Submarine Museum | Best Place to Visit in Vizag | Kursura Submarine Vizag (English Subtitle)

Submarine Museum | Best Place to Visit in Vizag | Kursura Submarine Vizag (English Subtitle)

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Hi Friends, This is KURSURA Submarine Museum. Generally, a museum is a place where everyone gets boring. But, today, once you see this museum , your perspectives will change.

Vizag has an amazing museum. They have converted an actual submarine in to a museum Today Maru India's topic is about this unique museum. I have a friend of mine here who would help me in shooting this video. Hi Sailaja! Say hi to my friends. Hi! She is a dentist. She is in Vizag since childhood right?

I have seen the submarine before, this is my 3rd visit. This is your 3rd or the 4th visit? Ok . 3rd. I just want my friends to see this amazing exhibit.

Because in Sri Lanka we don;t have submarines. you know that right? So , Let's have a look then First,will go there and buy some tickets. Ok Fine. let's go. There are fishing boats, and that is a Navy ship That is the Dolphin nose hill This submarine belongs to Indian Navy.

It had served the nation for 31 years. This is a first of it's kind museum in South Asia. Means there is no where else in South Asia - a submarine converted into a museum This Submarine commissioned on 18th Dec 1969. Decommissioned on 27 Feb 2001 The complete submarine, including the weapon set has been hauled to the shore To hauled 600 metres it took 18 months for them Ok Ok Sailaja is signalling me now to stop and to go inside. Even you all must be waiting desperately to see inside view of the submarine.

Will go inside then. This is a Torpedo This is a sea mine. (red and white) When this sea mine is engaged , anything which contacts with it will give blast by itself.

Wash Space Captain's cabin Sound Room Sleeping area - used in hot bunking system Ward Room - eating area Hydro suit Tinned provisions Kitchen - Can you see the Idly? So small Wash rooms ! - Toilets and wash space Torpedo Sonar system This submarine is placed on a concrete foundation They have spent 6 crore to build this museum. 14/08/2002 the museum was opened for the public Did you see the guides who were there inside? Those people are retired Navy officers who worked in this submarine. This place is open from 2.00 p.m -8.30 p.m. Will talk more details about this submarine Length -91.3 m Speed on surface - 16 knots, but speed when submerged 15 knots This is a Russian model Damage controls, drills and emergencies, battle tactics are to be trained to the employees How to escape through the vertical tower also taught before this gets commissioned 6 months of sea experience to be proved After fulfilling these conditions, submarine can get qualify to commission Can you believe that inside there were 77 employees working back then? How these 77 people sleep at night? They used a concept called "hot bunking" Means they take turns to sleep They had 2 cooks 2 wash basins and 2 toilets Somehow 77 people managed daily tasks with so much of difficulty due to space issue I guess they were very patriotic and loved their job , hence they didn't mind How a submarine dispose human waste? The human waste will be collected in a sewage treatment plant Once in deep sea, they pressurize the tanks and blow it off into the sea This is how they dispose human waste Sailaja! Do you have any stories related to this submarine? Why do you really think this place is very important for you? Kursura submarine took a major role in "Ghazi attck" Have you heard about the " Ghazi attck"? Yeah. Ghazi attack is related to Indo pakistan 1971 war? There is a movie about it right? That was happened at the shores of Bay of bengal It is situated in Vishakhapatnam I have heard that, the submarine had served navy 31 years It has a very good history in Indian Navy There are 6 engines in this submarine. 3 - diesel (each one is with horse power 2000)

, and 3 electric Asini, do you know that the submarine crew who served there actually are here? Are you talking about the people who were inside guides? A 60 year old crew member who worked in the submarine, had shared some stories He says it is very hard time to be in submarine. In tiny bedroom, tiny wash rooms. And limited food and water They used to wear disposable uniforms They had to wear for two days Because they cant shower or wash There weren't any showers inside right? They had to dispose those clothing after two days Even the food has to be stored for quite long time. First two weeks they would get fresh vegetables, chicken and mutton. After 10 -15 days once those items are over they have to have tinned food Which may serve them for like one month or so. After that they literally had to survive on nuts and vitamin tablets.

or some other nutrition supplement You mean to say that, entire day they could only have a tablet and survive? Tablets and dry fruits Protein shakes Do you know this place,comes under "Must see places of Vizag's" and on number one? If you have visited Vizag and had not been here it will be an insult . They make 10 million revenue per annum Out of which 8 million itself spent on maintaining this place. I hope you saw the carpenters, who does maintenance jobs Per day there are 500-600 tourists visit this place In tourist season this number spike up to 1500 Most needed thing is oxygen How these people will get oxygen? This is a sealed container.

They have pressurized tanks to supply oxygen Inside this tank generates oxygen When this tank pressurize it will release oxygen to the air time to time Otherwise people will be suffocated Also they have to remove carbon dioxide from the air. They have machines for that The other important thing is to remove moisture from the air They have machines to pull that moist from air. These three things to be maintained all the time to have a breathable air for that particular period Outside the museum, they have a small show room to sell articles and souvenirs Key chains, anchor shaped pendants , photo frames of the submarine Can you see a photo of the submarine is framed? Structures of ships Thank you bhaiya Kursura Submarine museum is situated in the beach road. This is how beach road looks in the evening In front of Kursura submarine , there is a aircraft museum as well. Can you see? This place inaugurated recently Can you see the big structure board? VIZAG? I will zoom in and show you People love taking photos in front of this.

However all these special places are situated at beach road , and all the time beach road get updated and upgraded I hope you learn lot about submarines today If you ever visit Vizag . make sure you visit this iconic museum. Maru Indiawa channel always brings interesting topics We will meet again soon. We will talk a fresh topic then. then Hi friends, I hope you liked this video please like , share, comment and do subscribe. Thank you. Bye

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