Starting a New Life

Starting a New Life

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Today's, service is about new, beginnings it's. About ending, the, year but you could watch it any time of the year and it would still be relevant ending, the year it's, about new beginnings starting, a new life and, you. Know I do private, sessions all year long and I still share, this topic, because. People. Forget you know you you run into challenges in your life and, you. Know we have to heal the past, but. If you're emptying your cup which is your past that you're trying to heal if when, you empty your cup you've got to remember to refill your cup so. When people say well you know I've got this thing and it keeps happening and, it's not going away it's. Always, going to be different, if you do it right healing, and to, do it right you have to empty your cup and refill your cup that's all if it's, not working I either haven't emptied enough or I haven't refilled enough there's. Not like another thing. It's. Really not as complicated as people, think and we'll, elaborate, a little bit on that because. You. Know we don't want I mean it's so ironic we, start a new year happy new year and everybody's year is kind of the same as last year. You. Know we have to make a concerted effort to say I really, am NOT interested in this year looking like next year last year I mean. And it shouldn't it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Even. If we have challenges. We're supposed to come out of those challenges. Higher, in consciousness, mind, you you might have been beat up in the challenge, but, from. What I learned that's. What's going to launch me to new levels of consciousness we don't always feel like it which is what's called aging. People. Don't have to age but, life. On Earth ages, us because, we take it seriously, we. Actually get involved. Try, to make things happen want to make things happen they consistently. Crash on us and it wears us down now. That's not bad for us that's it's called to err is human.

But. To, come back to life is divine, those. Of us who have the guts the courage to say you know what man, that was pretty harsh pretty hard challenging. Difficult, whatever but, I got. This from it and now I'm ready to launch to a new level. I'm gonna share a couple of things about that in just a sec but remember. It's we, either have not sufficiently, released. The past or we haven't refilled, enough so. We want to create a new life we want to birth a new life now there, are reasons, why. We. Don't easily release the past you got to release the past and rebuild the future but there, are reasons, why, so. Tune, in to this you can get the CD if you can't remember these details, but, also even, if you're trying to remember them some of you you know take notes when I'm talking and I'll that's fine but. Even if you don't have pen don't have paper there it's in the back of the seats if you want it but people watching online to just. To understand you you are getting this okay. You are getting this you can watch so it's free you can watch it again online on. Facebook, or on YouTube watch. It again and then make notes but if I were in your shoes and I said I really. Want to make a difference this year in my life I would, be making notes and I would put my those notes into application, you, know I wouldn't just go oh that's interesting it. Would be like okay starting tomorrow here's, what I'm doing I mean, I really, would step, up if possible. This. Is like the the Piscean, day in our 12 days and nights of Christmas in case you didn't get that you know there's there's a talk about that for 12 days nights we're going, through the signs of the zodiac, but. Going. Through the signs of the zodiac you, know if you're just born a particular sign, and you're, still, that. Sign, when you die something's, gone wrong you're. Actually supposed to go from the lower aspect, of a sign to the higher aspect. That's. Every signs like that you've, never been born fated. Every. Sign has to at least two. Symbols. Like animal, symbols, sach, for example the, horse the lower half the horse and then the mailed, of the man on the higher end and he's the Centaur so he's aiming the arrow to the sky right but. On the. Lower aspect, these are horses it now. The. Lower aspect, of a. Saginomiya. That's. That's the the one site but that's not the higher aspect, the higher aspect is this guy so if I'm a Sachin going I'm. Not staying. That. One I'm gonna go for this then. You realize wait. Since. We create our own reality you, know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna actually take a look and peek at the other signs. Take. A peek at it oh well. You know this one and the Pisces and the Scorpio and the Libra they're Aries and look, at the hose and say, to yourself because. When you go because mastery, is about this master.

He's Not just being the one you were born into it's about moving to the higher but that's not the end real. Masters, become the higher aspect, of all the signs and. There's. One way you can do you know it apply that and cheat in a good good healthy way, anytime. You read your zodiac and you, don't like it read somebody else's. You. Know like. Lonely. Now. Look. I'm gonna meet somebody new today and, you. Might think it's silly but believe, it or not when, your mind starts to see something, you'll, start to gravitate, towards it so, you. Can do that but. It's also one, way of applying, why. Not if all, the signs are us why. Do you think that the, Divine Mother. The. The you know Divine Feminine is depicted, like on tarot cards, or even in paintings. All over Catholic, churches, throughout the world you see the mother the Divine Mother image, with a crown of twelve, always. Twelve stars. Because. She's saying I am the master of the universe I am in control of my destiny I, am in charge of the signs not, them in charge of me, doesn't. Mean don't. Look. At your charts, and don't absolutely they're, great great great guidelines, one. Of the first things to do if I'm starting a new year get a chart done give. Me some guidelines, get. A journal, and transfer. You know January's, key, things that you you know look at and see key events, put them in your daily journal, because, it gives you guidelines and it is smart, to pay attention to that I wouldn't, say it's smart to become fated, by anything. In this. World nothing, in this world actually has, power over us but, it gives you some guidelines. Good. Time, to be looking at starting, some new business or the opposite, then, I would lay low, you. Know I'm not going to go and hide when mercury goes retrograde. But. If ever, you signed contracts, when mercury was, retrograde, you probably know I don't want to do that again because. It slows it down it's, like it gets snagged, things don't go through as easily, you, know so it's it's just kind of smart, to just be aware of what's. Happening around us do not to let it control us because if you have to sign a document don't. Go put your head you know under your pillow and mourn for days sign. The document if that's the only day you can do it but, to remember you're, in charge so, don't do it with victim consciousness, step up with higher mastery, consciousness, so, there are reasons people, do not release. The past and that's the first half of healing changing, our lives preparing. For a new year God will release the past people, sometimes. Are just stuck in familiarity. Right the, I'm used to this, just. Talking to someone today and man it's almost. It's. Sad, and almost just tragic, to, hear somebody go I know, my. Life is completely, stuck or it's messed up or whatever it happens to be and they'll say but I, can't um. This is all I know or things like that and you, just think wow and, there's, some times you know when we really, know but. But you could change you know you get all excited it's, just frustrating to hear somebody say that's, it I'm just resigned, to, living, you know like a corpse, I'm. Just still I'm resigned to being, just in a. Coma and, especially. If their loved ones of course guys you're, not there's nothing wrong with you going come. On you, know it's normal, to want to see them step, forward but. Then again you. Have to only give as much as you can, feedback, wise and then you have to sit back and let them do it in their time, familiarities, or is a disease but it's.

That's One reason fear, of change, is another one similar to the familiar but fear of change is another one when somebody says I'm just used to this or whatever trust, me look more deeply and you'll find terror. They're. Not going well I'm just kind of you know I'm used, to this or well I've been married to them for so many years I'm just gonna live, it out you know that, casual, attitude, is not casual, at all underneath. It there's really deep, fear of change. So. That one you know kind of cripples a lot of people. Another. Thing that happens that people underestimate if, you've done work on stuff like fear, or if you've had abuse, you. Can go while I've been to a counselor it's not working this isn't working that you know sometimes. You're under estimating, cellular, memory. Because. You might make some changes. Let cellular, memory might keep calling you back to, that problem you. Still find yourself unable. To breathe when, certain things hang, xiety attacks panic attacks, cellular. Memory and. You. Might not be using a progressive, enough counselor, please. Hear, this if you hear nothing else if you, use, counselors in this world. Tell. Them you want progressive. Tell. Them I do not you're. Not my girlfriend I don't. Want to chat I don't. Want to chat and watch you with a notepad and a pen just. Going mmm how, did that make you feel don't, do that to me I want. You to challenge me give me homework I want you to help me find out what's, gone on in my life so I can clear it do you know exercises, for clearing, do. You do are you afraid of asking. Me questions, don't buy that man get them to go for it just say, man you. Know just, go for it I've. Told the story before but you. Know the long long time ago I had little ones man and you know having you know just differing, ideas with their mom about. Parenting, at the time you know and I. Remember. There, was a guy in you who was a friend and he's a great him he had like 30 years behind him counseling, so I said dude I'm, gonna come and I introduced. Myself I didn't know him well yet but I got to know but he, was good reputation, great reputation, as a counselor that I'd like to talk to you and I want to talk to you about parenting. You know I want to just get another opinion, now I had. A feeling that when he met me he's, gonna know who I am cuz I was at least known a bit at the time already but, I said to him if, you're. Going to be my counselor and you figure out who I am I'm telling you this I want you to talk to me like I know nothing. See. I didn't say well I'm Michael, I'm your dad you know and I, said I what if you can't do it then tell me and I won't I won't deal with you I'll go somewhere else I need, you to talk to me like you you know I'm like. I know nothing you. Have. To be that vulnerable with, it don't don't act like I'm the guy on the mail I know what I'm doing I'm a counselor, I'm a 30 year female as a counselor forget. It just, put it all aside if you can trust you've got yourself a progressive. Mature. Experienced. Counselor, then surrender, to it and. When. I stopped seeing him finally after you know a couple years or whatever I remember. And this is pretty cool because I I was saying, well you know I'll see you later man you know I'm moving to a different town and all that at the time he. Said I want to thank you first I said I want to thank you because you've. Never mentioned God or spirituality, but you're quite a religious, and spiritual guy and I really dug that I admired, that he.

Was Like wow that really means, a lot to me because I am religious, but I don't talk it it's not appropriate supposedly. In our sessions, he said but but it means a lot that you saw that so that was cool and. He said and I want to tell you something, the, day you walked in and said that was it meant everything to me because. To, see somebody and I knew who you were and I knew you were known but, to see who somebody who insisted. That they, not be seen that way that's, how it should be done and I said thank you for saying that so guys, go, like, you know nothing if, you. Can trust that you created a healthy progressive. Counselor if not go somewhere else because, you've got to be able to do something different, in your life you've got to be able to unveil yourself, to somebody, not. In measured, doses. One. Dear friend was going to a counselor and you. Know and I was kind of noticed they and they some things weren't happening there wasn't shifting and you, know they're going yeah I'm just not getting a lot I said did you tell about your child abuse oh no, she. Said no I will, never talk to somebody about that like, oh my god what's. Wrong with people, you. Got to come out, so. The sooner the better. Fear. Of change fear of vulnerability. Fear of intimacy all, these things that you gotta just open up what, have you got to lose like, I said be responsible, and create somebody's progressive, enough and then let go. You. Know pray to help create the right person but then let go and if. You say you know what I have definitely released, I've opened up I have done. A lot of counseling, cellular, work great but something still aren't happened we need to look at the filling up then that's, not the emptying it's the refilling, so, are, you. Daily. Con, you know calling, in the presence, of God I don't mean you, know just dear, Jesus fix my life I'm, talking about calling in the presence. There's. A technique, that you could go get it it's free on my website you know the refilling, exercise, or the communion exercise, your needing. To learn to commune, with God communion, means fill. Up with that presence, so. Long. Story short you empty, yourself with, your journaling, your tears your burning ball you empty, yourself but, then, refill. But refill, everyday you don't have to empty everyday refill. Everyday, fill. Up with the presence, of God viscerally. So, you call in that presence, and. You, let it wash over you call in that presence again and again a couple dozen times and what. You're doing is you're filling the tank this is a tank a. Reservoir. So to speak right, every. Time you call in the presence the, minimum, is a drop of God, has. Come into this reservoir. Now. Drops not a lot I don't feel it at first but, the drop will soon become a puddle, the, puddle would become a pond the pond will become a lake the lake as, you get it an ocean. And the ocean a universe, and there. Is no other way you can't take God you take care of that while I'm sleeping. There. Is no other way you have to sit still and call, in that presence and let God fill you. And the reason we do the healing first is because you're making room for God because. When God pours as you you may, remember the parable Jesus saying you know it's like spirit you know trying to pour, upon ground but the ground when it's rocky seeds, just wash off of it new seeds new life you need, to make the soil fertile, you need to make it you know get the roots, and rocks and weeds out make, yourself prepared and that's healing, work and, you can say but I did healing work 30 years ago so I'm good no, man maintenance.

Program. Every. Day you could have something trigger you so it's do your work how. Do you know if I have issue how do I know if I have you issues to work on. Anytime. You're not feeling, absolute. Tranquility and, peace there, might be something, to look at and. You, got nothing to lose what are you gonna like be bummed out because you did work and making the room today I mean it can only be good news, gosh. Now I feel like I've made twice as much room for god this is really inconvenient you know just. Do it it you can't you can't possibly hurt but I have, known people on day one and other, people on day 100. That. Start to feel that viscerally. It's. Not that complicated. You're. Calling, in a feeling, of God the presence of God like peace and happiness but. Remember, to imagine, feeling, that, peace and happiness don't, do it like like kind of a drone you, know bees in happiness bees Navin has bee try. To try. To feel like breathing, it in, even. Just for, the purpose of a new year, Matt bless you I want to feel something new now let's, do it and then, call in that presence, you. Know be be courageous. And. Have, conviction. Understand. That if you're calling in the presence of God it's very likely it's, happening. Have. That kind of confidence there. Really it's impossible. For it not to be happening so then you can say but I don't feel it ah then. Imagine. Feeling it and now you've cured that and. Then. You know at the very least something magical, is going to happen in the form of, God. I feel kind of light you may you may see purple. You. May hear angels you. May feel your body turning into a light body in your molecular structure, changing, and, a markup, of you know Merck above energy field, around you great. But. You may not if. I were you more. Important, than any of those cool special effects, what. I would do is just at the very least watch for a shift in your feelings, because if you accomplish that you're, already a different person and. Every. Time you drop a new drop into the reservoir into the tank you're, changing, you're filling up with the presence you know what's going to happen when that tank is full you're one with God so. That's no small accomplishment. There's. Another thing that causes folks to not, refill. Properly. Sometimes. They're just not this really doing it one, more thing you. Might be doing your work and you're even refilling. But you're noticing something still snagging, something's still not happening and that. Is called leaks. You, know you fill your pond and tomorrow it's down, again what's going on I owned. A retreat we had pond, landscape, and all that and I would notice the water down and all that, there's. Holes in the lining there's holes in your energy system believe, it or it's and strange but if, I, have unfulfilled dreams, they become leaks that's, why I brought this piece of paper I'm going to show you wishing. For things and longing, for things I just wish this would have I longed for something, it's a leak. Masters. Do not have leaks. So. You have to own that, you got some leaks even. If you're. Not. Feeling, like. Snagged. And held back from from fulfilling life you. Still should watch for leaks because you can only make your life better because what happens is you fill up your water your tank with energy, here comes new inspirations, from God Wow a meditated, I feel great I feel full, fantastic. And then. The, next day you don't feel the energy to go and do it or you, got distracted why maybe. Because, of leaks all, too often some of us can afford leaks, more than others but, we shouldn't try to afford, them why. Do I have a leak, if. You have a leak in your pond do you know what you can do just fill it up again, but. Wait that. Takes expert effort and it takes money because you're paying a water bill so, some of us go we'll all just keep refilling it my relationship. That's not going anywhere something's, wrong but I'll just keep making. It better and pretending, it's okay guys. Why, bother. You. Don't have to stand there with a hose every day filling the leak patch.

The, Leaks just, patch the holes in the in the rubber laman you know under the pond patch. The leaks where. Do the leaks come from again longing, and unfulfilled, promise, you know promises, to unfulfilled. Wishes. Promises. You don't keep. Be. Impeccable, with your word as some of you hear, it said, but. You'll watch man what are you doing what do you you promising, a girlfriend you're going to go out to lunch soon but you've told her that 20 times it's. Better it's actually, better to say you know I'm, really sorry but I keep saying I want to do dinner and we never do so I'm gonna let it go and if it happens that would be wonderful but I'm gonna stop promising, I know that may sound like a downer statement. But, when you do it you've patched a leak and something's, gonna happen you're gonna fill this huh. Like. It's a relief. Humans. Like to think that failure, is failure and. It isn't when, you can acknowledge you're not going to do something you can actually be filled up with new energy but. The ego wants us to think it's always failure, so that we don't do it meaning. Patch the leak. Find. What's not working and call, it a leak and patch the leak, stop. Talking about dreams and plans I know motivational. Speakers tell you to do that, keep. Talking about it keep telling cuz it's gonna happen the more you talk about know. There. Are some things that, are empowered, when you talk about them some, things you have to actually learn to discern which, is which. But. More. Times than not when, people talk about stuff it drains the energy out of them. Stop. Talking. There's, a Bible set and saying a saying in sentence don't, let one hand know what the other hand is doing, that's. Partly related to that. Conserve. Your energy know, what you're doing make. Your plans inside, only. In some, occasions, you, speak, about it but when you do you're speaking, a decree. An affirmation. Yeah. Baby here's where we're going not you know I've been thinking I'm gonna want to do this and I'm gonna want to do and I'm planning to do this and I've been talking about it for 28 years and everybody wears, ear muffs when they're around me because I talk about it all the time that's not a good sign you're. Leaking, stop. Talking about it do it or, don't. Do it but. Be done with it. Lastly. On that, when. You have ideas. And, you, don't follow, through with them when you say what, you're gonna do and you don't follow through. It's. It's hard to understand, these things sometimes for people but what you've done is you've created like, a thought-form I. Can't. Wait I'm gonna create a such-and-such and then you talked about now here comes a thought form now. A thought form means, kind. Of an energy like a geometry. That's, in your energy field because, your consciousness said, I would. Love to have a child or I would, love to get a new car whatever it is it becomes a thought form when. You've thought it clearly enough it becomes a thought form now it's in your energy field but, that thing.

Is Is, almost, like a life form in old, old days in ancient, magic. Practices. They call it a hormone quest but, it's it's, it's an entity, you've created but. It actually needs lifeforce, t live, so. It's actually gonna start sucking, energy out of its creator because. It needs to live it's. A it's a form it's a creation so, its, nature, is to need energy to live so. It starts sucking energy from us and. That you could say that's an attachment some, people call those attachments, that's one form of attachments. In people's energy fields our. Own unfulfilled. Wishes. Can, become drains. On us. So. Make. A list like the one I'm going to show you guys. Patch. Leaks do more don't do them but be done say no uh-uh. Well, you know here's a quick example unity, of Sedona as well, as my own mailing. List we. Just did a recent search and, we look because, you can tell you can do research and on your you know. Programs. Or whatever are. There any people, that aren't opening, the emails because they might go to spam by accident, or they may not just open them right you. Don't need that if, you're in business you don't need that oh no because I have, 20,000. Email people yeah, but only five open your email. But. 20,000. It's amazing, no it isn't it, really isn't so we, actually go into our email and we just did this again and. Deleted. I think, it was thousands, of people. That have been on our mailing list they're a drain they're just an energy drink they're not consciously, bad or any I'm not saying that they're not they're not opening their emails and, in. The internet, world. You're. Actually, you're your, company. Is is. Punished. For. Having emails, that don't get open. You. Look like a failed company. Clean. It up let. Them go, my. Friends. Of Michael mere dad we have a wonderful, you know Facebook. Group and you. Know we tried think we drop 500, people from it just a few months ago which is kind of tedious but. I'm all for it you, said no isn't it supposed to you're supposed to want millions of friends no I'd rather have five good ones than 5,000. Bad ones. Clean. It up please consider, it clean. Up anything, if you're gonna get a degree go get it well, I was thinking about that but I I just didn't have time to finish it well how long's it been well eighty six years then, just give up the degree oh no, but I was I was just about to that is not mastery, see, that's a human who's afraid to say goodbye to something, and then, it becomes a drain on you it's actually, unhealthy, and. Damaging. So. Say goodbye you know it's like saying to people two things you're in or you're out. What. Would you like to do. Your. Enter your app my Facebook page or my email, you're in you're out where, would you like to be well. I'm in okay then open your emails once in a while I don't. Have time bye, just. Be done family. Members I don't care who it is clean. Things up and, reconnect. There's a saying others, can do as they may but as for me and mine we will serve the god just. Create, a relationship. With God I'm gonna talk about some like monk like life I. Mean. I'm just talking about cleaned get. Rid of debris, get rid of going your junk drawers and get stuff that's junk get rid of stuff that's junk how do I know if you haven't used it in a year you, might not ever and, some. People are think I'm nuts with that, go. Through your tool drawers, you, don't need five Phillips, screwdrivers, you. Probably never even use one but, just have one it's okay well what am I going to do with them I spent money on them I wouldn't do that again. Lesson. Learned but now you know you can do but I spent money give, them away, who's. Gonna want screwdrivers doesn't matter but. Somebody's, gonna want them and you know what yeah, yeah I know you put money in on it now you've gifted money. You spent in the form of a screwdriver to people.

The. Money you had invested in it you're gifting to people so it's still a wonderful thing I know, strange, to some people. Human. Beings stay. Stuck. In this idea, I want to date that person oh I'm. Gonna I'm gonna fast from relationships, I'm gonna clean up I'm gonna become healthier this year man, I'm done with that old pattern and. And. You know it's amazing the. The level of tenacity, like they can't stick to it. Do. Any distraction, they meet you know that's. It I'm done, smooth talkers, and this kind of indictment, never again people, I was looking for somebody success, and and they, shut it all down then they meet somebody oh but. That one's cute and, the. Person's like hi I'm. Bottom, rock, bottom. We. Should get to know each other. You. Know you. Need to get close to me at rock bottom you know. Do. You have to meet rock bottom really it's. Like you know what I'm. Gonna. Fast, and, when. A person, shows up all shimmering. And rock bottom as their name they. Can they can have the smile they can have the words but, I'm gonna take it as a test, how. Do I know it's a test because when I told the universe I'm gonna, clean up my. Soul said really, let's. Make sure. And some. Of us cope it's, meant to be, yeah. It's meant to be a test of. The. Emergency broadcast. System. Don't. Do. It don't. Do, it all. But you know but I heard and my friend said I really should cuz I can. Divorce them, get. Rid of the friends that try to steer. You into madness now. I'm saying all this but, but at the same time of, course there's exceptions there, are exceptions, there. Are times that we're, about to reach, bottom, in our lives and we do meet a wonderful person, that that happens, absolutely. But, watch because, your compulsions. And addictions, win out way, too often, so. Just assume if that's been your pattern, it might still be your pattern to give in too quickly and too easily don't. Say oh this is the exceptions of my life changing the wonderful, person showed up just in time if you're, used to manifesting. Distractions. If I were you I would think this might be another one how, do I know because that's what often happens. So. When. You're going to start refilling, you've. Got to be pretty tenacious you got it pretty much you have a lot of stick-to-itiveness you've, got to have courage you, got to say you know I'm gonna follow through with inspirations. I'm not gonna have a list of things that I said I'm gonna do and don't do. Guys. The, energy, you spread into 20 different directions. You. Only need that energy to go into a couple things and they will happen. Mastery. Is conserving, energy and using it properly the Taoist, masters, they totally, understood that they understood it on every level from sexual energy to mental energy they, understood, conservation.

Rejuvenation. Recycling. Of energy you're. Wasting. Chi out your hands. Put. Your hands somewhere that might be valuable, sit and breathe and let, your hands be placed on a place that feels a little tight or achy they're. All into this whole recycling, concept. So. If, you want to rebuild your life get. Into that idea of recycling, you know patch, leaks, keep. Moving forward. Don't. Expend energy onto topics that are just a waste and, think. About this, take an inventory of yourself. Say. To yourself, well, you know I feel like my life's pretty good that's fine good good for you I'm, gonna ask you your health. Finances. Relationship. And work. Rate. Them zero, to ten. Zero. Being you're dead ten being you're in heaven so leave those out so it's really one, through nine. But. Zero to ten as we say pick, one where. Do you rate your relationship. Everything, don't say well I like them everything. Love, passion. Communication. Everything. And then rate your health not, well I'm not dead no rate, your pain, level your. Your. Flexibility. Your your, your tone you know everything, about your health fitness. Okay. Healthiness, non, sick, everything. About your health rate your life. Zero. To ten health finances, relationship, work rate. Your life and. Long. Story short if you rate anything, nine, and, eight, first of all congrats, complete, congrats because. You had to have earned a seven. Eight or nine it didn't, fall in your lap it. You earned it even if it's somebody that showed up or a job that showed up guys you had to have earned because the universe, is about lessons, and gifts gifts, only come from lessons you've passed test you passed so. If you have an eight nine, whatever up there that. Means you've done good work in, the area of relationship. Congratulations. And it's not prideful or egotistic, to say god, I'm grateful, you pat, yourself on the back and say I got, it that's great stuff and I, can be a great example to other people along the same lines. Perfect. Areas. That rate six or five. That. Deserves an eyebrow up, you. Know six. Or five could. Be a four that is moving up to an eight so I like that but it could be an eight that's moving down to a four so, six or five is an eyebrow raiser but. I'll tell you and I've said this many times when you start rating below a five in any area, of your life you. Know sorry because I know it's not always easy to hear but when, you five or lower your, soul is already assigning. The. Hard way lessons, instead of the easy way, the. Hard way means your souls going sweetheart hey, honey um we. Love you and you know we're like distracted, honey you know this relationships it's a - it's, a - hello you, know trying to get our attention or, jobs, you. Know hey listen, soul sang to you you know hey you know know, if you realize but you're you know your job is a three how. Do we know because you tell, us every, day, every. Time you're driving to work you're like eyes rolling, and it's. A three and you know we ignore it and then lo. And behold were, shocked, that we get fired and then. We call friends and go can you believe, it they fired, me I can't believe it they don't appreciate the good worker I was and you're saying all this but, you're the one who, asked to be fired your, soul said you. Know you're drifting away from soul's purpose into, a job you don't like we ignore it now you're a six, and then you know we're warning you again now you're a five and a four and, it's. Tugging, and whispering, and radio. And TV show about somebody, not liking their job and it could be the same job you're in even all these. You. Know warning, signs, then. We get fired and we wonder why and and. Then we pray oh, Jesus. I don't. Know why they fired me etc and this, your soul is saying this. Is so weird didn't you tell us you didn't like that job. You. Know come on take, a look the. Easy way would be this see, it when it's a six or a five and, start, looking for your souls purpose that's. Mastery. But. If you don't catch it until it's a two and you got fired, catch. It now catch on now that that's a problem and let's get your souls purpose this. New year, find, your souls purpose instead of a job live. And have friends that are soul mates that's, plural soul. Mates buddies, French spiritual, friends bind, them and insist. That people have, that level of honesty and, integrity love. Friendship.

You Know no settling, and. And. Considering, that the whole world is a reflection of my mind when I have all those weird oddities. Negativities. Jobs I don't like and this like in that all, those things were not even able to completely say it's all the other rest of the world why. Are we allowing that in our space which, is my consciousness. So. Don't don't leave any stone left, unturned you know that's the saying anyway, so. We're. Going into a new direction the last thing I'll share on that is if you run into obstacles when, you're running into your new life you're going you're, heading in that new direction and you run into obstacles you're. Going to be tempted even spiritual. New Age teachers. Have, the habit of doing this I guess. It wasn't meant to be, okay. Let. Me promise you. Moses. Jesus. Buddha. Not, one, of them ever. Recited. Those stinking, words I guess, it wasn't meant to be did you picture that. Did. You picture that oh I. Wanted to reach enlightenment but it was not meant to be it doesn't make any sense. It. Never happened, why why. Because. That's not mastery. I'm, not. Saying, there's not times when we've been right to say okay something wasn't meant to be I'm saying, that humans, too often, said of course they only make one step forward and go it wasn't meant to be why why. Because. Somebody, sneezed it's, like the. Way you'll know if something, is really meant to be typically, the one test, litmus, to this a 90, percent of the time it'll be right for you you'll see is. When. You set your course if the, payoff is bigger than the obstacle. It's probably, right to keep going when. The obstacle, is much bigger than the payoff it doesn't, make sense. I'm. Gonna push through all these, partnership. Obstacles. So. That I can end up with that person who I actually don't even like that, doesn't make sense, the. Payoff, has to be greater watch, for it and you have to have self-awareness to know does it is. It bigger is. The payoff bigger and and. It's it's amazing when you realize it like for me for example just, a long. Story short is just, I'm. A speaker you know I speak, I write, I have no, education at. All and I'm, an author of like, ten books, but. I have no skills whatsoever I mean, I might have like a sixth, grade education honestly. Just. Nothing. Education. Up here you know no no, intellectual, development, at all on the. On the, you know that. Level all right nothing. But I write books but. When it came to speaking. You. Know getting out of high school they asked you know so career. Day you know where you guys want to go I'm like I have. No idea, well. You know and the teachers knew this guy's odd so let's give it a shot you know so. Michael what, do you think you'd like to do I, don't. Know of anything in this world that interests, me okay. And it's like well okay what do you in there showing me papers, and forms and different job, descriptions but. The best they could figure they said well you know Michael, you. Know you're you're gonna like, a you. Need to be a healer like a doctor, it, wouldn't be medicine cuz it's not there you know they educated not interested, that kind of academia. You know and they say or are you may be a minister. Yet. But minister the name minister. The, traditional, sense forty something years ago when I was looking at this wouldn't. Be me and you look at me right so, it, doesn't really fit. But. What. I'm leading to is when, they said you, know, and. I even had charts done you're. Gonna be working in front of people I said to, everybody to, announcements, I need to make two things I do not, want. To do, travel. And do anything in front of other people, those. Were the two things and. Guess. What that's my, whole life is traveling. And speaking in front of people so did, something go wrong no, what, happened, was the, goal was, greater than the obstacle, I thought the obstacle, is greater from.

A Moment, here and there Oh butterflies. You know going in front of a group of Pete get the butterflies, in those days I'm nervous kind of shy in the first place so I'm nervous it's like this is oh my god this isn't gonna go up just nervous, as heck that. Obstacle, seemed huge but it was small compared, to when I did the talks and heard, the feedback. It was like wow, am. I going to let this. Prevent. Me from accomplishing, that. So. That's all you need to do, whether. It's partnership, question, whether its job question, just, remember. The. Payoff and a. Really important, thing. If. You want to know what you're gonna do career, why start, with you know look at some souls purpose charts, or something astrology, numerology, but. The. Key, is, you. Have to like what you're doing. But. You also have to be good at it because some people like it and aren't, good at it some. People are good at it but don't like it you. Have to like it you have to be good at it and lastly, it is always. Best if people, want it because. You could be great at something that nobody wants a guy. Named Bill Gates who became like the richest guy ever. Look. What he did he. Was doing something with computers and nobody wanted it but he knew they did they, just didn't know it yet and I. Was told Michael you're gonna be speaking in front of people I did not know that was possible and there was no name I didn't look at that chart they didn't have spiritual teacher on there in, case that's not obvious. There. Were only like two authors you know Richard Bach and Alan Cohen you. Know there were only like two of I mean there was there was no such thing there were no spiritual, centers you go to and on tour and teach there. Were some new, thought churches, but they only had their ministers talking. So. Guys I did. This I'm not trying to give you the I walked up, the hill in the snow both directions when I was you know a kid I'm not trying to give you one of those victims stories, I'm saying the. Job didn't exist, and that was hard, I mean it was, the, early years meant it was tough financially. But. I can almost not remember any of that. The. Payoffs greater, so. Don't. Go, and pursue something that's not you're good at it you love doing it and the people need it you, know if if, they don't fit it if it doesn't fit that criteria then, don't bother cuz you're gonna end up in pain go. For those three things and is, there a payoff can you see it as something, that feels. Fulfilling, to you if. You're. Listening to this talk there's a likelihood, that you're a type of person that wants to make a difference and not just have a career, and a gold watch after, 80 thousand years you're. Probably the, type of person that wants to make a difference this. Is the kind of criteria I would follow if I'm wanting to make a difference so. I kept mentioning it without. Showing. It in detail and all that this this piece of paper here this is a full list of things. That. I said goodbye to this year now. When I thought I'm gonna make a list I thought. Well maybe there'll, be five things there's I think 25 you know and and. So I put everything. Everything. That I was going to draw close to some of them were not easy but. I, wrote. Them on a piece of paper you guys have a piece of paper and at home they could probably have one but, you guys have paper if you don't have one you'll raise your hand and we'll get you on in a sec but you. Can write you, don't have to write you know a full list but go home and do it I wrote. Things on here um. Gosh. You know I mean just some some personal, things, health-related. Things, or things that are related to relationship, or things, you know promises.

People Have made to me all a variety. Of things and. When. I took each one I made each one into its own piece of paper without, going back into the details of that cuz I shared it once I took, each one and said goodbye but if you're gonna do it you. Have to actually mean, it and I. Don't put things I'm not saying you're bad don't put them down if you're not gonna do it because that's a leak right. The, things you would like to have done didn't, do write. Them down and say goodbye to them no, no because I'm going to listen if you. Don't mind try, to, say goodbye to things cuz what'll, happen is the, energy, will recycle, and you'll have a newfound life. For, that thing it'll. End up being a good thing for you I promise, alright, but. Let. It go, but. The problem, is when I say let it go and this is when I did it I had a little prayer going a little statement and my statement included, I'm, saying goodbye to this but. I added and it, also means I will not bring it up again and that's. The tough one because. You can go I'm gonna let go of that person, broke my heart you know eighty years, ago and and I still dwell on it and but I'm letting them go this time and you're hedging because. Subconsciously. You know I'm not letting this go then. I won't have anything to talk about. You. Know what am I gonna talk about if I don't get that because everybody expected me to talk about that same thing, the. Job I lost the person who rejected, me and so on no. You're. Going to want to be able to promise now I don't mean like it's rigidity, to it cuz there's, one or two things I mentioned, in the lecture that I said, I won't talk about again but I'm doing a talk so I still bring it up but. You, won't hear me so much the moaning something, because. I'm done and. It's. Really really empowering. It's, really freeing your, egos not gonna be happy about it let's be clear about that there's. Gonna be a part of you that's like can we dwell on it some more you just say no but. These, things I said, to myself okay, I'm, I'm here's, one thing I would like to have happened and, I. Did. This I think it was in October and, I, was making a list of these to, be prepared today as my January, exit. Done and guess. What October, didn't end before, they were done I was. Like huh let's just do it you. Know come on let's just go for it I made my list and I think was the day I made the list I was, like well there's a list let's just do it and I, did all but, like five, of them and then.

I Put a little asterisk note, these. The last five it'll be farewell I put farewell, ritual, January, first. So. There's a few that, were righteous. For me to wait because it actually needed, some time to conclude, okay. So. You may not do all of them today, tonight. Tomorrow I, would if I were you but, some you're gonna find actually, need you. Know if it's you. Know I don't want to name some specifics, on you but there's. Just some that you might say I'm gonna give this three months but, that's what I would do guys I'm, going to do this for six months, and let's. Say June first if such-and-such isn't, happening i rated, something, a two if by, June first it isn't, at least a, six if not, a seven, I'm gonna, be done with it, and. Humans. Will be nervous about these things so. You have a choice you get to be humans and be all nervous and not do any of it or, decide. That you'd like to be more like a master, because. It's inevitable I mean today next, year 50 years from now eight lifetimes you get to choose when to be more like a master, but it's inevitable, so let's just do it, it. Takes it, takes some courage. Friends. You thought were friends maybe but you haven't heard from but you were just about to call them but it's been 16, years maybe. Call, them or. Tear. The number out of your phonebook and burn it you, don't hate anybody don't get me wrong don't do that but. Say goodbye. The. Person you're hoping will come back to you but they didn't why'd they even leave, maybe. Say goodbye. You're. Gonna clown you know I always say you know climb Mount, Everest you know, but you're 102, I just would say it's probably not gonna happen. Unless. You take, a plane and skydive, and down, to mount Everett maybe but, it's not gonna happen so. Just say goodbye and the egos gonna say no that's failure, and you say no it's success, because, I chose. To. Say goodbye I'm in an empowered, position to say goodbye, and the. Energy will go and it will recycle, okay. The. Book you wanted to write you. Know, you have wrote it and it's been you, know six years in a manuscript somewhere. You. Don't want to start over God you got a book half written I would burn it, because. Believe. It or not it'll, rewrite itself but even better and it'll come from a fresh energy. The. Same as, relationship. I'm not saying burn the relationships, but the, same as well let, them go and they will recycle is that all making sense I know. It's, a little intimidating but. Like. I said I have a whole list of things. What. One of them for me was. Touring. You know I finally said you know I tore a lot and that's okay but. I also had to accept I said to myself I, see. Something, happening in new thought churches, and they're, starting to constrict, and go into a little, more old-fashioned, styles a lot of them and I. Could try to talk, them into staying, progressive, I can try and say no no look I'll come into her more often and raise the energy here. But. I watched, and I tried and I saw. That it wasn't happening so. I had, to announce to a couple of particular churches over the last year or so, you. Know I won't be back nothing. To do with them they might, have exactly, the right minister the right audience. Everything, it's, not right for me because, I need that fresh, that progressive, energy, I'm, I'm, not getting any younger you, know so at, almost, 60 now I'm not gonna go and fight for everybody's, you, know spirits. What they wanted or they don't and. Same. With our relations. You. Know there's a time in our lives where we work to do things and a time in our lives when we get to sit back and have, it more the easy way we've done our work and you, might feel the same way with your relations your family members you may not be able to knock. On their door anymore to get them to like you if you have family members that don't want to be nice to you so you, have to get a tissue you know, make, that notice okay thanks goodbye I'm sorry this didn't work out say goodbye cry, take. Some alone time get a counselor to help you do what you need to do but, don't bargain. Yourself, away don't, betray, yourself anymore it. Doesn't, actually serve us all. Right. Thanks. So. Tune. Into that for a moment. Does. It feel like you could. Really commit to the thing you were saying goodbye to are, you okay with it all, right if. It's hurt. You. Know I'm sorry I know you, know pain it hurts it's a it's a bummer to have some, of the things we've gone through, but. You deserve. To. Be done with its effects on you you. Deserve that and. If you say well you know there's something I really would. Have loved to have happen it could be a disease, I. Would. Say you know what it's, then I'm letting, it go now and if it's still there then I accept that it's there but I'm not gonna wish anymore.

It's. Gone where it's there and if it's there I'm going. To start accepting not failure, accepting. Meaning this. Is what is I would. Rather accept what is then wish, that. Something weren't. One. Is empowering, believe it or not and you're. Led to believe that accepting. Something means failure, that's because the ego, in all people wants, us to think it's failure because it would empower us to let it go I'm, going to accept it I've. Got such-and-such, you. Know I'm going to a specialist, I went to six specialist I did this I would x-rays. And MRIs, and be ATS and whatever else and. They. Said they can't fix okay then, that's it I'm good I mean, really, just say fine, because. None of it's real and really has power over you anyway, so. It's okay, that's. Better than the constant, it has you hooked where you're wishing and wishing and the. Same goes for, behaviors. Addictions, and so on guys just do what you can man change, what you can and accept what you can't and it. Is empowering, it is helpful and healthy but, change, what you can step up and then accept what you can. Write. It on that piece of paper all right I'm still. Affirming. And owning, that if it can be healed great but, I'm also accepting. Poof. And, now. It doesn't have me hooked. You. See it's like wow. Instead of gosh I wish I that could be fixed or healed or I wish my, lottery or whatever, you. Know it's okay I am. As God created me, I'm. Actually quite, okay. Spiritually. Speaking if. You. Have any doubts about it ask, yourself. Just use, your imagination and, ask yourself. If. You. Have, a loved one let's say that's passed away. Do. You think it would be healthy for them to go to the other side, wishing. They, still, got that new pair of shoes or wishing. They didn't buy a parachute, do you really think how much energy would you recommend, when, you see somebody passing, over in hospice, would. You say listen if, you have any regrets about any shoes you didn't buy you. Know you should let that go now you know you you know what are you gonna do it's they're. Not gonna be miserable you wouldn't tell them to hang on to it right. You. Should really have remorse over that the. Same as you would tell anybody you care about treat, yourself the same way, honey. You. Know it just looks like that friend you wanted at school today you know how they won't be your friend and they really tease you and they gossip about honey why, don't we just move forward let's get new friends, really. Mommy is that okay hell, yeah I mean heck yes. Give. Yourself, full permission, to, have a good life and. I'm. Not you know I'm not stupid I know that, that's not always easy because, it means goodbyes that are sometimes painful. But. I would rather cry, today and then, stand again tomorrow than, to half cry the rest of my life. Just. Do it just go for it. People. That have passed away but I wish they hadn't but they did, but. I want them back that's not gonna, happen they've, made horror movies, about those kinds of things, wishing. People would come back after they were dead didn't you see that man, that spooked me as a kid I think it was Edgar Allen Poe don't, do. It like. Towage them back from the dead they're, gone it's okay so. I know it's not easy then, cry, because. It is a bummer you lost you know I, missed them it's okay then cry let, someone hold you, therapy. It journal. It, process, it but. There's a moment where you stand and say. I'm. Ready to start again, but. Who am I without. That person, Who am I without being, married I didn't, want to not be married I thought it was forever yeah a lot of people thought a lot of things but. It didn't did it no. But I wish okay. But let's instead of wishing let's accept done. Brush. It off stand, up it's called resurrection, it's. Actually, a smart thing. Everybody. Can be crucified but, almost nobody knows how to resurrect, come. Back to life what, a great example you are to your kids to any of anybody and everybody you. Know I mourned. I wouldn't. Do anything from my side stayed in warm, baths, 24/7. You know just oh my comfort. Comfort comfort tea. Hot chocolate I did everything I took off work for a week a month or whatever but. Today. I'm. Choosing, resurrection, and I, say you know what I know part of me says I don't know who I am without that person the, best answer to that but.

I'm Willing to find out I don't. Know but, I'm willing to find out that's, all you got to say you don't have to know who you are your new life you just say but I'm willing to find out and. It's. Gonna be good, because. When you come out of the dark night of the soul or any challenging. Phase of your life even just the end of the year with no challenges, end of, the year get, ready we're gonna launch into a new life when. You do it with the things I've described, today patching, leaks saying goodbye doing healing crying whatever and then refilling, with God it's gonna work and you're gonna see a new life. Join. Us if you want you can join us in our Wednesday class it starts this Wednesday, the, free intros this Wednesday co-creating. A new life so. If, you want to take it to another level you're welcome to join us all right and, tomorrow. Aries, day for, the 12 days, and nights of Christmas Aries day what. Do you think that's about. New. Beginnings, don't. Rush in headfirst. But. Do. Walk. Get. Up and walk forward. Does. Anybody have anything to share, think. About this for just a sec what you heard or learned today, that would be the most helpful to you and will. Take up the collection while you're thinking about that we're, going to take up our collection, to do our closing song so, if the ushers wouldn't mind bring. The baskets, around folks online please be generous as you can all of you here and there just. Be as generous as you can we. Appreciate, it. It's. Okay either, way. We. Have a prosperity, prayer. Remember. Even when you can't afford, then. Just imagine. That you can I. Didn't. Say imagine. That you can and write checks accordingly, I'm saying. Just imagine, put your hands over the basket and just imagine. That you're doing that alright, it's alright our. Prosperity, prayer. Holding. Your love offering to your heart, divine. Love, flowing. Through me, blesses. And multiplies.

All, That. I am all, that I, have, all that, I give and all that, I receive, and so. It is. Now. It'll, only take about a minute but if anybody can tune in to what you learned or heard today that might be helpful for your life and I, know some of you are being kind of inhibited, today about stuff. That you're gonna say goodbye to I know may be challenging, but can anybody share what did you hear or learn today that could be important in your life, tune, into that and we'll spend only about a minute on that and do our closing song okay. Yes. Refill. Bring. In the sweetness once you've emptied out the bitter you know or whatever it was of the past very good, anyone. Else what did you hear or learn yes. Being. Aware of the presence of God. There's. Nothing more important. Even. People, that meditate. On, the. Nothingness. You. Know empty space. They're, not getting very far they, are getting good at clearing. Their mind. But. Guys it, only takes seconds. I'm not, saying only do seconds, try to do minutes if you can but what. Could be more important than viscerally, feeling the presence of God so. You can be a trained meditator, at holding your mind still and not. Get as much out of a novice. Who sits and calls, on that presence, and fills. Up with a feeling of God which, we all deserve. And just. Keep applying what I said earlier about what if you had a child and they said mom you know dad I I want, how to feel, God are, you gonna give them some complicated. Convoluted, technique. That they can't apply. God. I mean think of it just say honey, I'm. Gonna have you call out close your eyes for a minute I want you to think of the. Happiest, you've ever felt can you do that sure mommy you know and daddy or whatever they you. Know they they have our memory you've. Just put them in touch with God as far as a child in two seconds could understand, it and that, made more progress than somebody chanting, Omani, pod me and boom Shakalaka, for hours. You've. Accomplished, more because, you put him in touch with the feeling, presence, of God. Makes. Sense, alright. Thank you guys and, in a second we're gonna just do our closing song I just wanted to share one quick, personal. Note. It's. Kind of funny because, well. You guys some. Of you don't know me I think a lot of you were guests out of town and all that but. It's. Kind of funny I talked to a couple, of mighty Knights talked to my daughters the last couple of days and said you know Merry Christmas all those good things but. You. Know I was, talking to was the youngest one, and I, said yeah, wasn't. I a great, dad. And. She's like whatever, and, I'm like I'm. Like no really I mean think, of the cool things like what, dads do these kinds of things and talk like this is so it was so great being a dad and kind of walking you guys through the things we did she goes yeah. Well I, remember. The one time mom went to visit her. Her mother who was dying and so you had to take care of us for the holidays and. She said and so you decided to take us to some weird spiritual. Movie, and. Then. When we were done, you. Know you ordered more popcorn because I love.

Theater. Popcorn because it's as synthetic as you can find but. The oil. In it that, you know they call it butter like wow, that. Stuff is so, toxic. But, I love it so I always tell them you know tons. And layer you tons and tons of butter and you layer it you put, a little pepper and a little soak, it and then more popper and soak it and there needs to be a pull at the bottom of the box anyway that's, that's the wording I use when I tell so my, daughter says yeah remember and then we went to the theatre and you ordered, more popcorn and they, and the lady said well it's, you know it's Christmas Eve aren't you guys going you know to dinner and. My daughter said and daddy and you told her this popcorn, is a hard dinner, she's, like you actually she, goes in the girl was appalled. Because, you actually think you could sustain life, on popcorn but not everybody can do that Dad so, and see, the girl was all appalled so I said to her oh no, but tomorrow, is New Year's Day I'm. Not gonna give him popcorn again we're. Going to Taco Bell. So. Many, people don't understand, me and my children have all been in therapy. But. You. Know that was, my life. Pretty. Cool huh thank. You so much for, joining us all around the world these people watch and you should read the feedback. By, the way it's on the public page Michael my dad because. They're thanking you guys pretty consistently, for your support, for your presence, and for really. Supporting, that we do a presentation out, there online okay, so, you are, a part of that but. Thank you and I'm saying, to you all a, absolute. Stellar, evening. And New Year, when. You're driving be careful in the evening, all right, especially, if you're here in snow and all that but be careful with driving but take, good care of yourselves and each other and vow, to have a new life a much much better life but vow and stick to it so, peace to you and thank you for the support you've given us over the last year and years we'll, see you soon thank, you.

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