Spruce Smoked Trout & Moving Day 16 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

Spruce Smoked Trout & Moving Day 16 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

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Look. We're. Changing lodgings, move. Shelters, start, building. I'm. Zachary, Fowler, and, I'm Greg ovens and this is the 30 day survival challenge, Canadian. Rocky. There's. Only one rule if you want to eat you got a catch and cook it. The. 30-day survival, challenge season 2 Canadian Rockies, has been brought to you in part by doctor, Squatch soap hidden, woodsmen gear go, prepared, survival, outdoor. Vitals. Wazoo. Survival, gear simple. Shot shooting sports and grim, workshop check, out the link in the description, below for the gear video of the 30 days of bottle challenge. Rained. All night. But. It's getting brighter out there and it's uh. Sprinkles. Have slowed, up to little. Sprinkles, instead of rain. Of. Course I say that it's concern, pouring. Again now, there's gonna be a lot of cloud cover in the morning can't, rule out a spot shower. Those. Guys are gonna brighten up midday and that, sunshine is gonna add some instability so it's beginning to the afternoon, you, can see what happens that line of storms is approaching, 5 o'clock in the afternoon a, lot of folks have out to our activities, a lot of sporting, events after school there. Will be some impact from some of these storms on those activities but, this might be the best we can hope for so. I'm. Gonna get out there and dodge, raindrops and. Get. This day going. No. Way rainbow. Look. At that. Look. At that. Maybe. It's over. Maybe. The rain is over. Debbie. Something, I. Know. I saw the rainbow, I meant. God told him he was gonna flood him out it anymore, and. I. Always. Whenever I see one like that I always. Think maybe maybe. It's. Huh. I just. Saw a cougar. And they disappear, quick he. Was a big one too yeah I. Saw. A deer. Oh. That. Was a wait till they maybe. That's what the Cougars Victor too. Bad we were set, up to get some film of that yeah I don't know whatever we, have to do to catch some film with something like that like. A 360. Cam you know and then it would have been really far away. All. Kinds of interesting things happened, this morning rainbows, and cougars and now. All we need is a bearing would be complete lions and tigers and bears oh my. Well. This. Is turning out to be an exciting morning I can't believe I missed it I sitting. Here talking to you, Greg. Spots of Cougar. Hello. Maybe. I'll see the next one okay. One pair of dry socks and, two pairs of wet shoes. At. Least my feet can be warm with the wool. Changing. Them every day and they really don't stink. Something. To do with the. Brandy. I. Mean. They're during tough socks. By. Brand laughs I, don't. Remember reading anything about darn tough. Stinky. Prevention. Maybe. That's just a, change. Him off enough. Go. First ooh. Coffee. And. Both. Greg and I have a giant fish we need eaten. Well. Thank you Lord for the rainbow. I guess. I get the fire going get some coffee on. Look. Well. That might have been inevitable it. Wasn't enough cold Oh. Smoker. Caught on fire a little. Fish. Looks okay though. Mmm. Oh, that's. Good that's. Good. I. Think. It's all done. Oh. Yeah. Perfect. Jerk, is gonna be how to get it off of here. Oh. Right. I did. It it's. Got little, spruce needles all over it, oh. And. You know bringing. Almost like this, like. Uh like. A spruce rosemary, thing going on very, good. And. Then look at that look cooked. It with the eggs they're inside mm-hmm. And. Then you can see on the skin and everywhere else all those, burnt. Needles. My. Tastes this Bruce it's good. What, do you think good. Miss Bruce was a good idea hmm. Almost. Almost. Backfired on us as the smoker. Caught on fire but it finished smoke cooking the, whole, fish just before. Just. Before the downfall, of, civilization, and, for. The kitchen caught on fire yeah just before the kitchen caught on fire let's. Eat. Lord. Thank you for these fish they keep providing us in this adventure. Help. Us to find the energy and strength to move camp today into, our new location, and build. Our little fortress in the trees and enjoy our second. Half of our adventure, there Jesus, name Amen, tongs, are all dirty. Carve. And clean. Hmm. Fair. Amount of oil in the skin yeah. There is yeah. Fatty. Little guy. Our. Gal it's, just full of eggs I guess hey. You. Want some adobo on it. Mmm. You. Gotta remember to slow down -. Yeah. Just like a rabid, raccoon there, I devoured, half, of it already so. It's. Very tasty, I feel. The energy coming back yeah, you do I can't wait to build oh. Man. Brain cells inflating. Energy. I. Don't. Think I could do it, no. I'm, really in full force yourself I had a cup of gopher still. You did oh yeah, so, go, ahead finish it up I had a cup of Gophers do all. Right didn't. You find that and Patagonia to if you didn't eat for like save days. One. Day you'd feel hungry all day then the next day you didn't notice it then you were hungry then you didn't know it kind.

Of Went and stages, a I'd. Have my fish head soup and that. Would temper, it but like lying in bed at night and feeling, hungry that was the worst and then and then, when I finally do get a fish like three days later and I, have a fresh fish and I have that four o'clock I'd be so jazzed from, the is, like around day 80 or 70, that. I'd be so jazzed from that food that. I wouldn't. Be able to sleep I was, just like like, I drank three cups of coffee and I lay there until 3:00, in the morning and. Then, like. I wake up first thing in the morning like like. Bright and awake and not be able to sleep anymore yeah and. And, I had only had like four hours of sleep but I was but, I was tired. Yeah we're. Changing lodgings, move. Shelters, start, building. Spend. The last half of our adventure, over. There cuz technically. Today is, day. 16. Which. Means counting. Today if we count all of today we have 15 more, days of this No. So. Yeehaw. Let's. Change lodgings. Heil. Yippee. Come. Up here and hide out from the elements for a minute. Let. This Heil blow over and as soon as I stepped inside stop. It. Looks like there's like two more streaks of it coming. Maybe. I'll build a net cargo. Net for our new location. While I'm waiting. Something. I can hang up under my turf and be able to slip stuff into so it doesn't get rained on. Oh. Looks. Like the rain let you stop him for a bit. Better. Pack it up and move. Finish, quite a bit of net while I was sitting here though. Yeah. Well, it's probably hard to see on camera but I, made like about a I, know. That long, by. This. Long piece of cargo net that they can hang up underneath of my in. Our shelter, area and. I, can use that for. Putting. Stuff in and keep it off the ground and. I, can work on that later by the fire, for. Now I think. It's moving time. Home. Sweet home yep. Now. What. So. You have our fire yesterday here when we're down here for a little bit and got the tarp here they're, going to set up to here up top. Will be our pavilion. Area once, we get it finished for our common room and. Over. Here is my to. Being, support, beams I'm I start building across in between and since. Those. Are done. And. I, don't have to move the ladder into, this area anymore I could set my hammock up down below for now until my, platform is finished and I set it up up. There. If. You're wondering. How. My shirt got so tight I'm. Not gaining weight out here I, just. My other one got so dirty it was a large and. I've. Switched to a medium, now and. Since I felt, like I lost enough way to fit and. Without being tight so. Well. Being too tight still. A little tight up top here and, right about there. I. Can. Feel my sense of humor returning, with the Sun. Right. You. Ready for your stuff here's your's right there over, by your shotgun. Yeah, that too and not be getting drizzled on. Yeah. III. Can't, I just wish we are you know in some ways well. If. Wishes, were unicorns. You know with all the riding one but you, know that, we could have been here day one imagine, the the, Palisades, we could have built you know and oh. We. Sure did we did I hope you guys have enjoyed the other experiences if you're just tuning in for the first time hit up the link below for the playoffs for the 30 day survival challenge from my channel and Greg's channel and see our adventure from the beginning before, you keep watching because, it's just about get T. It's. Just about to start getting really interesting, not, that it wasn't from the beginning but it's, going to get even better from here on out. And, done. Beautiful. So, I got both poles it'd be nice to have both our perimeters, done they yeah. Don't. Flatter. I don't, made a little bit more progress, now that one goes to there and we'll lift that up and tie that there and then. Greg's other main support, pole will go from this tree where the ladder is set up now to.

Right, There and then. His. His. Support, beams will be going or his flooring, will, be going across between those two beams, they'll be like this but. If. You don't like the weather wait five minutes and they'll get worse. Yeah. So far. Okay. Even in any rain its fleet again and. Hail. Hey. I don't. Know those trees are whipping around but our trees aren't our. Hammocks, and things like that don't see them bouncing around so well, we got poles between some of them too oh yeah we and we picked the bigger solid, trees, back. To the usual yeah. Oh. Built. Themselves a nice little windbreak on one side. Yeah. Our, fire. From the prevailing, winds. Not. Not from the smoke though. It. So. The prevailing winds were this, way and have. Been most of the time so that should help us and I might build another one. On. This side and we, had to put a stake up on that corner the tarp to keep it up. Getting. A little low with all the rain wait. Fresh. Snow. Looks. Like there's still a little bit blowing, around out there. This. Is nice, this. Is what I've been wanting the whole the. Whole time 15, days I've just wanted to like get to this it's this, just this, right here, set. Up some, tart some. Shelter. II stuff, starting, billion, built and, and. A. Log. To sit on a fire. That's. Protected from the wind and rain. This. Is where it's at, it's. Next last 14, days they're gonna be awesome. It. Might seem weird that we're like building all the stuff and we could make it the rest of the way without doing anything, else, but. That's not what it's about I like to build stuff and the. Point of the 30 day survival challenge for me is. Not. Like the wilderness living challenge we're trying to maintain, or gain our body weight by eating nothing, but wild foods in, it in a so. Much of it that we can we, can keep our body weight up for, me it's, to. Establish. Myself in, a location. During. The 30 days or while roaming around, that. Feels. By. The time I'm done that, I'm, sustainable. And solid, and I, didn't. Quite manage that in Texas because we had to move halfway through and. So he became more and more difficult, but. We're becoming more and more established. During. This I feel, like and, it. Looks like these next 14 days could be really interesting in the amount food that we can harvest and, the. Level. Of comfort we can establish. Say. We were to continue, to stay out here after 30 days. We. Would be all set up you. Know up, in the trees safe, be, able to have food in our camp bears. Or something comes in we're not, within grabbing distance, just. Laying there like little burritos, in our hammock saying. There's. A burrito, snack for you you. Know I. Want. To have our shelters, and the trees done feel. Secure that way, water. Secured, here at this location whether. We're bringing it in and we have something to store it and I'm, thinking about a burn log, and. Cut a log piece off it'd be a lot of work but Greg's, got a really nice big saw and. We. Could cut a piece, of wood and bring. A log around here, and. Make. A big burn bowl that was like a 2 or 3 gallon burn bowl that we could catch water in after it comes off the, corner of one of our tarps and have, water that we could ladle out and, be able to wash our hands and, maybe. We can even get a couple, of them so we could have a basin for washing and a. Table. And chairs. Just. Darn. Cozy. And comfortable, living. In the woods that's. My goal. Okay. Here I'll send you some more that way yeah, just let me rinse it, okay. So now. I'm ready there's enough there. That's. Enough that's enough she. Sure got a lot of twigs and stuff, that's. Okay okay well hey we. Get. Some good vitamin C there that's, when they put the filter right there at the front it's this perfect yeah yeah. Are they ever smart, whoever made this yeah. I'm, gonna get these things dried, up, dry. Socks old Oh just, ringing him out. So. We've decided, not to eat our. Last. Fish, that. We caught the other day, wait, the big one this morning. Just. Too too. Tired not all that hungry, too tired yeah like, went, past the stage i hunger - that's like I'd rather just be in my ham it can be warm yeah, so I think.

We Can save it for the morning yeah, yeah. I don't. Know that fish meat this morning I felt like the energy went all day and think we think so I think our bodies are finally kicked into high gear and. Which. Probably means it's breaking. Down more of my, body. Reserves, for energy well, I know it's my pants, I've had to tighten the paracord, up around yeah. Yeah. Well. We knew we'd lose weight. Yeah. That's why I didn't. Worry about that before I came here I just said I, laid, in two. Croissants. And bagels. And. Danishes. For breakfast, and I. I. Just enjoyed myself there, for a bit for, the last two weeks before we came out here I was like whatever. Yep. My. Girlfriend we went to the store and you, know because I usually don't do sugar and I like got all kinds, of sugary stares like well you're really just gonna let yourself go there huh. Sounds. Like I'm gonna need it. No. It won't we're gonna get some warm weather yep you wait and see then. We'll be complaining, it's too hot, yeah. Yeah, right well, if it's too hot then I'm going for a swim because I that's I, smell. Like a bantha, and I. Feel. So. Smarmy. I've been able to wash my hands and face often enough but like I just. What, do you do yeah. I mean, these creeks are pretty darn cool yeah. That's. Why I'm waiting for a hot day we can have a fire be fishing and I'm just gonna jump, in and then, jump out like a crazy person soap. Up and jump back in and be like ah. Yeah. I feel clean feel. Clean, directly. Oh. That's. Nice. See. I'd do something this fish here I don't want to just leave it on the ground and have it stolen. Hopefully. We can send, the bear away if he does come into camp. So. I, guess. We're just gonna keep it simple climb up the ladder and put. It up the tree for now oh. Ah. I. Got, down yeah. That's. What I was always afraid of that thing sliding, off to the side Oh. All. Right I am in. At. Our new location. It. Is, awesome. I cannot. Wait for tomorrow to eat. That fish that we still have a cup of coffee at our new site if. It's pouring it doesn't even matter get, up have, a fire and, just, you. Know get on with our day and start doing stuff you're, traveling around in, a different place every day or for a couple days and. Not. Being able to establish a. Camp. That's, just like permanency. Permanent. Permanent at, whatever is a is, exhausting. So. I'm gonna go to bed. And. I will see you guys in, the next one oh, oh. That. Was a real one not a fake.

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"I am Watching Every Episode" again, The food you make looks delicious i wish i could try it

I am watching every episode , enjoying & picking up some good tips . got me planning a brookie , camping , long weeekend come spring . thanks .

Nice editing with the weather forecast! I’m watching every episode.

I love the blessing of the food!

I'm watching every episode. Thank you for the quality content and the crazy giveaway!

"Im watching every episode" and Im having a marathon of this series and i have been watching it for 10 hours straight now, been up all night! I learn something from every episode and really appreciate you and Gregs work!

Watching all the episodes! (You Forgot to pin the comment

“I’m watching every episode” and that fish looks amazing!

I'm watching every episode These videos hype me more than the avengers movies. Just never liked 'em

I'm watching every episode. Spruce trout looks great!


I watched both season texas and this one every episode cant wait till a new one airs

im watching every episode! loved this one!

I’m watching every episode of challenge

That weather cast was sceane was sick!

Every episode and danners

"I'm watching every episode" just got my fist bag of the coffee and love the stuff the bag lasted me a half a day

gotta get myself one of those hamocks "watching every episode"

“Im watching every episode” And the one in Texas!

Watching all the episodes. Now I'm ready for spring. I need to get out and fish

I love watching your videos Zac. Awesome Job.

I’m watching every episode, love them

Smoked Trout Yum!!! Watched it!

I'm watching every episode I see your settling in

Greg's hair is one of my life goals

Lenny Lee Rue had a back pack like that in 1966

"I'm watching every episode." Definitely a great location to set up camp.

16:30 gave me a good chuckle

Hello! I'm enjoying watching your 30-day challenge Canadian Rockies - I've watched Episode 16 - I'm watching every episode. Rain, dampness, wet clothes, wet shoes, & hungry.

Thank you for this and the other episodes too, So good for the soul

I watched every episode with the homeless people that live in the woods

watching the full series FYI putting raw fish in a tree can be a bad idea because of the sent being carried for miles.

I'm watching every episode

im in it for the gear cuse I want to go in my woods and do this

still watching

Mmm that trout looks so good the way you did it. Ooohhweeee lol Licking and commenting again for you bud. I always thought trout was the best fish to eat. I was 7 or 8 or 9 when I caught my first trout and I was hooked. Me and my family would go camping for a month every year in northern part of Airzona on the rim near Payson and they would stock the creeks and man they were everywhere. They wpuld stay in deep pools ansld me and my brother's wpuld fish for them with corn, velveeta and rooster tails. I caught the biggest one out of everbody. It way 12 inches, pretty big from the rest of them. I was so proud. They were rainbows and they were good eating. One time this guy walked the creek aways and came back with a monster. It must have been 2 feet and weighted 7 8 pounds. it was hugh. I never saw a trout that big in the creek, only at the hatchery. Me and my brother's would walk up and down the creek and catch buckets crawdads and boil them up and fry the tail meat in butterr mmm good. I never saw one that big, it was a sight to see. Glad you saw that rainbow man. That cougar would have been cool to see. Be safe!

Still watching all the eps... too bad you had to ration the fish.

Thanks for all the hard work so we can enjoy your work you guys are the best I'm going to watch them all

I'm watching every one!

I’m watching every episode and waiting for the 360 degree cam. I’m thinking a cougar cam would be cooler.

I’m watching every one

What kind of tree was that by camp with thick Bark?

I'm watching every episode!

I'm watching every episode and I want to find your camp. It looks wicked.

Rewatching every episode those lakes must have been freezing

Ive been watching every episode so far!

I’m watching every episode. Love your vids

These never get old. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into every video. I’m watching every episode.

I'm watching all the episodes for sure!!

still watching every episode. absolutely enjoying your adventure

Greg is my favorite partner you had so far. A genuine outdoorsman!

I'm watching every episode! some day I'll have an adventure too. I know it

Ive watched every video you’ve posted since Alone! My 7yr old love the ‘surviving show’

I'm watching the whole series... again and again

Would love to travel up there. IM WATCHING EVERY EPISODE

im watching every episode, i love how you say 'this is fun!' right after getting your backside drenched from the tarp

Zach I think you guys need a Solar Shower. https://www.amazon.com/Advanced-Elements-Gallon-Summer-Shower/dp/B000J2Q0T4?ref_=Oct_TopRatedC_3401561_0&pf_rd_p=2902fad9-09e5-511e-a8fe-adb34fe3c5ec&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-6&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_i=3401561&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=GA4QN1Z0BHW9XVDXB8VJ&pf_rd_r=GA4QN1Z0BHW9XVDXB8VJ&pf_rd_p=2902fad9-09e5-511e-a8fe-adb34fe3c5ec

Im watching every episode!!!!

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