SSL533 ~ And it all started with just ONE ROACH..!! (in 4K UltraHD)

SSL533 ~ And it all started with just ONE ROACH..!!  (in 4K UltraHD)

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good morning that's quite a bed head you got, very cute good morning Tiki, how Tiki doing? hmm okay pretty girl, you got kisses? good morning  yes how are you, hey you ready to go upstairs? yep time for breakfast oh yeah look at that, now that my friends that is a  beautiful way to wake up what a stunning sunrise just gorgeous, the wind is down today we have three  days of perfect sunshine and low winds coming just enough to keep you cool but not enough  to blow everything around, so we have some projects we need to do that involve some  well outdoor time as we do have a bit of an insect issue developing on the boat, so we  have decided that today is going to be the day we eradicate that problem, so we need to bring all  of our plants inside the boat to outside the boat and open up everything and we are going to bomb  the living [ __ ] out of everything on board so we're going to wipe everything  in one clean slate and hopefully get rid of the problem once and for all, because  it's been developing for a while and we try spot treating it putting out the little poisons  and everything like that, doesn't do anything, so today we resort to nuclear forces  so that's how we start our day today good morning (I need coffee)  it's that time uh-huh (yeah) and how's it going? getting the water boiling on  the new electric stove (yeah) perfect, getting ready I don't mind telling you guys  this thing works freaking amazing it works so good in fact we already bought a  spare one of these motors knowing that it's probably not going to last maybe a couple of  years or something but hey for less than 200$ it's worth having a whole backup system on  board, remote controller, backup motors, the solenoids, everything, we use this thing every  single day, we bring the dinghy up out of the water every night relentlessly never  forget, so it gets used every day every night and works perfect simple as that and yes we did have to  put a new bimini on because the other one destroyed itself the other day on us they're great biminis but yeah the fabric is  not designed to resist UV, see it's only on the weekend so we have our coffee and baileys treat, so that's going to be this morning but usually during the week we still have  our infusion tea which is one of Madelena's specialties that's been keeping us healthy through  this whole thing, everybody around us has been sick I think we got sick once just you know very  very brief time but blew it off really fast (for me) all right you have your coffee? (first I have water with  lime today) uh you're having a health drink first (yeah) good good, and so it begins wow  look at that sunrise that is beautiful cheers to that everybody hope your  morning's starting out half as good as ours (cheers) oh boy, yeah sorry that is yummy, our  weekend treat coffee and baileys, gotta have it all right well we are just about ready, whoops, to  go, Maddy's got the foggers (yeah is for the the safe storage) yeah, okay so that's for up front  yeah we got a fog and then get the fog out of here okay how are we doing downstairs? (I think  so we are already) (ready for the war) break out the bombs (oh my god) okay ready? starting  to look like a bomb went off here but not quite yet that back door is open yes okay perfect  everything's open here we need to open this but yeah I'm gonna need to get back in there first  we'll open this a crack we gotta make sure that the stuff can get everywhere,  the real bomb is up here okay everything is open, good  I'll need two for up here, gracies ready, it gets complicated now because now we have  to ignite them all at the same time almost and then get the heck out (oh the door) we need the  doors yeah, and all these windows we'll close, one two and three close the door, and we got the bottom  open now okay we're down to countdown breathe, she has the beers wait  wait! we're coming (captain, Danny) (okay wow, the cabinet today is  very lucky, sorry women on board) it could be worse (hi welcome) welcome  you have a good trip? (where are you from?) no where'd you guys just arrive from? Panama, how's things in Panama? quiet? you just waiting to clear in? okay well we just wanted to wish you hello and uh we'll see you after you clear, ciao, we're  on Sophisticated Lady out there, ciao what? (the ministry the head) health minister, who? oh on the boat? we should've went  over there how's it going *coughing* nice to meet you *coughing* so as you can see the Lady's sitting all sealed  up, there's a nice breeze blowing you can see by the wind generator, so she's got good air  ventilation around the outside of the boat all the plants have clean air, Tiki's got clean  air in the cockpit, everything is good, and now we are out for a day off, so I think we're gonna  go to... where do you guys want to? aquario? (aquario) full speed ahead time to go to the beach man (I cut the beard don't worry) horrible place, horrible, I tell you don't come here ever (it's only 10 in the  morning and it's just full of people (you know I'm very lucky women  it's like my wedding day) (this is 2021. coronavirus park) (this is the mask and this is the morning and  this is the pond) these ladies have no fear, they're gonna climb  the ship, and jump, so we're gonna sit here and enjoy the show how do you feel? (I have something  in my ass but it's nice) how do you feel? you good? and the verdict is? (amazing it's amazing) I'd lay on my back like a dead dog  if the girl scratched my belly too lunch time is it plantain or yeah? (yeah plantain) very yummy (yeah, to make your crumbs) (crab) (crab, very fresh) (bread fruits, salad, coconut, rice, plantain, and so  delicious lunch, typical of San Andres). very local I told you it was Neo, here we might as well just go tie up to  that same cleat that this boat's tied up to (can you do it, help me) I knew I recognized that drone (2 o'clock in the afternoon) it's legal now neighbours (yeah, it's a friday party afternoon) hey, how's it going? congratulations because that's how we roll, good night guys

2021-04-16 11:09

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