Starowies Map tour Out Now fs19 maps fs19 map review #fs19modsreview #fs19mod farming simulator 19

Starowies Map tour Out Now fs19 maps fs19 map review  #fs19modsreview #fs19mod farming simulator 19

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Hello. And welcome, to farming, simulator 19. Map. Tours, and today, we, are looking at the star. O is I think, that's right it's a Polish, map new. A few days ago and on, this map you'll find several, bio 66, fields, a small, village to, economists, and this, is by zai. Lac zero four and Ventura. Then. Jewelry, oh. So. We're starting off at the farm yard let's get gates opened. Bit. Of a traffic jam going on. Now, this is your farm ace. Just. Here we put them up on and you see them out is not a huge, but it's a fair old size anyway, it's. Plenty of filled a. Large. Forestry. Section, as well. So. Let's go into the other map and we can see a bit more what's going, on. So. That is the map. Starting. Off dead, in the middle there and. We've. Got selling, station, there's two barns, on this map you've, got the Springer there the barn. Dairy. Station, and I. Think, that winery. The, greenery. Grain. Elevator, east and, then. Your bio gas over, at, the top there and then all. These fields. Loads. Of different fields as a river, running, down the middle down. There you've got the main road runs straight, day in the middle and. Running down to that edge, no. Prices, wise pretty. Good this is what you start off with. Which. Is quite a lot of fields. Really you got a bit to be going on with but prices. 72. Grand. 66. 134. 85. 137. That's. The biggest area and that's three, hundred and sixty, seven thousand. But, there is a load, of trees in there we'll have a look at that later has. Loads and loads of trees and. Small. Little parcels. 47. Grand 34. So. You can take your time building up. 229. Same. With these ones here. So. Not bad many. Wives you gonna be able to afford to get stuck into this map pretty easy. And. We got the biogas, plant over. Here and, that. Will, cost you 70. Grand. 788. So. Let's buy that and then, we can go into these, selling. Points, and you see on this one it's got two barns. Now. This one's glitching, out a little bit where it won't let me scroll down it. Did this before when I put. The biogas, on we, might have to we'll have a look at the bio gas prices, for they. Might take that off. So. Bio gas prices. So Leeds 360. And then, grass, and hay, is. 79. And then. When you're 360. And. Slurry. 287. So not, extortionate. Prices not. Gonna make loads, of money on this one but you can change it economic, settings put them on easy and it boosted, up to probably a rain, this one, be part of it is 600, there's. Prizes for selling your main commodities.

Are. Okay, yeah. We're gonna have to get rid of that by okay I bet you that's what it is sell. That. No. It's. Not let me scroll down. Ridiculous. Oh. There. We go we scroll down. Right. So as I was saying we've got the the selling stations, -. And, grain elevator, east for. Your main commodities. And then. We got a dairy station. Spinner. E for taking your cotton and the wool and. Digestate. Is it yep o gestate, as well. No. That's, milk what you idiot, milk. And. That's, a lot no we have got. Sabres. All the other games we start off with a few items in, your solo. Which. Is all that which. Is always nice, so you've got something be going on with. There's. Quite a few. Vehicles. And bits of kit there and it's all brand new as you can see there that's all all sprung. Spanking. I've. Got contracts, going on in this when, the games only just started so there's no gonna be a few contracts, available at the moment but. They are here, if, you want them. So. That is the overall map I think what we do is we work we. Go up to the biogas. And, have, a look at all the these couple, of cell points along the way and then. We have, a look at the sawmill and. The. Shop, on the way back. So. Going in to, the, garage and you. Start, off with quite, a few items the, slot cane is quite low four five five and I. Have bought a few items so it's a little bit less than that. So. We've got a couple of farm aces, and there's quite a few fences. Now. I'm worked out where they all are yet, at all as a. Garage, garage. Garage, and, then bunker solo small, and, we. Got a grain silo another. Grain silo, 100. That 100,000. And, they're both hundred thousand and we've got a chicken coop, but these are all bespoke. Mods, for, this, map. See. You can buy them again if you do get, rid of them you can buy them they're all available as. Placeable. Anyway, so. There's quite a bit of stuff and then you move down to the implements, we've got where we lock the cultivators. You apply what you see there. Fertilizer. Spreader and then we got our trailer the, old Boysen super. Old-school. Fear, and a TS, 100. New. Holland. So. You don't start off a lot but the slot cake is good see there's a lot you, can do a lot with this farm. So. Started, off in the main farmyard. Area I've been in and opened up all the doors on. Everything. This. Here was the I. Can't. Bloody remember, night that's why I put. The animals, while, I was meant to I don't think idea here there. We go carries yes we got Ches so. Where are they they. Must be eight in a field are they they're not across yeah there they are, there. They are so. That's to carry a body point anyway there. And. Then. On this one I didn't, see any triggers but this is. Straw, so I take it that is where the straw is going to go and here. Is our. Food. Troughs. Food. Truck one of these would be the food trough and one of them would be the water. Unless. The water is outside. I didn't, spot it earlier we've, got our manure. Point. There. And. Then we have our chicken bespoke. Chicken, shed. You. Buy your chickens there and. Then. Feed. Into. There. And. Then don't forget to pick up those egg palettes what, I've just been released, but. You put your pallets there and it fills the boxes just give a little straightening the pallet brilliant, not. So. You have these this, here we've, got drive-thru but this is your farm, so low you, drop off here, and then.

Fill In it you trade. Is back up it's just on the side there. You're. On we've got a bit of storage going on right here is the other bit of the solo this is where I suppose. You store everything all the grain comes. When. You drop it into your solo. So. Governator a nice this way, is, it. The truck out to the back of the farm. But. Lighting, noise pretty. Good very, litter, actually, there even, in the shade you know that looks you. Look at the shade in this that is really good, Fairplay, I. Think. That's going to be one of the hardest things to get right. Alright. So working our way through the, farm. So. We've got the chickens going on there oh. We've. Got two chickens, Oh No of. Course they're free-range, Dowell. Yeah, right. There's the slurry point for the caves and then. We have the, pigs going on as well we've, got another barn for, storage, there. We. Go over this way and this is the pigs it should be where are they or is, this one the case. Because. The caves are there what's what's, going on. I've. Lost, my bearings now where I was, at ah yes no it, is the pigs because, your pig body, point is here, I think, it's one of these maps where there. Isn't hazard. Markers, see. II left have a look. But. They already is there, most. Of time they've got the markers, for everything else well, we know that's manure, and then. We've got. Soil. Is there I take it yeah it's gonna be the soil isn't it, slurry. Not silage. Water. Trough, and then. Your food trough inside. So. I'm not sure about some of these fences, because there are quite a few fences and I. Bet a lot of them will be around, this bit of the farm. So. I didn't have a chat on. This. Is our new farmer, I didn't, have a check on any of those to, see what you didn't have but I think a lot, of the well a lot of these buildings there are built, into the farm anyway. You. Might get to get rid of a few of them. But. Looking over onto the landscape you like yeah it's. A nice looking map, where it is. The. Quality of maps nowadays, is just awesome. It. Is just, awesome. So. I think that was a pilot for the farm let's just zoom in, and make sure yep, so, we've got our chickens, our pigs are caves and then you got your farm A's and. I. See a lot so if we move our way down to the bond and the, selling station, too. And, we go on down the road. There's. A lot of a are you going on. Walking. Around. I think. This was the first one there, wasn't it, yes. But. All these buildings you know all the brickwork. Proper. Job. Loving. It I don't. Think they're this, one here is just a bit of yeah this, is just for show it's. The wrong one it's the one next door I. Have. Another quick look right but, I'll tell you what you come back and local why is that what's that bit. So. Here we go this. Is the barn, cell point just, there and. Then. Over, in, here. We had another one I. Thought. It was my. Resume, around I thought it was her on, show, you could see our Baroness. There. It is so. Actually, ones which, is the barn and which is the other one so. If we go on to, the map click on that our one.

Target. That. Is the barn. It. Is what I thought it was a dusty, barn that's, the selling, station. I do. Like these maps where you can just locate and see. How. Old is stuff going on. Now. We've got the river, I just wanted to check while. Stream River water. To. See if we can get some water out of here. No. It's, not having it. Asou, shame. Well, it seems to be rush hour. All, right now the trees are built up in just noise little clumps which just. Make it a lot better. Like that because you can still see across. The map but, there's, a load of money just sat just, there. Now. It's the next sound. Points. We've. Got the spinner II for, your, cotton, and. You. Will. Know. That there. To me looks. Like woodchip. Bales. But. When we went on there wasn't anything that selling, woodchip bells well not that it shows up on the map anyway. We. Haven't got a section on the, menus we haven't got a section for wood chips are we you've. Got wood chip, but not wood chip bales. Right, now here is all a bit all. Over the place so. Let's click, on that and that is the spinner. II we know that one, click. On that one and that is a grain elevator. East. Now, that should be highlighted. Which. Is that so the grain elevator, East is the one enclosed. Undercover. So. That one is the. Milk. Looks. Like milk. Which. Will what, are we selling on the milk. Where. Is it selling there it's the, dairy. Station. Ok. So that is the dairy, I didn't. See that on the yes, it is. It's. Probably a lack, one there no, I, had. This before when they're on the top of each other it won't select it. And. You can't get rid of you. Get rid of all of them or nothing. Yes. That. Is the devastation, anyway we've got the bottom there to, mark, that off and. Then. We have our lime station. Which. Is just there so, we can buy a lime there. And. I think that was it for those on Queens. Dairy, station, grain, elevator, east barn, spin, rate yes. But, all all brand-new who haven't seen any of these buildings before this, is a brand-new map. So, we come down into the Italian, Eric well village. Area. Basically isn't it, and. We've. Got a load of, our animals going down here now I didn't. Have a look down here so. Let's, open up and see what we've got. So. We've got some storage sheds. Drive. In and drive out. So, what we got going on there that that. Is our other. Solo. Farm. Solo, horses. Sheep. And our. Other house. So. Where was the other house. These. Sheds commute. Yes. We can use them good. So. That's the solo, then and, there's the fill, point. For. Filling it back up. So. We've got this as their horses isn't, it. Yes. There's. A horse and, then. This must be the Sheep, over here was, they gate for coming. In there they are over this side. So, yeah you're animals, it's, nice having these separate, areas you can keep it all contained, and. You're not driving to and fro everywhere, I'd keep them all the same place it's. A lot easier like that. All, right well let's drop that off there because I haven't managed to find, any. Water yet. And. This. Road just, takes you eight it is a dead end, well. And there's another pond and I bet you that wouldn't give you water either, you. Find if, wooden doesn't they all don't. It's. Just something what God forgot and. Now. The edge of them up there you can see it is just, dark. With. A blank, screen, there.

Where. Have we gone. All right so we head on over to the BGA, the biogas plant. And. It's. Got a ramp how cool, is that that's. Exactly what you want no messing around. Especially. On these ones what a higher-up is a pain, but. If there's a ramp it's easy. Well. Easier. So. Our slurry point, I couldn't. See a discharge, chute. Which. We had that on the last map, that's, all I did on OC, knee and. We got to bunker silos. And. I thought well did I just miss it but. No is. All. You've got is all this here unless it's here there it is, Darren. Is has blended in so the, last year discharge, chute for, your digest, date. So. All we've got really, then is to, show you is. The. Other other, side of the map where we've got the, sawmill, so. I, shall see you there. In. A. Moment. And. Of course the shop I forgot. About the shop on the way there. So. This is a different. It's all new. Track. Toric. There's. Your shot by point there and. Your. Workshop. Which. Is Chevron. And off just there. So. You can't open these doors I take it now you can normally tell. If. You can use the doors or not. There's. Loads of these traps going off everywhere you can see them on the map there's. A loads of them but. It is quite flat. Terrain. Not, huge anyway. So. We haven't yet we want to head down here, and. Then. We turn, right and. What, I do like is all these smaller. Trees. So. You've got new, forest old forest. Pretty. Cool. So. Down this track to the sawmill. And. There's. A woodchip point. And. We go over this. Side is your wood, sound point. Just. There. And, we've got a little bit of a nursery, going on over. This side. See. All these trees planted. Hopefully. They're growing, because. You can plant some of these trees the smaller ones and they don't grow. They. Stay the same size. But. No haven't. Seen all this before this is new sawmill. Something. A bit different. It's. Just nice to see new things. Rather. Than the same old. Right. Well I think that is about your law I think we could everything. It's. Not a huge amount to, see obviously there's a large, areas of the, land we haven't been. For. That's, for you to explore. But. Overall, yeah. Top job. Proper. Job. Right. Now well if you've enjoyed this video, hit. That like button. For, me and if. You haven't already subscribed. And enjoy. Watching my content then hit, that subscribe button and you won't miss any and, the latest videos, if. You're new to the channel go. Check out one of my other videos that have got coming up for 300, videos now so it got quite a few, on, stockpile. As absolute. Hundreds. Of hours, lots. And lots of hours available, lots. Of different things from as, a hundred. Video just an army of videos on FS 17, and then all the rest is on FS 19.

So. Plenty, to choose from right. Now, well thanks for watching till, the next time. Goodbye. You.

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