State of our Region 2021, Sunshine Coast

State of our Region 2021, Sunshine Coast

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Sunshine  Coast Council 2021 State of our Region. I'm   Mayor Mark Jamieson, thank you for joining  us as we look back on the year that was,   reflect on where we are today and what  we have to look forward to in the future.  Today we will hear from several community  representatives, showcase some of our shared   achievements over the course of the last year  and take a look at the priorities for the year   ahead. I'd like to start by acknowledging the  traditional custodians of the Sunshine Coast  

local government area the Kabi Kabi Peoples of  the coastal plains in northern hinterland and   the Jinibara peoples of the southern hinterland.  May I also pay my respects to their elders, past   and present and to all First Nations Peoples.  Well the past 12 months have been amongst the   most extraordinary I've ever seen in my nearly  10 years in local government. In fact memorable  

in so many ways from the historic announcement  that Brisbane and southeast Queensland will host   the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, to the  emotional financial and social roller coaster of   managing through and recovering from the COVID-19  pandemic. Despite all of the challenges that the   pandemic has thrown our way our Sunshine Coast has  a lot to be proud of and a lot to look forward to.   From the outset our council has had a single and  unwavering priority to safeguard the interests   and well-being of our community in everything we  do and in ways not previously thought possible.  

The health response has been multifaceted  and has involved all tiers of government.   Through our collective efforts our council  continues to respond to the needs of our community   and support local businesses and industry  to keep money circulating in the economy   and keep people employed, all the while helping  each other to adjust to the new COVID normal. As   always there was a number of Sunshine Coast people  who shone brightly through the course of the year,   despite the challenges. Join me as we hear  from our community about some of those stories.

My name is Jodi Salmond I'm the general manager  of Reef Check Australia and I live here on the   beautiful Sunshine Coast. Reef Check Australia  is an environmental charity that's dedicated to   empowering people to protect our reefs and  oceans. We really believe in hands-on work,   so getting in amongst it and getting people  engaged with what's going on in their community,   so if we give them the opportunity to join in  with hands-on research education and involvement   we believe we can all collectively create  ripples of change which turns into waves.   Overall I think that the Sunshine Coast  community, when we talk about environmental   protection and what we're doing within our marine  community, I think we're doing okay. It's pretty  

amazing to me that we have such amazing and  beautiful reefs directly off our coastline,   many that you can actually access directly from  the shore and yet none of these reefs actually   have any protection so that's a little bit crazy  and hopefully something that we will look at   for the future. If we start looking on land and  in our coastal systems I certainly think that   our marine debris issue is not going away but we  can certainly see that the community cares and is   doing a lot to actually stop either products at  the source but also those single-use items and we   all get together to do a variety of cleanups. The  Sunshine Coast Council have been really integral   in ensuring that Reef Check Australia can survive  within the Sunshine Coast and not only survive but   actually thrive here as well. We have had so much  support over the last few years so through the   Environmental Levy Partnership that's a grant that  allows us to do our vital reef health monitoring   but also it allows us to engage the community,  so for us it's really important that data is   collected on these stunning reefs and with one of  the only groups that are actually doing it within   southeast Queensland certainly the only group  doing it off the Sunshine Coast. So I think the   next 10 to 20 years is going to be pretty exciting  for us on the Sunshine Coast we all know that   we're getting more and more popular here more  and more people want to move here and live here   and experience the same lifestyle that we have  all loved for so long. I think what we have to  

think about though is how do we actually increase  the protection of some of these beautiful areas.   Our Environment Liveability Strategy which  reflects what most people on the Sunshine Coast   love about our region, provides an opportunity  for the Sunshine Coast Regional Council to   have made an application to UNESCO for  our region to be declared a biosphere.   The UNESCO biosphere credential will support  us to protect and enhance our economy,   lifestyle and the environment for future  generations and it aligns with our vision to be   Australia's most sustainable region, healthy smart  and creative. In partnership with our community we   finalised our Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy  this year in May and that is very significant   in terms of our environmental future. The CHAS  is a long-term guide to pairing and protecting  

our coastal areas and communities from coastal  hazards in the future. We are dealing with rising   sea levels and they present challenges for us into  the future the CHAS is designed to give confidence   to our community about that future. Council has  secured more than 500 hectares of new lands for   our conservation and recreation purposes and  that adds to a significant conservation estate   that the citizens of the Sunshine Coast own and we  manage. What I consider one of the most important   initiatives of council is the Regional Inter-urban  Break where we're working in cooperation with our   neighbour Moreton Bay Regional Council so that  our shared boundary is straddled by an area with   particular environmental protections, an area that  won't be built out in the future. Delivering our   net zero emissions plan by 2041 is very important  to our community and careful planning and delivery   to accommodate a growing population, we're a very  desirable place to live people want to come here,   I've always worked on the theory it's better to  plan for that than be surprised when they arrive.  

A highlight for this year was the First Nations  supplier day where 47 indigenous businesses had an   opportunity to demonstrate their wares and their  services and it was incredibly well supported,   a really harmonious and enthusiastic response from  all those people involved and I congratulate them   and wish them very well for the future. I'm from  the kara rag mob and their juanji mob up on Cape   York and in the Torres Straits but obviously  grew up here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast   on Kabi Kabi Gubbi Gubbi country and so yeah  I always call it home it's a beautiful place   to be and I'm very privileged and honoured to  be able to operate a cultural tourism business   here and work with all these beautiful people and  First Nations people here on the Sunshine Coast.   So we're at this amazing First Nations supply  day here with the Sunshine Coast Council have   put on it's really amazing for me to see all of  these unique indigenous businesses everyone here   coming together working together it's getting me  very excited for what the future holds for First   Nation tourism and businesses here on the coast.  So the councils here have a First Nations team   dedicated to looking after events like this and  supporting businesses like ours as well and it   really works well to have those guys within the  council and be there for support partnerships   introductions and everything else in between. One  of the areas council has been the most active in   for the last decade is in developing our economy,  we've seen household incomes on the Sunshine Coast   that were previously 22% below the state average  now to be only 6% below the state average,   that means more jobs and more money in the  pockets of Sunshine Coasters and that's really   really important, but we can't afford to rest  on our laurels, we need to continue to invest   in new projects and encourage investment from  other levels of government and the private sector.   The world is rapidly changing, we're having to  deal with problems in our community or challenges   in our community and workplaces that you know  we haven't had to deal with before. Aaron and  

Khayt from Mindstar have seen an opportunity,  a growing opportunity where wellbeing in the   workplace is a priority, a priority for  employers and a priority for employees.   They've diversified and developed a leading  business in this area and that's an example   of the sort of foresight we're seeing on  the Sunshine Coast. Mindstar is a national   workplace wellbeing organsation, we're about  workplace well-being and positive leadership.  

So what we do is help people to be their best  every day at work but also at home. The B Well   and Prosper portal is something that we developed  for the business community in the Sunshine Coast   and it's about workplace well-being and because  much of the Sunny Coast is small business   then we know that it's the hardest gig in the  world. We've been really lucky to have over 500   businesses sign up to the portal over the last  two years and you know they continue to sign up   and you know be able to access all the great tools  and resources, so we certainly encourage you know   more to join that program. So I think from now you  know we're going to have better more honest more  

open conversations and I think business owners  will be more vulnerable to actually talk about   you know any challenges they're having in business  which will create a better community for everyone.   We run a national business but what better place  to have your head office than the Sunshine Coast   there's so much opportunity here and so much  growth within small business within the innovation   community more and more people with incredible  skills are locating here and with the technology   that we now have and the bandwidth that we now  have it just makes it an ideal place to get   that balance between work, health and home. For  Khayt and I and the kids what would I hope next   10 years with Sunshine Coast and I think it's  keeping that culture of well-being and beauty   that that we all know and love and is the  reason that we're here and probably will be   for the next 20 years. Sunshine Coast job fairs  that were staged at Caloundra and Mooloolaba   attracted significant crowds highlighting a whole  range of job opportunities that existed on the   Sunshine Coast for people of all abilities and for  people with a variety of skills and knowledge and   that was heartening to see as well. The Sunshine  Coast Thriving Through Change Business Resilience   Expo was another example of initiatives that  have been put in place and of course the Buy   Local campaign that was widely supported by  council and local media to encourage people   to spend in the Sunshine Coast local businesses  are the ones employing our friends and family   they're the ones taking the risk, they're helping  to shape and support their local communities and   economies and they contribute to the regional  prosperity that ultimately everybody enjoys.  

Quik Corp are a great example of business  investment in the Sunshine Coast they've been here   for some time but saw an opportunity to expand  and can see the future that exists in a burgeoning   Sunshine Coast economy that they want to be  part of. Quik Corp is a manufacturing business,   we focus on emergency services equipment we're  one of the largest providers in Australia and   we're also a large provider of agricultural and  spraying equipment into that sector as well and   we also have so a number of niche areas where we  actually do environmentally friendly herbicides,   data tracking and a number of other things that  supplement our main business. Quik Corp was   actually started in New South Wales originally as  a very small family business, it was born on the   back of solving an age old problem of controlling  noxious weeds in really rough terrain, it exploded   from there in its own idea because they had a  patented product and over time that actual they   were making a decision as to where they wanted  to expand the business and they had a choice   between the Sunshine Coast and Coffs Harbour so  luckily enough they chose the Sunshine Coast and   from there we developed into many different  markets we went from our agricultural market   into emergency services, we're now the largest  rural firefighting manufacturer in Australia,   that's enabled us to grow and on the back of large  contracts in that area we were then able to take   it overseas so we're actually selling emergency  services and agricultural equipment into the US,   Canada and parts of south east Asia, so that's  enabled us to grow again and we're now building   a 9500 square meter factory at Coolum. Council has  been excellent in supporting the growth of this   business, recently when we decided that we wanted  to take the next step and grow our footprint on   the Sunshine Coast, as far as manufacturing goes  we've obviously got the capability and the size   to to grow considerably in our new site, there's  numerous jobs available for skilled workers as far   as using advanced manufacturing they're looking  at putting a large investment into equipment into   our new factory and our ultimate goal is to be  able to run that at double shifts and and to be   able to double our employment numbers, which  is roughly you know from 150 to around 300. Council's award-winning Community Strategy  successfully delivered a range of programs   and events to support healthy and active  lifestyles for the local community including   the highly successful Lift Project, the Healthy  Sunshine Coast, Migrant learn to swim program   and the Healthy Ageing forum. We delivered busy  and vibrant community infrastructure through our  

libraries, galleries, historic houses, aquatic  centres, community venues and sporting venues.   The Reconciliation Action Plan for 2021-22 was  adopted by council to further embed reconciliation   commitments within the organisation to our  region. We've been involved in programs that   are fostering youth activity, engaging with  the elderly particularly those people who've   been disaffected by COVID and we've supported our  volunteers who play such a vital role in serving   the needs of our community, but again who've been  under pressure as a consequence of the pandemic,   the council has sought to stand with them and  assist in every way. During the course of the last   year we responded to 1108 grants which saw more  than $5.8 million dollars awarded to community   groups and in addition more than $1.5 million  was awarded to community organisations directly   impacted via COVID through the community  response grants and that's ensured that   organisations and sporting clubs and community  groups have been able to stay on their feet   effectively at a time when their own revenue  streams were negligible because of the lockdowns   and limitations placed on the community. The  Sunshine Coast is becoming more and more diverse  

as people from all over the world seek to join us  many of those people come with particular skills   and knowledge but it isn't always recognised  here in Australia, so our Migrant Work Ready   program is designed to help those people to either  enhance their skills or upgrade their skills or   perhaps even pursue a different vocation and that  training program that we do with our partners is   very very important to facilitate those people's  participation in our economy and our lifestyle   in our community and I'm very proud that council  and our partners see that opportunity and ensure   those people get the best support in fulfilling  their career and adding to our economy. Karen Kim   is from South Korea she was a news presenter  in South Korea she's come to Australia and   is seeking similar opportunities and I have great  faith in Karen's ability and her skill level that   she'll find suitable employment in Australia and  become a really dynamic member of our community.   I actually came here first in 2005 when I was  elected a recipient of the Korean government   sponsored working abroad program so I worked at  one of the radio stations in Melbourne exactly   10 years later I returned to Mooloolaba with my  family I actually can say that the Migrant Work   Ready program was the turning point of my life  in Australia. Actually you can learn some practical   skills like how to refine your resume or how to  conduct the interview in English so that kind   of practical skills can actually give you some  confidence when you are actually doing the job   interview. I met so many wonderful mentors there  and became a Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce member   and expand my social network through a monthly  event. I got a job offer from ABC as a reporter  

right after giving my speech at the graduation  ceremony so i will be yeah starting working at ABC as an intern to get a job training there as of  next January. The favorite thing about living in   this community is the welcoming culture and this  kind of multicultural environment actually helps   our family and my daughter to adjust to this new  environment very easily in South Korea there are   so many people lived packed in very narrow  areas so I actually like the idea of living   in a low population density area that's why I  chose this Sunshine Coast area at first but   ironically I actually found the community really  family-like environment so I actually fell in love   with this community and living in this community  with our neighbors like a family-like environment.  It's important to recognise the Glasshouse  Christian College team who won the   Telstra Innovation Awards this year and I want  to congratulate Charlie, Arno and Josiah for their   success and all those that contributed to what was  a really great Telstra Innovation Awards. While I'm   on the awards i want to recognise Ebony Quinlan  who was recognised as the emerging entrepreneur   and was awarded for her success. My project's  name is Heart Attrack and it is a portable ECG monitoring device for people with recurrent heart  attacks, cardiac conditions or diseases worn on   the chest of the patient to notify the patient  of their cardiac rhythms and their levels if   the levels were to change notifications would be  sent to the devices to let the patient know and a   notification will be sent to the closest ambulance  base if something was to change rapidly and to a   dangerously low level. My inspiration for Heart  Attrack came from my passion for cardiac surgery  

and one night while I was working at a local  restaurant a man had suffered his second heart   attack after being worried about leaving the house  because he was unsure of what his levels were so   that influenced me to find a solution that would  notify them before things were bad. Me and my team   were working on LED plates a fully electronic  solution to the normal L and P plates that you see   lying on the road. LED plates is easy to see it's  easy to use and it's a lot more durable than the   plates we have on the road now. LED plates makes  it safer for everyone in the community driving   because it means for our open licensed drivers  they're able to see that people are just learning   to drive especially at night when it can be harder  to drive and it's safer for our L and P plate users   because people know that they're still learning  to drive and will give them more leniency.  

In the future we would love to see our LED plates  everywhere around the Sunshine Coast and even the   world. The Delorean project and programs like  the Delorean project are influential into   us starting our careers at an early age so we  have insight into what we would actually be doing   and it influences us to connect with the community  and get out there and talk to people that are   willing to help us get out into the  field and start our careers early.   Being recognised through both the Sunshine  Coast business awards and Generation Innovation   has really helped us to put our idea out there  and show that what we have is a viable solution.   Young people shouldn't be underestimated by  their capabilities just because they're young,   we have great ideas and we should be able  to use those and expand to the community   and bring our ideas to life. I'd like to see  the Sunshine Coast continue to develop its  

technology and its ideas to become one of the  most technologically advanced places on the planet.   I think my favorite thing about the Sunshine  Coast is the level of opportunity that we have   especially as young people to demonstrate our idea  and share it with the world. I would also like to   recognise Dr Bridie Kean. Bridie is a Paralympian  who calls the Sunshine Coast home and she's been   selected as our chair for the community reference  group for the Olympic and Paralympic games and the   legacy that we leave on the Sunshine Coast and I'm  delighted that Bridie has accepted our invitation   and she will lead a community group to assist  council in determining exactly what the very   best legacies across community, environment and  economy will be post the Olympics and Paralympics.  

I'm a Sunshine Coast local and this year my role  was to be the Paralympic athlete representative   on the 2032 bid process. I went down to Brisbane  for the announcement was on stage with the likes   of Dawn Fraser and other athletes bringing  in the announcement so I think even though we   at that stage were pretty sure that the cat  was in the bag it was still a surreal moment   to actually hear it announced and know that we'll  be bringing home the Games in 11 years time was   just incredible. I'm really excited to see what the  Sunshine Coast is going to become over the next 10   years. What I want for the Sunshine Coast is for it  to continue to be an amazing place to live, study,  

work and play sport. The Games are going to bring  so much to the Sunshine Coast, I don't think it's   even set in what this means for our region. I  think initially we think about the opportunities   it will bring for our emerging athletes who will  go on to compete at the 2032 Games. To think about  

our young athletes on the Sunshine Coast and what  this means for them is really exciting but that's   only the beginning of what this will mean for the  region. It's going to basically showcase our part   of the world to the rest of the world and what  we are is already amazing but what we can be   is just limitless and I think that that to me is  what the games is all about. I'm so excited about   what the home games will mean for para-athletes  and young kids with a disability who may not even   have discovered parasport. First it's just going to  open up their opportunities to play more parasport.  

Paralympics Australia has already committed to  500,000 more people with a disability playing   social and inclusive sport as a  result of the legacy of these Games   and that means that some of those young people  with a disability are going to go on and actually   wear an Australian jersey or uniform at our home  games and that's just going to change their life,   they might not even have discovered sport yet  and in 11 years time they're going to be our   home heroes and what sport can do for a young kid  with a disability I know from personal experience   is just life changing and i think that's one  of the most exciting things about what we're   going to see happen. The legacy part is what we  need to be thinking about now and I think what I   want the legacy of the 2032 Games to be is that  we know and we see Sunshine Coast as the most   accessible region in the universe. What that  means is we can leverage these Games to make our   already quite accessible region a place that  people with a disability can go on holiday,   can come and visit, can study, can work, can be  educated in a place that's completely barrier-free   and I think that that is the the true legacy  that I personally want to see the 2032 Games have. So another busy year filled with many highlights  and challenges as we stood shoulder to shoulder   with our community before we close I'd like to  cast an eye to the bright future that lies ahead   for our Sunshine Coast region. As many of you would  know, our Council is a major delivery partner with   Brisbane in the staging of the Brisbane 2032  Olympic and Paralympic Games, it's an honour of   which we are incredibly proud and a commitment we  have taken seriously, given the substantial social   and economic dividends which we forecast will be  delivered to our region. A key plank of the 2032  

Games master plan is a series of event precincts  and clusters across southeast Queensland connected   by transport corridors which link the three  primary centres of Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast   and the Gold Coast. That connectivity within  and between these three clusters will be   absolutely critical to the success of  the entire games experience but more   importantly as we've always said public transport  connectivity is crucial to the functionality   and economic prosperity of southeast Queensland  generally and to our Sunshine Coast directly   irrespective of the hosting of the Games. The Games  must be the catalyst for delivering significant   improvements in our community infrastructure which  is why Council is partnering with the community to   develop a Sunshine Coast legacy plan that will  inform and guide the identification of the key   priorities and opportunities that the region  will pursue to ensure we will be positioned   to secure the 10 plus 10 plus 10 legacy intent  of the Games and may i express my earnest hope   and aspiration that the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and  Paralympic Games offers an opportunity to showcase   the culture, history and contribution of our First  Nations People to a global audience. There is   incredible enthusiasm and excitement that Olympic  and Paralympic Games events are proposed to be   staged across the region in 2032, I look forward  to sharing many milestones with you as we progress   planning to host the greatest show on earth. Thank  you for joining the State of our Region 2021. you

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