St Joe Beach Overhaul Beachfront Bargain Hunt Renovation

St  Joe Beach Overhaul  Beachfront Bargain Hunt Renovation

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Warm. Sand, between your toes an, afternoon, dip, in, the endless blue. Sea jet, skis and sunbathing. That's. What I wanted right there and that's just in your backyard oh. Wow. Beautiful, up here this is beachfront living and it's only for the rich or so, you thought. Oh babe. We can see the beach from here, today. We're hunting for a bargain and st. Joe Beach Florida oh my, gosh a coastal, community that attracts visitors with, sugary, white sand beaches top-notch. Fishing, and a laid-back beach vibe put. On our dreaming goggles put on your dreaming goggles, homes in this area can come with a million-dollar, price, tag, Wow I guess we found the second bathroom in, the closet, but these bargain, hunters are looking for a fixer-upper, for. $275,000. Including. Renovations, cadance, is stuck in the middle of them get. Ready for a beachfront, bargain hunt, renovation. That, way over, here. We'd. Current live in Columbus Georgia we're looking for a beach house in st., Joe Beach Florida. We. Own a construction company we. Have three kids, Caden nine Zachary. Seven and, Payton is five. We. Met each other through family, before we went, on our first date where, I actually asked, him on our first real date and we've, been together for almost 11 years now, with. Him being from a small town and me big, city girl, from Dallas Texas we're very different but we blend really well together. Thank. Joe Beach area is right on the edge of the Panhandle, in the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, it's, about, four hours from our home in Georgia it's, close enough that it's just easy to throw the kids in and rush on down and have a nice little getaway you guys love it. We. Love that it's a quiet little area there's, not a big hustle and bustle and, it just really felt like a place we could escape our busy, life, and come and make some really good memories with our kids we. Love, as a family being outside and being on the water. Playing. In the sand with the kids. Let's. Dig a hole bury, your mom, we're. Really looking forward to finding, a place that we can call our own. I. Don't. Think that that Iwerks darlin you, got a run on it when the waters under it. Welcome. To Florida's, beautiful Forgotten, coast you, tell, me what brought you to the area we, came and visited not too long ago and we've really just fell in love with the area the, quietness, the small-town feel, yes well it's a great place to be what type of property are you looking for we're, gonna need a minimum of three bedrooms two baths we've, got three kids so a little bit of yard would be nice yeah a little yard we, want to be close to the beach if we can the. Closer the better but, it doesn't have to be on the water, I'd like some. Rooms to store like a boat or you. Know all the beach stuff and we're. Open to some projects, you know a fixer-upper, or something, that we can you know put our own touch on to would be nice mm-hmm, what's your budget we'd like to stay under. $275,000. And that would be all-in including, any renovations, okay great so let me get a list of properties, together and start taking a look okay, great, we look forward to finding the perfect property for you thank you. Offset. Shore is a 3-bedroom. 2bath, home just steps from st., Joe Bay an, asking price of. $189,000. Would give Adrienne, and Steve eighty six thousand for renovations, this, home is just a few blocks from the water built in the early 1940s. So lots of character, great, so I'll let you guys take a look and we'll meet up after and talk about it okay okay. Well. This is cute. Yeah looks like they added a front, porch on here like, this little porch sit, out here on a nice afternoon and, kids, play in the front yard let's, check out inside. This. Door. Okay. Cute. Here floors are nice we. Could get them refinished, I really, like the built-ins they're really cute yeah, watch.

Your Step okay, it's, a great space we could have a really big table in here for having friends and family come stay with us what, do you think about the kitchen. It's. A nice open space I, just don't know about these walls right here this, will need to come down and yeah I think take it all out make a island, in the middle, here's. The, bathroom well. New, boy this needs a complete, freshen, up I like that it's double vanity that's good any shower yeah, that's. Not savable, but it's a good sized bathroom, all. Right what else do you have bedroom, I love all these old doors good-size. Room and, a good closet that carpets gotta go what's, wrong with that carpet I don't want check maybe. It's, some good-looking carpet goes with the walls mm-hmm. What, is this is this the master, I don't, know it looks like kinda like a closed, in back porch or something here's. The closet well there's the closet is this a closet like inside of a clip oh. Wow. I guess we probably take a bathroom in, the closet look, at that oh my. Gosh what, a wonky, space we. Are definitely keeping the green tank no I don't think so this, would have to be completely refigured. If we could close this off to, the other room for the kids to have then, it would be like a really nice ensuite, and. We'd have our own little private area, about. This patio, oh my. God, what did they do they, were building a second-story on here or something you could easily put bedrooms up there oh yeah, it's gonna cost some extra money but we got enough room on this one we're definitely gonna have to resize the whole house so what can you do a fun color like what purple blue blue. Green yellow. No, yellow no I really. Like this outdoor space you, could do a nice deck off the back here I like it in the great place for the kids to play. What. Do you think of this property, it had a lot, of charm I really liked some, of the built-ins, and, you know the older doors. And, things like that, the layout was a little funky, a lot of coaches a lot funky, back porch was nice yard was nice we, also have the bonus of possibly, getting two extra bedrooms upstairs that, sounds great we have quite a few more to see okay.

Well. This would be our staircase oh. Just, put a ladder in here go straight up yeah. Look. At those windy, trees the long climb the trees we, are in Port st. Joe and we were about to go and explore the town a little bit and have, some fun how's the view from up there you, think we get our better view from the lighthouse yeah should go check it out. Port. St. Joe is a nice quiet, little town it's, the hidden gem but it's pretty well known for the Cape San Blas white house oh. My. You. Can see the whole city from up here this. View right here buddy this, is sweet. Because. Visit us all the time hmm, the kids would love to come back and bring their cousins and friends to, see this again they enjoyed it a lot can we live in a lighthouse I wish. We could live in a lighthouse. Sand. Dollar castle is a three-bedroom. Two-bathroom, house in mexico beach just, a block from the water a list, price of two hundred twenty four thousand, dollars leaves Steven Adrian fifty one thousand, for renovations, it's. About 1,300, square feet, it's, unique, and that it has two separate, living, areas, so it gives you a couple of different options with, this property all right okay. Okay. Good. Space it's nice and open, brightening, up some, white walls just. The trim some, new hardwoods, yep. Popcorn. Ceilings got to go yeah, the ceilings are a little low we, probably can't take this out cuz it's gonna be support, right yeah we'd have to run a beam all the way across this is kind of a wonky layout, we'd, have to reconfigure these counters, because there's, not much space at all maybe. Some upper, cabinets on this wall a little bit just, so you have some extra storage replaced, appliances. Can't. Believe they had carpet, in the kitchen yeah bedroom, number one I guess. A little, tight in here but you could do a bunk room in here or something you know and that way you get some more floor space pull, up the carpet just continue. What floors Sawyer yeah, let's, check another bedroom, no. No no, door yeah, very. Tight in here look how they got that bed in here. The. Cute little area we, could even you know screen it in. Okay. Cute, little living, space dining. Area I don't, mind the paneling, both. Beachy. Weathered, washed would kind of look I think, this is a much, better kitchen than upstairs it's, got more countertops, these cabinets, aren't in bad shape they just need a fresh coat of paint got some wine glasses for you ready to go this, is actually a big sized bedroom, looking. At it I'd almost say if, we, could put stairs in make, this the whole living space down here and just, do bedrooms upstairs well this would be our staircase. Just. Put a ladder in here go straight up yeah see. If we can remove some walls, extend. The kitchen or you could always put a island. Maybe do open, countertops, across here and then make this the actual, dining space what's. In the scope oh the, bathroom, that's kind of low that, is a very low vanity we could have a half bath in here so, that you could still use the downstairs bathroom. But then do two nice new, bathrooms. Upstairs. So. What do you think of this property, I love how close to this to the beach that's a great easy access, I'm a little, you, know hesitant.

On The separated, levels, I think, would really have to probably, connect. It somehow but, I think it's got great potential I think we could really work with it okay. Great. Two. Can take off as a four-bedroom two-bath. Home just a short walk from the Gulf in the city of Port Saint Joe an asking. Price of. $239,000. Leaves Adrian and Steve 36,000. For renovations, the home were looking at is just 700, feet from here okay it's about 2,000, square feet it is a true, fixer-upper. I put on our dreaming goggles right on you're dreaming goggles but it's a great location so. Take a look at it and let me know oh. Wow. Make. Sure I don't fall through any holes this is a little sketchy. It's. A big deck though ooh, after, place all this siding yeah. Really. Looks decent though oh babe, we can see the beach from here yep, just a hop skip and a jump yeah, I wouldn't take but a minute to get there see. You all right I guess here's the entrance oh my. Gosh. Adrian. And Steve are looking for a beach home in st. Joe Beach Florida but, as soon as they walk through the door of the two can take off house they, can't believe what they find. Do. You see that, there is something living in here there's an animal print on the countertop, yeah. It's. A good, space. We. Probably. Have to get the whole thing Scott. Great flow I mean it opens up right into the dining room so this, would be a really great space, for a really nice big table oh my, gosh look at these ceilings, how. Open, it is so. Like it, I could probably paint that white and it'll be really, nice and bright in here I think same flooring hardwood floors, you like the brick I do, like, the brick fireplace I, think that if we painted it white and and, have the white walls it would be a lot brighter and airy. Look. At this carpet yeah. Oh we'd, have to carry the hardwood floors throughout this is just insane, wallpaper, is disgusting. Gotta go but, the windows are really nice and big that let a lot of light in let they get new windows yeah, okay, let's check, out this bathroom. Oh it's, missing a ceiling oh my. God okay. We, got double vanity so the Plumbing's there that's great not. So much of a fan of that tub yeah. Well it's got like a little diving. Platform, on there are you gonna go for a swim well I could do a cannonball all right that's, a huge bathroom, though but I don't think you could consider, it a master, right now because it's tied into the other hallway it accesses, the other bedroom, oh. And. Here's another, terrible. Card Oh Mike yeah flooring. Windows popcorn, the ceiling was just bad enough every, room we go to this, is pretty rough I just. See dollar signs everywhere, we look well, look at these steps, I like the way that they flow for walking up um you know I'm saying cuz it's not like steep and they're not shallow, we could probably refinish, the wood, okay. So what is this room this would be a good little hangout spot for, the kids do you think we want to flooring, from downstairs, the same up here I want to do the same things with the whole house go, check out this bathroom oh my. We. Got good storage but. Well we could we could go to the bathroom at the same time we got two toilets, I, like, the windows again but they'd have to be your place too there's a lot of space but I'm. Just getting. Really tight it, was already tight I mean in this flooring I mean I don't think you're gonna let me talk into keeping it so. This. Is a really, big room carpets, gotta go but it's got a really big closet that's, really good we could have a lot of beds in here though let's. Go check out this last bedroom, well.

I Really like how big this room is to its nice, size like the other ones I like the windows I like how bright it is oh wait a cereal, dish look. No. Maybe. Just. Leave it. Sabrina. I'm. Very, excited, to hear it needs a lot of love but I, love, the high ceilings, on the open floor plan four, bedrooms, is plenty, of space I'm concerned, about the renovation, being, able to fit everything in keep in mind though everything. Is negotiable. Okay probably. The best thing about it it's close to the beach yes, well, Sabrina we've got a lot to think about now we just need to really dwindled it down and make a decision I cannot wait to, hear which only big. We're. Gonna play tag and I'm in. We're. Gonna go talk we've. Got a big decision to make so, what did you think about offset, sure that, one had a lot, of character I love, the built-ins three. Bedrooms right now and they'd already started some, renovations, with the upstairs so maybe. We could just add to that I, think we could make a good strong four-bedroom, two-bath, yeah we really have a lot of room to work with and the yard was really nice too so what did you think about sand, dollar Castle I like the location mm-hmm. It's close to the beach it did have the two separate living spaces, it could be a really cool space if we you, know can do the stairs and have the living on the main floor and have all the bedrooms upstairs I think we can do that so. Then let's talk about you can take off I really, liked the flow of the house it had you know a really great layout and I loved the high ceilings, in that one it. Had more than enough bedrooms, that we were asking for oh yeah what's four bedrooms and two baths and. Was the largest property that we looked at you, know close, to the beach but that one was a little yeah. That's a lot a lot of work there but it was so open, and all. That natural light that came in with those big windows well. Do. You know which one you want I, think. So I think I know which one I want I bet you don't know what what I want. We. Have really, talked, about it a lot so which one will it be we, decided. Hey. Guys he's, great to see you again thanks, for glad to be back you have a big decision to make we, have really. Talked, about it a lot but I think we've finally picked. One out so, which one will it be well, we. Decided to, can take off. Two. Can take off that is a great property we really love the amount of space that it offers our family the flow of the house was really great close. To the water you have a beach view we just think it's gonna be a great fit we, do have a lot of work ahead of us so that's something that we need to discuss. So the list price is. $239,000. We're thinking we're gonna need probably. A hundred thousand, dollars for renovations so, we're really wanting to come, in a little low yes, a lot. Low so, we, feel, comfortable offering a hundred and seventy thousand dollars wow. That's a big difference from their asking price but you never know certainly, doesn't hurt to ask so let's, draw up an offer and we'll get it started okay fingers crossed great. The. House was listed for two hundred and thirty nine thousand, dollars and since, I'm the negotiator I, got it down to $170,000. She leaves us with a hundred and five thousand, for renovation, I'm a contractor, by trade and I've been doing it for about twenty years so, by doing the renovations, myself I'm hoping to keep it under budget we really need to come up with a game plan of, everything. That we need to do today, we're gonna walk through the house and make, a list of everything that needs to be done so we can turn it into our dream home we can start in the kitchen yeah.

Remove. All these cabinets and start fresh rearrange. These appliances, all-new, base, cabinets, in a nice dark color with a new island new countertops, keep the top completely, open with shelving, the, walls are gonna get painted white and then do a white stone backsplash for. The floors I want to do a nice luxury, vinyl plank that will carry in the main room and here will paint all the walls in the wood paneling a light color let's, take down the fireplace, and create a new main entrance to the house and replace all these windows and for more lighting we, are going to cut a 12, by 12 pull, on our roof and build a dormer. That, would be beautiful, and, then we can look out from the top to continue. The hardwood bamboo, yep all the way through here look. At this wallpaper we're. Definitely getting rid of the wallpaper I, want. To keep the wood paneling on the bottom but painted teal color paint, the walls white do new flooring new doors and new windows for sure now, in here reconfigure. It a little bit I want to get rid of this tub new, vanity close, off that entrance, do a tile, glass, shower maybe, have a free-standing tub over there in that corner and I, want to paint it a dark color so it's. So. All the decking, out here probably, I, have. To replace all these deck boards take the railing down and, then the fireplace, it's coming down to create an entryway all the sidings got to go obviously, we're. Gonna have new steel siding. I was thinking blue, will, build a roof over the deck and then we'll build the dormer that bill looks great I can't wait to get started. They. Also plan, to repaint, the bedrooms, got renovate, the upstairs bathroom. Create. A playroom, for the kids and rebuild. The stairs to the front deck they, estimate, that all of the renovations will come in at one hundred and five thousand, dollars right, on track. Kitchens. Coming out carpets, coming out they're the terrans are some stuff let's. Get to it. Smells. Like cat pee. It's. Pretty gross, pretty nasty once. Adrian and Steve finished, their dirty work with the carpet, they focus on cleaning out the kitchen. And. Taking. Out the master bathroom. So. That's. Why you're doing. But. When Adrienne and her friend tackle, the upstairs bathroom. They find a problem oh look at all that. Is. That mold all. This ah bleep. So. Maybe. We should get some masks, when I saw them all in the bathroom I was like you've got to be kidding me. That. Is bad, we, got black mold kind. Of expected it just because of the condition, of the house but. It's, a little more than I expected so I'm kind of concerned about the cost before. Adrienne can fully assess, the damage hey. Steve. Finds, another issue. This. Is bad what. We. Got rotten wooden termites we. Need to go downstairs and see how bad it is on the bottom side see, how bad the structure is down there. More. Wood more rot more mold more, money. It's. All rot right there we. Were planning, to save as much of the deck as we could and, just replace the boards but now, we have to tear it all down start, from scratch and it's. Just gonna be more money on top of the mold problem we already found how, many of these joists, are you gonna have to replace well. 16, feet worth it. Is what it is I mean it's structural it has to be done so yep hopefully, we don't have termites in the roof too let's. Go check it out then I knew, this house had issues, when we bought it but this thing is getting away, from us a little bit there's, some bad stuff right here buddy babe, how's, it going, there's, aints up here rotting. Can't, believe that the ceiling, has ly caved in that's, not, good, on top of everything else we're going to replace the roof because it is terrible, rotten and the shingles are just falling off wore-out done. Go. Take a lot more work and a lot, more money to get this place where it's supposed to be fixing. All the problems, they found during demo will cost sixteen, thousand, dollars bringing. Their total up, to one hundred twenty-one thousand. Volt. Eight, after. All the bad news they, move on to the last project, of the day taking. Down the chimney to create the new front entrance, roof. Is rotten, it's too dangerous to be standing up there and it's. Gonna take me two days to tear the dang thing apart so I'm just gonna hook my truck to it and rip it off the house.

Hold, On. Okay. Let's. Hope for the best. Straps, are tight oh. It's. Moving. Oh. Movin. It Steven, Avery and are renovating, their beachfront, home in st. Joe Beach Florida. But. Their creative, solution, to removing, the chimney might throw a wrench in their plans. Oh. My. Heart is pounding. We, got to make a mess with demo complete, Steve, and Adrian get the kids involved in their first project, there. You go, the house was in rough shape when we bought it so we're gonna prime all the walls so it gets a nice fresh start before we paint everything how about it. I. Love, the wood paneling in the house and I, just want to brighten it up so I'm gonna prime all the walls, and. Then. Make. It feel beachy with a nice fresh coat of white paint. You. Move it girl. We. Are also sealing, the subfloor. To add a extra layer protection, before related, the final flooring. Now. She's locked in I guess cadence is stuck in the middle of the room. Later. Steve's, team comes by to finish priming, the rest of the house. Got. My crew down here from Georgia and over. The next couple of weeks we're gonna knock this project out. At. Outside, the, crew starts work on the deck off the front of the house. Originally. We were going to repair, the deck but then we found a bunch of rotten, wood but we're gonna build a bigger one. From. The corner of it I can actually sit on my deck and see the ocean so I'm not really too upset about that. You. Go personally, back. Inside color, is going up on the bedroom walls, a. Lot. Of my colors that I'm picking our lights, and neutrals so. That. Way I can add fabrics. And colors and brighten. It up and do fun things that way as, painting, continues, Steve, meets with an engineer, to go over plans for the dormer they're going to install this is the opening for your dormer Wow okay yeah your big beams here yeah me, and Adrian looking at the house from the street this thought it was lacking curb appeal so, we decided to build a dormer and that's gonna come down on our new footings 36, inches squared 12 inches tall nice. With. The plan set Steve, and his crew begin preparations. For the dormer. I, got. All the guys down here today we are getting, all the beams in place to cut a hole the roof tomorrow so we get our dormer built. Right. Here this dormer, is gonna be pretty difficult to build because the, roof inside is vaulted, not it therefore, we have to have all the beams in there to brace it otherwise it'll, collapse, the roof y'all need to help with the pulling up so it doesn't come down on dusty ready each. One of those beams weighs roughly, 3 to 400 pounds and they're 24, feet long so that makes it even worse most. People would have probably rented a crane but we, decided to do a manpower these. Beams are supporting, the, frame of the dormer so they can cut the hole in this since. They're removing all those rafters, Wow. So. Maybe we'll have a hole in the ceiling by the end of the day. So. You're hitting on the ladder you're hitting on the ladder. But. We got one down and tend to go right. Upstairs. Adrian gets to work on the kids bathroom. Don't. Eat that I didn't. Want to do like standard, linoleum. Cuz it seems boring, to me can't, really see there why, not just painted wood for. Installing fence boards.

On. The floor. I painted. Them with, deck, and porch paint since, it's in a bathroom it. Will be protected, from moisture. I like. How it's turning out. I'll. See what the fish looks, like I. Need. A knife, once the flooring is done Adrian's, sister stops by to help install a tile accent, wall behind where the new vanity will go. We're. Doing like a staggered, finish it looks like bubbles and they go up the wall and just kind of fade off into, nothing. Feel, like I'm putting a puzzle together we'll see how it works out along. With everything else that I'm trying out for the first time. Back. Downstairs, work continues, on the dormer project, as they rip out the roof. Now. That we got the beams in place in, the roof we can take out the old ones and build, the rest of the dormer. Give. Me a measurement on these right here I'll get them cut. Plenty. Of time guys one in there this time, there you go now, get it in there. Stormer. Is finally taking shape and it's transforming the house it's adding a lot of light inside and it's, gonna change the whole look from the street. Get, the dormer in today more work than we anticipated, but it. Looks pretty awesome from the street so. Whatever. Wow. I don't, have any plumbing. You. Right. JP renovations. Are in full swing at Steve and Adrian's home in st. Joe Beach Florida. And. Today they're installing, a roof over their new expansive. Deck. But. They're 12 with, the deck roof finished they move on to the installing metal, roof on the house we, had to replace the roof after we found all the rotten wood in the damage my. Crews gonna custom-make, our, own roofing panels and it's gonna be a metal roof for the last longer and the, more energy-efficient. Next. The crew works on replacing the old windows, all, the windows in the house were old and some were broken so we're replacing them with more energy-efficient, windows that'll. Bring the house up to date and it's gonna be so much prettier. In the, master shower they start prepping, for tile. Any. Plumbing, I. Picked. A wood. Look tile for the master shower floor and, the color was really close to the vinyl. Plank flooring that I picked for the rest, of the bathroom so I just felt it blend, really nicely. It'll. Work after, repairing the carpenter, ant damage on the front of the house Steve, and his crew reinforced. The wall with new plywood. Front. Wall has all the windows in it it's weak so we have to put. Steel an extra plywood wall after we apply with the outside weak inside it after, we apply with the inside we can put our I went back her shiplap, or tongue-and-groove back on. Everybody. Gets to see the pretty stuff and the paint and the siding but they don't get to see what's underneath that holds it all together. With, the plywood up they add tongue-and-groove to recreate, the old wall look. Next, cabinets. Are installed in the kitchen. This is exciting so. Exciting. We got the cabinets in and we're getting our primer coat on so, that we can get our navy blue paint on the cabinet I've already got so much white going on in the house doing, shelves, for the top I like the open shelving I think it just feels more spacious, how can navy blue go out of style at the beach. Back, outside the old wood siding comes down. And. The. New siding goes up, we. Own our own seamless, steel siding company. We're. The only ones that do seamless steel siding in the entire southeast, so, our house is gonna be one of a kind. Especially. Down here there's nobody gonna be even, have a house with it on it. Shrimp. And grits yep, got, all the guys down here from Columbus, and we've been staying here at this campground if we work our butts off all day come home and relax a little bit have some good foods and then go to bed wake up do it all over again that, looks good. These. Guys are busting their butts every, day this heat and. No. Way I'd get it done without them so. That's high. No. Roses. The next day adrienne. Heads out to a local nursery, to find inspiration for their landscape, it's for a place that i'm not gonna be at very often let's look at these these are only Angela okay we want to spruce up the landscaping, and, I'm. Not good at gardening so I need some help picking out some plants that I can probably. Keep alive they. Are durable okay on the beach over here if you like color the Lantana okay, I like leaves that have texture, this, is Muhly grass okay, this is native you can find it growing all over the place and I really like these they're, happy yeah, perky.

This Is bulb on it's a succulent plant which, pays those please retain the water so, it can take a lot of drought yes I can't, kill that, little. Bees love it okay, bees love that we're trying to keep the bees away so, okay. Back. At the house tile is installed in, the master bath, I. Picked. The trapezoids, mosaic tile in white because I wanted some funky patterns so that way they. Feel a little more modern in there take, a spot and go right in, the kitchen, Adrian paints the walls while, the new counters, are being prepped I don't have any extra so don't mess it up. I picked. The butcher-block because, I had so much white going on in the house that I wanted, to bring some of the wood tone back in. There. Was originally an island in the kitchen and I did not like the layout of it so we reconfigured, the kitchen and I wanted a nice top. Where the kids could sit and have breakfast, or you, know have a nice pork, space to serve. Guests and things like that lots, of the prep space I have, a kitchen somewhat. Uh-huh. Outside. The, new deck stairs go in very. Playful yep, and Adrian. Works on a special, project. Some. Of the siding. That we saved and, I am going to attempt, to. Make. A headboard, for one of the guest bedrooms. With, the headboard, finished Adrienne heads upstairs to start another creative, task I. Wanted. To do something when it's cold and I came up this plan to paint. Beach-themed, words on the walls in the playroom we'll, see if we can fill this room up we'll. See how it turns out because I'm trying a lot of new things for the first time so hopefully it all goes good. I'm, running out of words. Work, on the house is in the homestretch. So, the projects are all wrapping up and we're really excited because that means we can finally come and relax instead of work our butts off I, am. Happy that the house is almost done so I can sit on my deck look at the ocean and drink a beer oh. My. Goodness this is amazing. But. We gotta get this done I need you to bring me those palms, right there house, is finally finished and, we're putting all the last decorations. And fluff the pillows babe you got to fluff them I just can't believe how wonderful it came together and we, are so excited to have our friends and family come I think that colors gonna be perfect. We're gonna have, a nice dinner and time, to relax and have some fun get those last few touches done and we need to have a beer. Look. Look, at those dormers, it looks so much more beautiful, that color goes great with the citing those windows, I love the roof whoo-hoo, love your deck huge, oh my, god y'all yes it's, so, awesome. Y'all, have done so, much it's amazing, I love that you covered it too we could sit out here and enjoy dinner, can you see the water from here you gotta go about over there by the appliance look to your left you can see the beach oh yeah oh yeah. The. Breeze is nice should, go check out inside that, is gorgeous. Okay go through the pink door. You, can open your eyes oh, my. Gosh. Oh my. Gosh. Wow. Adrian, is. Beautiful. The dormer, is awesome. I like how many windows y'all put in across the front yeah I love how much light it lets in it, is it's open, oh my gosh I love the floor it feels so good take it yeah it. Doesn't feel oh yeah it's nice soft, I love to say I'm this light fixture. Yes, you did good haha it's, not crammed that's not tight yes, everybody. Could be in one space together I want, to cry oh. My. Gosh County. Make this right now you any breakfast right now me, too, oh. My. Goodness look at those appliances, oh I like this tile, oh my gosh look at the backsplash, I love the sparkles, in it really kind of extra. Pop in your kitchen a little sparkle. I. Like, the open cabinet, and I love the cabinet color in here this is beautiful Adrian the navy blue made, it pop and a huge sink fat kitchen, is gorgeous. Oh my. Goodness she is amazing. Wow. Adrienne. That headboard, did you build around the wood from the house yes I talked my goodness, how cool is that. We've got a nice big windows yes, this one's the smallest but it's still it's just so cozy and the curtains that, was one of my favorite things about the house was the size of the windows and how much light, came in here because it just feels, fresh.

And Airy, this, is beautiful, oh. My. Goodness. Wow, beautiful. I. Got, goosebumps. Love the colors yeah everything, it's so soothing I just feel like I'm walking into a spa and I just want to relax I have no words this is absolutely. Stunning. Beautiful, here's a cow bear cow. Here, it's like you brought the farm to the beach mom. Oh my. Gosh, oh man. Oh my, goodness. This, tub how. Cool is that you like it yes oh, my gosh, does. It just like dump out like a waterfall it, just pours right out oh my goodness that. Is a, big, shout. The, tile in the shower is, awesome, and I like how like it comes out of the ceiling the wall starts. With the white it contrasts, it very well I hid the funkiest room deep in the house. Look. Out the window at the beautiful trees and the palm trees and the blue sky could. You relax in here yes. Look, you can likes it you can put it like games this, is yall's hangout. Space. I love. These did, you paint all of this yourself I did we, know it me the creative one it's in the bunch, good, job Adrian is ready. Welcome to paradise. Let's go check out your bedroom oh. My. Gosh. How, cool is this. It's so cute, colors. It's like a breath of fresh air, Caden I'm, flipping on that bed like all of it how. Cool. Oh Adrian. I love that vanity, in the mirrors. Look, at that tile pulled those turn out awesome. Looks, like bubbles yeah thank you. Nailed. It, I, love. The floor I love those that, is amazing. Well this work so. Pretty, in here let's, buy. Y'all. Can sit over here the tables big enough, our. Original renovation budget, was $105,000. We end up spending about a hundred and twenty-one thousand, dollars here to lose, you tryna, wait. The. House before looked, like it needed to be torn down you, took something old and you made it beautiful and new now you can't take your eyes off it they did it yeah he's got an amazing job and I'm so, honored, we, have the coolest beach house ever. Extremely. Proud of her. You.

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