St. Kitts Min of Tourism Lindsay Grant Wrath Up Police At A Bar [January 11, 2022]

St. Kitts Min of Tourism Lindsay Grant Wrath Up Police At A Bar [January 11, 2022]

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Oh, eyes are burning. Good afternoon, people of Saint Kids and Nevis and welcome to another edition of Issues Saint Kitts Nevis. I'm IK with you here this afternoon. I'm sure you wasn't expecting my voice but I'm guessing that mister Huey is somewhere off chasing down the truth. So, I have to fit in here this afternoon of course. Uh it's going to be an

open line type. Uh, because still on the, the minds of the people of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Uh, would be the recent altercation or interaction depending on which side of the political fence you're on. Uh between Minister Grant and members of the world, Saint Christopher Nevis Police Force. Depending on which lens you're looking through and depending on information that you may be privy to. Uh your own personal feelings as well. ah history

with ah interaction with the police force ah history with the interaction of ministers. You will have varying views. Uh about this whole incident. Well yesterday in my afternoon rant, I would have told you guys that, you know, from my recollection, from my understanding, what I gathered that Jonah was not a part of the the altercation and so, today, after second video was circulated and a voice that sounded similar but not quite his. And I would have said to you guys yesterday, no, it's not his voice. If you listen to

voice patterns and how people, you know, drop their voices at the end of certain sentences without even seeing them. You could identify their voice. And I said to a number of people that, that, that was not his voice. And depending on your political affiliation, you believed what you wanted to believe. And so this morning, Minister Powell would have responded in the form of press release to distance himself from what was being toted as his voice. Um his statement

would have read have been made aware of a video currently being circulated on social media. I would like to categorically state that the voice heard in the video is not mine. Nor was I at any time in any altercation with the police. I have had no altercation with any police officer and was not even in the presence of the officers when they recorded when the recorded incident occurred, I would like to thank all of the those persons who have shown their confidence in me and have corrected those who thought otherwise, honorable Jonell Powell. But quite interestingly

enough, he did not comment on the the altercation itself. Um yesterday, we saw from another media host, a statement made by the commission of police, advising the media house that he did, in fact, hear about the the the altercation and he hasn't had a chance to receive all of the reports, the incident reports from the the officers involved and so void of that, he would not be in a position to any such statement with regard to whether or not anything legally can be done about the incident who will be charged or who won't be charged or if you'll just be you know just another incident that we can just bypass and sweep under the rug. So we have heard of other investigations that are being handed by Commissioner Brandy. And today we have not received any concrete word as to those investigations are So, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this one will probably follow this the same pattern.

So, that's just my take on it. Depending on your political affiliation of course, the the the permites, those who support the people's action movement. Um a little bit rejoicing this morning because yesterday when the video, the second video was being circulated, it was being circulated with the caption that, you know, General Paul was a part of it and the voice was his And so this is a small victory for the permites and so they came out this morning blazing on social media in full defense Um you know saying that you know some people should probably wait for more information and wait for more evidence before they speak and so the entire conversation on social media this morning has shifted. Um like I I knew it would. Um and this is where some people need to be a little bit more calculated. Um when

they're going to put out matters such of the such as these that have political ties to them. And the reason for that being and this is just a little advice to some folks who practice and partake in politics and would want to share certain information. It would serve you best. If you would get all your facts lined up before you be in to circulate whatever in an effort to score political points.

Because what will happen like it's happening now is that the attention and the conversation from what we actually saw. Did happen. Between the police and Minister Grant. Is somehow on

the back burner. Politically. So it it it serves you. No purpose. As a matter of fact puts you on the back leg because now your opponent is out toting their horns. As if, you know, they got a small victory. And so the conversation that we're supposed to be really having.

is somehow been put on the back burner. So it doesn't serve you well. So in future pay attention to what you share and what you say. Because the

political points that you are looking to gain. You just might lose more than what you bargain for. So that's just a little advice. Um those of you who who engage in that sort of thing.

But the conversation still remains. And of course I would like to have the conversation with you because as long as it's it's it's hard in the news we're going to talk about it definitely. So the protocols as they are as they would have said to many of you Have to be approved by cabinet. No entity in this country can make policies without a discussion and approval from the cabinet. Because it must be guided by law. Our policy or an act. And

that comes from the government. So when you hear talks that oh the guys buy this and advised by that. Do people can advise all they want? Because I'm sure over the years lots of technocrats would have advised governments that this is the way that we need to go. And the

ministers once they get into cabinet and they start deliberating and based on you know whatever gains that they can had onto the table are over the table. Sometimes what is being advised is not followed. So we know at for a fact because we have seen it many times so be not bedazzled by the BS. The task force can make whatever recommendation it wants to make but at the end of the day, it has to be approved by cabinet. So, all these protocols, all these ministers are aware of. All these

oligarchs are aware of. As I told you before, I am privy to information that people who are up in the NEOC briefing telling citizens follow the protocols. Keep yourself safe. Do this. Do that. Do that. Do that. Hopped

on a boat immediately after that. And went over to we used to have a party all weekend. You hear? And we as entertainers have seen this many a times. They said officers would be, you know, round and round, shutting down dances because of compliance and this and that annuity. And so now they got to this bar.

And wanted to enforce the law. Then of course, and it it is clear to see that the minister had any boogal. And I know some people going to probably say, oh, do you know he's alcohol content and rate it? But you could clearly see. Because the the the minister that you saw yesterday morning in the press conference was not the said minister that you saw the night before on the video. so it's

clear to see that he he was intoxicated. So who wants to pull punches and and and you know gimmicks and tricks could go right ahead. But it's clear to see. And all who are present at the bar also saw. And they are beginning to talk. Because you know the word is getting out. So here again what will be

the way forward? What we would like to see happen? Will not happen. I can guarantee you here right now and fourth it will not happen. there will be no resignation, there will be no apology And I could be corrected but this is just my personal opinion. There will be no apology. There will be no investigation. There will

be no resignation. We are just going to continue business as usual. Is it ideal? Is it right? Hey. That's up for debate as well. But we have

seen in this country where when it comes to politics depending on your political affiliation right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right. And that is what you're seeing being played out on on on social media. Where some people because of the affiliation can call wrong for what it is and can call right for what it is. Depending. So

if you want to weigh in on this you can or if there's any other thing that you'd like to weigh in. I see conversations bring about the HIV status of some of our citizens but of course that is on the back burner. As COVID more of a pressing issue for the world right now. So, all those health issues that would have been, you know, on the forefront, women's issues and what's not. Those things are basically in the background right now because we're focusing on the the COVID. Um also, the economic recovery yet to hear people have a discussion on the plans. Um

Minister Phipps would have alluded to that a committee is being put in place to come up with strategies to get the economy going again which was said by the government is booming and is the best in the region. But they're still hoping to to get it up and running. So the lines are open. 147 is our time. And let's take our first call. Call your ongo right ahead. Good afternoon again EK. How will I get in

here firstly man? I'm glad you asked the question. paying attention Okay, my lad. What's on your mind today? Ike. Hm. With Jonel Powell. And not him. Hm. I listened to the tape from day one and I figure it's not him.

No any voice. Hold on. Mhm. What I'm saying? Ninety boys. But that's not my problem. To defend Janelle. Cuz Joel don't defend. The base on

the situation Joel the defend itself. Now the the real situation with Joel. I'm surprised. He was so quick and

fast. But when we hear about him it's a purpose of the money. And the police officers removed. Geraldine come clear. People need to tell us about how many schools are fast. Did I meet a

woman this morning telling me that village school got school look for the in this place? How come the centre? We'll come to play union quick quick. About his friend Lindsey Grant. He good partner. Look at the two of them. They're going to be posting with them for now. Bastard with a big big placard.

Let's deal with the situation at hand now. Look at the because I can say it. I remember some labor people keep telling me when I talk about Lindsay Marriott are going over the same thing all the time. And if them Labour people was following up. Then the guy

would have never government after the marriage issue. but we sit down and allow it to happen. We keep allowing other things to happen. Some reliable

people. Especially some of them in the diaspora. I'm very disappointed. Because this incident will be labour group in the diaspora. Should have been on CNN. NBC. Because if this thing happen to Douglas Ike, Wally Wilkins Wally Wilkins woulda make sure that all the media houses in the world get it. This is the kind

of disappointment of the guy in the Labour Party. And some with people. Look at when we had the just before the election EK.

The Labor Election to do with Lido. You you was reading some of the post. Some of them was live on Facebook. They didn't

hide it. They was hiding. And they said people. I remember asking question. What if you can believe and tell people vote for Juke? What if Congress come the leader and tell people vote for Adam bash them? What if Jeff become the leader? Now today, look what happened. Where's the same people? The Labour people to cook all the dark. So come, come, talk. Mhm.

Where are they today? Mhm. We only good for ourselves. Man, can we vaccinate? Because I saw like **** people around me. We need

to stop other people. Calling down the middle labor people. Because we was very aggressive towards the election. towards

the party labor politician. Look at us today. Raise them on Facebook. Raise them. Raise them on the ground in to be talking. EK what Lindsey Grant

did. Lindsey Grant was supposed to be arrested footwick. With immediate effect. Just about Charles Wilkins and them and Michael Martin and them. They

committed to give us a letter. So we fired with immediate effect. But Michael Moore and Charles we can allow them to make sure that in the grant resign with immediate effect. Where's the chamber EK? Where's the Evangelical Association, EK? Sylvia, come on. Win FM.

Tracking some shopping list. But what you need to see what happened before and why it happened? Why is the police? Just saw it in the police. She need to see how she ain't see. Man, I don't know you can. We don't know. Many man gets into that papa. What I'm saying?

She's trying to justify. Let me shorten it. Trying to justify yesterday. The Lindsey Grant any foolishness. He gave in another video with a man in a in a jacket. Who do you videoing all up in the police face? He was supposed to also be knocked up. Because the

fellow who the lock up in Mac night. When they had to protest a little lady, there was nothing the police went in their face to attack with the camera and the placard. You get up to know the the and was arrested for three days. No bail, wicked Timothy Harris and the same bandit. These people didn't have me getting to be an EK for about three days. Friday

Saturday Sunday and up and down to Monday. So why they couldn't get in a beer leak eh? They come with a crime. Did they assault the police? Timothy and and and Brandy walking in Grant him into resign too. He need to go. He can't be trusted. This is not the kind of commission of police we want. Including

the man that been from Jamaica paying him big money. I talked to them whenever on the port. I want to see all the taxi drivers with a placard sign. Lindsey Grant need to go. He's a woman beater. Then you got nothing on the easy time in this country anymore. Enough is

enough. so Richard said, wherever you see Douglas, he live in a funeral, go after him. Remember that, he get Nobody's innocent checked. He was a jet. What are you saying today? Lindsey Grant shouldn't have no. He's a time in this

country when he got anywhere. People must remind him that he's a woman beat up. People need to tell him so openly. This thing needs to slap you.

One message you're sending to our children. These women used to talk a woman group. But you kind of don't care. Cuz remember I tell you back to what I said. What happened to a fifteen year old in the village? Look at the channel all the time and you're making it this any lie to me. There's

absolutely nothing wrong about this. I'm resigned. He can't wait. The police officer who was supposed to be in charge of them or the police. Didn't they

have a a supervisor with them EK? Watch the video. I don't think so. They know that three police on their own. There must be a senior officer. So we was the

senior officer? It is usually them three there. Right but somebody must be seeing you the tree. Well I'm I'm sure you clearly heard that she went on the phone and she called the the superintendent of police. Okay. With the video with the superintendent when he come. Did he come? Did he show up? I don't know. That's the

question. Is there anything you need to ask now? Because she I bet you should call and say I went to shut down EK and EK still playing the music. What? You just If you was playing and come and she calls because in this way you know. I got a picture with the same superintendent man. When he give him the in the khaki instructions in this square you know. He sit down in

the car. The girl walk up to the car and he was telling her what to do with the people in this school. Who was protesting? Mister take a picture. He told them. So why he did not shop? When Lindsey Grant Any people are misbehaving in that manner. A matter of fact when you push the police. And look at the

guy. There's a video now with a guy in a hoodie. Alright. To be arrested IK. You have a good callback. Have a good day. Thank you so much. Let's take

this next call. Call Iran go ahead. Good afternoon brother Ike. Good afternoon. Welcome. Good meeting on the radio. to

the EKM this this thing with the police ain't just happening you know. I can remember in the 50s and the sixties when I was a policeman. That the the factory the factory manager bought all kind of stuffs. And traffic police and some of them. And the chief of police

whose wife used to walk up the the factory as his secretary. the the chief of police to say no prosecution So I almost led as a strike in the police force. At the recreation ground and the recreation room. Then the Chief of Police saying that we we're not doing our duties. And I bought it up to him. And

I said well very soon was people like the the the taxi manager. Um you said no prosecution. So why should we prosecute the the ordinary man? So to change its its own in 1980 when the government changed and policemen summons pom pom supporters especially especially the big ones. They were transferred to me immediately. and ehm this

incident with ehm Mister Grant. Mister Grant should have been arrested. He should have been in the in the police cell. Because the policemen have sworn to do their duty. Without fear or favor. Marriage or it

will. And Mister Grant as a a minister of government. Should know that he should respect the authority of the policemen. And I am as as I'm close he said a while ago. We are they are the members. The so-called safe

sold members. They're the evangelical association. Where is the Christian Council? Where is the Chamber of commerce? Where is the bar association? And silence rain supreme. And so you know what example is Mister Grant showing apart from the misappropriation. What example is he showing to the and to the youngsters? We're adding mothers in our country today. Where are they? Non-existent. And so our

country going is going down the the the drain. Going down the drain. And all all the drains leading to the sea. And so our

our children have no role model to follow. Because Mister Grant is a minister of of our government. And if he can behave like that if he can be like that that person was an ordinary person. They would have been in this cell today.

But mister Grant is a minister of government and he's above the law. And these things can be failed. What's the use of the police and taking the oath to do their work without fear or favor? Malice or areas. And

we have people like Mister Mister Grant. Embarrassing them. Have a wonderful day my brother. Have a blessed day

yourself. Thank you so much for your call. Let's take another. Caller you are on. Welcome

come. Yes, good afternoon. Good afternoon. Well, well, well, what is going on in our country? I know that policemen were tested before. And came

out on top. I remember a situation when Mister Bratcher when he boarded bus, they stopped. the policeman Brown. He summons him. And he got a reward. You know what his reward was? He was promoted. He was given another stripe. Mm.

Because the leader of this country He was doing his work. Right? He came into custom. Something happened at custom. I'm not so sure exactly what happened. But

I know they said he he told the customer man. He's just like everybody else. Why he should not be such? Suppose he's bringing in something that isn't supposed to come in. and

those are the people that will lack in this country today. Men with integrity They feel you know and and you know it suit us you know. It suit us. Because we took the beer and the rum and the food. And the crumbs from the table. And we jump up. And we say hey we

can't this. We can't that. And we put them back in. We voted for them or something else and look at what we are getting. Ministers are telling the law. They're above the law. You

can't lock me up. You can't do me nothing. And me ruler, you amigo, are you there? Are you in training? Are you not educated? Well then why can't they uneducated people and put them in the police force? You put them in there to do what you like with them. That's why you could say so. And you could turn tweet them as you like. But the policeman shoulda hold him and shuckle him. And carry

him straight across the police station. And maybe if Adam's a dear. You hear me? Remember Adam? Remember Adam's in lock him up on we need strong policemen. Mm. Police man them

to weak. They are supposed to do what they are doing and if any it doesn't matter who it is. As long as a minister need to be locked up, lock him up. It means we have bad orders. They done locked me up for indecent language. You know how and show

me in this hell. And throw your case and I don't have to pay. I'll go to jail. But they could tell they could see a bad one and tell anybody what they want. And they could do what

they want. You see. and we can do nothing. And we, the people, we swallowing it, and we checking up all the ploy, the woman, the nastiness, the water out the drain, and we're drinking it. And they say, hey.

The party is from the party that, then I do this and then I do that and the right. How wrong could be right? How things like these were going on in our country and we just sit back remote. We put on the biggest locker, get the and glue it down and have nothing to say. People should have been out there. and telling them

headquarters is that they respect you got what example are they setting for our young people who want to be leaders? But let me let me ask you this friend. Who going to go down the end to that? Because if you go down there and you said that. The first thing that Wally and the West of them going to push out on social media. Is that there was a small political rally for labor. So they're going to turn it into a politics thing back and forth. If you look and so I don't know if you don't if you're on social media. But if

you look on social media. Look on Facebook right now. Those people who support Pam were mum yesterday. True. Today? Because

Lindsey because John L Powell put out that it was not him. They got a small victory and so they are now parading around on social media. For that small victory. But none of them have said categorically. That what they saw on the video and the behavior Lindsey Grant is wrong but we don't expect them to say that because this is the same Lindsey Grant who with the Marriott incident that was one he still come back and win a seat. The misappropriation

case, they still voted him in and still celebrate him. So, what do you expect people to say? Exactly. And who going to say it? You ain't going to hear it from the church because it touches them good right now. You're not going to hear it from the business society or the the what they call them. Um. I know his name. Chamber and all these. You're not

going to hear it from them. Because said it good right now so and and the churches them were getting the envelope of money too then there you go. I had that in it. And the Freedom Walk. They said people want grants. So who is we to say

anything? That's what I mean. But look you know the a story in the Bible that I always refer to. The man when he planted the vineyard and he had a whole lot. You know what he said Hold down the old. and build bigger bonds. Hm. Because

the bonds then what he had was too small to hold he reaches. And they went and they build a bigger bonds. But God said thou fool. This night thy soul is is required of thee. Where was he

when he done build up he big bond. And pull it up To enjoy the pleasures of it. Right? Morning came and he was not there. So let the asking all

the And in all the glory that they have and they are entitled to as they as they think. I'm asking it and think they would be there forever. Because when I look at it when a man get what he gets in certain ways.

It diminishes. And here the joke is offspring. Have nothing. In the end. Coming

down you'll want to know what he said, any grandfather, any great grandfather had this. How we reaching that state there? With all or whatever. Nothing. And just like it is. We took we came into this world with nothing. And we would go out of this world with nothing. With us. That we have. Thank you EK.

Thank you so much. Um here's where a lot of us differ. In Nevis because if you call out your own political party or government for anything that you perceive to be wrong. You are chastised, you are ridicule, your earpod ID could be pulled, you could not receive any contracts from the government. Um you could not get certain things that you you need to get out of certain government entities. These things are reality. and it is

no different with the police force. And many of you have heard me come here many a times and chastise the police for their behavior. You understand? When it is warranted. But I know. Because I get the reports. I get the WhatsApp

messages. I get the voice notes. I get the memos. Of how the police force can be used By politicians. I know first hand. They could deny it all they want. But the facts are what

the facts are and the behaviors are what the behaviors are. For as long as Austin and I have been doing talk shows together. One of the things that we have always said is it's time to separate these entities from the government. They are joined to the government by the hip. Who

appoints the judges? Who pays the judges in the government? The registrar of the court. These boards. Yesterday we look at the tourism press conference. chairman of the

board. The PS. Harlem my friend and family. Was it the same thing on the label? Of course.

And man and man ball long water. Them things can't be right. Nepotism and colonyism. And it happened right in front of your face. Two times over.

But it is okay now. Because it's the people that you support. And I just got a a long epistle from a friend of mine here is where we going to always be in this tailspin for the rest of our lives with this kind of thinking. EK this is

happening on both sides. No. There is an incident currently on the fore happening right now. But my friend starts out by saying this is happening on both sides. Question. How does that help this situation right now? How do how do we stamp it out? because it happens on both sides. Don't talk about this.

Don't don't say nothing about it. Just when it happened on both sides it happened on the labor. It happened on the before. happening now so. And that's it. Just just let it go.

So when we are past and gone our children and our grandchildren still going to be having this kind of foolishness. This is why the world is the way it is. With wars and all this kind of foolishness. Because there are some human beings. I don't know

if it's lack of training or didn't we certain training when they were young Why we behaving? They were behaving when it comes to this kind of thing. Now, do we make mistakes as human? Of course we do. but it is what you do after you make that mistake. That is most important. In the heat of any moment, anybody can make a mistake. But it's what you do

and how you behave immediately following after the fact. What did we get after the fact? Nothing at all. Statement put out by the Commissioner of Police in what the people with a printer done. the minister education come out distance itself said nothing about the matter. Other people who have

made pronouncement on matters of state and matters of morality and matters of of patriotism. Their mum and the situation. All of them are sitting around waiting for more information. For more

information. But only we need a when it pertains to certain people. Everybody want all the information before they talk. But for some man once we see run with it and we promote it and we big it up. Only when it pertains to certain people No, I, I, I saw a comment on the Freedom While where somebody is saying that Curtis always comes here. And says the same thing

over and over. And he's saying like, you know, Labour's having the most problem. You know why I respect people like Curtis? Because he call a spade a spade. Whether it's his party or any other party. And like he said, when he came out and said what he said, people call from New York, the Mister Buse Jeffrey. The abuse, he'd abused me, abused Aston. But where are

these people now to speak on the matter that is currently happening right now? Because what should happen in my opinion is that the rest of the population should not take the police force serious. Should not adhere to anything that the police come to them and say because it appears to me that once you got money and position in this country, the laws don't apply to you. There's fear all around. Now, I could understand why those police officers are fearful because let this be known that politicians are very vicious and vindictive people and they can ruin your life.

They can ruin your career. They could frustrate the hell out of you. To either move out or move on. If you don't fit. Because criteria and sing from the same hymn sheet. So so let's not kid ourselves about how this country really operates. In the on the building in the shadows.

They will tell you oh no no no sir. But you could see it in front of your face. again when you're discussing logic on any particular matter, you can't discuss logic and right and wrong when it comes to political affiliation. The waters get murky right there and there. Let's take some more cars. Carly Iran, go ahead. Okay, good afternoon and happy New Year to you. Blessing you

to you my lord. Good. It seemed like to give Grant an alibi earlier. You said he was drunk. No, I mean again alibi? Oh, okay, great. That excuse. Okay. How you could jump the night before? Now, you got to go do important work demanding. So, that means careless. Oh. Well,

let me tell you then, good representation gone to the door. Mm hmm. And examples, good examples of politician and people in authority also gone through the door. Junior, I mean, EK, let me tell you. When

people representing you. They representing you to the core. While we are concentrating on grant cost to living going up. But here what? Hear what? Everything is important. But

the the the bigger business I get into with Carter Living because we are the smaller big people getting affected by the things that are going on around us. Listen this EK. When Sim Daniel got into political office after local council. He said no is going to come to Navis. That is going to do retail and wholesale at the same time. The smaller business are going to get affected. Okay. We came up with something

called consumers are failed. Consumers are failed. You know they work. You know what they have to do. For the people. Junior I mean he care about let's say about four months ago. A case assaulting. I'm I'm this is only one item. A case

of starting was for 56 dollars. He went to 86 $30 dollars jump. Now, a week of a week ago, it's for $91 dollars and sixty-five cents. Now, during all this ways, you get it from lambs.

Rams still have their signing for 395. Now if they sell a signing for three ninety-five, it mean they're making $7 and 10 cent profit. You know, that's not real when it come to business. But why they can't do

that? They're doing it by volume. So, I would go and buy an case, buy a case and at the same time what they are doing I mean is to price us out the market. So, we are the smaller business going stuck with our hyper because we gotta put on a price to give us a profit. So we are losing to EKE come back to say if we are not getting proper representation from the government. I'm calling on us EK and small business again to get together. You made a point

earlier in your in your in your deliberation when you say okay they could come over work with a delegation and keep big party. They could everyone keep big party. You yourself keep a jam. You would never get as much people as what they got with the delegation. Because

remember, there's a free. And and you gotta charge. So people, let's say bye. Let me back off. We, you know, free

people, more people than gather. Right. I'm staying here. It is not fair for us as a people who are in business EK. You're suffering. You cry

out every day. I mean, you myself. I am saying if you can't get together as a people and maybe living to an internal government every four or five years eh? We believe in that. Until we get it right. And if we not get right we continue to do it. Because that's the only

right we have. I can't understand of people. And they going to boast and say you give me a job but when they get in office they turn your way. Me not understand that. You understand? And and I am saying here EK. This here. This year I

going to gotta regulate a few things to get it to to get it right. I'm going to need your help. I'm going to need your assistance and all others that we can get. Yeah? And with you, okay? Okay. This this can't be right. Everyday we got something to complain about. If

you going to represent us, lord, go go to the full fullness now. I mean, look at it what happened the other day. UEK have me working for two years. But you couldn't get

away the salary, you couldn't get a double. The people whose salary hasn't been affected get a double. I mean, come and they happy you know and they don't know the best thing was for them to get away as a pay. I

mean come on And let the politicians stop fooling us man. And make a more issue but AK for today. I'll leave it as that. Alright. Thank you. Alright. Well I do agree with

you you know. That about the the prices hiking and and and what's not. And nobody seems to care. Nobody seems to be doing

anything about it. When you ask a question you get a lot of high pollutant run around you know. Sometimes the the the answer is so long that you forget where the hell you ask these people in the first place. Cuz really and truly don't affect them. And so they

don't really took care. They probably blame it on you know the supply chain and all these kind of things. What they did is what it is. Call you around. Go ahead. Hello? Yes you're on. Yeah, good afternoon. Good day. Yes, I heard somebody calling and saying that on the label, this thing used to happen with ministers attacking police.

That's not true. That's not true. Oh my god. I need must be told. You understand? I'm not defending the labor politician.

But on the labor the the the ministers of government were more respectful and responsible. When it come to the law and the persons who enforce the law. What we have in now is people seem as though that they're just reckless. You understand? Mm hmm. Because look at, we have this thing in place to try and fight the COVID thing. And I'm seeing

ministers of government have complained them. in Crow without mask people up in their faces. But yet the police and the the task force going to give ordinary citizens tickets and so. so the comment that the

person make just now is that true. I was a police officer back then On the labor. And no time I heard no minister of government want to fight the police officer. It's wrong. Thank you for listening me man. Alright, well thank you so much for that. And for those people who say whether you happen on both sides, you happen already.

Carly Irango head. Blessed Milan. What's going on? I'm so glad that. Yeah, man had to fit

in. Yes. I'm so glad he can't answer whether I hear you. I say oh my. I so glad EK.

Because I know that he ain't come to people and where he know. Join my lad. He get. You see? ehm some people attack vengeance to vengeance Because you know Because Labour used to do this year. Aleba you will soon know that like and to the last caller can do the last caller there.

He was in the forest. And he here man he don't tell lies. they have to call a name but a no. He don't tell lies. And you hear what he said? When in in the post, those signal used to happen.

I'll let I let the truth you know. I don't like lies. because But when expect for me tell lies, only children tell lies. Who techniques after they bomb sea. And that is a big

person. It's supposed to tell no lies. and if things were go on, what used to go on in labor time. why it should go on in this time.

Why does Sissy Bucket was leaking in labour time? Why they can't stop the leaking of the bucket now? They tell you oh when labour was in so so used to happen. Oh my. When we going to get you? When we going to get you with our evil wrongness, corruptiveness, And truthlessness. where we going to get to is that? And we say hi Manu. Just listen carefully what people got to say. But people now listen what some people saying. and if not

insulting people on the ear, we all want to hear what's going on. That's why I tell the people, let me know. We have to praise the almighty. We have to we have to believe in the almighty The real. Because he's he come black. Not the not the weather get us Who sold the white people them a region. We

ain't need that. That's why. The lack of inspiration and the lack of knowledge. Because the educated the most educated in the books where they went, who, who, who learn, who come back and fool us, rob us As the education. In the society. I've vested man with the learning. But in a than a wise with the understanding and the But let me tell, let me know. The high time they are put and look over each and everyone So, let me tell you why I'm the politician them, and all of them. All of them. All of them.

You all have to be careful. With the younger generation. Because it's them there. Who can believe what you all do, what you do and Britain. Listen, man. Alright, to that who was calling on the overseas line. Um you can stand the line

and I'll I'll always get to you. Uh but now that you you hung up I have to go to a a local call. It's 2-four after two. Let's take this next one. Call Iran. Hey join us. Bless.

Yeah I'll just give you a talk earlier about the mention the commission of police right? Mm. But today literally is the worst commissioner. We had a a party something. He's the worst

commissioner who ever had the man so he can't read a letter. I mean what quali vanity to be commissioned. He is uniform so who could be the best puppet? Hm. I guarantee show either officers in the force with bachelors and masters. The disqualification band is supposed to be walking down with a with a walkie talkie checking two of his hands up.

Y'all got to qualify for a young man in the force. Man, I understand what I ain't have with the police force. The two top kayaki of the police would need to go. The deputy and the commissioner. Okay. The two of them can't make one. If you

listen, Brandy talks. No, you don't want to know you ban the handicap or something. Now, if you got a stroke or something. When you can't make a sentence properly? The man is always representing Kitanza Yami. Amen. I am. This ain't somebody

else there. me he met the cut. The need to give you the heat. Alright. Done. He ain't qualified. He don't believe qualifiers. Aye. Maybe he's a puppet out to everybody but they ain't make it by. I hear

him my lad. Yes. Alright. Bless. Jesus Christ. Now look at Ghanaian again. Call on the overseas line. You're on. Go ahead please. Yes, man. Good day, bro. Happy new year to the

eye. Blessed. Yeah, I just wanted to ask you a question, man. The state of emergency got lifted already? Yeah, it finished on the 31st of December actually. okay so my grip right now is to the people who is you know, who wants to talk about like who's not satisfied with the government's performance rights net right now? Mm. You know, I don't see

why you guys are waiting to go in the street and protest, man. I don't see that. I think it's even down in vibes now. you know like like, really and truly, man. Maybe it was Dougie

in power. You you woulda see a lot of protesting but not right now. Things good. The way the way I feel, man, it's like I I I remember when, you know, the election went down in twenty fifteen and team Unity, they won by such a big margin. You know what I'm saying? I I myself personally, I was very concerned about that because you know, a lot of elections went down before and some persons actually risk their life to come over to Nevis to form the government and the way how team unity grabbed that mantle and had such a big mandate and the second election here, they still got a big mandate again. You know, I believe 2015 was a bigger mandate but you know, all the trickery during the COVID period, you know, and and to some little extent, the the first in 2015. But but anyway

they were able to get in. And then the masses of the people they expect certain things was going to take place. And a lot of it is about the intangibles. You know what I'm saying? That should have marked a beginning of a new political era in Nevis. At this stage right now it doesn't seems like that's happening at all but for me I'm about to be fifty-3 in a in like couple of weeks. And I grew up in a political home.

from what I'm seeing right now, the changes are not profiting the common man, bro. It's not benefiting the poor people and the politicians them, they got the place hijacked. The government right now is getting more and more powerful everyday as we speak. Well, I'm witnessing. I'm witnessing this stuff. And I'm happy I'm witnessing it. Because right

now bro, the way I was sitting people, they they're just really cowards, bro. It's a lot of talking and no action, bro. They need a big protest in the street to show the government that the people got the power in their hand. And if they don't do it now, the government of the day right now, they're going to get more powerful. And then so, by time, they roll out the office, and by time the pendulum swing the other direction, it's going to be too late. Hm. criminal element that they think they got controlled right now is going to creep back in. It's going to creep

back in. It's just not time yet. The timing is not right. With with control. It's not going to it's not going to huh? Which which criminals are meant to have control of? Well, that one where you when you talk that you that you want to mention. My partner that The one the one that they think.

Oh. The one that they think against controller. No you're talking yeah. But but but listen to but see where I'm going with it still. I hear

yeah. It's going to come back. Okay. It's going to come back. But it's just not at that point for it to come back Okay. You

know what I'm saying? Well what I what I don't like about what's going on is that the establishment is getting bigger and stronger and more mighty. But the people gotta understand they still hold the power in their hand and think it's a newest people. They don't seems to really understand that but think it's right now and Nives is the only place in the world that ain't had a big street protest. During COVID. Now that they lifted the state of emergency Will somebody must have some type of courage to go in the street and protest for what? Whatever they want to protest for, they need to do it now. I mean, the guy that licked the Labour Party leader right now, right? A lot of it going to come down on him because they going to start looking at him as a possible Prime Minister in the near future. So in order for him to gain strength bro, he has to start galvanizing the people.

And right now, I'm listening to your narrative today. Yo, the narrative you got today bro is right up my alley right now. And the government in control of everything. What what I'm seeing? I'm just I'm telling you this straight from experience right now bro. Up to the minute experience right now. I heard somebody talking

**** last night. And they they asked calling for justice. And there was a couple of callers there that was critiquing the government last night. Finally. Um yeah yeah. I I want you to

go back. I want you to go back and see if you could get the the tape the tape of that. Not me. Right. My lad. Watch. One.

Me got very few brain cell left you know. And me? Yeah man. Yeah I hear I I hear I hear you. But but but one thing I noticed though. One thing I noticed is that The people is very divided because even these talk shows that we get on you know one set of people calling on one show and the next set of people calling on the other show. How come people don't

have the courage to cross Collin and tap each other's shows differently across the board? You know what I'm saying? Mm. That that's showing me that that some type of cowardice is there too as well. People are scared to call in. No people go where they are comfortable. Yeah, yeah, exactly. I got that. I I got

that. But right now, one of the points that you made is that the government the judges, they're controlling all of the other things that you just mentioned. Like a few minutes ago. And once the judicial

system is like that bro it's no justice and there going to be no peace. It ain't have no justice in Sinkis and Nevis. I'm telling you that straight from my heart bro. There's no justice there bro. I'm witnessing it myself right now.

They have a lot of foreign judges that's coming in and dominating the people. They're dominating the judicial system. The the judicial system in they should be of your peers bro. When you go on, when you go to a court case, you should a court case should have a jury of your peers. And also I believe strongly the judges them should be locally appointed. They don't they

shouldn't have no foreign judges coming in And and and and dominating the judicial system there. Because they don't know nothing about the local people. And and if that stuff don't change bro it's going to come a revolution in Nevis one day. And I hope I I

hope I'm alive to witness it bro. Alright. The place is very super. The place is super duper corrupted. I don't give a **** Who's mad for me saying that.

Alright. Uh alright, man. Have a good day. Never gotta stay yourself. Thank you so much. Twothirty-four is our time and I think we can pause for a short word from the sponsors and come right back to wrap up with more of your telephone calls. Stay with us. Hey, Webmaster here. I stay connected to Freedom with the Freedom SKN app. Simply search

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the other side. Let's see if we got some comments from either the wall or the Facebook feed. oh Lord, millicent. Why you behaving like that? Somebody says team of the people are calling on you to stop leaking in the bucket. Stop hiding behind the big bucket. You have there. Uh someone who's referring to Curtis and says, you are crazy.

Douglas led a riot in ninety-three, said he bad from small, told kids not to go to school, told parents don't walk, then boasted about it. They say nothing, man. Chill out, this too shall pass. busting it sound like a palm man. Imagine Douglas get somewhat licks for that day for so much a years. Hunks call everything I said. But this too

shall pass because you know Lindsey Grant is super himself. Let's forgive him, you know? I mean, come on. He's an elite. They they they need us to forgive them. Oh my god. Boy,

I'm so glad I'm alive to witness this year, man. Trust me. Maybe you gotta call him back down here for us at all if you ask me. I never show even noone so I would die that they put on my streets ago without a doubt. Um somebody says and it will still happen on both sides. Let us not fool

ourselves. So the question should be what can we do as individuals? Good question. Let's go back to our telephone line. Take this call. It's

coming in. Caller you are on. Welcome to Issues. Hi Ike. Blessed man. I was a police. the name is. Mhm. And never come across a chief of police that cannot express himself. He

cannot even read a word that a five year old child writes. that the five year old child, right? He is most incompetent. He and his assistant, then he changes. Okay.

I say thank God Milai listen today here because I'm trying to get me some serious trouble. These people done donated like me already. Lord I must see. Anyhow. Go ahead. Yeah UK. Good

afternoon. Bless. Yes I am. Um just callinme. I want to know what's really going on because you probably know the unboxing me in that weekend. Cos we can't go south place. We can't go certain

things. So get off every that doorway. regarding everyone football staff, neither footballer, basketball staff.

Mhm. Everything just that weekend. And all these vaccinated people do that so.

Just as she how vaccinated up dead. Morning. Because one against two waves. You get three waves. Come on. You know what I mean? Mhm. I still alive again. And things that where

you can't force a man to put something in the body where he didn't want and you're going to tell me people That mean you ain't care Hm. something in can't decide he going to take it. That means something wrong from force a man to take something where he ain't want. Something got to be wrong, okay? Hm So you just achieve more dead a dead man walking on this face of the boat now. Yep. Yeah, yeah. Blessed king. Yes, I. Alright,

sir. Let's take this next call. Call Iran, go ahead. Ike. Yes, sir. Lindsey Graham restaurant. They took FC. Who do I? Who are the guy Lindsey Grant? Two KFC.

Everybody that go there. Okay, who I look up by the bar? Shut down. Alright, everybody that go there. Okay. So, Ige. What

the college telling me about labor and when was in power. Get over that. We keep saying that all the time. Mark

Brantley went in parliament and said to us that Douglas behavior raised my money today. What is his voice? Where's his voice? A taxi man had a job today. One woman in the blue went and check out the tourist. The tourist the woman where the man got to eat. Labour was getting a job. A woman in the blue walk and went up and took out the tourist. The tourist

tell to the woman but the man got to eat. Come on, we need to know, stop playing people. Hm. Victoria, is set to the woman labour got to eat The taxi man tell me yesterday they can't go jobs. With the placard. But during election

put up the biggest poster. So what they doing? They ain't soliciting votes. People need to try and walk into something and them busters. When the come on with them we need to start to fight back and fire back at them. Enough is enough. Me and you can't walk. Cook and eat. Take a vaccine. Peace

program and get in our bag. And still got the job got your job. Where's this big lie in town to come forward? To tell the country about what Lindsey Grand doing is wrong. Well

that's a silent talk. We got a big money involved. But you can all listen. You got to start to look at. When it's big money Mister Big Lion. No need to go and get in major trouble. We

can be glad to come and be an update On the wrong and the law. Where's the lion DK? Where are the silent? My Lord. But you can use that and put people back in up. We all don't listen to Coke. We not paying attention. Look at what we built in caption. Big rotted

ship in town. Six big ship in town. Ratted ship in town. That is the post with six ship. From all the way kingdom. And even what is the secret? Put up a post on Facebook. Big Latin. Six big Latin Chip and Tom.

I mean, you got some of these guys? See how you got to them? But they know that sink is people ain't going to do nothing. Ain't going to say nothing and nothing going to come of it. So they could just spit in all your fears. They know that. You think they don't know? I'm calling any police officers. Police officers in the shop to walk. Scan behind

your police officers. Check the scan police officers. That thing **** police officers with unity and pem. But he cares not about unity and palm. You just tell me so today. Okay. You know me. Stupidness. May I tell

you the reality of the situation friend. But yourself in the air for a while now. And you wear a white steer. My man come in like I'm cutting the labour. Me and cutting the corners of unity. I keep saying

daddy came. You can't come give me no stupidness. You cannot get in power and give me the same style. Because you should know better you must show me respect but no. Because I'm telling straight up. But do you

very wrong? If I say cook, cook against you. This how don't you sound? But I must correctly treat you then. EK supposed to come and cheat out. But don't correct these people here. Who's robbing us? Teefing

us. Bullying us. Pushing us down. Bring the commissioner point. We have to know ninety-seven. way up to now Ike today. There's not a statement in this country. The man's

inheriting on the report from the office. The report. is the report EK? Tell me what report band you waiting on. I came for the whole world. Are you blind? He's the cows. you tell me what what we potivating on when the Stevie Wonder? Report for Sharks. How come we

didn't wait and report for the girls for Saint Paul's? How come we didn't write a report for the girl from Darcy? And why are you getting the rest of the report to try to lack a protest quote? Well he didn't let the report when the second airport ID. But these people want people to but hey but he can't do anything for our citizens. You better tell yourself. Some people are the courage last night to wear patches and issues. You know woman calling said she's a government worker UK. She went

to get a a loan for a house. And they tell you my oh no. That's the big champion of smaller house. in the federation, EK. And we got to where? Where's the deputy? I mean the the DPP.

She jump in That was the criminal offence. That's just didn't hit nobody. Bullies, no police. But all of a sudden we know we got a deputy. I'm thinking. I mean identity. Now today they're telling me the woman is telling me. None of

them could chaos the same man. Kabandi is wasted on the ripple. Kasaka is waiting on the report with the hushpuppy.

Just a conversation on the report with Kim Matires with the shows and watch just before he moved the police officer who was supposed to who was investigating Lindsey Grant and John Powell. These are all the foolish Seven days with the government. Are you not supposed to send up Egypt? Rayshawn Richard, the leader for Palm. Why is he quiet? Where's Kennedy Alphan Simon? Who's supposed to be the most respectable person in this country? Who is o

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