Street Food Japan - DANCING SQUID SASHIMI + BEST Seafood and Noodle Tour of Hokkaido, Japan!

Street Food Japan - DANCING SQUID SASHIMI + BEST Seafood and Noodle Tour of Hokkaido, Japan!

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Incredible. Oh. Oh my. Goodness, that. Is just crazy. And if. This is not alive but I'm, a little nervous to be honest it's still. Moving. Just sliced. What, is it gonna suction, on to my throat oh it's, sucking okay let's go for it guys all right check it out guys this Trevor James we're on a world noodle, tour and we just got in the, hot kodaka Japan and today in this video we're bringing you for, the ultimate, noodle, and seafood. Adventure, when the local seafood market, this morning and we're gonna get a ton of food let's, check it out, this. Is it Jaco Dottie, right, on the southern, tip of Hokkaido, Japan home. To some of the freshest, seafood in the whole country, including. The famous dancing. Squid, sashimi dawn. Rice bowl and today, we're, bringing you in for seven. Incredible, Hokkaido. Noodle, and seafood. Dishes so, make sure to watch all the way until the end to enjoy them all let's. Eat, and by the way guys we have an awesome new feature on this channel where you can join and become a member, become, our supporter, down below, where, we're providing you with exclusive content yeah we're gonna provide you like your exclusive content. That Trevor, and I will eat together I think you guys will love it cool let's keep going guys okay guys and this morning market is just packed with seafood we're gonna compare, the. Street. Unni versus the luxury, uni rice, bowl I'm at gonads, comparison. Cheap, gonads, versus, luxury, from, the sea urchin and it's, just right up here there's a I think there's a local sea, urchin stall where we can actually cut one open and slurp, it down can. You - ah. This. Is definitely, straight, from the sea guys fresh. Oh yeah, a little soy that's. Sweet, Unni nobody got through that mess let's. Try it up. Mmm. Wow, actually, first. Unni. Right, from the market, right. From the sea it, doesn't get any better I was a little worried because sometimes, Unni has like a foul odor but, this is, surprisingly. Delicious. Creamy. Like. A breeze like, a fresh, scent. Of ocean air that, you just breathe in it's smooth it melts in your mouth it's creamy, this, is as good as it gets right in, Jaco dot a the source of so much seafood in Japan and we're gonna compare, that. Street, Unni, to, a luxury, uni right here guys and we're bright and early opens. At 9 a.m. we're. Gonna try. It out as, I must here. We go guys. The. House I'm ass. Okay. Wow. Here, we are look at this beautiful, setting here guys we're. Gonna have a beautiful, Unni. Comparison. Here this, is what we came in for the luxury, premium, Unni. The, treasures. Of the sea and you can see this place is busy now people, just walked in and are. Ordering pretty much all the same thing because that is the signature got things I'm s. We. Need on any done now, they got the look, at this guy's Wow it just came this, is ultra, premium you can tell just look at how perfectly, symmetrical. And smooth this Unni is oh and I can't wait to try to give you a dash of wasabi on top this is gonna be really unique to compare to, the street booting we just had I'm now I'm just going to go full beast mode and we're just gonna totally get, a mouthful. Of luxury. That. Is the cream of the ocean right there I can't believe it guys, we're in Hokkaido. Island, Paco Dante, with, premium, or me tried oh oh. Oh. Wow. It is so creamy refined.

There's Literally no order, in there just. Like the smoothest, creamy, Oh breeze. Wow. That. Is the next level. You. Take this treat goony you. Times the joy and the satisfaction and the smooth creaminess, by a hundred and, this is what you got that was just amazing guys, and we're going for tons of food all day. Beautiful. Okay, guys and one thing that you'll find that we've been seeing everywhere in, Hakata is these very like. Luxury, melons. They're, almost. $35. For, one. Ego. Ego, have. You got those MS you, got big. Big. And I got oh oh yeah here we go look at these Oh. Luxury. Melons, and I've. Never actually had like. Top. Grade fruit in Japan it's a real thing here to get perfected. Sweet. Oh wow. Very. Sweet oh look. At those. Wow. Very, good. Okay. Eagle already, got those MS who the vendor is just grabbing a knife and he's gonna slice, one up for us it's a $35. Melon I'm really curious to try and see if it's worth it here we go oh. There. It is oh look, at the color now. They got to his IMS oh, and. There it is look. At this guy's the. Jaco dot a. Special. Mmm. It's. Just perfect. That's. How you could describe it it's, like a melon perfected, it's so juicy you, take a melon, you times it by a hundred you take that aroma and the natural sweetness all. Combined, is just. Cause. You're dripping, and next up we walk just right down the street for, a luxury. Seafood. Ramen and, here we are guys bright, and early we're. Gonna get a luxury. Seafood, ramen. Ohayo. Gozaimasu. Hi, guys I'm s, oh. Here. We are. Nikko, come, on a ramen. We. Got to say I'm ass I get to luxury, seafood ramen bowls this. Is just incredible guys we're getting a miso. Seafood. Booyah. Base ramen. With snow crab, legs and, you can see he's actually just scooped in a bunch of miso paste into, a. Rich, seafood. Stock a variety, of different seafoods, and we're just slicing, up these snow crab legs right now and putting, them in to that stock it's, gonna be really really delicious here, we go here's the noodles the ramen right, in the bowl. Look. At those snow crab legs. Already. Got those imma and, here guys check it out Wow, there's. A big scoop, of Unni, in. All. That uni sea, urchin gonads, we've got snow crab legs we've. Got a big look, at this we. Got a big chunk of squid, and a, scallop. And. A, big. Juicy, prawn and a seafood miso, booyah, base stop. And I think we're just gonna start with an Amy ramen. Slurp, look. At that guys with, a little stock that, is gonna be a powerful, first, bite in the morning. Okay. Actually. It's. Like a strong, ocean, aroma. But with that stock it goes very well. Mmm. It is all about that, broth, it's a real nice, OE seafood. We, a base, rich.

Really, Healthy, and nutritious, you can feel you, stock combined. With all the seafood like that you near the, gonads, from the sea urchin it's. A bit strong Wow look at this guys we can just break out the, crab flesh cool look. At that oh. Look. At that dangling. Crab, black. Beautiful. You. Can just take it on window. Oh. Delicious. Well oh wow. What. A seafood. Hearty kick to the morning guys and we're keeping on moving and next up we're. Gonna jump on the trolley here and go, for a shield, bass drum which is a salt face ramen sea, salt from, the sea around aqua, data here Wow. But, I got the and what's. So special about this guy's it's gonna be with the clowns with seaweed, and it's gonna be full, of that natural, sea, salt aroma. Here we are guys at Josiah ramen, this, whole country, is where noodle dreams come true and this. Is it the, salt based pocket. A ramen. With chashu pork, in, a chicken pork stock. Oh yeah. Let's. Try it out. Look. At this. This. Is where the middle, satisfaction. Lives really and here, we are guys look at that who the officers I'm just gonna get the classic, IG, sy special. Ramen which is signature. Salt. And let's. Just order that, 1,300. I got those I'm ass I, think. I saw oh, yeah. We can just sit right here and. Here's the noodle station guys, look at this we're. Making the Geo. Based. Shio. Ramen, sure, I meant wow, that's, the kombu stock right there guys. There. It is. That. I got there's a mess oh I. See so. Here. It is guys look at that Wow. This. Is the premium. She'll. Ramen. Oh look. At all of the toppings, on here we got bamboo shoots we've got half boiled eggs tons of leg again and there's this seared pork, chow, Xu here there's this dry little tofu. Puff all, those bamboo shoots and oh yeah, the signature, noodles on the bottom and this isn't a clear, salt-based. She'll based pork, chicken, blend. It's supposed to be really elegant and clear first, shio, ramen on our world noodle, tour. That. Is a specialty, of. Paco. Da Tay and, that, we've been looking forward to trying and look at this guy's Japanese. Chili, oil I don't know if this is breaking, the etiquette but we're total, chili lovers so. Let's just get a chili oil egg oh, wow. Mm-hmm. Oh. Slightly. Smoky, with, a melt-in-your-mouth, egg, yolk if you love a little more strong with, miso or chili hmm. This. Is not for you but, if you want to hold some seafood. Flavors, salt. Based stuff hmm, this, will bring it right to life and next up to finish our day before getting up bright and early the next morning to go try the dancing. Squid sashimi we're, going for another must try noodle, in Japan, soba. And look at where we are guys this is ha Kodaka, we're just, exploring through, these wide. Streets. Quite. Empty looking. And right up ahead we're looking for a local, soba. Noodle, joint so buckwheat, noodles, and dipped. In a light soy sauce and, it should just be right up here and, it's gonna be good let's go check it out and here we are guys and we're gonna get some food ah it's.

Gonna Be really delicious, all, of the food I feel like every meal in Japan, is hard. To have a bad meal gonna. Do uh, anything. Like anything. Uh oh. We. Can sit down and these traditional. And here's the set meals guys we've got all different. Accompaniments. That go with the cold soba we're gonna get the tempura and put a set meal now. They got those I'm ass. And. Put up, mmm. Temper has arrived and now we're waiting for soba, oh look. At this we got a ton of food going on here beautiful. Buckwheat, soba, noodles and but. Service the real joy I'm really looking forward to trying, we've got daikon radish Negi greens and then look inside here let's see it all that's. A raw egg and the. Real secret here is you're gonna crack this raw egg open and filled up this cup and, we're just gonna pour that cold, sweet, soy sauce in, there and we're gonna dip our stall. Bun noodles in there we're gonna mix that egg yolk in oh my, this, looks unique. And. Here we go let's. Just dip it let's. Just dip it all and get. It coated in that. Mmm. Oh. Wow, oh that, is refreshing. And, this is the iconic, piece. Of flesh, from Hokkaido guys crab. Leg. Tempura, you got to come to Hokkaido Island to get the real deal and here we are tempura, local, restaurant traditional, Japanese stuff we're gonna dip it right in this goes so well this whole meal is just a perfect set. You got cold refreshing. Soba, noodles a bit of a buckwheat flavor, you, got that eggy sweet. Soy sauce and, then you got fried tempura, so you got fresh and then you got oily and it's mixing together. Mmm. And. It all goes so low and last, up to finish our seafood and noodle tour of Hokkaido the next morning we're going straight, in for, the full lon, dancing, squid, sashimi rice. Bowl, oh yeah look at this we're, gonna get some live squid, sashimi. Barbecue. Crab legs oh look, at this themed action, konnichiwa. Hi. How. Are you Oh. Corny, wa nani. King. Crab legs steamed, and we, can also get it BBQ. BBQ. And, steamed Wow, beautiful. And all the fresh seafood here. King. Crab, whoa. Tasty. Why she why. She. Amazing. I think we're gonna get a couple king crab legs maybe to. Barbecue. Please. And. Maybe. Some Iike pika pika ek, squid. Kaizened, on Iike iike. Done it's. Okay okay okay, let's, try it out Oh. Barbecue, king crab legs in. Akko, da Tay. Wow. Boy, she saw. Very. Good Wow. Look at those giant crab. Legs and over, here there's a live squid tank we're gonna get a live squid right over rice and, try it out okay so we're gonna grab the eek out of the squid Oh. And we're gonna make a live squid, bull oh my. Goodness. Like. This oh. There. It is okay. We got it oh look. At that whoa. Oh. That's the danger. Danger. Oh that's. The beak Oh pull, the beak oh oh. They're safe, Wow. Safe. Okay. We're. Gonna go cut, that up, Wow. Here, we go in the kitchen guys okay. Here we go guys we're gonna slice it up. Whoa. And, I must admit I'm a little nervous to try this squid. Head just directly over the rice, it's sushi sushi. Okay, delicious. Wow. And we're just gonna slice that up put. It over a rice bowl and we're gonna get the Akira salmon, eggs with it as well this, is incredible, coming to the source of fresh. Seafood in Japan Wow, incredible. Here. We got there's a mess whoa. Soy. Sauce, okay, the squid is still. Moving. And we've. Also got a beautiful. Lunch, set here as well king crab, leg. We've got a nice specific. Sorry lots of salt on there grilled right over the coals and I'm really loving how there's, such rich seafood. Miso. Soup here and then of course we've. Got the natto the fermented, soybeans. We're gonna try the natto. It's, bitter and. Slimy. That is actually, really, in, my opinion. Nasty. I have not developed, the palate for that yet it's like eating the snot from a sick dragon, and it got those MS hey we'll. Try it again. Mmm. Bitter. And. Slimy, oh. I. Don't. Know about that what's, going for a probably Oh in.

Crab Leg oh. Whoa. That. Is so tender, this. Is insane. Look, at that it's still. Moving. Just sliced. Wow. And it served, with. Tequila. Salmon, egg and the, body of the squid is sliced. Underneath, it so we've got this squid, sashimi and we've got this squid, body and with, a deal here, is you, just pour, a, little soy on it oh. Oh. My. Goodness, that. Is just crazy and. Enjoy. And, you can also see, there's, these squid, guts. Here, and that's, a specialty, chef. Was slicing those up for us and that goes perfectly, with, the, slice squid, so this is kind of like a squid sashimi with. The guts coated. All over, it let me try it out okay let's. Go for it guys. Mm. Or. Sucked into my tongue. Hmm. Oh. Thank. You oh my. Mmm. Pretty good. It's. Funky, funky. Funky mmm. I got, to resign Matt thank you thank. You oh wow. Definitely, took a big fight from there that is really all about the. Crunchy. Springy. Texture, the. Flavor it's very just very. Quite quite. Clear and simple just like raw. Squid pretty much with, a bit of a salty soy sauce okay. Very. Nice thank you. Mmm. Beautiful. Awesome, guys and we are heading and continuing. On our noodle journey we're heading to Osaka now thanks, so much for watching please click the little Bell notification, button and subscribe button down below and consider, supporting. Us on YouTube and Facebook, as well click to join and become a supporter button down below and we're gonna be providing you guys with, weekly exclusive. Content and monthly. Live streams along with street food maps thanks. A lot guys and we're just getting on the plane.

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Oh wow

I feel like I'm getting slurped inside ur mouth everytime u slurp. Tat much amount of artificial slurp man

Wow! I'm still blown away by your awesome presentation and great transparency trevor. Ting you are a media Queen on the rise, we would love to see more of your input and energy on the show. You 2 have everything needed to become true leaders in the traveling online scene. You are already redefining the genre. Thanx again and much continued success

Uni kabob

Я всегда думал, ну на что похож еж... в прошлом году попробовал в Японии, ну как некоторые называет икру ежа)) Блин, если посолить, то... от молоки не отличить)

I’m sorry little squid...BUT YOU LOOK DELICIOUS!!!!

asline ra doyan wi

he accidentally said many Chinese phrases to Japanese people in this video lol its funny

It’s dead but parts of the body of the squid are still attached

min 12:00 i´m the only one seeing that supra?!?!?!?!?!

LMAO! Its like eating the snot from a sick dragon! Then takes another bite!

It's hard to trust your reviews, you seem like the person that would give a good review to boiled rocks.

Khub sundor, rakhhoser dol

My speakers broke at 5:55

Is there anyone else that started crying or tearing up when the squid was getting sause pored on it from the start of the video? Cause I did. I love sea food but something about seeing the squid without it's top of its head and that it was supposed to not move that made me feel like

Too much exaggeration.

Poor octopus thats a terrible thing to do :/

carbs and cholesterol. Good thing you are a young fella.

OMG a 35 dollar melon. That is a tad crazy

I’m eating my dinner while watching you eat all these types of food, it’s really making me even more hungry.

That chili oil on the egg @ 11:20 *drools*

Their no way I would pay $119.29 For raw fish unless it granted me a Magic wish

I'm bothered how he didn't eat the rice


Bro you're a UNI fiend!! lol space out the serving of UNI bro.... lol don't down in from the start without hitting up the Ramen or rice with the uni . lol You straight up slurped that Uni away into another dimension >.

nato need soy sauce

The Lord God, I agree to eat all spices and all octopus and all shrimp in Japan

Great job! Finally moved up a notch to first world country. I'm tired of those Muslim thingies!

12:00 focus on toyota supra

It would be nice not showing food with live or semi-live animals.

These are fucking expensive


Any indians here? Me thought how we can eat that sea food

go in the Philippines the cantaloupe there is sweet like sugar also Pineapple,watermelon

How rude.. Dancing squid is not a thing to say woooow..

when you put it in the wrong hole 5:53



I hate

Mddvh yt? Gb

Love how unbothered you are. Love traveling with you. So cool this is your life

Sorry but eeewwww

12:00 is that SUPRA....???!!!

I jizzed watching this video


all expensive in japan

Konichiwa Konichiwa Hi Hi How are you? How are you?


May Allah do the same thing to the persons who does such a thing to that squid. Kill it then eat it dont make a circus out of it!


Espero que ele n tenha desperdiçado o arroz, isso é muito ofensivo.

I eat sushi sometimes, but eating raw things like this, I can't. Why do Japanese people like to eat raw foods?

I try to answer my question. In my opinion, in the past, Japan wasn't a developped countries compared to other countries in Asia (China, Vietnam, Thailand,...), so did the japanese gastronomic culture (they ate raw foods, didn't know how to cook). Japan became a developped country thanks to the emperor Meiji since 19th century and rapidly become one of the leader countries. And so, Japan become an example for everything. People around the world try to learn all from Japaneses, even their historical poor cuisine: eating raw meats, fishes,... :)

I been with you since you have 20k! I cannot believe you about time hit 4 million subscribers! LET GOOO LEGEND❤️

This guy has no respect for ingredients tbh

I want to kick your dickhead when you are amazed by nothing !

At 5:32 you seem to be speaking mandarin to the guy. One item in Japanese is 'hitotsu', not "i-go". Two items is "futatsu". Every time I hear you attempt to Japanify Mandarin terms in this video it makes me cringe.

Im going to japan soon but I speak like 10 phrases in japanese, im so screwed

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