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So. Do. So. Uh. Oh. So. So. Good evening, and welcome to standing, strong. Online, i'm andy, and this is emma, and together we're going to be guiding you through the next 90 minutes. It's brilliant to have you with us tonight, i can't wait, to hear about what god's doing in some of the most costly, places on earth to be a christian. I know we're going to hear some life-shaping. Stories. That will, challenge us we're going to hear from christians who are living courageously. And whose stories can really shape our walk with jesus. In these difficult times. We're sad, that we're not able to meet together in person. But we're really excited, that thousands, of us, thousands of you are joining us, tonight, online. This evening is a reminder. That in the midst, of struggle, and hardship. God, is at work and we're all part of the body of christ standing, with those. Who share our faith. But not our freedom. Each year in open doors, we've published the world watch list, which takes us through the top 50 countries, in the world where it's most dangerous to live, as a follower of jesus. This free, resource, will help you, just discover, more about. The persecuted, church and it takes you through each of the 50 countries, telling you a bit about, the country, the source of persecution. And. Gives you three simple prayer points to help you pray for, and stand with the persecuted, church. Around the world tonight. We want to take you to three of those countries. To china. Syria. And nigeria. If you're new to open doors we're so excited, that you're sharing with us tonight, and for those of you who are standing strong veterans, well of course it's amazing that you're here too. Over the course of the evening we'd love you to interact. And share your standing strong online experience, on socials, so use the, standing strong. Tag, open doors uk, on insta, twitter or facebook would love you to share your comments your posts, prayers. Whatever it is and also we'd love to know whereabouts, in the nations, of the united kingdom that you're tuning in from tonight or even beyond, and we'll refer to some of this, as the evening goes on and don't forget if you need to access, subtitles. You can do that, on youtube. Andy. Before we go any further, let's take a moment. To just. Quiet in our hearts before god let's take a moment to, pray. Father thank you so much. For the privilege we have this evening of meeting together, online. Thank you for all those that are watching here in the uk, and ireland. And around the world. Father thank you that you know each of us individually. Lord thank you that even though at times. We live in a world where things are uncertain. That god, you are faithful. And tonight, as we learn more about, our persecuted, family around the world. I pray that you would, strengthen. Them, and you'd inspire, and encourage, us. We ask this in your name. Amen, amen. Thanks andy. Well what a year it's been, but what's been the story for christians around the world already facing persecution. Poverty, and now a third p, a global pandemic. Check out this film, to get an overview of what 2020. Has been like for our brothers and sisters, around the. World. So. So. Um. Thank you again for helping, keep the church alive. Across the world. Without your ongoing, prayer and support. None of what we do would be possible. 2020. Has been a year, like no other pretty much the whole world, has experienced, a measure, measure of isolation. And restriction. And christians everywhere. Now know what it's like to meet and worship, as scattered, dispersed, communities. For many of us this has been a new experience. And yet for, millions of christians around the world persecuted, who are persecuted, this is nothing new, and certainly not temporary it's in this context. That they do life it's in this context, that they dare, to follow jesus. In many ways, this year has brought us greater connection, and empathy. With our persecuted, brothers and sisters, we too are working out how to meet to worship. Around. Restriction. And legislation. So much of this year has reminded, me that those who are most persecuted. Have so much to teach us, about seeing moments of crisis, as not just a threat, but an opportunity. An opportunity, to innovate, an opportunity, to be nimble, and an opportunity. To see jesus at work, in a few minutes we're going to hear, how the church in china, is doing this we've got so much to learn from them, andy.

We'd Love to hear your stories. This year of how what you've learned. From the persecuted. Church, around the world. The story, of the ongoing, story where faith costs the most taking risks, is at right at the heart. Of open doors, dna. And something your partnership, and support, makes possible. Here's a little reminder. Of where we've come from. It's likely that many of you first connected with open doors when you read the story of brother andrew and god smuggler, a story of guts, risk-taking. And adventure with jesus. Because of your support we're celebrating. 65. Years of open doors. 65, years of bringing hope and resources. To christians, daring to follow jesus, no matter the cost. 65, years of living out what brother andrew said way back, that we believe all doors are open, anytime. Anywhere, to god, from smuggling, bibles in a vw, beetle like this, to seeing eyes made blind. To equipping, secret house churches in china. To providing discipleship. Emergency, relief. Practical, support and trauma care in over 60 countries. We couldn't have done it without you, thank you for being part of the open door story. Take a look at this film, and be reminded, that time and time again god is looking for those available. And willing to say yes to. Him. Now they didn't, use the word communism, it was socialism. But they had a big festival, coming up next one was going to be in poland. And i wrote to them i said i'm a christian, and i'm interested, in you a big festival, i would like to come and see you. Within a week i had the answer. You're welcome. I said but if i come as a christian i will act as a christian. You can do what you want to. So i took off, in july. 55. By train. From holland. To. At the end of that conference. But there was a huge, parade. And there were masses, of people. All wearing the red scarf. And i stood there, and god spoke to me. From a verse. Which, i found. Of course later. In revelation. 3. Verse 2. Strengthen. What remains. Which is at the point of death. It's dying. If you don't do something. That's what it says. There are christians, in this country in the other countries. You must go and strengthen, them, otherwise, they will die. And. That began. A totally new life, for me. And it was also. The seed. The seed of a new, ministry. It's called now open doors. We're so thankful for the goodness, and faithfulness, of god, over the decades. A big lesson that we've learned from persecuted, christians over the years is their complete reliance, on jesus. And in. Encountering, him in the place of suffering. And persecution. And this is really true for the church, in china. This year we've seen our church buildings, closed. Locked up and forced, to meet.

Our Church online, something, the christians, in china. Have been doing before, us. But imagine your church, raided. By secret police, and left the wreck. Imagine. Church leaders, being put under surveillance. Imagine a law, making it illegal, for everyone, under 18. To not be able to go to church. This isn't fiction. Or. Confined, to the history books, this is the reality. For our brothers and sisters in china today. Due to the incredibly, high, surveillance. Of chinese, pastors. It's too risky to speak. Directly, with them in country. But a member of our team here at open doors, sam miller, caught up with ron boyd macmillan. From open doors international. From and to find out what is really happening. In china today, before we hear from sam and ron, let's watch a film of pastor. Zhang n from china, who experienced. Firsthand. The tightening, grip of the government on christians. But tells us despite. Everything. God, is moving. It's hard for myself, to imagine my past, life. I called myself, a red kid. I used to be a communist. Atheist. Marxist. My conversion, story can, properly, sum up in one word, i say chapter, 1 verse 18. Even though your sin. Is as red as scarlet. I will make it as white as snow. That color red has a double meaning for me personally. My life used to be, dominated. By that red authority. Communist, regime. The climate, for christians, to china. Is. Like going through a bitter winter. The government won't install. Facial recognition, cameras, in our sanctuary. Of course we refuse, that unreasonable, demand. Then they install, cameras, at the, lobby, of our, church building. That camera, can gather, the private data of our church members, and then they can target our church members, to intimidate, them. They will intimidate, them with their jobs, their housings. And their children's, education. To, prevent them from going to church. In 2018. This new regulation. On religious, affairs, took effect. Several, prominent. House churches in china, were shut down. Hundreds, of policemen. Raided, our church. Smashed, our, building, put the pastors, on the civilians. And shut down the church. The level of persecution, in china, is at its worst level, since, the cultural revolution. In 1960s. And. 70s. We are so united, together, like never before. We have a revival. In our church, a lot of our brothers and sisters, they're so encouraged. By this experience. Even in the severe. Prosecution. After my church, was shut down by the government, the first sermon, i preached, is from. Revelation. Chapter 3. Verses, 7, and 8.. I have placed, before you an open door, that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength. Yet you have kept my word and have not denied, my. Knee. Even though the persecution. Is intensifying. There are a lot of brothers and sisters, still be, very faithful, very brave, to testify. The glory of jesus. Christ. So watching that video, you may have found that quite hard to relate to in terms of your experience. At home, but let's just be quiet for a moment and let's just consider, and just hold before jesus the the church in. China. Jesus thank you that there are no. Borders, and no barriers. To where you can be. That you can open doors that no man can shut and close doors that no man can open. And so we lift china before you we pray, for your presence, to be with your church to bring comfort. To bring courage, and to bring strength. In your name we pray jesus. Amen. For those of you been tracking with the world watch, list top 50 over the last couple of years you'll have noticed that china has moved from 43.

On The world watch list to 23. Meaning that it's right at the top end of one of the most challenging, and costly, places, to follow jesus, around the world, and we are privileged to have ron boyd macmillan, with us today who has spent, many years tracking, with china, has been with open doors for more than 40 years, has smuggled. Bibles. Um into countries around the world and has also worked for time in the past as a reporter. During some of the major incidents, around the world and affecting china so it's an absolute privilege to have ron with us uh this evening. So ron i wonder whether you could just tell us a bit about the context, of china. Well it used to be, a lot easier, to be a christian in china, pretty much from the early 90s. To about 2012. It was getting easier, and easier, and better and better. And all that changed, in 2012. With the rise of, president xi jinping. And he has. Uh, really set the clock back culturally, probably about 30 years. And the three big shifts, that we notice, is one is what we call organizational. The, church, is now controlled, by a party body called the united front work department. Much more high level much more effective. A second shift is ideological. There's this what they call synthesization. Drive, it means that when you preach. You have to love. The communist, party. And you have to. Bolster. Their legitimacy, to run the country that politicizes. The message. This is new again. Compared to the, past. And then. I would say the other big shift, is is technological. Because, china is ultimately the country where big brother. Meets big data. And so, there's really no, way you can have an underground. Church, anymore. You've got to accept, some degree. Of surveillance, how do you do church. In this, in this new world. So, it really has shifted, quite dramatically, and everybody, the big question is. Why is xi jinping. So scared of the church. And, the big. Perhaps the best. Argument, i've heard is that he's frightened, of the numbers. If you have a hundred million people in the country. Who don't really owe their ultimate, allegiance, to the communist party but to christ. That's a threat. And, this, is growing, because if the chinese church has grown on average about eight percent a year, since the 1980s. If it keeps growing at that rate. It'll, it'll be maybe 300, million, by 2030. And, 600, million in 2040.. So, i think they're, a bit. Paranoid. About the growth of the church and they have reason to be. Uh christianity. Is will be a major, force and it's not within the. It's not outside, the bounds of possibility. That it could be a christian, superpower. By the middle of the. Of the 20th, 21st century but depends how we pray. So i'm sure, many of our viewers will have trapped from the journey in china over many years and will have been inspired by, hudson taylor, and isabel. And the china inland mission, and at this particular, moment in time, with all of those restrictions. And pressures that you've described, how is the church responding. In this moment. The chinese, are always, very good the chinese christians are always very good at staying one step ahead. So you see in that in that film you just watched you know they're having to install. Cameras, in the churches. But the government will turn up and say we need the feed from sunday morning, oh i'm sorry, uh the camera stopped working. You know or, even some of them flip it round, and say well. I'll preach the gospel. To the police who are listening, you know how many people in britain. Get into the pulpit, on a sunday morning, and can speak. To the chief of police. So they regard, it as an evangelistic. Opportunity. So. They're good, at staying one step ahead, even though this, this level. Of intrusion, and surveillance. Is. Is unprecedented. For more than 30 years. And just obviously within the wider picture of persecution, but the particular, moment that we're in, where we're still making sense of of kovid, and how does the uk church respond to kovid.

What's Been the impact, on the church in china, of kovid. They saw it as an opportunity. But it did lead to clashes, with the government for example in wuhan. The house churches, some of them defied, curfew. Because they said, you're not delivering, adequate, food parcels, to, the elderly. Especially, the elderly that are part of our community, and we're going to. Because our allegiance, is to christ we do not let. Members of our fellowship, starve. So they broke curfew, came out, and uh and delivered, responsibly. You know these food parcels. And in some ways, the authorities were quite impressed. Uh because, christianity. Does well, in times of plagues. Uh historically, speaking, it's true. Mainly because. Christians, pay any price. To help the most, vulnerable. And. That's the gospel in action. And it the gospel, can gallop, through this time and i think it probably has. In some places in china i think we've seen a spike in the growth. So one of the stories we heard from wuhan, from a pastor was almost, how in mr covid, they've moved from doing church. To to being church. So what based on the ways that you would describe. You know god being at work in the midst of that what are some of the stories that maybe you're hearing. Of how god is at work in china. Well. They are devastated. Because. Chinese, christians. Really say you've got to get together. Physically. And because, something happens. In a group with christ, that can't happen any other way in fact it's quite a challenge i was speaking to them about two weeks ago. And they said if your zoom service. Is the same as your service in the church don't go back to that church. Because something ought to happen. In a church, when you gather around and meet christ. That cannot happen in any other context, in any other way. So they're back at church. They're astonished. That in britain a lot of the churches still haven't opened their doors again. And so, there's a big challenge, i feel from from the chinese. What's happening when you get together, make sure some make sure your church is worth going to because. A church. Should always be an encounter, with christ. And it should be different every week, and, that's the exciting, part about it. So, i i take i feel quite uh quite convicted, to be talking, to them because, uh i, must confess, quite enjoyed. Turning up at a zoom service, in my pajamas, and this kind of thing, uh, they they won't they they're back. And they're saying no get back. Make sure something happens. As you meet christ. And they'll again they'll take the risk. I'll take the risk, so i've heard you say many things that for you they just. You know, um come off pat but i hear them and they're quite challenging one of the things you said is simple, uh persecution. Is a simplifying. Force it pushes distraction, away. In terms of what you've just described. As, what god is doing in china and how the church is responding. What do you feel is a significant, takeaway. For maybe the church in the uk, that we can learn from. The experience, of the church in china. I suppose, maybe this year, we had an unusual, experience, in that lockdown. Brought us into a similar situation. To a lot of the persecuted, churches, and then. It's a test, of how resilient. Are your rhythms, to make space for god. Wang ming dao was the man who said, when he went into jail, age 60. He found, that he was. All the things that he had lived for as a great christian leader were taken away from him. And all he had to do was get, to know christ, in this jail, cell. And he said that's what persecution. Does, it strips, everything away until it's just you. And christ, and the focus. Is on the knowing, and the receiving, of the love of christ.

And He said it's harder, for you in western society, as you said because you have to build yourself a cell, he said i was pushed into one you have to build yourself one. So a cell, in a sense. Is. Any activity. That pushes, away, all the distracting. Things. So that it's just you, and christ. And the focus. Is on the enjoyment. Of the love of christ. So that it will overflow, out to others. That's hard to build. It's hard to do. But it's it's life-saving. And for the chinese, for many of the chinese christians. That's the reason. That's the benefit. Of being persecuted. Because it brings you closer. To the person of christ and it puts the focus, not on serving, christ. Which is important. But on enjoying, him. That's really profound, and really, inspiring, and i didn't i see anticipate, that response, that's lovely. Um if there's one thing that we could be praying for china, and our viewers could be praying for china. How would you direct our prayers from, the stories, that you're hearing, and the communication, that you're having. Well, they are anxious. To. Continue, the reopening. And they want to get together. Just pray, that they'll always have the capacity. To, preach to the government without fear. The in as i say they see, the intrusiveness. And the surveillance. As an evangelistic. Opportunity. And so pray that the lord will strengthen their arms so that they will speak with boldness. Because it's not easy, it's quite hard to be a christian in china sometimes they're even being asked. To sign, covenants, that they will not evangelize. Outside their building. This kind of thing so it's coming to a lot of them. Pray for them and strengthen their witness. At this time they are bold. They are. Crafty. In the best sense. But they need our prayers. To keep going and it's such a significant, church because. We believe. That the chinese. Church, will send, many many missionaries abroad. And will change, the face of world christianity. Too, so pray. That, that, recovers. And restarts. Fantastic, would you just as we, close on china would you just leave us in prayer for 60 seconds. God we thank you for, such an encouraging, picture, even in the midst. Of. Persecution. You have created an open door. We know that the persecutor, is angry. Because. They thought they had shut a door. But you blow it wide open, for the gospel. Help the chinese, churches. Of whatever, hue. Whether they're above ground, below ground, large or small. To take their stand. And speak out for you. In this unusual, and amazing, time. Amen. Wow what an amazing, challenge there from the chinese church absolute gold i don't know about you but i'm gonna have to watch that again and take some notes, uh that was seriously, good. Why not jump on socials, and share what, encouraged, you and challenged you in that section and also post some prayers too, for the church in china use the hashtag. Standingstrong. And the at open doors uk. Handle, that'd be great just to see that all coming through.

We're Now joined by, tim hughes, and the team from gas street church in birmingham, they're leading worship, for us tonight. After the worship we're going to see what hope looks like in syria. And that's going to be really powerful. But now let's. Get to worship together, and maybe use the words of this song as a prayer. As a reminder that jesus is our hope, our life. Thanks tim. It was great to be able to worship. With you today, even if it's online we're gutted we can't be in the room with you in birmingham. But over the last, few months. We've, experienced. What it is like to miss out on worshiping. Publicly, together, i know i've, missed the joy the confidence, we find in standing, together, seeing brothers and sisters declare the name of jesus christ and so as we worship, today. As we lift high in the name of jesus let's also be remembering, let's be praying, for those, who can't publicly, worship. Because they'll be persecuted. On account of their faith let's remember what a joy it is for us to be able to sing. Boldly. That jesus christ is. Lord. Hear our cry. O king, of heaven. Jesus. Hope. To, every. Heart. We are lost. Without. Your, glory. We, are lost. Without. You, god. Be the fire. That burns, within. Send your us. And your. Salvation. Let us see. Your, kingdom. Come. Cause only. You. Glory. Christ. Turn your, eyes. And show, us, mercy. How we need. Your, father's. Love. Lead, us home. And, out of, darkness. With your. Gospel. Burning. Bright. It's only. You. Glory. Christ. Is. Is. Is. Is. I'm so grateful, aren't you that jesus, is the hope. For every, heart. That's a truth that we must hang on to. At the start of 2020. Open doors partners in syria. Intended, to start scaling, back food. Distribution. The focus was going to be on building. And activities, that promote. Self-sufficiency. But covid, 19. Changed, all that. More than ever christians. In the middle east. Need us to stand with them, so that the hope, of jesus which we just sung about. Can be expressed. Through the local, church shining, in the darkness. And difficulty. Open doors pastor, pastor george from the north eastern part of syria. Has stood with his church, through the years of war. And persecution. And he won't stop now. Sam miller caught up with elias. Our partner, in syria. And pastor george. For security, reasons. Elias's, face will be blurred, on the screen. Before we head to the interview. Let's watch this short film, that will give you the context. Of the current situation. In. Syria. Foreign. Um. Um. Foreign. Foreign. So we're privileged, to be joined by, elias, um tonight, from syria, uh many of you who are joined with us last year for standing, strong in birmingham will remember elias, who joined us to share the stories, of what our, local partners are doing on the ground in syria and that's our privilege to have. Elias with us again tonight. So elias, uh, welcome. A year has passed, uh very quickly, and yet very unusually. And if there's. Just one thing that you could summarize, over the last year, in the midst of all that's gone on with covid, and the persecution. We know that is, part of the experience, for the church there what's. What's the one standout. Thing that's really, you found most, challenging. Let me tell you that, the most difficult. Part, for the church is to bring. Christ. In the middle of this suffering. Because, the church leaders, are also, human, and they are also, exhausted. And, and i think, this is where. The role of. Of the church and the holy spirit, to, to. Keep, the church leaders. Up. Up to, let's say and, standing, up, for for the people and the further suffering. Uh. I can really, realize. How to live in such a circumstance. And keep smiling. And keep, saying. Uh, look to the lord, i can tell you there is no hope. If you look around you the circumstances. Around you, there is no hope, christ. Christ, christ, is the only hope, that we, that church can bring to the people. And can uh can. Raise hope inside, the people's, heart, like the the this deep depression, and the young generation. That is, seeing. Everything, is hopeless, there is no no hope. Only. Only, christ. Can raise this hope. Again. And. I think this is this is our role this is our vision this is our, intention. Of all what we are doing. Inside, syria, to help, the church and the church leaders. To carry on, this burden, and. Present, christ, as the only hope for.

Uh. In this life. Uh other than this, it's, it's good it's supporting. It's carrying on but chronicles. Is, must be the center. To say that. It is. He he is the only source, it just came to my mind, the. Picture, of moses, raising, his, hand, and. The battle and. And we maybe are, playing the church in the west, and. The team that is working and the volunteers, are helping. The church, in syria, to keep, moosa's, hand. Raising to heaven. And to keep praying, so they can. At the end. Be victorious. So. This is this is the most difficult. Thing we we see that we need, always, to keep. Our hands and help, the leaders. Has to. Stay. Up, so we can, win. The battle. And win souls to christ so they can find the real hope in this land. Which is marked with a lot of suffering. That's great thank you elias. So it's an absolute honor and privilege to be joined this evening by pastor george, um live from kamshli. In northeast, syria some of you may have read, some of pastor george's, story, in the magazine. But we are privileged to be joined this evening. By pastor george, with elias translating, so, pastor george thank you so much, uh for being willing to give your time to share something of your story. Uh with us this evening welcome. As a ministry, we've been tracking, for the last 10 years just, the changing, environment, in syria, and the challenge, for the church and for christians. But, obviously over the last year the unprecedented. Challenge, of coronavirus. Has has been something none of us anticipated, or expected. Can you just tell us something of what life is like on the ground, in syria, at this time, and what the impact has been of coronavirus. So first of all good evening. Thank you again for inviting, me. Of course, uh. As you mentioned. The, coronavirus. Has a. Big impact on the people in the ground. For the last. 10 years. Uh people, suffered, from. Poverty. Fear, starvation. All these things, actually, also. Impacted, people's psychology. So everyone, is, lives in fear, and. They don't see any hope for the future. They always. Say there is no future. Because, there is no vision a clear vision what is next to come. And when virus, corona, came, actually it's increased, the panic, and increased, the fear, from the. Unknown, in the future. Uh, so this is the situation. Of the people, we see that the coronavirus. Not. Uh only, physically. Uh. Put pressure on people but even psychologically. Increase, the pressure, and, the depression. Of, the people. So, there's a huge range of challenges, that you've just, kind of identified. There. In in the midst of all of that challenge how are you, um, supporting, and strengthening.

Christians, Members of your church and in the wider community, in the midst of this moment. So, as a church we are trying to. Support. The people around us the congregation. And the people outside the church, and not only in spiritual, aspect, but in the physical, aspect, so we are. Supporting. Our congregation. And people around us with. Food aid, with, medical, aid. Education. And this is, the physical, part of our intervention. As a church to, support, the. Local community, and the same time we are actually. Doing, uh personal, visits. Uh for for the families. We pray with them we encourage them we hear them, we hear their. Pain, and fear and we try to. Encourage, them and many times we actually. Uh it's open up to share the gospel. Uh, to them and hear. In a very simple way here the, biblical, story, of. Of what is happening, and what what christ, wants to tell us in this difficult, time. That's fantastic. One of the encouraging, things that we've heard about in syria is just this vision for the church as a center of hope and you've just described. Uh or pastor george has just described, just the role of the church. Um really in bringing hope to their community. What are some of the specific, ways, in which, pastor george has really. Um sought to strengthen, the faith of the church and the hope of christians. Um, in chemistry. Uh. So because of the fear that we described, before and the crisis the ongoing, crisis that is happening to the people. Uh, people, are really longing, for a word of hope. They they want to hear something, that really increase, their hope and, tell them that, there is there could be something, better, uh, stored to them, and we do this, mainly, by. The, visiting, ministry. We visit, the the people, and we try to. Hear from them we don't. Distribute. Food which is very, uh. Important. Support, that the. The, people need but, they also need, to hear. From the lord what what he wants from them, and to increase their hope, and we have also, through the vision, of the center of hope we are actually now, expanding. Our. Facilities. We are trying, to now establish, a medical, center. Because, uh. The medical, need, become. Uh urges, and ongoing. Urgency, uh. Urgent, matter, in in syria. So we are trying, to. Touch. People's, life. Not only, on the uh. Physical, level and, on, on the spiritual, level and medical, level, because, when the people, our plan is when the people will visit this center, which is part of the church facility. They can hear. Worship, songs, they can, they can we they can, also, get, psychological. Support. We can give offer them that if they want to. Speak about something they can do, so it's a it's. One, uh. One intervention. With different, parts it's not only one thing we do, we do we try to work with people, on different, levels. So they can come, and touch.

The Hope in christ. I love that vision that picture of just the church being active and at the heart of, of the community, it's really really inspiring. And what we've heard is that, 30, of those who've really been inspired. To follow jesus, have have come from a, muslim background. And, can pastor george just explain to us a little bit about how has it happened. Um, that those believers, have come to faith from a muslim background. And, what are some of the challenges. Of following, jesus for them. So, just a story. I just want to tell you a story that happened today. Someone called mahmoud, he is from a muslim, background. He, came to me after he tried to visit different, churches. And the different churches, said to them we don't really, accept. Muslims. But, they one of the pastors, or priests. Actually, point to george because it's become, the, his church, become well known, to have mbbs. So he said to, he said to them go to this pastor, and he can. He can tell you more about, uh about christ, and, when, he visited mahmoud visited, george today. He told him that i just want to hear about. Jesus, i just want to learn about him. And this is, this is, a one story, of many, that. There are many seekers, who try. To, seek different, religions. Or. To, want to learn. More about different, religions. And. Particularly. Specifically. Christianity. And this is one of the ways that. Many believer. Many, mbbs, believers. Come to know the lord, the other way, is actually, by. Many, many muslims, come to our church seeking, help, seeking. Relief, aid. And. What we do, practically. We, welcome, them we took their. Address, and phone number. And we paid them a visit. And during the visit, we, check on their situation. If they are. Eligible, to take relief aid or not and in the same time. We. Seek opportunities. To share, about the love of christ, during the visit, and if we felt, that they are actually. They are responsive. They are interested. About knowing, christ. We actually, invite, them to visit our church, as well. During the meetings, or. Set up another, meeting, to meet. Again, and discuss different, things related, to, to the, gospel. So. In this two ways, many people actually, accept, christ. Because of the unconditional. Love and. And the welcome, we show to the, uh to the muslims. It's so inspiring, to hear your commitment, both to be. You know like a city on a hill to not hide the light but also the commitment, to. Demonstrate. The compassion, and the love of jesus, just indiscriminately. Um it's just a wonderful, challenge. It's just one final question ellis just one of, pastor george could share, just one story. Um that really illustrates.

What's Particularly, encouraging. Him about how god is at work in the midst of all of this is there a particular, story. Um that when he thinks about just brings him joy, brings him hope, encourages. Him. So. One of the stories. Of. Pastor. George that he actually. Have joy and courage, when, when. When he sees this person. There is someone called. Shergo. Abdul rahman. He is. From, derezor. And he originally, originally he is. From a kurdish, background. He joined al-qaeda. And. He is very fanatic. And then, he moved to, kamishli. And one of the brothers, and and the church started to visit him and share the gospel. With him, later, on he he, he become a christian. And, from the first day he become a christian and give his life to the lord, he announced, his face. And. He he got severe. Life-threatening. Messages. He, he was immediately, rejected, from his family. But he kept, his faith. Very strong. During christmas, he was celebrating. Like any other christian. Is celebrating. So he got a very. Great joy in his heart about, uh. About accepting. Christ so from. Him he got a lot of courage. That's great i think that's gonna, inspire. Courage and hope, and joy. In many of our viewers hearts as well so thank you for sharing that story pastor george it's such an honor for us, um as the church in the uk to be partnering, with you, as the church in syria, as you are the hands of jesus, in that context. Um. Pastor george there's so much more that. I'd love to talk to you about draw out of you i'm sure there's, stories, you could tell till the cows come home of how jesus is at work, um, but could you leave us with one thing that you would love us to be partnering with you in prayer about what is the one thing, that you'd love us as the church in the uk island to be standing with you in prayer, over. Uh. I would like, you to pray specifically. Maybe for uh. For my church. As we are actually. Uh, expanding, our intervention. And we are preparing, a space, to call it actually center of hope, where, uh, people, can come. To. Receive, medical, aid, and at the same time actually, to be a center, where, we prepare, leaders. Uh there. So we are equipping, the place, to. To, not only for, the relief, but also to prepare. Leaders for their community, and to be a place where. Everyone, muslims, or christians. Are welcomed, in this. Center, do. And in order to be a place where they can find hope, and christ.

That's Wonderful, thank you so much for sharing that and we will you know absolutely, take that on and commit to pray. For those things thank you pastor george, so much for giving your time and, elias for translating, for us. I'm just going to finish off, just by praying, uh, with you pastor, george for, just the ongoing. Just, work of ministry. Um in syria if that's okay. So father thank you that you are active, in syria, thank you for just incredible, testimonies. And stories. Of just in the most. Unexpected. Places, how you are breaking out in human hearts thank you for the ministry. Of the church thank you for pastor george his faithfulness, and ministry, and we just pray, for strengthening, we pray for resource, to enable the vision that you've laid, on the heart of the church, in syria, and on pastor george's, heart and campusly. To be fully realized, for just the, ministry, of the gospel. In works of compassion, and in declarations. Of truth. All across syria so we thank you for pastor george and we pray your blessing, on him and the church now. Amen. I love that the church there in syria is active, present. At the heart of its community, and changing, lives, thank you, pastor george and elias for your courage, and your love for jesus. This year perhaps more than ever we've understood, the value, of encouraging. And supporting, each other as family. As the global body of christ. Thank you for. Making hope visible in communities, like pastor george's, as you've seen it's making a real difference. And, tonight we just want to also just, say thank you for the way in which you stood by your persecuted, family this year, we've been quite overwhelmed. Blown away by, by all of that you're really helping live out our vision here at open doors to see a strong church standing together. Defying, persecution. And sharing jesus, no matter the cost. I'd love to invite, henrietta, blythe our ceo, to speak into this now, and share her words of thanks, and. Appreciation. At the beginning of this evening. We saw a video. About, how the story, has changed, this year. From heartbreak. To healing. From hunger, to help. From fear, to courage. And from loss. To hope. Who. Changes. The story. Together. We are god's family, we share the same, heavenly, father, we're in this, together. And, we. Together. Change the story. There are three ways. In which we do that. The first, of course. Is through, prayer. And i know that verses. That have been on many of our hearts. Through this season. Come from, the second book of chronicles. The lord said. If my people. Who are called, by my name. Will humble, themselves. And pray. And seek, my face. Then i will, hear from heaven. And i will forgive, their sin. And i will. Heal their. Land. Who, are the people. Who are called by god's name. We are. And this is a time. When we need to pray together. More than ever. I know so many of you, join us regularly. To pray for our persecuted. Church family, and we're so grateful, for that. If you don't. Please, join us, there are lots, of prayer resources. On the website. And, we have also, started. A new, monthly, prayer webinar. And would love us love it, if you would join us for that. So we can, pray. And secondly. Of course. We can speak, out. On behalf, of our persecuted. Brothers and sisters, who can't. At the beginning, of this covid. Season, we had a facebook. Live, session. With, a event, called michelle, donnellan. During the course of the conversation. We told her, that, christians. Were being discriminated. Against, in the distribution. Of food aid. In central, asia. And she clearly. Had no, idea. You could see the shock on her face. As the conversation. Continued. And she said, she wanted the details. And she would take it up with the government. The truth is, that our, mps. Don't know what's going on, if we don't make them aware. And. They, really. Want our vote. So they want to know.

What We want them to do for us. So the second thing. We can do, to change the story. Is to really. Speak, out. For, our, to our, mps. And the people of influence, and power, in this country. So we can pray. We can speak out. And finally, of course. We give. And so, many of you. Our supporters. Have been so, unbelievably. Generous. Through this season. We are so grateful, to you. Thank you. Sadly. There, is still, a mountain, to climb. We know that in nigeria. Alone. There are 9, 000, more families. Who need our help. In india. We started, out, aiming to support, 50, 000, people. We've already, supported. A hundred, thousand. And we know that there are 50, 000, more. Desperately. In need, of rations. And basic, supplies. The persecuted. Church. Continues. To need us to help them rebuild. Livelihoods. Church, leaders. Need our encouragement. They need training. They need resources. And bibles. And new christians. Need support. And discipleship. Training. So once again. I am asking, you, if you will help us change the story. By giving. The best way to give, is through, a regular monthly, gift. That enables. You, and us to plan. And it also, reassures. Our church family. That we're standing, together with them, for the long. Haul. Many of you already, do this and again, we're so grateful. My challenge, to you would be could you possibly. Increase. Your monthly, gift. And to those of you that don't yet give in this way. I wonder if you would prayerfully. Consider. Whether you can. Moving, forward. We know it costs. 56. Pounds, a month. To support. A family, of four, in india. For one month. We've been wondering. Whether you would consider. Matching. A monthly, subscription. You already. Have. With a monthly, gift. To open doors. The bbc. Say. That during, lockdown. Our screen, time. Increased. Massively. In fact. 12 million of us in the uk, that's a fifth, of the population. Took out a new monthly, subscription. To a streaming. Service. I checked. Our bank statement, at home. And our netflix, subscription. Costs, 8.99. A month. Is that something. You could match. With a gift to open doors. Or what about. The price of that designer, coffee. That you were so, pleased. I'm speaking personally, here i was so pleased to get my hands on, when lockdown, ended. Is that something. You could match, by supporting, your persecuted. Church family monthly. Whatever, you can afford. Our persecuted. Church, family, will continue. To need. Our support. To stand, strong, and remain, faithful. For some time to come. We're putting, a qr, code. Up on the screen, now. So, if you'd like to give now you can hold your phone up against the code, and it will take you straight. To the giving page. Otherwise, of course. Please, visit our website. And give there. Thank you, so much. Every little you can give, makes a really big difference, to our persecuted. Brothers and sisters. And we are so grateful, for your generosity. May god bless you. May he encourage. You, and may he keep you faithful. We're going to take a short break so go grab yourself.

A Cuppa, and join us in 10 minutes. During this break the qr, code. And, donations, page will be on the screen. And. You will also see our last in line, advocacy, campaign. We also, ask that you will write to your, local mp. And ask them to save the date for the launch of the 2021. World watch list in parliament. See you in 10. Minutes. So. So. So. So. Welcome, back to the second part of standing strong, online. In the next 30 minutes we'll be hearing. How, in the midst of danger, and hardship, there's hope, in northern nigeria. Emma you've got a few shout outs haven't you yeah honestly it's been brilliant, seeing the, interaction, on the old social media channels, so i just really want to mention we've got people all across the nations of the united kingdom tuning in donegal. Aberdeen, plymouth. Liverpool, even woking. And also, we're joined from across the nations, as well we've got people tuning in from germany, that's absolutely, brilliant, france south africa. And the united, states as well, that's awesome, and also just hearing, like some of your prayers, or seeing some of your prayers on screen that's just been brilliant, as well and just great to hear, about dan and his family, who, have given some of their pocket money, to support the persecuted, church 14, pounds that's amazing. Thanks guys so keep it going on the old social channels remember to use the hashtag, standingstrong. And the open doors uk. Handle. As we've been meeting with churches across the uk and ireland, we've discovered. That when we connect, with the persecuted. Church. Our faith. Grows, it impacts the way we pray, the way we read our bible. The way we share our faith. I remember being in a church service, and at the end of this service. Two teenage, boys came to me, and said, well those stories, you told really true. And i said yeah they are. And they said, well if if people are willing to risk their lives, to follow jesus. Then jesus, must be worth following. And i had the privilege. Of leading, those, two lads to faith, in jesus. You know they'd been going to church for a long time. But when they heard. About, the persecuted. Church. Their faith was inspired. We're going to. Watch a short film now that will show you a few of our supporters, across the uk and how their faith, has been inspired, through the persecuted. Church. In connecting, with the persecuted, church, i'm continually, reminded. That my walk of faith is not in isolation. But when one part of the body suffers, we all suffer together. When one part of the body is honored, we all rejoice, together and so in the honoring. And in the suffering, i have seen god's faithfulness, and his goodness. I've been challenged. And encouraged, by the steady faith of my brothers and sisters. And it's, filled me with faith to believe that god can work. In my life, in in my nation. And that he will fulfill his promise to build his church. Jesus said these words, blessed, are those who are persecuted. For righteousness. For the kingdom of heaven, is theirs. And you know one of the things i love about open doors and whenever i get the opportunity, to hear. Or meet, one of our brothers or sisters, that is persecuted. I get a glimpse. Of the kingdom of heaven. It's their joy, their prayerfulness. Their perseverance. Their courage their contentedness. It inspires. And challenges. And builds, my faith i get a fresh glimpse. Of the kingdom of heaven, through our persecuted, brothers and sisters. Connecting, with the persecuted, church gives me an insight into the trials and hardships, that christians, are facing, across the world every single day. Many of them have lost, absolutely, everything, and yet are still faithfully, following, jesus. Their dependence. Their trust. And their joy in him is an inspiration, to me. And it's a constant, reminder. Not to take my own faith for granted. But to recognize, that there's no greater treasure. Than knowing jesus, and walking with him. Having the privilege of being able to go out and spend time with the persecuted, church. Has, encouraged me to not let my faith be led by comfort or fear. And, in trying to do so. I have managed. To. Meet jesus and see jesus, in a way that i would never have otherwise. Thought possible. What amazing, testimony, is there of how we need each other, as the body of christ. We're now turning our attention, to africa, and 17, countries, in africa, are on the 2020. Open doors world watch list the list that ranks the 50, most dangerous places. To be a christian. This this evening we're going to focus, on nigeria. And currently, nigeria. Is number 12 on the open doors world watch list. And it infamously, has the most recorded, number of christians. Killed, the the, scale of brutality. And violence there, is truly, shocking. Northern nigeria, is a place close to my heart i traveled there last year, with open doors i got to see.

Our Trauma, team in action. Over the course of a few days i got to see change in the lives of persecuted, women, persecuted, for their faith, and their gender it was a truly. Remarkable. Humbling, few days. As you can imagine. Lockdown. Covid. Has had a big impact on nigeria's, christians. This year, eddie lyle president of open doors, caught up with an incredible, woman of faith, tirum who is part of the open doors trauma care team, there in northern nigeria. If you're at standing strong last november. You might remember her she is amazing. And he also, chatted, with suleiman who is open doors west africa. Field director. For security, reasons. Faces, have been blurred, and voices, have been changed. Terram, it is wonderful. To see your face again, we all fell in love with you in birmingham. Last year. Um, i just wanted to ask you on behalf of us all how are you how is your family, how are you doing. I am doing very well. And my family, too is well. And i really love you, and everyone, who is there. And it was a wonderful, privilege, to have been there last year. Thank you, thank you, you spoke so movingly. About, the area of ministry, that god has called you into. In terms of ministering. To widows. And, those, caught and affected, by profound. Trauma. Could you tell us what's, the effect of covet, upon that have you been able to continue, in ministry. Has it brought any unique, challenges. To you. Yes. The pandemic, did not really affect us. Like people fall in sick. Especially, in the communities, where we live. But we have other challenges. That might not be directly, connected to the disease, or the virus. Attacks, have still been carried out during the lockdown. And many people have suffered, a lot. Because there is no help from the government. There is a lot of suffering. People couldn't go out. They couldn't continue, their daily work. What they do to get income. So many people, were suffering. There is so much suffering. Pain. And hunger, because they couldn't get food especially. So that is one of the impacts. Or the effects of the kovid kov19. Virus, on my community. Is there one. Incident. Over the last, couple of weeks. That would. A story, that you could tell us that would help us pray, in a more specific.

Way For the very special, ministry, that you have. Yes. There's a story of a lady. Rose. Who is a pastor's, wife. During the lockdown. There was no movement. And her house and her village was attacked. And her husband, was killed. And it was difficult, for her to find, anything, to even feed her daughter and to sustain, herself. So it was a really tough time for them. Another, person called abigail. In southern kaduna. Also suffered, under an attack on their village during the lockdown. So it was difficult, for them to have enough to feed. Or to eat on a daily basis. So those are a few examples, i can give you, of people that have suffered, during kovite 19.. Yeah so that's rose and abigail. That we can pray for, yes. And many others. And many others yes. I know this is difficult. But for women. Mothers. Uh living, life, in the midst of the kovid. Right now, what is daily, life, like for the women. Of. Nigeria. Well for now, the lockdown, has been lifted a bit. So, women have to go out on the farms on the little portion of land that they have. But this is also difficult, because they are afraid of being attacked in the farms. Because they need to farm land that they have around. That is still in the community. Some of them might even be in the camps. Where they don't have anything to fall back on. They can't go back to their farms. They can't go back home, they don't have anything. So it is really difficult for them each day to even get something to eat. Some of them, are leaving or squatting, with relatives. And have to share the little they have with them. Some are just in the camps. And sometimes. There are days without, any help from anyone, for them to be fed. So it is really difficult, for these women to sustain, themselves. And especially, for the children. Thank you for answering, that difficult, question, but it does help us pray. And we're going to be praying, in a few moments. Our time is very short, but you are really. Inspirational. Figure, and, we want to pray for you. Are there a couple of things, please. To ram that we can pray for you, and for your ministry, right now. Thank you for that opportunity, to share prayer requests. We actually, personally. Need the strength of god. And the presence of god. As we continue, to work with traumatized. People. And for all my colleagues. The people we all work together with. For god to continue to give us the strength, and the wisdom. The patience, and the love, for the people we meet on a daily basis. And also. We pray for open doors. And open heavens. So we can meet their needs not only emotionally. But also their physical, needs. And for them to stand strong in the midst of this trial. This persecution. So that their strength in the lord, and their faith will increase. And their love for god. Knowing that our stay on earth is just temporary. And that they will find that connection, with god in the midst of suffering. To ram we thank god for you for your faithfulness. For your courage. For the wonderful. Talents, and gifts that god has given you, to minister, to our persecuted. Brothers and sisters, and, please know that we'll be praying, for you and your family. And those who minister, alongside. You, thank you for the gift of your time today. We really appreciate, you god bless you, thank you so much. Suleiman, it's a huge, honor, to greet you today, thank you so much for giving your time. To be with us we're anxious, to know. About. How the kovid, 19. Pandemic. Is affecting. The work that you do and the people, whom you serve, could you possibly. Give us a perspective. That will help us pray for you. Yes. Thank you very much eddie, and the team, for your concern. And standing with us as we continue, to serve. The body of christ here in northern nigeria. We really appreciate, your prayers and your support. And it means a lot to us. Because we know that you are holding our hands. And are walking the path with us. And jesus, is at work. Through you, in many of the things that we are doing. Kovid, has actually come with quite a few challenges, for the body of christ. For nigeria, as a whole. But specifically. For the body of christ. There are a number of vulnerable, groups we work with, whose situation, has been made worse, by the presence of the pandemic. As you know, there have been many, many attacks, in nigeria. That have led to many believers, finding themselves, in idp. Camps. And then here comes kovit. So there is a double vulnerability. That's on the one hand. On the other hand, they have the challenge, for food provisions, for them to be able to survive, in the camp. But we also have local pastors. In rural, areas, who are affected, by kovid. Because the general, economic, situation. Has really gone down in the midst of kovit. And many people are not able to work and therefore, income levels, have gone down.

So. In the rural, areas. You find that the local pastors, are really struggling. Because offerings, went down, and these pastors, actually, called us for help. Not only here in nigeria. But even in places like, ivory, coast and cameroon. People call us for help, and ask us. Please. What can you do to help us. I'm just wondering, what happens, when, persecuted. Christians. When they present, themselves. At, feeding and distribution. Centers. Are they treated with equality. Or what happens, to them. Eddie. Thank you for asking. People that go to the distribution. Centers, are idps. Internally, displaced, poissons. For instance. There have been so many attacks in southern kodana. And the people there, find themselves, as idps. Now, when the government, comes to distribute, resources, to help people. This is where we find there is a lot of discrimination. Happening. Either the idps. Get extremely, little. Or they get next or nothing. I have heard many stories. Where people said to us, that the muslims, said to them. Go to your brothers in europe, and let them send you help. So. Unfortunately. Government, officials, who are muslim. Often, will discriminate. And will give other muslims, food that will last for weeks. Whereas, christians, just get a meal that doesn't last a long time. This is really difficult, to believe. But, this is the reality, that christians, are facing, in northern nigeria. Suleiman, you are in a unique, position. To, tell us what open doors. Is doing. In the midst, of this crisis, situation. This escalation. In persecution. And the onset, of covet. Yes of course. By the grace of god. We have evaluated. The situation. The challenge that believers, face in idp, camps. The challenge of pastors, and rural areas. The lack of food that the widows, are experiencing. And the continuing. Attacks, on idps. Who are displaced, and removed from their homes. Because of these challenges. We started a coveted response, project, to help about 15, 000 people. Throughout, northern nigeria. These are the most, desperate, people, who have been uprooted, from their homes, and are in desperate, and dire need of support. Food support, especially. In this situation. So we aim to provide, food. Like rice. Like beans. Basic, food. Amenities. Some medicine. Some soap. And some clothing. To enable them to continue, to survive. And our partners have been doing this project, by the grace, of god. And through the support. Of concerned, brothers, and sisters. Who are not only praying, but also supporting. And it is making a significant.

Difference. We have heard so many testimonies. Of people saying. You came at the right time, we were desperate. Well we do care about you, and, listening, to these stories, is. Deeply and profoundly. Challenging, for us. What are some of the obstacles. That you're facing. In terms, of getting this aid, through to those that are most suffering, right now. We do have challenges, in regard to our logistics. With regard to moving around. Being able to find the right amount of food in the various places, we are looking for food to buy. Since we have to go to the city, and buy the food that we are going to deliver. Another challenge that we face very strongly. Is that when we made our budget. It was based on a different, price. In a few short weeks. The prices, of food have skyrocketed. Beyond what we have expected, it to be. So we have had to make adjustments. Here and there, in order to still be able to deliver, food. So there is a challenge of security. The challenge of increasing, prices. Moreover. In the midst of this, we are still busy with our normal projects. That we need to complete. To serve the persecuted. Church. And now we have these additional, projects, to do. We are really stretched. But everyone is working hard, because, they are passionate, to support the people that are in desperate, situations. They want to make a difference. They want to bring hope. They want to bring encouragement. And a smile, to the faces of the people they are serving. So, in spite of the challenges. We still continue, to serve in various, places. Well please will you encourage. Your teams. That we are praying, for them, in the old days when we were smuggling, bibles, we. Prayed, that god would make seeing eyes blind, and hearing, ears death. And i think we want to be praying, exactly, the same, prayer for these rapid response, teams that are taking, food to those that are most in need. Suleiman, you and i have known each other for 15. Years i pray for you, every day. Um. What, are a couple of things that we can pray for you and your dear family. I really do appreciate, the fact that you stand, in the gap for us. As we continue, to serve the persecuted. Body of our lord. The reality, that we face, is that we are constantly, faced with the trauma that people experience. In our projects, and interventions. We don't only provide, food, but we also find people, who are deeply traumatized. Whom we need to minister, to, whom we need to help to debrief. So that they, can overcome, their, trauma. But the reality, is, that these stories, we deal with, have a way of also getting to the team. Because we are also human. We also have emotions. And feelings. And sometimes. Our families, wonder if we are safe. They are concerned, about us when we travel. So there is the trauma, and our families, being concerned, about, us. We appreciate, the strength that god has given us, but we know that this strength. Comes through the prayers that you are praying, and others are praying. That are strengthening, the team here to continue, to stand, in the gap, and serve our people. So please pray for us that we will be strong, in the spirit. And also, strong, in our bodies. We have to be healthy, to be able to continue, to serve. If we are stressed, and under duress. And we are traumatized. Ourselves. We will find ourselves, in a position. Where we are unable, to serve, and to strengthen, the people of god, suleiman, it's always an honor to speak to you, and, your courage.

And Your trust in the lord is an absolute, inspiration. To us, we're going to pray for you. And to ram. And. Your colleagues. And for the church in nigeria. Right now but please know of our love and our deep affection, for you, as our brother, in christ. Thanks so much for your time today, god bless you. Thank you so much eddie. Uh brothers and sisters we're going to pray now for taraam. And suleiman. After those remarkable, testimonies. Maybe you might like just to take your hands like this and bring them together, as an act of solidarity. Uh it's nothing to do with any other form of symbolism, it's just saying, that you love the body of christ, and you love the church in nigeria. Let's pray together. Our father. We thank you that in this moment your eyes search the face of the earth for those that would love you and serve you. And we thank you that in tehran. And suleiman. You find, those that you love. Those that, represent, so many. Of your precious, children, caring, for those. In nigeria, today. We pray. For widows, like rose and abigail. Who have lost their loved ones. And we pray that you would be their hope, and their help, and their provider. And their shepherd, that you would give them cause. To, move forward with their lives, with the support, of the body of christ. We pray for those living, in idp. Camps, internally, displaced. Camps, lord that have lost absolutely. Everything. Great god of heaven, will you provide, for them today, in only the way. That you can. And we pray for the remnant, of your church standing. Strong, in the storm, that are caring for those around them. We pray, for your passion. And your, gifting, for leaders, that were never trained, for such a day. As this. But we humbly, believe, that if they follow the great, shepherd of heaven, they will lead their, flocks, wisely. And. To save, pastures. God, today. Bless. And strengthen. That which remains. And father with the knowledge that is now in our hearts and minds, will you instruct, us as to what our response, should be as well. Inform, our prayers. Inform, our actions, and form our advocacy. Lord we know that when one part of the body hurts the whole body hurts. Grant us, lord, that great privilege. To carry the burden, um, as a part of your great family. Bless the church in nigeria, today we pray. In the name that is above all names, in jesus, name we pray. Amen. Oh man it's so humbling, and inspiring. To hear, from our brothers and sisters, in northern nigeria. Let

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