.He is showing dump what he thinks of him.

When kim cross the border everyone looked scared

7:49 look at the intensity on that womans face

Fckn circus show

Have you ever noticed that the most powerful man in the world doesn't put up with garbage

Why do they always need translators isnt any foreign president like Kim or Putin good enough at english or is it because they need 100% right information

5:45 trumps like Im listening even though he dosent understand korean

His suicidal

2 fat mans.

teach them democracy

Media very noisy and chaotic

behead them both!

Trump needs to stop praising Kim Jong Un. Kim is an evil tyrant that forces his people to praise him. Kim Jong Un uses this to his own advantage to manipulate his own media and people. Trump is only strengthening the dictator's power. All tyrants in the history of tyrranny exalt themselves as god in the most high place in order to reap terror and fear into the lives of the citizenry so as to maintain their sphere of power and influence. Tyrranny is an illusion crafted by the tyrant through systematic organization, through negative indoctrination, through deception and through manipulation of the human consciousness. But when you strip away lies and reveal the truth a tyrant ceases to exist. F*** Trump.

May God bless these two glorious fat men, how they saved the saved from oblivion and destruction. Truly an epic moment. Death to Globalism.

Love how they send Kim’s double

How come the Secret Service are holding their jackets like that? it's weird.

Scary that the translators could start a war on a whim

Mujhe aisa lagta hai america darr gaya kim jong se full support kim jong team

I dont need coward dectator Airstrike the Philippines ...Hope China and north Korea Airstrike the Philippines. . . .

*I never expected to YeEt you here*

NK security..red lapel pin SK security green lapel pin US Secret Service.. white guys

Everybody: History was made Internet: A new meme template was made.

And there's iskanka and jaywad with no business there as usual

The press doesn't make you look bad. You do that yourself

The two slobs meet

2 boyz with small hands ;) more of these episodes, it should be a reality show! Kim the greatest star...of course the new usa lawyer Kim shoudl be definitely in it - would break the internet...omfg!

they make such a cute couple...and look how Kim is smiling :D did he gain weight again?

don't do a war,do a friendship!

That’s what Reagan did

The US is a republic

You ever hear of Detente?

He does needs translator tf are you 9

They made an arrangement to do it. It’s the DMZ.

... it is

trump respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love how everyones chest is 3times larger than it should be

He gotta visit Las Vegas pretty soon

Putting two idiots together be like

The amount of memes that came from this

People : we need to do something about North Korea . Trump: actually meets the leader of North Korea in the DMZ and crosses the border for peace talks. People: NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!

I was worried at first because the media kept getting in the way but Kim Jong Un didn't get angry so that's something.

So now what?

Karen from the media would like to speak to the supreme leader about his nations media.

The meme materials

The translator prob saying that trump said "I am dirty capitalist pig and am humbled to be here in your godlike presence" lmao

Jesus’ calm down reporters

Kim Jong Un: *has voice* Me: wait, that's illegal

No class press. DMZ history-making. Respect the President! Or you can leave...

the reporters are like animals at the zoo


For 1 min 7 Seconds, The US president was left unguarded, Secret Service Fail.

moi je vote pour quil est plus que une seul mais 5  et seulement sil s'unnise tous ensemble  sinon je vais voter pour que toute humain sur terre soi president  et si  sa marche 5 president stage 1 stage 2 stage 3 stage 5 chaque anner  il monte d'un stage  le dernier  son mandat est finie  et finie davoir des show off qui coute  extremement cher  pour faire l'election  ceux si seron choisie par leur note   decole  plus  obligatoire detre rich met dedutier  et leur mandat  ses la  que toute humain sur terre aurras son mot as dire une monnais une taxe  on prend le meilleur de tout et les mandat un cout quil est atteind on nest pas supposer 5 ans apres rentendre parler de la meme promesse electoral  parceque sa ser ais supposer avoir ete accomplie la loi partout pareil pour les gros producteurde drogue et les terroriste toute les armer  pour ans faire qu.une seul encore la le s meilleur de partout des femme on devrais en avoir comme presidente .1 raison, elle protege ses petite au risque du danger pour  les economie bien souvent se sont nos  mere plus souvent, les chicanne de femme ses plutot rare et ceux qui n'aime pas l'idee et bien on ses fais annarquer as tour de bras depuis le debut meme  et chose tres importante  un numeros ,email,tout les moyen qui existe pour rejoidre le securite facile d'acces je sais pour m'avoir arriver une grande fin semaine une fois de rejoindre autre que policier comme parlement fbi grc meme la reine d'angletaire  apres 2 heure de tentative  jai dit fu.. that javais pas trouver aussi un plan emergencie  terrestre catastrophe planetaire faut plus attendre quune catastrophe arrive  et parceque ont serais pas pret et pas asser pour survivre juste pour cause de pas avoir tester nos limite une petit d'abre  mais toute personne sur terre  plante un arbre  par semaine  cela en fais en tout ca ses rendu loin mon affaire et sur et certain que si sa serais ppossible le gros luxe  tout le monde  auras la chance dis couter as la vie de luxe parce que tout le monde au meme salaire  le luxe vien avec  le travaille dune vie cela veux dire as tout le retraiter pour recompence  davoir donner sa vie  plus de multi national moins  de criminel plus besoin dargent  plus de riche non plus alors plus personne pour graisser la pate de quelquun  des auto qui von as plus 90 sur la route on n'a pas le droit pareille la vitesse  ses sur piste sa ca serait un vote parfais

FairPlay DT , it’s about time someone stud up

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Prepare the 1TB clip , ready Burst MODE! , and ! , GO

Kim speaking korean language Trump be like: he is speaking language of gods

Who else wanted to see kim jong un sucker punch trump???

this is creepy

That lil Korean boi has perfect crouch expertise

The probably get a very stern warning from there bosses like: " if you even think about doing something stupid, we will totally go after your entire family...and save you for last..."

Probably your second reason. I speak Spanish pretty well, but if like, say my car breaks down and somebody is trying to explain the intricacies of the internal combustion engine to me, speaking in English would help me a lot more and be much more expedient.

Tell us how you would have done it different.

Wait a minute didn’t kim jong-un just cross the border into South Korea

Woah go crazy ahhshshgsheyehsbwjjwjwjwhw

A magical moment.

2:51 Kim:I’ll make sure to assasinate that guy

金三胖真他妈霸气 牛逼 最强80后

Why press have to be so close? They have high tech cameras you can zoom in from a distance.

When Trump crossed the border Cams:BRBRBBRBR R RBRBBRBR

like a BOSS

MAGA :))

Shut that women up

Loendy it‘s not really a border between those two states, it‘s a "neutral" zone, the actual border is further up/down

2:00 inter the Nazbol Theme... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJVzUwfgoJ4

They should have killed Kim jong un right there

Hey kim.. go get iran. Use your missiles for a purpose.

I have a question where is the red carpet and the army trumpet?

Cameras when trump is walking out *FLASH FLASH FLASH* Cameras when Kim comes walking out *FLASH FLASH FLASH FLASH* Cameras when trump and Kim shake hands *FLASH FLASH FLASH FLASH FLASH FLASH* Cameras when trump pats Kim’s back *CAMERAS INTENSIFY* *FLASH FLASH FLASH FLASH FLASH FLASH FLASH FLASH FLASH FLASH*

Why he's a human just like us

Shouldn’t have had reporters there at all. Just translators and camera for English and one for Korean.

thanks the both,the grace of God made you met that way,applause Trump and Kim.I am so happy to see you to be joined

Is Kim Jong Un a bad person?

Liberals would rather rockets were flying over the Korean Peninsula then admit this is a massive moment

I wonder if Kim wanted to capture and murder Trump after he entered North Korea

Plot twist North Korean soldiers were on building ready to shoot Donald trump at anytime

The god emperor.

I feel like a few more pictures would have done it

think about it we as humans have evolved to the point where we have given single guys like this all the power... just old fat men in suits who we let control our lives, humans are pathetic

I am only looking at camera man

Nor hate or like Trump but this is awesome. It’s harder to get along with people you don’t like but he’s making an effort and I would love to see more peace in the world. Especially with NK, they really hate us.

5:38 Kim Jong Un understands English. Kim Jong Un studied in the US back then so it’s impossible for him to not speak and understand English.

2 psychos

I think this is great. But Trump is way too insecure and always has to put on an artificial dominance. He constantly pats Kim's back and guides/leads him. If there's anyone with a bigger ego than Trump, it's the Supreme Leader. Trump should have fed the man's ego, not his own.

Thank you Trump for your service. Very Nice. Very cool

CNN: Trump is kidnapped into north Korea and held for ransom

Trump just meet a guy who learn how to drive at the age of 3

I don't get. Are they friends now....?

Wow, NBC literally muted the part where Kim was saying good things about America and Korea's relationship..... Shame

Dray Martinez Every person who lead NK is bad.

Foot Lasgna It was never a border.

Alexander Nagniy Nevermind, he is.

Alexander Nagniy Kim isn’t a dictator. I’m pretty sure.

Utars not funny didnt laugh

Adam Strickler America is screwed

Trump be peaceful. Kim jong un NO!

Dude you need a break, seems that you have lost your ability to be rational..

You are socially inept if you really think that. People were skeptical because the Trump administration did no diplomatic preparation with their NK counterparts before Trump decided on a whim to stop by on the way back for a handshake despite his National Security advisers telling him not to give away a meeting without getting something in return Meanwhile, NK still hasn’t agreed to verifiably denuclearise, and is still enriching Uranium and testing missiles. So Trump agreed to stop bi-annual South Korean-American military training exercises at Kim’s request and given legitimacy to a brutal dictator who has always longed to be taken seriously - all for nothing but a photo op - and that’s exactly what everyone except Trump followers expected the outcome to be.

Theses cameraman’s are crazy, they took like 200 pictures a second

Best president ever

He's like that worsest ruthless Aram hesulla the movie between neanthals and iguto the the ark Chronicles

History in the making!!!!

T G ur wrong because you let ur dislike of trump cloud ur judgement. Trump has many flaws but in this video his done something presidents before him have tryed but failed to do

Michael M I will if you tell me why I’m wrong

T G mate I’m a ex uk 45 commando. Do not talk about things you know anything about. Go away

why is the audio cut?

Michael M Presidents before him could’ve shaken the hand of the leader of North Korea if they were that desperate for a photo op

T G Clinton was to busy shagging his intern , George bush was to busy going to war killing millions of innocents over 9/11 , Obama was busy letting Russia take over Crimea n being laughed at on the world stage , sending cash to Iranians n guns to cartels . Hillary Clinton gets chucked in to a van like a slab of meat , but I don’t care I’m not American , but spend ur time stopping kids being shot in school instead of hating a president that u can vote out next year

The photographers need to shut the heck up, like if someone isn’t doing something correctly, yelling won’t do anything it’ll just make it worse

Who's the Korean lady I blue? Must be high up I'd think

I was stationed on the DMZ in the Army. I never in a million years thought this would ever happen. Thank you Trump !!!

What a poor recording

The world’s worst dictator meets the leader of North Korea. What a moment.

Dia épico

He is the only fat guy in North Korea

NBC nice coverage but owned by democrats, outstanding

Headcases...the lot of them

No wonder reporters are hated ..

All those photos sound like a hail storm... o-o

Trump needs a wheelbarrow to carry his balls cause of how big they are

Lol I dying cause Donald trump is tall because and Kim is short boo Lol

Hidden communist, Russian agent Trump.

Max brothers

CNN: “Trump Steps Over the Line for the Last Time. North Korea Sends Troops into South Korea.”

Bro those reporters are crazy for being that pushy I'd be scared that I'd get killed for that

I hope and I pray that Pres. Trump will help North Korea and improve its economy and be a more friendly and peaceful country in the whole world. God bless North Korea!

The Kim grin every time Trump give him a little pat is priceless

Yea that's right respect that nuclear power mofo

Don't you ever under estimate Kim Jong eung or any his people. And don't drag too long the dealing with them, Mr. President. you are wasting time too long......!!

Screw you Kim Jong un.

2 leaders in one building where's the sniper

Kim Always has a fresh fade

Trumps ah badass!

Hold the presses there ! Is Kim the new Big Bird we've heard so much about ? Have you guys noticed how its left arm moves a lot more and the right always follows the left when it needs to move ? Oooooh ... and by the way, to all the neigh sayers out there, Kim isn't fat ok ! It's just... All the gold he carries around under his jacket that makes him look that way. And his double non-chin is created by his bullet proof vest collar that's on so tight. 'coz let's face it... he IS sweating bullets there, for a good reason.

Did anyone see the leader of South Korea have that good luck look on his face as trump went outside

WTF dmz

Meeting off one of the smartest president , with one of the dumbest president. Very big difference between rich country and the poor country.

Kim jong wasn’t happy Trump didn’t bring snacks.

lot of TDS on this thread...like your black jesus did anything for 8 years...Trump 4D chess...

What is This love hate thing nk just messes This up so many times it’s so frustrating

NBC is literally better than CNN

A mad man and a merciless swine became friends each other. God will punish both.

When Trump started walking in North Korea. The first thing I thought was "oh! He's brave."

Kim Jong is great leader of world history

now we neeed a... we will build a great wall in N.Korea!

President trump you have made history by becoming the first us president to meet a North Korean leader

Im shocked kim jong didnt have all the press people executed

Trump should have accidentally knocked Kim in the nose making it bleed on national Media

Probably the time Trump was most vulrenable, a lot of back packs, anything could have happened in the malee, brave and ultra smart of Trump to take the initiative on this potentially explosive situation.


kim looks like the happy kid who finally gets recognition from his estranged father.

Who woulda thought


Thank you sir. We shall have peace

Yet Trump plays right into the North Korean propaganda with out getting anything in return. Trump was played. Ronald Reagan would have never done such a stupid thing.

They should've gone golfing

Hey you must be one perturbed white lady

If Trump start something stupid with North Korea I'm going to break in his house and bust him upside his head!

14:51 why is nobody miked? Why do we have such bad coverage of actual news?

1:36 women on the left

Now just sniper shot in head of kim jo and is game is over

i thought he'd sound like a 12 year old boy going through puberty turns out he sounds like a 30 year old man

game would start actually china and the ussr would go ballistic literally.

Most what i hear is *camera shutters*

I believe that North Korea is untapped potential for the United States they could actually be good trading partners does not want North Korea to team up with America because if that was to happen we would literally have a presence on their border


Press: let's start World War 3

so when the fight.

Kims hairline tho

Trump is indeed our Trump card This is just awesome

Could not believe all the pushing and shoving from the bodyguards of both sides on seemingly everyone. Imagine if they had started fighting! Could have ignited WWIII. The press were stressing both sides' security out and were not helping.


Totally would have yelled gunnnnn.

Kim jong un: finally a big fat orange to eat.

this is intense...one wrong move, ww3

This reminds me how annoying that chick was with the camera in Jurassic Park: Lost World

This is the beginning of freeing North Korea. Trump diffusing the tension between NK and the US in a five minute walk... Opening the door to diplomacy. Trump is a humanitarian. An American first but a Humanitarian.

Why can't Trump and other countries help free the country

That would cause a war

how cute a grandpa and his little fat nephew going for a walk to discuss about life.

@Chung-zi Awesome4Ever Tell me how they can help?

@GamingThisEra oh dang

Trump looks like Uncle Sam next to Kim

Awesome. Trump and North Korea's plot to start a war. Do it. I want to see snakes end themselves. I want to laugh at the lie that will they will make up to attempt to continue tomorrow.

All of the cameras in the background sound like when a remote control helicopter hits a wall and spazzes out.

Did he went from south korea to north korea by crossing the border line?

lol he looks so nervous

@Silver Juice nope. I'm a stay at home dad.


The media really are freaking animals lmao. But wait? I thought Trump was an evil warmonger? Can't fake this news can you NBC?

Seems like both secret service of both countries were locked and loaded to shoot!

it seems they communicating and unerstanding each other in a background when they were not on a camera like, plain english

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