Street Food in Oaxaca - CHEESE CORN CHAMPION and Mexican Meat Alley Tour in Mexico!

Street Food in Oaxaca - CHEESE CORN CHAMPION and Mexican Meat Alley Tour in Mexico!

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This. Is the definition of a meat sauna this is an ultimate, PS dine hair it's just a party, in the middle of the morning a meat, party on the action, the energy, in here, a meat, love is out of control. Good, morning, I hope you're having an amazing day it's mark Wiens I am in Oaxaca, City then Oaxaca is known for having some of the best one. Of the ultimate food cultures, in all of Mexico so I'm I'm, thrilled to be here we're, gonna walk around today we're gonna visit some, local markets, we're gonna eat some amazing, while Hakan food we're gonna visit some attractions, we have one full day in Oaxaca, City we're gonna make the most of it and I'm gonna share it all with you in this video right now. Mixes. It up twirling. That stick oh man this is a frothy. Bubbly, cup of fresh hot chocolate, Oaxacan, style. We. Decided to try a tamil de Molay and it's. It's. Steamed in a corn husk. There's, the masa and then there's that you can see the mold underneath okay let's try this. Hoo-ha. I love how that's just stuffed, it's just packed it's just oozing with mullet and you. Can taste the dry chilies, in there you, can taste a little. Bit of a chocolatey flavor and then it's all wrapped up within that cornmeal, I need, a sip of hot chocolate after that oh. We. Are off to an amazing start that was just my first bite and my first beverage, of the day in Oaxaca, and it was fantastic oh that's. That's making me excited. We. Need the bunny hat oh. That. Hits the spot in the morning that's. Wonderful yeah, my. Cup. It's. 8 a.m. right now and we're starting off this morning at medicago Havas nose which is the biggest, the largest market in Oaxaca City it's absolutely. Gigantic, you can find everything here from fresh vegetables, and seafood. All lots and lots of seafood to fruit. Also. You're gonna also find a lot of precooked food here that we're gonna eat for breakfast. You. Need a new pair of underwear if you need a pet if you need fruits, and vegetables, this is the market to come to oh we're coming to the food section right now. Some. Of the stalls are still opening because they I think they open around 8 or 9 this whole entire market but this stall back here is just absolutely packed, it's called coma daughter Lupita, I'm not even totally sure what they serve yet but there are a lot of people here you. Know it's gonna be delicious so we're gonna stop here to eat whatever they serve. Shrimp. Soup or fish soup. Put. A ball of masa in the what. Is, that called a flattener, and then they they, flatten it into a tortilla, and then the tortillas go on to the kamala which is a hot stone, and then they just bubble, up so we got fresh tortillas, here we got the caldo and. Yeah we got caldo de pescado which is with fish a fish soup and then call though they come our own which is the the. Shrimp soup for the caldo de pescado it comes with a whole fish just overflowing. Over the bowl I'm just gonna taste that broth first before I add. Some seasoning. It's. A little bit tomato you can taste some herb in there and then. You do tell you taste the full effect, of the fish that's a little bit fishy I'm gonna squeeze in some lime. Then. They also have some onions and peppers, and cilantro which, is all communal which you can add to your soup I'm, gonna add a bunch of onions and peppers and cilantro oh yeah, this is gonna be, amazing. And then also some cilantro. Okay. And then for this bite I got to go into the fish oh, yeah. I'm not sure what type of fish this is but it's a whole fish in here look at all that meat on the side oh. Well. That's hot. Mm-hmm. Oh the. Fish is awesome, hmm. It's. Really like silky, and texture actually. The, broth tastes a little bit seafood you but the fish is very like pure very clean, not. Fishy tasting at all I can't wait to try one of these fresh tortillas and I think the easiest, thing to do is, to just roll it up and you kind of eat it like bread on the side.

It's. A little of the tortilla is a little bit on the drier side you, can taste the fresh corn actually. It only tastes like pure corn and, then we just look water in it it's good it doesn't taste like oily, whatsoever. Okay one more addition to the soup that I I didn't know they even had on the table is this salsa I gotta add some. Yeah. This, market no, I had no clue where to come here we're just gonna walk around and see whatever looks busy oh. Well. That's also is nice a little, bit sour, green. Chilies which are I think they're roasted, invasive. Smoky flavor to them. This. Is a very soothing very warming, dish to eat in the morning I'm, loving, it next I'm moving over for that coming on which is the shrimp squeeze. In a little more lime. Okay. Take a look at this this is the same suitcase but full of big, shrimp with the head on full shrimp. Just. So. I'll actually just take this guy with my my. Fingers, pluck. Off that head. Yeah, that's a good that's, a good fresh shrimp let me follow with some of the soup. This. Is yeah this is a wonderful dish. Just, about a tortilla. Both, of those soups are excellent just depending if you want and they taste the same it just depends if you want shrimp or if you want fish I like, them both, probably. I like the fish there it's a little more more. Meaty. Yes. We'll. Just ask yes, one. More thing that I had to try is their coffee because, of how they serve it and this is a they, serve it with a spoon they serve it in a clay cup. He can smell the that, coffee, in there and then you can also really smell chocolate in there it's okay to pick this up right. It's. Very light, it's, not like a strong copy it's a very very light copy almost like a like. You're just drinking hot water with a little hot water with a little bit of coffee flavor and then a little bit of a chocolate flavor but it's I, mean. You can't think of it like an espresso, or, like a like. A strong. Coffee and what's also cool is that you can see your reflection in, this bowl of coffee if, you look down you could use it like a mirror can. You see my face down there. This. Is a massive, play cup of coffee I'm gonna be peeing like crazy, in about an hour but. This is a great, place they're really friendly very, popular, local place for breakfast and yeah. That just hit the spot it's you know it's it's like very, warm and soothing it's comforting. That's what you need in the morning. And. I'm loving the produce here there's so many different types of chilies lots, of fruit the passion fruit is gorgeous there are mangos, there. Are berries. There's. A lot, of interesting. And unique herbs, and, vegetables here and especially things that look like they're kind of wild foraged, vegetables. This. Is a great market. One. Of the things that I noticed just walking around the market especially the vegetable and fruit section is that they have a lot of both tropical. Fruits and vegetables, as, well as more. Like dry. Arid. Climate. Fruits and vegetables so it's a it's a huge mix of such a diversity, of fruits. And vegetables and that's, why I mean, that's part of what makes Oaxacan, cuisine so, diverse. This. Is my kind of a market there's an entire Lane that's just garlic there's, so much garlic there's just an abundance of everything actually in this market. Sorry. So, Murray. You. Were. Just completely lost within this network within, this labyrinth, of a market but, we could see the smoke pouring, out of this stalls and we knew it was a place we needed to stop for our next thing to eat. She. Works so fast but you could tell she loves what she does I, can't.

Wait I can't wait to try it and this also just, insane. Infused, mortars, stone mortars. Yes. I. Feel. Man. We. Talked earlier with that. Which. Was best yes in, order to make our mamela what she does is she first pounds the the, masa she finds the masa then it grills over the hot metal. Plate, which is sitting over charcoal and we got the one with meat so she takes a really thin strip of meat she, puts it into a little girl who sticks it underneath the, hot plate which is where the coals are burning so that roasts, until it looks like charred, slightly. Charred then. She adds on something called asiento which is I explained, to us is sort of like a pig, it's a lard a pork lard. Spreads. That on then, she had some of the salsa and this giant. Salsa. Stone. Bull stone, mortar, and, then after that she sprinkles on some Kissel which is cheese and then finally, we got that piece of meat all on top it's so hot it's, so fresh okay. Carlos you ready ready, do it yeah these are so juicy they're just dripping with salsa. Mm-hmm. All. That is insane. Fellows. Pozzolan. Good. It's. So good it's, you can really, taste that salt sign there which. Is like very smoky, a little bit spicy where'd. It go muy. Muy. Rico. That's. Just outstanding definitely, my favorite part of that entire mamela, is that, salsa the, complexity, of flavor in that salsa will, blow your mind. Wow. I'm. So happy right now while that was absolutely. Phenomenal, so. Flavorful I. Absolutely. Loved it and she's so friendly she's so nice, she's still carrying she she, all. Men what, a wonderful, lady I have no idea how I can explain where, this stall is it's. Somewhere, and those within the thick. Of the market you just got to walk around but you'll find little gems like that without a doubt, what. A market, this is a place you have to visit when you're in Oaxaca City this, is the type of market I could literally just hang, out for the entire day just explore, walk around see new things and, eat but. We have a lot more to do today so we got to move on and we're gonna head to the center of the city now. The. Weather is actually perfect, today and it's. Actually not that far to a zocalo which is the central El Centro so. We're just walking over there and we're about to reach the old town. We. Cannot make it very far in oaxaca without finding more food the food here is so good, so she is she, has this giant pot. Of slow. Bubbling, pork and pig parts, which, is carnitas, and they're, just braising, in their juices, she. Right, as we were walking past she pulled out the bubbling. Heart and, Carlos. And I decided that we needed to have a quick taco before, we continue on we cannot make it far she, chopped up the heart and he added it into the tortilla and then he added some guacamole some. Some. Cilantro, and maybe a little bit of salsa and maybe, that's some green salsa as well. Hmm. Well, that's delicious, heart. Is so tender it's, not even irony at all and then that buckle motor in there there's. A little bit of salsa, and. The cilantro comes in nicely. Mmm. Heart. It's. So tender, it's. Not even like you, know heart can sometimes be a little, crumbly. And dry, that. Is so moist which is yes, yes. Wow. That was superb. It's, so. That. Was one of those impulse, food. Food. Purchases. That there was just absolutely, no way we, were gonna pass by on the sidewalk without tasting that we, had to okay, we're on our way to a zocalo now oh there's just so much food okay we can't stop we, can't stop we got to keep on moving, but. I want to so I want to stop so badly there's. So much good food it's it's endless. We're. Almost to the center, but. We came into a. Huge. Protest, many, of them are doctors and nurses. I think, protesting, some kind of a health. Issue but we're, gonna just kind of walk along with them to the center, there and then visit the the, main plaza of Oaxaca. City. It, looks like the entire city of Oaxaca has gathered, in the center there and it's so busy that we don't even I think we're gonna avoid, it right now maybe, we'll have a chance to come back later today but. Instead we're gonna go eat some more at another market which is a very very well known market especially for the girl meat this, is the place I was, looking for it I've been looking forward to coming for years. Welcome. To Mercado veinte de noviembre, which is also known as the grilled meat alley of Oaxaca, there's. So much meat here you choose your meat big gorillas for you fresh this, is the place for meat lovers that's for sure. We are completo. Gracias. Save all your feet. If. There is a senior at work sistema. De Puerco enchilada, enchilada. There's, about 40, or 50 or maybe more stalls with, an assortment of different meat, and I think they all pretty much have the same things, there's beefsteak there's pork steak there's long.

On Each other's the sausages. There's some other things you finally, you just got to choose one of the stalls we, went with a very friendly lady she offered us the whole mixed plate so we got the mixed plate what, they do is they weigh it all out and I love, my, favorite part of the entire process, was how she takes the meat and she just kind of lightly tosses. It onto the grill Chuck's it onto, the grill it lands perfectly onto the grill then, they grill everything up in a cloud of smoke, over just blaming, hot charcoal, this, entire, alley is, a meat paradise this is the definition of a meat sauna. But, dr. Diaz. Yes. We're. Taking our tray of meat down. The alley oh man it's just there's. This just filled with meat smoke all over the place and. We're, going to the vegetable section I think it's, a little confusing and hectic in here and I love it. We. Got a table at the back of the market now and they serve you just the entire, tray. It's an entire basket. Of meet with the copias we, got some sauce has to go with it and we, got some red paper to eat off the, meat aroma, is within this hall well just your. Mouth will immediately start them to water okay, I'm gonna try a piece of that beef first. Wow. Well I told. Actions in towards. Salty, bitch. It's tender but you feel the, texture. Of the meat the stringiness, of that deep pink. Piece now it's been billed over such a hot charcoal fire has, such a smokiness to it and. With that saltiness, that gives out that, produces such an incredible, meat, umami. That's, absolutely, stunning. I love, those roasted vegetables, to go with the meat. I love, the roasted peppers do this, is an ultimate, PS dine here it's just a party, in, the middle of the morning a meat, party, all. The action, that energy, in here of, meat love is out of control okay next up this is a marinated, pork and, she said it's in a chili, marinade. I love. That Mary, a. Little. Bit on the dryer like. Gross insider. You. Can pay some dried chilies in there you, can taste it already sour maybe from lime juice. And. Next up I'm gonna try the longganisa which is the sausage that she grilled when she was growing that you could just see the flames shooting up because of all that juicy, fattiness. Coming. Out as it, was grilling okay I'm gonna put that on you saying do a little bit of yeah, add some of that salsa with it's. Like a pico de gallo salsa with, tomatoes. And chilies and onions. It's just meat after meat tough, deliciousness. That, sausage is so smoky. Those onions are so sweet. They. Seneca Bart, there's. One more left here I, found. One. That's so smoky. It's a little bit chewy, but. That releases, so much juicy, flavor yeah. I love it dozens and dozens are awesome. We, are now walking out. Into the. Market sort of opens up what wants to get out of meat alley and, they, have a lot, more food, all. This place is amazing. There's, still so, much amazing food to eat at the market but we're, getting kind of full so we're gonna take a break we're gonna walk around we're gonna go back, to the main, plaza and to the a couple of churches and then after that hopefully we'll we'll, eat some more we've, only been walking around for half the day so far and already, this, Mexican, food tour of Oaxaca the, city has been outstanding, I, I love, the city people are friendly the food is incredible. The culture, it's it's such a food based culture. We.

Walked Back over to a zoo kala wastages, this is the main public, square, Plaza of Oaxaca. City and, today, yet still it's still bustling. From the protest but. Things have quieted. Down a little bit people are are wandering. Off but it even, even if there's not a protest here it's still a bustling. Public, space in Oaxaca just an overall very pleasant, area. We're. Walking up the walking Street towards the mountains you can see all the mountains in the background and we. Are walking, towards, Santo, Domingo. This. Entire Plaza Santo, Domingo it's act, it's an incredibly. Beautiful part, of Oaxaca you, can come here just to relax sit on the walls of, the of the, plaza the. Church. The, architecture. Is gorgeous, it's. It's, calm they, have the whole Oaxaca, sign here you can take your your, photos, but. It's a beautiful. Place is a great place to to, spend some time when, you are full after eating a lot of food and take a little break before your next meal when you're in Oaxaca, we're walking out of Old Town and we're on our way to go eat at its it's a restaurant that serves a very famous Oaxacan, dish. Okay. You'll see what it is. This. Is the spot and I think they just opened, but uh I'm. Gonna see us when I was - database oh. Yeah. It's really quiet right now but I think it will really get packed in the night but we're gonna have other plans tonight so we're we're. Here as soon as they open which I'm okay with. Tyla. You des are one of the ultimate snack, foods in oaxaca put, on a thin, layer of beans, and, then, after, that she adds on some cabbage and then the, famous Oaxacan, cheese which, is like a mozzarella, string, cheese and she really strips, it into thin, strips but puts a lot of cheese on the inside then, it goes over the hot coals and, so it grills but. You can smell like that very, fast, kind of almost burning. Aroma. To it but they keep flipping it so that it doesn't burn but that cheese starts to melt and I'll mingle together and. Then you can order it with your variety. Of different meats which. Then they also grill over the really hot fire and and they put it all together on a plate, so. We got some fresh tell you guys to try right now I. Think. They're all the same on the inside but then they just come with different meats on the top this one is the marinated, pork but. Yeah you can see these are pretty huge, and they're folded up it comes with some garnishes there's. Some salsas and some onions on the side as well that's pretty heavy you can really smell the burnt like roasted, flavor of this because they keep it on such a hot fire but they just keep flipping it we got it we got to take a look inside oh. Yeah. Look at all of that oh there's. So much cheese that's, like a giant mouth opening, full of cheese. That, cheese is so. Elasticy, and. Does. Have an amazing like roasted, fire aroma, to it you. Can taste the crunchy, cabbage in there the beans sort of give it some creamy. Richness and. Then. That's. Just delicious. Okay. And let me let me add on some of the salsas, and a squeeze of lime, and, also. You got to have some of those onions, on here but, some it.

Kind Of look like pickled onions okay. Let me pick this whole thing up again. Oh. Mmm. Oh. That. Really enhances, it they become oily the squeeze of lime to make it sour the onions I think that's the touch it needed for me because it was lacking, that like sour acidic. Touch to it some of this garnish I don't, know what this is. Mmm. Slightly, oniony, but without the like, a grassy, tasting onion I think this is the same meat that we just ate an entire platter, of oh. Yes. It is we got three different types but really they're all exactly. The same the only thing is different is, the topping of meat so. It, kind of really doesn't matter which version, you get I like how the cheese I mean the cheese is not too salty they, use a lot of cheese so you think it's gonna be really rich and really salty but actually the cheese is kind of light not, too salty it. Has a nice rubber in is rubbery, elasticity. To it. From. Here we're gonna jump in a taxi, and we're it's, a little ride away we're gonna go to a place called Monday Albin. There. It is this, site monte, albán is on the 20 pesos Mexican, note, it's at the top of the mountain it overlooks, the valley and you can see all of Oaxaca, it was a pretty nice drive to get here and I was just reading that it is the, largest. Pre-hispanic. City, in the Oaxaca region something, else that's very fascinating about this site is that it's the first urban planned, city so. Actually where they took time to plan the entire city out and the different, buildings. The. Everything, is planned this is the first urban planned city in the, Americas so, it says this is the main plaza. And. It dates back to around. Around. 500, to 800 AD. And. It's a 40, meter wide. Stairway. Okay I'm climbing up. It's, 5:00 p.m. that's when they closed I wasn't. Really sure what to expect when we came here but it was well worth a visit and what I like is that you're, able to climb up some of the ruins get the view of the whole city that, was great. No. Okay we're. On our way back to Centro now. You, just gotta love the quality of those speakers, that. Music, we made it back to a zocalo which is the center and it's. Perfect. It's it's it's it's in the evening this is the time when people are out and about when they're hanging out when they're walking around and we. Came here actually last night just to walk around I wasn't, filming but we stumbled into this stall where they're making it look this and lattes. It's corn, with lots of toppings it's one, of the most common, street food snacks, and you'll find it all over like in, the evening it's all over the place you'll find it everywhere but, this guy he, has the longest line of any it. Looked as cart. In the entire city and then we asked some of the people standing in line last night Hawaii hi and they said it's because of his style. Using. Minutes I. Would. Make a guest to say that he probably has, the most skill, in the entire world at, seasoning. A cob. Of corn he. Just flies, as, Mike allowed to taste it nope, sorry. Micah you can't taste this because it's there's, lots of different chili sauces on it and a lot of mayonnaise so I think Micah will just have to watch, this one but it's it's. It, looks beautiful it's, just covered in so many things this has to be the fanciest, corn. On the cob I've ever had in my life. All. Its, young corn so it's really soft and tender and juicy full, of mayonnaise there's so much mayonnaise on it then you've got the cheese which is, really. Finely, shredded you've, got all those different chilies which are kind of salty the, lime juice on there comes in really nicely and, then yeah. Just those mix of chilies. So, good. And you'll see like so many people walking. Around eating this at this time, another. Thing that I just love about him is how. You. Know he sells something that's so common. That's. So typical, yeah. He does it with such style he takes such pride in what he does and I fully respect that and I'm fully willing to wait in line and take such pride in what he does I. Think. I got a little manners up my nose. It's, been a very long day but we have there's one more thing that we have to eat to make this day complete, in Oaxaca. We. Are back at mercado venta, de noviembre, for one last plate of food on the opposite side of the market from the meat hall you'll find, it's.

Kind Of a big food court area where you'll find all sorts of local Hakan food this, is a great environment, and actually a lot of themselves are starting to close because they're mostly I think their most popular at lunch but. You can come here to get your plates, of more they rock, in style and, yeah. We're gonna try a couple different ones right now starting, off with its male Negro organized yes and it. Is this. Is one of the ultimate dishes. Of Oaxaca, it's yeah. It's probably when I mean, it's edition you absolutely, cannot miss they're famous for male here and it's, an exquisite, blend of spices there, no there's nuts in the sauce. I think, what the male Negro there's also some chocolate, that, aroma is insane, you can smell those red chilies such a dark rich like chocolatey, looking sauce. It, has a little bit of a sweetness to it but, then you can taste like the rich like smoky. Like. Blackened, like. Slight bitter, II flavor, to it you can taste all those chilies in there they're. Like nuttiness, of it it's. Such a complexity, of flavor. A great, way to end the day Carlos, and I are splitting the male Negro and the male Rojas so this is the red. Male. Version, which. I don't think it includes chocolate, or, some about their spices it's a totally actually totally different blend of spices and mixture, exactly. Some of the rice. Mmm, that's like totally different. It's. More on the saltier. Without. Being sweet at all, I. Really. Like it it's almost like a hurry it's, almost like a curry sauce we've come to the end of the day I'm, running on my last steam but I have a little bit more energy now after that male that final final plate all that was delicious I like, both both, versions actually we're fantastic. We only had one full day in Oaxaca City so we wanted to make the most of it I think. It was a an, amazing. Success, I'm, very, very, happy and that was some amazing food and I'll, leave all the information of, what we did and things we ate in the description, box below so you can check all that out and I want to say a huge thank you for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up also remember, to subscribe I'm, going to be publishing lots more food and travel videos and click the little bell icon so you get notified of all future videos, goodnight.

From Oaxaca, thanks, again for watching and I will see you on the next video.

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Go to El Salvador, you are such an awesome food blogger so passionate and respectful to each culture and gastronomy. Keep the awesome work!!

mark! You need to visit Veracruz !

Gross, wall plz

thank you for visiting Oaxaca! My wife has relatives that live there and one day soon she wants to take me with her to visit Oaxaca. So much great food you tried out there. Oh & my wife can make some pretty delicious tlayuda too. Awesome video Mark!

Wait this isn’t the food ranger

Loved the video

I've been watching your videos for a long time but what you said @ 6:13 finally made me sub lol...

Visit that place

Mexico Lindo y sabroso....

That guy at 3:20 looked pretty pissed

I hope you will come to Vietnam where have a lot of delicious food.

Brave af eating that sea food tho.

Why is mark always making such odd facial expressions? Is he a recovering crack addict?

It would be a bad idea to give a thumbs up there.

You following the Food Ranger around?

Feel bad for Micah

The food looks absolutely terrible.i watch every video mark puts up and don't get me wrong I enjoy all of them.this one just felt false trying to make out the food was one stage he added four different sauces onions so on just to make it tasty.please keep it real mark .if it's good say it,if it's bad say it.dont bullshit it's embarrassing .

Is there anything you don't like ? Just wondering, love watching your vids.

Joey D Mark has mentioned a number of times that sweet (sugary) foods are not his favorite :)

8:36 why they gotta do the turkeys like that though at least let them be comfortable

Mark que paso man???

Mark Ying and Micha thanks for traveling to Mexico so wonderful to see different cultures and food amazing such a gift !!

Oh man, Micah's face when you were eating that elote was the funniest thing!! He wanted that corn!

Non veg on Street yewww...

Mexico is so cheap....

Why do u eat lot of non veg i mean does not it hurt u.....

Mark, when you're in Fullerton, CA. Please mother makes the best mole. She uses less than 8 ingredients and everyone loves it. On the house Mark. Take it or leave it. And this one is spicy, with great rice. Rice you have never tasted...IM new to this YouTube commenting, but if you want to come to California, and taste some great mole, pm me.

this mexican music tho...

Mark i have so enjoyed your Mexico trip. My husband is from Mexico it made me want to go visit. Have you ever tried SONORA NAYARIT OR QUADULAHARA. One chef visited the wine country near baja and the boarder of use mex it was wonderful it was a beautiful place.

Hi mark great job again...Hi ying how r my bumbelbee how he was waithing that corn

Im so jealous xD. Im living in spain but all food here is not like that food. Most of it has no taste and just simple. That will not satisfy your taste.

When are u coming in india

You and the food ranger need to make a video together plz

Mark, you're a great friend. You travel the world showing everything from the simplest to the most complex of each culture. You wait some day for Peru. Keep enjoying!

The pork.u ate is adobada lol

Mark Please help us Vegans by dedicating 3 minutes of the video for vegan friendly food and places.


Mark Wiens and Trevor James were uploading Mexican foods all together. Were you both in South America at the same time?

yes! the best food in the world, you are the best mexico

Can you shove anymore into your mouth

so cute the baby so big now i miss watching you guys

tlayudas are dope, excellent video, that's the way to enjoy real oaxacan food, if anybody reads this I assure you oaxaca is worth to visit!!!!!

5555 Micah soo cute and he wants to eat too.

chale Mark Wiens un honor de que visites nuestro pais muchas gracias amigooooo

Whats the worst thing youve ever eaten Mark?

Mark you look stoned at the end of the video... perhaps smoked some special Wahakkas before bed??

Ohh so hot!!! Lol

I will kill u if I found u somewhere u asshole

U fucker will always give same reaction u motherfucker

7:30 Mmmmmm; had to pause the video to go make coffee. The soups with the shrimp or fish looked delicious. I'll skip the cilantro, though -- it tastes like soap to me.

Aww! Mika wanted some elote

Amazing Mark!Love your videos makes me wanna go back and live in Mexico

The pork heart in the taco will probably give me gout, but I will eat it anyway:-)  Looks yummy!

Rezetas zapotecas unicas en el mundo

always like it & love it.

What a great place, wonderful food.

Food Ranger is also in Oaxaca

It's about time you went to Mexico mark :)


Haha looks so cool

The ways you describe the foods when you eat really makes me hungry

Nice video, but i think you can find better mexican food in southern california...also I think they call that sausage chorizo not longanisa.

Good job mark, me suscribo.


Bro i m from India I like your channel And your face voice also


Lets make this video go trending

Thank you very good video awesome food love it

Mole Negro is a realy new term of Mexican Food, it is not a taco/tortilla base!! OOh finally the questions is answered. I was thingking where is the food without taco or tortilla base. Good Job Mark

Poor Miccah ...

Excellent video mark !

Dude I'm ready to head there first thing in the morning. WOW. Set me up with a place to stay. I might not ever leave.

Mica at 32:24 is so adorable.  His look is priceless, like "I know you are not going to eat this corn and not offer me any dad". He even dribbles a little with his cute wittle self.  Bless you and your family Mark.  Great video as always.

Looked like he was about to do a line when he pulled out that bill lol

Thank you for this video Mark!! Love your channel so much! :D

Love Mark, Ying, and Micah!!!

Made me drool omg love Mexican food...

The fish soup looked awesome but I think the tortilla was meant to be dipped in the soup my opinion

I loved this video and your enthusiasm for Mexican cuisine, culture and our people.

While the food seems nice, there is so little diversity, everything can be explained between some salsa and tortilla

This is real authentic Mexican food..! I miss my hometown man

cute Micah!

Did you know how mexican eating?

Sshhhh wero 17:05

3:18 man those ladys are hounding him to buy something

I am amazed that food in Mexico is cheap. I wish i can get those fresh garlic.

Woooo donde entra tanta comida

I don’t think he likes Mexican food quite the way he does with Asian food. He doesn’t do the right head turn or quite the same expressions. But I absolutely love how he honors tradition. I have to agree on Asian food though and I’m of Mexican descent.

Wow..i absolutely love all your videos this one

Hey Mark I’m from Mexico and I enjoy watching your videos and I’m glad you get to show the culture and the food of my country. I’m planning a trip to Seoul and any advise you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Cheers buddy!!

U know he’s legit when the sauce stains are worn proudly like medals, except on the chin

micah’s face

They ripped him off on the tortillas de maíz 20 pesos for ten tortilllas señora aprovechada

I’m full and this makes me want to eat

Viva México

That elote

That elote dude always has a line! I had his elote the other day, cant get enough of it!

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Everything looks delicious.

I was wondering if you could do a video how to stay positive with tips and all! Thank you and I love your videos

I started watching your videos now that you went out with Lalo Villar in the Giant hot dogs and the truth is a pleasure to see a person who comes to our country and enjoys the food as you enjoyed it is a pleasure to see you smile and it is a pleasure to see you enjoy Each dish What tests of our country returns soon I hope you can visit the city of Guadalajara we wait for you with a lot of gastronomy and a lot for the tourist it is a pleasure of truth it makes me happy as a Mexican to see people who enjoy my land as much as you


Those tamales

Tan flaco y como come!!! Nice video.


Everything you eat looks delicious

Is the first time i see your videos. I like it a lot. I am very surprised you put a lot of salsa even more than me and i am mexican! Great video.

So Mark should open a new section on pornhub; trying food faces...

MARK: Is Micah allowed to taste it? YING: -NO. MARK: Sorry Micah you can't taste this. -awww poor Micah... don't worry, after a few years, you can join your dad eating spicy food.

Le hubieras comprado un elote a tu bebé, se ve que se le antojó

I love ur channel iv subed and can watch u all day long! But u have to say bless you to baby Micah when he sneezes!!!


Definitely a great clip, now on my checklist!!!! Love the detail you put into it.

Nice I followed your all vlogs bro you are great lots of love cute your prince.

how cute...that he is going to keep peeing all morning with that big.bowl of coffee.LOL

Fish soup is FISHY............

Mark is a type of guy you gave him a thai flip flop with beef and fish on it and he say: wow, it taste like feet!

The more your eyes pop out, the more you’ll be blind.

Are you on a seefood diet? Everything you see, you eat. How are you not fat?

it is been so hard for me to watch the series of you being in Mexico because I love Mexican food how I wish that I could travel down there and eat everything because it's amazing so glad you got to experience it

Hi Mark

Come to Detroit and make me some noodles

there are many types of mole negro, almost every region has it's version, and they are completly different!

23:36 ❤️ Micah Ying is such a great mother!

The food looks very delicious and the view there is amazing Oaxaca is a beautiful place

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I am a third grade teacher. I watched this with my class. We enjoyed it so much we wanted to jump into the video and try the food! We also liked how Mark travels with his family.

Best chocolate and best cheese in the world are from Oaxaca

mmmm, la salsa de molcajete!!! the best

Your spanish its perfect tho

Dude, im mexican and i love how you love our culture, our food and now i can tell you that you are officially a mexican

hello how rich you are now in Mexico I hope you go to Peru gastronomy is exquisite I enjoy your videos a lot I am Peruvian

I lived my childhood near Oaxaca and I miss the food, try the iguana tamales, the mondongo, champurrado are good too although you are not there for the next time try them

Wow!!! Que buen español hablas felicidades !!

32:30 cutest sneeze♥️

this guy is less cringy than the food ranger lol.

Brilliant video, keep the videos coming, sending love from the UK.

These dude is the type of guy to walk in on his wife getting pumped by another dude and go "ohh wow hes going in so deep on her and ohhh wow his pecker is so nice and long" lmao.


lol micah staring at the corn!

meat paradise

Mark you did Mexican cuisine PROUD!! I am now you new subscriber. Thia video was such an insight to the Mexican culture. I now need to plan a trip to Oaxaca.

Oh God never heard of the "Memelas" they look so damn delicious and that salsa looks hot as hell

That onion thing thats green is called chepiche

Still haven't tried soapes, pozole verde, torta cubana, gorditas?

Lmao 17:02

I love how you eat like a total 100% Mexican, that tortilla technique was on point !

Haha a guy at a food stand called you a guero. :D

so are you and the Food Ranger making this a joint effort at the same time or just coincidence you're both in Mex at the same time? Just curious

What's all ingredients in cheese corn?

What came first the Mark or the Trevor?

Mark It's amazing that you don't choke when you put all of what's left of what your are eating in your mouth. LOL

your wife is gorgeous!!!

Omg! This video made me so happy!!! All the food and your reactions I’m living bicuriously through the videos!

Mole is my favorite of all time, I love the sweet mole to really spicy mole. Any ! hahaha

I love fish soup (but we usually chop it not put the whole fish in like that) and fish tacos. Miss Ensenada, MX

32:29 so cute!

His facial expressions when eating food makes me wanna try ALL the food !

14:58 he has an extra hand

Wow, I had no idea mexico had such nice and unique food!

Nice guy!

Omg you had me laughing so hard with the quality of that speaker!! @ 30:41 i am dying over here... laughing

stop just stop this is torture for meeeee I need Mexican food

Amazing vlog like always.watching ur videos everyday and it makes me happy every time..and love micah

La cara de Mark al morderle a la memelita

Poor little man he’s wanted some of that corn

POR QUÉ(WHY) Do I torture myself!!!!!!!!? Why!!!!!!? Just why!!!!? Lol ugh!!! I’m so hungry!!! & my boca(mouth) is watering!!!!! Just ruuuub it in!!!! Lol

I am thinking on moving to Mexico but I would have to take my job with me and my job requires fast and reliable WIFI internet 5 days per week 8 hours per day. Is this possible??

he said im getting excited! lol. good video

Everything looks delicious! How do you eat so much and stay slim? Is there any food that you don't like?

Looks sooooo good!

Omg the memelas looks delishhh

Have you toured the ME?

Your such a humble man Mark, I absolutely love your channel

21:33 this salsa is: "Pico de gallo" it's si traditional a good complement for any dish

Mark Wiens what were your favorite dishes taveling here?

This guy always seems like he's on the verge of a mental break.

My family is from oaxaca Puerto escondido is a such nice place, I'm right now in California but every time the I have vacation I scape to there.

imagine of Mark accidentally stumbled across San Jose del Pacifico and tried some of the legal magic shrooms from that pueblo and was just just high on an amazing trip

I was there 2 months ago ... IT WAS epic :) ... Now Guys ... You need to visit my state CHIAPAS :) ... You are Welcome :) ...

New to your channel and the people are really nice but there’s always that one jerk. At about 17 mins in the guy in the background in the meat market flips off the camera. Glad you didn’t buy from him. My mother in law is from Oaxaca and I hope to visit sometime soon. Awesome job on you videos.


that looks the best food I can not wait to try it

Mark many language do you know?????

The meat love is out of control!

Why do you have to show in your video the suffering of live animals? 8:39 min. I am out from your chanel...

Que comida te gusto mas de Oaxaca

Mark thank you for your videos en Oaxaca!!!

the face of your baby watching the corn and saying, hey give me a bite jajajaja

Love your baby and your wife

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm These look so nice

Muchas grazias

It is loving to see you eating in different places with your pretty wife and baby

Looks good !!!! Why didn’t u tour the US while you were in Arizona??????? U came to the

May Volcy of course

Wow Mexicans are so hardworking, down to earth,I love it

Wipe your filthy mouth

Love your kid looking enviously at your corn on the cob :D

If mark doesnt turn his head when tasting his first bite, it’s not worth watching!

i have been watching your videos in last 2 years and i always excited to see your journey to find more foods! and specially for Mexican dishes, i loved to read about the culture that you bring up to us! can't wait for your next journey, Mark! love from Bali, Indonesia :D

When mark visited Mumbai and he went to all the best places since then I always come back to his videos when ever we are planning a food trip around the world or I should say we plan trip according to the place he has visited

Looks great; but I would not like peeling my shrimp

Qué pinche perra vergüenza que llegue este wey a presumir Oaxaca y se topa con esa bola de culeros. "Maestros" seguramente.

The passion about food that these videos convey...absolutely love it!


Mexico looks good on you. Food looks so fabulous. Great video of course. Thanks for taking us along.

That hot chocolate looks so good

Eso qué comiste ahí es el remedio para una una pinche crudota monumental

This is the real food of Oaxaca

Esta es la comida real de Oaxaca

I was there in February this year.......meat alley was amazing. Hope to get back to Oaxaca city in the future.

OMG this is making me super hungry!

Man, my mouth is watering right now! You're the next Andrew Zimmeran?

I wanna be like you when i grow up

Hablas muy bien español

Best video ever! Thanks for taking us along on your trip, food looked excellent

u always make eating video but why u very thing...i thinks u jast eat time make video...

mark what is the best mole negro? the homemade or that one?

I wonder did you suffer from diarrhea the next day after eating all these street food?

Comiste salsa como un buen mexicano

I just be hooked on ur videos even they make me so hungry!!!! I love to watch all urtravels

He should try caldo de piedra And pozole de guajalote . He should visit juxtlahuaca Oaxaca on July 26 the party is super awesome with food and the traditional danzas from morning to the next day


que hombre tan valiente por comer cosas en la calle

Fatima Elizondo tienes mucho razón en absoluto todo . Ya ni yo aguando comer mucho . Ya van mas de 3año de no visitar México .se extraña la comida . El sabor no es lo mismo de aqui en el gabacho

Pedro Sanchez no lo dudo , yo lo digo porque tanta comida así en un día hasta aún mexicano lo manda al baño y más si no están acostumbrados.

Las comida de Oaxaca estan rico .yo soy Oaxaca

I love your passion for food! you are a truly foodie!!!!!

Este man bien confiado caminando por EL MERCDO DE ABASTOS con camara en mano, antes no le dieron su susto, ahì hay mucho tracala, pero bueno, afortunadamente saliste bien librado y das a conocer la rica GASTRONOMIA DE OAXACA.

I just ate now I am hungry again. Need to travel to oaxaca

Research "Abigail Mendoza Ruiz" for the next time you visit Oaxaca.

Hey Mark this is Thomas Ghigliotty I have to say with your enthusiasm you all trying all these different foods makes you feel like you're there with you love your Channel please bring more wonderful Vines of you trying all kinds of ethnic food

Lol great video and I love your humor and honestly

Amazing mark! Thanks for giving our culture a try! Appreciate it. Hope you had an amazing time here in Mexico. ♥️Blessings


oh it all looks AMAZING.! truly- i can eat any of this, anytime!

17:04 “shh, guero”

That corn really made my mouth watery lol.

My whole family are from Oaxaca and I miss it over their so much

You are invited to Carne asadas !! lol my dad loves watching your channel

Que rico la comida de mi OAXACA

How many languages can you speak and how\when did you learn them?

Y yo aqui comiendo cereal con leche!, Odio mi vida..

Man loves this man he is so positive and intertaining and he talk spanish lets go !!!!!

The best food is in my Mexico lindo y querido

which country food u like most

Those are real tacos !

36:00 that's so cute you have mole on your chin

me and my boyfriendd love ur channel, I was living in Oaxaca like 6 years a go and you gave me back some memories thank you for that. Have a great live!!

Can you pleeeeease!! STOP putting lime on every single thing you eat

Oh man! I got to go to Oaxaca market!

Jaja si que tienes huevos, ya ni yo voy a comer a la central, mis respetos gran hombre

These videos from Oaxaca are going to be classics. I have been greatly impressed! Thanks Mark for providing such great content. I am planning on going to the south of Mexico in about three years to check out the food and beaches! There is no other country like Mexico!

im proud to say im from oaxaca my dad was raised and born there before moving to america love my cityy!!! good food good people

Be careful, Mark, many Mexicans don't like Asians, and you might get spit in your food for no reason at all.

10 cents a tortilla that's insane

Hi Mark, Just subscribed .....You were a suggestion from "Pisuares' street vendor channel as yours. I must say, Your spiritual energy shines uniquely. Your exoressions after your first bite ,really do apeak volumes. Such a joy seeing that your family is right along with you,You should let your wife also give her opinion of the food. I noticed she was in the back adoring you guys, Son..Beautiful family, Keep up the great work. Mexican Food is without parallel....Mouthwatering in volumes....Thanks Again. Sincerely Jimmy P Chavez from Santa Ana , California;)


go to monaco!

Sin lugar a duda la mejor gastronomía de Mexico

The baby is freakin cute! Has a perfect head

Found myself lost on YouTube, ended up here. Great video man!!

The look on your child's face when you were eating that mega coated corn cob was Priceless " I'm Fine with spicy chilies dad !"

Mexican coffee.....meh

travel n explore at night... mornings are dead...night has life

the way the baby sees the elote

Had to watch the whole thing everything just looked amazing. 20 de Noviembre is now on my bucket list thanks to you. Keep up the good videos brother. Let me hit that subscribe button

His facial expressions are so fake

My hush hush crush

This is why Canelo Alvarez failed his test. Mexican food is just too good. Lol.

Mark and family , thanks , greetings from New Zealand, food here in this part of the world is sooooo boring!!!

poor mica

that chopping board LOL

how are you so skinny when you eat all the time?? Great job!! Just found you tonight - love your videos!!

se comio el pollo con todo y pellejo :0

I love how excited you get about food!

I love how you took your time with Oaxaca and their food, their cuisine along with Sinaloa is so good too! Keep exploring Latin Food! I have much more respect for you, I hope you get a cooking show soon!!

Mi hermoso México

I think we all know were hard working nation, we take pride,were humble ,respectful! When do you see food carts in America other than a Mexican pushing it? We just want to survive! Trump should be walking the streets of Mexico realizing where not scared to Work, not emberrased , no shame where honest people , Mexico is a beautiful country Huge in Culture im proud to be son of Imigrants ! Even though im a citizen of U.s Donald can deport me any given time!

My Home state #Oaxaca ❤❤

Ugh u just made me miss my birth place

Hi Mark Winens

It kills me that you don’t dip your tortilla in the soup! Then I hear you say it’s dry lol

Dam man. I really enjoy your videos. The food looks so good. My mouth is watering.

"Would you like some more corn with your mayonnaise, señor?"

Amazing video show the culture and gastronomy of my beautiful country. Thanks

Mark try russian food!!

he is Trevor's brother

I just came here for the corn

Everything looks delicious, but just wondering have you ever got food poisoning from eating street food?

How do you eat so much and not gain any weight? LOL you must have a really high metabolism! I love the videos man keep up the good work.

Big mouth

Love see your wife and micah can't wait till micah can share eating experience with you. Sending happy times to you and family.

6:35 mc danlods im loving it

Oaxaca cheese is literally not like mozzarella cheese .

32:16 the babies mouth gets watery


How do you stay so thin? You must not eat like this every day. Thanks for sharing all the great food markets. Makes me hungry for travel.

I wanted to see the caldo de menudo at Comedor Lupita when she offered it as well. I wish you had ordered it. The shrimp and fish soups did not look too good.

Look so good Arriba Oaxaca

Chingao que ago yo biendo estos videos SI estoy a dieta ...

Hot food is not good , it causes bad breath

Mouth watering

Mexico food is the best

Ur suppose to dip the tortillas soup

I need times for when he orgasms

Your face expression need to be a meme ASAP!

Everything looks so good! But you need to try chicatanas! If you already haven’t my grandma used to toast them in the comal with salt and lemon such a great snack !!oh con una salsa !!

Bad thing if you want to see this videos If you are hungry and don't have nothing to eat, dammit.

I need to stop watching this now or an entire sea will come out from my mouth.

The babies face when he watches his dad take a bite from the corn! Priceless lol

I wish americano pleople dont discriminate and rasism us for being mexican

You should come to Sonora state where is the estate of mexico with the best stake in mexico and the world

That place is so good so many """puestos"""" to buy from

New subscriber! Love your videos... everything looks so good

Superrrrr queeee ricoooo

Toda nuestra mexicana es lo más maravilloso q puede existir q delicias

And the salsa put it always in the tortilla not in the soup but if like it in it cool Mexican food is delicious

The thing they use to make the tortillas it's call prensa were they put the boll of masa

Dip the tortilla in the soup


looking all your video i feel like bringing the type to asia stye ....kkkk see got people like to eat or not.... i try make at home first and give free testers hahahaha thanks for all you done to us u ....and family....

Jab 661 said the meat had steroids lol Mèxico

my husben born in oaxaca i enjoy wen i go to visit his family

Another great experience watching this video. Lots of fun. Aloha from Hawai'i Mark!

Any vids on Puerto Rican street food?

I'm from Oaxaca, and I've visited the places in the video and eaten the food, this made me nostalgic for my home

Schh Wero 17:04

Nogales,sonora,chihuahua,Sinaloa, Guadalajara, lil towns in between food was amazing

Buen dicho,cuando se dice como Mexico No ay Dos

Mark dip the tortilla in the soup

Rika comida tipica oaxakeña mmmmm

Oh gosh I’m hungry now

Everyone thinks he’s weird no one does this in Mexico haha

Amazing video

Pause at 32:25. Hahaha!

Oaxaca here I go!!!!!!!’

Your not a cook so the words u are using to describe what u are eating are words not even in a dictionary.

I'm so glad that I found you. I enjoy this video and am excited to see your upcoming videos

he eats like a pig, like a pig that never had food.

My family is from Oaxaca and the food and cluture is defiantly unique. A very proud culture who speaks their native language (zapoteco) and eats foods our ancient ancestors did. I'm very proud to say my family is from this beautiful place

I've seen some of ur videos, I love the way you eat. You make it look so delicious.

Ohhh...oh yeah!

My mouth is watering.....

I grew up on all of this food! The cecina, tasajo, and chorizo were my absolute favorite growing up!

32:22 How I stare at food when I’m hungry.

My mouth is watering for that corn.


Im jealous..I think im going to unsubscribe now haha jk man i need to go to mexico now

Y los dorilocos?

This is the definition of Mexican food porn!! All that comfort food!! I'm jelly!!

First time i watch one of your videos and all i can say is that you nailed it!! What an amazing job explaining perfectly every single plate! And your personality it's unique. Saludos desde México!

He is SO animated!

Speaks Spanish better than he does Thai...

Micah was eyeing that elote

I like to start by thanking you, the way you describe your experience with the culture of my contry is just perfect, you rock man thank you I appreciate you really.

God bless

I love those homemade tortillas.

The fish

Awwww Mannnn. I wanna go

This man's face scares me "click off"

I’ve never seen a dude where his whole face smiles. Love the vids. Jesus I’m hungry. I’m traveling soon that’s it I want to smile like that. Even your kid is smiling. Thanks for vloging.

Dude I know you took a least 5 dumps in that day.

Mark this video is amazing because you show the world the actual and original mexican food,you even change their minds,thank you! More people should visit this beautiful country,that I’m so proud of,my country

Qué ojete comer así sin darle al niño nomás tragando saliva

Been there pretty koo

u look like a idiot every time you try something an do that stupid smile.

other than that....i like your videos lol

Oaxaca!!!! Best food ever.

32:21 that kid is me right now :(


I seriously only came here to for the corn but glad I've watched all the way through.. I usually don't care for long food tours but your enthusiasm towards food is fun to watch.. New subscriber as of today, sir

LMAOO! The little boy staring at him while eating the Elote is meeeee

I was dying... he was just staring at him lol

Wow Mexican food is my favourite u r so good in eating and ur expressions wow I love ur show

17:04 Chhht, güero, Hola.!

This guys awesome

If you eat the chocolate mole KYS

why am I watching this hungry af

My mouth was watery the whole video

Next time you must visit the city of cholula PUEBLA its a super nice place

That caldo de pescado had my mouth watering


Arriba México Cabroneeeeees

Luv how you had mole stain on your chin at the end... just means you really enjoyed your mole! Thank you for sharing your day with us :)

Come más picante que yo

This video makes me proud to be of Mexican descent. Also you can dip the tortilla in the soup or eat the tortilla and then a spoonful of soup so you don't have the complete dryness

Am hungry now

As a Oaxacan I am so proud of this video. I don’t usual see people doing videos respecting Oaxacan culture. Thank you for making me so happy to be who I am and letting me know that there are good people in the world who don’t spread ignorance but encourage learning of other cultures. God bless you. Lots of love

Dip the tortillas!

nice video

good food

the Mexican food look good

this guys energy makes me happy yoo

Street food is the best


My mouth is drooling...... pissed I just ordered pizza.

Your eyes talk for you when you try the food

First time here. New subscriber ☺️☺️

I like your faces when eat, jajajaja I'm from Oaxaca

One time I was lost in Oaxaca and I didn't know my way. There was a girl and her family celebrating her Quince (I stopped to offer money) Then I passed the Champarro man ,and the Elotes stand it was like love just exploded in my tummy..The next hours although dark and heading back towards Cali (ish) I was still full ,happy and finding food ❤ and Beautiful Brown People everywhere #Goodtimes #Oaxaca

Dude you make food taste good thanks

Cinnamon and Hot Chocolate

I remember going up to the guys with the three wheel ice cream cart to get what you call “Cheese Corn” and vanilla blueberry ice chips

I really love when foreigners taste our food and they like it! Very impressive, Mark Mate.

First bite or first slurp

That’s good looked nasty as heck!

I thought Drake was gonna start playing at 13:48 HAHA

I’m so mad Im watching this at 3am and went to make a sandwich

Mexico is heaven, I bet if someone shows trumps wassup he turns Mexican the following day

O man how can you be so skinny if you Eat A lot I am Mexican living in the southern part of Texas and is called the rio grande valley and is McAllen we’re I live and I have a lot of family all over Mexico and the food is awesome and every time I go with my family to visit my uncles and aunts in Mexico

Se me antojo un caldo de cuatete:(

Mark, you should also taste pan dulce (baked goodies) and aguas frescas (fruit waters), our old Fashion and sorbet (garrafa) Mexican ice cream and popsicles, and artisanal sweets and candy. Nothing compares to it in the world, literally, because Mexico is a big country with such a variety of fruits and history and cultural influences. Forgot to mentioned Mexican breakfasts that's a whole different food gender too.

Hope this stupid faggot gets kidnapped and beheaded

Doñitas look how you talk to a camera best 10/10

Exelente video!.. esto es oaxaca !!!

That hot chocolate in the beginning looks so good. This vid made me so hungry even though I just ate.

Hahahaha he just put the taco on babys head...nah bruh..WTF

I love his facial expressions when he tries the food. You can tell he is truly enjoying the meal, makes me wanna join in and enjoy as well.

He's funny dude. When he stuck that rolled up tortilla in his mouth his face lit up! Oh man what a funny guy.


Im eating cheetos. I want carne asada now

I'm jealous man. I sure miss Mexico. I'm stuck in Alaska :(

5:55 a la otra remoja esa tortilla en el caldito

miss it there my friend lives there and it is so nice to see the streets i've walked again many times

didnt even get to the part where you went to tlayudas el negro that place get packed but always worth it great place to eat

Se quemó la boca

Man that food looks good!!

replace anthony bourdain with this guy asap bourdain is fried

Yesss you came to my beautiful land

Wow Mike I loved the food u tried in China looked delicious u r awsome

Didn’t know Oaxaca was known for their great food, that explains why everyone loves my mom’s cooking! Haven’t been to Mexico in forever and watching this made me wanna go... for the food.

Wow, you really met Oaxaca amigo! But there’s a lot more to discover jajajaja!! Thanks for such a beautiful representation of my city :)

ชอบดูมากเลยครับ ได้เรียนภาษาอังกฤษไปด้วย

Does anyone know what he uses to record ? To hold camera?

My parents are from Oaxaca and my moms black mole is literally the best! My boyfriend is from Michoacán Mexico and he said he doesn’t like his mom molé and that where he’s from not a lot people make it then I made him try my moms and he loved it lol I want to visit Oaxaca so bad!

You should go to Guatemala

Mark, If you shake a lot in the hands... you're mineral deficient. Find a +70 or +77 Trace liquid mineral on amazon, wholefoods or any health food store. Drink 3 oz per day and plenty of water. You might be hosted from all the foreign foods you eat. So make sure you also do a box kit of ParaSmart once every 3 to 6 months. I hope this message helps other people too.

Mark, Camera used?

Ingesu madre se antoja un caldito de camarón con este frío

there were democratic nations in that part of the world...hundreds of years before Greece

Did anyone else see the girl at 1:35 pick her ear then flick whatever was on her finger in the big pot where all the tamales are?

Miss Zimatlan Oaxaca would visit every year as a child makes me appreciate experiencing this so naturally!! Great vid!! Btw all that was missing was you eating the famous chapulines (grasshoppers)

Me and the wife are planning a trip here because of this video. Right on bro!

Veni Meafoou you will not be dissapointed. Make sure you visit these exact places Plus make a drive towards Huatulco beach. You will never want to leave. By the way Oaxaca is one of the safest states to travel inside of. Nothing but farm workers and simply working people. :)

Oaxaca is one of the safest states in Mexico where you can freely walk and drive anywhere from the center to the beach thru the jungle without any worries. By the way you forgot to try the Chapulines (Grasshoppers) famous Oaxaca snack. They are amazingly spicy and lemony delicious

Oaxaca all the way mi San Juan ♥️♥️

These guys reactions were they're cringy

this is my first video I’ve seen of marks and I subscribed mark seems so nice and friendly

You Got Me Hungry!


Im suprised there's any beaners left there. I thought they were all in America leaching off of the social services.

Oaxaca has some of the best food in MX. I have Oaxacan roots my grandpa came from france and settled in Oaxaca hahah people have a hard time believing im mixed with Oaxacan bloodline.

This niggas farts must smell hella bad

The fish soup. The fish looks like a tilapia.

The fish is white tilapia

27:45 that moment he knew he fucked up /when you put to much salsas

Go rod The Dominican Republic please.

Dipp tortilla on broth

All the food is delicious but hot chocolate followed by fish stew

This guy is super awkward

everybody is welcome to my country mexico except for white people they destroy everything please don't come to my country

No better place to experience Mexico’s food and culture than in Oaxaca

just wondering why through the video you had put Puerto Rican REGGAETON beat and music and also at the end you put some Salsa music ???? mexican music should of been the choice if your in Mexico??? right

100% oaxaquena and proud! My favorite thing to eat whenever I go visit has to be the pan dulce

We eat everything with tortillas lol but our food is delicious I’m thankful I’m Mexican


RIP to this guys butthole

Saludos desde nuestro hermoso mexico

You can have some of this food in Inner city Chicago and also many parts of Texas.... Edit: cool Vid love your enthusiasm and genuine respect towards these folks.

Thanks buddy for posting this. I now wanna go

MIcah is just gorgeous and precious...and he really wants that corn LOL!! I love your videos!

I’ve never heard of an elote being called cheese corn


You forgot posole and a whole other foods. Anyways, respect for visiting my home Country!


I would like to try that kind of food... it looks so delicious.

E we dónde compraste lo de tu niño mi hermana quiere saber

Poor baby wanted to try that "elote" so bad

32:19 poor micah wants to bite the corn but cant

You really like onions lol

20 de noviembre I can not so manny people screaming at you to buy from them it is so crazy I love it too wow im just so proud of my roots and I love how much you love it !

Me encanta lo sencillo q eres soy de oaxaca y soy tu fan me encanta q hayas estado por alla

You should visit Ocotlan de Morelos, Oaxaca.. they have their plaza every Friday.. & try their Tejate drink , it’s the Bomb !! It’s 45 minutes away from El Centro of Oaxaca

if you dont dip ur tortilla in the caldo then take a bit... i cant trust you just sayin haha

I love Mexican food cause I am Hispanic

I feel bad for Micah.. so cuuuuute


on min 27 food looked so good

thanks my friend for visit my hometown God bless you many many years

Great video would love to visit Mexico one day for the wonderful food and cultural experience thanks again for the video much enjoyed

Hello , I’m Mexican and looking at you enjoy all those foods with an open mind makes me smile. So glad you enjoy our food.

Yes Oaxaca!!

Esas son carnes asadas.

Yesss Oaxaca is where I'm from

you got the full mole experience, anyone that sees you will know that you ate mole with that stain. is almost a tradition in my home town. :)

Great video!

Hi Mark n family.. hmm yummy food Mexico n all your destinations n great videos you always sharing your astonishing adventure for food vloggs n awesome Chanel. God Bless✝️

Watching this made me hungry lol ... Arriba la cosina Hispana !

loved all 30 minutes!!

I wonder why EEUU Hates so much the Mexicans and Mexico I do not understand why Americans keep going to Mexico and a big percentage of Americans live also in our Country . they do not know how we are discriminated so bad in Estados Unidos i live in Dallas Texas and i have already told by a white guy to comeback Mexico and call me names honestly i felt truly bad because after almost 30 years living here helping the elderly as a Caregiver this is my pay. "No se por que Estados Unidos ODIA mucho alos Mexicanos y Mexico y no entiendo por que Americanos siguen llengo a Mexico y grande porcentaje de Americanos viven en nuesrtro pais, los Mexicanos tenemos corazon y no odiamos como America nos Odia muchisismo . Yo vivo en Dallas Texas y ya he sido tratado con odio y descriminacion por un blanco agrediendome y gritandome que regrese a Mexico honestamente me senti mal muy mal casi despues de vivir aqui 30 Anios ayundando a los ancianitos como ayudante de enfermeros ( Caregiver) y este es my pago. Razon por la que inmigre? por que mi pais me forzo y decidi aprender otra lengua para superarme y ya lo hice ahora espero muy pronto y regrese

Nice to know someone likes my local food!

Meat party

I want to go there now

شگد اكلت ولك هههههه...

Why don’t you go to Dominican Republic Food there is wonderful you love it

Lol his face reaction

When I lived in California there was a lady that come through the neighborhood pushing a cart and selling that corn. It was sooooooo good! Wish I could find someone that knows how to make it now

Amazing video :) love your energy and the way you taste the food makes me crave it lol learned a lot about their culture. Thanks new subscriber here!!!

Carnitas is not heart.

Visit Ecuador, have a lot of food

I saw my aunt in this video

Great video so Happy to know that ppl like you appreciate Mexican food . Love that T shirt & nice Fam.

Tamales . .. mmmmm

Damn, I won't ever enjoy a taco or any other meal without seeing this face ( 19:47 , 20:15 , 20:53 , 21:16 , 21:46 , 22:08 , 27:04 , 27:45 , 32:31 , 34:31 , 34:54 , 35:14) in my mind. I can surely say it is the grafic definition of happiness.

WELCOME TO MÉXICO ... los esperamos!!!

Thanks for the video Mark! Missing my Mexico lindo y querido

burnt your tongue, mark?!

I remember those places when I went

Dios bendiga mi pais y mi amado estado de Oaxaca! Saludos desde México!

Don’t let the baby suffer like that man ):

I love seeing the corn person in Mexico it’s soooooooo cheap !!!! They make me happy

Ese men si come y come y no engorda

I don't understand why people use the hot Chile emogi to represent my Hispanic people.

Glad you like food and everything from oaxaca where I'm from so positive great.

That kid wanted that cob bro... totally

I went there and the food

Is always nice to see people from different countries enjoying México and our food ❤️

Just came back this week from Oaxaca ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Amazing food video amazing food amazing place and amazing people on it well done!!!!

17:03 sshht, guero Im dead

17:04 Lmao

That hot chocolate looks good asf

Is his first language Spanish

Man I am Mexican and I wish I go could back to Mexico but with these cartels roaming around I have second thought

This occurs every day in east LA... boring

Mark, I really like your videos. Specially the ones from Mexico.

16:28is that a baby and who is it is it yours???


Go to Mercado de Antojitos!!! You’re gonna LOVE IT

The fish doesnt taste like fish at all Somthing's fishy over here xD

Ese tamal de mole se veía delicioso

Omg I’m my mouth is watering

mark! I've enjoyed your videos for a few years now, thanks for all the joy. I recently got back from almost 3 weeks in Oaxaca I definitely ate my way through the state and loved everything about the Oaxacan culture. When people ask me what my trip was like I will be showing them your videos because you summed it up perfectly. i would love to travel with you and your family, seems like the best. Keep it up!

Saludos desde Oaxaca, México.

11:49 people are like wtf is he doing and saying

Moooole is the best!!!

My both parents are from there and my Mom and dads family are from there and my parents haven’t seen there parents for like 19 years hopefully they can go back to meet there family again and hopefully me and my brother and little brother can meet my moms mom and my dads dad since they are my only two grandparents left

Gracias por acercarnos a la distancia de nuestra gastronomía

Mark, I love your videos, they always make me hungry.

Your child marca wants to eat that cheez corn , he is so cute buddy

"tss guero" LMFAOO

How can you eat that much in one day??? Wow! Great video!

This guy is hella cool! How did I not know of this guy. Buen video!

That picture of the whole fish did not appeal to me. But great shows.Not my thing Is all.

I love your shows though. :) Keep them coming.

Me encanta tu estilo, eres muy original, me haces vibrar al ver como disfrutas la comida. Felicidades!

Wait ur not the food ranger are you?

new subscriber.. I really enjoyed your video you had a smile the entire time God bless

What’s Up With the baby lmao

Excelente video, gracias por mostrar lo que pocos de nosotros podemos. Me encantó que haya visitado el mercado de abastos

Omg watching this makes my mouth water. Viva Mexico


nice place in Mexico

nice food

He is living his best life.


The host couldn’t have a smilier face lol

Go to Aguascalientes

it’s called elote locos lol

pinche filipino no tienes gracia o dónde verga sea tu puto país

That's so cheap

come to El Salvador for the Pupusas

We loved Oaxaca. Too bad about the styrofoam.

why i love being mexican all these foods in family get togethers faaaaaaaat

ATTENTION! Vegan discretion is advised

Mark did you know what kind of wood they using for the fire??


This guy ate at every corner lol. Ez way to wake up with the spuritz and nausea if you aren’t used to it

Welcome to México!

Thats no kosher :/

love your stuff your soo cool.You show so much different types of goodies.. That I would never have the time to try for myself.. Thank you..And you totally kill me with you smooth way of no prejudice  of the food..Stay cool and stay away from haters.. Peace


Lindo Oaxaca Bienvenidos!

You should go to Guatemala!!

Mean Mom... Micah really wanted eat it.

You made me hungry Fucktard!

Wannabe rick bayless

U should try to visit pakistan its a great country

Oaxacan here!!

This is my home country :) I love it. So humble and the best food around.

I loved this video, it is your great vibe that just make the video special and what a great place like Mexico

Mexican food =still primitive not processed so proud being a Mexican besides those Mexican cartels killing there own people cartels should become rappers and see if rainbow hair 69 makes it out alive lol

Is this that other dudes brother lol

I love Mexico

I prefer Taco Bell

go ahead and stop I would like to see all the food it makes me hungry I love the food. I like to see the seafood two I like the salsa and onions

You eating but your wife don't eat. ??

3:18 those people are like please go bug the man with the camera we don't want none

y'all eating good and shit

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm lol I’m dying

Perro dale elote a tu hijo no seas puto come pito

Jajaja no mames quien te enseño a comer pescado así?

I like your videos good videos

There should be a warning ⚠️ starting of all your videos of uncontrollable drooling


You look like “Quico” From El “Chavo Del Ocho “

You're right, Mark tortillas are usually two ingredients. Corn and some water. Packaged ones have some lime to help preserve them. I don't mean the citrus fruit.

I was laughing the whole time because everyone was just starring at him talk lmao

Just beautiful

Where u from?

You didn’t try our agua frescas, Oaxaca’s famous agua de horchata w/melón,cactus pear (tuna) ice cream & nuts (nuez)

Se te aprovecharon de ti con la mezcla de carnes el precio fue un poco alto

Why does that old lady at 11:00 actually look like my grandma

I've never liked mole

do the women and baby eat?


This must be the nicest job ever.

I was waiting for you to eat at Clayuda off the streets at night. Must have food when visiting Oaxaca!!

Poor michaa wantvto eat

I think you are supposed to dip the tortilla in the fish soup..

This guy eats more than me

te tomas el café como mi abuela , sin cuchara... ¡¡¡ y que viva oaxyacan !!!

Awesome. I love Mexican street food and you went to the places that most people wouldn't and did it with some respect. very good sir.

My oldman is from here nice to be seeing my roots thx for the vid :)

Bless you, I'm from Oaxaca and I really loved this video. This is only a little part of the food from Oaxaca, you must come back again.

My beautiful Mexico!! I love seeing this, takes me back to my roots!

My favorite mexican boyband was playing when you was eating the tlayudas omg

Your video is just amazing I have tried every food you have and you just posting this is great as I say again

I haven’t been to Mexico since I was little and my dad is from Oaxaca and I’m glad to view your video to get that feeling of me being there

I'm pregnant had to get up and make myself a sandwich to make my baby stop kicking

Join me also bro...awesome

“sshhh wero”

كل شي طيب عندك

Asientos are the small particles of meat that gather at the bottom when making pork carnitas and chicharrones

Furi Tips It's true jajaja.

Watching in the middle of the night..... Not such a idea

How can you eat so mucho? XD


I use to know many people that make food in the streets of Mexico. Let me tell you that half of this people can’t sometimes afford for their food and they improvise. And trust me you don’t want to know what I mean by “improvise”. Hey, they are still broke and need to make that money somehow

10.23 mama coco?

This guy scares me

Conan versión queso Oxaca.. :v

17:03 guero

I've been to Mexico many times but never to Oaxaca so I'm living vicariously right now. In the Mexico City video I learned there's an off the cob version of Elotes called Esquites which I'll be making when corn is in season. My only beef - I can't be the only one who thinks there's no need to take such massive bites and not every single thing one eats can be delicious. The law of averages - eventually SOMETHING is going to taste terrible.

OMG! Your videos makes me soooo hungry!!!! Anoche esta viendo este video y me quede con hambre mortal! y tristeza infinita por tener esa comida en mi boca! :( I looooove street food! Que rico comen en Mexico! y que trabajadora su gente! Respect!

Nice man. this video made my day n got me hungry lol. I was born in Oaxaca n I'm jealous ..I migrated to LA when I was 4 ..but wow mi bonito Oaxaca...

@ 32:20... Micah not partaking, yet still sneezes and Micah side eyeing his Pops like Dad, PuhLEASE don't fall to the Too cute.

Furi Tips shut up

31:40 those are delusions

Amo Oaxaca!!!

This is why i love Mexico and i love being Mexican

The baby wanted that corn soooo bad!!! Lmao! Poor kid. Get him a corn w/out the chili.

I like Mexico food its yummy

Su hijo estornudando por el chile

Awww his baby so cute

Btw micah so cute

This culture food base on meat and

Beautiful city

La torrilla se remoja en el caldito!!

Mark , U r making urs Son Mikie mouth watering by L@@KiNG at U eating da Corn...!! Poor Mikie.... LOLzz.

35:49 the sauce on his chin.. lol. great video!!

I like so much because whatever you eat you are like the most happy man in the world and that food is the same :)))))) i think that you make like this because you put this videos on youtube , on else, i think that 30% from the food that you eat dont like

Nice video, i enjoyed it

Mark I want to thank you for going to my beautiful country Mi Mexico

Viva Mexico from Dallas Texas Viva STIFFCLIFF

Those tacos look AMAZINGGGGG ! Please visit the other states in Mexico. There’s so much more you’re missing and every state cooks their food vastly differently.


This was very entertaining! Is it just me or is he high AF in this video?

more advanced people lived before modern society people !!!!

wheres the meat in that quesadilla

i hate elastic rubbery cheese . gross

Love your videos and lovely family

Tbh u should rate the food u eat

That brown thing on the tlayudas is not beans, it's actually pork lard

Mark you eat a lot, and you keep yourself so skinny ..God bless you

Gabe Cooper fake food

Now i gotta go to Oaxaca

An orgasmic taste of food!

Don't try the cheese chille

How do you eat so much in one day.. holy water pail

Aww poor micah. He want to taste the corn.

We add salt to tortillas and roll them

que ricooo

Love you mark

idol can i have your glasses :)

You should go to El Salvador

I’m a big fan of local street food, I grew up around it in the middle of Los Angeles but I can’t stop focusing on those chickens or turkeys that were laying on the floor.Are the wings broken on those chickens/turkeys so they can’t get away?

American food is nothing compared to the food over there. All we get is processed crap to certainly give you diabetes

I just unsubscribed. The whole city turns out for a demonstration and this guy treats it as an inconvenience. What a tool.

Nice video man. I was born there

Te faltó probar el Tejate, pozole, chapulines, mezcaaal !!!!!

Te falta mucho por aprender

Food are delicious

Se me antojo el café ☕️


Yo Mark, I enjoy your videos so much. Your personality and your enthusiasm for the love of food and the places that you visit is sooo kool!! You enjoy doing what you love and thats EATING! LOL LOL. Keep it going sir. God Bless you and your family.

Great video, i bet that mole was good, Your chin says it All.. Ahahah

I remember that they made a novela in that market lol

Mark travel to tijuana best tacos ever..

Mark you making me hungry ahaha

I LOVE Oaxaca! Especially the food!❤️

Put some mayonnaise on the tortillas and taste so good on any soup

Have you eaten anything that dint taste good to you?

Can anyone tell me a song with the music at 2:40


I like your videos Mark thanks for showing up the food around the world

One of my favorite videos of your food travels

You supposed to put the meat inside the clayuda

Desde ayer e estado viendo sus vídeos aunque no entiendo no hablo inglés. Soy Mexicana

Muchas gracias por difundir la cultura de México así como la comida que es parte muy importante de la vida.

This guy can take bigger bites than may gurl... "if ya know what I mean"

Tengo hambre lol

How is he not obese?

This bastard is getting me hungry lol

Como oaxaca no ay dos

Dip the tortilla in ur soup

One of the best combination is ... Tortilla, Salt and Salsa .. make a roll taco de salsa with caldos o soup ... Pruebalos Mark ... !!!Saludos desde Sonora State of Mexico at Northwest of my country

I'm so dang jealous !

love oaxaca!

15:20. I just seen the baby! Where did he come from??? Lol

Im dying

You're baby is so cute n precious

Great video, I'm glad you enjoyed our food!!!

Lol those turkeys though!!

There are no truer peeks into the soul of a culture than through their food. Kudos to Mark for being as passionate about sharing it with us as the people working so hard every day to prepare it!

Yummy! Just know you’re supposed to dip the tortilla into the soup! Lol but great video.

Mole Style Puebla Mexico

Diosss mioo tengo mucha hambre se ve delicioso

I love Mexican food too. They are simply delicious but it would be a challenge to find the halal ones.

Dip the tortilla in the juice smh

if all inmigrants come back to mexico I give thanks to god for this, that people are so much worker's strong and always working hard I love my people soon they come back whit us.

I’m from Mexico and I love yours videos

Hablen en español

That large stone thing is called un molcajete you should visit la huasteca potosina en San Luis potosi

Wooo Oaxaca ! That’s where my family is from !!

Man you are the man enjoy

Micah's face at 32:21 thats my face while watching that delicious looking elote I cant have

Wish I can taste all that food

Why most of them wear masks ?

27:41 the moment he puts in the habanero chile with pickled onion I new it was the beggining of the end for him

excellent travel, I'm from Mexico (Tamaulipas state) and I must tell you that many dishes and other variants are still missing. the food is always tasty if accompanied by a good coffee, chocomilk or flavored water.

Welcome to México bro, you are very cool

Hi Mark, I know you can speak Thai but just know you can speak Spanish too so, how many languages you can speak bro?

I love you Oaxaca

Muy buen video, también te faltó probar el tejate, el chocolateatole, el mezcal, y muchas riquezas más de Oaxaca

I can see the Geoengineerig the sky with "chemtrails" Sick, cave dwellers wants to kill a culture, they can claim. OLMECHXI AMU = "MEXICAN "

Wow , you have to return , Monterrey have the best carne asada . Pls come to my city in the north ! Good job

32:15 poor kid wants to eat Elote :(

Esta es mi tierra que orgullo ver este video ya me dio hambre!

ive been following u since the ramen tour ...and i always wanted u to go to my hometown of oaxaca cause i know ull love thier food and u finnally did

Being from oaxaca and watching this video just makes me sad because of all the things that I’m missing but at the same time i feel proud of my culture. By the way i really like ur videos mark wiens!

He really likes the Mexican food

De dónde es él, sabe comer picante.

Que viva Mexico!!

Do u ever plan to go to yucatan?

Supried this dude didn't get jumped for that camera or for talking english out in the open.

I bet u could give this man a banana and he would be amazed

I swear this whole video made my mouth so watery now I’m hungry

34:26 had me blowing at my screen to cool off that spoon of mole

Hahah I love the faces he makes when he bites into the food that’s how you know it’s good. Awesome Video new Subscriber

You didn’t try tejate?

Omg I would love to be you in this video!

20 pesos here in mexico r like 50 tortillas

Who else is hungry

Mark I need to ask you this but eating all over the world ... Were have you gotten

What am I doing here I should of never left Mexico...

Ur tryin to sound super cultured... jus be real...

poor baby was wanting a bite. shame on you why didn't you get him a plain one.

Your Spanish is so well pronounced.

Oh his mmmmmmmmmmm ruins every video

Ven a ecuador hay mucha comida buena

I will break my diet even if I have to spend years at gym

Man that’s good man not that fake sushi sashimi or the fake fish in nyc

Great episode. Informative and fun!


Does anything ever taste gross to you lol

A feel good video, very positive energy, wish I was there thank you

You could make a dry bowl of corn flakes appealing. You really should be on mainstream tv.

Mexicanos are such lucky people. Yummm!!

You dip that tortilla inside the soup. First time here, I Love your channel.... outstanding job!!!

Wow, looks so delicious. Would love to visit this area of Mexico sometime. ❤️ great video

You should have gone to tlacolula There is the best barbacoa

Hola!!!!! Y en todos los estados de México se come delicioso! Porfavor visita el estado de Guanajuato

A good way to eat the tortilla on the side when rolled up, smear some limòn on it with a pinch of salt, roll it up and enjoy after soup (-: great video!!!

3:34 had to do it to em

este hombre abre la boca mas grande que un cocodilo

Jalisco, specifically Guadalajara, has a way better food culture

Now You made me feel hungry Mark. Great Video

I wish I was in Mexico I could of got some fresh food instead of all this fast food restaurant

Nothing like Mexico

Micah little prince

Poor kid he wants some corn you should have gotten one no chili so fun now I want to go thanks to you

Pig eater. You will choke to death eating like that.

17:05 “shtt guero”

It’s 1am and I just watched 20minutes of a man eating Mexican food......what am I doing with my life.

You have to go to San Luis Potosí next and visit the Mercado República, plaza del Carmen, plaza fundadores, Aránzazu , plaza de catedral y soledad

Thank you por compartir este germoso video bendiciones

Yo quiero un elote es lo mejor yummy extrano lis elotes de mexico


Ponle poquita salsa a la tortilla

Que sabroso todo alla yo estube ahi en enero y todo yummy

The guy called him a white man at 17:03

all that food look good af

I thought he said "que paso guey" at 12:30 but he said "que paso man".... i was dying of laughter anyway

I’m starving

Your son is so precious, he seems so patient. I felt so bad when he saw you eating that corn lol Liked your video

You really handled that meat well..hem hem

Idk how he actually taste the food with them bite sizes

I can handle the shrimp soup but not the fish

Yooo I just subscribed good stuff

my wife & i literally were drooling, even after we just ate and on a big screen... It's just wow mind blowing.

I loved your video from dubai , and watching you eat food from my beautiful hometown Oaxaca was amazing!!!

Me dio hambre wow .

I was just there to visit my in laws & I fell in love with the city & it's food!

Me cae muy bien tu esposa deberías dejarla salir más a cámara se ve que es muy agradable.

Why do I have to be such a picky eater

I have a serious question, not just about Mexico, but all the countries you visit. Do you ever get sick eating a lot of street food? If you do, how do you deal with it while traveling? If you don’t, are there medicines you take to prevent sickness? I would love to know! Thank you :)

This is literally me all the time I go to Mexico, eat eat eat !

Nothing less than amazing.

This is why I love my country

Bro I miss that Street food mmmmmmmmmmm

Did u really jus say ‘cheese corn’

You just have to learn how to burnt your tongue, shoved too much food etc.

I love Oaxaca food, all the items he ate look so good that now I am going to go to La Casa Oaxaca/Mestizo in Santa Ana, CA.... they are as authentic as it gets oh and El Fortin #2 in Stanton, CA BOMB!

I see tacos , tacos everywhere squirrel!

Guatemalan tamales are better! Trust me, I'm Guatemalan

I love our culture ❤️

khe brga, la salsa normalmente la pongo en la tortilla, no en el caldo, bueno asi suelo comer yo, me parecio raro verlo poner salsa directamente en el caldo

The way you describe the food gives me a good understanding of what your eating. I only say " that shits fuckn bomb!!!"

Mmm se me antojó el caldo de pescado, y las memelas las haré hoy

Literally mouth watering the whole entire video

Asiento is soo good , that’s my favorite.

I want his attitude! “It’s a little confusing and hectic in here and I love it!”

Super corny! But your cool

no chingues comohaces sufrir al niño, cuando estabas comiendo el elote el nino hasta se le caia la baba...

*Mmmmmm* hahaha

Your Spanish is really good.... I'm a new fan of your channel,my favorite episodes are the ones in Japan with wayu beef(I'm sure I spelled it wrong)

You still have a mole stain on your chin

what a just wowww background music Man,, fabbbb plz tell the name of this music plzz

10 tortillas $20pesos super caro el kilo esta $16pesos

you ate the soup wrong, ALWAYS dip the tortilla in the sopa.

Oaxaca is my favourite place in the world

Tripas are bomb!

I feel so weird, I’m Mexican and I don’t like mole, I hate waking up to the smells of burnt Chile on the comal and all the spices that go into the preparation. Yet here we have this dude enjoying my cultural dishes. Mad respect ✊

At 17:04 the dude in the meat stand calls him “guero” which means white man

You should’ve tried the red elotes sold at the park called “El Llano” those are by far the best.

I am so glad that you like our gastronomy I am from oaxaca city I miss my cultural food have a awesome channel

You are anoying when you say o wow . And you talk with you're mouth open that's nasty and disrespectful

I love when people that are from different places love our stuff , not just food but our culture ♥️

17:05 “ Ch güero”

4:46 add the "that seems fishy" cat meme

Those turkeys aren't gonna make it

Me dio hambre

I love my México

Love the quality of the picture and his findings of good food.

M gustan sus videos saludos desde México D.F.

You really got me hungry!!

Someone should make a compilation of his reactions to eating the food

You look so happy after every bite

you're too happy

You were Niggardly treated for the meat ... that’s a 10 usd max platter

the best Foods.good .. puro orgullo oaxaqueño raza. arriva la sesina..saludos para la Rasa de. San Sebastián zoquiapan..estado de Oaxaca..

He really didn’t like the fish soup

Viva Mexico !!!

Viva Oaxaca❤❤❤

Muito bom. Você poderia vim aqui no Brasil . Aqui tem muita comida boa nordestina .

We also love Merida (we are Canadian) and Mark's portrayal of this great city is bang on. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Love how you capture the culture and what the locals eat on day to day basis

Just started following love how he know his stuff .. so detailed with the breakdown of the food .. love the blog

Your a weirdo!!!!! Hahahaha in a great way. Lol

Nothing like some ear wax with your mole

Micah looking at Mark eating that corn seems to say, "Dad, you're not sharing?"

Great job of introducing Carlos!? Into the video.

Tu si me agradas

Lmao I love your “mmmm” face

⚠⭕⚠WARNING‼‼‼‼⚠⭕⚠ WARNING‼‼‼‼⚠⭕⚠ DO NOT

Como es que entraste ala central grabando y no te la robaron??? :v: How did you do to go to central de abasto and anyone robed your camera

peko peko they try to pull that chit here too double prices for people who aren’t their people ...

Not his fault. That guy with him should have an idea how much things cost or should have talk to the lady about the amount of meat

En México debemos de estar muy orgullosos de la gastronomía que tenemos

No Mamés dale elote al niño

Great video. 1st time viewer. My home town great way to show the culture and city

your living my dream

How come he has more food on his face than the baby?

Dude I like the way you enjoy our food... When you come to can cun I'll show you street food 9981084453

Definitivamente me voy a suscribir

We can all learn from these wonderful Mexican woman. Hard workers, never slow down, always with a smile. All they ask is for you to stop by and try their food, show them respect and just give them a simple smile. Love my Mexico.

My mouth watered when I saw that beautiful corn on the Cobb

I’m impressed by the way you did not go easy on the Salsas and spices on the meals you enjoyed ! One of the best ways to enjoy a traditional Mexican meal . hot and spicy . Cheers !

Wow what an awesome video

Idk about that meat being out all day... I wonder do he ever get sick from all that Different food

True True.. Oaxaca is the capital of the Mexican food flavor

Omg! 10:15 made me cry so much, she was cooking all alone and clearly has the love for food. I've never been so proud of my roots. Thank you so much for your videos. If you are in Mexico still or want to visit again, try going to Patzcuaro in Michoacan the food is amazing.


Wtf un tamal de mole.. I didn't even know that was thing. My life has been a damn lie. Oaxaca see you soon. I'm coming for that.

This girl his Wife 19:32

That City you went to, breathtaking!

Seriously Mark, why are you not fat?


look like a goof eating

+matt shine eating shitty smelly cabbage with barely any cheese exaggerating when its only half full

+matt shine carrying around a shitty diapered little baby on your chest

stop shaking your head no when u like stuff yeah theres alot of food thats all people do is eat no need to have an orgasm over it and dirty your pants in mexico there is better ways to do that

ok we get it you say salsa like samsa trying to be mexican have a good day

hi mark..ying is your wife?? i always watching your video..

I wish I was as happy as him when he eating the tamale

Just discovered Mark's channels a few days ago... nothing like the expression on his face when he eats something hot :)

This food looks amazing. I need to visit Oaxaca and taste everything 5hey got to offer. Delicious!!

Mexico is soooo cool me going soon this summer .2018?

Awesome video amigo

I might just be me but he looks like ” QUICOS LOST BROTHER”

Mexico is well known to have "The Best Food In The World." And, this Video just explains why many in America eat Mexican food, cook it and have several restaurants in every City of the USA.

I bet that caldo de Camaron will hit the spot when you're hungover.hahahahah

his smiling looks like it hurts.

pro mmmmm gies

u eat more spicy....ur fart became dragon fire ....

Looking at this and I'm hungry

Enjoy watching your videos mark

Everything looked so good

3:30 was that bread?

Vietnamese food :V

This dude is so awesome. I’m making a trip down. Can everyone be this happy ✌️.

Dale al niño

The food looks so good he ended up with a mole stain on his chin i want to visit oaxaca some day and try every food yum.

Hey bro I Love You video so what are you original you from

his name salsa tomatillo rojo ahogado

I love your videos, I love your energy and I absolutely adore your appetite. Makes me so happy seeing you enjoy everything you eat and the fact that you try everything and just go for it. Stay hungry! ❤️

the baby "hello darkness my old friend"

32:14 oow I think his mouth is watering!! Precious baby!! You'll get the chance to try that elote one day

Mark you are mexican dont

That elote had my mouth watering, good thing I live in Mexico so I can go for one now

Not a fan of caldo/sopa de pescado but dam that look so good

I think you needed a local food tour guide like when you made the Taco tour in cdmx.

Good meat in mexico maybe you should visit sonora,and chihuahua

LOL it's funny how at the end of the video he still has some mole on his chin. that can only mean he enjoyed ita lot.

People i have an advice for you all. If you live close to the south border of USA and Mexico thats not true mexican food is just a mix of both sides is called tex-mex food . So if you're thinking to visit Mexico go to the central and south part of Mexico to try authentic mexican recipies. And bad things are everywere in the world so dont be scared but try to inform yourself as much as you can about the place you're going to visit and if you have a hispanic friend and you dont speak any spanish is a good idea to take with you . safe travels folks.

This looks Soo good holy moly don't shot

Food there looks so yummy


Very... good. Documental..

is it possible to try everything ?

Oh my good Mark i love your video, youre amazing the way you bring the food and how much you enjoy it ! Thats unique im so happy you went to my home town feel so nice to see other people like this amazing food!!!

14:55 you dropped some salsa on your baby. Lol. Jk

Damn amazing looking food!

Go to Durango Mexico next!

dude ~slow down you eat like in desperation, the food is not going to run away

Damn i forgot how affordable the food is, 20 peso or 2 bucks for the basket if grilled meat and tortillas

Salsa music is not from Mexico

I’m going this summer can’t wait!!


Chh guero!

حرام عليك والله ولا حرام عليا انا عشان بشوفك وانا صايمة

Alv, ya me dió hambre. :'v

17:03 shh guero

I was just there 2 weeks ago

Da bien caras las tortillas la del 20 de noviembre

Love his face every time he tastes something..

Mi lindo y hermoso Oaxaca ❤️

Come to Puerto Rico for bacalaitos, alcapurria, and mofongos!!

Fish soup!!!

I'm from oaxaca and you're welcome to come back any time my friend....


Buen comentario, el de abajo⬇

im so happy to see u enjoy this Mexican food my dad grew up here and it makes me so happy

Nothing like a Good day eating to finish the video with your mouth dirty

that "de leche" vendor is hot. im in love with her

I love your face when you taste the mexican food :D

this video makes me hungry again

You have some mole stain on your chin

All your videos make my jaw sore from thinking about the flavors haha

lol you know he burnt his mouth that tamal was hot like a hot tamali

I am astonished two million people follow this boring obnoxious twat. Jesus Christ. People will follow anything.

Next time you visit Oaxaca you have to go to La Capilla restaurant in Zaachila.

11:48 lmao

I got full just watching this guy eat, great vid....

19:26 like $11

Looks so good!

When you say oh wow its sounds just like famous dex But away from that your videos are amazing

Meat party of the world!

This mans so cool

No no no. I remember you have to squeeze lime on a fresh tortilla and sprinkle some rock salt on it before rolling it when eating it with soup/ stew.

Man I miss Mexico, the food there was really amazing, just watching this got my mouth watering, especially when the guy was making the elotes

you got me wanting to go to Mexico. you....

Las agruras que te van a dar con tanto Chile. Que Rico Todo.

That caldo de pescado looks good.

Yum! New subscriber. Love tamales.

Viva México !

Every time I watch your videos I get sooo hungry! Thanks for showing Mexico's true beauty! Real people on a typical day

Its ramadan now am watching this. I am hungry help please.

Going to Oaxaca next month and definitely going to central de abastos for those memelas. Great video btw!

I love how he is down to try anything lol hes my foodie soulmate

Thank you, this was fantastic!

Carlos is a cool guide.

sometimes you are so sarcastic ahahaha

Does that fish not have bones?

This is my favorite place you been so far I was not even a min into the video and my mouth was watering already with the chocolate

I'm definitely coming here now ohhhhh u made me hungry


I learn so much from you and I enjoy touring with you in this way. thank you and Blessings!

My parents are from Oaxaca Mexico in the southern part

Love love love

So jealous!

Mark always makes the same face and expression after literally anything he eats lol

do you ever gain weight?

Ugliest tortillas ever

nice Spanish Mark!

That baby wanted a bite of that corn!

Me atojaste esas carnitas y tripita

That baby head that keeps poppin is just so damn cute


I really like this guy

And all of a sudden there's a baby hanging from his neck....

I love Oaxaca, thank you for visited México We have to much culture and our flavors are amazing.

Tan solo verte comer se antoja

I like his "mmmmmh"

Best corn on the cob i seen.

Hi Que buen español hablas , please de me hase agua la boca Qué rico . Cuídate mucho?

I'm The Little Kid Staring At The Corn Knowing I Won't Get A Bite

Please....Stop staring at the camera while eating.

You dont peel the camaron foo you eat it whole smdh

you pronounced cilantro with just so much accent

I love making easy, slather the corn with mayo, roll in a mix of crumbled feta and Parmesan, top with chili powder, pepper flakes, squeeze of lime...heaven!

I love watching your videos of all the places I want to go! I've been to Oaxaca and I want to go back!! Just found your channel yay!

Tsetsi ☺☺☺☺

I loved this!! (Not only because my family is from Oaxaca.) But Mark was so cheery! He seemed really happy to try all the foods! And he seemed very grateful for all the people who made the food. ❤️ You have a new subscriber!

Fue a conocer lo más barato de Oaxaca lo más original..

Amo mi Oaxaca y extraño el sabor...

I am proud to have a Mexican family and eating good food every day btw my parents are from there too.

I had heard so much about the cheese Oaxaca. I live in the states. Soo disappointing. Flavorless. Nice video. Awww Dad, you're not going to give me a bite??? LOL. I fully understand why.

Yo @11:49 why did they look at you so weird?

Lol the way she was talking “ wahahahaha”

Amazing video

Great soup, we enjoyed it a lot. It is hard to find the place in the market, but every stall is numbered so maybe it will be easier to find it this way, number 295 is Comedor Lupita

i was thinking the same thing

Hats off to your cast iron stomach, mi amigo!

a donde le cabe tanta comida a este wey !!

Yummm elotés

23:19 Coco ?

Wow se me antojo un chingo

Wow! The corn guy I can't believe it he is in your tube, I can verified the long line when I was Oaxaca

Ughhh mah stomach! Feed meeee lol

Daaanm that carne. I enjoy cooking.

Thank you for insight on such a wonderful culture! My next life I hope to awaken and grow up there, lol, great video

17:05 “ TSSST GÜERO” i was expecting CHINO , but no that. Not that

poor baby wanted some next time get him something he can eat to it sad to see his eyes

Stone bowl i like that more

so what parts of Mexico is a person supposed to avoid if they don't want to wind up dead? Just curious,always hear horror stories..damn US media

I’m subscribing because you made my home state proud! Showing authentic Mexican food and eating where and what the locals eat was everything!

Micah wanted to taste that corn so much!!


Mr. Weins, I must say that, besides being a great human being, you are a very talented entertainer. I stayed glued to my seat for during the whole show. I rarely do that. The material you brought and your charisma are something to behold. I commend you on your undertaking and may the future be more fruitful than what the present already is.

This guy looks like his eyes are going to pop out of his head

Your videos are always so much fun?

Am a biiig fan ... From morocco


the "oh wow" is getting old same reaction for everything

Mucho comida

Mark, I want to snatch that filled tortilla you make right out of your hand and eat it...........I love the expressions on your face when you eat. God bless you and your family!

Look at how the baby looking at the corn

Hey Mark, is there any food you don't like, I mean love?

Hey Mark, I do want to know though... Is there anything you do NOT like? You are always so positive. And you really don't ever provide any criticism.

Te vas a cagar

I can almost taste it! Bravo! Thanks so much!

I love how he always carries a baby with him in every country

Mark wich food in the world is the best for you

she scratched her dirty ear @ 1:28 buen apettit

I just need to ask.. dont you ever get sick of eating at foodstalls? I really want to do it when travelling but in too afraid of getting sick. Any tips ?

I'm just amazed how you can do all that touring with a baby in tow! Kudos to you.

Mark wiens sube una música de banda tierra mojada oaxaca

كل شي عنده حلو مو معقوله كل شي يعجبه

Sooo proud of my Hispanic roots. We definitely have the best cuisine in the world. Makes me laugh to see how shocked this guy is while tasting Mexican cuisine

THIS crazy mexicans eat some friken good


chocolate mejor que star buk

Its really nice that u went to my beautiful state and show the world how beautiful it is....its not what people think...we have better places to visit than other states...I la comida ni se diga...

I love just watching you it's like viewing a special event


Am i the only one who notices that he makes the same face every time he eats something he is like mmmmmm cheweing and then

5:06 Did someone say ''wanna play Minecraft''?


oh, I was there 7 years ago. Now it seems like yesterday thanks to you!

You should come to Mexico I visit my family in Oaxaca and if u can u should come with me and taste more food that comes from my family

I used to watch The Food Ranger. Now, I watch Mark Wiens. Get ya some of that!!!

Hey Mark Wiens you should come to Michoacan. Here is another type of mexican food.

SALUDOS DESDE OAXACA!! Hermoso el video Esperamos algun dia regresen

My hometown. Hope you loved it!

I recognize every single place you walked by makes me feel some kind of way I love it, Dang I wish I could visit right now

I love it wen my makes tamales de mole.....

One day his eyes are gonna pop out

Go to monterrey, nuevo leon!

Micah so adorable while he sleeps

Mark your so real, not like alot of these yutube videos

Welcome to Mexico. I am glad you had a blast. That seafood looks amazing. My dad use to make a great seafood combo with crab legs, fish and shrimp and vegetables it was always awesome. I am craving some now.

k rico se mira

Try a new facial expression

I feel like I went on vacation. Thanks Mark!

Te invito a Puerto Rico para que pruebes el sabor del coqui

I watch 3 videos of Mark before I go to sleep beacuse I sleep with a big smile when i do so.

Mi oaxaca bello

Most of the places look dirty and unhygienic....

I tried a half plate of the grilled meat dish, but didn't have with other garnish and now I regret it :( It was kind of boring without any salsa or veges haha

Arriba Oaxaca

Grasias por ser tan buena persona como comentar las comidas en Mexico

omg alot of coffee! lol...with soup I pray for your tummy hahahah!....But drinking out of clay has alot of health benefits know that!..Its should buy clap cups for coffee in mornings. :)

Let me let you know the caldo de pescado (Fish soup) Its so full of vitamins it can make you sleepy if you have a vitamin deficiency ....its crazy! Its delicious. I never tried it from mexico but it must be amazing!

I just want say: arriva mexico cabrones♥️

Tip from my childhood, try dipping the tortilla in the soup broth you won’t regret it

Totally love how u devour each and every taco...

Oh my gosh this is meat heaven

Why there are no flies ? How it's so clean meat ?

you could feed him a turd and he'd be smiling.

Their amazing

Who the hell dislike any of his videos

Mexican food is so good

Micah couldnt take his eyes off that cob. lol

i feel sorry for Micah ,watching daddy eat,he will be big eater as same as daddy ha ha ha

Please can i see more MICAH too love your family big fc

Saludos desde Oaxaca ❤️

i know u lov mexico right mark wiens ? and i think not is the last visit u welcome every time im verry proud from im!! ;)

Eggs&Bacon with waffles Or pancakes in the morning not fish.....

35:30 thats fucked up no one told him he had a mole stain on his chin

17:00 “Yerro” hahahahah stupid vendors now in days

Mica having fun

thank you soo much mark and im glad u like my hermosa tierra Oaxaca and rhe food.

you are welcome to costa rica

Dip the tortilla in the soup and then take a bite :)

Watching this while pregnant is not a good idea lol salivating

How do you stay thin? its hard to stay fit with so much delicious food I love to eat the carnes with Chile and tortillas.

Lol the grandma just grabbed the charcoal hot meat with her hands and i cant even flip a tortilla in my comal

omg I want to go there just to eat!!!

The Best food you can ever try is in Oaxaca

Hi Mark, I like your all Vlogs (videos)....As you visited almost all countries but I noticed that you didn't try to visit just touch by that means you been to India for sometime. I recommend you to visit Pakistan too, I am sure you will like Pakistani Food its similar to Indian food same spicy and juicy but here usage of spices are little different,, hope you will love it. thnx

little tip when eating fish/shrimp soup, add a little mayonnaise to your tortilla then roll and dip in your soup!

I am a lazy eater I hate when I have to take the shell off my shrimp.

33:05 i feel for micah that’s exactly how i look like while watching your vids

I was watching you just like Micah....mouth watering and swallowing.

Baby Micah wants a taste too!

Beautiful! How do you avoid getting sick?

That baby wanted some of that elote

Your expectations it's to good Mark I love it's

BRO #MARKWIENS I’m Your Big Fan I ❤️❤️❤️❤️Your Every Video Like Your Reguler Customer

Who are you? Such a beautiful face and spirit and appreciation for the food and people and your grasp of languages is impressive. I love you're videos.

Gracias por venir a oaxaca te falto mucho por conocer por ejemplo te falto ver como se hace el quesillo las nieves de la soledad las empanadas y muchas cosas más también la guelaguetza ojala pronto puedas volver a oaxaca aquí eres bienvenido

Mica wants that corn.

When I visited Peru in 2014 doctors and nurses were protesting as well. Now I am curious to know the heart of the issue. Thanks for another great video

At 3:53 , I think I heard something in Thai... (lady's voice)'Arai na ka?' means 'What?' or 'Come again?'

Poor turkeys. Inhumane.

I had elote one time at the Tastes of Chicago parade. I never forgot that taste. I gotta get some more.

Watching your videos and really savoring all these delicious foods makes me very proud of being Mexican lol. Thank you so much for all your videos. You are entertaining and unique! Definitely don’t regret subscribing to your channel

My son said, “I can’t eat it Mommy.

i just discovered your channel and I LOVE IT!!! you make me hungry every time you take a bite.

Amazing video Mark!!! I make Mexican Street Food Videos myself!!! I would be honored to show you around if you came to San Luis Potosi. Check out my videos so you can see what I'm talking about my friend!!!

That’s why we Mexicans are so fat

Thank you for sharing! What an amazing trip. The description of the food was magnificent! You transport me to Oaxaca!

Great video Mark, I love Mexican foods.

Mark Wiens.* Siempre será un placer tenerte de regreso a mi País. México te ama a ti y a tu hermosa familia.

Fives guys

Don't you have any allergies..?

You make me always Hungary when you will come india brother ?

Love Mark and his videos......thank you Mexico

Warning! Do not get lit and watch this video! It's torture!

I’m so mad how u eat all that much of food and u don’t gain weight

makes me jealous!

You are my favorite food youtuber by far. You deserve more subs.

i love watching you try stuff. the look on your face is pure heaven.

You are the reason I wan’t to explore Mexico and it’s/my culture. Thank you mark

Reason why when people goes to south mexico and they love the food its because the mexican food that people makes here in the USA are based on the northern mexican style which is very different than the kind made in south. Southern mexican food is greasier and has so much more flavor. And we definetly dont use flour tortillas , at least not as much as they do in the north and USA.

Come to New Zealand and have some hangi. Love what you do

Love your vids!!! before I was a bigger fan of the food ranger but your vids have more charm!

His face makes my day

lol Micah was like.come on dad I have no problem with spicy food the look on micahs face so priceless.I would love to see you make a video about how you got started doing this and what inspired you I'm sure that video will garnesh millions of views.

Come con la injundia y la ceremonia de un mexicano. Honra a nuestra comida, con la forma en que la toma con las manos y la come. No le teme a las salsas picantes, y pone limón a lo que debe ponerla. Es un mexicano más.

Just came across your videos subscribed right away! Great videos man! I'm hooked keep on showing the world good eats

the baby’s mouth watered and he kept starting at the corn ah, sweetie

Finally eating tacos while i watch this

Love this video! Muchas gracias Mark & family

Why are you not on the Food Network! You make me hungry at every meal! Lol

Why do mexicans even come to america i love México

i can smell the goodness from here haha :D

All people are the good working in different countries when it comes to making food no one is perfect food is good I’d love to travel one day for the food

Hey mark you should check out the Uruguayan meat market !!

The way Micah watching you during chilli corn was amazing

Wtf r ppl just relizing how hardworking mexicans r

looks safe enough for foreigner I'll go there spend Mucho Peso Kumusta Mark and Family Mucho Gracie.The ruins are the remnants of a Huge Mega City perhaps the Largest City in the World at that time 500 AD

thank you again Mark the joy of the food is all over your face muchos Gracie

He loves everything he eats without describing how it taste i guess he is more on showing what menu you could get from there rather than tell if its tasty of not..

I stop watching the video when you show the turkeys on the floor. The look on those Turkey's eye made me cry

K rico oye ba a michoacan en kiroga prueba las carnitas te encantaran ilas comidas tipicas

Mike, I hate you. Youre eating these amazing Mexican dishes while Im here at night watching alone, starving and with my fridge absolutely empty

The meat though

Que delicia de comida me reeeeencanta

lucky for me, im eating while watching this... lols! i truly love mexican foods!

Wiens must have a mouth lined in leather. Hurts to watch him put that tamale in his mouth!

So tired of the bleached blonde bimbo pushing mattresses...

Your Spanish pronunciation is on point.

welcome to the real mexican food gabachos

how come you dont gain weight ?

Mark, ya have my mouth watering for Tacos, Burritos anything Mexican...I'm off to Taco Bell!! Great video!!

would love to see a vid about you and your family. where yall r from, why n how u started utube, where you been how many languages you speak etc

I'm Mexican and the first time I tried Mexican corn I was so disappointed because I'm so used to the sweet yellow corn we have and the white corn isn't really sweet at all and has a little but of a different texture. When my grandma tried yellow sweet corn she hated it and almost threw up lmao so there is a difference. Now I guess shes used to is and says how the Mexican corn she gets doesnt have enough flavor hahaha but I can see why it's perfect for tortillas

See how Micca(apologies for the wrong name spelling) is looking at you while you eat that corn..... Thats me on this end.... Sooo drooling. Have you ever eaten anything that you didnt like?

thanks for make this incredible videos the food look delicious

i love food

Here is your like

You have to try grasshoppers Mark

Tmi bro with ur piss schedule. While ur in Mexico you do not have to try and speak like one trust me when you do it they laugh at you and call you a loco puto. So plz spek in ur reg voice. Does a Spanish person come to Thailand and try to use ur accent nope they dont just be you

Awesome video. Love the how the elote is made.

I would never eat that food,let alone in the morning.yuck!

Soy de Oaxaca hagan sus preguntas

Filipinos in PI can use the Mexicans help when it comes to agriculture.

That memela salsa look sooooo good

I'm just glad I don't have to hear him say "mole" every 35 seconds.

Orgullo mexicano!

So today my buddy Jake and I decided to have a drinking game. Every time he says Oaxaca you take a drink. Jakes funeral will be held this Sunday.

You have a baby

Thank you for showing my country in such an authentic way. I love your videos so much. Muchas gracias, Mark.


Can you eat like a normal person instead of shoving food like and animal

I’m almost positive that fish was a carp..

Excellent tour, enjoy your enthusiasm. I hope you will include your wife and child in future videos. Thanks.....

Are u married to a Asian girl

Mark! How are you so slim? I'm SO JEALOUS of your blessed metabolism. Lol lol lol keep chowing!

Mark your Spanish is amazing ! I’m so happy you get to try some of my food. It’s delicious !

Salsas are the best from mexico

You have to visit the state of San Luis Potosí, and the beautiful Huasteca Potosina, the gastronomy is also exquisite.

Tremendo colmillo que tiene Mark Wiens!! Lo que le pongan enfrente le llega!!

I have been watching your videos for a while. So I have subscribe

Se llama molcajete .. tu muy bien lee un poco mas..

Wow just love all the new videos,food of course, happy u/smiling face your really hungry. What big eyes u have when the food u really like & the way u talk about the food. I just want 2 go eat some of the food or just hang out.

I’m jealous

lol i love mexican food no doubt but i also like the quality of the sound coming out of those speakers in the taxy lol

Who else was waiting for him to dip the tortilla in the sopa?

Diego Garcia Oh my gosh yes!

I just love how you enjoy yourself and make all your videos lively. Wow that meat feast,wish was there. Thanks again Mark,Kelvin from Kenya.

We are going in 10 days and I can't wait to try all the food!

Dude take smaller bites, your poor face muscles are getting a workout

32:28 Micha: Fine, if I can't have any, I will sneeze on it! Enjoy your corn! LOL

those ladies are stalking them omg lol


I enjoy your videos so much, the detail you present our food in. Let me.tell you, because of you I'm obsessed with a place in Jerusalem too (Al Baghdadi) and I'll go try it soon. I take notes of the places you go to. Blessings


Get yourself a special some that looks at you the way the baby look at him with the elote.

U need to come down to San Luis potosi mexico

fake baby Bahahahahah

the child is so cute

Did see the strapped birds and there eyes, know u like halal slaughter and now i seen the beast in u.

lady ema

Viva mexico!!!

You should try guilota in salsa roja.

Poor Mica was salivating looking at that Elote! HAHAHAHA , too cute , priceless~

Omg tamale and mole sooo goood

I was able to compose myself until the CORNMAN! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Y eso que no vino a Veracruz para que probara la carne chinameca las picadas, las gorditas, pescados y mariscos

Thank you, you brought back so many memories, specially at the memela place.

Damn i've been craving tacos all week because of you

You got a new subscriber !(: My parents are from Oaxaca as well and my mother makes the best mole around our town soon as she lets customers knows she's made any it's all sold out (:

lo importante. que. te. gusto. toda. la. comidad. mexicana. eso. es. bueno. y. qué Comistes. de. todo. buen. video...

Quality of those speakers.... lol. That’s hilarious. Love your videos. I smile and laugh the whole time!

If There wasn't a Carlos in this video it wouldn't be right to call it Mexican

I just join great videos.

Great video! Beautiful family! Your son is sooo cute OMW! I love how your shirt says " I travel for food "

You need to find champurado de nuez I’m sure you’ll love it! And it’s great in the morning.

Damn now I wanna go to Mexico

Mark, your passion for food is amazing... i absolutely love all your videos. The funny thing is, I actually look at your reaction to food that I didnt even know existed/ thought i would never eat, and You make it look delicious. Thank you for opening my mind/ pallet to the many cultures around the world. I definitely want to try new things. I dig it bro!!!!

I like that baby.

His reaction in every bite is priceless

Why isn't the shrimp shelled?

mark...when i saw taking that big bite of the tamale...mannn...I said " you will regret doing that'...tamales you have to eat them a slowly, because they are sooo hot

Mujeres. Emprendedoras q. Trabajan. Duro,. Si asi. Fueramos. Todos habria. Progreso. Muchas. Felicidades,.,.

The poor little baby's mouth watered when he was eating that. Mexican's would not hesitate to give this to their kids and then say, "let them learn young" in case it's too spicy

I love this Mexican tour.. Mexico is very close to our hearts.. sending love and support from Manila ☺

I miss Oaxaca!!!

I hate when he does faces

Every bait he takes make me hungry man lol I love my Mexican food

You are making me HUNGRY.... 130 AM

Why when ever you say a Mexican sounding word, you go from perfect English to this heavy Mexican accent?

muy bonito lugar mi país es el mejor .

este wuey solo se la pasa tragando ya asta me dio hambre chingado acá en usa casi no hay lugares así como en México qué suerte de ese wuey allá en México seguro que aumentó unas 10 libras el wuey

What's the name of the market ?, is that oaxaca city?

Good thing he's thin, if it was me I would end up being 500lbs!

Me gustan tus videos y como disfrutas la comida...gracias por visitar mi México

Oh my goodness what a catch your mom 'ving Michael ..she is so cute n caring ..amazing lady

Oh Mark ! what a wonderful smile you produce whenever you have some food

Puro Cancer de Colon pobres. Comida Vegetariana o Vegana No se debe tomar liquidos caliente s de Styrofoam plastico de espuma imbeciles brutos de puro puto cancer van a padecer

arriba México

Mark.... where are you from?

thanks so much for sharing Mark wiens.

Any body recognize the music at 12:05 ?

Mark enjoying all that delicious food, and here I am with a sad lollipop :(

I always gain a lot of weight when I go to Mexico

what is the name of the background music that you used after 2:40 minutes sir?

You don’t travel for food, you travel for the one bite

Please add your wife name in your channel name ... because she is also doing a great work with you ....God bless you

Food is like crack for you

Mark wiens, you should try Guyana South America.

Que huevotes de este gringo al meterse al mercado de abasto y a nuño del mercado con camara en mano, de puro milagro no lo asaltaron.

Middle finger at 17:03

Dios mio que rico que manjares que rica salsa de molcajete mmmmmmmmmmm

"If you need a new underwear, if you need a new pet"...sounds like my kind of market

Saludos a todos Las peblitas. Ah ah ahhahayyyy

Look at Myka his mouth is watering he wants the corn. He is so cute Hope I spell his name right.

Que rico comes!!!! Gracias por mostrar mi país lleno de sabores colores y culturas!!!! Dios bendiga tu camino

Look at the baby at 32:20 he wants it so bad lol

Mexican Food is the Best in the World…. Pride of flavor

Great camera work and video quality too...god I love mole, missing it so much after 22 years in Asia hahaha! Thank god I can actually taste and smell what you are eating because the video is so good!

Kia Ora Mark and your beautiful family, I love the way you express the flavour of the foods in all your videos. I believe you, your amazing and honest. As if I have already been there to taste. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Keep up the good work. Bless you and your family, keep well and safe. Haere ra. Love from New Zealand

This guy eats anything!

3:17 one of the mlst hated things on earth, seriously... Might aswell hold a cup and beg for money


This is my number



Mar give me your WhatsApp numbar

New to your channel, beautiful video!!! Thank you!!

omg your baby watching you eat makes the whole video. too adorable

Everytime when I'm done watching a video I end up soo hungry thanks Mark keep up the good work ur the man.

His reactions are so fake sometimes

You should try tortas hogadas from Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico

El si de verdad pone canciones mexicanas buenas, no pude evitar bailar como loca cada vez que ponía una canción

I love the dark mole


32:51 hahaha

Senor Me encanta el apetito que usted tiene pues donde quiera que va le gusta la comida Y que bonita personalidad tiene usted suerte

The baby's look at 32:25 has me dying! Like that's messed up pops, where is my bite?!

Watchout for the zetas cartel✊

Great video man I enjoy it so much.... I’m really hungry now!!!

why would they want to come here and eat taco bell

thank u for come visit Oaxaca..... blessing

Good job your videos are awesome nice

One of these days I'm gonna try this.

17:04 *guy flips off camera*

How much money are you making just off this one video mark

31:33 damn that Niggas PURPLE!!

I know a few vegetarians and vegans. I'll have to drag them around on that meat alley to cure them of their vegetarism and veganism. Meatopia, I'm on my way.

Absolutely love Mexican street corn I live in Ohio USA and right up the street from my house I have a taco truck that sells them


Esto es mi México!!!

Big mistake watching this at 5am NOW IM HUNGRY LIKE A

No.maaaaa ese guero si q sabe comer jaja

I wish I visit Mexico best food ever

Makes my mouth water because I know the taste


Share with the wife more man!!! lolll.. Love the vids!

Just a helpful tip, you don't have to like everything you eat and also maybe more sincere facial expressions other then that pretty good content

I think Micah got the food gene too. He really wanted to try the corn.

I’m from Oaxaca n I can tell u our tradition food is boom

I love your videos bro. good job

Don't watch if your hungry, because your dinner will not come close.

Loool I always pronounce “Oaxaca” *O* SA* *KA

have to say 31:05 girl staring hard...she even change positions LOL

my mouth was watering throughout this whole video

Mexican Gikomba or???

$1.60 seems like gringo price. I'm guessing most people make $8-15 a day there.

Un like. Just 4. Las marcas de mole en tu barbilla hasta Donal Trump. Le gusta el mole

Omg i really want to go there for the husband and i where planning on going but something came up and now we have to wait till next year

That rice on the last plate you had looks no good. It looks too soggy.

the shrimp soup is good for when you are hung over.

*You have to dip the hand-made tortilla in the fish soup... It's a must.*

36:08 le quedo mole rojo,,, jeje

I want some so bad

I love your channel! Stumbled upon it while looking up how to make sticky rice

I've never seen someone so happy to eat

The style the coffee is served is Mexican,but the coffee grains where introduced by Arabs to Mexico.

My mouth is watery


Omg.. watching your channel made me sooooooooo hungry i can't wait to go there next year.omg. im gona subscribe love how detailed you are about all the food how it taste. And all the places you went to.

Yummy those memelas looked so delicious.

beautiful video, I invite you to watch my channel, I have content from Oaxaca and travel

Watching this on an empty stomach - not good.

What an amazing video. Mexico is so rich in culture and so much good food. ✌️

I dont like your video because i can hadle to see all tha good food

Are you high?

Mm that's that face you make when you're eating pussy

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