Street Food in Uzbekistan - 1,500 KG. of RICE PLOV (Pilau) + Market Tour in Tashkent!

Street Food in Uzbekistan - 1,500 KG. of RICE PLOV (Pilau) + Market Tour in Tashkent!

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Good morning, I hope you're having an amazing day, it's mark Wiens I'm in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and, we just arrived about 4:00 we landed at the airport about four hours ago so this, is my first, time to visit I'm excited. To be here today we are gonna go on and it was Becca ston Tashkent. Uzbekistan. Fighted. Us here with the Ministry of Tourism this, is gonna be my very first day to ever eat was Becca's on food and I'm gonna share it all with you in this video. 5n, how, are you good in our here thank you girl come to Tashkent mark here's. An awesome food, blogger here and, that. We are on our way to start, eating. Yep, we, were in at breakfast I walk. Around we gotta. Is, the heart of the old city and all. The people within. Antoshkin. Especially, they come here for. Exclusively. For bread I can smell the bread already right, here we're starting off for breakfast, here and this is an entire Bazaar, dedicated. To bread and just. Your room of the bread smells incredible you can see the sesame seeds they're like these giant. Rings. Of, bread, they almost look like baby, carriages. That. They they roll the bread and babies, of bread smell. I can't wait to taste it it smells so good two words to learn when you come to Uzbekistan, assalamu. Aleikum which is hello, it is a greeting which is similar to arabic and rocks. Smut, rot. Rot means, thank you so those are words you're gonna we're gonna be using throughout this, trip in uzbekistan, we're gonna gather some things for breakfast, and and have, a my very first breakfast, in it was veggies done. You see so. Here in the morning, they built the cow, assalamualaikum. I said let me go yeah we got a little portion of our comic, I made sure this is very fresh right. Like what, this. Is hopefully. Means. Things. And, you can say carrot, fries. With the oil and you see a mutton, usually. Means me. Hoping. I would never oh, you. Can't smell that you were talking about them like the honey. Yeah. -. That's, not nice. Man oh-ho-ho-ho, oh it's, so juicy that aroma, it's oh it's so fragrant. Oh. Wow. Oh. That. Has to be the juiciest melon I've ever tasted and so, like honey that's crazy juicy. Huh. It's, like drinking an entire, cup of juice and every, single bite. So, the water runs down. We. Bought all the stuff at the market and then we walked over right next door to the market there's a it's a restaurant, but it's also a like, a community, gathering space if, you can notice we're actually sitting, above.

A Stream a small. River that flows underneath us all men you can smell, the onions and the carrots that bread, the grapes, CAI Mac everything, we've out we're about to we're, about to begin for this breakfast feast. So. Big so we can see all the layers. On. Door yeah. I'm. Gonna grab some of the bread and wow that's actually like really dense bread we've all got our own balls of the Chi mark that, you kind of kinda, just dip it in, very. Thick and creamy leave, okay Mike. If. You look walk. Goodin. The. Bread it feel fresh and then the time up is like a really, creamy almost like whipped butter, in in, taste and texture wash, it down with tea oh. Yeah. Just, just soothing, it just goes so well dip. Into some more of this guy mark. Break. It up. Break. It in half and. Just feel the juices, just squeezing, out Oh, squeeze. It together. Squeeze. It together oh and, yeah you can see like the, pulp penis just kind of and the sugars just coming together squeeze. It together and that, just that just brings out the juices, and the like. Natural, that's just that is just natural, jam in in fruit skin. Just. Crazy good it, is it's like it's like pudding so you can see it's a very thin, dough. And. Then you can see that that she smeared. On this mixture of minced, meat and carrot. Guys. Just delicious that's almost like a carrot, Jam, smeared. With in their savory. Like. Thin, dough nothing, was gosh there's a book on the gelatin Udall's most about so I wouldn't mess this isn't. It's. Just the beginning it. Is just a breakfast. That. Was a fantastic way, to start this tashkent, food tour, yeah the bread in the morning is so soothing all, men and that fruit it's so sweet so juicy we. Are moving, on I think we're going to the main one of the main biggest. Bazaars, now to, eat a few signature. Dishes. We. Just drove down the road to choke so bizarre this is the biggest and the oldest bazaar marketplace. In Tashkent, we're, gonna walk around here we're gonna eat some more food and especially you. Can even see the small on. The outskirts, of the market people are selling things like melons, peanuts. Nuts, dried, fruit. We're. Moving into the smoke I can smell the meat you can. Buy. A lot of things oh there it is. So. Many unique things, check out this sausage there's, meat grilling and, there's such a mix, such an influence, from so many different places because his Becca Stein is on the the Silk Road and so there's such a mix of influence but there's so many unique, things in, this, region, as well that's. A lot more looka here. Nate. Samuel says okay. Okay. Lasagna. Is. This place is a spot which, also has many family, food, local, people. Has. Been making this dish for 25 years right, here at the market it's kind of like a lasagna, but you can see it's tomato sauce but at the same time it's almost like a dumpling, because they're like little self-contained, little pockets, some toys, he. Puts it onto the plate she scoops on it looks like onions and dill onto the top in with the chili on the side and then this is kind of a big food court section it's packed right now we're, coming to the back here to sample a big communal, tables, you can smell the aroma of the smoke, Paul. This is beautiful. We've. Got two little dumplings, and then, topped with onions and you can smell that dill, love. To taste this chili to maybe, chase it with the chili but, I will open.

One Of these guys get some of the onions. Look, at that inside of it well. What's on the inside you, kind of like matchstick, cut potatoes, which, are filled onto the inside. Thank. You very much for that dr., Cooper, it has actually very really big, meaning if we can give me the one month I'll explain you yeah sure, so. This, is a chilly side, chili, pepper sign or chili peppers yeah the sign says, it, protects. From the evil eye wow the, chili sign from four sides, blues, big men used to wear them so, they are protected from evil eye from, all, sides it's called a doper national. Dog perch can, we wear like that yes. Yeah, it's Aggie wear it to the side or you wear Tula however, you like okay. Okay. That's even better with its the chili the Chili's. Back. To the dumplings in yeah you can see they are filled with casino. First. Off flavor is. That the gummy wrapper you've got the potatoes in there Park, tomato. Sauce and then the crispy onions and the dill. But make sure you chew it up well oh, yeah. So. Good I love. It yeah that goes up your nose a little bit, oh it's wonderful and it's just very maybe very lightly pickled oh. It's. So solid it's so like. Dense and you, can feel if I kind of a crusty, oily, Ness. I'm, not even sure what's on the inside oh. There's. Meat and kind of like a lump in there and, this, is a, this. Is a lamb fat. Hohohoho. How is she our ship has a big butt. This. Is a next-level samosa. I'm, gonna try to get. A little bit of that fat in this plight and, okay. Let me navigate my bite. We, want. Oh well. That. Just melts, with this, just pure lamb oil it. Just melts, you taste a little bit of spice in there like maybe a little bit of human but, just liquid, lamb okay, I mean that's just a live jiggly, piece of fat but wow that. Is Amami flavor. At its Beto and I just could just fell out oh I. Got to save it. She, like how much you liked it and she's refusing, to get money oh she's. Saying it's on me I like the way they like their. Guests, we nee respect, so this is the true hospitality Batman. Batman, Oh mansion, and just, we. Have been now in Tashkent. Uzbekistan for. A total of like 12, hours and, so. Far everybody. That we've met has been so, friendly so generous. So hospitable, I. To. Beautiful, culture, that, food was incredibly, good he, when you come to the market here when you come to the bazaar, come. To meet her she is, she. Is an amazing lady. This. Is all cheese, we call it would be very cool, to see the cheese. Also, it's very tender I believe you may get. It back man that's, like a little. Bit of the yogurt cheese kind of aroma to it. Mmm. Oh. That's. Delicious it hasn't it's, like it's, sour tastes. Like yogurt but it's salty condensed. And almost like yoki low, of local, bazevich it's, really nice, I've got a track. Well. Immediately, patient, a visual, and. Then that's like our crunchy, it's. Like rock yogurt but, like. This. Whole part is filled up a dark everything. Like the outside. Area indoor sections, right side is the cheap, bird. This. Lemon. Grown in Tuscon. Like, sometime. Mmm. Very. Refreshing that's right. That's. Just like a pool a puddle, of lemon, juice the skin was kind of thick more like leathery than I thought oh yeah that's our. The. Shot of mulberry juice, very nice even though it doesn't contain alcohol it, will warm us and the, friendship. May. Be brutal. Shaft. Okay. This. Is mulberry a shot of fresh mulberry, juice Indian bazaar yeah want to go. Hahahaha. Mmm. Ha. Ha. Ha, maybe. Yeltsin because we had that lemon in our now maybe yeah it smell like just magnifies, the flavor, perfectly, to eat sour that, was really, really good. Really, are here at one of the best times in Uzbekistan, because it's fruit season and so everything, is fresh and there's just mountains of raspberries, and grapes and figs ours. If you come here in different like winter for instance well people buy the fresh fruit now and then they preserve, them for. Periods. Of cold, when you cannot get the fresh fruit so it's great, to be here at this time to, just see the the abundance, and the vibrancy. Of the natural ingredients we've. Emerged from the fruits and vegetable section to, one of the most iconic sights, of the bazaar which, is a dome shaped structure, which we're gonna we're gonna go inside we're gonna see inside and what I like also about this Bazaar is that and you know it's busy, it's vibrant, but at the same time it's still calm and friendly and I mean people are so friendly you still have space to breathe, and walk around and, roam around. As soon. As we entered, the dome, you can smell the aroma of the fresh meat and this is the the meat section of this dome but it's so cool you step inside design, is almost like a web on the dome and then there's an opening at the top it's.

Designed, This way for the heat but also just as an icon, it's so spacious also, because of the height of the dome and you can hear just the sounds kind of echoing, assalamu. Alaikum I don't think I've ever seen meat, being sold in such a cool, such. A like museum. Like structure, it's beautiful, these the meat it is losing power Eugene. Is based on the lamp so, we. Need the fresh supply of the meat so, I don't know Tom cell phone so Clem comes here and every day they sell it out. All, those other spices you can smell be, still. Wall. And then we just came up the stairs, and check. Out this view of the, market floor, it. Almost looks like a you. Know what it reminds me of it reminds me of like a stock. Exchange it's like a stock exchange it's so it really, is this, has to be one of the coolest markets in the world it feels, like you're in a museum and yet it's live it's a living museum of, food. It's, beautiful. We're. Heading out of the market and we got out of Russia a little bit because we're going to this lunch spot we're gonna see they serve a huge. What, is probably, the national, dish food. Of who's Becky Stein yeah. It's perfect you, can still kind of. Back. Into the van we're on our way to the, TV. Tower for, lunch. Everyone. Is, so close every those, cars all these cars yes those cars are even, a national football team, look our national, football yeah it's, coming to eat pulao that's a national yes. Literally. For the last kilometer, we've been passing cars parked on the side of the street they're all coming, to, eat but, we're about to eat that's the national dish it isn't it's, a subject. Love, is a wedding, love, is a butyl, love, is a birthday, love is everything any occasion. We have we. Want to celebrate we, celebrate, with a plot that's all you need to know come to the base of the TV tower it's almost over. I. Can't. Even call that a pan or a pot it's like a it literally, is a swimming pool of. 12. Is almost, finished there's just a little bit of oil at the bottom by a little bit of oil that's like a that's, like a tub of oil at the bottom then you see still scooping out some of the rice it, was a big one and unfortunately, just.

Like. A bath tub instead, of a swimming pool. Liam, i put, it on the plate and over there they're chopping up meat and it looks like you kind of get into a queueing. System you order your coffee you're over your plates and then they dish it out for you smells, unbelievable. If. You could smell the meat aroma, back here it, is my nostrils, are just i can actually like, feel a layer of of, meat online the hospitals. Look. At it so there is like three, portions in one this is about three people, so. You see this is a cousin this is horse meat that I was telling you about the horse a sausage, exactly. I have a Qi, leg well, ordinary, egg and you see just the pile, of the meat I think the more meat then the rise itself, I can't think of another word other than epic epic. Food, adventure. While. Huge. Everybody. In, here, is eating, what we just saw. It's. For sure a thousand, people in here it's a huge, dining, hall area Oh are we going upstairs and we're. Gonna sit upstairs so we have a view of everybody. How many thousand, kilos did you say that well they sir here super Davey 1.5. Tones all together all together, during. The lunch time in two hours look at it and, it's gone. Jelly. We, eat from one okay. It's like perfect Uganda, that perfect I hope it's okay with you there you okay for us it's like an equal ratio, meat, to rice come, on Mohammed. Mohammed. Bon Appetit first bite usually the elder begins and then guests, and then we can all dig in but the meat you got there rice it's so fluffy you can smell, that oil. Oh wow. The rice is fluffy, and then it is coated in like meat, juices, and oils and. The rice is not, sweet. But then you've got the sweet like the dried dried. Raisins in there. And, you got so many different textures in there we've got the rice which is almost like al dente, you've got the starchy. Chickpeas you've got the silky carrots and I gotta try that the sausage next up for the sausage it's a special sausage it's horse sausage. It has kind of like a salted, preserve pace to it a little bit. Follow. That with some of the salad. Mama. Imagine. Yeah. It's. Like, those. Yogurt balls that we had earlier, just. The fresh version well not, really fresh but the non. Hardened, diversion, that provides like a totally different cooling, sensation to, your mouth. Spectacular. And washing it down with lemon tea. And, kind of sweet and you can just taste that like undertone. Of lemon eNOS. That. Was one of those meals that's just filled me with an almost it's. Like almost a. Speechless. To. The brim with a speechless, over joy in like, 2 to 3 hours they, sell out of one and a half tons.

Of, Rice. And meet empty. Empty empty empty, there's. The last one is just a little bit. But. It is time for a little stroll. After the amount, of food and quantity, and meatiness. And deliciousness, of the food that we've eaten today, but I was just just. Even reflecting, on the morning, we, went to the market which was literally like a museum, see'em and then that restaurant that we just stayed at for the pull off like I don't think I can accessorize. It any better, way than. An opera, house of meat, and rice is one of the main square. When. I'm the main gathering, areas, of Tashkent, but before we get there we're just walking through this beautiful. Lush park look, at these trees big. Trees. Evergreens. Flowers. It's so green and lush. So. Now we're in the artist section, raising. Them sing some arts and antiques lots, of paintings. My, god. Taking. A video we, thought okay, yeah run my god. My. Mom is the light on my mind. The. Jumping castle in tashkent I have, definitely built up an appetite going up that hill and sliding down I think, we can we're. Ready to eat again. Hello. Mark. Hello hello, how are you very good, welcome to excel thank you very much I was talking, you about they. Sold everything, and this is what remains I'll drink it okay, smart big round Lee. A next. Stop on this Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Leer. Estarán teh have a bunch of local dishes. Another. Dish specific. Dish that we've come here to eat is not in which, is a dish that I've been really looking forward to trying just simple, since I learned about it today she has a very thin dough which she slices into very fine like Julianne's then, you move over to this station where he's finely chopping up a mixture. Of horse, meat and beef, and that mixes into the dish and then, I think it gets assembled over at station, number 3. So, she takes an equal amount of meat plus the julienne dough now she's just mixing, it fully she added in some seasonings some local cumin some black pepper a little bit of oil and it's just fully, mixing. It so that it's completely even, tossing, it. In. Which, the. Horse, sausage, was, brewed. You. Gotta eat this with your fingers that's the traditional way but just a mound of what she mixed up with their fingers the dough the the julienne dough the mixed in meat the thick. Chunks. Of horse sausage and then there's some onions, on top so, I'll grab you can see the pepper in there too all nice, oh that's beautiful I can't wait to try it. Wow. Awesome. You've, got like. They. Are kind of like noodles but it almost has like a cheese, texture. To it and then, you've got that meat mixed in it's oily you've, got that like spice the pepper in there the light cumin, and then, again you. Can really, like taste the meat so far today in. The dishes the meat based dishes we've had the. Meat just comes in so vibrant Lee liver for what's so natural, tasting it's, a fat. Horse. Back. It's, like, really. Meaty and. It. Is like a sausage like kind of like salty, almost like a salami, it's so. Succulent. This is the soup that the horse sausage, was boiled in. Is. Like saltiness. It's it's, a little bit sour it's. Powerful yeah that's good, really, really good. Some of the boiled meat and rice which. Has just turned into a paste. You. Can see the fibers, in it yeah greens, and rice and you can see the fibers in there but it's all just boiled simmered down for, like. Half a day for like 11, or 12 hours until it just turns into a paste a porridge. It's. Workout. Very, like comforting, you've. Got like a foamy, almost foamy texture, cut and again, you taste that meat, next. Up for the lamb sausage, and this is like a pretty, hardcore you can see the fat just laced within it it's a mix of organs as well and then wrapped up into an intestine, and it's just it's just dripping and oily, meaty, juices.

Mm-hmm. Yeah. That's like, fatty. Juicy. Mmm. Yeah. It's, pretty good but that's that's. Meeting. Some. Of the lambchops. Delicious. Is so tender, doc. Be she was kind of kind of lean or at least in comparison to the last bite I had and, this one is the dolma there's cabbage, and there might be grape leaves in here as well but then rice and meat on the inside. In. The dill in there that's, what makes it that's, what. Brings it to the next level moving, moving, through the meats next step for the kabob. Oh. Yeah. That's. Me Tomomi taste the smokiness, of it how it's been kinda, saltiness as well how she's been scorch over the hot coals. It, was all good but that horse. Snoodle, like, dough dish, with the soup and that is that, is unique, and just it's, incredibly. Good it's all man it's good we're, gonna go back to the hotel we're gonna rest for a couple hours and then we have one, more meal to, complete, this first, my very, first day in Uzbekistan. It's been yeah. It's been nothing short of just. Impressive. Impressive, and met so, many friendly, people so much good food but we okay all that to say we have one more big dinner coming up. Wow. This, okay, we went back to the hotel we rested. For about an hour it's, a very modern but very nice, very, beautiful. Restaurant. With with, modern, Uzbekistan, style and we're eating a dish is called it's called Chappell, duck look, at this platter. It's. A beauty, it's, another stunner, and if, you can notice right in the center you, will see the horse, sausage, that we've already eaten. Once. Or twice or three to five or three times today guys hungry. Sausage. That's like one of the winner winning. Meats of the days like sheets, sheets. Of what looked like kind, of like dough. Okay. And I got some horse horse meat on there as well of course. Well, that's not, incredible. Those. Are like noodle. Sheets you've got that really meaty, bra that. The noodles have sort of soaked up with that. Horse meat which is salty, and likely like. More salami and then the crispness of the green onions what, do you think what is the main ingredient in this, what. Is the main ingredient the noodle. Or the don't know no. And. It's not even the meat I mean the me gross the broth and. Every now and then. Like. In this bag you get a a cumin. Seed hmm. Like a whole cumin seed but it's. Kind of mild. This. Has been one of those days that, just, blows. Me away and I'm still trying to process the. The. Food the culture, we. Landed, about okay. Less actually less than 24, hours in Tashkent, slept, for like two. And a half three hours then, immediately, got started, on this ultimate, Tashkent, food tour truly. A learning, and just a beautiful. Beautiful day, I loved. The food, I loved the different dishes dishes I'd never seen, or even imagined. Before but, even more than the food the, people the hospitality. The, the friendliness, and genuine. Kindness. So many people that we met today is what really shines is what really stands. Out so I want to say a huge thank, you to the Ministry of Tourism whose Becca Stan who invited, young and I too is Becca Stan thank. You so much for making this happen thank you to Beck bruise vicar whose arranged, everything he he did a lot of work to make this happen so thank you so much Antioch, bar and also. To Arash fun for coming along with us today, man. What, an amazing day we, had it was just day one of Uzbekistan, we have so much more food, adventures. And experiences in. Uzbekistan, that I'm gonna share with you in, this entire series, so stay tuned and yeah. Be sure to watch this entire series, I'm, gonna say good night I'm going straight to bed and I. Will see you on the next video thanks so much for watching please remember to give this video a thumbs up leave a comment below I'd love to hear from you and if, you're not already subscribed. Click Subscribe now and also click that little bell icon so, that you get notified of the next video that I publish, thanks. Again for watching see you on the next video.

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نكدر نسافر لأوزبكستان

Travel to New Zealand and explore all the many different cultural food we have to offer !

Really? Horsemeat?

Im from the philippines and i worked in uzbekistan for 1 whole year! The uzbek and the karalpak people are the best!

Naryn--is that dough actually raw or did i just miss seeing it being cooked?

The world lost Anthony Bourdain but we got young Mark Wines

Wow. Not a place I would think to visit and I've never thought about what food there might be like. It looks quite different from the usual food tour videos. Thank you. But is there a reason for those "flying" elbows? They look like they could put someone's eye out

This makes me so hungry I could eat a horse.

The greeting Assalomu Alaykum! is a very common expression throughout the Muslim world, among Uzbeks it is especially common in the more conservative rural areas. It is from an Arabic greeting meaning peace be upon you!  Xayrli erta! -Means Good Morning! Beautiful MUSLIM country P.s keep up the good work mark, appreciate it man.

i laugh so hard when you bite the lemons. hahaha

I hope you are still having great time. One thing to keep in mind that Uzbek food is very heavy, so be caareful with portions.

You made me wanna go to Uzbekistan right now !!

Hahaha he wore a suit for you mark


man your face after bite gives me heart attack and my mouth start watering ....Uzbekistan is in My bucket List but you will have to write the name of those Markets in Subtitle ..It was amazing and food was Just love

This man really travels for food

Wonder how he feels the next morning

You can visit kerala India There's amazing traditional foods

Pls visit bangladesh .

SalamAlaykum Uzbek brothers


my mom and dad are from Uzbekistan

thank you mark for this delicious video, all your videos are delicious

Hello Mark Wiens Please come in Pakistan.that is rich in spicy delisious and mouth watring dishes. Especially the famous cites Lahore and Karachi are the main city. Plz plz plz come i hope u will must come.

simply wants to fly to Uzbekistan friendly people and food

uzbekistan has good melons

I guess food will unite the world to PEACE!

Dude go to india and try the food there.You will be in heaven for sure.

Man!! I must go to Uzbekistan

I jus heard Micah speak Thai responding to his mommy! Awwwh?

Hello Mark, i love your videos so much.. please when will you come to Nigeria

I always look at your videos And thanks for the good videos

Very nice dear. I was there nearly 10 years ago! Loved Tashkent, Samakand and Bukhara. Very nice food and friendly people. Love to you and lots of love for Uzbekistan. You made me to go there again, already planning a trip with my family next month

Нормально хватанул перец

What’s best time to go there...

that is fat.. our sheeps have big butts! :0)

Мне кажется если ему попадется какашка,он будет делать ммммммммм so delicious

i enjoy vido my guy keep up the good work

Greetings, i would like to express my gratitude... This is one of the best representations of my fascinating, marvellous country, many thanks to you Mark for being such a sweet person...

Читаешь комменты и офигеваешь какие иностры тупые... не знают ни стран, ни городов, слыхом не слыхивали ничего даже о средней азии, а еще и умничают по поводу конины. Маркуша, ты человек мира, посети всю территорию бывшего союза, пусть они хоть немного просветятся.

Thank You for sharing, love from India Uzbekistan, soon I will come to your country to enjoy all delicacies ❣️❣️

it's so amazing how their "supermarkets" are these open air markets with fresh foods; not trucked across the country or littered with pesticides! i wish we had these in U.S. ): (not overpriced farmer's markets)

+Julie Hobbs that's a dramatic response. i just said i wish we had open markets, not that i hated america hahahahah

Migration is easy if you marry an Uzbek man. If you dont like the U.S leave

Where is yesterday's video????????? Waiting for the upload eagerly. God bless. Have a nice day sir

Interesting looking food. Not as apetitizing looking as others but I'm sure it tastes good

Rahmat (thanks) mark... you made me fall in love with uzbekistan food in the first sight...

aw shucks.... is this the only Uzbekistan video ?

Today watched video of mark vlogging in Pakistan.. Excited to see mark's pakistan vlog❤️❤️❤️


Радует то что приезжие так удивляются Убекистану- Ташкенту) ❤️❤️❤️


Я живу в Узбекистане)))))

26:00 that looks exactly like a haleem

That melon tht you ate would probably sell for a hundred bucks in japan

My father was deployed in Uzbekistan as part of a peace keeping force, he used to tell us that they are the most friendly people he ever met and somehow Bollywood songs and Indians are popular

Hope to visit this beautiful nation

Mark, every time am watching your videos am having an amazing day!

Kastyum shimli aqlli , uzincha harnma diyvurma bu videoni butun dunyo kuradi, qattan topdin duppidegi naqshlar shayton kuzidan himoya qilishini, irimchiga cqarvordinku hammani


Much Respect To This Guy

Ur guide looks like a mafia boss haha

Horse meat no thank you ill skip

อาหาร และ วัฒนธรรม ชอบมากค่ะ

Looks like morroco in a way

Hi Mark, love this video and the food looks yummy. We plan on visiting that country very soon. Can you tell us where the slaughterhouse’s are, we would like to see the horses being slaughtered as part of our tour?

Love from India

Beautiful experience the skin and I really enjoy really I am just now this video I am Dominic

I love Uzbekistan love from Pakistan ❤️❤️

wow dominic cruz lukin good in this job hehe

Poor Mr.Ed

nice country i thought it was a desert

You went to the right Country and please visit Afghanistan one of the best food country and culture ever ....

This is an awesome channel

“Our sheep’s have big butts” never thought I’d hear that phrase in my life

Wow, their officer from Ministry of Tourism was so friendly and he did a good job on showing the beauty of Uzbekistan..well done!

Great video Mark, I just have to stop watching them before having something to eat.

Hi Mark, You forgot to mention my name. on your show. lol. I hope you enjoy your time in UZBEKISTAN. By the way I am from Afghanistan, but I live in Canada. Thanks. My name is Qadir M Zahir. I will recommend you some more countries, that will help your show to grow more world wide. Good LUCK.

Amazing food + beautiful country

Omg, I have/has/had a friend in NY from Uzbekistan. I thought it was all hasidic. You just gave me culture shock. Great video :)

THANK YOU! This video was somewhat emotional for me. Uzbekistan holds a special place in my heart. In the last few years of my father's life, he travelled there as he was invited as a guest speaker of a conference. He loved it so much, he returned the last year of his life. After every trip he came back home with gifts of Uzbekh hats , shawls and earings from the market. He told me stories of the places you visited and raved of the bread, cheese, fresh figs that you ate. Your video gave me a visual glimpse of what my father had experienced in his last and final travels, and made me understand the culture he grew to be fond of! Thanks Mark.. I will definately be watching this serie.

Mark please put some more videos about Uzbekistan Thank you

Love Uzbekistan food and people btw, will hopefully visit one day

Come to Turkey again please!!!!!!!

I like Uzbekistan 12 State Each state have it on taste different different dishes delicious foods 100 of different breads is the best Country come to visit I like I am from USA state PA city Philadelphia

I really wish the video was even longer.

It’s amazing Mark, congrats from Brasil. Hey come in Brasil

the uzbeki fried rice looks so tasty!

Taşkent, Our Turkish Özbek brothers❤️

The baby is so cute

Welcome to Uzbekistan Mark!!!!

THe best watermelons and melons are in Central Asia ❤️

wonderful....I thought you couldn't be happier in another country …..but this one seems to be the best!!

We don't eat horse meat every day, our main meat is lamb, beef, chicken, fish. Horse ( only sausages) kind of delicatessen eaten on big celebration day or in expensive dishes. The last dish "shilpildok" wan't t with fresh horse meat but I guess beef with added couple of rings of "Kazi" (horse sausage)

can someone escort if i come to uzbek?

Awesome mark superb

very interesting thanks for sharing !!!

Welcome to Central Asia, Mark!

I want to visit UZBEK :-)

Not one of your best uploads, every meal looked like grey tasteless slops with yes you guessed it...... more horse meat! Look at your hosts face at 10.15 when he's horrified at you eating a hideously large lump of sheep fat, it's like you were being tested! I think this may have backfired a little as I certainly won't be going anywhere near Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan a vegetarians worst nightmare

Imam bukhari (R.a) tomb there ...

Please travel to Madagaskar

Luv to go on s tour with him just one thing he looks high loljk

The chilli hat looks good you, make it your brand now

That is a country that one should aspire to visit. Good people, wonderful surroundings, lovely food...I certainly would eat horsemeat sausages in Uzbekistan.

Türk nerede olursa olsun Türklüğünü konuşturuyor. Helal valla. Siz misafirsiniz sizden hesap almam diyor. Bir gün inşallah bende gelecem :D

This is insanley infinitley munchable!

So Gay.

Lots of love from India..

Ur so great

First of all ASSALAM ALAIKUM mean PEACE ON YOU and RAHMAT means you are blessed from Allah God

Love this video

Borat brought me here... but i am going to visit this beautiful country. i will tell them i am dont eat horse

Ровшан и Бехруз красавчики...

Mark you are sooo positive and bright person and thank you for your trip to my home land Uzbekistan and showing the world that is the one of the best places on earth especialy all about food and people there....

You are the "Man vs food" next video in china..plz bast food and dance

How are you not like 600 pounds or more. I only have to THINK about food and the weight goes on.

Even that spoon tastes good......

I'm not even hungry but my mouth was watering all the way through it.

greatness of people is amazing ...... salam from kashmir

Assalamualaikum for Uzbekistan from Indonesia

Look at 10 :20

he bro, assalamualaikum is a greeting from fellow muslims ..

Assalamualaikum means peace be upon you. It's Arabic, and it's used international used by Muslim.

Do you eat veg food mark

Mark you can try halal food Halal food good for health

You find in a book The Name Of The Book is The Holy Quran

Syed Mehedi - Why is “halal food” good for health?

Always enjoy mark vid...

Trevor n mark are like brothers from another mother

Everyone's spoon goes in food, everyone's spoon goes in mouth, everyone's spoon goes back in food, spoon goes back into mouth, rinse and repeat. A mouthful of meaty flob, no thanks, dish it out.

"Assalomu Alaykum " isn't similar to Arabic, it is Arabic

This is the best food trip I've seen with Mark since his Taco Tour of Mexico. Fantastic food. I want to eat that Samosa and the Plov!


I'm not trying to be mean, but the tourism guy reminded me so much of Borat. LOL! It's the suit.

Horse sausage is the "whinnying" dish of the day.

Why is he so nice? I bet he never uses curse words and says "gosh darn" when he's frustrated. I really like this guy.

Delicious... Uzbekistan is awesome.... Greetings from India

Waiting you in Russia

Come to Uzbekistan and eat some horse.

I always wanted to see that side of the world. You almost never hear from there. Thanks Mark

I'm coming to Uzbekistan!

Everything looked amazing!

Thank you so much for tones of positive. This video made my day))))))

What is food

последняя еда типа бешбармақ

salam from QAZAQSTAN !

You must feel so alive!

i hate ur face n gayish expressions

Пероводите кто-нибудь всё красиво но нечего понятно очом говарит .

What a wonderful country Uzbekistan just heard about it best food iam going to meet this wonderful country Uzbekistan one just of its food and very hospitable people inshallah

I think that nowhere in the world is as tasty as in Uzbekistan!

Thank you Mark! Your videos are amazing. Good luck, Sir!

when you come to QAZAQSTAN ?

Tashkent changed my life! Met the most amazing people when visiting. The food, the culture- everything is amazing

Hey mark i would like to invite you to eat iraqi food in Pennsylvania USA that where i live and i want to show you the traditional food from my country thanks if you accept my invite.

Horse meat as actual horse meat? I’m confused

Now eating and watching this awesome episode...... Always gotta have time for family time! Thumbs up for that

Good good good

Now Mark left Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern in his rear-view mirror.

I love food and travel but I dont mess with Islamic spots. Things can go south quick.

when you come to Azerbaijan?

I heard they found CCTV footage of someone matching in his description by that one village outside of Chang Mai where a lot of the boys have gone missing. Any confirmation or just rumor?

Good morning! How is everyone doing? lol Uzbekistan knows how to eat meat! I don't know much about Uzbekistan but I see they have big food malls.....Xx Good people during the day but at night time only God knows......*(O) Enjoy your days my brothers. See you....Chau

horse huh hmm...I'd like to try that

This is my favourite channel

18:03 Lmao lolol funny that was crazy funny lol

Very nice

Uzbeks are the most hospitable and friendliest people I have ever encountered in all my travels. Salaam and hope to visit once again.

This country is beautiful ! I can't wait until I can visit the food looks amazing and the people look so friendly. Thank you again for another great upload Mark ~

Next stop...... Kyrgyzstan

OMG I miss plov:)

Before this video, i have very little knowledge about Uzbekistan, keep exploring new country mark.

I follow your video and always love your travel for food than love how you really friendly on our people and respect them.

I've heard from friends that in the Eastern Europe countries near Russia that the best food comes from Uzbekistan. Now I see why.

man, i have never seen anyone biting lemon like an apple, it is just food crazy. Pure energy shot.

I want to go there so badly

Dudeeee he does not hold back on his bites! I love it

Mr. Mark you came Uzbekistan but you didn't taste "Qashqadaryo tandir meat" it tastes very amazing You missed the great opportunity

Wonderful places and foods in UZB!

Over years he never hate any pit hhhhhhh

Hi Mark, hope you and your family are well. We are waiting for your new videos about Uzbekistan.)))

I bet horse is super lean

Where is this at?  What country, or nation?  Never heard of it.

YES! My countries!!!! Finally

I didn't know Horse Meat is allowed to eat in Islam?

Hi Mark I'm from Barbados. .love your show. .

Looks alot healthier than McDonalds lol, wish i could do what u do for a living.


2:02 is that young Borat?


Another great video, I sure love all the different places you go to.

Hi Mark, love your videos. Could you please visit Korea and eat their delicious food including dog meat and let us know what it tastes like?

I'm from Iran. Like

Tashkent, here we come!!!

the foods are unexpectedly very affordable, surprising, if horse meat is tasty i will eat it

Mark you mean the rice Plov cost only 12.21 USD (100,000 UZS) per serving enough for three person, well it's cheap. and the fruits wow the most I like is the figs, maybe the apple the golden one is also delicious and juicy, wow the grapes the longer variety of black and green it is crunchy and sweet juicy. well that rice plov is similar to mutton biryani. good work !

Mark, you look like Uzbeks actually because you are mixed asian and caucasian just like other central asian people!

mark.... believe me, now im drooling

very tasty video, hi from Kyrgyzstan and welcome to Bishkek city

mark please answer this, why does the whole town looks sandy and dusty?

ASSALAMUALAIKUM my Uzbekistan friends. The friendliest people on this earth


А казы одна из Казахстанских деликатесов запатентованная....

hey mark...! i feel jealous everytime I see your expressions how you enjoy those delicious mouthwatering yummmyyy dishes... u r just amazing man... enjoy.

Mark visit north Korea Kim jong un is waiting for you

Awesome food I wanna have some

Wow its beautiful country and city

Don't give such expressions can't watchable.....

like this food

So plov is biryani??

This video has motivated me to travel to Uzbekistan, any chances of fishing in Uzbekistan ?

You can’t be vegetarian or vegan in this country. Their cuisine is super carnivorous!!!

Why do muslims love to eat horse meat?

Mark coming indian again my state is food is good.

Very friendly people! So nice of them to show you around! Just a question: do they use much spice in their cooking? Also, does the meat taste gamey?

ASSALAMU ALAIKUM means 'peace be upon you' not hello. 'Rahmat' means blessings NOT thank you.

So beautiful foods

I love my country Uzbekistan please all over the world welcome to Uzbekistan we are waiting for you food adventure historical places and more ....

шер шерали - I’m gonna visit your country and eat your horses.

Very mouth watering

Thank you Mark! Uzbek cuisine is a masterpiece.

Cakep ya cewek nya

Greetings from Nepal. Great job for exploring culture n food towards world. Hats up to u sir.

Thanks for sharing, Mark! Kudos to the Ministry of Tourism Uzbekistan, they did a good job. Now Tashkent has become my must-visit list.

The guide like a juventus player, Cancelo


oh wow

ravshanaka tanip qoldim oma

Isn't horse Haram ?

What a beautiful country ! Seeing it for the first time. And I am sure food is great too. But the moment Mark said horse meat, I had to stop the video. Tried seeing it again but couldn’t. I am sure it is a delicacy there but I love horses too much to watch someone consuming it. Sorry. P

Lol Mark always look tired (dark rings).yet so EXCITED. Bcos. FOOD

Kaymak look delicious, thumbs up to this video. #ไม่เผ็ดไม่กิน :)

wow..never knew uzbekistan is an awesome country. assalamualaikum my brother and sister there -

I would love to visit ubzekistan someday. Beautiful clean country and the foods looks delicious too!! Enjoyed your content, mark!

Come to India mark please?

Wow they're so friendly decent and clean nice country

As a muslim they shouldent be eating horse meat.

Этот Джеки Чан в тюбитейке всю съёмку только жрал

Thank you Mark, you have really made a wonderful advertisement for the beautiful and historic country of Uzbekistan.

Hi Mark, is it true that horse meat tastes just like dog meat?

u guys eat dog meat there??!?

Thank you for the video Mark! So excited to see you in our Tashkent. Enyoing to watch the video. Miss home

Mark com to pakistan

Thank u so much for coming Uzbekistan

I miss Uzbekistan

Is the meat halal

Thank you Mark for visiting Uzbekistan, we have very dear friends who are from Uzbekistan and we have tasted many of these foods, we just love it specially the Uzbek pilov.. even I learned it so that I make it every time when you feel that we want to eat Uzbek pilov.. best regards to Uzbekistan from Iraqi Turkmens

Everything looks so darn good. Never knew Uzbekistan's food is so right up my alley.

I can believe my Muslim brothers eating horse that's crazy and gross top off that it's Haram Sub"hanallah

I love Uzbek people they are so friendly and humble .........Love from Bangladesh

Mike is a Good gay ......He eat good food , lough lot and makes us Happy. Mike we are with u.

horse meat is haram in islam

The people who put dislike in these shorts of Video They are mentally Insane......Good Job Mike.....Keep it up

We love Uzbekistan ... Love from India

Don't speak mouthfull

Look very delicious. Is there a tour? Is it safe to travel there?

I want to go there!! Thank you Mark for going to places I've never thought of.

Doesn't matter if a horse is a delicacy in a culture, culture should never dictate morality. Watch video footage of a horse slaughter house and tell me you think it's ok.

The way these guys are dressed tells you how serious they are when it comes to representing the country and culture.


Makes me want to travel to Uzbekistan just for the food!

You are living the dream man

a delicious horse

Their culture, food and people are just like my country Afghanistan. I will visit to Uzbekistan one day inshallah.

Is there anything that you don't like? Everything is Mmmm, and Wow....

Assalamualaikum my friend, from Indonesia


I am Uzbek, and when I saw the title of this video I was surprised and very happy at the same time. Because not many TV shows or well known travelers go there, or I don't know many of them. I am just glad that you are enjoying friendly and hospitable people of Uzbekistan. It is "different" there, but I think it is good kind of different for travelers who enjoys exploring different people, culture, lifestyle. Thank you for agreeing to take this opportunity and visiting Uzbekistan. The reason I was even more happy is because I always watch your video and have always been your fan. Much love and respect, Shohsanam

I feel like mark really took me traveling to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is the muslim country why these people are eating horsemeat yuck...i think it's not halal

“Our sheep have big butts” - awesome quote :)

Wow very neat country

O‘zbeklar bormi ?

Is the horse meat locally sourced or imported?

I have to stop watching this at night. It's so hard going to bed hungry.

Go to India

I like it

the horse put me off ....and thats a first...


If he makes that ridiculous face one more time

Don't like when they share the food with the hands but love video

All i saw was meat

Freak me out everywhere

Beautiful Uzbekistan.

Id live off fruit meat and bread in this wonderful country

the fruit quality looks A1

Another awesome video Mark, Ying, & Micah! That Rice Plov is massive! Looking forward to the next video bro'! More power and God bless from the Philippines!

Haha nice to hear Russian language I am like home in my own country

...just crazy good!

That lemon!!

I don’t like the eating horse meat. Would he eat a dog or cat? A human? It kind of freaks me out that he’ll eat anything. I don’t think you should eat pets. No matter what country you are in - if you’re born in Kansas, in the US we don’t eat pets in this country and you shouldn’t do that in other countries. I don’t find that terribly Christian - sometimes I get really grossed out by the bugs, offal and now horses! Yuuuuuckkk. And the people saying they like it are obviously of a certain frat boy mentality. With all the wonderful food in the world to eat why does it always have to be so gross?

Haha, if you'll try horse sausage, you would change your mind:)

Thanks to Uzbek tourism ministry . Love Uzbekistan and their food from Bangladesh .

The Islamic prophet Muhammad loved eating horse meat from Uzbekistan.

BRO!!!! How in the world do you eat so much??? Lol


The no. Of white car is more..similar like INDIA...

sir, that was pulow, not pilow

Dude, that was plov. Not pulow or pilow

OMG all that's fruits so fresh n the food amazing

Nice mark.... Luv to see ur channel...luv from Ladakh ( land of high passes) india

The whole place are so clean, even the floor of the market place, so in Love with this country because of its people so hospitable and the foods are so good. I wish I could Go there Thank you Mark ying and mica for this video.

Please subtitle Indonesia

@Mark Weins, Uzbek Cuisine is great, isn’t it, not like when you cooked that big rat in Africa for dinner

Food looked delicious and i want to visit there someday.

wow i love the wares.

Like your presentation, specially after testing food you always makes face like awesome. Keep it up Bro. I always interested to visit Uzbekistan. Inshaallah one day I ll be able to visit. Respect from UK

Respect to the person who was with him all the time,he showed love of uzbekistan by his humble nature and welcoming heart... Loved the food

but you guy! can eat eeeeeeeh

@26:46 did she give miccah a red chile lol that's hardcore

No, that was tomato)

I never realized that they had such an amazing food culture in Uzbekistan. The food looks amazing. Makes me want to go there to try the food. I’m half way through the video and the town looks amazing to. It doesn’t seem as closed in as some of the places you’ve visited. Like you had room to move. I love it so far.

Best Food in the World !!!

Poor horses in uzbekistan , they have open season on them , horse meat 24/7

Wow, mark, you are really living life, I'm so amazed by all the yummy foods you discovers. Keep it going, a good way to enjoy life.

wonderful country.. i think i need to go to Uzbekistan.. hands shake from indonesia

Beautiful beautiful country.

Love you man! Thanks for Kozak’s meal manu’s

You should try the food in College Town Tallahassee!

All you need is plov

Uzbekistan is my second favorite place I've visited. So sick seeing this on your channel.

Actually Assalamualaikum is like good greeting for everyone you see. Assalamualaikum is use by moslem to greet each other, and the meaning is may Allah always give you His grace, salvation, and blessing to you. just for your info Mark hohoho. cant wait to see you again in Indonesia

Mark, What was the name of the juicy melon you had? I'd love to get some of the seeds to grow some. Thank you!

Do they sell pork there ???


Fan all the fruits looks juicy. USA fruits are all disgusting.

Uzkbekistan seems pretty chill

P.s you have a beautiful family Masha'Allah

Been watching your videos for a while Mark and gotta say this is pure awesomeness

Why so many dislikes for this video? Probably the Zionists who don't want to see the peaceful side of Muslim culture

@18:44 *Micah* and *Yin* are going to be so _incredibly_ well traveled. (By the time *Micah* is ready for school he should be familiar with the sounds of a thousand tongues!) @24:32 I remember *Naryn.* OMG, this brings back so many memories. I used to eat mustang steak at *Geronimo's* in *Montreal, Québec, Canada.* whenever we'd go to the *Centaur Theatre.* (To my amazement *Maurice Podbrey* who ran the theatre at the time is *_still alive!_* )

am from palestine , live in sweden i love this wonderfull country good people good food

@10:36 My mother had to go on a diet for months after eating Uzbek lamb. They were so tasty she just could stop eating. (Try to find a thin person serving those!) @15:50 It's a *livestock* exchange.

This guy is nothing but disgrace with bad table manners.

those food are so greasy. I can't imagine to eat even one spoon of them. but I love all those beautiful fruits.

My mother went to *Tashkent* in *Uzbekistan* and she said it was absolutely *wonderful* (mind you she had just finished a _long_ tour through the USSR [from Moskva to Vladivostok] and it was the first fresh fruit she had seen over a week.

Oh man, you should see the street food in Mexico. Crowded streets with delicious food

I love long green seedless grapes that 1# there. Why do I see everywhere in India or Korean or here the selling the spices are in huge bags like that and I have never seen a bag that not filled to the top. So that mean he’s keep topping it off. But that also mean the bottom don’t get sold for months and might get spoiled at the bottom. Any info on this?

This was really interesting to watch. I would like to visit there one day.

Have you ever seen Mexican Street Food? It's really different than any other place like the US.

Good documentary of food by food lover blogger.

Krooth is dried sour cream

Kaimaak means cream

Adding Uzbekistan on my travel bucket. Thanks Marky Boy!

The most beautiful market in the world i agree @15:

Who here loves to eat horses....

What does it taste like?

I've never tried horse meat.

OMG That looks so delicious,I think I need to visit Uzbekistan just to eat.I love your channel by the way, you have a great job

Mark is some one who appreciates the food

Thank you for showing Usbekistan. Good food.

Thanks Mark for taking us on these awesome trips! I feel as though I've had a vacation. Your videos really help me to de-stress. Thanks again :)

Love your videos Horse meat I think should not be eaten but that's just my opinion so many other meat out there.

I've never tried it and I kind of think the same thing. Idk why, maybe because it's not as common? At least in my area

Was at Uzbekistan a few months ago. Love the pilau made by a family living in a farm. and never met a friendlier people. Rahmat !!!

Nice video

Regards to all Uzbekistans people from Philippines! Your food is awesome like Mark! Hope I can visit your country soon...

"That's lamb fat. Our sheep have big butts!"


Özbekler Türk müdür?

My next destination next year, thank you, Mark, for the beautiful insight never knew how amazing Uzbekistan was!

I recommend Mexico. Some places like Quiroga are almost like a different world. I would share some pictures but I can't here


My favorite show, great content always Mark.

i really hope you pay the venders for the stuff youve tried...

He most likely did - who knows how cheap it was

Huge fan He’s so lovely and positive

Looks so healthy

I can't say how much I like your food wawwww

Как я скучаю по нормальной и свежей ЕДЕ!!!!;);););)

What a piece of fuckhole ... You just slide your head for everything ... and how are we suppose to know which food is better .. SOB

That bread!!!!!! I got hungry

Great looking stuff but I'm lost when I don't know what something is called like that yellow fig looking fruit and the flatbread smeared with carrots and mince meat. Just a suggestion. That ring bread with seeds looked great too. Wonder what it's called.

a salamou 3leikoum to al my uzbekistan muslim brothers and sisters..i want to visit your country one day..u are very friendly and kind and i love it...greetings from marocco (L)

Красота! Смотрю в 12 ночи, пойду чего-нить заточу)

Lahore say lay kr Italy tk famous hay ghaday ka gosh

I love the fact that you like every food you eat jeje you’re not a picky eater after all....

I am

Now this looks tasty food, lots of fruit and nicely presented, that bread , so fluffy...


I love his reactions to food. I have started doing it now and everyone thinks I'm a freak.

Марк когда ты ел самсу курдючним жыром ты меня убил

man steve-o sure changed alot since i last saw him.. respect

Hope this guy gets his pancreas insured cause he makes diabetes look all worth it!

Lol wtf

I get to live through you Mark! Getting to see and experience new places I will most likely never get to visit myself is so exciting. Thanks for sharing all these great videos!

Jeez Mark, always horsing around!

Haha I get it. Cause the horse meat?


I think I would actually visit there the people seem friendly and the food looks great.

Wow.... so amazing..... amazing people.... amazing food...... amazing country....... thanks so much Mark Wiens........ I enjoyed.......

Ur a big Liar, everything so good?

We’re starting out with breadfast

I love how excited you get with new countries and food aventures wow eating even the skin of the lemon nom nom I can taste that just watching it. LOL LOL.

How sour is it ☺️

How can you eat horse meat?you have no heart at all!!!i dont like you any more Mark!!!how can people kill horses to eat??

I've never tried it - but I guess some people see it like a cow or pig

I love your vlogs !

This really highlighted a culture that I'm not very familiar with. Everything looks so delicious! And theres just something so community building and awesome about how the plov was made and served

You should see the streets in Quiroga, Michoacán (Mexico)

U said all videos samee its juciessss plzz frnd dont watch his videos i said him to change expression and do more videos new food his not doingg doo unlike

Uzbekistan will forever be famous for their horse meat.

Amazing job Mark great

Because of your video mark ived traveled the world..

where is Uzbekistan? I wanna go there

where is uzbekistan?

Mark is overreacting

Why is he over excited??? Seems to be faking

After all that horse, Mark will be galloping. I think he should try Tatarstan too.

Great Video Mark I would love to taste their food also would love to see how they make it!!! :)

Iam a big fan of u mark keep it up

Welcome to the country of Turks, Pliau (Pilav) is an typical Turkic food :)

I honestly enjoyed watching this video! People there are kind. I've given a like on the video.

Actually, the tradition of eating of horse meat came to uzbeks from kazakhs. Until recently, it could be found only in Tashkent, since it neigbours with Kazakstan. But in other regions of Uzbekistan, people traditionally do not consume horse meat.

You're very welcome to Uzbekistan!! The one thing is that our foods are all Halal made! That's why they are all healthy!!!

Where are the Borat comments?

Asalam-o-alikum to uzbek brothers from Pakistan

Uzbekistan ❤️ I Hope to visit this very generous state❤️ i heard the uzbek people, especially in Tashkent are really friendly✊️ ysyk Salam from neighbors

Such a great destination! Well done with the collaboration Mark!

There's so much inflation in Uzbekistan..

Who tf eats horse meat

'Assalamualaikum' generally means 'peace be unto you' (or, 'peace be with you'). When Allah created Adam, He said (to him), ‘Go and greet that group of angels sitting there, and listen what they will say in reply to you, for that will be your greeting and the greeting of your offspring.’ Adam (went and) said, ‘As-Salamu alaikum (Peace be upon you).’ They replied, ‘As-Salamu ‘Alaika wa Rahmatullah (Peace and Allah’s Mercy be on you).’

i hope Uzbekhistan never change

You should try sumaliak, tutovnik (type of fruit) all other fruits too, halva...

cool men.. thanks and eat more heheheh


I am hungry! Beautiful place delicious food ! Bazaars are organised, clean and uniquely prepared recipes! Congratulations Ukbekistan!

I really wanna eat those lamb samosa

No more food videos ?

Great that you had such a nice experience, however you had "minders" and let's not forget that Uzbekistan is repressive and has a poor human rights record, enjoy your time there.

Uzbekistan look like a great country to visit! The food look so interesting and Amazing, I bet it taste so good! Thanks mark and Thanks you Uzbekistan Minister of Tourising for hosting mark.

Horse sausage what

I feel like you should shammed for eating and speaking n mmm oho oh hoo expression unrequited

If you were less expressive or Cali cunt. Your videos be more entertaining.

2 thing uzbek famous of, the food and the beautiful woman :-D

lol i typed before i saw the whole video ,,

what !! no mention of the horse meat.. its delicious … those people are awesome... i wish i could afford to travel to Uzbekistan ,,, the people always make the best experience

God Bless you and your family are a blessing. I love your platform. Thank You for your genuineness. It comes through the camera.

Awesome!! From Indo-SG

I’m a new subscriber, I’ve been binge watching this channel. I love it!! Mark is so soft spoken , with kind eyes, kind smile. Mark seem like a genuine good human being. Question to mark or long time subbies, has mark ever eaten anything that he didn’t like??? Lol. Lol. I bet even if he had we’d never know. Lol. I’m happy I came across this Channel. I really love it.

That's what she said. 3:35

I just subscribed to your channel, and I have crunch on you!!!

Uzbelabommi any Uzbek people

seems nice ppl, although muslims

All this food looks amazingly delicious

Assalamoalykum Uzbekistan.. Thanks Mark

God bless the women who cook with love for so many people, every day! And I noticed how they take care to make even a cafeteria look aesthetic, did you notice the roses design on the table top? Classic. Love it! Thank you so much for showing us Uzbekistan today! Keep it up, you're doing a great job! Edit: That last dish... I know those noodles. Hungarians call it lebbencs (kind of pronounced like "lab bench" lol). My grandmother used to make it. Was such a thrill to see it!

Wow..Never have I see the country that has massive love for meat. They must be really expert about delicious tender meat.

How can you describe a foodgasm? Just watch Mark Weins eat.

Horse meat? Fcken gross!

This looks so amazing. I Am adding this country to my bucket list. Thanks mark and the ministry of tourism for making this happen. So cool. Such an amazing place

I Love your videos Mark! I am in awe of the wonderful life you live, thank you for sharing your adventures. As always I am hungry when they end Thank you from Clearwater, Florida USA.

Your acting too much..

Only reason why I never watched Mark's videos were his reactions.. and I see they haven't changed looool goodbye

What a beautiful country. People out there looks like nice and friendly. Thank you for this took me to a place I never been before that I wish I could go and visit.

But too much meat.

Watching this video is torture... omg I have to visit Uzbakistan. My ancestors is from Uzbekistan.

Mark, you eat soo

1:32 "Assalamualaikum" is not slimier to Arabic, assalamualaikum it self is in Arabic. You will hear that in any Muslim countries whether its in middle east, Asia or Africa.

And as usuall all this makes me hungry

RAHMAT,means blessings

Dude change your expression...


I just don't think I could eat horse. I'll eat everything else..I just like horses too much to eat one. they eat it a lot in France too..couldn't do it there either.

My God you're so far away but nothing is impossible. My longest trip was to Hungary. God bless you always. From Mexico!

That face reaction is so fake.

Food paradise on earh

Mark, missed seeing your wife there?

I’ve never seen a man seem so happy taking a bite of food

Kid is getting bigger... Nice! Good to see him growing with the videos along the way!

Wow never knew this country is so awesome, it’s on our list to visit thanks Mark

But, it's horse meat

Hey boss do u every eat healthy like fermented/organic wholesome? Or nah

Beautiful lady that gave you the food for free just because she loved the way you enjoyed it that is very nice, huge heart from her.

Mr. Ed says, "Wilbur, Get me out of this country"

Okay now I want to go to Uzbekistan

So butyfull love from pakistan

Your expression

such a lovely country from india

PLOV is the Best!

I’m planning to go Uzbekistan

Why do muslims love eating horse meat? Is it halal?

i don't know why they r eating horse meat..

oh no peter it's not halal for Muslims..

i want your job !!!!!!! lol !!!! thanks for sharing !!!!!!

oh,WOW! ^^

It sounds like they speak Russian, am I correct?

Oh wow Afghans and Uzbek’s are so alike. The plov is Afghans traditional food too we call it Kabuli Pilau. Would love to visit Uzbekistan in future.

very nice wow wow wie waa he took Borat as tour guide ;-)

Mashallha Allah keep you and your family happy for showing this i am from UK Allah hafiz

Nice people and very friendly

Plov is called Pilaf or Pilau in India, samosas are very popular in India but usually have a potato and pea stuffing and tandoor is used in cooking in the Punjab region of India, that is how much Central asia has influenced India

Yes I belong to the Punjab region which as you may know is the gateway to the Indian subcontinent and so it was natural Central Asian influences would come to us first in India. Tandoor is used extensively in Punjab and of course the lamb seekh kebabs on the coal barbecues

Finally the first indian here talking about influence of central asian culture to indian. Greetings.

Mark, you do look like an Uzbek with your mixed heritage.

Mi contect no +918460098394

Hey Mark cam to Indian food Gujrat Jamnagar food

The amount of Indian influence is crazy... in their sense of hospitality or food! A beautiful place with beautiful people! Love from India!

Mark is the best best

Amazing people. Yummy food.

PLEASE TELL US WHAT ARE THE PRICES SO THAT WE KNOW WHAT IT IS GOING TO COST in our LOCAL CURRENCY !!! I'm screaming loud thats why Caps !! Becuase you missed the most important thing

I love the food. Lots of natural sweets. Is he wearing a suit (without sweating) lol

Good stuff.

Uzbekistan is one fucked up country lol

You'll be fucked then

delicious Mantap sudah............///

My baground is from mangolia and uzbak is Our brother we have same food

Of course the people are friendly and hospitable. They are muslims. Must see this common attribute whenever Mark visits a muslim country.

They are so friendly....

Naic video

Love from PAKISTAN.

اعشق التين والخوخ يمي يمي ولحم المشوي يمي يمي والخبز الحار لكن لحم الخروف المشوي اطعم بالذبح الحلال طبعا

Crazy delicious you for this episode....

may God protect this hidden beautiful peaceful place on earth

i don't want to offend anyone, but who are those people that disliked this video ??? This is the ultimate food experience !!!

Russia and India is a good friend

❤ from india

Those berries looks ridiculously fresh.

i love you

Assalamualaikum mark

Узбеки кормят половину нашего города. Все очень вкусно, доступно и доброжелательно! Однажды пробовал настоящий узбекский плов, приготовленный настоящим узбеком. Он просто таял во рту!!!

04:41 how is he sitting?

Interesting cutting up the dough

Yummmy love from Pakistan

Your facial expressions are priceless! “Oh wow!” Lol

I love peoples from Uzbekistan... kindly and sure peoples

Uzbek are so friendly :)

In Uzbekistan you get food free?? Or what??

Usually He buys everything, he just a professional food traveler but this time I this he was invited by the Ouzbékistan's tourist authority.

thank you for featuring Uzbekistan Mark. New country on my list!

be vegetarian be Indian

So is there anything that isn't amazing that you've eaten?! I need truth.

So many foods that are similar to afghan foods, we have our dumplings called mantu and the plov looks somewhat similar to qabuli palou

We call it Pilaf, Indian call it pulao

incredibly lovable guy!

Mark you need your firecracker sauce

This video made me so happy.

I never thought UZ can offer such mind blowing amazing food. The place is really enticing to visit and to live with! Nice Video

Your hosts are very excited to show you around, it’s so heartwarming. They are all so friendly and kind and very handsome too ❤️

This guy is funny, everything is like hmmmm wow.

Wonderful Muslim hospitality. Thank you Mark from showing the good, real side of humanity. Well done friend!

Uzbek food is so tasty!)

I really enjoyed this video, greetings from Chile!

Mark Bro com Pakistan


Love tis program. Want to visit there


be blessed

All the food looks so yummy. I wish one I can be there. Thanks, Mark for sharing.

I am coming there for vacation, lots of love and respect from Canada

I just love how much you enjoy yourself and appreciate every place for what it has to offer.

Weird guy who makes no sense.

homie just out here eating a lemon peel and all.

Excited to start watching your video again!!! ❤❤

2:02 that guy looks like a character from Sachas Cohen movie ...

12:30 ok now im convinced

The plov looks like a fountain basin full of fried rice :-D

The enthusiastic way you express your enjoyment for the food shows people how happy you are to be sharing their lifestyle. I love watching you because of how powerfully you enjoy every new sensation!

I’m super hungry now. Great foods!!!! It’s just WOW!

wow! I want to visit this country

Did he say Horse meat?

Could have done without all the emphasis on horsemeat.

I wish I can visit Uzbekistan one day. This is a country with one of the best cuisines in the world, and I like its lamb dishes and juicy fruits. I have not eaten horse meat before, but I would like to taste that horse sausage.

You will come to our country sometime

amazing food, full of love and comfort :)

I love it the smiles of you and the guy in the suit is awesome

Please subtittle in indonesia brother :)

FYI, “Asalaamalaikum” , is a Muslim way of greeting which is a Arabic phrase literally meaning “peace be upon you “ You’ll find this greeting anywhere Muslims are.

Come to Pakistan Mark

Oh my goodness, nice video but l was so nervous when he was eating that lemon

Love ❤️ Uzbekistan


Now, at and i'm watching it

Mark I have been following you for awhile, do you eat everything, you make everything seem so good, what don't you like? Love watching you and keep up the good work.


Really horse meat is hallaal? Uzbikistant isnt a muslim country?

you might study "Sunan Abu Daoud Sharif and Ibn e Maja Sharif " horse meat Hilal.

Ur expressions alwayz suck....

Assalamualaikum Uzbekistan love from Indonesian ❤️

Vaalekum assalam

wow amazing

6:58 Лагман?

Greeting in Indonesia Assalamualaikum

Why do not you go to Georgia? They have an amazing kitchen. Khachapuri Khinkali

You always have the same EXPRESSIONS lol


What is that melon you are having?

The guy that brings you around, he's really good! This food journey is very exciting.

wow... I would have exploded If I ate that much but what a way to go... I'm so hungry now.

what time of the year is this?

The food is close to Russian cuisine and it's been so much fun watching. Uzbekistan people are generous, friendly and happy i've mwt a few of them. I'll definitely visit there and eat all that food.

The face you make when you look like an idiot


Ahhhhh.... So hungry .... :)

Always fun watching your videos Mark

Mark reminds me of the men in Steven Spielbergs movie thinner haaaaaaaaaa

Salaam, a lot of Muslims in India trace back their ancestry to Fergana and our cuisine is a testament to this we also have Pilau/Pulao, Kebabs and many other dishes but also Biryani which is a Persian import but a lot of culture is alive because of food even though we have lost touch with the original people and changed a lot. Camel, Goat, Beef and Chicken but Horse? hmmm is it halal lol probably is. Love beautiful Uzbek people mashallah

Hello dear. It is not halal but rather the pre islamis eating culture that we can not refuse still :)

I love how many of these street vendors won't accept any money and say that Mark is a guest, I'm 100% hardly any of these vendors know hes a youtube food reviewer, maybe some do but still i think its great they are so nice!

RGon .A9 central Asia.

Actually, the tradition of eating the horse meat came to uzbeks from kazakhs. Until recently, it could be found only in Tashkent, since it neigbours with Kazakstan. But in other regions of Uzbekistan, people traditionally do not consume horse meat.

Vaaleykum asalam!

I will like to know the music background in the video

so nice of these ladies

I wish i could feel those foodies in my lips someday lol

Basically you're eating oil

One of the best videos


thanks for showing such food adventures! By the way, many people waved to the camera.

Best of best video...

I think same food culture like turkey love and respect from peshawar pakistan.. This video made me hungry

Are there any vegetarians in Uzbekistan? :-))))


Mark, what brand of backpack do you use? I'm getting ready to tour Europe and I need a good anti-theft backpack.

beautiful country and people! Sallam from Singapore

Original Turkish people who went went to Constantinople where Greeks lived, kicked them out, they went to Europe where Macedonia they claim that land is theirs via media thanks to UK.

wow so much common things in India we have with the central asians. The somsa, the tandoor, etc. I guess it all came with the Mughals who were originally from central asia or specifically from the uzbek region

Exactly. You can not even imagine how Uzbek people love Idian cinema.

I like everything until he say horse meat...

обожаю узбекскую кухню.....узбекский плов это супеееееееееер

i want to visit uzbekistan and taste all their food

Isn't horse meat haram?

The guy in the suit was so sweet. He really loves his county and his people. He was so happy to be introducing different cuisines to Mark. I give that man in the suit a high five. After seeing this video I really would like to visit Uzbekistan, the food looks so good and the people are so hospitable

Welcome. We need more Turkish people to visit Central Asia and know our culture.

i love how no matter what Turkic nation you go to you can see the cultural heritage of our Turkic ancestors have stayed strong, everything looks fantastic

OMG, the people in Uzbekistan are very hospitable , very nice, i want to visit that country in the future


She offer him a free meal wow...

bucket list: breaking bread in Uzbekistan

Пловчик ❤️

Assalamualikum to all my Uzbek families love from Canada Mouth watering delicious foods

Yeah, This Is Uzbakistan Respect and greetings from Armenia

I l9ve yoy nark..i hate islam..

Amazing Bro

Man u can eat like everything

How do you eat so much?? How is your appetite always turned on? Where does it all go??

So gay

Thank u great video dam good looking food

More videos with these Uzbekistan guys please- they are the best guides you have featured and these Uzbekistan vids are my favorite- out of all the years of videos I've watched! Smiles for miles haha!

Wonderful presentation. Made me hungry!

Looks very similar to my experience in Xinjaing Province in western China where the Uighur people have pretty much the same culture, religion and food. Looks like central Asian culture is all the same except for the political divisions.

Uzbek and Ughur ethnicities are more related to each other than the other Turkic nations. They belong to the same language group called as Karluk.

Which month were you there?


Love love love your channel Mark!

Respect from uzbeks in US. Your every bite makes me feel like I’m eating that food :). And makes me sooo hungry. I miss my street foods :(

Yuk, The food there looks disgusting, it's just meat with meat. Oh and let's just add a bit more meat for good measure especially horse meat sausage. The food looked really bland and unappetising. Not for me thanks

Food and Culture. Ultimate job Mark. :D

+Mark Wrens They are bayberries not raisins

Horse meat, is it halal?

Fcking Uzbekistans stole Serbian kajmak and sarma

Love from pakistani ... InshaAllah will visit uzbkistan

You are amazing. You should come to my country once Bangladesh

Lola Astanova = Uzbek pretend White person that can't play the piano

People should send Lola Astanova back to Uzbekistan and make her work in that market.

I wonn a to sweet melons and samosas ,,,,,,

Is he saying horse meat?

I'm drolling watching you eating good food...while I'm here only eating instant noodle

Good job Mark, autosub for this

You need to go to Tajikistan

Reading through the comments, it's clear there's love and light in the world. All the warm wishes feel heart felt. From Kenya

a beautiful country and a lot of foods, nice market......tnx for ths vedio......salam,,,,,,

Beautiful country beautiful food and most of all beautiful people and i love you Uzbekistan

It may be all good but your reaction bit too much dramatic.

I love your videos a lot. Why you travel to a country where female rights don’t exist and if you are gay they put you into jail and torture you?

умид худайкулов thats why you see so much women in the last place mark visited. Lmao

But the right one about gays

Who did say you that female rights don't exist? You have the fake information about it

I would love to go

Make my feel want visit to Uzbekistan cause seem lot of new taste of food for me

Please stop acting every time you put food in your mouth

I was working in st petersburg, russia and my co workers are uzbek, they really love to cook bread with different toppings...

I did not see the differance between Kashgar and Tashkant (by culture)

Mark is everywhere

We are Uzbeks, very hospitable people! When we say to the guest “Let’s have a cup of tea” it means full 3 course!

Кто понимает по русски, хором: ПУТИН - ХУЙЛО!

Wow amazing food an culture would love to visit someday

awesome clip - the guy presenting the city and the whole food is the best he really loves his country and made a great presentation of his place!!!

Woow love to visit and taste Uzbek food in Taskent

Real food

I am Mexican but these great food I need to got there thanks mark for joying countries together

Salam Alikum, the food looks great and is very close to Afghan food. Peace from your Afghanistan

Man u were eating and I was dying.. Now what should I do?? I will go to Tashkent..

it looks like very good food

very nice food and uzbekistan

Он как местный

Friendly atmosphere thts wat i hv seen in ths vlog full of kind hearted ppls

so clean and peaceful i want to visit this country do you?

يا الله على هذه الاكلات بتشهي



this marketing *totally* worked on me bc i want to go to uzbekistan asap

Love love love, I’m from Afghanistan big for a while in Tashkent, after Afghani food Uzbeki food is the best ♥️♥️♥️

Ur better than food ranger

Dude, your close-ups are porn style. keep some distance between your face and the camera!!!

Food looks great minus the horse meat sausage. I don't eat horse meat.

that mam with the tie is just cool

Wow..the hospitality..Uzbekistan people seem very nice.

Lovely video, wud luv visit Uzbekistan and try samosa and pulov

Uzbek people are very friendly. I need to visit Uzbekistan. I liked the guys who escorted you. They loved their food as if it was newly introduced to them. I liked their genuineness. Look foreword to more videos from the beautiful country.

АААААААААААААААААА! СУПЕР! Марк в Узбекистане, наконец-то поест крутой еды!


Who agrees that mark is in the top of the food vlog game?

Universal word assalaamu alaikum

Ewwww they eat horse ?

Please come to Mongolia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Our sheep have big butts"

Uzbeks are very simple and hospitable people


Those foods are mouth watering. I wish I could try them too.

the two guys with mark are just so cool and fun. i wanna tour uzbekistan with them too..

One of your best videos ever, watching with our boys 6 & 10, fascinating and never ever thought of visiting Uzbekistan

helo I want to ask a question what one dish you like in whole world and from which country it relate


Our sheeps have big butts and I cannot lie...

I'm soon jeleus

Respect for the lady showing true hospitality

This is my country

great video Mr.Mark, Uzbekistan kind people,delicious food))))))))))))

love the food and tradition

oh my God you have so smiley face

I can't stop watching this episode its 2:24 am beautiful country and people regards from Philippines.

I love the videos but the whole horse meat part makes me quite sad personally .. I know everybody diff but its how i feel poor horses...


Mark, do you have 9 stomachs like a cow? Hahaha

Mark, do you go on a jog for 5 hours every single day? Hahaha

People! Who want to come and taste all these please contact with this account. We will be be very greatful if you would like to come to travel.


Horse is makhroo in islam...It was consumed In Prophet s.a.w holy period when there were harsh is not haram actually but makhroo so it should not be eaten on normal days. is allowed when there is not other item food available. plz my uzbek muslim brothers don't consume it you have more other options...Allah hafiz

But horse meat..!!!! I cant believe it can be eaten .!!!

horse meat that is allowed for muslims?

Thank you Mark

This is one of the best episode, Uzbekistan is really food heaven, I will start planning to Uzbek in 2 years


They look like Dagestan mix with Mongolian. Uzbekistan looks friendly. How much is

i wish clould fly to Tashkent to taste it yummyy.....thanks for the upload

How there are a Muslim country and eating horse meat ?????


Mark you metabolism must be like rocket bro, u make everything deliciously interesting ,thanks inviting you to pakistan.

Thank you for exposing me to Uzbekistan. WOW... Beautiful country and beautiful people. I love you guys.

Looks like a great place to visit.

I don't even know why there is any dislikes but whatever good job in showcasing another beautiful country mark

If I could I would DEFINATELY visit

such a food heaven, you're so lucky man.​

I never thought of this place as a haven for food. Thank you!

this nibba really over here eating lemons

Любимый Ташкент

Don’t overreact

I would love to go here to experience the culture, the food (wow) and meet the people who seem so welcoming and genuine. My last adventure to Istanbul a few years ago made me want more. Nice video Mark, greetings from Connecticut.

Love Uzbek people and Uzbekistan from Turkey. :)) selam gardaşlar

Nice suit on the escort...oh yeah food looks good too!!

I have to visit this place. You made me love it...

The country is so clean

Mark : how on Earth can you ignore that beautiful lady at 18:42 waving at the cam . It’s a crime . Go back and say sorry now .

sala mou alikom mark will son

thats what i love about uzbek money, you can have a huge stack of cash in your pocket, and yet you are poor hahahah

I really love to vissit Usbekistan, but i do not know any person there hmm. Love from Maaya

I can help you . Welcome to Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan is one of the most repressive countries in the common era . Thank the regime again for letting u promote their totalitarianism! The food is good on occasion only ! It's 80 % cholesterol fat ! Those local skinny guys that were with u rarely eat that ! On that note the video was great ! U were happy throughout the whole thing !

Assalamu Alaikum is not like Arabic,IT IS Arabic! It means Peace be upon you and it is the greeting of people of Islamic faith,Muslims anywhere in the world including Uzbekistan.Food is amazing! You are blessed with best job ever! Surprised you are not 300 pounds!Love the chilli hat on you!

Is there any thing he dont like lol

Такое чувство что от ел всю жизнь БП)))

Everything is fine.. but... Can you please show us the process of making food items..

Hey you have done just awesome job...

Mark. I have watched this part and number 3 of your visit to Uzbekistan but not part number 2. Where can I find it? By the way. Very mouthwatering videos.

Wow I'm inlove!!

a lot of food but not so many fat people

Wow I am so desperate to visit Tashkent just to eat a lot of food, all meaty dishes specially Plov which we call Pulao in India

the market is byutiful....amazing!

All are looking testy & halal food. Enjoy!

frame 10:05 "And I'm gonna try and get a little of this fat into this bite" that's a LOTTA fat - but looks delicious Love these videos The host really does great on expression.

Awesome n respect from Pakistan

What a lovely culture! The food looks so amazing! This is definitely a place I would love to visit one day.

Чувак, твой позитив уже заебал! ты под лсд что ли?! Тебе как будто хоть кашу с гавном поставь, ты все равно улыбаться будешь

This is good mark,Keep the videos coming

Im craving for that uzbek plov.. ochen vkusno.. damnnn..

Your expression make me hungry

Hi marks.... ohh god micah is so amazing so cute... and all foods are incredible ... love from india...

On a seperate tab, checking skyscanner to book a flight

are you still in pakistan?

Hey mark! Please upload Pakistan vlog as soon as possible.

OMG! you eat like a monster (joke) but how come you're still thin? hehe

i like the hat , mark u should wear it whenever u make a food review,it be ur trademark or sumting.

who care about Uzbekistan's food ? go back SE Asia !

Nice job

Hello Mark

Very good food

Pls come in India

8:50 tathoyur

This is amazing!!!!

Firstly, those food are not only the Uzbek food, but also Kazakh and Kyrgyz food too. ( which are neighboring countries)

I’ve never been too close to Mark Wiens. I live in Kazakhstan.

Mark plz come Somaliland in East Africa

MARK, you're so blessed, you've tasted a lot of dishes around the world ...for free. I'm craving.

I would have never considered it as a destination but you and the people of Uzbekistan have shown me what an amazing place full of wonderful people, food and culture it is. Keep up your great work mark so keen for the next adventure.

Ташкент топчик!

Amazing people & food , cant wait to go ther

Beautiful,we learnt lot,excellent work.big congrats!!!!!!

i want to come with u


salam alaykum titi mong sing nipis ng karayum

Love you Mark please come to Kabul Afghanistan

The only thing i'm annoyed is on this guy's exaggeration when tasting something.

Hellow from Phoenix Arizona, nice video✌


You eat endlessly and you are still like not gaining weight.:)

I want to know someone from Uzbekistan, never met anyone from there.

The meat market is so clean.

once visit pakistan it's more beautiful

I’m in America I miss my country and the food I love you Uzbekistan. My mouth was watering thank you for the video Mark

I love Uzbekistan

Love what you do. I am inviting you to Jamaica to try some our unique foods. Yea Mon

Wow, it is something more then Excellent,,,,

Wow I don’t think ever is Uzbekistan like that And they are lovely people Alsalam Aleekm Uzbekistan people i will visit you soon

overacting at its peak....

I like it send me two airplane tickets round trip to go.

One of the luckiest guy in the whole world, what we men love? Food. Amazing videos. Good going bro

Hi Mark.... very interesting love to go there...which season did you go to Uzbekistan?

I’d love to travel and eat street food from everywhere but knowing my stomach i’ll probably end up needing medical attention bc food allergies ☹️

Jalisco Mexico is fun too! Plus the locals could really use the help. They say to stay in the tourist area but I wanted to see the reality of some of their lives and it was really sad some of the conditions.

This looks fun!

You really need how to learn to eat

Great people, delicious

Mark your Videos are the best much support from South America Guyana do visit

Look at his face on left at 10.15 Hillarious and then that satisfaction

Very nice country good environment good people n especially belly dance was good. Best place to visit. Had good time thr in 2017 Nov

I've ever seen anything about this country but ithe food looks delicious and the people are really nice

Uzbekistan is the horse meat capital of the world. Yummy!

Never knew uzbk had such a great food ...... wanna vist uzbekistan

I love that kind of food in which all the ingredients are cooked together to create an unified flavourful dish! I can imagine how that rice tastes with the flavour of the meat infused into it!

The thing I like the most is the fruits and vegetables are all natural and organic in these countries that he visits, not like here in the US it’s like eating plastic not real fruits

Love you Uzbekistan.. love from Bangladesh.

And you should know guys that uzbek people are extremely hard-working.


My lovely country. I missed everything of my love watching this entire video. Especially thanks to Mark for reminding me that nostalgic day and Welcome to Uzbekistan!

hi mark..send my regard to the guys accompanied you there..they look so charming..:):):)

your videos are very interesting !! but you always have the same grimaces to say that what you eat is delicious and you do not know the difference between the good way to see the very good because for you it's always ecstasy ...

*Rolls Eyes to rear of head* "Ohhh WoWhhooww" Signature Compliment lol

Blessed Land, Indeed

Nice food

Beautiful country

Great food tour, nicely compiled. Hope you visit India

hi mark come to Nepal

As salaam walaykum Brothers & Sisters of Uzbekistannnn

Thx for ur Video...

I love the bread, yummy. Bring some in California, Mark! I love to go there.

I realy love these people. They are uniqe. May the Lord bless this country and bless all its people..amen

How do u stay so slim. I LOVE food also, but I can't do it like u do.

I love other culture's. This is awesome.

You broke my heart Mark.. You ate horse that means you probably would try dog and cats

Our Sheep have big butts:x_D Salam Uzbekistan

Wow the food looks amazing!

AWSOME county n people but but but I hate this over reacting gay cunt

I really miss the tasty melons and the great food in Uzbekistan, I’m going back to Samarkand in about 1 month. You’re a very good person to acknowledge these smaller countries’ foods.

Use the width of the spoon so you don’t hurt your mouth

Love his enthusiastic happiness!!!!

Dude - it's horse meat

I love Uzbekistan ❤❤❤ WELCOME

Interesting! I bet they have great food and unique blend of flavors. Samosa, with it "liquid lamb" made me smile. And I reached at minute 12:40. Cried laughing looking at you biting that lemon and fighting to put on your face your professional "wow, youmy and delicious face" wandering why did the guide asked you to bite a lemon, lol. Do you have a material with you saying: "this food is terrible" or "this food is meh/nothing special"? If yes, put it in a comment below. Please.

Horse sausage yikes I couldn't eat that! My respect for you

Surely will visit this place inshallah ...

Banu ka famous Beef Pulao


nice, I like.

Mark a kind person

Very nice people there in Uzbekistan I could tell from the video.

Uzbekistan people time to go >>>we are create a new world >>>Uzbekistan people thanks ??

Mark assalom alaykum from uzbekistan i m uzbek tank you

Kaymak + honey =delicious taste

Somebody please take me to Uzbekistan❤️❤️ friendlier people in the world and omg foods,everything looks so clean and delicious

I've got stuff I need to do, but I can't click away!!

is horse meet halal in muslims??

In afghanistan we have the same melons

He sounds like the food ranger dude. Not sure who is copying who. Hmm

Plz Don't use American Technology engineered seeds or crops for business in your country! The honey taste will lose or in all i say is you shall be slowly sick and your country shall crawl that doesn't even get identified. like a slow killing virus. This makes their business of food and seeds buy costly and on top when sick pharma for cure which is double business. third is water + air polluted due to chemicals. US attacks strong hold bussiness countries. CHINA(Almost sinking in Chemicals) ,INDIA(40% - 80% but has strength to recover HOPE BEST), ASIA(DOUBT)..

The horse meat that the muslim Uzbekistan’s eat looks yummy.

vegetarians are not allowed in uzbekistan lol

Uzbeks are very friendly, generous and hospitable people in holy Samarkand!

You smile too much

Love from Afghanistan

My next trip!

oh man im so hungry now when i see this vid hmmm kajmak is in our language the same ALBANIA omg i will now to be with you and to eat all their delishes speciality

Shuncha ovqat yeykan lekin semirmaykanda bu Mark.

meat lovers paradise, what a beautiful country and people! another addition to my bucket list

Hello Mark have you Welcome to my Homeland

Бу кашей шунча дуне кезиб еб юради хеч семирмайди. Кузлари ичига кириб кетибти одамни рахмини келтириб

Охххо узбекистан...

You make us crazy

After this video, Uzbekistan made my list of "go to places".

love the guy who is guiding them.

Beautiful and great people of Uzbekistan. Hope to visit soon Incha_Allah Love from Pakistan

Asalamo Alykum is the same all over the world with Muslims... hello

You eat with your eyes...and it makes me hungrier! For what you are eating! Can't wait til your next load up...go to Casablanca!

I plove you

Asalam-o-alikum to uzbek brothers and sisters from Germany

Oh man , i am just about to buy my ticket to Uzbekistan after your vlog , I would go now if i had not been there 3 month ago . As i have been living Europ quite a while I have tried all sorts of different nation foods ,but uzbek food is special one for me , i am telling you that , just book your ticket and go there , you won't regret , it is different experience .

Whys ur eye red at the end of the vid ??

Such a clean country :O

To me this guy's expression is like an outsider alien who never tasted awesome cuisine...

Thanks mark to explore uzbekistan. I request you before explore tashkant , samarkand & bukahara. hope u explore all

Beautiful country beautiful tests.

OMG! I wanna go to Uzbekistan and eat all those delicious food!


awesome place and most of all for their foods

*Nice video*

You're building up apetite for Turk food Mark Wiens ? :D :D :D

Love you uzbekistan

هذه البلاد انجبت الامام البخاري رحمه الله

well down

Assalamu alaikum. Love from indonesia brother

Hi Mark. Thank you for making these amazing series about our food. Just one note, would not it be better to mention the price per person? When I saw your videos, you are just mentioning the price for food, and people watching can't know if that was per person or total. I know that, those foods you tried, are comparibly cheap, which makes the best value to your money as you get delicius food in the end. I guess, for us, Uzbeks, it is important to attract more tourists and these series are making great contribution for that. I am grateful taht you spent sometime in Uzbekistan and hope that you will visit our sunny country more often :)

I like your job brother that you travel many country only testing food...So my request you to travel Bangladesh please..

Was it really a horsemeat sausage or was it named like that. Because horsemeat is not allowed in Islam. Or need to research about it.

Палов,сомса,лагман,шурпа,шашлык,хонум,чучвара,казанкабоб,дымлама,и много чего ещё пожрать в Узбекистане

Pleasantly surprised by the Uzbek cuisine.Honestly, I did not expect that Uzbekistan has such a wonderful cuisine.Uzbeks are very hospitable.

I am hungry whatever you taste the food Mr Mark,, nice you are in safe place and you have a good friend too! Uzbik men are friendly,, Assalam Alaikom! Oh what a beautiful food too!!

asian genes of a foodie will never fill u up

wow great food love from Pakistan

How are u so skinny even after eating alot of food

Mark, Do they really eat horse meat in Uzbekistan?

Awesome as always, Mark! I'd love to visit and enjoy the wonderful food. Assalam Aleykum from The States

such a beautiful country

I've never seen anything like this about Uzbekistan! amazing country! Thanks Mark! I love watching your food journeys!

I love Uzbekistan!


Our pakistan also very beauty ful

welp, i'm looking for Uzbek restaurants in Chicago now!

Ñice recipe Grow channel click here; #UrduRecipe

Very clean and testy street foods Love from Afghanistan

Beautiful city & country .

interesting design of the market for natural ventilation and space.

Please go to philipines agen go with with me o can tour you most rare food in our contry

I am your this country is very beautiful.

Uzbikstan lovely country

Mark come pakistan

OMG! Захлебнулась слюной...

So missing that...:) .. have been there a long time ago.. thank you for this video... I can feel that a beautiful smell... soooo good

Buri~~~~ gat### k....#@#%%

U r stomach iron ...

I love the dishes plates etc.


full over acting

all food has oil, food is swiming in oil there and you see people is fat

The food seems amazing - but they are Muslims - they might slit my throat after they feed me if they are true to their faith. They seem a bit friendly but you newer know what danger you are in when that savage religion is in control.

Please visit pakistan

Mark visit the pak

when he mentioned "Silk Road".....Free Ross Ulbricht!

That woman refusing money made me teary

One of the best episode, sitting on stream and having natural food waoooooooooooooooooooow

Hay mark...!! How many languages can you speak??

Love Uzbek and Uzbekistan. But I am wondering is Horsemeat halal as it is a Muslim country.

i think his over reacting when tasting the foods!

Damn, this looks good.

Это было неожиданно)) Thank you, Mark!♥♥♥

I'm an Uzbek who lives in US and thanks to Mark Wiens I feel uplifted and proud for my country! Thanks a lot!

Would love to travel to Uzbekistan. I’m from New York and love Uzbek food & people

Mark. porque no vienes a Argentina...buenos asados, empanadas, guisos, Etc...

What’s a bazaar?

I’m from UK and I wish we had such amazing fresh foods here

My hospital peoplee. May Allah protect to Turks. Selam from Turkey

DO muslims believe that Jesus Christ was crucified to death in Jerusalem and then ressurected from the grave 3 days later and ascended into heaven and will return at the last day?

I am not Uzbek but UZBEKISTAN means only LOVE and RESPECT for me ❤️

I want go Ozbekistan

I miss yummy Uzbekistani food I think very similar culture and food like samosa rice palao spicy chicken this also available in India love from india

asalam o alikum my all muslim brother love from india for Uzbekistan

omg,,,,,,,SAMOSA is also an famous INDIAN snack but it is an veg with potatoes.

Mark is the best! Camera angle and video quality are also great. Mark is also one of the best traveler! The description of food is always very exciting and he really eats food deliciously. Most of all...... Mark & his wife is the best camera director. Broadcast quality is better than biggest broadcasting companies. Why? Because he has a warm & positive heart. He love people and really enjoy each culture & foods. That's why his channel is better than others.

Looks like melon orgasmed in someones mouth....


Very interesting country...freshest fruits ever.. How to get there? Who is your tour guide?What time of the year did you travel?

Pay one youtuber to visit the country, month later caravan of tourist comes to Uzbekistan (way to go uzbek tourism)

This dude is a real foodie, who makes me feel hungry even if had my dinner :)

I want Traveling in Uzbekistan Future Insaallah


This pilao dish is really spread out in many countries. We have it here in Pakistan as well, it is in Afghanistan as well and in India too.

Uzbekistan is a hidden gem :-)) loved the food ! greetings from Philippines

For those who’re saying horse meat is haram: Don’t misguide people without doing any research about what’s halal or haram! Horse meat is permissible to eat and it is Halal! It was narrated from Jaabir ibn ‘Abd-Allaah (may Allaah be pleased with him) that he said: On the day of Khaybar, the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) forbade eating the flesh of domestic donkeys, but he granted a concession with regard to horses. Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 3982; Muslim, 1941. It was narrated that Asma’ bint Abi Bakr (may Allaah be pleased with her) said: At the time of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) we slaughtered a horse and ate it. Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 5191; Muslim, 1942.

I wish I'd life like you Mark. Be able to go anywhere in the world for foods.

Oh man, why r restaurants, markets so clean and so less populated ... Amazing

Love the way they serve dishes in Ceramic plates . Not a rich country , certainly a rich cuisine

Never believed Lemon can be eaten like a fruit

Meal for 3. So many eggs ? Can't believe 3 people can eat it .

My goodness , the cities r so neat, so clean . No rush , less people . Seems self content people .

At 4.50 ,what fruit is that ? Such tasty food .

Can't believe they eat so much just for breakfast

Я тоже очень хочу побывать в Узбекистане

Ya Allah pengen bgt ke situ

Uzbekistan looks amazingly mystical what a beautiful country just from watching this video.

The Ministry of tourism is such a cool guy! Big thanks to him for allowing this program to be filmed in his country

uzbekistan is a clean place. i love to visit that country hopefully

Dude , your channel is amazing

Whats the best time to go Uzbekistan in a year to find these delicious food ?

Really Beautiful country and delicious food !

i liked the happy silly energy in this vid!!

our sheep has big butts

babies of bread

OMG Mark Maybe you should invest in a Shovel and Pitchfork.Do you think you can open your mouth any bigger!!!!

mostly halal right? so one place to go again :D:D:D

Uzbekistan just got added to my travel list. everyone seems very welcoming

what a great video! keep up with the great content, so happy you enjoyed Uzbeki cuisine!

Wow another great video!!! Love it!!!! Everything looks so delicious, especially Plov. And people are super friendly, this nation takes pride in their hospitality. What a great tour, and very well delivered too. Great work Mark!!@ Thank you!!!!!

I miss eating lamb like this so much. It’s so expensive here in Ireland. I need to go to Uzbekistan one daughter!

Uzbek Plov is the best beside Afghan Plov in the world Nice country best food Salam Uzbekistan

I think you should come and visit Delhi India (the capitol).. You came to mumbai during your world tour but not delhi. I am a big fan and would love to meet you someday. Cheers @Mark Wiens

Come to Tripura, India...a princely state in India.. It also rich in regional food, if u come n eat there wak mosodeng then u will become fan of it dude

U have travelled almost all part if the world n ate many many food, dishes, etc but y don't u become fat like pig n look lik dumb as...tell me the secret

What a beautiful country. People are so friendly.

Assalamualaikum to all. I love this food . Love from India.❤❤❤

Should be coming here day.

Mark I thoroughly enjoyed this visit to Uzbek....thanks!!!

the smell of bread sum special

Come to Pakistan

After watching all his video... I have 1 question... how do you have the capability to eat so much in 1 day....

Автор как будто с другой планеты,что не увидет-Вау,мяу.Так и хочется спросить ты откуда вообще родом?Даже от Лепешек хлебных в таком экстазе как будто первый раз ест.

i wanna go to school in Uzbekistan now, the food looks amazing..and for me, food is a great motivator

I would love to meet Mark Wiens. What an amazing guy!

I love food,

Woww so much love to the people i want to visit to this placee...these people were very humblee From india


One thing i like about your show is the expression on your face after tasting each food. Makes me go hungry.


Try to visit our country #Bangladesh

Come & Visit Bangladesh

Anh ấy ăn cả thế giới ! Thích thật !

Mark Wiens ALOHA MAHALO from Hawaii

Ppl r so good!?

ALOHA from home Marm Wiens. Everythi g looks Soooooo ONO" Yummy i LOVE your videos, LOVE and GOD BLESS You and all your family ALOHA Always Chrissy Honolulu Hawai'i United States

8:25 kiko (el chavo del 8).

I heard someone say, "Samosa"! I'm in!!!

Hey Mark good to see you in my lovely Tashkent thanks for coming

Eyyy galstuginga sani harp

After seeing this video I will surf Uzbek restaurant in London. Love to taste those delicious grilled meat. Thanks Mark for those beautiful vlogs :)

WHAT KIND OF OIL ARE THEY USING??? THAT IS A TON, T O N of oil in those vats. OLIVE OIL TOO EXPENSIVE. Probably using Genetically modified FAKE vegetable oil blend. Full of Free Radicals that cause Cancer/ Tumors. Junk.

HORSE ????!!! Is there NOT enought LAMB... savages.

No women under 30, very Islamic?

Uzbekistan food look like Turkish food

very nice place and the food looks amazing!!!!

The lady at 7:27 has THE best honum in tashkent. I always go there whenever Im in Uzbekistan. And thank you mark for visiting my country. Love your videos.

Every thing is fresh ,that’s heaven

Mark pls come Pakistan

So informative and authentic, love following your travels

Chapeau to the Ministry of Tourism Uzbekistan. Smart move to invite the Wiens family. Definitely on my list now

Uzbek people eat horse meat also ????

Mark Weins you are amazing thanks for showcasing the worlds culinary delights for those of us who can explore the world. Have learnt alot about cultural diversity and the beauty of other countries through your generosity of sharing. May god bless you and your family.

plz dear come pakistann you will get good food there

I'm done at horse meat I'm leaving bruh

I don't trust your palette. Every food you try, you have the same reaction. Some of the food honestly look very ordinary tastewise.

Nice and so sweet

It would be nice if America had culture. There is nothing exciting about processed foods and GMOs.



Very good video Mark. Well done

Assalamualaikum to uzbeks brothers from Malaysia

I like uzbekistan

Come to Chechnya and try Jijig Galnash.

pls try to visit philipines again but this time try to go to our province in Pampanga and pls let me have the honor to be your guide..Pampanga is the food capital sir Mark.

Never knew that Uzbekistan is rich with all kinds of delicious fruits. Love to be there.

"Ohhhhhh Woooow"

From the Philippines, thank you Mark for the info about Uzbekistan.

It is great traditional country and peoples of Uzbekistan very friendly what i seen in this video and food are amazing my mouth all ready watering. Great video from Bangladesh

OMG!! Food heaven!!! Ohh okay gotta save up for d trip there!!

good choice tourism ministry of uzbek for invite mark wiens. Im preparing my visit to uzbek now after watching the video

You come in india

good people

Mark Wien... u got me waiting for that bite at 9:00! lol...

Beautiful country beautiful food from Egypt love you brothers .

ravshan the friendly guy--always jolly..

Hey my name is Mahi. I am Bangladeshi. Please come to Bangladesh. Its near by India. Its a small country but we have three mix culture in hear(india,pakisthan,sri lanka)

Stock exchange! Hahaha. I laughed loud. Thanks, Mark. I've been waiting for this upload for long.

سfor this film i shall visit taskkent i liktheir food

I found new destination for me .Uzbekistan

Boat ride of Trincomalee Harbour Sri Lanka Video Link:


Wow Uzbekistan is a beautiful country with very hospitable people

I would be much better if you did not show your face 90% of the time

I want to try an orgy with the guides

Who else is watching this eating top ramen?

i don't know why I hate his face. sorry

U should buy some new expression for ur next video

I would eat from the hands of columbiana

sometimes i lie awake at night thinking about 7th grade

Those people must be hurting financially so I hope u bought a lot from the people at the market.

Mark Weans you welcom to my country from Uzbekistan

One day his eye will came out...…….

LMAO why does the guy in the grey suit remind of Borat?

Mit.07.AF he is Minister of Tourism in my country

Nice but dont think i can eat horse meat

10:08 i’m looking at that guy at left wearing suits the way he stares at that samosa

Hello. You did not travel to Kabul, Afghanistan?

This food doesn't look good. I could never eat a horse

i do always know Usbekistan is very Nice Country with a Friendshiplly Peoples.

Love that Plov(rice meat dish).Indian mughal king babur came from Uzbekistan.Uzbekistan is a food the culture& food of Uzbekistan. Love from india my Uzbekistani friends.

Indian Anupam


I was born in Uzbekistan but haven't been back for 23 years. I thought this country was forgotten by me but yet this Video makes me so emotional. I miss my country and hopefully one day we'll meet again. Thank you Mark. I remember now that simple produce and fruits that we by in local supermarket in Uzbekistan is taste like haven. And meat is totally different story.

very delicious and taste meats.... ı love uzbekistan....

Uzimni sodda uzbegim

Always wanted to see Uzbek experience, it's a beautiful country and the cuisine is sought after by all. Thank you for sharing

Thank you very much for visited Uzbekistan, Tashkent , i like your video, very use full information about food.

Love our brothers n our uzbek people From Afghanistan

In myUzbekiston Non GMO product used always , that way people looks healthy and strong.

Starry Night we use cotton seed and black sesame seed oil. as usa resident for last 15 years, i can say in uzbekistan there’s no gmo technology. because it’s to expensive.

Waiting for Pakistan vdos

Assalam alaikum ujbaikistan I am Indian

Very interested country. I hope to go their in the future.

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