SUNY Virtual Information Session featuring SUNY Geneseo

SUNY Virtual Information Session featuring SUNY Geneseo

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You. Victor. I'm from SUNY Geneseo, I'm. One of the. New, York City admissions, counselors. Hi, guys can, you guys hear me okay. Now. Yes. You're fine great. I. Going. Back back and forth with muted so. I'm. In New York City admissions, counselor here for SUNY Geneseo I, also, have my colleagues. Suzanne. Miller as. Well as, a student. Kelly. I they're. Gonna introduce themselves very, quickly before we move on hey. Everybody, my name is Suzanne Miller I'm an admissions counselor with. SUNY Geneseo I'm, based, on Long Island, but. Work full time for our, beautiful, wonderful. School, and I'm excited that you've taken time out of today to spend. A little time with us. Hey. Everybody my name is Kelly Sal Peter I am a freshman, communication. Major and Environmental, Studies minor from Roslyn. New York, God, is on Long Island around. The North Shore. Awesome. Thanks guys, so. We're gonna actually get started we're going to watch a quick. Video to. Find out why there's no place like here. Welcome, to Geneseo we want to show you why there's no place like here let's go did, you know Geneseo has over 200, clubs and organizations, to be part of. Geneseo. Is your gateway to the world with, over 600, programs in 65, countries nearly. Half of our students will study abroad. For. Good eats boaty shopping movies and festivals, Main Street is literally, a step off campus with, over 60 shops and cafes, which employ over a hundred students every semester there's. Something for everyone. Thank. You come. Explore it just five miles from campus is one of the nation's best state parks. Hygienists, do we give back every, year we average over 200,000. Community service hours there's, no shortage of wasty of that with. Small classes students, have the opportunity, to work one-on-one with, professors on. Significant, research our. Dining services are ranked within the top ten, in the country and. We even have a food truck our.

Innovative, Gold workshops, gives students the tools to become successful leaders. Join. Your classmates it's here on the nights at one of the many athletic, events here on campus tonight. And, now you know well there's no place right here. Awesome. So I, just, kind of as a brief. Introduction. Actually, when we come when we're talking about this. Presentation. You're gonna see a lot of pictures they. Are of the campus, so you guys kind of get a little bit of a campus tour so here we are on our College green, as. Far as a click, at. A glance for Geneseo we, are located in the Finger Lakes region of New York State I've, put, a map on to, the right side so you guys can take a look where that blue, star, right underneath that 390. Interstate, so if you guys want to take a look at where you are in, relation, to that some. Of the, cities that we have up there we've. Give a proximate. Driving. Travel. Time so I'm. From New York City it, takes about five hours to drive from New York City to Geneseo, if. You're from you, know let's say, Long. Island it could take up to six hours Buffalo, one-in-one plus hours so, find. Yourself on the map hopefully. We're not too far away as. Far. As where we are, like. I said we are in the Finger Lakes region of New York State we, have a population, of around, 5500. Students we. Are also one of sixty four SUNY schools. If. You're. Looking at SUNY. School in general we, have a forty. To sixty male to female ratio and. A one to seventeen, student to faculty ratio, we're. Kind of we, kind of fit those small liberal arts college niche, of the SUNY, system I, I. Also did not mention, I'm an alumni of the school and that's kind of the reason why I chose Geneseo, we're. Pretty unique in the fact that we. Are. Considered. A small liberal arts college within. The SUNY system and that's something that we really pride ourselves in. Below. You'll kind of see some of our awards, and rankings. Which. Some. Those are some things that we're very proud of you know being one of the top. 100, public college. Producing. The, third highest amount of Fulbright Scholars, that. Is correct actually third highest in the entire nation and. Listed in Princeton reviews best College list. So. This picture actually is of our integrated science center I, don't. Know if you can tell by the name but, students. Study. Science, in there it's. Actually, recently. Built. In the early, to late 2000s. So. Some. Of the equipment, is pretty up-to-date and, state-of-the-art for, what, we have, as. Far as our academics, go at Geneseo, we have 50. Undergraduate, degree programs, and later on I, have, a whole list of majors, and minors that you can take a look at so that and that includes the 20 interdisciplinary. Minors meaning that students. Who. Want to be. A part of this interdisciplinary minor can take classes in. Various. Departments, around campus. Almost. 50% of our students I just, got a CEO have a double major in. You. Know and/or both a major and a minor. And. 59%. Of graduates completed, internships that's pretty important, especially. When we look at when. After afterwards. When you leave Geneseo, and become, this, successful. Member. Of society they. Say that. Internships. Actually help you with your jobs so, this, is actually something that is important to us our median. Class size is around 24, students and that kind of lends itself to what I was talking about earlier about, the, 1 to 17 student faculty ratio. That. Way you're not inundated, with students, in a large lecture hall you're able to get, to know your professors, and, you. Know some of our what are tell you we'll actually I will, probably share that. Might be a good reason to come to Geneseo is the size that we are. We. 90%, of our faculty hold a PhD or another terminal degree and we have zero classes, taught by teaching assistants, that's. Something that we also pride ourselves in, you. Know you will be able to have. Professors. Being able to help. You along the way rather than someone, who may. Not be as qualified. As you know the 90% of the faculty that we have on campus. So. These. Are a list of all of our majors and our interdisciplinary minors. I've included some of the pre-professional programs. That we offer a Geneseo, such, as pre-law pre-med as, well as some co-op. Programs, that. Includes this three plus two engineering program or our three plus three program, a doctorate. Of Physical Therapy if. You guys would like I'm leaving this up here you guys can screenshot, this for your own information.

And. If. You have any questions. You can also throw them in the Q&A box. About, certain. Major. And Suzanne, will actually help you and. Answer some of those questions. So. I'll, give I'll take, five seconds if you guys need to screenshot, that and then we'll move on. You. Awesome. So this is a picture of our Sturgis quad at Geneseo the, Sturgis is kind of a, good, middle ground where students, are able to, walk. Around campus is literally in the middle of our academic in, the middle of our academic building, so, you. Know it's cancers are you'll run into someone familiar in the area, as. Far. As clubs, and activities goes, as Geneseo you have to have a student life right you know studying. Is important, but on top of that you know you'll be living on campus so, we. Have we boast over 200, different clubs and organizations and for a school, our size, that's. Actually above, average. Some. Of our other SUNY, institutions, may have a little bit more, student, and as far as student population, wise and we'll probably have around 150, to 200 clubs so for our size and we offer a great variety we. Have 20, varsity. Division 3 sports teams we. Have the Genesee a late night events. Those are for students, for. Events. Planned by our student life Department. That. That. Are for weeknights, those. Include you know various different things I remember as a student they. Had, fun. At different different fun events like Segway. Racing or ziplining, and. There. Is our plan I believe over 4000, different events uh for. That 400, different events are planned year round for students. As. Far as I've stated escapes, goes our. Student life also department. Also plans different. Trips outside of, just, Geneseo, for students to take part in that includes like Broadway shows in Rochester, we're going to Syracuse, for huge basketball game or watching the, Buffalo Bills playing football. Those. Are various, different. Varying. Different types. Of. Activities. For students outside of, just Geneseo. And, as. You can see below Rochester, is not too far away some of our area attractions are. Our, Rochester, there's a bus that will take you directly from Geneseo to Rochester. Let's take around half an hour we're about an hour from Buffalo, two hours from Syracuse, so we. Like, to have. Some of the local. Cities that are involved be, a part of the experience here at Geneseo we. Also have local nature if you enjoy nature. I do and as, you can see from the photos I love just. The greenery and all the colors of Geneseo so you can also enjoy the colors at electric State Park and Canisius. Lake. I'm. Just gonna Britt. Let Kelly talk, right, now and kind of it as a student, from a student perspective just, explain her. Time at Genesee Oh currently, and, what. Are things she's involvement because not every student is, the same so Kelly take it away. Everybody. I'm Kelly so as, Victor said I'm just gonna be going over my. Life at Genesee, oh and a lot of the things I'm interested in so, first, off I'd like to start by saying that I took it upon myself when, I got to Geneseo to find activities. And clubs that I enjoyed, I signed, up for a million things and then I, went. Down to what I really enjoyed doing so as of, now I'm currently a tour guide at Genesee Oh I'm. Also the treasurer, of club softball, so muscle on Club softball. Additionally. I'm gonna be an orientation leader this summer for new, students. Coming to Geneseo I'm, also a member of ycc. Which is young young, children's, council which, means that we can have for. Example pen, pals with. Elementary. Students, from the Geneseo, elementary. School which is just a great way to, experience. To, have that kind of experience a lot of education, majors like to do that but communication. Major and I still just like to do it for fun I also. Play intramural. Volleyball and. Intramural, dodgeball, now, I decided, to go intramural, instead of club, just because I'm, not the best when it comes to these types of sports however I do still, like to have fun with it and hang, out with my friends, while playing them so that's why I decided to take the path of less commitment opposed, to varsity, or club team.

Awesome. Thank you for sharing as, a, student, I think there's not, every student is the. Same I, mean, I also was a tour guide at Genesee oh but I also, you. Know also enjoyed playing sports but you know taking part and. Watching. The ice. Knights which is one of our sports teams I also. Did, an internship so we have varying, different. Experiences. With. That said I just. Wanted to point out here this is a picture of our main street of Geneseo. Literally. If you are thinking, about if, you don't know much about Geneseo if you're not if you haven't visited campus. Behind. That. Well. This is our our, fountain. But, behind the cookies and sub shop is literally, on campus so we, are so close we are towns. The town of Geneseo and the campus are pretty. Intertwined. And, we're pretty proud of the fact that you have this small. College. Town feel, which is something that i think is. Unique to our school, within, the SUNY system I'm, sure just a little I don't want to talk a little bit about Geneseo, New York. Actually. This picture here on the, right hand side it. Is from, a TV show you can probably see the hulu screen cap on the bottom right hand corner, it's. Actually from a TV show called Four Weddings and a funeral. They. Used. Actually, our pick our main, street as a depiction, of kind. Of like Main, Street, small, town America, they, said it was Jersey but that is literally. A. Suit. That does literally Geneseo, you can notice. On the in, the background, of my, of, this slide on the right hand on the left hand side there's cookie sub shop and in the picture that blue building, is cookie. Sub shop so. Sorry. And cookies. Sub. Shop so you can see that this is actually this. Is actually Geneseo, and we represent small-town. American I think that's something that's unique to where we are we. Are recognized as a national historic landmark. One of 24 in the country, we, have a variety, of different dining, options for example like and, cookie so shop but we. Also have a Geneseo. Family. Restaurant, and I really enjoyed my eating. There we have. Different. Diners, we. Have a pull polish. Restaurant on on, Main Street we. Also have various cafes bakery. Sandwich, shop so. There are there's, a lot of different local dining options, at Geneseo. If you, drive or if, you take a bus it's literally it will take, ten. Five to five. Minutes, literally from if you're driving ten five to ten minutes you know. Behind. This school we have a local Wegmans, which is a grocery, store for all of you guys who are. Fortunate. To fortunate. To experience Wegmans. Is a great grocery store and I they, just put one in in New York City in Brooklyn so. Hopefully. You guys can make it to Wegmans it's a life-changing, experience we. Also have a local Walmart so. Even. Though we are in you know a smaller, town, it doesn't mean that you are not able to, have. Access to fresh. Food or amenities and things like that, we, have a very close, knit community, and Geneseo. Enjoys, a, good. Relationship from, with, the. Town and that includes volunteerism, so, on. The bottom I talk about nights first day of service and that's an opportunity for freshmen, to. Volunteer. And. They're. Able to volunteer, in the in the neighboring. County. Or within, the county or within the town of Geneseo, Livingston. Cares also, is an organization, at Geneseo, devoted. To service in the area or. We. Also provide, different, trips, of relief. Trips, such. As. To. At. The time Hurricane, Katrina in. Various different relief. Trips throughout the nation, so these, are some things that are really organized, by our community, and I, think what. Makes is unique at Geneseo, is our community, that a community, atmosphere that we offer. With. That being said I'm moving on I guess to our. Study. Abroad program. We. I I, think everyone should take part in study abroad but something. I Geneseo is that we actually really encourage, our students to study abroad. Within. Sunni Sunni is a great. Institution. Where, through. The SUNY system you, can actually study. Abroad with in. More than 65. Trees with, to more than five move. 1,000. Different programs throughout. The SUNY system so. For example when I well. I'll talk about myself a little later but, within. Our school. 450. Geneseo students study abroad annually. And that, kind of represents. A good percentage of our graduates, so around, 40% of our graduates have, studied abroad which actually makes us one. Of the higher number, one. Of the schools with high number of participation, of students sorry students, participating, within study abroad that's. Nearly half the, graduating, class and that's something that we really encourage here at Geneseo, we, also have a variety of different programs short term semester-long, programs, are available.

As. Far as like my experience, goes I studied abroad in Argentina. These, are just some pictures of myself I. Look. Quite young back, then but I went, to Argentina I went through SUNY, New Paltz, program, but I still. Had a great experience. As. You can see here so. Enjoying. A semester-long program, was something that I really wanted and something that Geneseo, really encouraged me to do. With. That being said I guess we're kind of closing out a little bit and I want, to talk about our admissions, information, how. To apply to us and some of our different, profiles so, for. The class of 2022, and. These are usually around the same ballpark for, for, students coming in our average GPA was between 90 2095. Our. Average SAT score, between an eleven, seventy, and a 1300, and our average a CT score between a 24 to 28 these are just the number the numerical, statistics that, we have at Geneseo. When. You apply to the school you. Can either apply through the suny application, the common application, or the coalition application. To. Us it. Just. Comes in the same so we. Really don't mind which one you would rather rather. Do whatever is easiest for you and your family. We, also require at least one letter of recommendation. Preferably. Two and most of your school should probably really, I, think I believe encourage that as well we. Would also need your transcript, your, ese illicit or extracurricular. Activities. As. Well, as a parent statement which is optional, and I put that I put that in there because it's. Something that is unique to Geneseo, it offers, an. Opportunity for, your. Parents, to be. Active, in the application, process and, write, something nice about you if they have anything, nice to say about you which I'm sure they do. Some. Of our deadlines are for, early. Decision which I know which is November 15th and our Regular Decision date is January, 1st you, guys. May have noticed. On. The. Test. Scores I put a question, mark to. Four, test scores, given. The circumstances, that were in I think. We. Are we put in a petition to, see our proper proposal. To see if we can go test optional, nothing. Has been formalized, yet but, I just, wanted to let you guys know force two new Jenna Co this is something that we. Have proposed, so for, those of you guys who have not taken your standardized, tests and may have may be nervous about what the fall looks and will be in what, is in store for the fall I just, want to let you guys know to take, heart. With. That being said I just wanted to show a video about why, what. Are why. Some students choose to go to Geneseo, and this is a good good. One to highlight. I'm. Here to tell you some of the many reasons why. Students, choose to come to Geneseo. Some. Come for the strong academics, some, come for the friendly atmosphere and, some, even come for our beautiful sunsets, but, every student has their own reason, why, Geneseo, is so special, to them Geneseo. Help me find the family that I needed, I. Came. To Geneseo to get a great education at the same time for the sport I love I really, wanted to be somewhere that was, out of my comfort zone because I'm from the city and this. Definitely isn't, too much of a city and I learned to appreciate it, Main. Street is so close to campus and the pizza is great. When. I was a student at Geneseo I started my company five North chocolates, and it was this community that truly pushed me to, be a successful entrepreneur I chose.

To Be an IT because of the school spirit. You. May have heard a rumor that we got a lot of snow here at Geneseo but I'm here to tell you that well, yeah, that's, true, at least it's pretty I. Came. For the research and, I stayed because it blew my mind there's. So many clubs and late night events there's just always something going on around campus. So. It's somewhere you can go and know that your voice will be heard and, there's. People to help you when you have questions but. I think it's also somewhere, that's going to challenge you and it's gonna push you and it's, going to enrich. Your life as, soon as I came on campus I felt warm it felt welcoming, it. Felt like a place I could really call home I love, the people I've met at Genesee, or in just the community I found here I know they're gonna be with me for the rest of my life even. When I leave Geneseo. I know that Geneseo will never leave me. Students. Come to Geneseo for a lot of reasons, but that's why they stay because. Geneseo, has become their home and we, hope that you decide to make gemma CEO your home too. With. That being said I just want, to bring. Kelly. Back on to kind of talk about why she chose Tennessee, oh, that's. Ok take it away hey, everybody. So, um, a lot, of times when people ask me why I chose Geneseo, it's it's, not just one direct, answer like because it has this or because I had that it's really because um to me Geneseo. Felt right I felt that, when I was, at Genesee oh I didn't. Feel like I just blended, into the crowd and I was just another statistic I really felt like I stood out and I had my, own place there and with that being said it wasn't, just within the social life it was in my academic, life as well it was with the entire community and, I'm. From, Long Island so it's a bit of a hike to get up there but. It's. All worth it when you know you're in the right place and, I. Genuinely. Feel, that I am and I, have a twin. Brother and so, to have. A twin brother for 18 years and then to be separated, and going to different colleges it's very, daunting however. When you're in a place that you can still, call home it's. Extremely. Settling. To know that. You're. In the. Right place thank. You everybody. Thanks. Kelly and Kelly is actually, gonna be signing off so thank. You so much. With. That being said I, just, want to open this time up for questions.

Suzanne, Will actually, hopefully, be. Leading. This she sees, all your questions below but please continue. To ask questions in the chat box I think that would be really helpful. For us this is kind of the end. Of the. Presentation. I think I'm not going to college anymore Suzanne's not going to college anymore, and, you guys are so, if. Possible, just throw some questions below, ask. A good question. Just, wander I'd like to fill memes in there once in a while so hopefully, you. Guys can ask some good questions so. Suzanne, will will take it away. Okay. Hi guys yeah I just needed to unmute myself, yeah I've been furiously. Typing in, the Q&A. Area. So. I'm. Going to. Read, out some, of the. Questions. That I think apply, to a lot, of you, somebody. Asked about if we are if we're gonna be having summer, visits. We. Have to kind of wait and see what, the, governor. And the SUNY Chancellor, has to say about, the. Reopening. Of our campuses. Where. We are in the Finger Lakes region, we're already in phase one of reopening. So that's good news for. Geneseo. And, the surrounding areas but. We. Have, to, make. Sure that our staff. And, students. And visitors are safe so, just keep checking our website to. See what kinds of accommodations, in the meantime we, have some wonderful. Virtual. Programming. So I encourage you to go to our, website. Our, admissions, website click, on virtual programming. You fill out a short form and then you have access to all. Kinds of virtual, tours and webinars, and all kinds of great stuff that it's, not quite like visiting, our, beautiful, campus but, it's the the next best thing. Let's, see what other questions are. We are we like to have cars on campus yes as, students. Are. Allowed. To have. Cars. On campus all four years so the, answer to that is yes. What's. The Regular Decision deadline. Our regular Precision's deadline. Is, this, year was January. 1st. But. Things. Can always change if there's one thing about the, college admissions process. Information. Can always change from year to year so, be sure to double-check that deadlines when you start your application, process. For deadlines. I also have, brought. The slides to the admissions information, so if you guys need it too you, guys can take a look the deadlines are on the right-hand side. Early, decision November the 15th and Regular Decision January. 1st. Here's. An important, question that I'm very glad that, somebody. Brought up and that is I heard the library, was closed down is there somewhere else students, go instead, for help and studies okay I I would like to clear the air about this our library, building. Our current library building is closed, for renovation, however, all of our library, services, and resources are. Being. Moved to another, building, SUNY. Geneseo got. A thirty five million, dollar grant, from New York State to renovate, our library, which, is absolutely. Phenomenal. So. And but it's, a huge, top-to-bottom. Renovation that, will take, a few, years so. We. Absolutely will, be having all of our award-winning, library services still available, to our students. And and. Staff, and faculty all. Of our staff, they also have jobs they're all still there to help with your research. And. Resources. And, the. College. Subscribes. To thousands. Of online. Resources. That you. Don't really even need a library building, to access, and. The, actual. Physical, materials, you'll have our students will have access to them for the next few, years and there's always been a campus, culture. For. Students. Finding, empty, classrooms, to study in I think, Victor, I think it was you who laughed when you heard that it was closed because you used to always find classrooms. To study and when you're a student is that right yeah, so as a student, at Genesee Oh even, if. You needed a quiet place to study you know the library had a quiet section but I, always found an empty room at, Genesee oh one, of our policies, is that once. There is no class you. Can actually go into this empty room and study. You can occupy. It with your friends or monopolize. It and. Hold. The room hostage just for yourself so you have, a lot of different options for for, study areas, and because of the library. Building. Closed, for being closed for renovation, we've actually designated, more study, is now around, campus, so. Real. Estate is is a, plenty, here at Geneseo if you're looking for a place to study outside. Of your you know dorm, where on your on your bed and. There's even a Geneseo. Village. Public library that's walking.

Distance From campus as well so students. Have sometimes gone there so. There's really not, a problem. It's. It's this, absolutely. We've compensated. For that. Okay. I'm, just trying to be mindful of time because there are a lot of questions I'm gonna go kind of fast. Are there merit scholarships, offered and does Geneseo have an Honors Program we. Do have. Limited. Merit, scholarships, just to reiterate a couple things that Victor has already, talked about we, have the highest percentage of full-time faculty of. Any. SUNY, school the majority, of our. Budget. Goes to faculty salaries, and. And. We really believe that that's money well spent you. Will have. People. Leading. You and teaching, you who are dedicated, to Geneseo, who, are. Dedicated. To you as students, not. Only for your academic development. But, your personal, development as well. So. But. We do have some so this year our merit scholarship, range range, is ranged from about fifteen, hundred to three thousand dollars a year, so not a ton of money. We do have an. Honors Program it's called our Edgar fellows Honors Program you, do have to apply for it that. Program. Has, some nice perks there, are some smaller, seminar. Style classes. That Edgar fellow students, take. That are you, have to take one per semester, they. Those. Students actually have a minor, in the Edgar Fellows Honors Program and. There's. Special, housing for first year students, as well, as an additional, $2,000. Scholarship, so. That is a nice, very, nice program but. Again that and the, students who are, admitted. To that honors program we have an average GPA, there, strong GPA, of at least around, in 95, with lots of honors and AP classes, and. 8p. As I am SAT. Scores, average treat the average SAT, score of a 1450. Average, a CT of a 32. So. That's how it stood this, year. Do. Students receive help guidance with choosing classes creating. A schedule a need for their major absolutely. We have our. Dean. Of academic. Affairs and, academic. Affairs and. Advising. Those. Folks are there to help you especially if you're undecided we. Also have, through our Career, Center. We. Have. All. Kinds, of, of. Personality. Tests, and interest inventories. And. The. Just. Help you see where your interests. And your skills. Intersect. And. Professors, guys. Wherever you go to college whether it's Geneseo or somewhere else take. Advantage of your professors office hours because they. Are. Crucial. In helping to. Guide you because. Professors, also help you you. Maybe see, possibilities. Of careers within certain, majors, maybe you can get involved in some research, in. Your. Areas. Of interest so. Yes. If. There's one thing that sets, Geneseo apart, from, a lot of other schools, are the relationships. That students develop with their professors, so in addition to that professional, academic advisors.

You, Have your professors, as your allies. Okay. What, type of dorms, just Geneseo have, traditional. Etc, we get traditional, we have a lot. Of our business buildings are what's called corridor, style where, they. You, have your, long. Hallway, with double, rooms on lining. The halls and. Bathrooms. Hall bathrooms, at the end of the hall we also have suite style where there's anywhere from four. To eight students. Living. In a suite, with, a common, area and shared, full. Bathrooms, as well as we. Have townhouses which are more apartment, style living housings, guaranteed, all four years required. For the first two so if you choose to move off campus you can your junior year we. Also have wonderful, living. And learning, communities. That, way you can live with like-minded, students. Okay. Is there a dance team yes this dance team and all different kinds of ensembles. I encourage you to go to our website not, only to the dance. Academic. Department. But, also if you go to our directory, of student, organizations. You, will see that there's so many different dance groups to get involved in I've, been on campus for. Live. Dance performances. We're in. Our beautiful theatre two, to, two and a half hours of dance groups one after the other performing, and, definitely. Dance is alive and well at. Genesee, oh. We. Already answered in the Honors Program question. Is there breakdown of the cost also, can you receive full scholarships. SUNY. Geneseo is. As, a SUNY school is we, have the same tuition. As just. About all of the four-year, SUNY's for, next year ours too the tuition, is seven thousand two hundred and. Well. My goodness it's seven thousand two hundred dollars I think so there were something around that I'm blanking, on it and, then housing. And meal plan and all that brings. It up to about twenty three thousand, dollars and then you've got, indirect. Cost transportation. And books and fees and all that that, the full. Cost is about twenty, six thousand dollars full scholarships, we really don't have but I encourage you to look. Into need-based. Financial aid, we. Only require, what's, called the FAFSA, which is the Free Application, for. Federal Student, Aid, lots. Of information on our website about. Financial. Aid. Can, we speak about the athletics, program and. Being, a student, we. Are division, 3 in many. Many sports, the. Sports are, alive and well at Geneseo, we've, got. Really. Strong teams so, many of our teams won, their division this. Year, and. Our. Men's. Ice hockey team they, were ranked number two in the country and. We're. On their way to the NC double-a tournament where, they were actually favored to win the whole thing when it was cancelled so I'm definitely. Lots, and lots of. Spirit. Only. Gonna be able to get to a few more questions but, coffee, shops on campus yes we've got a Starbucks, right on campus as well as several, great, places to grab coffee on Main Street. Greek, glaze we have about twenty twenty, to twenty-five percent of our students are involved in Greek life so, it's there if you want it if you don't seventy, percent are doing something else.

And. Stem. Offerings, yes, we would, we our. We. Don't, have computer science at Geneseo and so. I'm gonna put, that out there right there our engineering. Is more of a 3-2 program, where, we you. Would come to Geneseo and major in physics, for three years and then, move on to the School of Engineering for. For, two years and so then after five years you actually have two degrees one, from Geneseo and one from the co-operative, engineering. School and right now students, tend, to go to Case, Western Reserve, Clarkson. University or, Columbia, University. For those last two years we, have probably, one of the best physics, departments, in the. Country not. In this not just the SUNY system not just in New York State but in the country we have a particle accelerator. On. Campus, we have electron, microscopes, we have a planetarium. We. Have, a phenomenal. Phenomenal, physics. Department. So I don't. Get discouraged, by us not having engineering. Really, really look into that we. Okay, we do not have, early, I would I guess probably have to. Cut. Off so Victor, no, no, no, no we can keep going but I always just wanted to show you guys that on the screen I have a list of all the academic, majors, so. On them so if you are looking at stem, you can find your major it's, all in alphabetical order, so, if you guys are looking at the screen right now you're able to see that right and. Again I encourage you guys to screenshot this page yeah. Yeah. Science is Geneseo. Are incredible, they, really really are incredible. We. Really well known for sciences for business for. Education. For, the liberal, arts you. Really, it'd be hard-pressed to find a program that's not super strong I think. We have time for one more question and then we'll end, the presentation anyway. Okay. Yes. I want to find a question. Can, people join music activities without being in the major. Absolutely. We have a wonderful. Music, department, our Department of Music is an, intense department. It's an audition based, for. Most of the programs, but. You don't have to be a music major there, are so many different, ensembles, several. Acapella, groups. We. Love. To, keep the Arts Alive on, campus, so for. Sure. And. I'm sorry I didn't get to. You're. The rest of your questions, but Victor's going to tell you how, to. Get. In touch with us and to then. You. Get your questions answered yes. So. Sorry, I'm going to scroll back. So. Okay. So these are our minions, today, I. Am. Victor I'm in the middle Susanna's, to the left of in, the picture and Kelly, is. Our student extraordinaire. Today so she was able to she's. Also won't answer any questions, so just, as for. You guys to know we, are currently as, far as like. Population. Of students, that we reached to I, work, with New, York City students, Suzanne works on Long Island, for, a Long Island students, but. If you guys want to feel free to send, us an email. And then we can connect you to the admissions. Counselor. That. Is designated to your area, we. Have admissions, counselor for every county in New York State as well as out-of-state so feel free to. Do, that Kelly. Has. So. Nicely volunteered, to, answer any of your current student questions also I've. Listed her major and her minor so if she majors in communication. And she minors in environmental, studies Kelly's also from Long Island. So. If anyone. Really. Has any questions about being a, Long. Island student, going to Genesee, oh she's. Also willing to answer those questions as well so with, that being said I'm, gonna keep this on you can you can screenshot, this if you'd like maybe without the picture if you don't unless you want to use it.

As. A contact. Picture, but this. Is our contact information again. Feel. Free to let us know if you have any more questions send. Us our way. We. Have also added. Our work. Numbers our work numbers are actually attached, to our office, cell phone number so during this time feel. Free to text. Or call that. Number that way if. It's easier for you we, can get in contact with you that way but. With that being said I just really appreciate, the time that, you taken out of your day to be with us today, Genesee. Oh really there's no place like here and I, really, as a student. As well as someone who works. At Genesee oh I think it is a fantastic, opportunity. And hopefully through the pictures except. For this one you. Can see how beautiful our campus is and we wish that you were able to come onto campus to see for yourself hopefully. With all this. If. Restrictions. Get lifted I would. I would HIGHLY, highly highly. Encourage you to come onto campus. So. Feel free I'm going to keep this screen up and feel free to. Contact. Us and let us know um but for now we just really appreciate that you. Were here today so the I'll turns out we will be turning, this off at 3:45. Best. Of luck to you guys. Please don't be shy we're really really nice we didn't get to all your questions so, feel. Free to reach out to us send us emails, text, us call us I put, in the chat the, link to. The. Not. The chat the, Q&A. The, link to the admissions, counselors. Page, so you can see who is near to who your admissions counselor is or just shoot us an email and become my eat.

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