Supermajority Tour Finale (with Elizabeth Warren)

Supermajority Tour Finale (with Elizabeth Warren)

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Because, we know that we know how to do a big show here in Vegas right. I'm. So glad that all of you are here because for me I can't. Vote I. Can't. Have, a voice in the selection every. Single one of you that can is my. Voice and so, it's very important, for me that every single one of you here goes. Out and continues, to get people, people. That are gonna be educated. About their vote people that are gonna be talking, to each other about our lives, and, that's. Why it's so important to me that you're here to listen to candidates, and that super majority has been giving, all of you the, opportunity to talk to candidates, so, thank you for me from, my family, I have. My nephew Noah, here and he's, four he'll tell all of you and. He's. Very happy I. Was. His age when I arrived in this country I. Was. At four year old and. Now. I have to worry every night if my, mom and dad are gonna see my nephew grow up. So. If all of you for being here this isn't just it's. Not politics, it's, not just. Talking this, is my life this is my family, so thank you all for being here and. With that. I'm, so, excited to have such an amazing legend. In in, our city who. Has been, an organizing. Powerhouse. For all of us out there that are learning still. Figuring out how to do this and so I'm so happy to introduce today Cecile, Richards the, co-founder, of super majority. Thank. You Astrid will you please thank Astrid, for being such an amazing leader, here, in Nevada at around the country, so. Awesome. Okay. One thing I got to tell you all silenced. Your phones, I heard someone's phone already go off and I'm sorry we've been doing a few presidential, forms and I just want to make sure if, you could just take a minute and silence, your phones and then just like take pictures like mad okay I. Wanted. To I want, to thank some of the organizations, that are here today and, if I miss you please. Just stand up and shout it out so the, Human Rights Campaign, plan. Planned Parenthood. Moms. MomsRising. National. Organization for Women. Plan. Make. It work, dream, big Nevada. SEIU. Local, 1107. The. Domestic, workers and emily's, list can, we give it up for all of these amazing.

Groups Here, thank. You. And. I also want to acknowledge I, think Assemblywoman. Shay. Bachus is here so we thank her for, her service thank you I. Mean. It is really it is fitting asked heard that we're back here in Nevada this is the end of this tour because, this is the state in America. Where women actually are the super majority right, that's, so amazing I. Also. Want to acknowledge and welcome all the folks of, the super majority family, who don't get to be in Nevada today and who are joining us by livestream, so we all wave to them back home okay. Great, and it's. Really wonderful, to be here with two of the other co-founders. Who you'll hear from. Jess. Morales Rockette Oh who's here in the audience a co-founder, of super majority actually she may be in the back during the livestream and. I Jen Pugh the, who has been organizing, domestic, workers for entire life so please welcome I Jen. So. Astrid. Said we began this bus tour, 18. Cities ago and Atlanta, Georgia with Stacey Abrams and. Who. And I will just I've told everyone around the country if you're gonna start a national bus tour you, want to kick it off with Stacey Abrams because I just want to acknowledge the. Work that Stacey did in Georgia obviously we know that if Stacey, in that, state had actually, if all the votes had, been counted, and everyone had been allowed to vote Stacey Abrams would be the governor of Georgia today, hmm. So fighting for everyone's right to vote is critically, important, and I think Stacey is an example of a woman who even. Though she. Even. Though she did not was not, declared. Governor, even though I think we all believe she is a governor, she hasn't quit fighting and has it been quit fighting for voting rights and that to me is so in critically, important, as we, head into 2020. And we've been we went from Atlanta to Birmingham, we went there to Hampton, Virginia to, DC to Pittsburgh. I said it smells like a country-western song, I feel like we've been all over this country but. Of course nothing. Better than to end up here in Las Vegas, I think, there's um so two important, things I want to acknowledge one that Ashford already said and I think you all know this but just in case anyone viewing back home is unaware, of it Nevada, is a home to the first and only majority. Female legislature. In the country, right. And. The, second, thing I want to acknowledge today, on a much more, somber note is. Of course this is the two-year anniversary of, the. Mass shooting, in Las Vegas and our. Hearts go out to, the. People that lost their lives and, the families and communities, who have worn them ever since and we, commit today never. Again, never again in the United States of America, will, we let this go and I, really want to acknowledge the, Gifford campaign, and the March for our lives that today is commemorating, this with, presidential forum so I hope you will all give them your, thanks for what they were doing to lift up the importance, of gun safety reform, in the United States of America. Okay. I also have one other person I want to acknowledge here we, had we've never done this at supermajority because we're brand new so we had a national contest, to, see if somebody wanted to come to Las Vegas and, get, to hear senator Warren and Senator Harris, and we had a winner so, I want to welcome Judy Lugo and her daughter Christina, there in the front row there. They. Are, they. Won the national contest, they are super majority members from El Paso Texas so welcome. And. Lastly. I just want to say our goal at supermajority.

Is To. Which, we founded, we were founded in May, of this this, spring our, goal, is to provide the training and the support and the community, building and the tools to folks, all across the country so that one year from now in the fall of 2020. One of the most important, elections of our lives, we. Could imagine and, run the largest woman-to-woman, voter. Engagement program. In the, country and we can change the direction of America, so you down for that okay. So. That's. What we're about doing, and that's what we'll talk about a little bit after we hear the senator I know she was running early but I don't know from our folks in the back if she's here, did, we know not. Yet because. I heard she was gonna be early so. Um. Let's. See, what's. That different. Time zone no but listen I love a woman who's early it's really it's a she's really, tremendous. Um let's, see anything else that. Hi. Everyone good morning. I'm. I Jen I'm one of the cofounders of, super, majority, and I'm so, happy you're here, I'm so happy to be here, in this great state of Nevada there's. So much great organizing. And voter, mobilization that's. Happening, here and I'm just so proud to be able to close, our organizing, tour, in this great state with all of you. One. Of the things we've done ever, since we started super, majority is we put a lot of energy towards listening. To women because. We really feel like we. Need to listen to women more right. We. Are. Not listened, to, we. Are, not consulted. Enough we, are not supported. To, put, forward our vision, and our dreams and, we have, a lot of those and. So that's one of the things we really want to do we also in creating a new home for women's activism, we, wanted to be sure that we were drawing from all the incredible, diversity, and. Be of, who we are as women we're the opposite. Of a monolith, we, are so diverse and, we want to make sure that we're drawing upon all of that brilliance, as we build this organization and. What's. Been amazing as, we listen we've been going community, to community right. Meeting, women where they are all. Over this country urban. Rural suburban and. What. We found is, just, an incredible. Amount of vision, that we, are actually clear. As women, about the future that we deserve in this country. We're. Clear. And. As. We've been hearing from women we just conducted, a big poll women's, poll that. 75,000. Of you participated. In to, give us feedback about the issues, that you care about your, real priorities. And that vision for the future we. Also created. New. Research, we did a whole bunch of new research to. Really try to make sure that we were getting as much data and information, about your experiences, as possible and, two-thirds. Of you said that you do. Not agree with the direction that this country has been going in in the last couple of years and you, want to change. So. We know, we're not a monolith, but one of the things that's clear from, all of this work is how much we do share and that, across. All of our differences, across race and age and, geography. And experience, and sexual, identity and all the things that we, actually, have a common. Vision for. The future of this country and we share, values. We. Share. A vision. For the future of this country that is about lifting all of us up we, know what true equality looks, and feels like and we, thought it was so powerful that we saw that that we put them together. Into. What we call the majority, rules did you guys see this when you came in today. Because. When we think about equality, we don't just think about getting. A little bit bigger piece of the pie in, a system that was designed by and for men right. When we think about true equality, we want transformation. We want true equality on our, Terms. Majority. Rules. So. This is it this is what we heard from all of you as your, vision for. The future and the values, that you want to shape the future of this country, and so, I'd love to actually get some volunteers to help me read. Through these powerful. Rules that. We've been talking to women around the country with that we're going to use to organize and build this incredible women. To women vote a program, next year with right. These, are these, are the foundation, for the power we're gonna build together. So. With that I need my first volunteer to read rule number one majority, rules yes. Our. Lives, are safe we. Live free of fear intimidation, and, violence at, home at work and in our neighborhoods, no matter where we're from we. Who. We love or how we identify. Yes. Do. We agree. Yes. Thank. You so much majority. Rule number two, yes. Our. Bodies are respected, the health care system takes our needs seriously. From, treatment to research to women, making decisions.

About, If, and when to start a family. Basic. Majority. Rule number three. Yes. Our. Work is valued, we, are paid equally, for our work and get promoted equally, to the, jobs primarily done by women from teaching to caregiving our valued, and supported all, women. Can retire with dignity and, enjoy the life they worked hard for. Rule. Number four. Our. Families, are supported, we. No longer forced to make impossible and, unfair, choices, between family, and work, providing. The best care for our families from, infancy to old age, is possible. And affordable. For, all of us. Thank. You. Speaking. Of Stacey Abrams rule, number five very, important. Our. Government, represents, us from, the school board to the White House women, are represented the. Right to vote is protected, and promoted all, voters have access to the polls in every vote is counted. So. Important, and the. Overarching. Super, rule. The. Super rule the, lives and experiences of women particularly, women of color our front, and center in addressing, all of our nation's challenges, from, climate change to, immigration. To criminal, justice reform. The people most impacted, must be at the forefront of the solutions. Yes. That. Is so important, you know what could. I ask you actually, to. Stand up and read. The last sentence, of that one more time the. Super rule. From. Climate, change to, immigration. To criminal, justice reform. The people most impacted most, but. Must. Be at the forefront of the solutions, thank. You so much thank. You. I. Guess. I don't have to introduce you senator. Elizabeth Warren all right. Actually. Can I start this morning by saying thank, you all for being here um I appreciate. Your being here I assume you've heard the news about Bernie. That. He's, had a, medical. Incident, and I know, everyone. Here wishes, him, well wants. To see him strong, and back on the trail as soon as possible, so. Thank. You i I've I've called, I've texted and, I'll send your best wishes if that's okay with everyone good good. So, um I, was, told I could talk to you about one, thing, oh this. Is great. And. I and I want, to do this but I want to tell you a story, that just, seems, so right for. All of you, so I spent. Look. All my life I've wanted to be one thing and that is a public school teacher can, we here for America's, public school teachers I. Have. A long and twisty, story, about how I got there but I ended up teaching. In law school and teaching. All the money courses, and becoming. Very alarmed. By the end of the 90s and the early 2000s. About. The, financial. Crash that was coming because, families, were getting cheated, and. Particularly. That communities, of color were, being, targeted, for the worst of the worst mortgages. For payday, loans for, ways that stripped, wealth out, of families, out of communities. And put, them in the hands of Wall, Street bankers, and so. I kept. Ringing the bell obviously. Not many people wanted to hear it we. Hit the financial, crash I. Get a call from, Nevada's. Own Harry, Reid he, says come and try to put some accountability, in this Thank. You Senator, Reid but. It was an uphill climb I saw, that there was going to be a moment that.

We Were going to make some financial, changes, so, I got out there in fought for a Consumer, Financial, Protection Bureau. Figuring. This is our chance to make sure families don't, get cheated on these, financial, products, going forward, and in, particular, that. This agency, has. An. Office, of lending, discrimination to. Make sure that that banks, don't figure out they can make profits, by. Targeting, specific. Vulnerable, communities, and particularly communities, of color so. I stayed. In there it passed, into law go President. Obama he's signed it into law. Asked. Me to come and set, it up I've never done this I set up this agency. You know you've never, done, it before well there's always a first time right you get out there and do it set. Up this agency, spent, a year doing it and the, Republicans. Told President, Obama we will never confirm, her to. Be the permanent head of the agency, so. I went back to, Massachusetts. And, there. Was a Senate race coming, up a very, popular. Republican. Incumbent. Who. Had, a 65. Percent approval. Rating already. Had 10 million dollars, in the bank it, was, cute. And. So. I started, getting all these phone calls and they. Said Elizabeth. You, should run against, him you should run, you, should run you, won't win but. You should run. Now. All I can say is Democrats, get a better sales pitch, hello. Jeez. So I could run for Senate and lose or I could slam my hand in a car door uh. But. But. It was why, you won't, win it. Wasn't any of the other stuff I've talked about they just said, Massachusetts. Not gonna liked a woman, to. That seat. It's. Just not gonna happen girl and but, get out there and run cuz it'll be a really. Meeting. You know do it so. I thought. About it and then I thought well. Yeah if, if. A woman doesn't run I guarantee, a woman will never win right. You, don't get what you don't fight for. So. I, decided. I would get in that race but. Getting in the race from the beginning, knowing. It wasn't just about the end piece, it. Was about making every single day count, so. I made, the decision early on and I would do two things every. Single day. One. Was, I would find some, group of people if I, had an event that was great if I didn't I go to the Dunkin Donuts, but I would find a group, of people, and I. Would talk about, what's. Important, and why I'm in this fight I would, talk about a country, that's working great for those at the top and not working for anyone else I would make that day count that.

I At least talk to someone about it, but the second, part was. Every, time I would meet a little girl I, would. Say I'll go down on one knee and I would say hello. My. Name is Elizabeth. And I'm. Running for Senate, because, that's, what, girls, do. And. Then, we. Would pinky promise, to remember. And. For. Me that's. What all of this is about, we, want to make real change in the world you bet it's about elections, and you. That it's about winning by the way I started down 17. Points, I beat, that guy by seven and a half points, so. But. I. Truly. Not, just believe in I saw, firsthand, the. Transformative. Power, of women. Who never saw themselves as, part. Of politics, and I should say and Friends, of women also, known as men who. Never, never. Saw, themselves as. Part. Of the political process, say. I'm not on the sidelines, anymore I'm. Gonna get in this fight and I'm gonna make the change I believe in so I just want to say thank you to all of you for. We're. So. Happy. Thank. You so much for being with us we, have an amazing, roomful, of women. Right. And, some. Of them are, leading, incredible. Work they're in this fight and, they. Want to share some stories with. You and. Our first question and story is from Nikki tattle. Ovitch who's. An advocate for students teachers and human, rights and also a proud mom of a dog, hi. Nikki. Good. Morning good, morning senator Warren I, chair, the political, action and community engagement subcommittee. For the Human Rights Campaign, and my. Question, relates to rule, number one our lives, are safe yes as you, may know trans, women of color face, some of the greatest, violence. And discrimination in, our country, they. Have the intersection of racism, sexism, homophobia, and. Transphobia, that. All create, barriers to employment. Health. Care housing. Additionally. At least 17, black, trans, women have, been murdered, this year alone what. Specifically, senator Warren will you do to address violence and discrimination against. Trans women of color so. Thank you very much, for, raising this issue and, if. I can I want. To say you're. Raising the issue reminds, me a little bit of what, I was just talking about in, my, 2012, campaign first time I'd ever run for Senate it's. Getting out and saying. This issue matters this. Is important, is one. Of the best ways we. Make change it's not the only way but it's one of the best ways and having. A President. Of the United States of, America, who, welcomes, trans, women, and trans men to.

The White House who talks, about trans women, and trans men, who, talks about the importance, of health care and that. Educational. Opportunities. And our, criminal justice system all, the, different places. Where. Trans. People, are not, only discriminated. Against, but. Put at risk, for, their lives I. Start. With. The rock-solid, belief. That, there is value in every human being and that, as. A nation we must live our values every. Day I. So. For. Me there, are specific. Policies, in here for example, on. Health, care, no. One should, be permitted. To. Deny treatment, just, someone. Because. Of, their. Gender identity in any way shape, or form, so we. Just have to start there and we have to be willing to bear down on this similarly. When. People are incarcerated. They. Need to be incarcerated, if, they are incarcerated in, a place that is safe and. Consistent. With, their, gender, identity. Not, with, someone else she's trying to make a political point, I. Think, it also comes up you didn't mention it but in immigration. We. Have. Obligations. To. People around the world we are a place of sanctuary, and. We. Need to make sure that, our doors remain, open, to, those who are in fear for their lives in, other. Places. So. I think of this is there's not one. Single policy, other than, the single policy, that starts, with, seeing the value in everyone. And making sure this country lives its values, but. That it cuts across, so. Many areas. I'll. Add one more the importance, of having a Justice Department that. Is truly out there to enforce, our laws, and a, Department, of Education. That, will enforce, our laws, that everyone, in this country has a quality of treatment we. Ready. So. We. Have someone else here raquel. Cruz juarez, rico, are you here great, raquel is as. Latina. And works on health, care in nevada so thank, you raquel for joining thank you for being in the great silver state we welcome you again thank, you I'm glad to be back as, soon as the CEO mentioned my. Name is Raquel and I'm a Central American immigrant, and I'm in the trenches reproductive, rights here in Nevada a lot. Of women here in this room are like me were brought to the movement from different issues so every single day I wake up wondering what. Someone's gonna tweet about vilifying. My community, and of, women like me are gonna be able to access safe and legal abortion, so. My question to you senator Warren is regards, to rule number two our bodies are respected, the. Trump and pence administration, recently introduced, the title 10 gag rule and for those of you that don't know title. 10 is the nation's, leading program, for family planning which is often used by low-income families, and people of color like me which. Makes this this gag rule makes it illegal for providers, like Planned Parenthood health centers to, refer. Their patients for abortion, and threatens the health care of four million people who rely on the title 10 program to, access affordable birth control and reproductive, care in our, state nearly.

60%, Of title 10 patients are an uninsured and their, health care could be at risk how. Do you plan on protecting, the vital here these patients, need from ideological. Extreme policies like the title 10 Gangrel okay good, thank you for the question, let me start by saying as, president. I will reverse the title 10 gag rule. But. Let's go further it's, also time, to repeal, the Hyde Amendment which, falls hardest. And. Let's, go further than that you know let's make our democracy work, again, keep. In mind about three. Out of every, four, people in, America, men, and women Democrats. And Republicans. And independents. People. On the coasts people in the middle. Support. The rule of roe versus, wade. And. Yet. We. Have relied exclusively. On. The Supreme, Court for. 47. Years to protect the, rule of Roe and we. Have watched as, the. As the ledge we stand on has. Gotten narrower, and narrower and. Narrower as. It, has eroded as different. States have found one more tricky, way to try, to get around. Truly. Making the, full range of health care services, available, to all people, so here's. How I see this in a democracy when. Three out of four people, think. That we should have a rule like Roe. Versus Wade I think it's time to, stop playing defense. In the courts and start. Playing offense, in Congress. I want to see a law that, makes Roe, versus, Wade the, rule at this. All. Right. Our. Next question is from Maria Jacobi, who is, from. Clark, County Department. Of Family Services and a proud member of SEIU. 11:07. An. Executive, board member. So. Basically, it's based off our on our work valued. Excuse. Me our work is valued. Childcare. Workers are a majority, women and people of color and, just, recently in California. They, signed a law to allow them to form a union so. Will. You support unions for all child. Care and also, workers, and yeliu, that. Yes. But, let me go further than, that so, I believe. It's time for a wealth tax in America. And. Let. Me say a word about how, this wealth tax that I propose would, work it. Would be your first 50. Million, is free and clear I see. Some of yours like okay. But. On your 50, million, in first, dollar, you, got a pitch in two cents, and two. Cents, on every dollar, after. That by the way anybody, in here on home or grow up the house where somebody owns a home yeah, um. You. Already pay a wealth tax it's just called a property, tax and the. Idea, is for the bazillion, heirs fifty, million dollars in above in assets, their. Property. Tax should include not just their real estate but also their stock, portfolio. And. The. Diamonds, the Rembrandt the yacht that's. The idea so here's, the deal it would hit 1/10, of 1%, of. The great, fortunes. In America, that's all it is it's the top. Top, fortunes. But. What can we do with, two cents, and the, answer we. Can provide, universal. Child, care for every baby in this country, age zero to five think. About that. Universal. Pre-k. For every three-year-old. And four-year-old, in America. And. Built. Right, into the, heart of the plan. Raise. The wages of every. Childcare worker and preschool. Teacher in America. They. Do the most important. Jobs in our country they should be paid. Accordingly. And. Helping. These workers, unionize. Absolutely. I just, want to make one other just note out to the side so. You'll understand, how this wealth tax would work we could do all of that we've. Had enough of exploiting. Largely. Black, and brown women who, care for our children, and that's, why built, right, into the heart of this plan is that, we will put federal, money in to, provide early learning experiences, for. All of, our babies not. Just for the babies born into privilege but. For all of them and that we will pay the people who are providing those services and, pay them well I. Think. That's critically, important, so. And. I just want to acknowledge just, for myself this is Las, Vegas is a town that labor, the labor movement, has helped build and I want to really acknowledge our, labor union members and leaders, who are here today gives it a tough time in America, to organize in the labor movement so I just want to acknowledge you all for being here.

I'll. Say on this one I, always, say and I stayed us literally I've done now 137. Town halls and in, every, single Town Hall when I talk about how, to restructure. Our economy. So, that not, all the wealth is going to the top I make. The point that we have to put more power into the hands of workers, that, means make it easier to unionize, give, unions, more power, when they negotiate. Unions. Built America's. Middle class and, we can count on unions, to rebuild, America's. Middle class. So. There were a ton of folks. Who want to talk about health care it's such an enormous ly important, issue to people and so Tracy Puckett, is here I believe and she want to talk about health care so thank you very C. Hi. My, name is Tracy puckett I'm a retired. Healthcare, professional, and a proud member of Clark County and Nevada state Democratic, parties now, Nevada. And, a, super majority member, in. My professional career I've depended, on science. To guide my practice, and science is under attack yes. As. Well. As we're very aware to the threat of the once seemingly, secure, reproductive. Rights in this country and the fight to maintain those rights thank you um but. Our Americans, as aware of the lack of research dedicated, to women's health issues. Breast. Cancer gets a lot of attention in the media, however. Cardiac issues are the number one cause of death in American. Women, research. In this arena has focused primarily on, male, subjects, so. My question is how will you support research, in the woman's broader health care issues but, I also have to throw in a plug for, our caucus. If you don't mind sure. So. If you'd like to volunteer for, caucus. Please. Go, to caucus. NV. DIMMs dot-com. And, volunteer. Thank you. I. Just want to say on this one uh, this, is personal, for me. My. Um, we. All visited. My mother when. She had to have a little bit of surgery she said her mid-80s but strong. And healthy and uh. She. Was in the hospital and, all, the grandkids came, and the kids came and they, sent us home, and. Said, everything's. Fine she'll be discharged, tomorrow morning, and so, everybody scattered. My daddy stayed, with her though, and my daddy was holding, my. Mama's hand and, she, sat up in bed and, said, Oh Don. There's. That gasping. And. She fell back dead. She. Was in the hospital the. Doctors were there in less, than a minute, the. Cracked her chest open, they did everything it could and she was gone she, had, been to the doctor on a regular basis. But. She was a woman with. Advanced. Heart disease, at, a, time when. Many. Doctors believed, women, don't have heart disease and. So. She was, never treated, when. I talked to the doctor later after, after. It was all over he said her heart he. Said she probably had multiple, heart attacks and they'd, been passed off as. Indigestion. As other things. So. When. I came to the United States Senate. One. Of the terrific things, about. Being there is. You can you, can fight for, multiple, things and for, me one, of them was for medical research and, in. Particular. Medical. Research, on groups that don't get studied, and that, means women it often means people, of color it. Means people, who grow up in other parts, of this, country or in other parts of the world and have migrated, here so. That in, effect. Much. Of our research as you say has, been on. Middle-class, white, males and I'm, glad to know a lot about them but I'd like to know a lot about other folks too. So. I. Co-sponsored. Legislation. To. Make sure that, NIH. Was, balancing. Out its. Investments. And putting. More money into, research, that. Focused, on women, that they were collecting, the data on women, because this is important, too that they're using those data to. Help inform not. Just the next studies but also treatments. And trials. It's, a whole line that. We. Again. Have. To make change, in it's not it's not one thing that's going to change it you've, got to stay after all the pieces down, the line. But. Again that's, why I think it's so important, what, you do what I try to do is, to stand up and say this to, the head of NIH to. Stand up and say over and over we're talking about your budget you want to tell me again about, who's, getting covered in these studies.

That. That's how, we make change and that's how we make lasting, change I think. We're in a better, position than, we used to be the doors are starting, to crack open we, just need to blow, them open a little faster, so, thank, you thank, you. Our. Next question is from Jessica Guerra, who's a local, attorney here, in Las Vegas. Good. Morning. My. Name is Jessica Garin mostly. I'm just a community member and I am a local attorney here in Las Vegas and I am a born and raised, Las Vegas native. So. My, question so my story is my mother is a Japanese, immigrant, she moved, here till basically, live with my father who was in the Navy and, she. Like many other immigrants, here in Las Vegas they're. Getting old and they're, facing various health issues so, my question pertains to number four and. Specifically. Like what is your health care plan for older immigrants, oh good. So. I. Strongly. Support, Medicare, for all and. When. I say, for all I mean for all health. Care is a basic, human. Right, and, we. Fight for basic human rights. So. Here's. How I see it I'm. Gonna intersect, if I can. Immigration. Law and health care law I, believe. That we should. Provide health care for everyone, but. I also believe, simultaneously. Are and I believe we. Need to expand. Legal. Immigration. In, this country we. Need to provide a pathway, to. Citizenship. Not. Just for dreamers but. For all of the people who are here to stay it. Needs to be a pathway, that, is fair. And. Achievable. And, we. Need to deal with the crisis, at the border, which. By. By, and large has, been created, by the Trump administration, when. They refused. To help the countries, in Central, America, withdrew. Aid helped, destabilize. Those countries, so that people, had to flee for their lives people. Saw, no future and, then. Of course made. The problem much worse at the border I believe. That we need to be a country, that lives our values, every day and that means we do not take children, away from their families. And. We. Close down, for-profit. Detention. Centers no one should make a profit. From locking, people up. And. We. Provide, health. Care when, people are here, in the United, States that, is our, responsibility. We are. The richest, nation. In the history, of the, world. Every. Other major, nation. On this, planet provides. Basic. Health care to. The people who live there, we. Can. Meet that obligation we. Must meet that obligation so. I see those two as intersecting. I hope that's a helpful answer, but. Basically, it's to make sure and I'll say one last thing because I want everyone to know this not, such a serious, problem in Nevada but in other parts of the country where. We're, governors. And state, legislators, have opted, out of the Affordable, Care Act and so. Many of their own people are left behind, keep. In mind this fact about Medicare, for all it's. Not about the relationship. Between. The. Federal government, the. State government, and a private insurer, it's, about the relationship. Between the, federal government and, each, and every person, directly. In this country, and making. Sure that each and every person in this country, gets, access, to the health care they need. So. Is Erica Castro, here great. Erica, erica, as i'ma, grant rights and climate justice advocate, so welcome. Thank. You for having me here and thank you so much again for being in our state so. As you mentioned my name is Erica Castro, and, I'm happy to be here with the supermajority many. Of us believe that those, closest, that, those impacted. By issues are the ones closest, to the solutions, for, example people who have been in prison should. Determine, criminal, justice reform those, that are living, in public housing or living. Without homes should, determine, our, housing, policy, this, is the same for the undocumented community as, a daca recipient, I might not be able to vote but, I do have the privilege and, honor to be working to, advocate, for community for, my community and make, sure that we have a bold and progressive, immigration, reform that stops criminalizing. My community, we've. Invited you to participate in, a forum on movement governance. On October. 26, with progressive, caucus co-chair representative. Joe Jay jeyapaul, to, discuss all of this more in-depth with community, community. Leaders closest, to these problems my. Question today is, as. My family is currently facing. Fighting. Against my dad's deportation. Because he was picked up in 2017. For expired license, plates on a rental, car if. Elected, president. You. Would have the power to. Help my families and thousands, of families like my own by. Getting rid of arbitrary, laws like the three to ten year bar how.

And How and, how soon would. You be able to remove this barrier for families like mine to, be able to get on a path to citizenship, and stop and stay together so. Thank, you for the question. And. I can give you a two-part. Answer. Yeah. We can think of this as what. Can a president oh I love, saying this do all by herself. And. The. Second, part is what do we have to do through Congress, so. The, first part, in terms. Of the priority. Of our. Immigration. Enforcement, system. The. President, can, set by herself, and I. Believe, we, need an immigration system that is, two things it focuses. On the safety, of the United States, and, on. Living. Our values, every. Day. We. Do not make our country, safer, when. We spend, resources, taking. Families, apart. When. We're picking up people who pose no threat to. Anyone, here, when we destroy. Families when, we destroy, the. Lives of our neighbors and our friends, we. Need a system, right now that. Is focused, for, example, on, container. Shipping, that is coming into United States. At. The Port of Los Angeles and, other ports. We. Need a system that focuses. On if. There are terrorist, threats then focus on those but. Do. Not confuse. The. Threat posed, by a terrorist, and a 12 year old girl. And, that's, where, the, mistake in the system is right now and of course I say it's a mistake it's not it's a deliberate choice to. Turn this into into. Politics. Because. The. President. Of the, United States right, now. Has. A, strategy. And his. Strategy. Is. Turn. People, against people. Turn. White. Against. Black and brown turd. Straight. Against. Great gay, or particularly, trans. Turn. Christian. Against. Jewish, and Muslim. Turn. Everyone. Against. Immigrants. Particularly. Brown. Or black, immigrants. I think. This is a fundamental. Moment. In America. And, the. Kind of country, we want to be, I. Believe. We, build the. America, of our best values when we pick up each other's, fights and when. We say that together. We. Will build a stronger, America, the, immigration. Does not make our country, weaker it makes our country stronger. I will. Do what I can do is president, but. The other half of this is why we're engaged in electoral politics, the. Citizenship, question goes, through, Congress, I have. Been there to watch over, and over, as the, filibuster. Gets used, to. Prevent, what, we as Americans. Would like to see happen, I've, seen, it over and over as Mitch McConnell, refuses, to bring to. The floor votes, that the American, people want to see so. I will. Lead this fight from. The. White House, you'll. Keep leading this fight from, the grassroots level and that's. How, we're going to be the America, of our best values, look at this time. Thank, you for. Coming today and thank you I I, think the whole thank you to all of our audience who both participated. And asked questions. Women. Are the super majority of this country yes we're the majority of voters, the, majority of activists, advocates and. I think that if we can actually in, many ways, the way you've described, a Senator Warren harness. The power will. Be the majority of voters in 2020, and I think women are ready to see a different, kind of government a different, kind of leader and a different kind of president so thank, you very much for being here today and I. Know. That everybody, in here wants to rush the stage and, get a selfie, with senator Warren so I'm gonna put I'm gonna protect her because, I know she's going to a really important forum on gun. Safety reform, which and so if, so. I hope, you will thank her and also, acknowledge, that she's probably gonna have to go to that and can't take a picture with everyone here but we at least but, she wishes she could and she I'm sure she will another time but, will you please just join me in Carson. City tonight will you please join me in thanking senator, Elizabeth, Warren for. So. Also, I just wanna two, seconds before everybody. Don't I know that was exciting right that was great so. - I - announcements one I just want to acknowledge that this afternoon this is like a doubleheader live, like the most incredible. Baseball. Opportunity. Ever that, this afternoon at 5 o'clock senator, Kamala Harris will also be here and, love. To invite anybody back for that and then I also just want to I want to introduce two people quickly, to the stage because I hate to have a roomful of activists. And not, leave with next instructions. Okay so, give me one more minute I want to introduce Suzy Bates, Angelico's, Solomon, who are organizing directors. And they're gonna share with you what we're doing next. Fantastic. Thank you I Jenn Thank You Cecile hi, everyone. My. Name is Suzy Bates and the National organizing, director for super majority and this.

Is I'm John Y Solomon, and I am the deputy national organizing, director for super majority. We. Are so thrilled to be here with you today, and a, huge, thank you for - senator Warren for joining us for this important, conversation as, we approach 2020, can we give one round of applause for the folks who are asking questions, today. So. As we launch into the next year of this programming and the future after that we, know it is not enough to live by the rules that were written for us we have to write our own rules and do everything we can every. Single day to realize those rules in our families, in our work in, our communities, so, we have, the great joy of building this program in collaboration. With all of you in. In collaboration, with our colleagues who are here in the room today so I'm just gonna say a couple of things about the timeline, for that vision I'm gonna hand it over to my colleague here to tell you how to get involved in directly, so, we've been on the ground since April, we've been running trainings, we've been doing events like this and we've been building community, we're gonna continue to mobilize because, we cannot do this alone we are on track, to run the largest woman-to-woman, voter, engagement, program in the country with two million women who are ready to hit the ground running yes. Thank. You exciting. And. As. We turn the page into the, winter months I know it's hard to think about winter the winter months and into. June, of next year and as we approach the 2020, election, we are gonna continue to run trainings, that are on the ground and online. We're. Gonna continue to mobilize with Jellico he's gonna ask you suppose or give you some direction on how to do that and. Then we're gonna hit the ground running in June of 2020. To launch, this program and. Be reaching, out to women throughout the country, so thank. You for being here today thank you for everything you're gonna do throughout. The course of between, now and November, and then afterwards, to help us do that and to help us realize these rules and to. Also be able to really graphs the future we know we all deserve, and. With that of, course. Great. Handed over to my colleague thank, you so, again thank you all for being here just, a couple, of quick takeaways before we close out and. So the one thing that we'd like for you all to do to start building your community to start expanding, beyond. This room is, to take our majority, rules pledge and then to get five of your friends to do it so you'll go to supermajority, comm, slash pledge and then you'll fill that out and make your commitments, so what you're gonna commit to over these next. You know 10 15 months and, then, you're gonna text it to five friends you'll be able to get a unique link that. You can then send out and you can track how many how many of your friends are getting to sign up and do the pledge also. Please follow us on social on, Facebook, on Twitter on Instagram and, make sure you sign up to become a member I think everyone should have signed in here but again make sure you're getting your friends to sign up to become a member with super majority so you'll get those updates of the trainings that we're having, make. Sure you join us tonight at 5 p.m. we'll be back right here in this room with senator Harris so. If you are able to come or if you've got friends please let them know to come and have the opportunity, to get their questions in front of our. Elected. Leaders and, that, those, are my notes so thank, you all for, coming out, today thank, you again to Senator Warren for an amazing. Conversation. And, hopefully we'll see you guys tonight.

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