Starmas? Grinchwars? [CC]

Starmas? Grinchwars?  [CC]

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We. Will see how good this is I got a new camera. There is the line for the Star Wars for some it's a universal, AMC, it, did not. Write. Up and, we're right underneath this heater so, we're gonna move right now let's do ya a. Separate. Dimension. Pizza. A little. Too green for the, fam is, it good it is good good reading. The rent product doesn't like look at the green Sam okay cool makes me feel like I'm being healthy there, it's. Beginning, to look a, lot like, Christmas. We. Are going to the linearity, show and this is like 12 13 hours, and we're gonna go get in line. C.j. Is getting some. Candy. Pink. Banana. Basic. General, idea. Of how cotton candy works so, you put the sugar in that and it gets it okay so it basically melts, the sugar okay and it's when it's spinning it comes out the little fools yeah and by the time it gets here and, expanded, inside. Parents. Weekend. That's. True. Oh. My. Gosh. Yike. How, we're gonna stay up to watch feel the rock candy on top. Like, thorn on your sleeve there, happened, a story you must see to believe, way, up in the mountains in the high range on Tuesday. May the small town of who-ville. The. Home of, the moon's Arbor. Day was fine and. Easter was pleasant, and, every safe is ins day they ate of this pheasant, but. Every, who knew from their 12 toes to their snout, they, loved Christmas most, that. A single, be doubt ask. Any, group and. They'll have this to say. Every. Who down in Whoville liked, Christmas a, lot. But. The. Grinch who, lived just, north of, who-ville, did. The. Grinch hated Christmas the. Whole Christmas season, not. Please don't ask why no, one quite knows the reason it. Could be that his head wasn't screwed on, quite, right, could. Be perhaps that, his shoes were too tight. The. Most likely reason of all may have been that his heart was, two sizes too, small. Bogg. Explained. The Grinch staring, down from his cave with a sour Grinchy, frog at the warlike windows, below with their town for, he knew every, who down in who-ville, beneath was, busy now hanging, a mistletoe beef and their stocking, thundering. Snarled. With a sneer. Mr.. Burrage. You. Really. You. You're. As cuddly as a cactus here. Is charming, as an eel, mr., Grinch. You're. A bad banana with. A greasy. Black. Oh. What, did I. Right. He will respond I quote. Why. Are you dressed as Santa, Claus. Well. I have acne, now. I was just tricked oh. All. Right, I took. Your. Treatment, your public, I took your pack to clear your - gonna take y'all watch those. Yes. I took all your Christmas, presents its proof but. Because. With this child kindness. I, click. Them all back to you. Writing. Again. Do. I have a signal. Merry, Christmas. Bring. Your Chia kids, all girls bought via. Christmas. Day will always, be just, as long as you have. Welcome. Christmas, while we stand. Heart-to-heart. Hand-to-hand. Wow. All right we're going to Universal side now arrangement, so super cute and now we're going to go to three. Most, important, parade of them all. Midgets. I like. Minions. Stuff. Since we were here last. You. Can, see the, wind. DJ store hype from that cotton candy earlier. Christmas. At what - time. Very, cute. Jewish blizzards are. I don't, know tre dolls like you know they can get madam a drink always lands on like get more and you always great I know what that means but yes. There. You are using Incendia oh yeah. Decorations. Are cute they're so like urgent. If. You can get this hat that Drako war in prisoner of azkaban where, you got rekt by some snowballs. Is what I need. Joke's, on you it's, not actually knit anything. Just make it a man. I like, these little yarn, ball. You are. Making. Monstrosity, x' i remember. Saying that i don't know what we're talking about. Oh god. Oh. I'm. Gonna be so annoyed now. Anyway. Not, regarding, this we're home now and we're doing. Yeah. Kayla. Said this is gonna sound weird but branch and frost his tips. So. We're doing right here for last Jedi I mean, see, just doing our hair for last Jedi and. We're, serene. Celine, already looks like ray so we're doing pretty good.

It's. Just try not to move it though anyway. Can. You not, I'm, trying to show with the people at home when, our hair supposed to look like okay. Okay anyway this, is can then they can blast me this is that I am kind, of what CJ is gonna do except I'll have to find an actual picture later and, then, we're. Gonna try. Originally. I said this one that's pretty intense right originally. I was gonna do this one but then I found a better one which is Leah from the force awakens so, if that doesn't work when I do that once - I, think. Nothing's, full senator. Amidala, no. I went through all of this and I didn't even find it. Okay. Really. So good. Look. At this nice, little. Beard I got. You. A full 360, for me work. It girl, give it to I'll do your thing on the. Rod way. Wait. What is how she answer, it and then she's missing like where, do i press it. It's. A Thursday that money that the middle one is where you light it do they steal it from the whole time. What. Is it your rain. Set. Your metal where did you get your metal from I didn't. Break it Oh God. Brian she asked you a question where do your metal from Selena, think. No. A human Akasha take him to tell ya. It looks like a runDisney, meadow. CJ's. Almost um I thought if it looked so cute. She's. So talented. Mine. It's supposed to be I never found the picture supposed. To be like Jenna or Ghana and then. I guess you can see if you look, back. That way. Do. I love it Eddie nice, gray your light doesn't work I just don't have the light turned on thank, you all. Right we are in a way to see stones. CJ's. Here driving. I see, if I can show you the other he's car without showing you her license plate. There. She, is, is that woman we're. Gonna go get a snack pants, later brain already there and they said they're already married but when she did, she this picture, oh I'm. So, mad okay. See. That's what I want to do is me. Right. And. That's it. So. We'll see. So much happening. Jasmine, kylo. I. Like. That all the signs of Star Wars. We, are in line for Star Wars.

Nothing. Buster. Okay. There's nothing restless I'm sure. They. Have some characters out earlier. And. The red carpet here, hey. Guys so I forgot, to update last night after we got back from Star Wars it was so good Brian said it was his favorite one I was. A little bit hesitant when it first started, but there was so much action and it was so emotional, I, really do want to go see it again possibly, an IMAX don't like Adobe Theatre. So. It's so good it was really cool going to premiere because everyone was reacting. To the same things at the same time which I have. Never been to we went to a rogue one premiere but it wasn't as like hype I feel like so. Yeah. It was crazy it was so good and. Then. After that Brian and I went to the void which, is down by once, upon a toy which is going to be opening this Saturday from when I'm filming this so the 16th so. Basically it's a vr hyper reality game and it follows a part of roben where you're trying to get this, massive. Weapon that you're not sure what it is but we have to get it back so, basically, you, have this VR system, on and. You, just, walk into this world and like, all. The walls are black and reality, but like whenever you have your VR headset on it, looks like you're walking onto like this platform that starts floating and like you can feel the heat from the lava that's there, and. Then you find blasters, and you start shooting stormtroopers. And like these lava monsters, and it's, just super cool we did glitch, about. Halfway. Into the first one so he did get to restart, because we didn't have enough blasters, for everyone and I was basically holding. Like Brian gave me it's invisible blasters so like I do shoot. It backwards and I couldn't figure out how to work it because I couldn't see it and so, they started us again where all the blasters worked this time and it was so cool I'm I do believe it's about thirty dollars and, I think it should be a little bit longer to be worth the money but it was unreal, like it was I've never experienced, anything like it before so I would definitely check it out if you guys have that extra money and. I hope that it does stay past February, I think is the in date I don't, think if they have an end date at all but yeah it was so cool so thank, you guys for watching I will see you next time. Hey. Hey. Hey. I'm a zoom in real close in your face you, should keep this footage, ready. Ready we can do this.

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