Stuck in a Chinese Village / Unique THAI Food Discovery / Chiang Rai Thailand Motorbike Tour

Stuck in a Chinese Village / Unique THAI Food Discovery / Chiang Rai Thailand Motorbike Tour

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Hey hey hey! good morning guys! good morning from China! no, i'm kidding, this is not China.. i'm still in Chiang Rai.. and this is a real Chinese village.. i was exploring mountains of Chiang Rai yesterday and i found this place..

and i was so amazed by its vibe, by its culture.. because it really does look like China.. If before yesterday someone would ask me..

Mickey, do you know any Chinese village around Thailand? i would say.. what? Chinese village? i know Chinatown in Thailand, Chinatown in Bangkok ... but Chinese village... where? why? are you kidding me? are you serious?  

however it really exists.. and it's beautiful, man.. it's so beautiful.. in the middle of the last century when communist party of Mao Zedong won the civil war.. there were two regiments who refused to surrender.. so they have escaped into Burma's jungles.. however Burmese didn't want foreign troops on their soil so they started to fight with them.. several years later those Chinese troops have escaped into Thailand and found a shelter here..  

in Mae Salong village around Chiang Rai mountains.. and Thai government has allowed them to stay here if they will help them to fight communist infiltration.. so since then they're based here.. that's why the most inhabitants of this village are ethnic Chinese.. and we are seeing such huge and strong influence of China here and it's truly amazing.. small Chinese hotels and guest houses..

small Chinese restaurants.. a lot of different stuff.. people speak Chinese.. some people even can't speak Thai.. it's truly amazing..

it's a real Chinese village.. wow.. man, it's truly amazing! Little home.. this is the place where i have spent last night ..  comfortable.. the price is 1000 baht.. but i've seen everywhere people charge here at least 800 baht for a bed hard as rock.. so here it was still pretty comfortable..

with really strong wi-fi, with nice television, with air conditioning that i haven't even opened.. haven't even turned on.. yeah pretty lovely place to stay.. if i would come here again i think i would stay at the same place.. because it was pretty nice and the view from the balcony - it was delightful..

another new place for me to try food.. yeah this place is very well known in this area.. it's called Yunnan Noodles shop.. and it's well known for its noodles and kyosa which are dumplings..

i'm not sure they've got pork or not.. maybe they've got something else but.. i got to find out..

trying local food here in Mae Salong village.. let's go! and yeah i think it will be right if i will try this dumplings first.. probably they called "kyosa" in Thailand.. in Nepal they called "momo".. in Russia they called "dumplings"..

but no matter how you call them - they are just fantastic.. i'm not sure but maybe these are vegetarians.. because i asked if she's got something except pork.. and she said yeah we can do without pork.. because they are just handmade.. and the lady - she's sitting behind the camera - she's just sitting and cooking it.. making these dumplings in real time..

back to China! i spent 13 months.. more than a year living in China.. in Hainan province.. so yeah it's just like a throwback.. i feel very special here.. because everywhere in Thailand i'm "farang".. but here in this Chinese village i'm "laowai"..

which is literally meaning "a foreign devil" if i remember correct.. because in china if you are white - then people call you "laowai".. not farang..

super delicious food.. man, i think i can eat 100 of them.. this plate is cost 80 baht..

extremely delicious.. and now let's try the Yunnan noodles.. i think they're also with chicken.. yeah this is not Thai food.. wow.. real chicken broth.. people don't look at me much even though i am with camera..

they are busy with their own stuff.. so cold here.. really just like Nepal.. incredible.. oh yeah man, a lot of noodles..

really back to China.. everything is so different.. definitely not Thai food.. amazing.. just completely different..

so nice.. a lot of nice emotions.. a lot of nice memories from China.. i used to work in a travel company in China.. that's the reason why i went there.. to work and to recover after my accident with motorbike here in Koh Samui.. because Chinese medicine..

especially non-traditional Chinese medicine is amazing.. different things with snake poison and so on.. but yeah now i can walk.. now i can jump and run..

and hike.. and climb the stairs.. love it.. it's still daytime.. i still have got some sunlight.. so i can try to find something more interesting for you and for me.. to enjoy this Mae Salong village.. But it's truly amazing Chinese village in Thailand..

i would never believe but it's real.. wow! this temple was built in honor of mother of King Rama 9..   and probably this is one of the highest points  around Mae Salong village..

and here we can enjoy truly panoramic.. truly fantastic views around the village.. around whole surrounding area.. around beautiful mountains, tea plantations and so on..

wow i got to say wow.. check this out.. what do you think about this view? isn't it "wow"? isn't it "wow"? let's see the temple inside.. by the way when you're driving it's so cold, man.. and last night i was sleeping without air conditioning at all..

because it's cold almost like in Nepal.. it really reminds me Nepal.. but here under midday sunlight you feel pretty hot again.. so yeah you got to wear jacket and then take it off.. wear it.. take it off.. again and again..

let's get inside..   yeah i've noticed there is a stairs leading up.. so i'm a stairs guy.. i just need to know what's on the higher floor.. i must know..

pretty narrow.. wow truly fascinating place for visiting.. really.. with such stunning views..

but let's try to find out what else we can find in Mae Salong village.. Chinese village of Mae Salong.. yeah guys you are probably thinking now - "oh man this is amazing!" i should come here! and yeah, that's true.. you got to come here when you got a chance..

truly stunning place.. the way up and down is pretty steep.. but you can order a taxi if you are not sure in your driving skills.. or come by yourself.. like me.. in both ways it will be super exciting.. i promise..

it's just guaranteed! exciting and cold.. another great place to enjoy amazing view of Mae Salong and of course amazing coffee is here..   yod doi coffee and tea.. yesterday i was riding this road and parked a bike here, and decided to make a short clip .. and today i couldn't resist and stop again to enjoy the view and enjoy the taste of the coffee.. because what else can you do? ride your bike, enjoy the coffee, and enjoy the view..

and just stay away from the road for your own safety..   but what i'm saying to you.. take a look yourself.. once again..   another interesting place to explore - real tea plantation.. i can't remember if i ever seen it in Thailand or not.. i think never.. i think this is the first time.. looks pretty stunning..

however it's so hot, so i got to make a quick run not a tour.. take a few shots and continue driving.. because i just want to share this experience with you guys.. while you're stuck at home.. while you cannot travel.. hope you will be enjoying it.. i love it..

i really love it.. what do you think about this view?! oh yeah, man.. oh yeah!   from the first sight it looks like a farm market.. farmer market..

and when i was driving i've seen there are some fields with flowers.. and people were taking pictures there.. so maybe i can find a way to see the beauty of this place.. and maybe a couple sausages..

feel hungry again.. of course i must try it.. very soft.. not easy to bite.. and pretty hot.. and kids are looking at me like.. too hot.. need to wait.. but i can't wait..

very soft and delicious.. and not sour.. it's not Sai Krok Isan.. but it's Sai Krok Chiang Rai.. or it's Chiang Mai? i'm not sure if i've crossed the border of the province..

i got no idea what this is.. very black donut.. mmm donut.. she added some sauce.. indeed it is a donut..

but there is something else.. probably something that makes it black.. that makes it dark.. nothing extraordinary.. a bit hard to chew but..   pretty funny.. and this is it..

a field with flowers where everyone is taking pictures.. pictures and videos.. for their social media of course.. this is it - modern life, modern needs..

but i'm not going to.. better i will keep exploring the market.. i found something i've never seen before.. i don't know what is it.. it doesn't look like it's something from this world but let's try.. there is Khao Tom which is usually sticky rice together with banana and red beans..

but this is kind of the same style but a different shape.. how do you think is this Khao Tom or not? yeah i think this is Khao Tom.. wow but it's not sweet.. it's not sweet at all.. there's no taste at all i would say..

no banana.. only red beans.. no banana at all.. that's why it's not sweet..  only red beans and and rice.. okay.. KFC but not Kanchanaburi fried chicken..  this is Chiang Rai fried chicken.. so it's...   CH F C.. Chiang Rai fried chicken.. looks pretty spicy.. oh yeah, the flavor reminds me pringles.. pringles or some other chips..  

with kind of like paprika..  yeah with paprika.. pretty delicious.. i like this Ch F C.. the next dish - kanom krok.. not the first time i'm trying it but.. every time just like a new time.. like the first time.. truly rich coconut flavor.. mega delicious..

personally i think everything with coconut is delicious.. um is there any salad with coconut? i'd love to try !  i'd love to try salad with coconut if it even exists.. Mr. Salad Rolls is back.. Salad rolls of Chiang Rai! with crab sticks from Chiang Rai.. smells pretty promising..

something between wasabi and peppermint.. i would even say this is really peppermint.. peppermint sauce.. yeah i think this is peppermint sauce.. it's my first time i'm trying peppermint sauce..

or maybe just my brain is totally broken and i just can't recognize the taste.. but i really believe it's peppermint.. how do you think is it true or not? or i'm just kidding? i think it's real peppermint..

anyway i think this is the last stop.. because the sun is going down.. and i'm not sure if i will be able to catch the sunset today..

because now i'm heading to Chiang Mai province, yeah to Chiang Dao.. so if i'll see sunset - i'll show it to you.. if not - then it's the end.. anyway i hope you have enjoyed this day, this tour,  this time together.. if you did - hit the like button, share this video with your friends, subscribe to this channel if you aren't already just in case..

write me a comment and i'll see you next video pretty soon.. not tomorrow but pretty soon.. bye bye!

2020-12-21 15:48

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