Speechless in PHETCHABUN Province Beauty Like Nowhere Else

Speechless in PHETCHABUN Province  Beauty Like Nowhere Else

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welcome back welcome to Phetchabun this is the final province of  northern thailand and as you can see   i think we've saved the best to last there will be more than one video from  this province it's huge it has a wealth   of mountains and incredible scenery i mean  i'm literally close to tears this is the   most beautiful place i've ever seen in thailand i  mean i'm just staring up at this there's the moon   there's venus there's the sunset there's wind  farms just flapping in the distance and of   course we have a five-headed beautiful i mean oh  jesus i'm i'm completely lost for words petrobun okay day one we're going to be exploring these  mountains directly behind my accommodation   i found this place 1 000 bar at night with this  view my bedroom has this view this morning the   clouds the sunrise it was just amazing literally  from my bed for 30 dollars incredibly cheap very   very very good value and over there you  can see in the distance the five-headed   temple the golden mosaic temples right  next to it we'll go there in the afternoon   but to the left is a mountain village lots of  beautiful restaurants and hopefully amazing views   it's lunch time i'm hungry so let's go it's a bit windy today they call this place the  alps of thailand and you can kind of see why   it's got pine trees beautiful forest mountains  clean fresh air and the temperatures very mild   middle of the day here in november it's 24  celsius and at night it gets quite chilly   but come here in december it will be very  cold very very cold and what we're going to   do is just going to go get some lunch like i  said so let's go up some of these steep roads okay then here we are at the top   one of you guys has recommended this place  it's called pino latte seems to be at the   highest point and got the best view and  the best food according to one of you guys i think i've had a bit of a fail here so it's  beautiful and you get to the cafe on the left-hand   side there's a huge cafe and they mainly have  desserts they have an incredible cake selection   so many different types of yummy looking cakes  but then they just had like pizza and some basic   dishes so i came back over this side in the bigger  main restaurant area and they had a slightly   bigger menu and i ordered a salad a little  fruit salad but it's turned out to be massive   it looks good but it's huge and then i ordered  beef pad kapow which actually looks really nice   the egg is overcooked but i've just tasted  it and it's the meat is very tender and juicy   but um it doesn't taste like it's just  come out of a wok it's not very hot the fruit salad looks really good to be fair it's  got melon apple rose apple this smells amazing very rare to get kiwi very a very nice treat i'm glad i ordered two things actually because  as delicious as the meat is on this pad kapow   it's just a bit cold the reason why i'm a  little bit picky about this is all of this   costs 500 baht which is very expensive  very expensive this is normally 40 baht   a salad maybe 120 and then an iced tea but  it's double or triple the price of normal   because it's up here and it's  the place to be seen you know   so i'll eat this and if we have room we'll try  and squeeze in a cake because they looked amazing i decided against cake they were pretty  expensive and i'm not made of money   we'll just get snickers at  7-eleven oh should we go down here let's go off-road why not come on dreamy  don't whinge it'll be fine it'll be fine it's a lovely day what is this is this wild rice this is wild rice just growing on this dirt track   you can tell it's wild because it's growing at  different heights and it's not in any sort of   order where am i going i really don't  know where i'm going um this'll do wow and in the distance there you  can see the beautiful wind farms   on top of that mountain ridge in  that direction i think we'll go there   in the next video perhaps i'm changing location  staying in this area but we're going to upgrade   our accommodation and then oh because i'm where  i'm staying it's nice and the view is incredible   but i found an even well you'll see in the next  video it's truly magical and there's so much to   do in these mountains and there's about three or  four mountain ranges in this province this is just   one area i was thinking last night there might  be five videos just from this province i think we   did three in chiang rai obviously we did dozens  of chiang mai because i was living there for a   long time before we started the trip but some of  these little provinces in northern thailand we've   just done one video one video one video i was  in nan for five days but i only made one video   just because you know sometimes i wanna just  enjoy not like not like i don't enjoy when i'm   filming but you know put the camera down and  go to the night market and just do my thing jesus is beautiful here i think up there  with naan and shangri-province pechabun is a very very close joint third or  joint second in terms of its views guys there's something about this this time of year   it's so fresh up here visibility infinite  blue skies green mountains fresh air and just incredible roads i mean look at these  pine trees oh my god see i can see why it's like   the alps you know um they might even import  these you know just to give it that extra switzerland vibe anyway let's get a snickers bar look at this 7-eleven is that not the  fanciest 7-eleven you've ever seen wow there's a upstairs and a downstairs just a small one there's something about a half melted snickers bar  that just gets me anyway enough about snickers bar   let's go inside the amazing temple because that's  why he clicked on this video let's be honest and   i'll teach you about it because  i actually went yesterday   i went there like four o'clock in the afternoon  with the idea to go film you know this part of   the video however when i got there i was just  so blown away as you'll see there are so much   air there are so many areas so much  detail so much awe-inspiring places and   views and interesting things about this temple  that by the time i had a good walk around   it was dark and i had missed the opportunity  to film because it was that it was just that   i got lost within this temple it's incredible and  so last night i got on the phone to miss p and i   asked her to help me research about it because  i want to be able to tell you some of the things   that are going on visually because it there's well  you'll see there's no temple like this in thailand there's a lot going on here so  bear with me over the next minute   while i explain what's going on here  what's the meaning behind all this visual   artistic expression so let's start with the  five-headed buddha which we will go take a   closer look of in a second the translation  from thai into english is the temple on   the glass cliff and so it's surrounded by  sparkles it's surrounded by glass white marble   and just it's glittering okay in the sunlight it's  dancing and what you also notice all around is   spheres some of them are moving across water some  of them are in the rocks in the ground all over   the place literally everywhere and depending on  the color it's representing the four elements of   earth wind water and fire however at the front  as you come in there's also a crystal sphere   which refracts the light upside down almost  flips it 180 which creates this illusion   of the five buddhas being upside down and it  and if at a certain position you stand there   you can really see how the light flips and creates  that incredible visual representation of the up   and the down the ying and the yang and i just  think that's incredibly smart and very creative   and as you walk around you see more and more of  these spheres and there's lots of imagery of space   and the cosmos and when you start looking  at it you go wow it's it's made of mosaic   and that seems impressive and there are colorful  tiles on the floor everywhere however when you   get closer up and this is the most magical part  about it this is the thing that just blew me away   when you get closer you know just like the  cosmos physics is the study of the very big   and the very small and here there is both  you can study and admire the very big pagoda   or the very giant you know image of buddha there  but also you can get lost in the intricacy of the   minute in the walls it looks like  smashed plates and smashed tiles and   you know mosaic from slightly far away but the  closer you get the closer you get microscopically   coming closer you notice just how much detail  and painstaking art and craftsmanship has gone   into the mosaic on the walls on the stairs  everywhere it's all just so pinpoint lots of   porcelain plates and perfectly polished you know  spheres and just the more you look the more you   can't believe it i can't actually believe  it it's unbelievable and it's everywhere   and you know it's it's dancing in the light  it's just giving so much depth so much it's just   i mean it's i mean this is why i'm speechless last  night when i came here you know i spent two hours   just looking at everything and you know there's  not many people here which is nice so you're not   crowded you don't feel like you need to go  everywhere still not fully finished they're still   building there's construction going on in a  couple of directions i mean it must have taken   it must have taken 10 years to make this i mean i  don't know how they've done it and let's go have   a little closer look and then we'll go over to  the incredible statue of the buddha over there and me and miss p we were trying to research  last night she couldn't find out neither could i   the significance of why it's five and why did  they progressively get bigger and we couldn't   find the answer so if you know if you're thai or  you know the history or the story behind it let   us know in the comments however you know like  any good art it doesn't need explanation you   know this artistic expression and it's meant  to make you think um but if there is a story   behind it i'd love to know so let me know in the  comments but also why does the third buddha have a   golden armband i'd love to know that but again if  that's the artist just expressing his version of   the buddha and what he sees and how he wants to  portray or she then that's great we'll leave it   at that the only negative by the way of this  entire area which i always like to point out   the one thing i don't like about something because  i'm british is the road there's a road that goes   right through the middle and splits both of the  temples and i don't know you get a noisy truck and   a group of motorcyclists driving through here and  they make an absolute racket which isn't what you   want next to one of the most sacred most beautiful  artistic installations in the whole country   having said that the mountains the blue skies  the incredible views the artistic expression   the incredible intricacies and the damn right  awe-inspiring feeling you feel when you're here   kind of make up for the little road going through  the middle but you know nitpicking as always just below there's actually a beautiful garden  here with ponds and a really incredible waterfall   it's all man-made but it's very well done and they  have these incredible flowers here look at these   you see these i've never seen these  before oh it's a bit windy today calm down   um but what i love is even in the water  features they have the balls the spheres   the cosmos is is flowing into the water here  and i mean they're so creative thai people and   recently i was talking about getting temple  doubt or temple fatigue this has completely   got gotten rid of that like yes there are hundreds  of temples in this province and i only really want   to come to this one because i mean it's buddhism  why you know yes there are incredible cathedrals   all around europe but are they this different to  each other you know like just thinking back to the   sky temple in lampang and the golden and white  and blue temples we've seen we've seen this   and just so many others i can't even remember  because i've just been seeing so many   incredibly unique different super creative  expressions of the religion you know it's   they're not just crosses on us on a spike you  know mosques kind of look the same don't they   except for the really spectacular ones in istanbul  and there's a couple in malaysia i remember but   even the big ones in thailand are a little bit  like okay but buddhism they get an a star for   their artistic expression of their religion and  their belief and everything sorry i'm just in   the middle of the jungle here let's go up and get  a real good look at this incredible piece of art okay and there we have it and there's something  i really want to do but i won't do and that's   fly the drone the reason why is i really want to  get a perspective of this circular art piece here   because it's really interesting and i think just  going up 100 meters would give it such an amazing   perspective and i can maybe figure out what it  is because it's quite hard to figure out from   just walking on top of it but anyway um i also  don't want this wind to fling my little sparky   into the face of one of those statues can you  imagine if i damaged it and got in serious trouble   plus i don't really think it feels right to fly a  drone when something's so epic and beautiful here   and i also did a little research on youtube  and there's no drone footage of this thing   so i think they must be banned although i  haven't seen a single sign anyway that was a   filmmaker's rant um look i was here yesterday for  three hours and i just couldn't take my eyes off   this thing the more you look at it the more you  see especially when it comes to the crown there's   so much going on up there and the intricacies  and the the perfection of the carving and the   contours of the faces and the body and the  shoulders and the way the knees just keep like   dancing the light certain ways and then you've  obviously just got the mountains and the nature   and the clouds passing quite quickly which  is incredible especially in this wind it just   looks amazing as the clouds fly past and and  don't get me started on the view i mean this   place has it all you know it has the views it  has the temple vibes it has the incredible art   and you know i'll what i'm gonna do is  just hang around wait for the um sun to   go down secretly i filmed that yesterday  and we'll finish with the evening segment   because i want to show you what this  place looks like in the afternoon light   and even at night when it turns when they turn the  lights on plus there seems to be some sort of um   ceremony going on so i don't want to be  talking so cut to six o'clock in the afternoon okay it's six o'clock now and we haven't  been kicked out in fact they've turned   the lights on the mosaic temple is a light  and being i mean the way that the lights   shimmering off the mosaics and the  little bits of glass and mirror and   stuff that's in the walls it's incredible  it's really it's really shimmering and the   stars are coming out i can see the moon i  can see venus venus is so bright isn't she oh good lord so that was the  first part of pechabun and   the sun's just doing that thing you know that  japanese thing where this the rays of sunlight   i don't think japan owned the rights to that  uh marvel but for some reason it reminds me   of the japanese flag you know what i'm talking  about that like red flag with the red things   anyway rambling i'm always rambling when i'm  just blown away by the beauty of somewhere   and i don't know what to say so i'll say goodbye  and i'll see you in the next video in picture boom you

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