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Sucking, sweat on this studio 5 special, exclusive. Interviews, at, Christian, music biggest. Store, it's an exciting look at Richard, Jam 2018. Welcome. To studio 5 spring maybe around the corner but winters biggest Christian concert tour is still, going strong and, we are your all-access, pass, with, a hit making lineup, of artists so let's. Not waste a minute and begin your special, look at Winter, Jam 2018. With, its founders, new songs. Just. Keep your feet on the ground. A suit. Big. Ears don't, stop don't settle in just, try yourself. Just. Tell yourself or something. This. Is, more than 20. Years old now is, this what you envisioned, well. We know we really started envision one night I'm just trying, to do, a concert, where everybody. Could afford to come you. Know we heard people couldn't afford a couple of Christian concerts and they, would go to the bookstores and maybe meet artists with book signings back in the day and, but they would never be able to afford to come because they had a family and had five there's five of them or whatever so, that I thought was wonderful minutes so everybody, could afford to come I wonder how many people would come then because. Christian. Music wasn't being played in arenas had been played in churches and small. Auditoriums, and so we rented an arena and we, charged three dollars and. It, turned out they packed it out 6500, people came and more people couldn't get in and so, that's. Kind of begin to start we got real brave next year did two of those and. It happened again so, things. Multiplied, and this, year we're at 56 so, the. Money's gone up a little bit but that's, still the gold is everybody gets to come it's still cheaper than any, other content you're going to be, what. Do you think of the makeup this year in terms of who's on the roster you know we never know when, we set out to do this there's always a list of about what ad 30 or 40 people that we consider and talk, about and we never know what the final recipe, is gonna be for winter jam for the lineup and every, year it just kind of surprises, us how cohesive the, night even, with all the different music genres just. How cohesive the, night becomes, you know thematically. And musically, and it's a lot of fun I say, every night I feel like it's the most unified, night in that. City wherever we are because. The body of Christ comes together there's, so many different musical styles so many different ethnic groups so many different. Denominations and here we are worshiping the Lord together singing, together it's, just a beautiful picture of what Christ prayed for you know it's the unity of the body so and, this years isn't there's nothing disappointing, at all to me about this year there's great, new artists and the artists that we love, that. We're excited to bring back out there. They're all at the top of their game so it's a wonderful night it's a lot of fun and and it's, also just a great night of worship all those things that you really hope and pray are a part of winterjam are, there this year so it's exciting so I'm sure you've heard stories of lives being changed by virtue of coming in this year, we've, had two people email, us and message us about how. God literally rescued, them from suicide. Because. Of. How. He uses winterjam there's a lady and her family, who got a phone call she was literally preparing. To. Take her life because she felt so hopeless and she, got a phone call from a radio station said congratulations you've, won tickets to Winter Jam and so.

She Came she brought her son and her husband and and their two sons rather, and and. Stayed, to the last minute and thanked us and said this was a real turning point in my life I feel like God. Orchestrated, this entire thing and it just so happened, that if. You're already a winner you the first person you meet as our tour pastor, who's a great counselor, and prayer warrior and just so nurturing and such a healer himself. So the perfect guy so, he spent the night just pouring into her life and I told, that story from, stage just briefly and a. Young lady sent me a message and said that's do. You tell that story every night because I was, that person and, I was in the audience and when you said that I realized. That God redeems, people, who are broken and feel like there's no hope so we, get those stories and to be honest we never get tired of hearing those stories and we. We've heard many over the years and they're always fresh, and exciting to us because we. Love you you ask us about winterjam and it is a community, but it's a community of ministry, so, the star of Winter Jam is are none of these artists, that you've heard of and that you love and who are notorious. If you will but, the star of Winter Jam is the Lord Jesus Christ, that's the difference, it's a night of worship and, it's, a night where we push people toward him and we lift him up you know that's the heart of Winter Jam it always has man that's new, songs heart and that's the heart of this tour so, you leave, here. Knowing that we we do our best to get out of the way and to, do our best, physically. Musically, but also to, do our best to promote Jesus, at Winter Jam and because when, he's lifted up he draws people to himself. New. Song began winter jam in, 1995. And have no plans of slowing, down. Up. Next. Winterjam. Backstage. Gets, unleashed, with, skillet. It's. It's. Our lady. And. Welcome. Back to this special edition of studio five Christian, rock bands skillet, is making, its third headlining, appearance, at Winter Jam with, Dove Awards, Grammy nominations. And Billboard, Awards the, band has been entertaining fans, since. 1996. And band, members sat down with us before rocking, the Winter Jam stage in Nashville. Tennessee. Told, oceans. Where. And we're. This, is a 40-some, city tour, how's. It going and why you guys do it me, why. Why would we do this to herself that's a feeling I got what you said. We. Love vintage and for lots of reasons. Probably, the first being it's a thing. As fairs say there's, just a lot of people coming. 20:17. Has been described as a landmark, year, how do you top it in 2018. 2016. Was our 20th, anniversary for. Skillet which is crazy so we. Never dreamed we'd be doing it this long so I think that every. Year. Anyway. I would. Say for me 2017. Was literally, my favorite skillet. Year we've ever had so um you know I think the issue is just feeling, that.

God Still called us to do it you know there's always that God. Is this you. Know in the next record there are we still mitt to be doing this are we still being relevant for you is it because, music can be. Entertainment. Can be all about you you know and you you want to know that it being used by God that, there's a reason, you're still in it and then it's not just about building your own kingdom and your own art and God. Kiss, kept saying yes still do it this tour ends and then, you are going to join, for king and country for. The joy Unleashed. Tour yeah what can you share about that unleashes. We're. Excited I mean we've the, funny thing is is that Corey and I we, have known the, small-boned, brothers and lets him oh they're, great Joe and look we've, toured together a Winter Jam twice, and. Always said one day we'll do like a tour, together so we're finally doing it and very excited, about it so I think it's gonna be a really fantastic tour, gonna, do some things on stage that people have never. Seen but with the two acts you know and the, maybe, never seen before depending, on if we ever do another tour again so that'll be fun so we have from, this straight. To that and then, straight to a straight, to Europe after that you know for another tour so, we. Don't stop. You. Cannot, stop, it, it's. It's. Our leave. Be. Sure to see if skillet is unleashing, joy in a city near you this. Year's Winter Jam brought some new faces and new genres, to the stage. Hip-hop artist KB, from la craze Reach Records perform. And is continuing. On the tour he, sat down with us before grabbing the mic in Nashville. Your. Latest album is today, we rebound yeah why. What are we rebelling against. That. Title, comes. From a culmination, of. A. Culmination. Of experiences. And writings, that I've sort of given, myself to I think one, with Martin Luther King who's. Who. Said that to love is to be radical, that there is, to. Say that Jesus wasn't a radical is to misunderstand Jesus. And. So, when. I when I realized, that if, you to love truly, and genuinely it. Will, be met with a sense, of, persecution. And pushback and in. That, moment we, had to ask ourselves if, we're free or not if we if we've been freed to.

Live, In as Kingdom people in this world when opposition comes, we, meet we meet that opposition with. Rebellion, I think, we hear a lot of that in the music I'm thinking of the. The, track new portrait there, was a moment, on my album that was inspired, by a conversation I, had with a brother on the south side of st. Petersburg, who was telling me that, Christianity. And. African. Heritage. Are actually. In, contradiction. New portrait is an important song for me because. I'm had, a conversation with, a gentleman. While. I was making the album it's, a part of this black nationalist, group in the, neighborhood that I grew up in and we. Were having a great conversation and, I mentioned to him that I was a Christian and he bout fell out of the seat he was like man you seem to be smarter than that like, why would you how, would you go and do that. Brainwashed. And. And. You know my posture, was well I have, been. That I've been watched by the blood of Jesus, and I'm, not unaware, of the. Attacks on you. Know ethnic. People that would claim. Christianity. As their own I'm, not unaware of of, some of the historical, failures, of folks. Who apart I'm Southern Baptists as a part of Southern Baptist Convention which, is so the bathroom convention was started, in response, to, those who want to take away their slavery, so I I'm, not unaware of that but I'm also aware, that, the, Jesus of the Bible transcends. And goes back far, beyond, I saw recently, an article said if you're looking for ancient, African, religion, try, Christianity, I. Think. That one of the biggest issues facing, us is the politicizing. Of our faith that we, begin to ask questions like are you, Republican before. I aligned with you or are you Republican before I love you are you Republican before I consider you a solid, believer, I think, that's a tremendous. Misstep. For the people of God in this nation I feel a responsibility. To. Lead and to challenge, and to bring Redemption, I think to. Issues. That have been largely. Mismanaged. By people. I think in end of the day, if. Even. If I deal with brothers, and sisters who are who, are blinded, by bias. And politics, and racism and white supremacy. Many, of them Christ has died for them I want to be a part of shepherding, people into, knowledge into wellness. Into. A vision, of the kingdom there's more sin sink with, Scripture, and. Net ex excites, me let's talk about Donald Trump let's let's talk about race let's talk about racism because, God has something to say about it and we should not let those things get us to a point where the blood of Jesus is secondary, and our political positions, become primary. Use. I'm. A big fan of KB, on and off the stage be sure to keep your eyes and ears on Studio, 5 as we track what's new and next, in his music career. Still. Ahead. Windsor. Jam veterans, building 429. Joint studio, five we played it the first night and I was like man I really liked that I mean just enough, to change it and the future, of Winter Jam Jordan, Felice it's just crazy man it's pretty unreal. And. Welcome. Back over. The pages of the Bible to Ephesians. 4:29. And it reads let, no corrupt talk. Come out of your mouth but only such, as is good for, the building up that verse, inspired, the name of the Dove Award winning rock band building, 429, and studio, 5 has an exclusive interview with the, Winter Jam veteran. You, guys recording, and touring for as long as you have I would imagine that. Coming. Up with what, the sets going to be that's going to best satisfy the. Fans have come to see you how do you arrive it honestly. Pretty, much when we start negotiations, on whether we're going to do it or not we go to the lab and we, start thinking about like if we had you, know 20 minutes we're going to do this we have 25, we're going to forget 29. 18, and and. Then you do you, know we've done probably 10 versions. Of that set and then, we came out we play it the first night and I was like man I really like that I mean just enough to change it. The last album was unashamed, right and that was described, as deep late-night, conversations. About God faith, culture. All set to music why, that description. Well. I would say number one that the four of us we all we, are all we don't live in the same town which is really a cool thing we, have different perspectives we all go to different churches and we're all the leaders of our households.

What We came down to was that our, faith really. Should. Be paramount, it should be the focus of our lives and then outside, from, that should be all of our decisions in the way that we act in the way we move and all that kind of stuff but we just wanted to really kind of go you know what what this world desperately needs is somebody who is willing. To step up and say look I have faith in a living God who changes hearts and changes souls and gives me a reason to believe that the best is still yet to come gentlemen. I submit to you we, would find the same God who was seated on the throne when he created the heavens. And. You are art I guess, playing. With a new single on this tour correct yeah we're planning a new song right yeah so so this, place is that yeah that's right what can you tell me about that that's the song the song one, of the things that we like about it is that it talks about what happens when the when the body of believers gathered, together right and it talks about the reality, that this is holy ground and that everything can change here tonight hearts can change Minds can change opinions, can change. And. I think you, know the trajectory for eternity can change for a person as well and so I. Love, playing it because at, first people don't know really what the song is but by the time we get around to about about halfway through the first course and then once we hit that second course it's people. Got it and it's fun to sing we. See you working on your album for, about two years now, yes so where do we stand, yeah, it'll be 2025. Yeah. I don't know it's. Funny we've, we, really are, trying. Hard to just. Make the best record of our career we really are not trying to manufacture this we really want to we just want to dig deep and write, the best record possible not, because of. Anything. Other than we would like to leave a legacy of, creativity. That, mirrors. Just. How awesome our God is right. And. We'll be sure to update you on the release date for that, new album, this, next, artist is making his first appearance at, Winter Jam making, waves with his single titled the River Jordan filiz is Studio fives one, to watch. You. Were an automobile. Valet before becoming a singer hi I, was, it's actually pretty surreal, to play here because I used to like park cars literally, two blocks over here are you see yeah yeah and there was some nice when our a lot with Philipp where we have to park underneath, the. Convention. Center so I have to run to the convention center to get and this. Is crazy man it's pretty unreal like to be like oh yeah, I used to do that up there this. Is just crazy, so now you would stay he used a bar card I think literally, literally. Two walks. Let's, go, down. You, were voted new artist of the year in 2016. Yeah, yeah. A little stamp again. Yeah it was pretty, awesome and, I. Did. Not see it coming. So. You're, your sophomore project is no future yeah it is coming out as you're on the Winter Jam yes, how are you feeling, doing that oh man. It feels awesome I'm really excited about it. I'm, super. Super amped that we're getting, to like presale, it out here and we're. Gonna play a new song live, so, I feel like people are able to just get like a little taste of what its gonna be like the message is really just about the fact that. We. Don't have to have. Fear. Given, to fear anxiety stress. Whatever we're dealing with our in, our lives because, the. Beautiful thing is believers, that we have is, that. Our future is founded, in the inheritance of God if you could speak to a young person and give them a word of encouragement who. May. Not be able. To find their way right, now not, as blessed, in their mind as you to have very successful album. Oh hi what, would you say to them in terms of getting on track well I think one of the things that I would tell my younger self which, I guess is the person I'm talking to is just don't sweat the small things, in life make sure that your you know mind. And your, heart are just, constantly, refreshed. In the right place, you know stay in the word I mean that's a lot of advice but you know and I'm still learning how to do that. Jordans. Next album future, is out this month and available, wherever music, is sold, starting, March 23rd, up.

Next On this studio five special, they look at the other and say oh man that guy needs Jesus how about a girl needs Jesus s. Recent can we meet at Jesus author Nick, Hall brings, a strong message, to the winterjam stage, and to, studio 5. And. We. Are almost out of time for this special edition of studio five so let's look ahead tor working on for you for next week, eating. Cheat Jesus is so, far out of your league. Winner. James never had a comedian, before he's walking on water you had to walk in to pay less for some shoes okay, the church takes a nice. Little digging. When you when you get up. Yeah. Yeah when it comes to Christian break up lines, we. Got nothing all things work together for good but we ain't together and this ain't good I feel like if there is any. Ribbing. Or maybe roasting, of the church or Christian culture, I like, to say it's not, me. Pointing. At you guys it's me like shining, a mirror like, I'm in the front of yeah like look at us. No. Unwholesome Chuck, come out of your mouth you know let's just listen to music I love Jesus I think the local church is our only hope that being, said, we. Do some weird stuff. Yeah. We do. That's. A story you don't want to miss be sure to join us for that next, week along, with the award-winning roster of musicians, the voice of the next generation, Pastor, evangelist. Teacher Nick Hall also brought, an encouraging. Message of the gospel to winterjam so, we're giving him the final, word for, this episode, our. World, is going nuts and I. Think people are passionate about causes, but. I think our causes, tend. To divide us even more right. It's like I'm for this which means I'm against that I'm, gonna rally for this which means I'm rallying against that and I. Think that Jesus uniquely. Stands. In the middle right. In our team we call it the radical, middle right. And I, think of it you can think of an issue and he said people on both sides so, they look at the other and say oh man that guy needs Jesus oh that a girl needs Jesus and. Sweet Simon can we meet at Jesus you. Know I just think Jesus is the great uniter, he. Shows us what friendship, looks like he, shows us what reconciliation. Looks like he, shows us what love looks like and I think there's something there that, I think never, before, in our society, have we needed, the, whole ministry, of Jesus because, I think we even segregate, Jesus, you, know we say oh I'm no I'm passionate, about this part but not that part and I, just think man segregation, whether, it's a race of politics, of issues. Of orientation. Like, all these things are dividing us and I think God invites, us to come and he. Gives us an anchor in Scripture he, gives us an authority, in in, Jesus and a leader to look to and so. Man I think in the time of division never, before if we needed a leader you, know that we can trust and. I think Jesus is the only one that. Is, indeed a great final word for this studio five winterjam, special. Until next time reach out and touch me at Efrem Graham on Instagram, Facebook Twitter and snapchat also. Be sure to check out Studio fives Facebook, page at Studio, five TV to, see the full interviews, of all these Winter Jam artists, and then, be sure to come on back and see we're studio five takes you next. Week bye bye everybody.

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