Store Le (N) Canoeing and camping

Store Le (N) Canoeing and camping

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I found a very small, tiny ... pebble beach where I can moor easily without difficult rocks So ... I've set up my hammock here. Time for a nap. O no, let's find out if I've anything to eat.

It's already past noon I want something by now. Let's see if there is anything ready to eat. Ah, that's allright exactly enough Look, normally the water is at that level. That high.

Now that's gone down More than a meter. That was quite a lot of waves suddenly. Suddenly there was a strong wind It's turned 180 degrees since yesterday. And ... on the open water it comes my way

Quite high waves. You can't see it like that. From the canoe it can hardly be filmed but the wind howls through the trees. Here is less wind. The advantage of a low water level is that a lot is exposed and that a beach has become available.

Look, how beautiful. I'm going to check the weather map. It's a long end, what I've done. I give it a go. I give it a go.

Someone didn't eat his sausage. These are the popular campsites. It's a nice spot.

But it's popular, so ... so you should always keep in mind that that more people are coming tonight and I don't want that. Besides that, it's too windy here. Too much wind here. I think I'll look elsewhere.

This looks like a fused polypore. I've searched for it on internet albatrellus confluens came out as match when I type albatrellus confluens it says fused polypore. And ...

it seems to be edible I'm not that familiair with mushrooms so I'm not going to do that. It seems that they are best eaten when they are young. I don't know if this is a young or an old one. It's just a nice observation. Fused polypore. I think.

This is the other side of the island. Now I'm around it. If I continue this I will come back to the camp. If it's right. We know this pattern.

We know this pattern. Then here should be a beaver lodge nearby. Then I have another thing to look for. I've heard and seen the osprey...

the raven, heard and seen... a moose, heard and seen... deer... and now beavermarks.

Now the beaver itself. Work in progress. The wind has turned. I can turn around my shelter but during the day, or afternoon the wind will turn back.

So I've blocked the entrance. Now I have a little less view but i'ts out of the wind. In other words I think I'll stay here today. Yeah, no paddling today I stay here.

There's plenty to explore here. I don't want to make a big fire because it's too dry so I use small pieces of wood that are bone dry so it doesn't spark. I can keep the fire low, and refill. This means I have more flames than ashes. So I have to regulate the heat by swinging the pan. In the flames it's too hot.

And because ... I don't have charcoal to put on the lid I turn the damper halfway the cooking That works also. It worked again. It's light. Yammie. The annoying thing about ...

cheese fondue how to get this clean. A kind of cheese lollipops. A tarp with dish washer.

I'll have to come up with something about that. To avoid this. What I could do next time is heat the bag in a bain marie. That saves me a lot of washing up.

Hey, good morning. It doesn't look good today. I know, there is no bad weather but it's not pleasant to go paddling. Breakfast, and coffee.

Yesterday I could swim today it's only 12 degrees C. The water is warmer. According to the Meteo the water temp is 20 C It really was nice yesterday.

So it could be. But now it's 12 C. At six o'clock the temperature becomes pleasant.

The wind will die down this afternoon. It's cozy in my camp. I can do less things than usual Outside the camp it's not cozy. So I stay in my camp. Perhaps I can cook something nice today.

A damper would be nice. But, open fire in this strong wind is not a good idea. So I have to think up something on that. Look how high the waves already are in this bay When they are already that high here they must be much higher on the open lake. And exactly from the direction I want to go to.

I stay home today! Look who's there. Sunshine! Now I can take off my warm sweater. I've found a few berries. Yummy. Ta!

Ready to leave. This was a nice spot. Thank you spot.

The only thing that reminds is the rainwater trench, to prevent it flooding under my tarp. I'll remove that too. Here stood my chair. O no, it stood here. Thank you, beautiful spot.

2021-09-10 21:32

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