Street Food in Iran - INSANE 10,000 Person FACTORY Tour + BEST Iranian Food in Tehran, Iran!!!

Street Food in Iran - INSANE 10,000 Person FACTORY Tour + BEST Iranian Food in Tehran, Iran!!!

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All right check it out guys there's Trevor James, we're with mr. taster, just, got in to, me run and we're at the grand bazaar in, Tehran yeah we're a full-on adventure, yeah we're gonna try, different pools we're gonna have these either gonna patch in lots, of food give, it up let's, go go check it out. This. Is it part, two of nine, of our ultimate. Iran, food, adventure. Series where, we're bringing you to, taste Iran's, best, food in six. Iconic. Food cities, and today, we're, going for a full-on, adventure. Through, Tehran's grand bazaar for some of the most extreme, food, so, make sure to click that Bell notification, button watch, all the way until the end and keep. Watching all the videos in our iran food playlist. Huge, thanks, to mr., taster, on instagram, and to, ali from come to persia calm, oh my, look. At this market, wow this. Is beautiful, hundreds. Of people on this market, this Grand Bazaar just, stretches, these, alleyways, are going for kilometers we're going deeper and deeper into. The alleyways, and mr., taster is bringing us for. Our first, Persian. Meal of the day. And. We found the Persian rugs come, on fool look at these beautiful. This. Is really a location. I've been dreaming to visit Iran, and. Just seeing these rugs in. Front of your own eyes makes, a difference just look at this, this. Is the land of beautiful, Persian rugs. Amazing. Artwork it's a truly amazing. Experience, to see this with your own eyes $3,000. $3,000. Just wow. It's, cheap it's, cheap compared, to what they do you're, tasting. Us. Through the carpet second to. Go through, okay, it's really busy yeah. Yeah. Up the stairs here yeah oh. And. There's all of these Persian carpets, down here and this is where we're gonna have the disease this is our seats on the carpet yeah. You. Can smell it Oh. Salam. We get, her ear thank, you oh yeah. Hearts. Are there he's the boss. What. Is this it. Is fat, and you've, got peas in it. Love. You, can, it's. Lamb fat, tomatoes. Tomatoes, peas, beans, onions. Look. At potato. That's. More. Than 60 years. And. He's been making this for his life, that. Is absolutely, beautiful you can see this entire dizzy. Seen a lamb. And tomato and chickpea thank. You, thank. You very much oh, thank. You sir yes and, we can sit here. So. We're gonna put this down and the food is gonna go over top of it yeah, Persian. Staff yeah. Right. On the Persian carpet, oh and there it is, the. Dizzy it, really is the pure. Yeah. Thank. You very much so this is the pier them yeah it is yeah have. It dizzy. So. He's gonna mash the fat yeah I'm putting it on the water this. Is amazing, you, can really taste the man. Lamb, flavor the, tomato go, so well together and the, fat it's all about the fat yeah, and, look at that this.

Is The main thing if you're gonna have the onion you should break it like this just with your fist yes oh. Look. At that we, believe that is more delicious yeah. I just do. It like this. Make. It ready so you let the bread soften, up in your dizzy yeah so do, it like this, mix it up yeah. Once we finish take, this part of onion because it's more delicious all the center yeah okay. Hey. Anya yeah oh. This. Is the main part oh and, what's next take the balls off this is the lamb shank, oh we're gonna mash the leg and, potatoes. And beans and peas a little, salt some salt. Here some. Pepper, this. Is so, beautiful that's gonna mash up yeah. So. All that lab meat is gonna get mashed up yeah. Lamb. Potato. What. Should be fat. And he's been making this for 60 years yes. Wow. Getting. So soft, yeah it's. Beautiful so. You just take the mass chef and add it to your bread yes and that's the lamb I crack up you, can either have onions, with it or greens, or some because let's, try it greens yeah, can I put it on or do I eat after you done do it both oh. Me, that's like an upgraded mashed potato, you've. Got lamb lamb. Pot tomato. And. They've got the freshness from the herbs this is a dream come true coming, to eat mmm in Iran. Thank, you, and. We are gonna keep. Moving. Mr.. Taster is bringing us four more and next up mr., taster, is taking us to the busiest. Restaurant in, Iran serving. Ten thousand. People per day one. Of the most famous foods, in the whole country the, saffron, butter. Infused, taching. Rice along. With the most incredibly. Sweet, and sour, cherry, chicken, rice. We're. Going even, deeper into. These market. These busy markets this Bazaar is just breathtakingly. Colorful, yeah rich. Soaked, with culture, and history and next up is the touch in yeah it's kind of cute it's. Plum. Excuse we're gonna taste in, Muslim, Muslim is one of the best restaurants, in Basel I know others are mr. Roscoe is. Nice. To meet you, Salaam. You. Smell these as soon as you walk in this is the koobideh you remember, could be day lamp about a bit larger. Size larger. Yeah Google a lamb kebab this is chicken kebab chicken, apart, or chicken, kebab and in the lab, baguette. And grilled, tomato oh. Okay. The. Iranian rice is so fragrant, you. Can smell it. Mister. Taster was telling us that it's fluffiest. And most, fragrant, rice in the world, oh. The. Lamb shank, lamb shank with onion. So what's this what's this called here, nahi, chair yeah and you know more eat you and you eat this with rice yes this, is amazing to see the. Action in this kitchen look at all and here comes the. Touching oh so this looks is chicken stew over. Top of the Iranian rice. Nice. Oh a, machine. Yeah. Oh. And. This is the take. It oh. That's. Burberry, and saffron-infused. Rice, on top right yes you can get it with that chicken stew yeah look at look at the chicken look at that. It. Looks like a curry almost yeah it smells like an onion, chicken, gravy, but this was just the beginning. Seeing, these stews, and tat, chains was, just a warm-up, for going upstairs, into, the real massive. Factory of, catching, production. And, the real magic is upstairs, yes we're gonna see how they make the time yeah yeah, exactly and. We're, going up. Salaam, Salaam. Be okay thank, you thank you so much. Thank. You look at this guy's it's. So busy, just look at this scene here we've got hundreds, of people eating, this catching. House, thousands. Thousands. Of people three. Levels of people, eating this touching you walk in here and you just smell this outside okay we're going all the way up here we go, up. The stairs oh. Oh. And. I love how these kebabs are just saturated. In saffron, water this, is insane, it's. A touching factory. Here it's. No aromatic. The first step for perch, on rice is just taking the water and then, cook, it with the steam it's already almost smells, buttery yeah exactly, oh so, fragrant. You are just nipping otherwise, oh and. Here it is oh. So. This is the cup rice, yeah, this is the cooked ours. Yeah. This. Is 13 and, it's so fluffy. This. Is the saffron yeah this is the supper look at the color there, saffron. Water just, going. And mixing it through. And. You can smell the butter that's so buttery, Wow. Butter. And saffron. Attached. In. The. Grand Bazaar. Look. At the color their.

Pottery. The. Light, I've. Never smelled something that. Aromatic. Oh. Burberry. Yeah. The, Burberry yeah it is yeah oh look, at the color, oh the, double layer yeah. Oh that's. Gonna be really delicious to try. It's. Truly amazing there - yeah -, see this the bars in the middle yeah the, butter yeah and the saffron water executive, this, whole kitchen, yeah and that was like saffron yeah and. Cabal so, I studied the squares exactly and, then yeah, and then, you eat this with chicken. Curry chicken. Joon. Papa gene, yeah that. Was written, and. It's going right in the oven how, long is this gonna bake for 35. Minutes 35, minutes, oh and yeah look. At the Versace, this, ready. Bubbling. It's. Sizzling. It's, like butter and saffron, on. Top. Of that already extremely, fragrant rice oh. So. They're all finished yeah no we can see the plating let's. Go, here. It starts so it's the steamed rice with. The chicken, onion. Secunia. Oh, an. Aubergine, a little, bit of and now the real touchy Oh. With. The barbary in the middle, and. Then here's the real magic, that. Is the barbary saffron. Rice and then. A little bit of butter on top just. Looks amazing. Here. We go we're. Gonna try that that team right. At, the source. Made. This you that I told you it's very famous in Iran all specialties. Yeah look at the color here so these are all Persian. Specialty. Yeah so we've got these look she. Can be cherry. And it's that chicken gravy, with the onion you and the staff craft of own exact and we've got saffron-infused right, yeah with pistachio, be stretching yeah oh and, then this is the real specialty, right exactly, this is tatin and on. Top saffron, and former. Is the statue you can see oh and, some a virgin here okay and I love how in the middle there's a layer of those barberries, exactly, and, it just smells like, butter, eggs and saffron, Cayman. Cayman is a kind, of various specialists, you like Ghormeh sabzi okay, it's the, two mainly. Raymond. And worm or something okay. The. Main excuse, that we cook every, single week so this is a lamb stew yes, Oh lamb with split pea exactly. With, lentil. And we've got potatoes. As well so lamb with lentil, yeah and chips, it's like a stew you just pour it over the rice just put it here like this look, at that hold. It here and then. Have it like this oh. My. God. It's. A little sour yeah, it is it is yeah it's like a sour lambs to everyda. Lime you know oh so, it's a little bit of citrus yes, now we should try this 13. Yeah so it's all about chickens, again you can have it depressed. Or like, a saffron sauce awful turmeric, turmeric kind of like Persian curry exactly. Because almost. 50, percent of uranium, food has got to terming so you take a little bit of the chicken we're very touchy 19, oh you're like a big place. Oh. My. God and the best part is probably the crispy outside exactly. Yeah and I love the color on there the barberries on top that's, just so buttery. Oh. It's. Mix, of flavors hmm. You can feel the statue, you can, feel the saffron, butter.

Barbary And, everything. Mixed together, it's. An art yes. A, little sour kill. Slightly. Yes because of the Barbary. Pirate yeah and, you saw how the making, it it's, amazing in mm-hmm, put, lots of rice together and, the saffron, going in the factory, it is a factory, yeah ten thousand people having. Lunch here every day. Every. Day every. Single day. Thank. You it's amazing, it's amazing. And. Now we've got chicken with cherries, that looks, unique yeah you've got the chicken you've got the cherry you've got the rose and you can just dig in yeah you just put it on your rice and then and then take a little rice with this oh, that. Looks, delicious look, at all the juice yeah I'm Juicin on it as well want to, attack. That. Is amazing, - that. Tastes like a a sour, cherry. Chicken. Gravy bug super, unique, for. This one and the Soron is coming from for berries keep, on coming from Cherie and. This one coming from lemon, and next, up before. Going with mr. taster, to try the most famous, dish in Iran, overlooking. Tehran we're, going to find the oldest, traditional. Tea house in the Grand Bazaar and next, up mr., tasters meeting back up with us in a couple hours for, a big Persian, feast and we are gonna continue exploring, the, Grand Bazaar here right up ahead we're, gonna go to a hundred-year-old Plus traditional. Persian, tea house and I think we're gonna try and find some saffron, tea, and we're just walking through the, spice market. You can see hundreds, of spices, fresh, and dried, fruits and we, are gonna be walking into this bizarre to, a local hundred, plus year old tea house and I can't get enough of the beauty, of this architecture. It's a place of ancient. History soaked. With culture, and the art is beautiful and, what do you think of Tara and so farting. It's people. Pretty nice and. ABC. How's, the food. Amazing. Right. Unique. Yeah it's unlike anywhere in the world and here we are hajjali. Darvish, t. How. Are you good. How are you here. -. Chaos in the war the, small I see us in the world yeah hundred, years ago, yes. Please. Kindness. Try, the kindness, lemon, saffron. And. Min mix, - them Salam. A G. Wow. Look at the color they're. Mint. Lemon. And saffron. Oh and, the rock sugar. Crystal. Sugar. Thank. You. Thank. You Hadji the. Kind of tea. And. That's what it's all about deep, in the bazaar of. Tehran, the old bazaar having. The kindness tea mint. Lemon, saffron. And. Just. Look at this ancient architecture, on the roof, absolutely, beautiful hundred, year old bazaar, let's finish this tea and, then go meet up with mr. taste and next up after driving, through Tehran, and up to the hills for our final, stop mr., tasters, taking us to try the most famous, dish in Iran, the, Ghormeh sabzi and, all. Overlooking. Downtown Tehran. And this whole city is so, beautiful. Next, up we are going back to meet up with mr. taster, again and just look at the color here. Tehran. Is so stunning, and we're gonna have. Another big meal let's. Go check it out and we are back with mr. taster. And. Finishing. Out the day going for one of the most famous dishes in Iran, yeah we, call it forma sabzi you, can't find it at home as well it's, really, nice wow this is cool. How are you think. Having, fun and. Here we are we're gonna go see the Ghormeh, sabzi Allah is the one of this complete nice to meet you nice to, meet you guys this was my very nice person, nice, to meet you a good friend of mine really. Happy to be here today and here we are this is the gourmet. Sorry, yeah the mobi sabzi has got parsley in it for in there lime and, onion. Ghormeh. Sabzi this is the most famous dish of Iran will do them you have one of them I've heard so much about it, and I'm looking forward to trying to reel me, let's go try it out let's, go here, it is yeah the. Gourmet we're, what's up here yeah the national, dish of you yeah. Oh there. Is with. Saffron rice yeah. The Ghormeh sabzi yeah it's. Beans parsley. We've, got a black, line so it's a little bit citrusy, it's derived lemon. Wow it smells really good, Korean there in the coriander, so this is Ghormeh sabzi and you put it over and, smell your own rice exactly, so we just scoop it onto our rice yeah, the Ghormeh sabzi we've got laminate, also this laminar as well and the, key, thing about forma, sabzi is to have a a bit part, in it as well oh, so.

This Is lamb and, herb. Stew. Means. If, the magic is to operon and this is the soul actually this. Is the Chola kebab could, be - yeah. We tried it yesterday, so till a kebab ground, up lamb with, pepper, exactly. Salt, and so much so take a bit lamb take, a little lamb and some. Vegetables. After and rub together and we, take the onion take the onion yeah just Oh take, take a bit take a couple layers yeah and this, for the after bite right yeah. Oh. Go Go. You. Can taste the herbs that is the most fair ball lamb stew and you're saying that the fat is important, lime is jujin. Coriander. Yeah I love how the saffron, is in the rice yeah it's everybody's and it's so fragrant. Wow oh. What. A beautiful scene looking out over the city yeah look. You. Guys can check out mr. taster, mr. Don taster, on Instagram thanks so much easing. Day it's a good day is amazing, yeah it's, our last day in Tehran, you're, gonna go to Lausanne there tomorrow, and have an awesome time yeah let's go thanks guys leave almond down below.

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Iran is AMAZING! Huge thanks to Mr. Taster for the AMAZING tour through Iran! Also big thank you to for helping arrange such a wonderful trip through Iran! Please leave me a comment down below, I would love to hear from you! Are you enjoying our Iran series? These videos are some of my favourite we’ve ever made, and there are still 7 more videos left! Make sure to hit that bell notification button too so you don’t miss any of these Iranian food tours! Thanks so much for watching and I hope you’re enjoying this series!!!

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Come on, stop exagerting, its just every day food. You could make the people feel unconfortable acting like its the best food ever, they would take is as sarkasm

I love your Ralph Lauren « Iran » t-shirt

14:40 me when I laugh with my own joke. and also 16:25 - 16:55 me when I'm out of place with a bunch of people.

I like Mr.Taster. He seems a very nice guy. He is so nice that he said "YEAH" 128 time & "Exactly" 18 times. What a bud.

Just in case you want to check it out. I'll just leave this here. Yeah 0:08 0:10 1:23 1:37 1:41 1:55 1:58 2:04 2:05 2:07 2:51 2:52 3:00 3:26 3:27 3:30 3:33 3:51 3:53 4:10 4:17 4:18 4:40 4:44 4:47 4:53 5:08 5:15 5:18 5:23 5:55 5:50 5:33 6:00 6:08 6:23 6:25 6:35 6:37 7:30 7:35 7:40 8:10 8:15 8:16 8:38 8:49 8:58 9:01 9:08 9:13 9:31 9:33 9:55 10:00 10:27 10:36 10:43 10:50 11:21 11:22 11:31 11:33 11:34 11:36 11:42 11:46 11:48: 11:49 11:53 11:55 11:59 12:05 12:12 12:23 12:27 12:29 12:37 12:39 12:46 12:47 13:06 13:20 13:30 13:34 13:40 13:42 13:43 13:45 14:20 14:17 14:30 14:53 15:07 15:09 15:10 15:17 15:19 15:49 15:59 16:06 16:13 16:17 16:25 16:42 19:52 20:14 20:23 20:30 20:33 20:35 20:40 20:42 20:58 21:10 21:12 21:20 21:35 21:37 21:38 21:46 22:02 22:05 22:07 22:12 22:14 22:24 22:30 Exactly 6:30 6:48 9:34 10:28 11:51 11:58 11:23 12:32 13:42 13:48 14:00 14:03 14:22 15:01 15:17 16:44 20:55 21:25

Now I see where Mr taster got that Persian belly from

Bro you can visit georgia

Love from india may Allah bless all poor people ♥️

Love Iran from Pakistan ❤️

Oh safron!! Here in our country it is so expensive things

Really genuine people, their food looks delicious. I really hope Iran can find peace in the world.

Tahchin without yogurt?

Someone know the name of the song in beginning?

Great video ! My Mom and Dad used to make all of these dishes. Im getting hungry.

Me: eat with the bread Mr taster: exactly

Why i cant go to UAE OR SAUDI if i came from IRAN... these arab countries choke each other

Love ❤ Iran from Pakistan

Mr taster showing Trevor the old man foods

Best escort of all ur food blog Mr. TASTER such a amazing personality full of respect charm and lovely and food is bestest. Thankyou trevor to show beautiful ppl & food in iran.

koik@Atif Gurmani

@Peshawar Food Secrets immmmskl

@antu dhar nnnm

We wish you to come to Iraq, especially in the south, you will see that there are delicious and very beautiful food and good people as well

Mr. for the meal Sabzi is an Iraqi and not Iranian food we make it in southern Iraq, especially in the city of Basra, we make it the best of what appeared in the video

Lots of love from India... Amazing hospitality of Iranian people and good food.. Excellent vlogs.

That's the beauty of our Iranian brothers! Long live Iran..... love from Pakistan

the guy looks like angry kid

Amazing food.. Amazing people. Love from Pakistan

wow iran cuisine is just beautiful and friendly people too... i never expected this. I just hope the WEST + IRAN will get along PEACEFULLY :)

I gone to iran and what the western media and refuges talked back about their country is totally different view of what I discovered. Iranian are so friendly and helpful and rich in culture and history, their food is amazing. My advice is to go and discover it, don't believe the media. Regardless of saying is unsafe and dangerous, just don't believe it. It was more safer than streets of London.

Why Iranian ladies are so exquisite charming gorgeous lovely stunning beautiful??

That carpet will only cost 100 dollar in Pakistan.Its not cheap man.

Iranian food is amazing

Türkiye den bu video ya bakanlara mesajım.. Bu genç adamı 2 yıldır takip ediyorum.. 3 milyon takipçisinden biriyim. Hem Kanadalı hemde onlarca ülkeyi gezip tanıtıyor. Türkiyede İstanbul da bir mantı koydular önüne ben utandım. Türkiye için hiç te iyi olmadı. Yerel olanı değil sahte olan yerleri gezdirdi birisi. Emeğe kişiye olmasa bile ülkeye saygı için şu kıvırcık kırmızılı iran lının içtenliginin 4/1 i olsun gösterilmeliydi. Sanada selamlar Food Ranger Man. Es Selamun Aleyküm...

Masha ALLAH. Iran has great food.


Love it

The best guy hahahahahaahoohoohooho

Assalamualaikum Mr. Rangers, I suggest you for coming in indonesia or exactly makassar city you can trip many type food this place

16:51 This is not normal Cherry

loving your Iran tour.

I am so hungry

Nice and delicious foods in iran


Can you come to Saudi Arabia Riyadh


Mr taster tried to make out with the food ranger

so beautiful city and so nice food(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Iranian Foods are the most delicious foods in the world. I have tried all countries' foods. BELIEVE ME. and this nice guy gives a fantastic presentation in every country he goes. Good job.

what a con artist that guy is, $3,000 rugs is cheap.

it would be nice to mention the word Bazaar in English is actually a Persian word.

When will you guys introduce ZhongShan(中山) GuangDong , CHINA ?


Bangsa yahudi menging Kari nabi musa

I love it ! because everything is authentic (not like UAE) ... we breathe the history and soul of places Greeting from France to iran Ps : ispahan and chiraz is one of the most beautiful place on this planet so beautiful that we do not want to leave

Nobody: Trevor: Mmmmmmmmhhhhmmmmmm

That Danny Devito's son?

Just to keep in mind, the price tags are cheap because you’re eating at bazaar (downtown), if you go to uptown or higher class area you would’ve probably paying much higher than that,

Good stuff, awesome host and incredible people, the food looks extremely delicious and mouth watering. Thanks for sharing Travis

fluffiest rice in the world unless you travel the planet you cant claim it is so in your world ok

The old man touched my heart. He was so happy to host and serve his food. Love the respect for elders and culture.

I luv your tour guide, such a jolly guy.

Wish I can laugh like Mister Taster all the time!

Great food. Great culture. Great hospitality! Genuine Smiles!

Tell them you are a Jew and see what they do

There are Iranian Jews living in Iran peacefully since ancient times. Stop spreading bs

Welcome to Iran Hope you enjoy Iran and have fun

glad to hear that you had good time in iran

Selam to Iran from Turkey..

از کی تا حالا چلوکباب رو بدون قاشق چنگال میخورن؟

I tried to eat gormeh sabzi but it has a different smell and a bland taste. Some Iranians in Germany made it for me but I m Pakistani basically so it wasn't working for

Ohhhmmm aaaaa ohhhooommm

Good good


That guy looked like a meme

Make your home ready for Holidays!

Wonderful people and great cooks. Love to be able to taste all this great food.

Chu chu silicon nipple

This is clearly YouTube propaganda I do not like Islamic food I do not like how they eat their food I do not like their culture it is theirs and I have mine stop trying to make me like eating on the floor with my hands

@Threat Assessment so you think eating on the floor is correlated to wanting to live in European societies? Look at the historical context of destabilization to these "floor eaters". Also, many Europeans eat on the floor too, hence "picnics" on rugs or villagers.

@TabbyAngel2 But why do all the people that eat on the floor want to live in European societies

Everyone ate on the floor before, even European societies. Also, Iranians eat on tables too, eating on the floor is one style. Additionally, this is not Islamic culture. Iranian culture is richer and much older than Islamic culture. Expand your knowledge instead of reiterating what the media tells you to believe.

Big love from Bishkek ,Kyrgyzstan

Taste of Iran man very funny and laughing Calgary, Canada...Dosa

I was suffering looking at these delicious food when I was hungry

...amazing cheap price of the food...

Aslaam o alaikum to my Iranian brothers and sisters. Love from a British Pakistani.

I think itis the best food tour i ever seen, Good job Tever, Keep searching for more delicious foods.

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