Special Report With Bret Baier 12/28/17 6PM | December 28, 2017 Breaking News

Special Report With Bret Baier 12/28/17 6PM | December 28, 2017 Breaking News

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F.b.eye as, a top, Republican says, the agency is falling, short on answering, Congress's, questions, plus sorting, factor fiction, the, president's, claims of signing more legislation, this year than any other administration and. The, House Majority Leader joins me live with a look at what's on the agenda for 2018, this. Is special report. Good, evening welcome to Washington I'm like Emmanuel in for Bret Baier another, Republican, condemns, the nation's top law enforcement, agency, over. Failing to comply with its probe into the so-called Trump, dossier, the, chairman, of the House Intelligence Committee, says the Justice, Department, and the FBI is lack of action, can, no longer be tolerated this. After another Republican, congressman, caused quite the stir when, he called for a quote, purge, of the FBI following, reports of political bias among, its ranks correspondent. Kevin cork joins us now with the exclusive details. Good evening Kevin great to see you there Mike this is our first opportunity to see what the committee has been asking, the DOJ, and the FBI for as, it relates to this deal or if you will the Trump dossier, that they really want to get to the bottom of this what, role did that dossier play, in leading, to what long to, respond, to the committee's requests, not just for documents, but, also for interviews. In. A letter obtained exclusively, by Fox News chairman, of the house permanent Select, Committee on Intelligence congressman. Devin Nunez excoriated. The FBI and DOJ for, failing to produce documents related, to subpoenas, issued over four months ago concerning. The Trump dossier, noonas, telling deputy AG rod Rosenstein, quote at this point it seems the DOJ, and FBI need. To be investigating, themselves I, would like to see the the directors, of those agencies purge it Florida Republican, congressman Francis Rooney was inescapably. Clear he, wants to see the FBI and Justice Department clean. House we've, got a lot of great agents, a lot of great lawyers here those are the people that I want the American people to see and know the good works being done not, these people who are kind, of the deep State Rooney, the latest, to join the GOP chorus of attacks on the FBI and DOJ including. Suggestions, by some lawmakers that, each has acted, as tools of the so-called deep, States engaged, in, a de facto coup, d'etat are, corrupt, and as Rooney put it in, need of a purge, president. Trump's made no secret of his frustration, at the bureau's, handling, of both the Clinton and Russia investigations. Unleashing. A barrage of tweets including, one just two days ago suggesting. That the bureau had been quote tainted. To shame what's happened with the FBI, but. We're. Gonna refill the FBI it'll be bigger and better than ever change, is taking, place, the FBI's general counsel James Baker has been reassigned, deputy. Director Andrew McCabe expected, to retire early next year agent. Peter struck who helped to run the Clinton's server investigation. Has been removed from the Russia probe after anti-trump. Techs were discovered, in correspondence with, his alleged mistress and, fellow agent, Lisa Paige and former. Associate, deputy AG Bruce Orr has been demoted at justice for, concealing meetings with fusion GPS the company behind the anti-trump. Dossier, the problem is in the swamp of Washington, DC the, biggest alligator is, a politicized, FBI. And Department of Justice and, that's why we're fighting hard to make sure that we've got a fair, and equal opportunity. For all sides to be heard but critics wonder if some of the changes notably, Baker's reassignment, are the result of mounting, political, pressure from the Trump White House and Republican, lawmakers on Capitol, Hill former. FBI director, Jim Comey tweeting. Sadly. We're now at a point in our political life when, anyone, can be attacked for that we reference at the very top of the piece by the way Nunez. Says the, DOJ, and FBI have until January, 3rd to respond to all their requests, of course that's a date Mike will be watching very carefully on the calendar no doubt, about that Kevin quark leading us off tonight Kevin many thanks thank you president. Trump doubts doubts his legislative, success, from his first year in office as record-breaking, and more successful, than anybody, else the president is certainly coming off a big, win with. The first tax reform, in more than three decades but, a website, that tracks total, bill says the Trump team has more work to do yet. When it comes to reversing, the policies, of the last administration the, president, has a laundry, list of accomplishments, correspondent.

Richardson, Has the story tonight from West Palm Beach. Much. Of the progress president, Trump's sights during his first year in office is reversing, Obama administration. Accomplishments. Congress. Finally, delivered the president a major piece of legislation this month a massive, tax cut after, a frustrating year of unsuccessful attempts, to replace Obamacare last. Year voters delivered, Republicans, the white house House and Senate and the, party expected, to significantly alter, the government, after eight years of the Obama administration. A. Project. Called gov track says that's false that, President Trump has signed the fewest bills into, law by this point at his presidency since, at least President. Dwight Eisenhower though. The Trump administration without. Congress. Has steadily and effectively, dismantled. Many of President, Obama's regulations, and executive, initiatives, Trump officials have cut subsidies to insurance companies, designed, to stabilize Obama, care markets, substantially. Rolled back environmental. Rules sought. Longer, sentences, for drug offenders repealed. Net neutrality rules designed, to prevent service, providers, from interfering, with Internet traffic rescinded. Guidelines, on sexual, assault at colleges, and bathrooms. For transgender, ship and restored. Some restrictions, on Americans, traveling to Cuba President Trump also stopped certifying, that Iran is complying with the bulk of the Iran nuclear agreement though. The United States is still adhering, to the deal and with a Republican, Senate to confirm nominees, the president, has steadily filled judicial, vacancies, with conservatives, next, year the president, has tasked Congress, with immigration, infrastructure. And has, asked Republicans, and Democrats, to develop a new health care plan though. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says, the Senate will probably, move on to other issues internationally. Continued. Pressure on North Korea after, a South Korean report. Claimed China illegally, provided, energy to North Korea president, Trump tweeted this morning quote, caught, red-handed. Very, disappointed. That China is allowing oil to go into North Korea there, will never be a friendly solution, to the North Korea problem, if this continues, to happen China, denies the story in an, op-ed in The New York Times, Secretary, of State Rex Tillerson says, China has been helpful but, it could and should do more to isolate, North Korea. Secretary. Tillerson also, says the administration will continue to pursue u.s., economic interests. With China intellectual, property theft and addressing. That massive, trade imbalance, between the two countries, Mike, Rich, this was part of a list of accomplishments Secretary. Tillerson detailed, in 2017. There's, been extensive reporting. He is leaving is the secretary. Planning on staying in 2018. Now. He is according, to State Department officials. Mycod you know the secretary has been at odds with the President on a number of issues whether, it be Iran North Korea Qatar, and there is consistent. Speculation, that the president is not happy with him and that he's going to leave in the early part of next year, though State Department officials insist, the secretary is staying and planning, international, travel well, into this winter Mike, our Richardson, live in West Palm Beach Florida rich thanks, a lot the.

President, Closes out 2017. With a big legislative, win on taxes, but it was not easy and the road ahead for his next big agenda item could be just as rough correspondent. Ellison barber reports on the president's, plan for, infrastructure. In. An era where partisan divide defines. The US Congress, it's one of the few issues where, on the surface it seems like Republicans. And Democrats, could find a sliver of agreement, and make a deal, infrastructure. Is the easiest, of all we're. Very well on our way so we'll, be having that done pretty quickly and it's not just roads and bridges and potholes. Which are in very bad shape but, we should have broadband, across this country. The, process, for rolling out long-awaited infrastructure. Reform, legislation is, set to begin next month, president Trump sits, down with fellow GOP leaders in Congress, the president, has already invited leader McConnell, and speaker Ryan to Camp David the first weekend of January to, make sure we're all on the same page about what our priorities are for 2018. White House officials tell, Fox News they are looking at about 200 billion, dollars in direct federal spending, and easing, environmental. And labor regulations. With the goal of stimulating, 1 trillion dollars, in public works investment. But there is competing, rhetoric, within Trump's own party, over whether this issue will be a priority, in an election year what are we gonna do in 2018 we're gonna pick up where we left off and get, back at reforming, health care we're gonna get back at reforming these entitlements, and we're gonna take on welfare reform some fiscal conservatives. Are concerned, about the cost of transportation, reforms. To save taxpayer, money they, favor more funding, partnerships, between the public and private sector that means things like toll, roads as for Democrats, there's infighting, there as well over whether to work with the president and his allies some. Remain frustrated over tax reform and in their view being left out of the negotiations while. Some on the Left are calling Trump out and at times taunting. Him for not moving faster, on an election campaign promise. No infrastructure, bill where's that famous infrastructure. Bill that was going to be the first thing out of the gate Democrats, have laid out their own competing, 1 trillion dollar bill, the money would come mostly, from direct, federal funding we are ready with, a strong, infrastructure, bill that was put on the President's, desk in January. We're. Still waiting, to, get. Feedback on that it would create 15, million, jobs. Unsurprisingly. Money, paying for a plan to rebuild, our roads in rails is the biggest hang-up at least for, now current offset proposals. Include increasing, the federal gasoline tax and, tax breaks for cities and the private sector so they can fund their own rebuilding.

Projects, Mike Ellison, barber live here in Washington, Ellison, thanks very much you. Know I'm joined by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy who's back home in California where, he is spending the holidays good, evening Majority Leader McCarthy. Good. Evening thanks for having me let's get right to it what are your legislative, priorities for next, year. Well. We got a lot of big legislative. Priorities one is infrastructure. Focusing. On continuing, job creation, making, sure our troops have, everything, they need to keep this, world safe but we shouldn't jump ahead without really, focusing, on what we achieved so far, reform. Has taken more than three decades the, average family of four will save more than two thousand. Dollars small. Businesses, is going to have the lowest rate that had in more than 40 years, America. Is going to be competitive, again now that we have the corporate rate down look, what we did for the VA we made landmark, reforms, there the GI Bill is no longer only 15, years or you lose it you have it now for a lifetime, we, gave our troops the largest, pay raise in more than eight years and. When you look at the regulation. Only. One time in history has, Congress ever been able to use the congressional. Reform act to repeal. Regulation. We, did that 15, times and then, when they'd sit back and want to evaluate this president, I never heard anybody talk about the stock market so, many records going forward are getting growth back to 3% I thought last year was a good year but 2018, is even going to be better it would help remove the agenda if you can get some Democrats, on board certainly, in the Senate but why not in the house as well I asked Michigan Democratic congressman, Debbie Dingell about, possible, areas of common ground take a listen to this. That. Structure is one issue that I think it is not just roads and bridges and potholes. Which are in very bad shape but, we should have broadband, across this country I've said I'll work with the President on trade I'll work with everybody, in anybody, to get pension legislation through that's my job, so, she's highlighting, trade, infrastructure. And pension, reform any thoughts on that majority leader, we. Could work on that but you, as we walked through on the tax plan I had a number of Democrats individually. Come up to me tell, me they liked the plan they're going to vote for it in the, last days they came to me and said that they were getting whipped from, their own leadership that, would not allow them to vote for the bill we need to be able to break this logjam to, be able to work together, common, ground and that's one, thing I watched this petite, iams remember, it was just a couple weeks ago when, Nancy Pelosi wouldn't, even come to the White House to meet with the president, when it came to government funding and right, before we left we watched that we had to have a vote to keep government open. Nancy. Pelosi whipped, her own Democrats, to vote no to try to shut the government down I hope, in the new year they have a new attitude president, Trump has said he wants action on daca early, in the new year those children brought to this country illegally Senate. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says, the Senate should take action sometime, in January, what about the house sir. Well. I think the president, is right remember, why we're in this situation really. It's the House and Senate that the, in our Constitution, has to legislate, but, the president brings up a very good issue when you talk about daca, we've, got to secure the border so we don't have this problem in the future he's talked and campaigned, on building, that wall and then, when we looked at the, recent, individual, that tried to create a, suicide.

Bomb In New York right think of how they came through through, that chain migration if, we can fix chain migration get. The security, along the border I think, we could come to common, ground that everybody, agree upon and solve, this problem I'm hopeful, we can get that done this year some of your House Republican, members have expressed concerns, about bias, perhaps, with some at, the DOJ at, the FBI even with Robert Muller's investigation. Where, are you on all that sir. Well. The integrity, of law enforcement, is paramount, but, it needs to be carried out without political. Any politics, or any bias but, I understand, the frustration because, when you sit back and you look at what has happened the lack of response, Congress, has a responsibility of, oversight, they, have been ignored, they, have been delayed, they have refused, to send people in to have, hearings. Or, to be questioned, and then, when we look at the latest of people being removed that are in, centerpieces. From. Investigating. When it was Hillary, Clinton, are making, decisions on what investigations, should go forward when you look at the inspector, general, as the individual, who came forward and found, the emails, and these individuals, saying it's their insurance policy. Wanting to determine what happens in politics. We cannot, allow that to happen in in a country that believes in the rule of law well and that's why I think people are frustrated and rightfully so what did you take on the robert muller probe at this point and are you hopeful it'll be wrapped up soon. I'm. Hopeful if it's wrapped up very soon looking at what they've gone through but I'm, interested in, what, congressman. Devon Nunez and the Intel is looking at as well remember, there are a number of investigations, going on here but, the lack of cooperation. The. Questions, that have been raised by some, individuals. Working in the DOJ, and, the Inspector General doing that own investigation. Where these emails, came out out forward, I think we're going to have to clean some areas up and I think you have to have transparency. Majority. Leader Kevin McCarthy joining, us live from California, we thank you for your time sir see you back here up on Chile Capitol, Hill in the, New Year. Well. Thank you and to have a happy new year thank you sir up, next to look at Isis on the move and a deadly reminder, that terror is still a very real threat around, the world. Today, a horrific reminder, that the fight against terror is not over, as dozens. Are killed in a suicide blast, in Afghanistan, ablaze, just, one of several recent attacks, from a growing threat taking, hold in the country senior. Foreign affairs correspondent Greg Powell cut reports. Death. And destruction again. In Kabul Afghanistan a, suicide bomber, blew himself up, in a packed Shiite, Muslim, cultural center other bombs detonated, outside all told, him 41, killed an 84 injured, including, students, women and children. When. The explosion went off we escaped from the room where we were we, saw the smoke and flames we. Went to help when. We got there the situation, was very bad, claiming. Responsibility. For the attack the Afghanistan, offshoot, of Isis, as the, terror group recedes in Iraq and Syria it is growing in strength in Afghanistan, the, Sunni Muslim extremists, often targeting, Shiites they, also target Iran Iran, friendly mediate was based at the center they are killing, as many Muslims.

As They. Are anybody else so they're targeting, Shiite mosques. They're targeting, fellow Muslims. Isis attacks are only complicating. The u.s. fight in the country who is already challenging with al Qaeda and then the Taliban, in the wake of 9/11 16. Years later and the Trump administration is, doubling down with, US troop levels back up to around, 14,000. I believe, with all my heart that Afghanistan will be free and. America. Will be saved. And we'll win this fight increasingly. American, troops at the dangerous, Isis, in their sights, the terror group along, with the Taliban was targeted in nearly, 2500. Operations. In the last six months involving. US, Special, Forces bombing. Runs by the air force are three times last year's pace and often, according to officials, Isis, are the ones getting it but, the number of Isis fighters again, according to officials remains steady, at around a thousand, holding, ground and holding, global attention they like the headlines so, as they gain that helps them gain more favor with followers, we're now here fighting, the oppressors. In Afghanistan, or the US presence there the gathering, hit today by Isis, in Kabul, marked the anniversary of. The then Soviet Union's. Failed, occupation. Of Afghanistan. Reminder. Perhaps of how difficult, it can be for foreigners. To tame the demons, in that country, Mike, Greg, Powell khat reporting on America's longest war Greg thank you taming. The demon as Greg said is extremely. Difficult US military, officials said this week that Isis, has lost, 98%, of the territory, at once held but. As Lucas Tomlinson reports, from the Pentagon, the, terror group remains, a threat. Despite. Isis being nearly destroyed, its remnants now, pose a new threat, to thousands, of US troops still. On the ground they seem to be moving with impunity through, regime. House some of the remaining fighters seen by US drones fleeing west to land controlled by Syrian President, Bashar al-assad.

But, A general leading the coalition says, coalition, Jets will not pursue Isis fighters in parts, of Syria controlled, by the regime and Russian. Forces the Syrian regime has failed to demonstrate its ability to prevent the resurgence, of Isis on, their, own soil it's just one of a host of challenges left in the wake of Isis's, downfall, Russia cited the ISIS threat when, it deployed dozens, of fighter jets and thousands. Of troops to Syria in the fall of 2015, then. President Obama predicted, a quagmire head, for Moscow and Iran, serious, other backer for the two years later there are no signs of the Russians leaving Russia's, defense minister says this country's two bases in Syria are now permanent. In, Isis both, Iran and the u.s. found a common enemy, with that threat now on its heels some, Iranian backed forces, in Iraq are now turning their attention to the US by threatening the more than 5,000 US troops in Iraq and 2000. And a Burin Syria in, a candid admission, the CIA director, put Iran's goods force commander on notice reaching. Out to him personally what we were communicating, to him in that letter was that we will hold he. And Iran accountable for. Any attacks on American interests in Iraq by, forces, that are under their control the consequences, of a diminished Isis and embolden Iran could, pose a threat to a key American ally in the region about 80 percent of Assad's. Fighters, or Iranian. Proxies in Syria to. Establish, this kind of land bridge over. Over. Into the Mediterranean, and so. What we face is the prospect of Iran having a, proxy. Army on the borders of Israel another challenge post Isis is rebuilding, Mosul Iraq's, second largest city, that, was all but destroyed the. UN estimates forty thousand homes need to be rebuilt keeping, millions languishing. In refugee, camps the kind of desperation, that, led to the rise of Isis in the first place even if we defeated Isis, as a name. We. Have to remember that we are fighting an ideology. Not, just an organization, the. Iraqi government, estimates it's gonna take a hundred billion, dollars to rebuild but, it's not clear right now who's, gonna foot the bill tonight, more than three million Iraqis, are living, in refugee camps Mike Lucas, Tomlinson live at the Pentagon, Lucas thanks a lot up. Next a bitter and deadly, cold grips, the Northeast. Welcome, back to special report we're glad to have you tuning in tonight especially those of you in the northern us who, are probably staying inside as bitter, cold, temperatures take hold senior. Correspondent Mike Tobin reports, from Chicago, on the dangerous, deep freeze and when, we can expect a little warmth more. Than five feet of snow dumped, on Erie Pennsylvania cars. Buried, in snow so, bad that people there had to go old-school with the shovels, when the snow plow got stuck take, a look from the satellites, most of Lake Superior Lake. Erie and Huron if frozen over it is, the icy wind whipping over Lake Erie that picked up moisture and dumped, it from Ohio to New York our crews have been out 24/7, that's really hard to keep up with this amount of snow from Boston, to st. Louis weather advisories, are in effect due, to the frigid air International.

Falls Minnesota a self-proclaimed, icebox, of the nation, set a record, low with, a temperature, of 37, below Hibbing. Minnesota broke. A record for cold that stood since, 1964. In, Chicago, city officials, have set up warming shelters for the homeless who, are particularly, vulnerable, to, hypothermia and, frostbite. We have outreach teams that again will go engage. Them pick, them up and transport, them to shelter doctors. Who treat frostbite, say the other at-risk population. Is people who don't take the cold-weather seriously. And failed, to wear proper cold-weather. Gear, frostbite. Can set in in under, 30 minutes really, quickly the pain goes away and they don't feel anything that's why frostbite, is so bad the, sensation, goes away and at that point in time you really don't know that you're being frostbitten, until, it's too late the, cold weather turned beautiful, in Minnesota, as the Minnehaha Falls, froze, people, climb behind them to get a one-of-a-kind look park, rangers warned of the dangers, not only of slipping but falling, ice it's also illegal to climb behind the falls in, Green Bay Wisconsin the, Ray Nitschke bridge on Main Street got, stuck partially, up drivers. Were detoured and, crews were sent out of the cold to get it working so tugs and ships could come and go then, a frozen, span on another bridge stop, boat traffic. The. Bad news is that there's more cold air coming down from the north it'll, keep these frigid temperatures around well into the new years in fact it's gonna be about two weeks till we make the transition, from brutal winter to, plain old winter Mike, our Mike Tobin in her freezing Chicago, Mike thanks, and go back inside. Another. Good day on Wall Street the Dow gained, 63. Finishing, at a record high the 71st. Of the year the sp500, was, up five Nasdaq. Jumped 11. Democrat. Doug Jones will be sworn in as the next, senator from Alabama, in the new year despite Republican. Roy Moore's refusal, to concede, the election Alabama. Secretary, of State made the results official this afternoon, even after Moore filed a complaint claiming. Voter fraud in the election Moore. Fought accusations. Of sexual misconduct with, teenage girls from, decades ago during his campaign, Moore. Said he has passed a polygraph test. That proves his, innocence. President. Trump made cracking, down on illegal immigration, a big part of his agenda and, new numbers could help bolster his argument, to get something done national. Correspondent William, la jeunesse reports, from Los Angeles, for. Decades now u.s. immigration, rules have been based on an outdated, system, a system, the president wants to overhaul, next year a new report prepared, by the conservative-leaning, Center, for Immigration Studies, based. On census data promises. To help shape that debate, everybody. Wants to come to the United States and, quite frankly the United States can be choosy about who it admits the report shows in 2016. An estimated, 1.8, million legal, and illegal immigrants, settled, in the u.s. the, most ever in a single year and 53 percent higher, than just five years ago so, the, real debate, now is what. Should, legal. Immigration, look, like and I'll. Make you a prediction in about five or six weeks we're, gonna have to deal with that as you, start to face the daca, expiration. Reasons cited by the report, for the jump in President, Obama's last, year more, guest workers, and foreign students, virtually. No interior, or worksite enforcement, a surge, in Central American women and children and, the first time spouses. Of visa holders, were allowed to work encouraging. Those still overseas, to, join new immigrants, already here family immigration has a huge multiplier effect, 70. Percent of all immigrants, courted the White House in the last decade, I've entered through, family based visas, and we're, seeing the effects of it today this graph shows where.

Immigrants, Are coming from comparing. 2005. To 2015. Mexican. Immigration is cut in half from 400, to under 200,000. Central, Americans up by 100,000. Asian, immigration almost. Doubled, and twice, as many immigrants, from Africa and the Middle East, from, Europe that immigration, was flat what you really need to do is understand. What. Is the undocumented, population and, how we fix that problem and then. Reach over to those who are coming in legally and say. How, do you maximize. The, benefit to your new home country, the United States the drop in Mexican, immigration was dramatic. However it also means the u.s. is deporting, fewer Mexicans, Wednesday, the Mexican interior ministry said president, Trump removed 26. Percent fewer, Mexicans, than Obama in 2016. Now, this report doesn't take a political position but, with the economy growing and the birth rate slowing, Congress. May be more concerned about who emigrates. To the US then, how many Mike. William, Lajeunesse reporting from Los Angeles William, thanks, earlier. This year California's. Wine country faced incredible, devastation as, wildfires, ripped through hundreds, of thousands of acres destroyed. Thousands, of homes and took the lives of dozens, of people but. Tonight a region hit so hard is on the mend senior, correspondent Adam, Housley reports, from Napa, it's. Strange but, we know we're going to rebuild and we, know it's gonna be a nice building again so. We have faith why. Make up here beer ben says he has hope as he looks over the spot where Signorelli, winery, once stood the October, wildfires, destroyed this, winery and raged through wine country killing 42, people and burning. Down nearly, 9,000. Structures, it's, important, for people to come back because, we depend on tourism and the valley is still beautiful and it's still a good time to. Visit. Put people back to work we do need to make sure that our wineries, our restaurants. Our tourist, industry, you know this beautiful, land is supported. By the people who really care so, much about it one of the top five most visited, areas in the country that two weeks of fires came, at the region's busiest, during, harvest, season and while, 22, wineries were either damaged, or destroyed there. Are more than 600 others, in Napa and Sonoma that are open for business albeit. With more room than, anyone, wants, most, people are very surprised. They're expecting, to see charred. Areas burns areas and. They're. They're few and far between there. Is destruction here in Santa, Rosa thousands, of homes gone family's, lives changed, forever but. Much of it and residential, areas affecting, people who are more dependent, now than ever on a steady income, most, likely tied to the tourist dollar there's, been an immense. Amount of support from family and friends and just the community in general the best, way that anyone. Interested in supporting Napa, Valley right, now would be to come visit well the Thomas fire in Southern California, also this fall is now the state's largest ever the, wine country fires are the most destructive in, history, with, estimated, damages, into. The billions while. Signorelli, winery hopes to reopen here in two years they need to be creative, to keep all their employees working there now taking wine tasting, directly to people's homes and of course hitting, the road to sell their wines around the country other wineries, doing what they can to reconnect as well to change the perception, the Napa and Sonoma burned, down because, bookings, in the wine country are, down 50, percent from, last year. Mike. Our, Adam Housley in wine country Adam, many thanks a year. In review a look back at some of the successes, of the Trump administration in, 2017. When we come back. Fox News Channel is bringing you in all American, New Year celebration, from New York City and around the country catch the biggest live, performances. And join the conversation using, hashtag, Fox News 2018.

Kick Back and watch the ball drop with your host Kennedy and Jesse Watters live, from the heart of Times Square, our must-see, coverage begins New Year's Eve at 8:00 p.m. Eastern right here on Fox News Channel. So, the country is really. Turning. Around when. The individual, bending is being revealed, that means Obamacare. Is being revealed, it is time to exit, the Paris Accord. The war on coal the, Keystone, XL. The. Trans-pacific. Partnership. Completely. One-sided. Deal, with. Cuba, the, rogue regime. In, Iran Jerusalem. Is, Israel's. Capital, Christmas. Is back bigger. And better than ever before, Merry, Christmas everybody. It. Has been quite a year let's bring in our panel daniel halper contributing, editor to the washington free beacon Amy. Walter national, editor for the cook Political Report and, Molly, Hemingway, senior editor at The Federalist ladies. Gentlemen. Good to see you Thank You Molly your thoughts first year highlights yeah it was a good year for president, Trump a rough year but, he ended really, strongly, with the tax reform and in. Tax, cuts I mean I think a lot of people didn't think he could accomplish this he's a political neophyte. He did it with a very slim majority in the Senate and with a media establishment that, was content to not really be that truthful, about what was in the bill so that's really good important, policy, he took a new. Direction from, what we've been accustomed to with the previous couple of presidents and actually managed to crush Isis, it's not that he had a totally, different strategy than President, Obama but he enabled his military to actually make the decisions, and be accountable and do what they needed to do to get it done and he saw a lot of success there that we didn't see under the previous administration Amy, did you notice a learning, curve as the year went on and what, are your observations of year 1 well, certainly I think by the time we got to the tax bill the relationship, between the President and Congress had. Gotten a little more balanced. It was obviously. A little rocky during Obamacare but I also think that was the issue set I think it's a lot easier to get republicans on the same page on tax cuts than it is on something like, Obamacare, in its many different facets including, Medicaid look if you go through the list of accomplishments many. Of which you included. In the setup package here the president fulfilled, a lot of the things he said he was going to do on the campaign trail the, challenge right now for the resident at his party is that voters. At least at this point aren't, giving credit, to Republicans. I don't see that this is do, they, don't see him particularly, positively. They don't see the Republicans, in Congress and in a popular, light if you, look at just at where voters think they want to be in the 2018 election, Democrats.

Have A double-digit, lead at this point so given all the accomplishments and, how, well the economy's, doing the real question, is why isn't the President or the party doing better and a lot of that is for as much as he's succeeding. In keeping. His base energized, he's, double, energizing. His. Up the opposition, and swing voters a lot, of these things that are appealing, to conservatives, aren't necessarily, appealing, to swing voters the big challenge I think for 2018, is Republicans, selling, their, most major piece of legislation which, is the tax bill you mentioned the economy, we have some handy-dandy graphics, we can show you about economic, changes, this year real. GDP growth unemployment. Rate, consumer. Confidence all, improving. Between, January, and now, and, then look at the down milestones. Look. At the curve at that anybody, with a 401 K at home certainly, recognizes. The impact in terms of the surging, Dow we'll see if that continues into the new year or, whether we see a bit of a reversal, Daniel. Is one of the keys looking ahead perhaps, that voters, feel like they're, getting something from the tax cut they see that in their paycheck every week sure, obviously I think that that would help right if people actually can, feel the benefits of it I think I think that does help in many ways well. The president trumpet so far has been the, most conservative, president in, the first year of my, lifetime which might not say that much but it is what it is but. I think the problem is is is many, of his accomplishments. Have not yet, been lasting, so he has, a Supreme Court justice he has reshaped in many ways the, judicial, system with a lot of nominees, and lower courts helped. Along by the Senate, and of, course he's had this tax reform package but. A lot of the other changes have been it basically roll backs of President Obama's which conservatives, rightfully. Cheer and they celebrate, but, it doesn't, mean. That. The next president has to abide by it the next president can come back in and Reese I know a lot of these things and go back to where President Obama had so unless he can get, Congress. Unless he can get legislative, accomplishments. I think that. I think how we judge, the. In. Terms of substantive, policy, of this administration from, how, we judge that I think is still up in there because as we saw with President, Obama the pen and the phone didn't, have lasting, impact unless, the pen was writing, on permanent, legislation right correct. And. I. Think, that is a very important, point too to pick up on in terms of the world that versus, the new staff you. Know plus the president, has made, this president, say this first year of his presidency really, about himself, and voters. Are really, also. Saying that this presidency, has been much more about his personality than, about the policies, in fact if you look at polling or they asked people both, who liked him and don't like him what it is that, they do or, don't like about him the number one thing that comes up are aspects of his personality and, his temperament, that wasn't, true for. Barack Obama where they more recent they picked, his policies, I don't like Obamacare I don't like foreign policies true that Obama's presidency was also very much about him and it worked very well for him at the same time.

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